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oddly. to. the union the audience. to be a pure law. this is do we do is live from berlin donald trump scores a win for his hard line on immigration a victory for our constitution we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be chic you are the us president tails the supreme court decision to uphold his travel ban on several muslim majority countries will get more from washington also coming up multiverse is it will accept a migrant risk to ship which it previously turned away as after several european countries agreed to take a share of the two hundred migrants on board plus on the american meets her top
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coalition colleagues as she tries to deliver a migration policy to satisfy them all she's adamant that europe holds the key but that might now but that might now be enough for the not be enough for the right wing of her government and at the world cup denmark joined france in the next around that australia crashed out after losing to prove all the action coming right out. of the. plane. thanks for joining us everyone. u.s. president donald trump is celebrating a major victory the supreme court has upheld his travel ban which blocks people from several mostly muslim countries from entering the u.s. signing the ban into law was one of the first things trump did after taking office
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the move triggered protests across the u.s. and caused chaos at airports the initial ban was struck down by a lower court but then an amended version whent into force last december the supreme court ruled the ban does not discriminate against muslims. all right let's take you now to washington to do a user claire which it's a new who is standing by good to see you claire the supreme court as i've just been reporting says that the ban does not discriminate against muslims but let's call a spade a spade they're targeting muslim majority countries so how is this not discriminating against muslims. well that's right this affects five muslim majority countries and even though the court has found that the travel ban did not have an anti muslim bias this case really comes down to what has been such a divisive issue in the united states where critics have said that the travel ban
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does in fact target muslims and that in doing so it violates the constitution's protections of religious freedom in the united states and in fact the dissent we saw in the court was particularly scathing they said a reasonable observer would conclude that the proclamation was motivated by an anti muslim sentiment so really we're seeing a lot of hostile reaction to this ruling as perhaps the court having made a mistake now it's worth mentioning that this is the third iteration of the travel ban that donald trump has tried to have stay in effect you might remember the first one he introduced right at the start of his presidency which canceled tens of thousands of visas caused chaos at airports where we saw travelers stranded unclear whether they could actually make it into the united states or not but the courts lower courts in some states challenge this they managed to turn down both of those previous two versions and so this third version does not go as far as donald trump had hoped ever it is very much still a political victory for him that the top court in the nation today has said that he
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had the authority to do so. trumpet did not lose a reacted immediately let's take a listen to what he said. if there is a group to discover the tremendous success that good leaders will do for the american people and for our constitution. we're going to do. we have to be tough and we have to be safe that we have to be secure the room shows that all of the attacks from the media and the democrats well if you're wrong they're going to be ruled. and we're looking for as republicans are going to know you is cooler waters no growth. strong borders no crime a running theme this month how significant a clear contextualize this for us how significant is this victory for president. but even though this travel ban does do less than what he set out to do it is still a major victory for donald trump it really was one of his key campaign promise is
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it to be tough on immigration his campaign website used to say that he sought a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states that was later removed but it's very clear that this had been one of his key promises to supporters so for him to be able to say that he had put a travel ban into place now is definitely going to resonate well among much of his political base now this is also highly anticipated ruling we knew we were going to see it at some point before the supreme court adjourned in june and it also was a big statement about presidential power the challengers had said the trumpet overstepped his authority with this travel ban but the court disagreed and said that he was not out of line and that the president does have the power on matters of immigration and to impose a ban like this and claire we also have reactions of from opponents of the ban because they've been protesting outside the supreme court here's the reaction from one muslim american. today i'm heartbroken.
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taking so much pain me to hold back the tears but i want to cry. and for my community the muslim. community my theory and community and all the community you know directly impacted by this muslim bad. clear make this very concrete for us what is the impact of this. well obviously this is a devastating blow to muslim communities in the united states the ban has been fully in place since december and it means that people from these muslim majority countries are not going to be able to travel to the united states now rights groups have completely condemned that they are horrified they say that's going to mean people are going to be trapped in countries ravaged by war it's going to make it impossible for families to be reunited and above all they're also concerned that this is a way of legitimizing discrimination against a certain community now as the supreme court has been deliberating today on that
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the travel ban the white house has walked back another major immigration policy talk to us about that rights of this victory for donald trump comes off the back of a week of a scandal that has really played his administration which is of course the separation of parents and their children when they've entered the united states illegally now this these family separations have caused a huge uproar in the united states officials have now it said that they are not going to prosecute parents and children who are entering the u.s. together after president obama faced enormous backlash but immigration lawyers that i've been speaking to here are still concerned they're worried that they're continuing to use these separations as a weapon against people seeking amnesty excuse me seeking asylum so let's take a look at this report that i filed on that case. they were taken away from their families out the border. now some lawyers say the u.s.
