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to. me a. plane to. immediately. this is news live from berlin victory for u.s. president donald trump as the u.s. supreme court rules his controversial travel ban can stay in place. for. the job but we have to be safe and we have to believe she cured. the president touting it as a victory for the constitution but critics say that it legitimizes discrimination against muslims and separates families. also coming up german chancellor angela
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merkel holds talks late into the night to try and i'm proud overhype gratian that is threatening to topple her government and fast and furious there was a climax one of the world cups most unpredictable groups argentina to nigeria on the post for a spot in the last sixteen little must be scored his first goal of the tournament to spare his country a humiliating exit to. meet little. sarah kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. u.s. president donald trump is calling it a tremendous success the supreme court has decided to uphold his ban on travel from several mainly muslim countries the ban hits travelers from five nations iran libya
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somalia syria and yemen the court rejected arguments that the ban discriminated against muslims and reversed rulings by the lower courts that the measure was unconstitutional however as we report the move remains controversial. watch for the critics of the travel ban had hoped until the last minute that it wouldn't stand up in the highest court of law but that hype was dashed and replaced by shock and frustration but i am held here and they can't scream and shout. after months of legal wrangling the u.s. supreme court rejected the challenge that the travel ban discriminated against muslims the crowd here don't buy it back supreme court of the united states has just given a green light to donald trump's religious discrimination and it's giving him the green light to discriminate against
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a group of people based on your faith wherever and whenever he chooses. the emotions are running high today my heart broken. taking so much in me to hold back tears but i want to cry. and it's not only muslims who are protesting the ruling. the jewish community seeing that type of bio scapegoating and being humanisation before and we must and we will resist and raise our voices now. democratic politicians also rushed to condemn the ruling as did the supreme court justices who voted against it the court was deeply divided over the issue but the conservative majority determined the result in a five to four decision trump called it
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a moment of profound vindication for us policy and said it's necessary to protect this country we have to be safe and we have to be secure. the minimum we have to ensure that we let people coming into the country we know who's coming years. we know where they're coming from. you just have to come here. although his controversial policy has been watered down since it was first announced donald trump has reason to celebrate the cool tooling has handed him one of the biggest make to race of this presidency. and this win is so important to president trump because tightening border security was one of his biggest campaign pledges as washington correspondent claire richardson explains this decision on donald trump's travel ban is the supreme court's first major ruling on one of his administration's policies and it comes on an issue that has been a key pillar of his campaign promises when he was running for president trump at
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one point called for a complete and total shutdown of muslims coming to the united states and critics have long suspected that this ban was meant to target muslims and is therefore a violation of the united states constitution's protections of freedom of religion now trump and his supporters believe this will make the united states safer from foreigners but many others here see it as a dangerous development that could trap people in countries ravaged by war keep families apart and ultimately legitimize discrimination and that was claire richardson in washington let's get the view now from africa home to two of the five muslim majority countries on the u.s. travel ban libya and somalia we have africa correspondent sello neko who is standing by with us from lagos so what are you hearing from those countries how is this decision being received. well honestly there hasn't been much of a reaction this time around because i mean the travel ban has been in place of some
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sorts over the past few years and it has over the past two years past here basically and it has been difficult for people many african countries to get visas to come to the united states anyway that's not only somalia and libya but also other countries it's always difficult on many cases difficult for africans to be to get visas to travel to the u.s. whether it's for immigration purposes or for research or for conferences last year for example african delegates weren't couldn't attend the conference which was in the u.s. but when this first happened last year president from marjo from somalia basically condemned the u.s. travel ban and he is half he's fuel somali and he has fuel somalia and u.s. citizenship so that so that time around definitely there were much stronger reactions so tell us a little bit more about how people have been coping now i mean what sort of direct effect is this having.
