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this is. a legal win for u.s. president donald trump's controversial travel ban on immigrants a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to believe secure. the u.s. president hails a supreme court decision to uphold his travel ban on several muslim majority countries will get more from the u.s. capitol also coming up malta says it will accept a migrant rescue ship which it previously turned away as several european countries
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agreed to take a share of the two hundred migrants on board yet passengers on the ship say they've heard nothing about reaching drawing land and her government and her job on the line because of migration german chancellor angela merkel is trying to deliver a migration policy to satisfy the most conservative members of her coalition government she's adamant that a european plan on migration is the answer but time and public opinion are not on her song. and we have the latest from the world cup as groups c.n.d. come to a close argentina battle my dear for a last sixteen leave a message scored his first goal of the tournament but was it enough all the world cup action is coming up.
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it's good to have you with us tonight u.s. president donald trump is celebrating a major victory the u.s. supreme court has upheld his travel ban which blocks people from several mostly muslim countries from entering the u.s. of signing the executive order to ban entry into the country was one of the first things that front did after taking office the move triggered protests across the u.s. and chaos at airports the initial ban and a second version were struck down by a lower court but a third amended version went into force last december the supreme court ruling found that the u.s. president has the authority to restrict entry into the u.s. it did not mention muslims or the claim of religious discrimination and the policy applies mainly to travelers from five countries with overwhelmingly muslim populations iran libya somalia syria and yemen of their citizens are expected to
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feel the greatest impact travelers from north korea and certain vinit swale and government officials are also included in that bam well we want to hear now from one of the communities affected by the ban i'm joined by trita parsi he's standing by in our washington studio he is the founder and president of the national iranian american council it's good to have you on the show i want to ask you what were your initial thoughts when you heard the ruling by the u.s. supreme court. i was not surprised having seen how the court had reasoned on similar situations it was quite clear that the philosophy of this specific supreme court with this specific political tilt would not likely shoot down donald trump's travel ban but i think it's also important to understand that the opposition to that ban doesn't just follow one path there is a legal path through the courts and that path has now come to its conclusion but
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the legislative path has not even begun yet and that's an effort to block this ban through congressional action and that path remains quite open and has a much higher likelihood of success and mr burns you talk to me a little bit about help is trouble been a very people maybe who you know or iranians who would want to come to the u.s. all this is had a devastating impact on the iranian american community is roughly one million people in this country very. strong community has contributed tremendously it's in and out of states almost all of them have families and other contacts in iran many of them travel back there many of their relatives come to the united states and now they're all treated as second class citizens because a simple ban has been put on them not based on any specific security concerns but just with a broad conclusion that if you are from
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a specific country you are by the finish and a security concern and this is why this ban was being challenged that this is a band that actually is discriminatory and not particularly effective to begin with where the president as you may imagine has been praising the ruling take a listen to what he just a couple of hours ago. that today's supreme court ruling. is coming at a tremendous success a tremendous weight gain for the american people and for our constitution to be really clear. that. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure the ruling shows that all of the attacks from the media and the democrat politicians are wrong turn out to be wrong. and what we're looking for the republicans i can tell you is slowly voters no ground. are that's the u.s. president speaking there mr parsi the president says that the iranian regime does
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not meet u.s. standards for vetting security risk in other words you know identifying iranians who may want to travel to the u.s. to harm americans we do you agree that the u.s. like all other countries has the right to determine who may or may not enter its country its borders. certainly any country has the right to determine who can and cannot come in but within that statement as you ask it's also focused on singular individuals that's not what this ban does this ban puts a blanket prohibition against people specifically if they are of certain countries even the us government's own internal investigations of studies show that that does absolutely nothing to enhance security because nationality is not a good predictor of whether you are going to be committing an act of terrorism in fact when you take a look at these different countries original list of countries not
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a single citizen of those countries had committed any acts of terrorism in the united states with a lethal outcome so this is much more a politically more motivated band that is based on him trying to impose something on muslim countries that doesn't cause a big disruption to u.s. relations if you take a look at these countries are all countries that have bad relations with the u.s. he did not include saudi arabia that produced fifteen of the nineteen terrorists that attacked the united states on nine eleven because saudi arabia is an ally of the united states so this has nothing to do with secure this is nothing to do about protecting the country this is completely politically motivated seems to have a bigoted foundation and unfortunately today the court essentially ruled that even a ban of that kind would be able to stand according to their interpretation of the constitution true of course the president of the national arena an american joining
