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like the. mood. of the. earth. home which is of species. the whole word significant. given those are big changes and most start with small steps became global and dia's tell stories of creating these people and innovative projects around the world. but there's
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a country that's limited to scrimmage solutions and resources should. be created to interactive content to choose the next generation doesn't want to touch on. some channels available to inspire people to change action and more determined to build something new for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and all mine. are going to be. taking his business as web china prepares to slash import tariffs on thousands of consumer goods from asian pacific countries as its trade route with the u.s. threatens so boiler. also coming up and these european made cars a threat to america's national security. washington's investigating that very
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question as trump looks like each limb pose more terrorists right where it hurts on the lucrative car industry. meanwhile india's appetite for luxury cars is revving up but rough roads and high taxes mean the industry could be having a smooth the right. bass is your business update on how to humphrey in berlin thanks for joining me and now seems increasingly likely that u.s. president donald trump will make good on his promise to impose tariffs on cars built outside of the country now president trump has ordered an investigation into whether car imports pose a threat to national security the washington based alliance of automobile manufacturers has now calculated the cost for american consumers if a twenty five percent levy is slapped on all automotive imports as you can see now the price per car brewed would rise by almost six thousand dollars so you can see
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why car makers would be concerned the total cost to u.s. consumers with theoretically amount to around forty five billion dollars now the clock is ticking it's nine months to go until brags that and still not a deal or a whisper of a trade agreement inside the head of britain leaving the common market companies on both sides of the channel are worried asking the british government in brussels for more clarity without delay. two years after the original break said referendum anti-press at marches are still happening like this one a few days ago in central london tens of thousands came out to make their voices heard saying bracks it is not at all the done deal as a matter of fact it's far from any deal only some in britain want to gain independence from the e.u. when its common market business does not. airbus has threatened to close its plants
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in the u.k. and cutting thousands of jobs at a reasonable trade agreement with brussels can't be made soon siemens and b.m.w. have similar plans. not everyone is happy about the pressure from the business community well i just thought it's completely inappropriate for businesses to make to be making these kinds of threats for one very simple reason we are in an absolutely critical moment in the discussions and what that means is that we need to get behind a reason to deliver the best possible bracks it a clean break so others went even further secretary of state and no one bracks a tear boris johnson allegedly used an expletive saying f. business at a recent private event expressing little concern for the worries of the corporate community a spokesman later tonight johnson used foul language. now on wednesday british and european business and union representatives put in
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a joint plead to leaders in london and brussels ahead of this week's european union summit they want details and they want them now the statement sign knees together represent twenty million employers and forty five million workers. india's economy is growing rapidly but it could be growing even faster if it wasn't for the country's crumbling roads railways and utilities which are in dire need of investment now the government is calling on the asian infrastructure investment bank to stump up some of the cash. in delhi getting from a to b. can be quite a challenge heavy traffic and poor signposting are a headache for any commuter but for those in the delivery business subpar infrastructure takes an economic toll to. electricity access is also a major issue with millions of people in the country still without power. perhaps it's no surprise then that indian prime minister narendra modi has appealed for
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a ten fold increase in financing from the asian infrastructure investment bank from four to forty billion dollars by two thousand and twenty. i want it one hundred or more. are wrong. remember right. or wrong. and everybody. on. this vine would write. down. my going to. comment. on them are not on hundred. with a growth rate of over seven percent india is an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investors but to maintain the trend the country will have to follow through on its pledge to improve basic infrastructure.
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or rising incomes in india few of the countries appetite for luxury cars last year more than three million cars were sold in the country and forty thousand of them were luxury vehicles the potential for growth in india is enormous but hurdles remain. for day pack sharma this shiny roadster is a dream come true. the fashion designer has been a fan of mercedes ever since he was a young boy he graduated from business school a year ago. and that's when his grandfather a farmer gave in the sports coupe that he my grandfather of throwing the thing and this is where they're weak and vegetable fields used to be but now it's prime real estate with india's economic growth there's a demand for land and soaring property prices have transformed the outskirts of delhi farming families like de perhaps have become millionaires youngsters like me who are in both fighting thing then all of this is the most i think. it means look
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good but driving a luxury car on india's rough roads is anything but easy. yes or towards. all these guys because they don't need. the bullet or. the ratios of climbing with me these are the ones. after a minute carefully today. because there are also stories coming out from the woods it can really damage your. tires. in time deepak can really step on the gas is when he's out on the highway but soon heavy traffic puts the brakes on the joyride. it's an expensive passion day packs car cost about four point five million rupees or about fifty six thousand euros that's a hefty price tag for a fancy ride showrooms like this one are thriving here the used cars sell for about
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forty percent less than when they're bought new it's a big draw for customers. in india very few people can afford new the three cars. that's because they're more expensive here than in most other countries. and we can speak to our correspondent . in delhi now ashish that report clearly showing the luxury car market in the year remaining accessible to the few as opposed to the many economies developing quickly can we expect that to change. in the short term medium term and perhaps long term i would have to say a short answer is no based on the trends that we're seeing you know certainly there have been so many people in the last ten to fifteen years who who have had access to commercial products and lifestyles that their families never could have dreamed of before that's certainly the case there's been
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a boom and it's represented so well in that story by the car owner you know his family very much represents an aspirational family a family that that's really represents a new money in india of which there is a lot but you know in in the case still is which is also represented in that story that the people who do have a lot of money the people who do have access to those things are relatively speaking living in sort of isolation in bubbles i mean you see it in that car he's driving along an air conditioner sadie's but what's outside you know it's a poorly constructed road it's potholes it's it's rock and yet he's kind of driving along and in an air conditioned car so i think that it's kind of emblematic about how the rich do they live in india sort of in isolated bubbles whether it be water purifiers or air conditioning when the weather is this hot as it is in delhi right now and yet there is there's so many more people who don't have access to those things so so people certainly are getting richer in india but the rich are getting
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richer at a greater rate than than the poor and that's borne out in the numbers as well so you mention a number of luxury industries that where else a foreign companies investing in what about complaints of red tape can they navigate the economy. well red tape and restrictions on foreign direct investment have always been tricky things for multinational corporations to navigate here in india i mean just some examples the retail giant wal-mart has been in india for over a decade but really only in a wholesale manner they've not been able to really set up their standard retail shops and and they recently acquired a big indian online e-commerce giant as a way of trying to get in to interview tail ikea the swedish furniture giant they've been sourcing their materials for their global operations out of india for more than three decades but only next month will they really be opening their first store in india so things are happening slowly but but certainly it's
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a tricky landscape for people to navigate for companies to navigate all right our correspondent. in delhi for us thank you all right hailing out has won a court battle to regain its right to hear off the company failed to do proper background checks on drives and didn't report criminal offenses the ruling is a win for his new c.e.o. who is trying to overhaul the scandal ridden company's image. now that you're up to date with the latest from the world of business for more head to our web site right now here's a look at the global markets. on
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