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well i mean one that one direct effect is definitely that is that there are many people many somalis especially in the u.s. who live in the u.s. so these travel ban like this basically keeps families apart or keeps parents from visiting their children. or their grandchildren in that case and and so that's that's something and also had an effect on business and in terms of internet but in over the last year basically the number of visas given out with has already been was really just about over two hundred meters which is very low to somali citizens so that. that affected people wanting to travel to the u.s. for whatever purpose. directly in. africa correspondent salonika with the very latest thank you so much for your reporting. alex get
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a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world mexico's presidential election campaign is in turmoil after the murders of five members of the leftist leaning party. leading the polls the group including a state assembly candidate were shot dead in the southern state of what. he was the nineteenth candidate to be killed during the campaign voting takes place on sunday in england more than thirty homes have been evacuated as a huge fire in a more land continues to spread east of manchester firefighters have been tackling the blaze since it started on sunday residents in nearby towns are being warned to stay indoors and avoid the smoke wind and hot weather are fanning the fire. and colombia's government says that it will use drones to spray herbicide on cocoa plants the crops used to make cocaine in the country saw a record surge in production of cocoa last year columbia banned the spray of
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herbicide from planes three years ago because of health and environmental risks it says that drones pose less of a hazard because they fly at lower altitudes. the fate of over two hundred thirty migrants on board the german rescue ship the lifeline remains unclear the ship has been stranded in the mediterranean for five days after it to leave refused it permission to dock on tuesday italy said that malta had agreed to take the vessel but the crew on board the lifeline has tweeted that they have received a message from also saying that they were not allowed to enter its waters. the men women and children on board the lifeline have been stranded at sea for six days there was some hope for them as italy announced the vessel could dock in malta under one condition that the migrants are distributed among e.u. countries malta and italy a willing to take some of them portugal germany and france have also offered to help. but the french president pointed to the severity of the situation.
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because we have experienced migration crises before but this is not a situation like that this is an internal political crisis in europe. michael also said the ship run by the german and geo mission lifeline who defied all the rules by rescuing the migrants when the libyan coast guard was already intervening he accused the ngo of playing into the hands of people smugglers. italy's interior minister has also accused angio run rescue ships of aiding traffickers and has closed the country's ports to them generally. foreign n.g.o.s with foreign personnel and foreign flags with foreign investors will no longer dock at italian ports i've said it before and i'll say it again. the lifeline was one of the ships turned away by italy although it's only in malta say the vessel canal dock and valetta the german n.-g. o.
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has since said that it has yet to receive permission these migrants like that used migration policy remain in limbo. and a rout over migration is also dominating headlines here in germany chancellor angela merkel called a crisis meeting last night with members of her own government to try and resolve the dispute the leader of the conservative c.s.u. party the interior minister. is threatening to turn some migrants away at the border some fear that the route could splinter the alliance between merkel's party and c.s.u. which could lead to the collapse of the government. well let's bring in correspondent hans broad who is joining us here in the studio so hans what were the main takeaways of last night's meeting well frankly we have to say very little indeed there has been no agreement on this migration dispute that has been raging for the last two weeks so you could even say for months already the parties involved have been saying that they are postponing any decision until the weekend
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because obviously what's happening next is there will be an evil summit in brussels on thursday and friday where migration policy will be discussed and then these various parties involved in germany germany's rooting coalition are going to meet on sunday in various polity formations to try and hammer out an agreement so at the moment this very very severe tension between i'm going to machall and have really her closest adviser the bavarian christian social union remains threatening remains a threat to this coalition but we don't see any sign of compromise between the two parties i think if you look at it slightly very carefully you could see that there's a slight drop between the two sides and both sides have been saying in the last twenty four hours or so that they are really committed to continuing working together that their discussions are serious but not acrimonious that some sort of agreement may possibly be achieved in the next few days so there is
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a sense that the confrontation is being turned on slightly but at the moment there's not really any indication that especially the variants. making any concessions are kind of reducing their demands to i'm going to medical so hans take us through the scenarios what could a potential solution look like and what happens if all of this blows up and they don't find a deal and well the real dispute is between i'm going to america was saying there needs to be a european solution and who interior minister from bavaria who is saying he wants to do this on his own germany on its no matter what the european partners think about this and america saying if germany goes this on his. there will be repercussions will have a europe that cannot be controlled so if he decides to do this on his own against narcos will she will be forced to actually throw him out of the government but if marco achieve some sort of agreement with european partners in brussels this weekend on thursday on friday i think all of that might emerge some kind of
