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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is d.w. news life. to embrace a tough migration as it turns away migrants rescue ship this time carrying more than two hundred people but the lifeline is now in negotiations with also on the program. migrants problems in the united states forces faster.
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children separated from the families of the u.s. border and activists say migrant parents are withdrawing legitimate asylum claims. just china takes bold strides towards a greener transforms the whole a whole city's bus flipped with electric vehicles facing sixteen consolidated censure in the post and told the power. of the world cup drama to i.b.m. heavyweights just sold for top spot in group b. spain struggles with morocco portugal and spain on iran side fighting for progression. all the way. i'm still get a welcome to the program. italy's prime minister to separate commentary has announced that the latest migrant rescue ship to be turned away by several european
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countries including his own will be allowed to dock in malta while to house also previously turned away the lifeline and has not confirmed to mr contest statement acceptance of the two hundred migrants on board the vessel would represent a major about face for italy which has recently toughened its stance on migration. sea sick malnourished and facing conditions the organization operating the ship have called a disaster. these migrants have been waiting for a port of call since being rescued off libya's coast on thursday. the german operated vessel lifeline refused entry by spain and italy. the ngo has warned the situation on board is critical. situation getting worse i would say we also. see this night. he needs surgery. so in the last minutes he could be.
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seasick italy's hardline interior minister matteo salvini wants to cut off the flow of migrants before they even put to sea he's been in libya calling for reception centers to screen arrivals in neighboring chad and sudan. let me assure you turn your government will support the need to protect the external borders south of libya because libya and italy and lawns cannot sustain the economic and social costs of this immigration images are surely. libya also wants to see the migrants dealt with elsewhere. we do that levy. we agree with the europeans on many matters related to illegal immigration. however we categorically reject the existence of any migrant centers inside libya
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and the cool their human. friends now says a european solution is near malta is reportedly willing to open its ports to the migrants the ngos says they will run out of food and water in two days. let's get more from v.w. correspondent bad we get in brussels welcome bent why does malta appear to be changing its mind about allowing the lifeline to dock. but it appears that the solution has been found because italy is now willing to take at least some of the refugees or migrants on board this vessel. would not to house them all and even malta could also negotiate with other human human does like france or spain to take some of these refugees and italy agreed because italy also has a responsibility in this case italy is responsible for the whole area between libya and italy going to comes to rescue operations and this ship was also directed by
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the marine by the navy operation center in rome so the lifeline is not operating on its own it's part of a bigger operation and all of the e.u. member states bordering the mediterranean have some responsibilities because they all closed harbors more or less not only italy and malta also france spain have said they'd take any migrants so the lifeline is the third boat in the last few days to be refused entry only for negotiations to produce a solution so this is starting to look like the new de facto european migration policy making and make life difficult and uncertain florescent ships. this is clear the strategy behind the italian approach is now deter migrants as you can so that they don't enter the boats and don't try to cross the mediterranean and mr salvini the rightwing interior minister is very strict and very harsh on this policy but it
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is not quite new the italians already said in general this year that they won't let the boats rescue boats in the harbor as they did it before also france and spain are now christian to do something and there is a european solution needed for that but in the end the law also says that you can't deny unless luby's emergencies on board was pregnant women on board you can't deny them from entering the harbor the question is what happens with the people then are they allowed to enter the country or do they have to stay on the boat in the dark and bad to really get in brussels thank you. migration has also taken center stage in but they have now as german chancellor angela merkel hosted the spanish prime minister petro suggests speaking at a joint press conference and i've warned that a europe wide migration plan would not be reached at this week's summit if a young leaders in the germany with their four continue to pursue bilateral
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arrangements better such as have a cold for a common european response chancellor merkel will be discussing migration further with leading members of a coalition government this evening as she tries to fight off pressure from the right wing conservative alliance. let's get more from dr political correspondent nina hasa who's following the story welcome nina what is at stake for the chancellor simply. this is definitely one of the most important weeks in uncle americans political career it is packed with important meetings you mentioned the coalition committee meeting tonight that's happening here in berlin where uncle americal and her coalition partners will sit down and try and find out whether there is some common ground to move forward in this migration policy crisis that we've seen western in the last couple of weeks the irony of course is that
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until america is under tremendous pressure from her own closest ally the varian conservatives the c.s.u. and from her own interior minister so she is used to attacks from the outside but not so much from within her own party group and so what is the sea agenda while this pressure of why now. we have to keep in mind that there are state elections in bavaria in october this is extremely important because of course the conservatives have never really had competition on the far right. of the political sphere and now the f.t. the anti immigrant a.f.d. is gaining ground there so we are seeing a much more hardline approach by the c.s.u. which could eventually mean that the c.s.u. will try and stand by its demands i.e. to reject asylum seekers who've already been registered in other countries and send
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them back straight away without giving them a proper procedure on german ground this is what the interior minister once and he has given anglo-american one week and essentially given her an ultimatum so there seems to be no wiggle room. sticking by his guns and chancellor merkel is doing her best but. there is no help to be going from the european allies are we looking at the end of refugee policy well what is clear is that the tone of the debate has changed tremendously anglo-american said in twenty fifteen when these big amounts of people arrived on the german borders she acted out of humanitarian reasons and like with a story that we've seen in the mediterranean with the ship and we are seeing that all the european countries are now beginning to close the borders and that the focus is much more on strengthening the external borders of the e.u. rather than trying to find out how to distribute refugees across the e.u.
