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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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because if they don't leave us live from the ball then germany's final group stage mom she's on her way up the world cup in russia that causes a big rally behind that's me right now when they get to south korea an absolute necessity but britain's rate doesn't guarantee a spot in the next round goes home program is resolved opens a new front in which one can scrap the schools in terms of thousands to flee the violence of a with borders close to them where are those children others like are
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supposed to go and look at the human cost of the syrian government and see. a desperate rescue effort underway times with song to switch from force a full time coach them to missing some sounds of the believed to be trapped in a flooded truck bring you the latest from bangkok. also on the program american states assume the trumpet ministration over the treatment of children on the u.s. border with mexico a judge orders of families being reunited quickly. on the president's approach south saddam signs a peace agreement with a rifle a rebel leader but bring an end to the country's devastating civil war and hear from our correspondent in the stuff.
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i'm so gail welcome to the program jim this big world cup game against south korea and. russia it's from that they don't lose with us into a frenzy welcome i'm like germany really need system yeah they really need to win they put themselves in a good position with their late last minute win against sweden already but now is a time when they have to show up and get those two points. and mingle with germany fans tens of thousands of german fans. to watch this game. is that. lots of people there that was feel like. well if public screenings had its highs this would basically be the extra extra large a burden of it once again more than tens of thousands of fans have gathered here inside germany's biggest fan zone and i'm going to give you a glimpse of what it feels like to be here though just to my left behind me that is
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basically where the fans own stocks but it extends about it cannot matter to two kilometers left of media and the fans that you see at the very front they basically some of the most hardcore fans they showed up here i was in advance trying to get the best seats and i shouldn't say this on t.v. but i spoke to a few of them and they told me that some of them even skip work in order to being here. it's going to be a riot whether what i was. saying to the head of the guy. but right now you've probably noticed that it is somewhat quiet that's because the game has just picked up and that the pants are watching closely but over here the tone has been one of confidence optimism but you still feel a certain sense of uncertainty and that's because germany fans they know that although south korea has picked up zero points at this world caught it. exactly
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what can make them so dangerous because in a way they have nothing to lose they probably just playing for they pry they probably just looking for that consolation when that conservation point and that has some of these fans slightly nervous. all right i may be bad as we will speak to the day as we are a set of rights or commiserates f. and other factor i mean we have talked about enough every row shots is still here with me i believe the jury much isn't the only big the only thing that football fans have to look forward to today yeah at the moment the other game in group is mexico playing in sweden which is of course very important for germany fans as well and later in group you will see switzerland take on costa rica and serbia take on brazil i presume have not a particularly strong start so. but we are presuming that they are going to advance i mean before the tournament they were clear favorite favorites to win the world cup and they haven't put on the most convincing performances but they've gotten
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decent results they played a very tough swiss side and came out with a one one draw and even though it was very very late they got a two zero win against costa rica they may not have been efficient enough but they're playing great football and they have such a talented squad that it's really difficult to say how they will progress into this tournament they are still very dangerous and switzerland they've surprised lots of people in this tournament so they the sort of dark horses a little bit i mean there's been some talk about different our courses but switzerland is definitely one of them they've also put on they've put on a good show so far they were kind of favored to be second in this group so that's kind of what they're on track for they could even still take the group lead in any case the want to avoid playing germany in the cross games if germany makes it through what's what's on their very good team they got a late win against serbia and i'm confident that they can make it for them the strength and take us through the incredible team about just what a game that was i mean we were on hold just so nervous until the very end so let's
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have a look at what happened. ever been named as defense closing pos found little messy in the fourteenth minutes anjan tina's talisman made no mistake scoring his first of the tournament much to maradona's joy. fantastic control and a formidable finish. soon after messi came close to doubling his tally with a free kick but was denied by a fingertip save. a v.a.r. review in the second half gave nigeria the charms from the spot chelsea's victim oses stepped up kept his nerve i'm celebrated in style. at this point nigeria had one foot in the knockout stages but center back marcos rocco smashed in the win of four minutes from time. argentina finished second setting up a heavyweight clash with france in the next round. so we have messi