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a package that she could offer to her coalition partner which might in fact give him a long time to save face and actually to back down and we might know how all of this shakes out beginning of next week would you say sunday monday on front our political correspondent the very latest thank you so much you're watching news still to come on the program argentina booked a place in the round of sixteen at the world cup with a dramatic victory against nigeria last night we will bring you all of yesterday's action in just a few. but first the price of oil has jumped prompted by something that the u.s. president had to say helen humphrey has the story sarah oil is rallying the benchmark crude currently above seventy six dollars a barrel this autumn the trumpet administration said all countries must stop imports of the radiant oil by november is the latest move by america to economically isolate iran. if the united states has its way iran's oil industry
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will be crippled by the end of the year donald trump has called on all countries to stop importing iranian oil from november should u.s. allies comply the effect would be dramatic oil is iran's most important revenue source at present it produces some three point eight million barrels a day of that the country exports two and a half million barrels the majority goes to china india and turkey but other countries including japan south korea italy germany and russia are also in the top twelve export destinations. a u.s. delegation is reportedly planning to travel to the middle east next week to urge gulf producers to secure a global oil suppliers after u.s. sanctions are re-imposed in november. iran's government has promised its people that the country can withstand fresh u.s. sanctions as. well china
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is slashing tariffs on thousands of imports from five asian pacific countries as its trade route with the united states continues to simmer lower judi's will be applied to a list of some eight and a half thousand products including agricultural produce metals and clothes shipped from bangladesh india laos south korea and sri lanka some products like soybeans will no longer be taxed at all the announcement comes five days the u.s. tariffs on thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports take effect. meanwhile tires threatened by president trump all vehicles beltre group could end up hurting u.s. consumers costing them billions of dollars every year that is according to estimates from the washington based alliance of automobile manufacturers it calculates that levies on of up to twenty five percent would work out at an average of five thousand eight hundred dollars more per vehicle e.u.
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automakers fear the latest tariffs will impact exports to the u.s. they currently importer around one million vehicles a year washington has launched an investigation into whether those imports constitute a threat to national security. india's economy is growing rapidly but it could be growing even faster if it weren't for the country's crumbling roads railways and utilities which are in dire need of investment now the government is calling on the asian infrastructure investment bank to stump up some of the cash. in delhi getting from a to b. can be quite a challenge heavy traffic and poor signposting are a headache for any commuter but for those in the delivery business subpar infrastructure takes an economic toll to. electricity access is also a major issue with millions of people in the country still without power. perhaps it's no surprise then that indian prime minister narendra modi has appealed for
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a ten fold increase in financing from the asian infrastructure investment bank from four to forty billion dollars by two thousand and twenty. i want to comment on my my. are wrong. i am not right. or wrong when i met with one. on. this. right. mind. but come on are coming. wrong with one hundred. with the growth rate of over seven percent india is an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors but to maintain the trend the country will have to follow through on its pledge to improve basic infrastructure.
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high drama in the late games of the world cup and joining me now in the studio to discuss all the latest action is tom to noise from sports welcome to you tom good morning we have a lot to talk about because argentina they really look down now but they turned it around quite a tackler late yet they did they grab the headlines once again now all of the games are getting to that kind of crucial stage in the world cup now where a team can go home and it's in can go through last night with perhaps the most dramatic game that we've seen so far in the tournament as you said it looked for a long time as if nigeria might be making a big upset sending a large argentina home early. that's not of course how it happened like i said it was a very generic game good fun to enjoy as i think we should treat ourselves to a little recap. ever been acres defense splitting pos found leo messi in the fourteenth minutes tina's talisman made no mistake scoring his first of the tournament much tamara donna's joy. fantastic control and a formidable finish. live soon after messi came close to doubling
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his tally with a free kick but was denied by a fingertip save. the v.a. all review in the second half gave nigeria the chance from the spot chelsea's victim oses stepped up kept his none of them celebrated in style guide at this point nigeria had one foot in the knockout stages but center back marcos rocco smashed in the win of four minutes from time i. finished second setting up a heavyweight clash with france in the next round. and croatia also left out late in the game it was it was a sad night for iceland it was a sudden off in the very triumph and not of course for croatia they did leave it late in the game to claim. three points and go through with a perfect record in the group of course they had already qualified for the next