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so this is definitely one chapter that's drawing to an end but of course the big question remains will anglo-american managed to overcome this debate with her interior minister because at the end of the day they're not so far apart in terms of position this is just about a power struggle. thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the united nations says at least forty five thousand people a flat ass strikes and ground fighting in syria is that up province it comes as the government steps up its campaign against rebels in the country's southwest observers say regime asterix in the region have killed the dozens of civilians in the past week. the search for twelve boys and the football coach believed to have been trapped by flash flooding in a cave in northern thailand has entered its fourth night navy seal divers are leading the search accompanied by underwater drones and caving experts researchers
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believe that's enough inside the cave complex for the missing teen to still be alive. britain's prince william has met israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu on the first ever official british royal visit to israel in the palestinian territories the prince visited jerusalem's holocaust memorial william has to navigate a deep political and religious divides in the region in the u.s. state of california thousands have been forced to flee a wildfire threatening a rural community you pawnee fire is one of four major blazes are burning in the summer heat the governor has declared a state of emergency. india's hinders sea cows a sacred in fact slaughtering the animals and selling belief is forbidden in some parts of the country since november of modi came to power in twenty forty of violence related to the treatment of couse has become a huge problem recently
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a mob a settlement and killed him because they thought he had slaughtered a cow the show has more on this incident which has caused uproar on social media while lives at tell us what happened. well phil according to media reports forty five year old muslim man was attacked by this angry mob he was seen with cows on a farm and then this mob thought that he wanted to slaughter a cow something that is prohibited by the law in the state of altered pradesh where this happened so they really started hitting him with sticks with bricks with everything they could get their hands on and there is a very harrowing video that is making the rounds on social media we have blurred the parts of it so this what you see here is the man after he had been violently attacked i'm he's heard asking for a glass of water nobody is there to help him people are heard in the background discussing about whether they should give him some help whether they should get
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help for him others saying well the police are already here but they're not doing anything to help him and then fill there's another picture which has also gone viral on social media this one here this one was taken after the man had been attacked you see three police officers there leading the way while you have the victim in the background there being dragged by his arms on the ground he is unconscious at that point many people in india talking about it the victim later died in hospital due to his injuries and we're told that these three police officers have been suspended because of this photo so how are people in india reacting let's. well there is a lot of outrage as you can imagine and on social media people are angry mainly because of why this lynching happen and people just taking matters into their own hands and then also people angry because of the police the way they handled this issue because they didn't give any help to this man so you can run through some of
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the reactions that we have come across on the social media here this one here is from an indian journalist she says he is speechless she is not beyond words the lynchings continue and nobody cares to bother some protests have been organized for example of this one here in delhi by a student association people say they want an end to this kind of practice and this one here is also has also become very popular on social media this is a cartoon with a cartoonist asking whether this is the new india that prime minister prime minister narendra modi had promised his people so people are very upset about what happened and how big a problem is this. well selling cows and all slaughtering cows and selling beef is prohibited in twenty out of twenty seven states in india it is prohibited by the law and in the recent years
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we've seen an increase in of the number of violent acts against people who are suspected of breaking this low many victims are non handle so it's often muslims and there's actually a website that is tracking mob lynchings that have happened since twenty fifteen we can just take a look at that map so they have been fifty four cases across india now muslims say that. modi is favoring his fellow hindus they say that they want more protection they want him to fulfill the promises that he had given during his campaign and during the election but let's show. there's issues with this man ben physically i'm donald trump's trade tariffs appear to be that yes he's in a bit of trouble by the sounds of the tweets coming thick and fast the american president revving up his twitter account today with how he davidson moving factories overseas because of tariffs trump is tweeting that he's using that as an excuse you trade commission
