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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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travel ban on immigrants is constitutional as the u.s. in europe grapple with held to treat non-citizens knocking at the door tonight a major victory for a president who once the door kept shut for some i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. the supreme court of the united states has just given a complete lie to donald trump's a religious thing a tremendous success a tremendous victory for the american people and for our constitution and it's given him the green light to get. there global evolve based on there. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure strong borders no crime
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wherever in the world. also coming up tonight the bright side a new news online series proof positive that our negative view of the world is often wrong case in point life saving global trade. the value of the black schools is mushroom over the last century and turning money from that trade off and increased our prosperity it also changed. his trade went up debts went down killing each other is simply not very profitable. or we begin the day with a legal victory for the trump white house and a reminder from the highest court in the u.s. that there are limits to what the world's most powerful man can do today the u.s. supreme court upheld donald trump's controversial travel ban it applies to citizens from countries which the u.s. says may pose a threat to national security but today's ruling applies to the third version of
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trump's travel ban the first two attempts were struck down judges writing that the u.s. president cannot restrict immigration simply by invoking national security in other words the white house was forced to rethink not once but twice why and how it was trying to restrict entry into the united states a legal scholars say this is a victory for the rule of law opponents of the travel ban maintained that it discriminates against muslims a claim the court did not address in its ruling or here's how the u.s. president reacted when he heard about the court's decision that in a supreme court ruling. this coming a tremendous success it tremendously good for the american people and for our constitution. and. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure the ruling shows that all of the attacks from the
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media and the democrat politicians are wrong and that. what we're looking for the republican ticket is voters notre. the she was president donald trump there let's cross over now to the u.s. capitol or corresponding clear richardson is on the story for us tonight in washington good evening to you clear the supreme court ruled that trumps travel ban is constitutional but it also signaled that simply invoking national security is not enough for the president to restrict entry into the country so how significant is this victory for truck. this is a big win for donald trump and you can see how happy about this decision just from his reaction he said this was a moment of profound vindication for his policy and indeed being a strong on immigration showing that he is keeping people out of the united states has been a key element of his foreign policy i one point during his campaign he called for
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a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states has later been a bit more quiet on that point but people have always suspected that this band targeted muslims its critics say it's a violation of the united states constitutional protections for freedom of religion and even though the court ruled that this ban did not have an anti muslim bias we saw really scathing to send from the justices in the court who form the dissenting opinion they essentially said a reasonable observer would have to conclude that this travel ban was in fact motivated by anti muslim sentiment now as you say this is the third iteration of the travel ban gay notoriety at the beginning of his presidency as a man and i'm muslim as a ban on muslims but we've seen lower courts block it they had to rethink it twice and the fact that the top court in the united states has now upheld the third version of his policy is going to be a big political victory for trump and there were protests today outside the supreme court we've got reaction from one muslim american take
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a listen. today my heart broken. by. taking so much pain me to hold back the tears but i want to cry. they are broken and for my community the muslim community my community my theory and community and all the communities that are directly impacted by this muslim bad . clear do we have an idea of the impact this travel ban has already had on the people that are targeted well this travel ban has been fully in place since december so we're not going to see a huge difference from today to tomorrow and what we actually see on the ground human rights groups however absolutely outraged by this decision they point out the fact that it's going to mean lots of people fleeing war are going to be unable to come to the united states it means that relatives are going to be unable to visit their families even if they have a close relatives living here in the u.s.
