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from the syrian army is a new front in its war against rebels in the south of the country thousands flee the escalating violence but with them. children and others like them supposed to go . also on the program. american. ministration of the treatments of children of the country's border with mexico a judge. to the program.
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toll of rights let us begin the program anyway welcome now syrian troops are widening a major offensive against rebels in the southwest of the country the regime trying to retake the city of daraa. a government protests began seven years ago the u.n. says more than forty five thousand people have fled the fighting our neighboring jordan is refusing to allow displaced people to cross into its territory you're about to see civilians and children are bearing the brunt of the violence. they fled from bombs and destruction. now this family and living out in the open just hoping someone will help them. bread and petrol prices have risen sharply money is running out. came from was totally
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destroyed every house was flattened. we had to live in the cellars. now we want to go somewhere that hasn't been complete. anyone who can get out is leaving dura nearly fifty thousand have gone so far villages in the rebel stronghold have been hit hard during days of bombing whole streets lined ruins the local administration cannot cope with the sick and wounded. hospitals clinics and treatment centers were deliberately targeted. they attacked doctors and paramedics. syrian helicopters dropped their deadly cargo activists say there are constant barrel bombs strikes and dozens of civilians have been killed russian jets have also been in action for the first time since a cease fire
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a year ago. the advancing syrian army has overrun two villages and a small town. but this officer says civilians are not in danger and a political solution is possible. if. the syrian army is fully operational other regions have already been liberated now our forces can focus and freeing to iraq in the next few days. the rebellion against the acid regime began in dura hundreds took to the streets in protests there were met with snipers tanks and missiles the protest spread throughout the whole country into iran moderate groups still exerts influence alongside islamic extremists. this man was one of the first to spray and he as said slogans he took up arms and is still fighting for the revolution even if it may look like
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a lost cause he won't be giving up his gun. the style of what the revolution started seven years ago our wives and children are dead syria has been destroyed how can there be reconciliation only over our dead bodies refugees from the fighting a fleeing into this highly sensitive area bordering israel and jordan. the border to jordan has essentially been closed for the past two years so there's not a way that they immediately can pass into safety in neighboring jordan jordan has already taken a huge amount of of refugees but that's not really an option right now aside wants to take back control of his country after aleppo and eastern ghouta the fear now is the battle for dura will bring get more suffering flight and death. let's get more on this not from a correspondent shelf or a small human situation from neighboring barry root welcome and shell so fifty
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thousand syrians displaced by fighting in neighboring jordan says you can't come here why. well jordan already has seven hundred thousand syrian refugees and if you go to jordan every third person you meet would be a palestinian so there are there is an internal politics that's playing out in jordan the want to look the economic pressure as well beirut is very expensive eleven months very expensive but if you go to jordan you find out i mean just the prices are escalating the point that i'm trying to make is that our extreme internal pressures on the government in jordan in the see the need to scan not accept any more refugees so where are these fifty thousand people likely to go. at the moment we are actually going deeper into that ever have standard three in that route which means that they are living closer to jordan they were to smugglers try to get into jordan will most likely adopt or illegal means to get in there but
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some would also be some sort of the one standing between the regime and. rebels to develop that is now that is existing of the moment at the mall as something develops so then they can perhaps brutal regime held areas or be bussed against italy which we've seen already happen in aleppo and. when you look at a map of the region the very one of the obvious questions that strikes you is that israel how about israel but that brings a problems of its over. absolutely and that has been the biggest fear whenever i thought of and discussed how what happens when assad is going to attack southwest of syria that attack right now is happening in doubt that i was next to clean it up we need lies on the disputed golan heights a large part of which is already with israel now on tuesday israel did hit an area near damascus international airport in an attempt to tell the city the regime that if the do attack needs a bit forward then the region could basically have another war will that war be
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between israel and syria will it be between israel and hezbollah are iranian proxy which is infinite or will it be between israel and iran these are the big questions but the back to these activities there are taking pleased that assad is now trying to reclaim that i'll just explain it is a sensitive sort of reaction sensitive atmosphere in that region in that region and actually in all of middle east that israel is now waiting to see what the americans will do because russian media to see is spy out of course this is a violation of the cease fire russia is striking that are along with us are so if the americans don't do anything as they've said they've said that they will not be backing that at least then what israel does that's an open question that's a good talking to as ever and show for her in beirut thank you. germany are just hours away from a crucial match against south korea in world cup group f