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steam turns the cola now well they definitely have a mountain on their side this last minute went was really a huge boost for their mentality they feel strong now little messi has finally arrived in russia and he scored his first goal it was actually the hundreds goal scored at this world cup so they're on a high right now but they're going to meet france in the round of the last sixteen and that will be a very very tough match up for you know messi and his team mates and one of iceland they bowed out of the world cup after a defeat at the hands of croatia how good a game was that oh it's so unfortunate that i still have bowed out because they're a very fun team to watch not just on the pitch but also off with their celebrations their fans are sol and says yes but in the game cray shot was just better actually it was creational who took the lead in the fifty third minute already and that showed how good krisha is and finishing in the that was just a fantastic shot right there krisha definitely shown their dominance in this group later i still managed to score an equaliser it was
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a penalty in the seventy's. minute after this handball that we can see right here they made no mistake they converted that now things are open again i said was hoping they were really celebrating because they thought they could pull through but even paris it scored the two one sore craze show late in the game and that was really it for ice and it was definitely one to watch though. thank you so much for joining us thank you. now let's look at the business behind a football with benefits. and thank you phil a long time business correspondent and as you can see laws' is wearing the jersey german jersey from the one hundred fifty four world cup which went pretty well didn't it was actually the first world cup the germany won there was a triumph at the time and they've been a couple win since then what about this year before we get down to business what what what's your take well we haven't started that well but obviously i'm hoping that we're doing better today against south korea and then advance to the next round but interesting enough
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a lot of people in germany including the corporations they wouldn't actually like to see that they don't like it all that much why is that because they're losing a lot of money in terms of lost profitability there's numbers out today a recent statistics shows just all the german the workforce not focusing today on work or watching soccer instead like i'm doing actually right here is cell phone my phone is gonna cost the german economy up to three hundred million euro in lost profitability you have to imagine about half the german workforce is actually at work on a wednesday afternoon and out of those most people actually they either called in sick and went to the fan zone there in a bar or they just gather in the lobby at the only t.v. screen they have it's been really hard for me today to get anything out of anyone here because everyone's glued to their screens but i mean what about. bumping into in the lobby when they're all watching the game and you know some new business deal is done or something isn't there some sort of synergy or some sort of effect here
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that businesses could get out of could be maybe there is a little bit of the upside here the people gather around the t.v. in the lobby and they talk to each other and of course they're all rooting for the same team depending of course of what kind of company you work for if you have an old german workforce or if we look at our own colleagues here deutsche of l.a. we have a very very international group so not everybody is rooting for the same team that you have your rivalries but also mostly of course for. and the rivalries so that this is a very good action for team building but there is a lot of money to be made out of an event like this i mean you've got the rights you've got you've got deals with billions and they've got all the companies making all this. memorabilia of course we have a good example of that is obvious the time million dollar business not even mentioning the rights but just all the consumer products if you have been to any store in germany but in other countries for sure so the same thing in thai isles are filled with all sorts of consumer products that are football brand at these
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days that are world cup brand and of course most of the money goes to some of the specialized retailers look at adi to us they of course selling millions of jerseys just for the german team they have all the rights they are so obviously companies are making a ton of money with the world cup but some are complaining at least they would want the games on a wednesday and that it's not weird anymore to walk around in you know jersey from the national team a favor national day or a street where it's become a big thing and added as jumped on that bandwagon a while ago is that something that's going to continue i think so this is not just a fad this is a long term trend it's very fashionable and when you look at corporate culture i think it's very much accepted here probably because it leads to that sort of team building to people like it's you know that's how you know you can feel comfortable at work and of course in the very end of the very end this is good for profitability then to the germans can be a little casual when it comes to absolutely that and they love it full force thank you very much for coming in and giving us the business take so will the brits score
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a break is it a goal there are only nine months left and there's still no deal that's the way it could stay according to the danish prime minister england central bank also worried today about the european union not revealing a contingency plan for the financial sector in the case of no deal demands for clarity a growing from all sides. two years after the original break said referendum anti brecht's at marches are still happening like this one a few days ago in central london tens of thousands came out to make their voices heard saying grex it is not at all the done deal as a matter of fact it's far from any deal only some in britain want to gain independence from the e.u. when its common market business does not. airbus has threatened to close its plants in the u.k. and cutting thousands of jobs at a reasonable trade agreement with brussels can't be made soon simonson b.m.w.