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government is preying on their parents' desperation to see them again. and many of them had been kidnapped raped tortured but again they said over and over that that paled in comparison to the pain and desperation that they felt being separated from their children as a result many of them were really considering signing voluntary departure as and really starting the deportation process so that they could get out of detention as soon as possible and they had been told by the agents that if they signed a voluntary departure that ice would reunite them with their children as quickly as possible for us we heard that consistently and over over and over again to the point that we really feel that the administration is holding these children hostage to dissuade people from pursuing compelling and strong asylum cases. after nationwide outrage over family separations u.s. president donald trump vowed to public pressure and announced an end to the policy but his reversal does nothing for the children still inside shelters like this one
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in southern california this is one of the more established shelters for migrant children here in san diego and it looks after boys between the ages of six and seventeen now it's been doing that for years for children who arrived in the united states unaccompanied by a parent but the difference now is that it is also caring for children who were intentionally separated from their parents when they arrived in the united states as you can see behind me it is covered in fencing and green netting all the way around the perimeter to make sure that nobody can see out and that nobody can see in. the government agency that contracts this temporary shelter refused my request to go inside. but they released this footage showing children's bedrooms a medical center with painted walls and a place to play soccer critics say this is the best case scenario for detaining children and that conditions elsewhere in the country are likely far worse. reuniting them with their parents will be a slow and difficult process some children might even be forced into foster care
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orphaned by the u.s. government. report by due to use washington correspondent claire richardson now moving on to other news malta has said it will allow a rescue ship carrying hundreds of migrants to dock having previously joined italy and turning it away the change of heart comes after several european countries agreed to take a share of the two hundred asylum seekers on board the german ship called the lifeline has been waiting for permission to dock for days. these migrant odyssey might soon be over france and italy have negotiated with multi to let the rescue ship lifeline. but the crew hasn't received official confirmation yet the ship has been stuck at season's last day with two hundred thirty three migrants on board institution going through the door through and we have a tough course it's terrible to be on a ship for days. well you can get ways of knowing when the way it's a high you can get seasick when all you want to do is reach safety.
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strides and missed but there was progress in the case of hundred eight migrants rescued by the danish cargo ship oleksandr mask who were allowed to disembark and cicely's put salo last night we didn't use him but it's unbelievable this took place spend hours and days on the ship without any developments italy's interior minister wants to keep the country's ports closed to rescue ships in the future protecting the use external borders is the italian government's main priority. all right let's talk more about this with nicholas from sea watch that organization is a nonprofit that conducts search and rescue operations in the mediterranean and he is currently located at the port in malta of the letter and he has been in touch with staff from lifeline nicholas tell us tell us what they've been telling you
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hello nicholas can you hear me ok nicholas this is layla can you hear me ok. all right well sadly we've lost contact with her from sea watch we'll try and establish that line again if we can all right in the meantime germans house and america is holding crisis talks with her coalition partners in berlin in an attempt to resolve the dispute which could pose a threat to her government well among those at the meeting is horse is a offer a leader of the conservative see as your party the sister party to america's christian democrats the two are locked in a dispute over migration with hardliners say hoffer pushing for tighter border control the controls while the route is threatening to splinter the alliance between the two parties which could see america lose her overall majority in the
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parliament so a lot is axis stake for these two i'm now joined by political correspondent you know hasa who is tracking this story for you need a hi good to see you outline exactly what's at stake for chance americal. first of all we have to talk about what is actually happening two weeks ago hosty who for escalated to raul with america this is her interior minister he is one of his party is one of closest allies and he has essentially given the chancellor an ultimatum he says that he as the interior minister will close the borders to asylum seekers from the beginning of next month to those asylum seekers who have already been registered in e.u. countries unless fines a deal with the e.u. countries and so on the market has been under tremendous pressure in the last couple of days and still is and is trying to find common ground with other e.u.