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a society amount strong joining the raul telling trump they have to be consequences if you do not respect international global rules these french bikers are enjoying a ride on their harley davidson motorcycles will be fine if any of them needs a new bike any time soon after all the company will absorb that you import tariffs over two thousand dollars per bike but that's just a quick fix but tariffs raised from six to thirty one percent last week harley davidson wants to avoid them entirely in the long run the company plans to shift more of its manufacturing overseas the announcement upset u.s. president donald trump he said he surprised that harley davidson of all companies would be the first to wave the white flag and said the taxes are just a harley excuse. a union representing harley davidson workers agreed with trump saying the company had plans to close its kansas city plant even before that
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announced the new tariffs. wisconsin governor scott walker however joined critics of president trump's escalating trade dispute with you are the davidson is based in the state's largest city in the walky walker said tariffs were no good for wisconsin manufacturers and farmers. harley davidson has been relying on europe and other international markets in recent years amid declining u.s. sales. u.s. treasury secretary steven chu has responded to reports about the united states crackdown on foreign acquisitions of us take that not knowing that washington is targeting chinese firms when he joined insists that investment restrictions will be imposed on all countries accused of trying to steal u.s. take of washington remains concerned about chinese investments in i take sectors like artificial intelligence and mobility and robotics. it's become on this aspect of the trade dispute with the analyst and rita knowledge first of all how reliant
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amrita is the u.s. takes on chinese investment b. doesn't really need china i mean we're talking about silicon valley here. well chinese investment in the last year into the u.s. in the tech sector has gone down and the concerns that president trump has been expressing about these the so-called industrially significant technology is not only economic it's also geo political so it's about the place of the u.s. in the world ok because it's quite so so it's significant because china is getting ahead now is it getting ahead of a lot of countries as far as tech goes as far as ai goes are many of those high tech sectors you know could this also backfire on drama because it doesn't want the us at some stage need china is a good partner. so i would i would break this issue down
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into two parts so one is the tariff issue and that's hugely problematic and that is and slapping on of tariffs on the e.u. china etc is not going to put america first that's one issue but there is a very important second issue which is china is getting very far ahead in this important very. significant area high tech right so that some of the things you mention ai robotics and so forth. and here in the u.s. is very concerned about retaining its competitive edge but b. there's also the issue of making sure that china minute does not violate intellectual property rights china the chinese whenever they have investment coming into their country have very high tech not technology transfer requirements for example and they have local content sourcing requirements so this is what trump
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sees as unfair and he wants to stop the chinese from getting out an unfair advantage as he sees it what will to be fair about it until now beijing has been the restrictive one is now getting a taste of its own protectionism. yes i would i would agree with you there and but i would say that there were there are more efficient ways of of teaching each other valuable lessons so rather than impose investment restrictions or tariffs on each other a much smarter way to deal with this would have been to say let's sit down together at the world trade organization and talk about reforming the rules and making sure that for example the chinese stop subsidizing several of their industries or make the rules a little bit watertight well as a result there have been that's not happening i mean i mean both sides have gone to the w.t.r. but both sides aren't trying to deal with this according to the rules as as it
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should go with stuck in a trade war what what's next for the u.s. do you think. so what we are definitely getting is retaliation now again i think it's very interesting to see the difference between the chinese versus the u.s. india turkey japan and so forth so many and canada so many of the countries are standing up to the u.s. and they are retaliating but they're doing it via the proper channels so they're going viral that i view till and i think it's really interesting how the chinese thought that they could get a bilateral deal with the u.s. so last week there was even talk of well maybe the chinese could import a more u.s. products try and help the u.s. with its trade deficit and so even now it's really some of the other countries that were playing by the rules in china wasn't a major love the analysis thanks for joining us pleasure to be here thank you.