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and they're worried that it would get in my eyes as discrimination now muslim communities are clearly upset about this so we just heard that young woman speaking about what this meant to her but also other immigrant groups that are concerned about the way u.s. immigration policy is being decided and fear anything that would see it coming out of results of policy being formed based on race or religion it clear the u.s. supreme court as it was deliberating on trump's travel ban the u.s. government was walking back another playing of its immigration policy it was about their. that's right so this political victory for trump comes off the back of a week where he's been under a lot of pressure in the united states over these separations of children from their parents at the u.s. border this of course came from this zero tolerance policy that's all the u.s. government taking kids away from their parents as their parents went into the federal criminal system while their cases were being heard after they crossed into
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the united states illegally now after we saw images of children in cages we heard audio of children crying to be reunited with their parents from faced immense public pressure and he walked that back he had a reversal on this policy but immigration lawyers who i've spoken to are worried that the government is still using these separations as a weapon against asylum seekers and you can hear more about that in this report. they were taken away from their families at the border. now some lawyers say the u.s. government is preying on their parents' desperation to see them again. and many of them have been kidnapped raped tortured but again they said over and over that that paled in comparison to the pain and desperation that they felt being separated from their children as a result many of them were really considering signing voluntary departure as and really starting the deportation process so that they could get out of detention as soon as possible and they had been told by that if they signed
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a voluntary departure that ice would reunite them with their children as quickly as possible for us we heard that consistently and over over and over again to the point that we really feel that the administration is holding these children hostage to dissuade people from pursuing compelling and strong asylum cases. after nationwide outrage over family separations u.s. president donald trump vowed to public pressure and announced an end to the policy but his reversal does nothing for the children still inside shelters like this one in southern california this is one of the more established shelters for migrant children here in san diego and it looks after boys between the ages of six and seventeen now it's been doing that for years for children who arrived in the united states unaccompanied by a parent but the difference now is that it is also caring for children who were intentionally separated from their parents when they arrived in the united states as you can see behind me it is covered in fencing and green netting all the way around the perimeter to make sure that nobody can see out and that nobody can see and. the government agency that contract this temporary shelter refused my request
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to go inside. but they released this footage showing children's bedrooms a medical center with painted walls and a place to play soccer critics say this is the best case scenario for detained children and that conditions elsewhere in the country are likely far worse. reuniting them with their parents will be a slow and difficult process some children might even be forced into foster care orphaned by the u.s. government. unclear based on your reporting do you think that there is the possibility of today's court ruling on the travel ban impacting the white house's promise to not leave these children l. in the cold well certainly there are fears that the ruling on the travel ban and that the president was within his rights in implementing it that this could embolden trump to add more countries to the list that it could make him be more come to a more hardline policy on immigration even before we saw this decision today though
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we saw the administration say that it was not going to prosecute the parents and children mostly though because they were running out of space of where to hold them this has been a botched operation and a logistical nightmare there aren't enough judges to hear the cases there isn't enough space to look after all of the people that were mandatorily apprehended and are now being prosecuted in the u.s. system and of course that immense public pressure that i've mentioned earlier many people in the u.s. want to see these children are reunited with their parents we even see some states suing the trump administration to try and get that to happen so i think overall you're more likely to see you're more likely to see the trumpet ministration feel the pressure to try and do something about this just because of the public outrage over the past week you know it's a tragic story no matter which direction you're coming from or corresponding clear ridge said on the story for us tonight in washington clear as always thank you.
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well after days of drifting in legal limbo on the mediterranean the boat known as lifeline and its more than two hundred migrant passengers may finally be headed to port in malta italy's prime minister giuseppe conte after rejecting requests from the lifeline to dock in italy says that he has reached a deal with the island nation of malta and walter which also turned away the white line now says it will join other european nations in accepting some of the migrants on board. the men women and children on board the lifeline have been stranded at sea for six days there was some hope for them as italy announced the vessel could dock in malta under one condition that the migrants are distributed among e.u. countries malta and italy a willing to take some of them put you go to germany and france have also offered to help. but the french president pointed to the severity of the situation.
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because we have experienced migration crises before but this is not a situation like that this is an internal political crisis in europe. michael also said the ship run by the german n.g.o.s mission lifeline had to fight all the rules by rescuing the migrants when the libyan coast guard was already intervening he accused the ngo of playing into the hands of people smugglers. italy's interior minister has also accused n.g.o.s run rescue ships of aiding traffickers and has closed the country's ports to them generally. foreign n.g.o.s with foreign personnel and foreign flags with foreign investors will no longer dock at italian ports i've said it before and i'll say it again. the lifeline was one of the ships turned away by italy although it's early and malta say the vessel cannot dock and let the german n.-g. o.