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countries to find ways of actually settling this conflict of trying to find european solutions she says a national solution is no solution she wants to talk to other countries so that they would potentially take people back who enter the e.u. through other countries so this is an exciting week for uncle americal and it could like you said eventually lead to the collapse of the governing coalition here in germany although the pressure that the chancellor is feeling is coming from the c.s.u. what's there and game in all this. we have to keep in mind that there are state election so regional elections in bavaria in october they say here and the conservatives in bavaria are not used to having competition on the right of the political sphere and now we see a if the party the anti immigrant if tea party they're feeling competition they off eeling that they are having to have much more
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hardline approach to issues like migration and they change the language so we can tell that this is definitely one of the big motivations to not give too much ground to the f.t. in the regional elections all right you know hostile reporting thank you so very much and staying with the migration crisis austria has held i catch in military exercises on his border with slovenia police soldiers an assault helicopters practiced a response to a mass arrival of migrants under the watchful gaze of the country's far right interior minister the maneuvers have drawn criticism as they're taking place at what should be an open border between two members of the shin area. this is the scenario refugees pushing through the slovenian allstream border as in the fall of two thousand and fifteen when tens of thousands crossed the border a nightmare for all seen interior minister how about kicking off the right being
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populist freedom party or. that there should be. those who are dramatic images and i would almost say traumatic images for. talking about thousands of foreigners marching towards our border. and the fact that these masses of people were not stopped and not registered. instead of through. in order to prevent this from ever happening again kinkel has created a six hundred officers strong border police unit named puma meant to intervene anywhere along just pulled in twenty four hours the minister revealed just what that clip looked like but the last scale exercise on tuesday hundreds of police supported by the military show how they would stop refugees from crossing the border this also includes the equipment and even army helicopters. and a state that cannot protect its borders in
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a crisis loses its credibility and i'm absolutely determined that events like the ones that took place in two thousand and fifteen must never happen again. it's no coincidence that the exercise is called pro borders the right wing also in government is over to be critical of europe's open borders between all three and there's indeed no longer a true boundary as the two countries are part of the european union which abolished internal border controls years ago but now it's asserting itself even though there has been no refugee movement between slovenia and also for three years that does not bother the minister he's afraid of possible future migrations but he has such prevention is better than a coup. and you always have to prepare for the worst in the hope that it never happens again. five hundred police officers and two hundred and twenty soldiers all taking part in this exercise it does already spock's which is a given the unknown threat level escaped in the u.s.
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doesn't represent what is happening now this is all about being equipped for what could happen in the future and this is what this exercise is all about. you then just put the question remains is this realistic as well i wanted to give an assessment of how realistic a scenario is here whose job was to take over the e.u. presidency and top of their agenda is border control. all right let's get you caught up on some of the other stories making news around the world. the european union has opted to begin membership talks with all the media and macedonia at the end of twenty nineteen official say membership proceedings will only go ahead if the two countries make sufficient progress and combat in corruption and strengthening the rule of law. syrian troops have widened their offensive against rebels in the south west of the country state media say the syrian army has begun launching air strikes on the russets the u.n. says at least forty five thousand people have fled the fighting nearby jordan says
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it has no plans to open its border to let them in. and the u.s. state of california thousands have been forced to flee from a wildfire threatening a rural community the so-called party fire is one of four major blazes burning in the summer heat governor has declared a state of emergency in the area. and we're going to stay in the states because downing is here now because the u.s. president is less than impressed with harley davidson that's right because trump has hit back after the motorbike make a set it would send some of its production abroad to avoid levees predicting an annual increase in costs of one hundred million dollars a year due to the use tariff countermeasures us president told him that harley davidson would be taxed as never before meanwhile e.u. trade commissioner says seriously armel stream is giving her two cents telling
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trump that there are consequences for not respecting global trade rules. the harley davidson an iconic american brand and now a symbol of u.s. president donald trump's protectionist trade policy the e.u. as decision to impose tariffs on the motorcycles came after washington introduced levies on steel and aluminum imports. but instead of stepping on the america first bandwagon harley davidson responded by saying it would ship some production overseas. unsurprisingly that didn't go down too well with the protectionist president in a characteristically fiery tweeze he rose harley must know that they won't be able to sell back into the united states without paying a big tax. trump also claimed that harley davidson had decided to move jobs from kansas city abroad before the e.u. introduced to a toiletry tyrants the motion cycle maker denies this is the case. among those