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have also been vocal about their concerns not everyone is happy about the pressure from the business community well i just thought it's completely inappropriate for businesses to make to be making these kinds of threats for one very simple reason we are in an absolutely critical moment in the discussions and what that means is that we need to get behind a reason made to deliver the best possible bracks it clean bracks and others went even further secretary of state and no one bracks a tear boris johnson allegedly used an expletive saying business at a recent private event expressing little concern for the worries of the corporate community a spokesman later tonight johnson used foul language. now on wednesday british and european business and union representatives put in a joint plead to leaders in london and brussels ahead of this week's european union summit they want details and they want them now the statements siamese together
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represent twenty million employers and forty five million workers. syrian troops widening a major offensive against rebels in the south west fields where that story thanks very much the regime's trying to retake the city of daraa where anti-government protests began seven years ago the united nations says more than forty five thousand people have fled fighting however neighboring jordan is refusing to allow people who have been displaced by the fighting to cross into its territory as you're about to see civilians and children are bearing the brunt of the violence. they fled from bombs and destruction. now this family and living out in the open just hoping someone will help them. bread and petrol prices have risen sharply money is running out. where we came from was totally
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destroyed every house was flattened. we had to live in the cellars. now we want to go somewhere that hasn't been completely. anyone who can get out is leaving dura nearly fifty thousand have gone so far religious in the rebel stronghold have been hit hard during days of bombing whole streets lined ruins the local administration cannot cope with the sick and wounded. hospitals clinics and treatment centers were deliberately targeted they attacked doctors and paramedics. syrian helicopters dropped their deadly cargo activists say there are constant barrel bombs strikes and dozens of civilians have been killed russian jets have also been in action for the first time since a cease fire
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a year ago the advancing syrian army has overrun two villages and the small town but this officer says civilians are not in danger and a political solution is possible. if. the syrian army is fully operational what other regions have already been liberated our forces can focus on freeing durai in the next few days. the rebellion against the acid regime began in dura hundreds took to the streets in protests they were met with snipers tanks and missiles the protests spread throughout the whole country into iran moderate groups still exert influence alongside islamic extremists. this man was one of the first to spray anti acid slogans he took up arms and is still fighting for the revolution even if it may look like
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a lost cause he won't be giving up his gun. the revolution started seven years ago our wives and children are dead syria has been destroyed how can there be reconciliation only over our dead bodies refugees from the fighting a fleeing into this highly sensitive area bordering israel and jordan. the border to jordan has essentially been closed for the past two years so there's not a way that they immediately can pass into safety in neighboring jordan jordan has already taken a huge amount of of refugees but that's not really an option right now aside wants to take back control of his country after aleppo and eastern ghouta the fear now is the battle for dura will bring get more suffering flight and death more from correspondent monitoring the situation from neighboring beirut welcome and show
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fifty thousand syrians displaced by fighting neighboring jordan says you can't come here why. well jordan already has about seven hundred thousand syrian refugees every third person you meet there is a palestinians and they have had a fair share of refugees they've been sheltering beyond that there are of course he was political pressures on the government in jordan where people are demanding that not more refugees are allow because they did the economic situation in jordan is pretty severe so that's not an option having said that the syrians who are fleeing will try and get into jordan to illegal meet to if not jordan where else are they likely to go. and if they can't go to jordan then they're basically stopped we've seen that in aleppo we've seen that one option is that they wait for an understanding between the regime and their levels to develop not exists as far and
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then they go to either regime held areas or than if i was to live in north of syria which again you've already seen happen in aleppo and seen that happen in at the moment the all the glee even level held territory or they're going to connect that that's very important when it's lies next to that are and could possibly be the next place that bashar assad's regime attacks and that is an on golan heights of in part of the golan heights which is disputed between israel and syria these understandings that you mentioned this they seem quite shaky moscow the u.s. and jordan they all agreed to deescalation zone around daraa a year ago now russia is involved in these attacks again why. well the russians side with the regime we've seen russia do the same in all other deescalation zones as well i mean remember what that was a deescalation zone to when we saw the events there are. thousands were left stranded thousands have to then did the buses do it live so russia has been siding