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ok time now to take a look at the bright side i new social media series here on the debate presented by this man because of a spring get a welcome chris tell us what this is what is the bright side phil you know we tend to look a lot at the dark side you know the disagreements the disasters the conflict the violence so essentially what the bright side is trying to do is not to look at what's not working but to look at what is working. that's that's really the idea of this new format really to look at the extraordinary human progress we've achieved in recent decades ok so what areas of progress are you looking at today well we report a lot on conflict so we decided to have a look at. the deaths you know that the number of people in war cemeteries the deaths caused by conflict. the interesting thing is that although that's a very depressing issue the underlying trend is very positive here's what we posted
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on facebook and twitter earlier today. it may not feel like it but we have actually stopped killing each other. just. last century was mercilessly destructive over one hundred million people dying in conflicts across the world the second world war alone claimed at least hopf that number and that means around fifteen thousand people dying every day but here's the thing since then there has been a massive drop from fifteen thousand people dying a day to less than three hundred so why the decline the truth is we're fighting fewer wars if you look at european countries over the last hundred years so we're almost continuously at war france germany italy and my home country britain but as you get closer to the year two thousand that military engagement begins to fade and then it practically disappear so why did we stop killing each other how do we find a more peaceful way of living together the simple answer is try to we started
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buying and selling each other's goods products and services the value of global exports is mushroom over the last century and earning money from that trade not only increased our prosperity it also changed our outlook because trade went up jets went down killing each other is simply not very profitable. for some extraordinary figures in that it was that right fifteen thousand people a day being killed around the second world war absolutely that that was pretty much the peak we look to data sets from the peace research institute in oslo for instance there's also a study called the complete catalog they have absolute numbers. on you know the number of people in wars and trees killed by conflict we decided to make that a little bit more easy to understand and look at you know how many people were being killed a day in these conflicts and i'm just going to show you a graphic on the wall here so at the peak during world war two yes it was twelve
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thirteen fourteen fifteen thousand people being killed today and then off to weld war two as you can see there's this incredible decline reduction in the number of people dying in conflicts. we are still involved in conflicts there are conflicts all over the world we're reporting on them that's absolutely fine but they are far less deadly there are fewer conflicts the number of people dying a day is hundreds rather than thousands. what change what brought that about well there are a whole. there's a whole panorama of factors of course these things are always very complex but one thing which which is really a key factor is local trade we looked at you know how global trade has involved evolves we're going to have another bar coming up here so basically you see global trade after world war two or even in the one nine hundred thirty s. the value of global trade going up. and it seems that what what what happened
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essentially is that we realize that as global trade got more valuable it doesn't make sense to kill each other if you go back to the to the era of the caveman for instance you know when when a stranger came past his a threat so kill him ask questions later then we started to realize that stranger might have something interesting that we could buy and then it really doesn't make sense to kill that person so you know global trade went up deaths in conflicts went down and that is demonstrates how we have become less tolerant of. waging war and killing each other very interesting ok well thank you for the christmas bring great the look at your show the bright side this is the w. news still to come. the rest suspends its policy of prosecuting all migrants who cross the country's border illegally but activists assuming the trumpet
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ministration for using the separation of families as a weapon against asylum seekers and. lucky underdogs might go some some controversial refereeing decisions last night's concluding games in the world cup group. will bring you the highlights. from south african photographer david gold watch died on monday engine eighty seven. from culture to possibly be here with more on his iconic work from the a paucity. of get you can always get the news on the go with op you can get access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications on your phone for any breaking news and also use it to send aside your photos and videos just download it from the google play from the apple store. data when you use a lot from him so all of that i'm back after this.
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becoming a soccer superpower china's ranks seventy fifth in the world but it wants to reach the very top and germany's football federation is ready to help with cold. status and expertise. it's about reputation love of the game and money lots of money in the deal worth billions germany china and. kosovo can afford to. stand for.
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language courses. video audio. anytime anywhere. w. . entered the conflict zone fronting the power folks as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known but when donald trump fired him last year to stick his foot for a measure of me this week he's my guest here and by the way he's promoting a book even as he faces new charges the insubordination so what's the truth. complex confronting the powerful song w.