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criticizing trans trade dispute with the european union is the governor of wisconsin where harley davidson is based scott walker tweeted that a new tire of policy would be good for wisconsin moneyfacts or is and farmers. but as the tit for tat trade but continues there could well be more tyrants down the road. the u.s. has warned its allies to stop importing oil from iran by the fourth of november or face sanctions this move is in line president donald trump's decision last may to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and to read state sanctions on the country november will mark the end of a six month grace period for trading partners to wrap up business with iran a state department official speaking anonymously said talks with top iranian oil importers china india and turkey are in the pipe. and china is slashing tires on thousands of imports from five asian pacific countries as its trade route with
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united states continues to simmer the lower duties will be applied to a list of some age and a half thousand products including agricultural produce metals and clothes shipped from bangladesh india laos south korea. some products like soybeans will no longer be taxed at all in ounce mccombs five days before the u.s. tariffs and thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports take effect. now finally some non-tariff news a german commission has recommended raising the minimum wage next year from eight euros eighty four an hour to nine euros nineteen in the idea is to boost private consumption in europe's biggest economy the german government is widely expected to ok the proposals which include a further hike in twenty twenty employers have been required to pay a minimum wage in germany since twenty fifteen. the earlier we asked our financial correspondent done to cope about the success of the minimum wage in germany. when you take a look around europe with then nine euros nineteen germany would be the number two
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in europe with a minimum wage the highest minimum wages being paid in luxembourg with eleven years fifty five and the lowest in bulgaria with only one euro fifty seven experts are divided if the mini wage is a success story here in germany a nod when you total those up and employ you would make about one thousand four hundred euro before taxes so after texas run about one thousand euro for a full time job this might work in some rural areas but in expensive cities like frankfurt berlin munich you are still with us amount of money at the poverty level of the other problem is that you would still get almost the same money with the benefits you receive when you are unemployed so many say that the financial incentive with this is not too high and talking from the business perspective many see the minimum wage as even dangerous with a potential that jobs could get lost and that certain services like getting your hair cut might get even too pricey and it's back to learn all the latest
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from the world cup. at the world cup has now a group c. has now been decided and joining in the studio to discuss the latest is amalie rushes from good to see you. tell us about the big game france against denmark france against denmark it was all set up for a big game france already in the top of their group and they had already earned their spot in the knockout stages but for denmark things were still looking very tight they had everything to lose in this game but also everything to win the game however was not so exciting there was just not a lot happening inferi both teams could rely on a draw and that's exactly what they settled for they came in france was the better team denmark really relied on defending but they were not sure many who exciting scenes that the fans had hoped for in the end france and denmark secured their spot through and it's a pity that denmark didn't go for the often more because due to the results in the
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other game in the second half the cliff already gone more in off and they have by then secured basically secured their spot in the knockout stages too and australia missed their chance yeah that's very disappointing the socceroos are flying home they needed to win by all means and in the end that's not what happened proved it was their first world cup in thirty six years the fans and everyone were stoked to be there and it was them who took the lead with an early goal in the eighteenth minute by under korea and they were just the better to this game they played us trillions had their chance as well but really showed their fighting spirit and that's why they added another one in the second half to make it two zero it was probably no good at a sport in the fiftieth minute and that was the final score is an exciting game to watch but that means who in australia they said goodbye to the world cup in russia all right and now another big team whose fate is hanging in the balance is of course argentina playing we are today yeah you know messi and his team mates i mean they really have to step up it was a very disappointing world cup for them so far and all eyes will be on them whether
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they can still make it to the naca. stages if we have a look at the table here argentina are last i mean these are the finalists of the world cup two thousand and fourteen in brazil and their last in their group they're facing elimination what they have to do they're playing nigeria they have to win and then they have to hope that iceland doesn't beat cray show that would be their way through but again that's not sure yet anything can happen at this world cup there have been so many upsets and there's been a little bit of unrest in the argentinian team camp because there are fans and even the team apparently calling for their coach or to some boley to be fired that didn't happen he's still there but apparently the team is taking control there were twitter videos coming up from their most recent training and he was showing the experienced players like players like how he had a musket on all you know messi showing the coach what the tactics should be like what the lineup should be like so it seems that the team has just taken control and they're going to do what they want we'll see i think it will either be a smashing window either one three four zero or they'll go out to have