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with the regime with the mission you see is the look the rebels there are believe there ought of a new start which is not actually correct there are people there are a rebels who are more. jihadi sort of sick but then there are those with a preset enemy and other groups who are also there and that us with russia says these are terrorists just what assad says and hence we will have them now america is forcing russia to resolve the situation because russia is playing the big guy as a city in a conflict conflict is concerned we need to see what russia eventually eventually does at the moment it's battling. and surviving in beirut thank you. molton has granted permission for the german rescue ship of the lifeline to dock more than two hundred thirty migrants are on board the vessel which was been stranded at sea for six days maltese agreement came only after
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a number of in you countries agreed to take the migrants as prime minister joseph muscat with six european union member states most of france ireland italy luxembourg and portugal have decided to team up together to offer another doc europeans so usually to an impending humanitarian crisis on board and the lifeline . here in germany interior minister horses they hope the country could potentially accept some of the migrants but only if the lifeline is taken out of action. in thailand officials say the time is running out in the search for twelve boys and their football coach who are believed to be trapped in a cave system that has now flooded coach took the boys exploring after a training session they've been missing since saturday. the boy spikes left at the mouth of the cave the last indication that they were here. for four days rescue
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teams have been working nonstop to locate them and their coach instructs relatives have been waiting stoically in the rain praying. i hope that today with the full team helping inside my son will be saved. or thore to say they still hope to find the boy's alive but heavy rains keep pampering rescue efforts with water levels in the cavern getting dangerously high. using pumps rescuers have been trying to drain off some of the roots are in sight and they've been looking for other ways to access the caves. with every direction where there was an entry to the quay yesterday we found new holes from the top but it was a dead end and. the complex set of caves is situated in a forest park in the northern province of xiang right and is popular with tourists
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and locals the boys came here on saturday to explore it with their coach after a football match but people are warned not to visit them during the monsoon season which runs from may to looked over and here is why drenching rains can strictly turn the area into a deadly sea of mud the interior minister said rescuers are set to start drilling a hole into the caves hole on thursday. i may say what's on the fast right stephanie bureau chief for time. china for the reuters news agency she joins us from bangkok welcome to day clearly even after five days rescuers are still a long way from giving up. very very giving up and if anything the prime minister and other governments just pledged to basically put everything at the country has into this rescue operation we seeing. oil fields more military and now hundreds of soldiers and civilian volunteers are
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athens. in chiang rai. and how the parent company well what we've seen the parents are camping out in very difficult conditions as you heard that incessant rain camping out saying this is an area which is deeply religious but also superstitious and many are sunni are built with syrians and also a list that choose to just bring the boys home safely and there is a scapegoat warm safe so give us. a better idea of the terrain and the area. well from what we know this is a cave that that has been explored by a very few people were wealthy and prominent national parks want us i'm sure sachigo and only about eight hundred meters into this ten kilometer walk and what
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the message teams have to contend with is basically rain a heavy rain rising flood water and that was inside. diving teams and well in senate but some areas where passengers are out why are we sure why we're no more intruders why it's very very difficult conditions and die recent being able to go in so fast only not to be absent and and then the pattern retreats so it's and a very very difficult. operation for these divers ok so it's difficult terrain for anybody you're better to tour this is a tourist to go in there as it's happened before have people been been trapped in that area before well according to those who media reports for i'm sure as well as trapped in that cave about two three years ago and managed to get out safely after sending back beat inside the cave the site you know this is firsthand that such
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a large food and such an evil been trapped inside a cave and certainly into they've gone in are in place which if they should still leave they are gone and very very fire really and then perhaps it's working for. so we were four or five days. have people started to speculate about when this might and when that if that the children are not found they might start to scale back the rescue attempts. it's an absolutely no sense in that any. government any more forces in that i'm seeing what was in me even got recent like in the united kingdom to help with the search operations and me giving up residence . and. i'm instead and the interior minister well as well as the army chief
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all of these boys and their goats are still alive and they're confident that there's still what will do their utmost to get these boys out and still to come south sudan's president to sign the cease fire agreement with its south rival can that deal bring an end to four years of civil war from east africa correspondent. with children of the us mexico border american states assume the trumpet ministration are a bad treatment with the most i know fake germs i don't help dr over here to explain just what that means. more sports business on the way stay with us.