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round and that meant that they were able to make as many annoying changes fast thawing on a from the first game in the previous game against argentina they gave us and in doing so a pretty good chance to get through. they came close to taking it but of course you know we know the crash and we do have some pictures from the game so believe we're going to have a look in a moment some very dodgy defending early on from the start the second hall. made it one off to fifty three minutes from croatia cigarettes and drew level from a penalty and a win would have taken them through but unfortunately crushed got one more goal and . thunderclaps and our future and i. like to celebrate let's look. group c. because we know that france already throw so who joins them in the next round we're going to be joined from the group by denmark who they played against yesterday and with whom they served up what i've heard variously described as an empty football match more than boring and non-aggression pact no that gives i think
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a pretty rough flavor of how exciting the game between france and them up was yesterday from the danish point of view it's a job well done they knew they needed just not to lose they sat back and defended they hold fronts in check so you know i play for them not for france on the other hand it was quite underwhelming. and they've got a difficult clash coming up so if they are hoping to carry on progressing to bits when they're really going to need to find some so group c. groups to be completed but if they face in the next round well france have set up a trust against argentina which is a very heavy weight gain that's going to be big news when either of those teams go home in the round of sixteen to talk to hopefuls of course and denmark and go very tough trash against croatia who for many people have been surprising the two and so far so a lot of exciting fixtures to come absolutely and it's all taking place in russia much of it in moscow and that's what we're going to winter actually to our correspondent jonathan crane now who is standing by with the latest from from there and jonathan you're having
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a look at all the action yet to come today so what's on the schedule. yes plenty to look forward to today later we have name on brazil in action at the stadium behind me they take on they failed to convince really in this tournament so far but a win or draw would see them through before that though it's moments of truth time for the champions germany now they've given themselves a fighting chance of that dramatic two one victory over sweden last time out but they will need an improved kamandi in performance against south korea because four teams would you believe it all four teams in the group still have a chance of going through to keep things simple i just focus on germany if they back to sweden france out against mexico through a match the result would mean we have a tiebreaker situation it could come down to goal difference so goals scored germany says he wants to avoid all that he wants germany to have that own destiny in their own hands so he's looking for
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a comprehensive win ok so the plot thickens there and we look forward to seeing what happens jonathan i understand you actually on another note you have a chance to get an activist who's been fighting to the right for women to enter soccer state stadiums in her native ron tell us more about that. indeed going through a football match is something many of us take for granted but for women in iran the reality is very different because since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine they've effectively been barred from going into the stadium as you said i met with an activist omarion you might have seen it on t.v. holding new ban for women ban and she's used this woke up to campaign against the stadium ban in iran and this is her story. i became interested in football when i was and when i was a. kid because my family. i'm very passionate and football isn't like sick like religion in iran and everybody watches that but.
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half of the population are not able to get in and since then. immediately after divorce cup in brazil two thousand and fourteen i create my campaign. i mean woman should be a lot to go to the stadium. like the same the same person is like as they. allowed to leave as they allowed to go to school as they allowed to go to watch a movie they allowed to work as you know this is the very very basic right when i'm inside i think it was that dream and you suppose so be so beautiful and said to most most think that i like about this war is cop it's like it's not about competition football is not. it's not that this initiative is
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just a journey for next course cop. this this. this problem this. and whatever it is it's going to be sold and nobody's holding a banner nobody is promoting this band anymore because i'm sure that by next board cup this problem is solved. and of course the spotlight really during this world cup has been on many causes like this and i'd like to ask you jonathan what has been the response from fifa. yes well i did send a list of questions to the people at before they responded with a quite lengthy statement i read some of it to you now he said it is continuing to engage with the iranian counterparts at the highest levels and ensuring that concrete changes are implemented on the ground for added it is committed to holding
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out a potent human rights in accordance with its human rights policy jonathan crane with the latest from moscow. joining us here in the studio thank you so much to both of you for your analysis on the world cup we appreciate it. you're watching news from berlin we'll have more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock that's on our website dot com you can also follow us on social media i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for your company have a great day. all
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going to school. for children and bobby on afghanistan it's a great opportunity. their teacher is just eighteen years old and founded the cave school herself. this courageous young woman has a vision. to improve cost guns lives through education global three thousand next on d w. a.
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reliable data. to distant fourth place system a little. bit of automotive history. sixty. four.
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to see demi's come to knock somebody of the right to our correspondent he is in central istanbul and we have our political correspondents here in the studio work on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in to talk about the perspective closer d.w. . a good. welcome to global three thousand this week we had to afghanistan to meet a young woman who spends her mornings learning and how often names teaching. in morocco we find out.


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