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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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because justice is about to truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth d.w. . this is. a legal win for u.s. president controversial travel. take great victory for our constitution we have to be tough but we have to be safe and we have to be secure. he was president is a supreme court decision to uphold his travel ban on several muslim majority
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countries will get more from washington also coming out malta says it will accept a migrant rescue ship which had previously turned away that's after several european countries agreed to take a share of the two hundred migrants on board yet passengers on the ship they say they've heard nothing about reaching dry land. good to have you with us tonight u.s. president trump is celebrating a major victory the u.s. supreme court has upheld his travel ban which blocks people from several mostly muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. now signing the executive order to ban injury into the country was one of the first things that trump did after taking office the move triggered protests across the u.s. and chaos at airports. the initial. version were struck down by
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a lower court but a third amended version went into force last december the supreme court ruled that the u.s. president has the authority to restrict entry into the u.s. the court did not mention muslims or the claim of religious discrimination or let's cross over now to our washington correspondent clear richardson she's on the story for us tonight good evening to you claire so these supreme court ruled that the ban is legal but what about the notion of the targets muslim majority countries well brand this ban does it target people coming from five muslim majority countries and even though the court has ruled that this did not have an anti muslim bias its critics of course say that this is clearly targeted at muslims and violates the united states' constitutional protections against religious freedoms and in fact you can look at the dissenting opinion that came
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from the court the four justices who were narrowly over rules of who did not agree with this travel ban they said that any reasonable observer would conclude that the ban was motivated by an anti muslim sentiment so this is of course the third iteration of the travel ban it's worth noting that the first two were challenged by lower courts you'll remember the beginning of comes presidency this really caused so much chaos we just saw scenes of people held up at airports where tens of thousands of visas were canceled it was not clear what kind of impact his original writing of the ban was going to have but none of those were able to withstand the courts now the lower courts have blocked those original efforts forced him to recast and we've now seen the nation's top authority say that this travel ban can stand and there has been reaction from the u.s. president in the west are were so let's take a listen. the supreme court ruling. has come to tremendous success that tremendous will do for the american people and for our constitution. who
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are going to do. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure the room shows that all of the attacks from the media and the democrats well if you can do wrong turn out to be very wrong. and we're looking for as republicans are going you is screwed waters no grudge. the reaction there from the u.s. president the court today in its ruling said that the president has the authority to ban travel but he doesn't have the authority to simply invoke national security when he does be on trail so how significant is this victory for the u.s. president well it's certainly a major political victory for president trump even though it doesn't do everything that he set out to do it right from the beginning with his initial version of the band it's still going to be very popular among his supporters it was really wanted
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his key campaign promises that he was going to be tough on immigration it's a central part of his foreign policy even on his campaign website when he was running to be president of the united states there was a statement saying that he wanted to see a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states that was later removed but it's been a fairly clear where he stands on this issue so his supporters will be very happy to see it they will see it as a victory for security and the rule of law but many others will see it as un-american and potentially a blight on history and opponents of the ban protested outside the u.s. supreme court today here's reaction from one muslim american. today i'm heartbroken. taking so much pain me to hold back tears but i want to cry. today i'm heartbroken for my community the muslim going to. my community my theory and
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community and all the communities that are directly impacted by this muslim bad. clear do we really know what kind of impact this trouble bay and has had on the nations that or listed well for the people coming from those countries it's certainly going to be a difficult pill to swallow human rights groups are so concerned about what this means for people who are fleeing war trying to come to the united states what it means for people who want to visit their relatives who live here and also the fact that it's seen as legitimizing discrimination now the travel ban has been fully in place since december for those countries it's a fact of their their ability to travel is not going to change today from where it was yesterday the muslim communities are clearly upset about this ban and not just them but any and any minority group looking at how immigration policy is decided in the united states the united states will be concerned to see it decided based on race or religion. of course one clear which is that on the story for us tonight
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from washington d.c. flare thank you well now to europe's immigration challenges malta says that it will allow a rescue ship carrying hundreds of migrants to dock having previously joined italy in turning that boat a way of a change of heart comes after several european countries agreed to take a share of the two hundred asylum seekers aboard the german ship called the wife laurie has been waiting for days to get permission to do. the men women and children on board the lifeline have been stranded at sea for six days now their wait could finally be over the german ngo vessel has permission to dock in malta. the migrants will only be allowed to disembark on one condition that they're distributed among countries malta and italy are willing to take some of them france portugal and germany have also offered to help under the so-called