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a very convincing comfort i don't know but let's hope we'll wait and see read the tea leaves for us how could i after tonight the next round look like france secured the top spot so they're going to play the second of argentina's group now that could still be argentina which would be of course be a huge game but it could also still be iceland or nigeria so france still have a choice kind of who they're going to play well not really a choice but they have to wait and see croatia are likely to be first in their group so they're going to face denmark there's still a slight chance for nigeria to take the spot top spot but again christian denmark is what looks likely to happen aren't i mean harsh words from governors were thank you as always you. earn your washington news with so a lot more to tell you about including ethiopia extends an olive branch to neighbors in eritrea after decades of conflict will the pair seize the chance to make peace in east africa and south african photographer david got gold locks died on monday at the age of eighty seven going home. that's from our culture the
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part that will be here with more on his iconic work from the apartheid era. those stories and a whole lot more coming up in incest if you see after the president's. cut cut. our germany in sixty eight player like no other. young people would bellow against their parents and the established. these opposing forces left last traces. nineteen sixty of them up tufts forty five minutes on t w.
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the trouble. with. the result of the market. for. your business magazine on t.w. .
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good to see you again you're watching your every news of mylar rock'n'roll and this is our main headline this hour. donald trump has hailed a controversial decision by the u.s. supreme court to uphold its travel ban on several muslim majority countries trumps call the decision a quote a victory for the american people. or trails the foreign minister said today his country's first talks with ethiopia nearly two decades had opened the door for peace ethiopia. ministers of the conflict between the two nations should end with
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this generation all that conflict began way back in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight in the border town of ethiopia and eritrea have had both staked a claim to this market town made that you see right here behind me and this would later become a major hurdle in the implementation of a border rule in all violence exchanges may soon turned to an outright border war lasting two years and costing the lives of eighty thousand people territory claimed by both countries changed hands throughout the course of the war a peace deal was signed back in two thousand leading to the formation of the bound boundary commission tasked with dividing disputed areas between the two countries in two thousand and two the commission made its final and binding ruling but ethiopia refused to accept it but if the o.p.'s new prime minister ahmed has now reversed that stance and he helped roll out the red carpet for eritrea's top
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diplomat today the welcome included a rich display of ethiopian culture has said his country will now except the terms of an agreement to end hostilities with neighboring eritrea he added the issues dividing the two nations are miniscule compared to their eagerness to mend ties. well are joining me now here in our berlin studio is. she is the president of the german african foundation a very warm welcome is good to have you here with us is this a potential breakthrough in bilateral relations between eritrea and ethiopia well i hope so because this is indeed a historic moment. personally i'm very happy because eritrea after all is buy second homes so to say i moved there for quite some time but i haven't been there
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for the last fifteen years so everybody who is there with the horn of africa has waited for this day to come that every trains and g.o.p. and thanks to the new prime minister that t. in his inaugural speech invited eritreans and excepted the border ruling which was decided the hague commission the boundary commission some years ago i think this was so far the stumbling step you have for the area trains and now he accepted and want to implement the decision and i think this opened the door for the eritreans to accept two to come to address so because there have been peace efforts in the past but you think this time is different. well to my knowledge there have not been by letter a diplomatic meetings within the last two decades yeah there are no
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embassies in either site so there were no official meetings and this indeed is the first really honest effort that i that i know of. re so in our report we're also talking about lot of young eritreans trying to make the perilous journey to europe you've lived in eritrea talk to us a little bit describe what life is like for a young eritrean well it is it is a small country the conditions are so to say i mean from from climate climate wise but the reason why area trains are fleeing their country i think there are two one is that there is this military conscription and people young people have to stay in the army without knowing when they can leave this is one group and the other group