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us tonight from washington mr porson we appreciate your time tonight thank you thank you for having me. well now turning to europe's challenges with immigration malta says that it will allow a rescue ship carrying hundreds of migrants to dock having previously joined italy in turning that boat away the change of heart comes after several european countries agreed to take a share of the two hundred asylum seekers who are on board the german ship called the life line has been waiting for days to get permission to dock. the men women and children on board the lifeline have been stranded at sea for six days now their wait could finally be over the german ngo vessel has permission to dock in malta. the migrants will only be allowed to disembark on one condition that they're distributed among countries malta and italy
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a willing to take some of them france portugal and germany have also offered to help under the so-called dublin regulation asylum seekers must be processed in the country where they first arrived but this rule has long been the subject of heated debate as frontline states italy and greece but the brunt of migrant arrivals. its only fields left alone it's refused to let and run rescue ships dock in its ports accusing them of aiding the traffic is. blocking the business of illegal immigration means blocking the dangerous intervention of these foreign n.g.o.s ships. risking the safety of the libyan coast guard the migrants they act with absolute disregard for any international rule. and geos say the problem has closed borders. if you want to stop traffickers you
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need to take away the economic incentive and that means opening the borders to those who need protection and you have the right to protection. a number of e.u. leaders met on sunday to seek a joint approach on tackling migration but they failed to reach a conclusion. regardless of the political crisis a danish cargo ship carrying migrants was today allowed to dock in a sicilian port after several days stuck at sea these migrants odyssey is finally over. well as we heard in that report a europe wide solution to the migration crisis remains elusive tonight and that's left until america the german chancellor in hot water the chancellor is holding crisis talks here in the german capital tonight as a challenge from her right wing from the right wing of her conservative alliance threatens to bring down her coalition government now among those at the meeting is
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forced is a hall of leader of the conservative c.s.u. party the sister party to merrill's christian democrats they over is pushing for tighter border controls the rail is threatening to splinter the alliance between the two parties which could see america lose her overall majority in parliament meaning she could lose her job i'm joined now by the w.'s political correspondent nina is outside the german chancellor rhee here in berlin good evening to you nina so a lot is at stake here for a miracle that this meeting isn't. yes exactly this is definitely one of her most important weeks in her political career could see the collapse of her governing coalition you mentioned the closest allies they see as you is putting under tremendous pressure they have essentially given her a deadline they've given are an ultimatum they say the interior minister says that
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he will close the borders beginning of next month to asylum seekers who've already been registered in other countries if medical fails to deliver a european solution she has said that a national solution is no solution that she needs to talk to partners and that they need to come on board but is adamant so far we are beginning to see signs of. the fronts weakening a bit but so far it is still unclear whether this coalition government will persist until next month and you need to our viewers watching this has to be clear to them but this crisis seems to be a home made crisis there is a lot of pressure against merrill coming from these bavarian conservatives the c.s.u. what is their agenda the irony is of course that we're no longer faced with
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a similar amount of people coming into germany as we were in two thousand and fifteen at the climax of the migration crisis here in germany the numbers have dropped significantly but we must keep in mind that there are state elections in bavaria in tobar and so the conservatives in bavaria in the south are under tremendous pressure from the far right until immigrant party a.f.d. and they don't want to lose ground and there was a time when we talked about americans open door policy here in germany is that mel something that's just a thing of the past. well certainly the tone of the debate has changed and the amount of people surrounding uncle america who support her humanitarian approach to dealing with refugees is also playing as we saw the spanish prime minister on host side but other than that she's pretty much alone so that attempt is beginning to draw to an end and of course the focus is much more
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on strengthening the use external borders and it is going to be more difficult for migrants to come to europe a political correspondent in the halls outside the chancellor here in berlin nina thank you here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world of the european union has offered to begin membership talks with albania and macedonia at the end of twenty nineteen officials say that membership proceedings will only go ahead if the two countries make sufficient progress in combating corruption and strengthening the rule of law. ethiopia has rolled out the red carpet for eritrea its top diplomat as the two neighbors take a major step towards ending decades of conflict and hostility ethiopian prime minister abi ahmed's seen here on the left said that the issues dividing the nations are minuscule compared to the country's eagerness to mend time.