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to. g.w. . that people of the world over you on facebook and twitter to date and in touch. with d.w. news live from. top stories at this hour syrian government has widened a major offensive against rebels in the country's southwest causing tens of thousands of civilians to flee their homes in the province. and the united states a federal judge has ordered the children separated from their parents of the mexican border must be reunited with their families within a month the ruling follows a weeks of outrage that last week forced president trump to reverse his administration's policy especially migrant families who cross into the u.s. illegally. it's un-american it's immoral and it's evil empire lates constitutional rights oh americans another legal blow dealt to trans zero tolerance policy
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separated families must be reunited within thirty days children under five fourteen days and a nationwide injunction against any future family break ups there were protests clashes and even arrests in l.a. outside the hotel where attorney general jeff sessions the man behind one of washington's most controversial policies defended the hardline stance in the name of public safety for. all of us that are here for not meeting the right policy integrating this so bob word that sell embarrassing. parts of our history are meeting in. washington under pressure to abolish the immigration protocol the cooled ruling was printed off to seventeen states filed suit takings the policy is unconstitutional denying immigrants due process and the right to seek asylum stay say they've been forced to do
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a huge increase in child custody costs they call for transparency the public must know the true price of the sinful separation. could have a lot of happy people this comes just one week after trump signed an executive order that would keep families who illegally crossed the us mexico border together as they await immigration proceedings as border officials struggle to reunite families more than two thousand children made in camps some hundreds of miles away from their parents who claim that when they were wrong the number given to reach their children they were met with adult turn or no answer to. get more data because for me to myra shweta welcome my let's start with this federal court order and what's interesting about this corridor is it comes just after trump signed. his own executive order ending the practice of family separation at the border and the german ministration came out saying oh no no no we don't need
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a judge's ruling we've already solved this problem and the federal ruling really comes out and says no you didn't you may have ended family separation from now on but this ruling actually states that families that have been separated need to be reunited so this does that and also blocks supporting parents who have been separated from their kids which has happened in some cases a couple of other little things for instance it commands government agencies who deal with this sort of issue to start communicating with each other about it says that parents must be provided with phone calls to their children wherever they are in the states because these parents don't know where their kids are there is a lot of hay made out of the fact that if you get arrested and go to prison you're given slips of paper to show where your wallet is where your car is and these parents are given absolutely nothing to show or know where their kids were taken and many of them are thousands of miles away so the federal judge says all right now you have to reunite these people with their children but it wasn't that long ago we would decide to wondering well do they actually have
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a plan that will allow them to do that so do they not have a plan this is a i have a question do they have a plan for the trauma ministration is older and were separated from their families at the border and there's one line in this in this decision by this judge that really stuck out to me he said he wrote that this was a chaotic circumstance of the government's own making this is how trump operates he creates these chaotic situations then points at them and says i can solve it if you let me do something and sort of forces a compromise this way but at the end of the day no the government first of all they did not prepare to accommodate this many children being separated from their kids and they had no reunification plan. so that's one nil as it were so that the courts against a child let's say he's had a less. about federal order the same as a blow to the presidency or told him sort of migration policy but the supreme court has given the boost to a different aspect of his hard line on immigration this is the muslim travel ban.
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watch for you outside groups that's why we began this is a way through but. critics of the travel ban had hoped until the last minute that it wouldn't stand up in the highest court of law but that hope was dashed and replaced by shock and frustration. to very high or heartbroken. thank you so much in me to hold back here because i was frightened. after months of legal wrangling the u.s. supreme court rejected the challenge that the travel ban discriminated against muslims the crowd here don't buy it supreme court of the united states has just given a green light to donald trump's logistics company and it's not only muslims who are protesting the ruling. jewish community.
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decision. is now democratic politicians rushed to condemn the ruling as did the supreme court justices who voted against it the court was deeply divided over the issue but the conservative majority determined the result in a five to four decision. controversial policy has been watered down since he was first announced the ruling has handed him one of the biggest victories of his presidency. well trump calls so much way to just clarify for us what this is not going to mean for travelers from those countries. don't try to us right now as much as it pains
4:37 pm
me to say that republican lawmakers who have been defending this decision are pointing out this is not a so-called permanent ban and even the first iteration of this travel ban which was signed way back at the beginning of the trump administration was only for ninety days this one they're saying will be lifted four of these various countries when they're saying they will come off the list when they improve their vetting there is actually one example of this has already happened the second iteration of this band listed chad concluded chad among the countries that were banning travelers to the u.s. and that is no longer on the list they're also pointing out that there are some waivers that are being granted to certain people from these countries and those are exceptionally rare. basically this is an open ended ban even though they're claiming it's not and so it really could be it could be tomorrow it could be never when travelers from those countries were allowed to come back to the u.s. between the. powells. a federal court struck down. right the children where does this leave the trump immigration policy for him.