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one out of eight people suffering from hunger. the world food program is fighting hunger. join the fight. this is. only the top stories this hour rescue ship carrying more than two hundred migrants may be allowed to dock in after italy refused permission prime minister. which also initially turned away has not confirmed any final decision of the vessel has been stranded in the mediterranean. and the united states government has temporarily halted prosecutions against parents who enter the country illegally as
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follows president earlier decision to reverse a policy that had separated thousands of migrant children from their parents but emigrant rights activists are now suing the trump administration alleging that he's using family separations as a weapon against asylum seekers so let's get more from washington correspondent claire richardson who's outside the white house. this zero tolerance policy has seen a number of changes and tweaks what does it look like now. absolutely for this has been a major scandal in the united states over the past week we've just heard officials saying that they will no longer be separating parents from their children simply because they don't have the capacity to process all these cases now under past administrations you saw a lot of discretion in how the united states handled the issue of people crossing the border illegally oftentimes people would be allowed back out into the community while their cases were prosecuted but this year zero tolerance policy meant that
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absolutely everybody had to be apprehended and prosecuted and that has created an enormous logistical challenge for the trump administration to simply deal with all of these people that it is picking up now of course this also left lead it to children being taken away from their parents that's been at the center of this scandal images of children behind caged chain link fences and also audio of them crying to be reunited with their parents had sparked a public outcry and bowing to pressure we saw donald trump reverse this is zero tolerance policy saying that they were going to do everything possible to try and keep these children it together with their families now of course all of that that we've seen over the last week the twists and turns don't do much for the children who've already been removed from their parents i was down in san diego at a shelter that is looking after some of them earlier last week and i've been speaking to immigration lawyers who say that the united states government is still using pressure tactics to try and get parents to voluntarily leave the country with
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the promise of being reunited with their children take a listen to this report. they were taken away from their families at the border. now some lawyers say the u.s. government is preying on their parents desperation to see them again. many of them had been kidnapped raped tortured but again they said over and over that that paled in comparison to the pain and desperation that they felt being separated from their children as a result many of them were really considering signing voluntary departure as an. really starting the deportation process so that they could get out of detention as soon as possible and they had been told by that if they signed a voluntary departure that ice would be unite them with their children as quickly as possible for us we heard that consistently and over over and over again to the point that we really feel that the administration is holding these children hostage to dissuade people from pursuing compelling and strong asylum cases. after nationwide outrage over family separations u.s.
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president donald trump vowed to public pressure and announced an end to the policy but his reversal does nothing for the children still inside shelters like this one in southern california this is one of the more established shelters for migrant children here in san diego and it looks after boys between the ages of six and seventeen now it's been doing that for years for children who arrived in the united states unaccompanied by a parent but the difference now is that it is also caring for children who were intentionally separated from their parents when they arrived in the united states as you can see behind me it is covered in fencing and green netting all the way around the perimeter to make sure that nobody can see out and nobody can see and. the government agency that contract this temporary shelter refused my request to go inside but they released this footage showing children's bedrooms a medical center with painted walls and a place to play soccer critics say this is the best case scenario for detained children and that conditions elsewhere in the country are likely far worse.
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reuniting them with their parents will be a slow and difficult process some children might even be forced into foster care orphaned by the u.s. government. back to claridge's and washington what is happening to all of the people who are who are already in detention. well as i mentioned in my report for the children is going to be a matter of trying to reunite them with their parents if that's not possible they'll be looking for a relative or a sponsor who can care for them and the worst case scenario would of course be that they end up going into the u.s. foster care system if they're unable to reunite them for their parents who are currently in the federal criminal system that's going to be an agonizing process as well one of the things we're hearing again and again is that there simply aren't enough lawyers able to field all of their all of their cases that the courts are backlog that there aren't enough judges to rule on them and that they're likely facing a long stay in detention until all of this can actually be resolved by claire richardson