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is that the dissidents are not welcomed well this is very and mike lee said they there is there are political prisoners and i think dissidents who do not agree with the policy they cannot really speak their mind so they also leave their country in order not to be put in jail so i think these if these two problems lose and so to say by now this open politics of the if the openside it might encourage others to retrain site to follow a similar path i would hope so just very quickly ten seconds so do you think eritrea will become less repressive than it is at the moment well the reasons for being repressive if are now loosening so i think. really it is the first step in the right direction in the right direction and i hope at the end there will be peace and stability and good neighborliness. i thank you so very much
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a president of the german african foundation for weighing in we're going to come and we're going to shift our attention now to your worst doherty's in thailand say rescuers are working around the clock to find twelve children and their football coach trapped in a flooded cave the search is now into its fourth night the group is believed to have retreated to the back of the cave after heavy rains flooded its chambers and blocked the main entrance. it's the last indication that they will hear the boy's bikes left at the mouth of the cave they came here with a coach after playing soccer on saturday they haven't been seen since. distraught relatives have been performing traditional rituals in the hype it will speed up the return of their children. you know i'm not sure if i find them today it keeps raining day and night in
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a morgue and i can't sleep i keep waking up. rescuers are doing all they can to locate the boys and the twenty five year old coach navy divers have been searching the cave but their progress is being frustrated by rising flood waters they've now been equipped with special oxygen tanks to allow them to stay underwater for longer. authorities have also brought in pumps in an effort to drain off some of the water in the cave and they're looking for alternative ways to access the chamber from the outside. what needed ok we thought it would. help our goal was to find all of the kids by the end of today and maybe the navy seal office is working nonstop a lot with. the complex set of case the situated in a forest park in the northern province of chiang rai it's popular with locals and tourists but people level and not to visit that during the monsoon season which
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runs from may to look. and it is a hindu's consider cows sacred slaughtering the animals and selling beef for habited in some parts of the country and recently a mob lynched amount to death because they thought he was considering that he was going to slaughter a cow their show from our social media desk has more on this very disturbing incident was i mean that's horrifying what happened. well according to media reports a forty five year old muslim man was attacked by this angry mob after he was seen with cows on a farm and now the mob believe that he was going to slaughter one cow and that is something that is prohibited by law in the state of with a prodigious where this happened so these people just started attacking him violently throwing sticks at him beating him with riggs with songs really anything they could get their hands on and there is actually a video that has gone viral showing part of that incident that man is there and
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they're asking for help when you hear people in the background talking about whether they should get him some help and others saying no the police are already here and they aren't helping him any way and another picture that has also been making the rounds on social media is this one here so what you see here is three police officers this is after this person had been attacked and the police officers there leading the way the mob behind them and they are dragging this victim on his hands they're dragging him across the street he is unconscious at this point he was later taken to hospital where he died because of his injuries and we're told that the three police officers were later suspended because that photo it's really really unsettling is how are people in india reacting to all this. well they're definitely upset by what they have seeing the upset by these reports the
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angry asking the question why would people be so brutal to one person also asking why the police did not step in to help this person we can take a look at some of the reactions that we have seen across social media so here for example is an indian journalist she says she is speechless she is not pained beyond words the lynchings continue and nobody cares to bother asking what kind of a society have we turned into we've also seen some protests across india for example here students from new delhi getting on the streets protesting against this kind of violence and they will take a look at this cartoonists take on what's happened he's asking here whether this is the new india that prime minister narendra modi had promised his people and india which is full of prosperity and also equality how big of a problem is and dealers well in recent years we have seen an increase
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in these mob related incidents these mob lynchings especially when it has to do with people were suspected of killing a cow that is actually something that is prohibited in most indian states you are not allowed to kill a cow you are not allowed to sell beef and there is a website that tracks these mob violence acts and for example i can show you what has been happening since twenty fifteen so fifty four incidents have occurred or have been reported where people are just attacked somebody and most cases have to do with the person being accused of slaughtering a cow or harming our now most of the victims are non hindus them mostly muslims and they are complaining saying that prime minister narendra modi is favoring his fellow hindus they say they want more protection from the government the way he had promised them when he was elected prime minister thank you.