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a victory for your humor love side would guarantee qualification for the knockout rounds anything else would leave their fate in the hands of fellow challengers mexico sweden and mother nature. tuesday's torrential downpour in cousin is forecast to make great on wednesday for twenty nine degree heat germany will be hoping to complete a similarly dramatic turnaround after their underwhelming start to this tournament the weather to be one thing they can deal with. i don't think our team will have more difficulties than south korea in dealing with the tempos and the heat. heat however is one thing the weight of german expectations and the squad selection questions that live faces are potentially tricky issues. will it. be given his first start or will love have a chance. to gain but who will play alongside him antonio ruediger was
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disappointing against sweden and nicklaus is yet to see any action at all still whoever plays there's only one goal we need to win by two goals if possible the important thing is how we play there's a lot on the line for live for his germany side it's already time to sink or swim. so that not yet taken place in jonathan harding is that welcomed jonathan so you like him has quite the selection headache you think you'll go for. well who do i think you'll go for we heard about some of the choices he has to make in that clip just before and i think there are three big decisions for him in defense and so anybody go nicholas personally i think he's going to play really go again i don't think he's going to make another change in defense that would be unusual for lurve in midfield if something to do it doesn't play in this game there's a big chance he doesn't play again in this tournament and that's something i don't
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expect to see so i think india will play even if gorecki deserves it and thomas miller while he's probably a lot more out there has to stay out even if your brand has been good so some changes even if even if we won't see all of them. germany's performance so far in the tournament have been well bill called it a sub now they have a quite a tough task to bring to the knockout stages just walk us through it. well walk you through it that's absolutely right it's pretty complicated so much you're going to read you through if that's all right sweetener guaranteed to qualify if they win or better germany's rizzo and as we heard there germany must win by two or more goals or better than sweden to guarantee their own qualifying so it's a pretty complicated situation if both germany and sweden draw their new team in the highest scoring game will finish second and have both draws of the same score line and germany finish head on second on head to head there's also the possibility that we have three teams on six points but that's quite
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a long and convoluted explanation so we'll leave it at the fact that germany need to win by two or more goals to guarantee their spot in the next round ok and weather seems to be playing a something of a pos and i say it was that dreadful weather yesterday and today it's predicted to be hot how is that likely to affect the players. but i imagine some of them after maybe ten fifteen minutes in this game will probably want to jump in the fountain behind me but they won't have that opportunity they will be lacking in energy because the weather is going to be very difficult to cope with it's going to be humid maybe up to fifty percent it reminds me of that game against algeria four years ago but the bottom line is germany cannot let the weather be the reason that they don't make the next round of this welcome i just hiding in the thank you. so on tuesday argentina needed our winds to make sure they got through to the last sixty but nigeria stood in their way also hoping to progress but early on that ever not but i guess hmong rage past found leave
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a messy table with the goods scored his first goal of the tournament for argentina but my dear defended ground and eventually equalise for the penalty chelsea is a victim moses celebrating in style super eagles need just a draw to advance but four minutes from time marcus or roger smashed in the winner sending nigeria out and argentina through to face france. so as argentina were taking on nigeria croatia were on their way to a two one victory against iceland after some lucky bounces men on battle scored the oakley go in the fifty third minute oppressive strike for the croatian defense if that midfielder then that day john lovering handled the ball in the box in the seventy fifth minute like guilt free cigarettes and system equalize for the minute . and then in the dying minutes. even that passage had a super abstract to clinch the victory crozier advances winners of
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a group day now to the united states and the crisis over migrant children separated from their parents of the mexican border a federal judge has ordered those children be reunited with their parents within thirty days and the children younger than five must be back with their parents within forty. so let's get some more on this from our teacher was that mush way to welcome mine so let's start with the federal court order tell us more about. there are now stipulations us to how soon children of certain ages have to be united with parents and this really is going off the back of that already exist called the fluoresce agreement based on an older case and this was instituted one thousand nine hundred seven that said children and families can only be held for twenty days in detention if they have crossed illegally if they intend to. claim asylum in the united states and this is a road bump that the what the trumpets ministration i should say views a road bump in their attempt to implement their own immigration policies but it's
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interesting to look at this this ruling that the judge put forward because he calls out the from administration on several points including and the original executive order that trump signed which ended family separation the trumps the judge said yes you and your family separation but you didn't also then put forward a stipulation that families that have already been separated need to be reunited and that's what this order basically does it says that all of the estimated more than two thousand and twenty three hundred children have been separated from their families need to be reunited ok so that the federal court decision is a blow to his aggression policy but the supreme court has given a boost to a different aspects of his hardline on immigration this is the the muslim shuffle but yet here in the tribe the ministration today it's a very you win some you loose days and we remember all the way back to the beginning of the trump administration which seems like it was about five hundred years ago at this point there was the so-called muslim bam one of the first