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has since said that it has yet to receive permission these migrants like that used migration policy remain in limbo. over the fate of countless migrants trying to enter europe and the fate of german chancellor angela merkel remain intertwined tonight and time is not on or the migrants saw it i'm joined now by our political correspondent nina hawes as she is following the story for us tonight here in berlin good evening to you nina the chancellor has until july first to present a european plan a lie gratian i mean when you consider how the deal was reached on living the life line dock in malta today when you look at the chances of success for america they don't look very good do that. well let's not forget who gave her this deadline who gave her the ultimatum and that is her closest ally the bavarian conservatives hasi who fungal america's interior minister has taken on has adopted
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a hardline approach to migration this is because he wants to win the regional elections with his party which are coming up in october and various and of course the far right f.t. the anti immigrant party is very strong competition for the conservatives in the very and so austere of has essentially said to uncle americal that she needs to find a solution or else he will close the borders effectively to asylum seekers who've already been registered in of the e.u. countries starting from july anglo-american has already said that she doesn't think that she can deliver an e.u. white solution by the end of this month but what she does want to do is find bilateral solutions i.e. deals with other countries in the viewers watching this story they may be scratching their head but i mean the stakes are really that high chancellor merkel and her government could collapse next month because europe cannot agree on how to handle the influx of migrants right. well
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certainly this is the closest that anglo-american has come to the collapse or potential collapse of her governing coalition which is of course ironic because it was she would be effectively toppled by her own closest ally again the varian conservatives not from an outsider and this only goes to show that the tone of the debate has changed considerably not just in europe but also here in germany and when you look at the amount of people who actually arrive in germany we're no longer talking about those hundreds of thousands of people who arrived like in the climax of the migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen the numbers have gone down but the tone has sharpened and the voices of those who are until immigrant have been become more or double our political correspondent you know hard on the story for us tonight here in berlin you know thank you.
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well the w. news is launching a new online series that challenges our sometimes very pessimistic perception of the state of our world my colleague christopher spring gay joins me now the talk about his series the bright side of christopher you've touched that thing about human nature that is unfortunately so very true we did tend to focus on the negative or the darker side and not on the bright side don't we absolutely you know it's a natural thing because it helps us make sure that you know we don't get into danger so that's why we focus on the negative a lot of the time but. it's worthwhile looking at the bright side occasionally because it helps us remember some of the extraordinary progress that we've made as the human race and that's what this new series is about so what are you going to be looking at in the first episode of the series well we you know we reported a lot about conflicts the wars in syria the war in yemen for instance so we decided to take a look at the number of people killed in conflicts across the world over say the
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last fifty one hundred years and the underlying trend is actually incredibly positive here's what we posted on facebook and twitter today. it may not feel like it but we have actually stopped killing each other. just. last century was mercilessly just struck there are over one hundred million people dying in conflicts across the world the second world war alone claimed at least hof that number and that means around fifteen thousand people dying every day but here's the thing since then there has been a massive drop from fifteen thousand people dying a day to less than three hundred so why the decline the truth is we're fighting fewer wars if you look at european countries over the last hundred years so we're almost continuously at war france germany italy and my home country britain but as you get closer to the year two thousand that military engagement begins to fade and then it practically disappeared so why did we stop killing each other how do we
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find a more peaceful way of living together the simple answer is try to restart and buying and selling each other's goods products and services the value of global exports is mushroom that over the last century and earning money from that trade not only increased our prosperity it also changed our outlook because trade went up debts went down killing each other is simply not very profitable. well said and the irony that sticks out to me when i was watching that is that we are now looking at a global trade war we've got a u.s. president who says that trade is not fear anymore and yet when the world did not engage in global trade if you will it was a much more violent place absolutely it's interesting just been reading that in the seventeenth century the dominant view the macam to list view was that you actually needed to wage war to secure advantages in international trade that view was