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all right high drama in volley games at the world cup today joining me here at the big desk to talk about it is really from good abused boards good to see you again or at least going through this well what a day argentina looked down and out but they came back in spectacular fashion that was such a thriller before the game they knew that they had to win but it was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions they started out on a high because who else but me you know messi scored the opening goal for argentina in the fourteenth minute they felt safe they now had the lead this is what they were hoping for but they continued to struggle a little bit and nigeria got into the game better and better here you see the penalty it was an equaliser in the fifty first minute and now everything was open again because this score would put nigeria through and everyone was nervous but in the final stages of the game came marcus russell and see score for argentina and there were tears of joy in the argentinian fans in their faces on the players
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everyone was going nuts as delusional really intimate as you are right about their way to the also left it late in their game against iceland well creation had a bit of a more relaxed situation because they knew that they were going through and they were most likely going through as group leaders so they didn't really have much to put into this game iceland had everything to win and everything to lose in this game the creation took the opening goal the one zero in the fifty third minute which is a fantastic kick by the way so you see right here i said it wasn't done yet though they scored the equaliser in the seventy sixth minute through a penalty as well and now if it was open for ice and as well again because another goal would have seen them progress but creations sealed the deal with a two one win through even paris which. art was like a group see france were already through so who joins them in the next round france play denmark and that as well france were confident they knew that they were going
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through and denmark just needed a tie and that's exactly how those two teams played denmark and of relied on defending fry. played a lot of players that usually don't get a lot of minutes out of their stars were on the bench and it was the first goalless draw of this world cup and the socceroos they missed their chance to go through that yeah they desperately needed a win they were playing peru but prue after thirty six years missing from the world cup stage they finally scored two goals again the south americans were incredibly happy scoring their goals they scored the one zero in the eighteenth minute. and then later followed on to two zero in the fiftieth minute both teams are exiting the world cup but at least clues exiting on a high because they have this one now so what does all of this mean now for this for the next round. well cray should top their group so they face denmark and here's the big clash argentina face france in the round of sixteen what a huge game and world champions germany we know they are gearing up for the final group stage match tomorrow has the mood improved would you say yeah definitely of
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course the mood has improved after their late win against sweden on the weekend that surely was a huge boost for their mentality but in terms of performance they still is quite a far way to go because the first game was bad and the second game was just a little bit better they really have to improve south korea's a good opponent for that you could say because it's supposedly the weakest team in the group now what they need is a good solid wind to get them through to the next and how do you see the chances of the the germans are at this point is really difficult to tell like i said before they need the points not just points but they also need to win for them mentality really moraga we will see him around sports is always there thank you thank you very much. all right we're going to switch gears now and talk trade tariffs dana was here to talk about the backfire from the. tariff bonanza for you now donald trump has hit back at harley davidson after the motorbike make a said it would send some of its production abroad to avoid levies that's after
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predicting an annual increase of costs of a hundred million dollars a year due to the use tariff countermeasures us president retorted that harley davidson would be taxed as never before meanwhile if you trade commission a society of big giving her two cents telling trump that there are consequences for not respecting global trade rules. the harley davidson an iconic american brand and now a symbol of u.s. president donald trump's protectionist trade policy the his decision to impose tariffs on the motorcycles came after washington introduced levies on steel and aluminum imports. but instead of stepping on the america first bandwagon harley davidson responded by saying it would shift some production overseas. unsurprisingly that didn't go down too well with the protectionist president in a characteristically fiery tweeze he rose harley must know that they won't be able
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to sell back into the united states without paying a big tax. trump also claimed that harley davidson had decided to move jobs from kansas city abroad before the e.u. introduced. the motorcycle maker denies this is the case. among those criticizing trans trade dispute with the european union is the governor of wisconsin where harley davidson is based scott walker tweeted that a new tire of policy would be good for wisconsin moneyfacts or is and farmers. but as the tit for tat trade spot continues there could well be more tariffs down the road. because the u.s. has a war and its allies to stop importing oil from iran by the fourth of november. this move is in line with president decision last may to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and to reinstate sanctions on the country. at the end of