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executive orders that president issued this is the actual third version of that so-called muslim ban which bans entry into the united states from people from seven different countries five of which in this version of the ban five of which are muslim majority countries now if you are. public in been hearing from a lot of republican legislators saying this is very much the right decision it is with the constitution is the rule of law and it is a presidential decision and it very much falls within the president's rights to make a decision like this and what the supreme court was actually ruling on was not whether or not this ban is legal it was really just pacifically whether or not it's even within the president's purview to make a decision like this to sign an executive order like this and the supreme court. ruled that yes in fact it is so therefore the this version this third version of the so-called muslim ban now stands ok so there are still court cases still going through. the various courts so where does this leave this administration's
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immigration policy one line that stuck out at me in the judge's ruling on family separation was this was a chaotic circumstance of the government's own making and we've seen that this is sort of the way that trump likes to work he creates chaos and then point at the chaos and says see everything bad that's happening you should just listen to me and go with my solution and then everything will be fine. it. is a sort of two pronged approach to this very hard line immigration policy that a lot of republican lawmakers have been going along with which is if you're someone who doesn't like the trump presidency who is not a trump supporter frustrating to see so many lawmakers going along with what trump has been putting forward which is very hard line closing of the borders no amnesty for any asylum seekers and if we remember back to the beginning of the trump administration when the very first travel ban so-called muslim that was put in
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place. at the airports in the u.s. i remember i was there there was a hard stop on anyone from any of these countries coming to the u.s. no matter what their paperwork was no matter if they had a green card no matter if they were asylum seekers or had some sort of other permission to come to the u.s. they were stopped hard at the border. and this really this family separation is sort of another extension of that hard stop they said that they were putting this family separation policy in place to try to deter people from coming to the u.s. as we can see that didn't work if you're someone who's fleeing the violence situation who has made the decision to leave home with their children the idea that you might be separated from them isn't going to necessarily be anough of a deterrent to stop you from crossing a border to safety never a dull day in this is ministration for not much later thank you. let's not take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world mexico's presidential election campaign is in turmoil after the murders of five members of the leftist party leading the polls the five including state assembly candidate
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d.o.a. lopez evan dando was shot dead in the southern state of the haka of an oven dando was the nineteenth count to be killed during the campaign takes place on sunday. colombia's government says it will use drones to spray herbicide on coca plants the crops used to make cocaine of the country so i record certain production of last year colombia banned the spraying of herbicides from planes three years ago because of health and environmental risks the government now says drones drones pose less of a hazard because they fly at low altitudes in spain an elderly doctor has become the first person to be put on trial for the abduction of babies during the rule of the spanish dictator francisco franco got a college is accused of stealing a baby in one nine hundred sixty nine and giving it to another woman campaigners are demanding justice for thousands more of the stone that children whose birth mothers were deemed unsuitable by the regime. in england more than thirty homes
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have been evacuated as a huge fire and a mall and continues to spread east of manchester firefighters have been tackling the place since it started on sunday residents in nearby towns are being warned to stay indoors to avoid the smoke and hot weather are fanning the fire. in the face of more than two hundred thirty migrants on board the german rescue ship the lifeline remains unclear on tuesday it's of the said molder had agreed to take the vessel but the crew on board the lifeline has tweeted that they have received a message from both us saying that they were not allowed to enter its waters. the men women and children on board the lifeline have been stranded at sea for six days there was some hope for them as italy announced the vessel could dock in malta under one condition that the migrants are distributed among e.u. countries malta and italy a willing to take some of them portugal germany and france have also offered to
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help. but the french president pointed to the severity of the situation. because we have experienced migration crises before but this is not a situation like that this is an internal political crisis in europe. michael also said of the ship run by the german and geo mission lifeline who defied all the rules by rescuing the migrants when the libyan coast guard was already intervening he accused the ngo of playing into the hands of people smugglers. italy's interior minister has also accused n.g.o.s run rescue ships of aiding traffickers and has closed the country's ports to them generally. foreign n.g.o.s with foreign person our own foreign flags with foreign investors will no longer darken italian ports i've said it before and i'll say it again on. the life lang was one of the ships turned away by italy although it's only in malta say the
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vessel canal dock and the letter the german ngo has since said that it has yet to receive permission these migrants like the e.u.'s migration policy remain in limbo . the german chancellor angela merkel's coalition has failed to resolve a row over migration policy despite the holding crisis talks of late last night in berlin according to a senior lawmaker in chancellor merkel's c.d.u. party the leader of the conservative sister part of the c s u who's also germany's interior minister is threatening to turn some migrants away the german border could spend the spell the end of his coalition of such controls would be a reversal of liberal migration policy it would also give a further blow to the use of border system. is pretty much the whole world braces itself for a trade war with the united states of china is prepared to take its business elsewhere helen humphries of the business desk tells me failed beijing slashing