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we're going to stay in india with danielle because that country is looking for some hard needed cash that's right the economy is doing well but it is being held back a bit actually india's economy is growing rapidly but it could be growing faster if it weren't for the country's crumbling roads railways and utilities which are in need of investment now the government is calling on the asia infrastructure investment bank to stump up some of the cash. intelli getting from a to b. can be quite a challenge heavy traffic and poor signposting are a headache for any commuter but for those in the delivery business subpar infrastructure takes an economic toll to. electricity access is also a major issue with millions of people in the country still without power. perhaps it's no surprise then that indian prime minister narendra modi has appealed for
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a ten fold increase in financing from the asian infrastructure investment bank from four to forty billion dollars by two thousand and twenty. i want to comment on my. own. remark right. or wrong. and i've. only got. this one. right. my going to. come out. of them all with one hundred. with a growth rate of over seven percent india is an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors but to maintain the trend the country will have to follow through on its pledge to improve basic infrastructure. i'm talking about difficulties with utilities getting gas to farmers in much of africa can be
8:44 pm
a real pain many of the pendant on expensive propane bottle deliveries but a moroccan inventor is trying to convince farmers to switch to invention running on plant twice to new york the small bio gas digesters can provide energy practically for free. the inventor oversees the installation personally fatten of the rice developed a system that turns organic waste into bio gas it's just being installed here at a farm near marrakech in rural areas bottled propane gas is the main source of power for cooking heating and pumping water but it's hardly a sustainable results. if genesis did it all i thought to myself why not replace the gas bottles with a system that basically exists already but just needs modernising to make liable i don't want to look beyond what you need to have a viable system in place so that it's sustainable in the long term. she calls her
8:45 pm
plants bio. plant waste for example is simply placed in the dome then gets fomented in a second chamber underground that process produces me thing gas an energy resource . farmer mohammed zahir e is one of the first to purchase a bio day until now he too used bottled gas to run his operation but this natural gas system is much more suitable for his organic farm. and we want to be independent and every respect and this plant will give us an independent power supply. in fact remember rice developed her bio gas plant as part of her ph d. on waste disposal she's now set up her own business and has one employee she's competed successfully in a number of competitions for new startups it's highly unusual for
8:46 pm
a woman in this conservative society so. it really isn't easy but you need a lot of time. and stamina. but i never give up in the face of a challenge. to law so that has allowed me to overcome all the various obstacles. that. her work takes her all over the country. at a workshop nick casablanca she found someone who helps turn her ideas into reality . her latest invention is a compost machine organic waste is not only an issue for farms restaurants in the city also have a lot of leftover food and need a sustainable solution for its disposal. now it's back to layla and a noteworthy and sometimes solemn royal visit thank you very much because britain's
8:47 pm
prince william is currently in israel their first official visit to the country by a british royal welcome later raise the question the holocaust memorial and also met with two holocaust survivors those visitors billed as nonpolitical the prince met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and tomorrow is due to me. well calloused us. now for many visitors to jerusalem is sort of to get a tattoo to commemorate a visit to the holy land that's not on the program for prince william but one tattoo artist claims his family has tattooed three members of the british or a family albeit to three centuries ago and he thinks he has just the design for prince william in this tiny tattoo shop in the old city of jerusalem a tradition take center stage here was in resolute tattoos christian pilgrims tourists and anybody else who wants to get a lasting souvenir from the holy city the place is always busy because of the. four
8:48 pm
programs to come. to. the program of the jerusalem. sometimes they would choose a cross sometimes they were true. another more grief like the crucifixion of jesus or the resurrection of jesus the residents a coptic christian family from egypt have been tattooing pilgrims visiting jerusalem for more than five centuries now was took over as tattoo artist from his father a decade ago what makes this place so special are the wooden hand carved stamps that serve a stencils for the religious designs the most famous design is the jerusalem cross one version of it is believed to have been on british royalty crown prince albert edward and later also his sons when they visited jerusalem in the one nine hundred century. the diaries of of the british kings the oil
8:49 pm
to you has come to druce and did and did the cost and the we know for sure that they have received the drusilla cross to this is the jerusalem cross this is what i would suggest for prince william to do if he is if you decide decides to do it or two this is the old block which was probably was the one that was used to do his ancestors or two sisters chances are that tattoo was done by a member of the resurrection family a very special tattoo that's something the future king of england prince william might contemplate when he visits the old city this week there as you are certainly ready to help give him an ink souvenir of jerusalem. we're now in south african photographer david gold blat died on monday at the age of eighty seven he was best known for his unflinching pretrial of his homeland
8:50 pm
during and after the apartheid years and his work is held in major museum collections all over the world and carroll helps out from our culture department is here to tell us more about this very fascinating individual because this is quite a loss for south africa is really the elder statesman of documentary photography a very it's a very big loss indeed also for the world not just for south africa but he has left quite a remarkable legacy it has to be said and thank goodness for that because without him our picture. the impression that we have of south africa certainly with its lot in history would be less complete now he was difficult lot was the first south african to actually have a solo south african artist to actually have a solo exhibition at the moment in new york and since the big in may the last exhibition there so before we talk about a little more let's have a look at his work. to. black workers trudging back to the
8:51 pm
townships on. the white driving in the opposite direction. compromising view of a society structures and symbols it's this vision that brought gold black international acclaim for his south african documentation. to our. and to me quite literally there is no difference between you. going into. two things. really because you have if you. cross it well. david gold plant was one of south africa's best known photographers he was always critical of apartheid but was not a political activist and was sometimes criticized for this.