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in washington thank you. benefits is back with some good news for germany was a little piece of good news feel a german commission has recommended raising the minimum wage next year from eight years eighty four an hour to nine euros nineteen the idea is to boost private consumption in europe's biggest economy the german government is widely expected to be ok the proposals which include a further hike in twenty twenty employers have been required to pay a minimum wage in germany since twenty fifteen. i asked our financial correspondent daniel cole about the success of the minimum wage here in germany. well when you take a look around you then nine euros nineteen germany would be the number two in europe with a minimum wage the highest minimum wages being paid in luxembourg with eleven years fifty five in the north and bulgaria with only one euro fifty seven experts are divided if the minimum wage is a success story here in germany annoyed when you total this up and employ you would
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make about one thousand four hundred euro before taxes so after texas run about one thousand you are for a full time job this might work in some rural areas but in expensive cities like frankfurt berlin munich you are still with us amount of money at the poverty level of the other problem is that you would still get almost the same money with the benefits you receive when you are unemployed so many say that the financial incentive with this is not too high and talking from the business perspective many see the minimum wage as even dangerous with the potential that jobs could get lost and that certain services like getting your hair cut might get even too pricey china wants to become the market leader in electric my billet it's subsidising me cars issuing quotas and cleaning up its polluted public transport gen is showing how it's done. a light hummer instead of the roar of a diesel engine in just three years all of change and sixteen thousand buses have
4:38 pm
gone electric the city's bus drivers have been retrained there are now five thousand charging points said bus depots. a fully charged bus can travel two hundred kilometers that's about a day's driving. genting you is spearheading the changes woman on one song we can charge the bus in the evening when services have stopped for the day. that's good because electricity costs less in the evening only you seem so the bus company saves money to hear the reasons why electric buses cost about twice as much as diesel ones but because power is relatively cheap in china the city council says electric buses cost less in the long run it claims the local economy has benefited to the buses or made by b.y.d. a car maker based in shenzhen the idea is a global market leader when it comes to electric buses supplying cities like london
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and budapest electric buses it's just stuff it's just a baby step of the one in the fish or we didn't already we did not only want to be that tree fire those busses but also we want to thank you dr file of texas to try and audio that. china's government has an ambitious strategy plan when it comes to electric mobility and the administrative regions are doing their bit two thirds of jenn's taxis have already gone away trick. you idea runs charging stations throughout the make a city which the taxi drivers use at the end of their shifts. it's peak period then not everyone who ever is happy. to get it will goes on is always in the wall it's not worth it might have to charge my car for two hours every day that's a loss of ten or twenty years of business instead of earning the money i set around
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the play games on my phone. and that gets boring after a while. but the city's government is having none of it and says the low power prices make up for any other losses and drivers have to make sure they take regular breaks anyway. to the death of a renowned photographer now. so renowned south african photographer david gold lotsa died on monday aged eighty seven he was best known for his unflinching trial of his homeland during and after the apartheid years and his work is held in major museum collections all over the world a kind of help set for our culture department is here to tell us more welcome vis his quite a loss for south africa it's a very big loss for the country but also for the art world phil but he's left quite a remarkable legacy one has to say which and thank goodness for that because our
4:41 pm
picture of south africa certainly with its modern history would certainly be less complete without him david gold lot was the first south african artist to actually have a solo show at the moment in new york and since the early part of this century he's been featured in countless numerous anyway retrospective exhibitions around the world most recently just this year at the subtle point we do in paris so before we talk about him a little more let's have a quick look at what his father like. to the world's black workers trudging back to the townships on the white ruling class driving in the opposite direction. compromising view of a society structures and symbols it's this vision that brought gold black international acclaim for his south african documentation. to. human. and to me quite literally there is no.
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you you. two things are completely relate because you have these you. cos they were. david gold black was one of south africa's best known for talk of us he was always critical of apartheid but was not a political activist and was sometimes criticized for this. this isn't just. didn't. take an active part in the struggle. to not. think you needed to have a certain. belief . the. be an activist. really.