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tariffs on thousands of imports from five asian pacific countries as its trade route with the united states continues to simmer the lower duties will be applied to a list of some eight and a half thousand products including agricultural produce methyl and close ships from bangladesh india laos south korea and sri lanka some products like soybeans will no longer be taxed at all the announcement coming five days before the us tariffs on a thirty four billion dollars worth of chinese imports take effect. meanwhile tariffs threatened by. i president on vehicles built abroad could end up hurting u.s. consumers costing them billions of dollars every year according to estimates from the washington based an alliance of automobile manufacturers it calculates that levies of up to twenty five percent on imported calls who are counted as an average five thousand eight hundred dollars more per vehicle to make this fair the tariffs
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will impact the next moves to the u.s. they currently export around one million vehicles to the u.s. washington has no wants an investigation into whether those imports constitute a threat to national security. and our financial correspondent daniel copes with the frankfurt stock exchange for us daniel chong continuing to threaten those collar tariffs how much could they potentially hurt. yeah exactly well we have to remember that when those steel and elam in new terrorists where the german industry was warrior but now with cars they are i can tell you there will be more it much more germany it was exporting last year about four million cars a lot of those went to the united states i can tell you that car makers here in germany they are still waiting for a last minute rethinking off the u.s. president we are hearing that apparently the president of the european commission
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john claud will be heading to the white house in the next days one of the one of the top priorities on the agenda will be those terrorists of course will have to weigh how all of this is going to unfold and we are pretty sure that this is going to hurt the car make us if those terrorists will really happen and you mentioned that it's going to be quite more expensive for customers in the united states and of course daniel this is all part of the bigger picture we've got the dax which got off to a story start once again today what are investors main concerns right now where all they did she now to bash as. well the trade war is the main topic here certainly on the frankfurt stock exchange this morning the docs can't really decide in which to go we opened in the red with the rest numbers here and now we are with about zero point two five percent in the winning zone very interesting that i want of the few shares that is in the green right now it's volkswagen it's like you process is also
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happening because folks opened very interesting for our african viewers production plant today in wonder when you talk about the dax the daughter of bank shares have been dropping dramatically today to their lowest point in their history only eight dollars only eight euros just this year bank shares were dropping by more than forty eight per cent how. did you cope for us at the franco's talking shape thank you always rallying the benchmark crude currently above seventy six dollars a barrel they saw the trump administration said all countries must stop imports all a radiant oil by november is the latest move by america to economically isolate iran. if the united states has its way iran's oil industry will be crippled by the end of the year don't trump has called on all countries to stop importing iranian oil for november. should u.s. allies comply the effect will be dramatic oil is iran's most important revenue
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source our president produces some three point eight million barrels a day. of that the country exports two and a half million barrels the majority goes to china india and turkey but other countries including japan south korea and russia are also among the top twelve export destinations. the u.s. delegation is reportedly planning to travel to the middle east next week to urge gulf producers to secure global all supplies after u.s. sanctions are imposed in november. iran's government has promised its people that the country can withstand a revival of sanctions. right hayling has won a court battles regain its right to operate in the british capital in london however it only receives a fifteen month probationary license it will have to prove that it's learned from its past mistakes london's transit authority revoked its license last year after
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the company failed to do proper background checks on drivers and didn't report criminal offenses the ruling is a win for business c.e.o. who's trying to overhaul the scandal ridden company's image. i gave it to you well now i think it was just time to remind you of our top story this hour the syrian government has set wind of made widened a major offensive against rebels in the southwest of the country causing tens of thousands of civilians to flee their homes in the provinces that are. up to date i'll have more for you up top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the website. of the. move.
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north is calling. calling people to britain's biggest cultural event of the year the great exhibition of the norm. against a spectacular factor of two english cities host an array of art design and innovation. eighty days of celebrations have already begun in newcastle and gateshead. your roman next.
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on a bike along the river elbe new cofer camp. is becoming more and more popular especially for the naturally i'm really excited about today's trip along the algorithm burg. biking along one of the most varied paths in europe. here's the challenge to discover nature and culture using muscle power. sixteen d. w. . crime so physicians to humanity civilians become witnesses so for. their recorded images travel around the globe just social media. but what is perfect can of fiction and what is fact and digital investigators comb through the
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flood of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of promise of. forensics between bits and bytes of. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. everyone along to another exciting edition of the show i'm your host meghan lea from a star in the pop world to a long distance train ride we are covering lots of ground on today's show.


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