8:52 pm
think this isn't just. didn't. take a struggle. to do this i think you needed to have a. belief . in the. beaten activists. very early on. was that. over the years people played an ever smaller role in gold plats photographs what remained was the architecture as an expression of ideology drab hostels for black workers spectacular white churches. in this country. who lived.
8:53 pm
through. yes. the photographer who was being called south africa's visual conscience died peacefully in his yohannes home on monday. wow act as something very quiet about his work and power and he was able to sort of translate very broad. brilliantly this sort of very cool anger or fury that he felt about the racial injustices in south africa he starts taking pictures when he was only eighteen years old and it's very interesting that for quite a long time he used really rudimentary equipment. he would use for instance a string tied to his camera and then held down by his foot to steady his lens for and for instance he spent a very long time examining the oppressive you know human dynamics of south african politics them for about the first thirty to forty years of his career he only
8:54 pm
worked in black and white because he thought that color seemed too sweet a medium to express the anger at the disgust and fear that apartheid inspired and so you really got into color photography in the ninety's when he did he certainly fully embraced the digital era after about it some incredible images that really evocative really beautiful and always with an often an element of the absurdity of certainty but that was of course our own south africa so he is documenting with a very critical eye but he says i was never an activist i was not part of the struggle for some people that's right and yet and yet he managed to change the you know he was never the guy that you were going to find in the middle of the action he always said he was more interested in looking at the causes of events rather than the events themselves and he actually went as far as to say that he was something of a coward himself and yet he was still very conscience of the ability that he had to effectuate change and i mean one part of his legacy is this market for the workshop
8:55 pm
which is a photography school that he founded back in one thousand nine hundred nine in that school has played a really important role in training young photographers in south africa especially black photographers and women and students from neglected and marginalized parts of society and so it's done a lot i would say to increase diversity and representation in the fields of. tarver she and the visual arts in south africa difficult but took his role as a mentor i think really very seriously and a the people who were lucky enough to to work with him said that he was in so much more than just a photographer he was really a it was he was an artist he was definitely a meticulous historian and a journalist with a moral compass a one of a kind and i hope attention will be broad back again to his work i mean it will be something a number of fathers another retrospective coming up in sydney and i think focusing on current thank you so very much. and so you've been watching t w news on behalf
8:56 pm
of the entire team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues in just a moment's read greg off guard. yes
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where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to the shadow and a few in his favor us with official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many qantas and their problems are the same for do social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. coverage gun afford to stay silent when it comes to the fence the human seen or why the folds who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is tim ferriss and i work at the. crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses. on their record which is travel around the globe just social media. but
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what is propaganda fiction and what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources and try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes to thanks to this video recording the soldiers who shall be young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and parts. having them. is a big chance because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w.
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this is. a legal win for us president controversial travel ban on. steak great victory for our constitution we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. the president tells a supreme court decision to uphold his travel ban on several muslim majority countries we'll get more from washington also coming up. says it will accept a migrant rescue ship which a previous.


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