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challenged by in like mint philosophers like malta secure he said things like peace is the natural effect of trade you had french economists saying if goods don't cross borders soldiers will i'm going to pull up a graphic for you on on the screen now and it just shows that link that there is between you see the blue line with the number of deaths in conflicts you know going down safely and at the same time you have the value of global exports growing exponentially and you know that there is academic discussion about this whether there's a causal link between the two but certainly a number of studies have found that trade openness international trade is linked to . greater levels of peace essentially for a very simple reason trade international trade gives nations an economic incentive to not wage war it just doesn't make sense if you're trading with someone to kill
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them you know i mean that's what france and germany were thinking of the second world war when they laid the foundations for the european union for example i mean you're right there are so many examples that prove that the more we trade the less we kill each other what's in store for next week my producer says are running out of time what's coming up next week we are preparing something on famines i'm a professor and something on literacy we haven't decided there's some unbelievable . unexpected benefits to literacy in basic education sounds like a fairly banal point but anyway famine all that received that old talking about it's all right the bright side with christopher spring gates christopher thank you book for sure you're welcome. all right high drama in the village games at the world cup today joining me here at the big desk to talk about it is from d.w. sports good to see you again art let's go through this well what a day argentina looked down and out but they came back in spectacular fashion and
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oh such a thriller before the game they knew that they had to win but it was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions they started out on a high because who else but me you know messi scored the opening goal for argentina in the fourteenth minute they felt safe they now had the lead this is what they were hoping for but they continued to struggle a little bit and i geria got into the game better and better here you see the penalty there was an equaliser in the fifty first minute and now everything was open again because this score would put nigeria through and everyone was nervous but in the final stages of the game came marcus russell and c score for argentina and there were tears of joy in the argentinian fans in their faces on the players everyone was going nuts as delusion is really no matter who does who or what about their way to they also left it late in their game against iceland well creation had a bit of a more relaxed situation because they knew that they were going through and they were most likely going through as group leaders so they didn't really have much to put into this game iceland had everything to win and everything to lose in this
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game the creation took the opening goal the one zero in the fifty third minute which is a fantastic kick by the way so you see right here i said it wasn't done yet though they scored the equaliser in the seventy sixth minute through a penalty as well and now if it was open for ice and as well again because another goal would have seen them progress but creations sealed the deal with a two one win through even paris which. art was like a group see france were already through so who joins them in the next round sounds played denmark and as well france were confident they knew that they were going through and denmark just needed a tie and that's exactly. those two teams played denmark kind of relied on defending france played a lot of players that usually don't get a lot of minutes some of their stars were on the bench and it was the first goalless draw of this world cup and the socceroos they missed their chance to go through didn't yeah they desperately needed a win they were playing peru for proof after thirty six years missing from the
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world cup stage they finally scored two goals against the south americans were incredibly happy scoring their goals they scored the one zero in the eighteenth minute. and then later followed on to two zero in the fiftieth minute both teams are exiting the world cup but at least crews exiting on a high because they have this one now so what does all of this mean for the search for the next round. well cray should top their group so they face denmark and here's the big clash argentina face france in the round of sixteen what a huge game and world champions germany we know they are gearing up for the final group stage match tomorrow has the mood improved would you say yeah definitely of course the mood has improved after their late win against sweden on the weekend that surely was a huge boost for their mentality but in terms of performance they still is quite a far way to go because the first game was bad and the second game was just a little bit better they really have to prove south korea is a good opponent for that you could say because it's supposedly the weakest team in
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the group now what they need is a good solid wind to get them through to the next and how do you see the chances of the the germans are at this point is really difficult to tow like i said before they need the points not just the points but they also need the one for their mentality really oracle we will see him around b.w. sports as always emily thank you thank you very much. well the day is nearly dawn bunch as ever the conversation continues online or find us on twitter either at u.w. news where you can write directly to me t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. i am.
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telling the truth when it comes. to. syria.
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super fancy to do a. varied course is put into active exercises the hard thing about that d w don't come slashdot on facebook in the i'm still a. gemini so frayed with deafening. trust it's part of any business deal investors rely on a whole economy is a built on it and it's the currency of the new economy but when someone starts pulling apart the world order and attacking the neutral institutions that hold it together trust takes a major blow and it's every man for himself putting.


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