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a six month grace period for trading partners to wrap up business with iran a state department official speaking the talks with top iranian all important china india and turkey. got more on this from wall street yes it was kind of expected but nevertheless now it seems investors are anticipating that the u.s. allies will comply and that oil supply will tight what do you see. well china india korea and turkey are the biggest importance of iranian oil and specially when it comes to china india and turkey it really remains to be seen if they will go along and really stop buying iranian oil when it comes to november having that said what also remains to be seen who could fill in the gap just recently iran exported about two and a half million barrels of oil a day that was about one to one and a half million barrels
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a day in comparison to twenty fifteen so we don't know where for example saudi arabia could fill the gap and we did see quite a move when it comes to the price of oil that increased by a good three percent and western texas into media that the oil that we trade here in new york crossed actually there seventy dollars mark per barrel and the u.s. will be having to sell some of that shale there too and general electric shares have shot up after it's announced that spinning off two of its businesses one and all tech business as well what's the thinking behind the move. well if you think it in a short term it brings more money to investors and it gives also more money to generate it to itself and they had quite some trouble in the past couple of years in the year two thousand to g.e. was worth almost six hundred billion dollars big then it was the most valuable u.s. corporation now as the valuation is down to about one hundred billion dollars
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so if it's a good decision in general especially to sell the or get rid of their health care business that was growing and deposit the in the recent past the remains to be seen so long term questionable short term it's good for investors and that why the stock shot up by almost eight percent it was the best day for the g.e. stock in about three years and by the way this was the first trading day for general electric in over a century that it's not a member of the dollar jones industrial average anymore it got replaced here on tuesday by the company walkways so bit of positive news coming out of the eventually for g.e. against thank you very much. and some good news about tariffs all of a sudden china is slashing tire of some fountains of imports from five asian pacific countries as its trade route with the united states continues to simmer the
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lower duties will be applied to a list of some into the hof thousand products from agricultural production prob produce metals and clothes shipped from bangladesh india laos south korea and trigger lanka to make note of those some products like soybeans will no longer be taxed all that housman comes five days before the u.s. tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports take effect. i could have you back up to brant and i know where the even poignant visit at this exactly right here with all the world cup action going on right now britain's prince william has been getting into the spirit he's currently in israel aside from meeting israeli leaders william took time to watch a children's football match in jaffa and meet with the team afterwards the prince was the definite star of the show and he put his football skills to the tests as you can see here much to the delight of onlookers. now for many visitors to jerusalem it's traditional it's tradition rather to get a tattoo to commemorate
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a visit to the holy land well that is not on the agenda for william but one tattoo artist claims that his family has tattooed three members of the british royal family albeit three hundred years ago and he thinks he has just the design for prince william. in this tiny tattoo shop in the old city of jerusalem a tradition take center stage here was tattoos christian pilgrims tourists and anybody else who wants to get a lasting souvenir from the holy city the place is always busy because of those four programs to come to jerusalem and get to. the program of the jerusalem. sometimes they would choose a cross sometimes they were true. another more thief like the crucifixion of jesus or the resurrection of jesus the residents a coptic christian family from egypt have been tattooing pilgrims visiting jerusalem for more than five centuries now took over as tattoo artist from his
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father a decade ago what makes this place so special are the wooden hand carved stamps that serve a stencils for their religious designs the most famous design is the jerusalem cross one version of it is believed to have been inked on pretty strong crown prince albert edward and later also his sons when they visited jerusalem in the one nine hundred century. the diaries of the of the british kings boil to you has come to drusilla and did and did cross the tos we know for sure that they had received the cross the this is the jerusalem cross this is what i would suggest for prince william to do if he is if you decide decides to do it or two this is the old block which was probably was the one that was used to do his ancestors or to go to his ancestors chances are that tattoo was done by
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a member of the resurrection family a very special tattoo that something the future king of england prince william might contemplate when he visits the old city this week their residents are certainly ready to help give him an inch souvenir of jerusalem. friends when you move it hurts you have to think about that where for a while aren't your big when you double your news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day you can stick but.
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come on. everything making this was a trust. issue is it also applies to you knowing. because distrust is bad publicity create a climate of fear and those who contract mean to sign a loss of consciousness economic facts trust. me in germany in sixty minutes of.
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the evidence. is of the chance because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . today the u.s. supreme court ruled that president trump's controversial travel ban on immigrants is constitutional as the u.s. in europe grapple with how to treat non-citizens knocking at the door tonight a major victory for a president who wants the door kept shut for some i bring golf in berlin this is the day.


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