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dublin regulation asylum seekers must be processed in the country where they first arrived but this rule has long been the subject of heated debate as frontline states italy and greece bear the brunt of migrant arrivals. its only fields left alone it's refused to let them go run rescue ships docking as ports accusing them of aiding the traffickers. blocking the business of illegal immigration means blocking the dangerous intervention of these foreign n.g.o.s ships. risking the safety of the libyan coast guard the migrants they act with absolute disregard for any international. n.g.o.s say the problem has closed borders. if you want to stop traffickers you
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need to take away the economic incentive and that means opening the borders to those who need protection and have the right to protection things with. a number of e.u. leaders met on sunday to seek a joint approach on tackling migration but they failed to reach a conclusion. regardless of the political crisis a danish cargo ship carrying migrants was today allowed to dock in a cillian port after several days stuck at sea these migrants odyssey is finally over. well i'm joined now on the phone by nicholas from sea watch that is a nonprofit organization that conducts search and rescue operations in the mediterranean nicholas is at the port in malta he has been in touch with the staff from lifeline good evening to you nicholas we have been monitoring the twitter feed from lifeline and the last information we had was that lifeline is not aware of any deal or any agreement about docking anywhere what can you tell us
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nicholas can you hear me. nicholas are you there can you hear me this is brant go off with us. ok looks like we have lost the connection with nicholas and because there in malta we apologize for that we're trying to see if we can't get back in touch with you or here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world german chancellor angela merkel is holding crisis talks with her coalition partners here in berlin she's looking to resolve a dispute with her hardline interior minister horst zahle for over migration they hope for is pushing for tighter border controls in a rail that could threaten merkel's government the european union has opted to begin membership talks with albania and macedonia at the end of twenty nineteen officials say that membership proceedings will only go ahead if the two countries
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make sufficient progress in combating corruption and strengthening the rule of law . ethiopia's rolled out the red carpet for eritrea as a top diplomat as the two neighbors took a major step toward ending decades of conflict and hostility ethiopia's prime minute. britain's prince william has met israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on the first ever official british royal visit to israel and the palestinian territories earlier the prince visited jerusalem's holocaust memorial william has to navigate deep political and religious divides in a region that britain once ruled well the syrian government its forces have begun an offensive on the southern city of the wrong one of the last rebel held on claims in the country it was supposed to be part of a deescalation zone agreed by the us jordan and russia but according to rights
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activists that has not stopped an assault on the area. those who could flee to iran have done so already several thousand people have left the city after days of nonstop meant countless surrounding villages have been hit to activists say that medical clinics have also been destroyed the streets and the destruction widespread as an utter lack of barest essentials in the rebel enclave. we're dealing with a massive influx of displaced persons the bombing has destroyed our infrastructure . and there are more people coming every day. american. the syrian observatory for human rights says syrian army helicopters have been dropping barrel bombs there have been dozens of civilian casualties russian jet fighters also took part in the attacks for the first time since the truce was called one year ago. the
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syrian army has conquered numerous villages in the area and military escalation on the border with jordan and israel appears inevitable. for the past ten days or so there has been an escalation in hostilities that's an escalation in fighting. from the from the air is about seven hundred fifty people living in that in that area and we're very concerned for their well being jordan says it won't take any more refugees syrian president bashar assad is determined to retake this area a humanitarian catastrophe is looming. at the world cup group c. was decided today france were able to wrest key players against denmark having already secured progression with a game to spare a draw was enough for the danes to qualify and so the two sides played out a tepid first half with chances few and far between olivier giroud hold it threatened for france but neither side pushed for victory meaning the game ended in
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the turn of its first nil nil draw france top group c. with denmark following behind. and already eliminated peru ended australia's hope of going through to the knockout phase when they beat the socceroos two nil andre carrillo opened the scoring for peru with a fierce volley from the edge of the box in the eighteenth minute new chance here for keeper matt ryan and then shortly after the restart paolo guerrero made it two nil for a captain with great awareness as he smashed in the bouncing ball with his outstretched you see it leg left leg. all right here's a reminder of the top story that we're following for you as president is hailing a controversial decision by the u.s. supreme court. and it applies to several muslim majority country strong called the decision a victory for the u.s.
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constitution and for the security of. the day i hope to see you. covies in germany to learn german. in the. online. free. c w e learning course nico street.


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