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over the years people played an ever smaller role in gold let's photographs what remained was the architecture as an expression of ideology drab hostels for black workers spectacular white churches. in this country it was no christian. who lived. through. yes. the photographer who was being called south africa's visual conscience died peacefully in his yohannes calm on monday. co-host at something quiet about his work but very powerful that's true he translated. really only this sort of cool fury if you will at the at the racial
4:44 pm
injustices in south africa took them really under lens he started taking pictures when he was about eighteen years old and it's interesting that for a very long time he used really rudimentary equipment i mean he'd use a string tied to his camera and held by his fork to study his lines for instance he spent a long time examining the oppressive human dynamic of south african politics and for about the first thirty years of his career he only worked in black and white because he said that color seemed too sweet and medium to express the anger of the discuss and the disgust and the fear that apartheid inspired for him and so he. really got into color photography really into that in the one nine hundred ninety s. and then of course was able to embrace the digital age we had in the room for him talking about the criticisms of his interaction. and him being quite self-critical of himself in those two so interesting in that i mean he is very clear about he was
4:45 pm
never the guy that you're going to find in the midst of the action he always said that he was more interested in the causes of events than the events themselves and he actually quite readily admitted that he was he was something of a coward and yet at the same time i think he was very conscious of his ability to fix you a change i mean part of his legacy is for instance the market photo workshop which is a school a photography that he founded back in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and that school has played an important role in training young photographers in south africa especially black photographers women photographers and students from neglected and often marginalized parts of society so it's done a great deal to increase diversity and representation in the fields of photography and the visual arts you know david gold what took his role as a mentor i think really very seriously and those who were fortunate enough to work with him say that he was so much more than just a photographer he was definitely an artist he was a meticulous historian and he was most certainly a journalist with with a moral compass. for talking to so that's the life and times of david gold who
4:46 pm
buys more the website s. one website w dot com slash culture thank you terry. as i mentioned britain's prince william is currently financing the palestinian territories for many physicists in jerusalem it is a tradition to get a tattoo to commemorate the visit to the holy land that's not on the program but one tattoo artist claims that his family has tattooed three members of britain's royal family opiate three hundred years ago and he thinks he's got just the design for the prince in this tiny tattoo shop in the old city of jerusalem a tradition take center stage here was tattoos christian pilgrims tourists and anybody else who wants to get a lasting souvenir from the holy city the place is always busy. for programs to come to jerusalem and get to. the program of the jerusalem.
4:47 pm
sometimes they would choose a cross sometimes they were true. another more peaceful like the crucifixion of jesus or the resurrection of jesus the residue a coptic christian family from egypt have been tattooing pilgrims visiting jerusalem for more than five centuries now was even took over as tattoo artist from his father a decade ago what makes this place so special are the wooden hand carved stamps that serve a stencils for their religious designs the most famous design is the jerusalem cross one version of it is believed to have been on british royalty crown prince albert edward the future king edward the second and later also his sons when they visited jerusalem in the one nine hundred centuries. the die off of the british kings and the royalty who has come to druce and did and did cost in the tos we know for sure that they had received the truth and crossed
4:48 pm
a two this is the juice from cross this is what i would suggest for prince william to do if he is if you decide decides to do it or two this is the old book which most probably was the one that was used to do his ancestors or to his insistence chances are that tattoo was done by a member of the resolute family a very special tattoo that's something the future king of england prince william might contemplate when he visits the old city this week they residents are certainly ready to help give him an ink souvenir of jerusalem. so the first two world cup groups have been decided around for more teams will join them today and here russia from the sport can talk us through the results welcome dramatic end to both games in group b.
4:49 pm
yeah absolutely it was so thrilling to watch and actually everyone before the game expected that it was just going to be spain and portugal seeing who can score more goals but in the end it was a lot more close so let's have a look at what happened in the fourteenth minute a blunder by andre seen yesterday and said go to our most gifted the baltimore rocco and colleague slotted home for his team's first goal of the tournament. that moved portugal top of group b. . but in years to redeem himself five minutes later teeing up disco for the spanish equaliser to go with the score one all spain were back on top of the group. meanwhile against iran a wonder goal from ricardo put portugal ahead before the break it was their first of the tournament not scored by christiane or an aldo once again advantage portugal . ronaldo got his chance in the second half when he stepped up for a penalty but missed leaving the door open for iran. i
4:50 pm
am sure. my rocco netted another three yousef in a city ten minutes from time and spain's chances of topping the group looked over. but spain jury level in injury time thanks to jagow us bus lines minute ruled it offside but v.a.r. confirmed it counted to all the final score portugal though still lead the group. but karim ansari converted a last gasp penalty for iran to hold portugal to a draw sending spain back to the top of groupie. so emily russia what you think about to portugal and spain after watching that performs as a source well i briefly said that everyone went to this game thinking that they were just going to win and they were just going to progress to the next round and it looked as if the players have that feeling on the pitch as well if for portugal and for spain and both teams you could see their star players or or really
4:51 pm
experienced players just making very simple mistakes surgery ramos for spain anderson yes the and also christian or another for portugal he actually became the first portuguese player to fail to convert a penalty at a world cup i think and that's kris jenner and although we're talking about so it looked as if they were just a little bit too complacent going into these games in the long run i don't think it's going to matter too much because both teams have the class and the experience to overcome this difficult phase of say and give it their all again in the next games so we have plenty of other much is today are we expecting group c. to be as tight a little bit yeah australia take on peru denmark play france and france is already through bruno's they're going home but between denmark and australia there's still one spot to fight for it to go into the knockout stages and that could be quite tight because if we have a look at the table right here denmark they're up four points australia is at one point that means denmark all they need is a draw but if australia get a win then things could get quite close again if just if denmark loses well denmark
4:52 pm
are playing france though and france have looked very very good at this tournament so far the only chance denmark might have is that france are playing some of their less experienced players they're rotating through giving their star players a little bit of a rest for the knockout stages so you see lots of the big teams not not sort of living up to their potential one of the other big teams argentina a vet playing vols survival today leo messi and his team mates i mean they have to win today there's really no doubt about that because if we have a look at the table in group in their group we can see that russian tina is at the last spot this is such an unusual sight to look at i mean they're the finalists of the world cup two thousand and fourteen in brazil they just narrowly got defeated. germany in that final and now in the group phase of this world cup their last they're fighting an uphill battle in their last game they need to get a win but even if they win there's still a chance that they not make it through because i simply creation creature already through it as well and iceland if they win they could qualify as well. but the eyes
4:53 pm
are going to be on the m.s.c. that's for sure he's their star player he's expected to step up again but it's really going to be difficult for him because there's been a lot of unrest in the team there's been a lot of unhappiness with their coach or his some polie. there have been calls for him to step down the fans the team everyone was kind of unhappy with his lineup or his tactics so far and actually there are some funny scenes today going around twitter because we could see that however mascherano and some of the other experienced players were helping him decide on the tactics for nigeria so it seems a little bit as if the players have been have taken over control of the team in the tactics and some posted their coach is just kind of a bystander ok let's thank you for that service so far let's have a quick look at this report on germany's progress. football tennis instead of the training team germany is working on keeping up good vibes match winner tony cross had speculated after the sweden game that some fans back home had one of the
4:54 pm
defending champions to go out early but marco royce paints a different picture which didn't get us here. i think we showed the right response against sweden and we're getting an amazing feeling from the fans owns it's a really great and powerful thing to see how many fans are actually cheering us on and wishing us complete success. is one of the few highlights for germany that's for your he love been staying for the first game but after the dortmund forward was voted man of the match versus sweden he's expected to feature against south korea which can use the i don't know what the coach is laid his plans for the next games are but of course i hope to be able to help the team on the pitch. if that's not the case it won't be the end of the world we are a team and team there was more team mentality on display for a message who lost his starting place to royce in the last game the two of them went to twitter in posted from the locker room after this we didn't match. was
4:55 pm
relatively spontaneous after the game. my seats next to message because he's number ten and i'm eleven message really wanted to put out a social media post that shows that message with the team and he's there for us even if he doesn't play for. leaving out suggests changes are afoot for germany their next game is likely to only see four world champions from two thousand and fourteen in the starting eleven. and whether their world champions zero not will champions and everyone has their strengths everyone deserves to play everyone can make a crucial difference in their position in germany have had their ups and downs in this group stage in our out of the woods just yet. they'll need another strong team performance to get past south korea they keep their title defense alone. so briefly emily how do you see germany's chances everything is still open at this
4:56 pm
point but one thing is clear against south korea they need to win not just for the points but also for their confidence and a good talking to and we got our shots from d. to be useful thank you. up to date letter heraclea has more fear chopped off the top of the be . moved. from.
4:57 pm
becoming a soccer superpower china's ranks seventy fifth in the world but it wants to reach the very tongue in germany's football federation is ready to help with the coaching staff and expertise. it's about reputation the game and money lots of money in the bank deal more civilian germany and china. closer. to scotty to go for. the fast pace
4:58 pm
of life in the next the shift does the lowdown on the weather it shows up new developments useful information and anything else. worth knowing. resents the use funds. looks over the shoulders of makers and choosers. should. be five minutes of the. day who do you think is going to be world champion. all the matches all the scores. two thousand eight hundred soccer world cup on the w nerves.
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crimes against humanity. civilians become witness six of. their recorded images travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda fiction what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes thanks to this video recording of the soldiers who shot the young man is on trial now for forensics between bits and parts. paving gas. is a big chance because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. .
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audience to be a and e. block. this is it it really was live from berlin hope for migrants stuck at sea for days after their rescue ship was refused entry to european ports the lifeline now has for missions of dock in malta after other even asians offered should accept some of the hundreds of people on board also coming up a day times eritrean diplomats visit ethiopia as the.


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