4:38 pm
continues to exist that all of these policies make america safer and this is something that he harps on a lot and we will hear even more of this as we get closer and closer to november when we have these very seminal midterm elections coming up in the u.s. he spoke explicitly about banning muslims during the campaign which was something that was sort of taken into account in this supreme court ruling but they have said that that's not what they were ruling on he also loves to harp on this idea of gang violence and gang members and drugs flowing across the southern border from mexico and claiming that these policies are separating families as a deterrent to those people basically that these are some of his big successes for better or for worse these are very much actions that trump said he was going to do when he has done them so if you're a trump supporter you're very happy at these at these efforts and you're looking at the same old system working against him and he is he is trying to keep his promises
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. so now i'm afraid if i were to. warring factions in south sudan i've agreed to a permanent cease fire that they decide to take effect in three days and could bring an end to more than four years of civil war because as president salva kiir signed the peace agreement after two days of talks with rebels in the capital khartoum the top rebel leader hailed the deal as a new page for souths about tens of thousands of people have been killed since the civil war began in twenty thirty. more from east africa correspondent catherine there in nairobi. and welcome catherine this is not the first peace deal that these two have agreed to people think that this one is any more likely to stick. well the cease fire has renewed hopes but many people are not really holding their breath because the
4:40 pm
members of the opposition or some members of the opposition have taken issue with the agreement and they want amendments to be made so they want the three. principal issues which is they don't want to juba to be divided into three regions which the framework agreement to dividing south sudan into three regions which is the mother called so they don't want that to happen they also don't want the they want they're concerned about the invitation of foreign forces into the country and also the exploration of oil fields until a permanent agreement and a permanent settlement has been found so whether or not this cease fire and this agreement will hold it's wait and see until the factions actually go through and and come back with feedback and just just step back a couple of places and just the rough outline of what they were fighting over.
4:41 pm
well the the conflict began in two thousand and thirteen when. president salva kiir and. parted ways and then the country went into civil war basically it's control of power so for them they want equal share of power and they want a level playing field this is the side for react mashal but then this hasn't happened and there's a lot of agreements that have taken place within the last five years that haven't held so if this latest deal hole what then will be the main challenges facing the country. well there the main challenge right now is probably humanitarian. aid to the people who have been affected by the conflict aid agencies in february had asked for about three billion dollars to just provide emergency and humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflict but then also you have to look
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at the fact that this country needs to go into an election there was supposed to be an election next month july two thousand and eighteen but that couldn't take place because of the disagreement and because of the lack of you know lack of commitment to the agreements that have already been made so that's also an issue but then when you look at the areas that have nots necessarily affected by the conflict in a still moving on they still don't have access to social inequities like you know education health care it's basically taking this country from a country that is solely dependent on funding from other countries to be standing on its feet south sudan has also had talks with sudan over its oil riches and talks to posit great to rehabilitate south sudan's oil fields so this looks like the a win win for those two countries it can only be the the statement says that the khartoum would control the oil fields in agreement with
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juba so they won't do it hand in hand but this can only work perfectly if they agree if first of all they come to an agreement and have a conclusive and indeed a comprehensive agreement between salva kit president salva kiir and react mashal are if this agreement has not come to an end if they do not agree to the two to the ceasefire and this doesn't happen then that there will be some some sort of. it will only complicate the conflict. to a concert and wander in monrovia thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world mexico's presidential election campaigns in turmoil after the murders of five members of the leftist party leading the polls the five including state assembly counterfeit and make and make do you know lopez of and donna was shot dead in the southern state of a a diner was the nineteenth accountant to be killed during the campaign voting takes place on sunday. columbia's government says it will use drones to spray herbicide
4:44 pm
on coca plants that use to make it ok the country saw a record surge in the production of coca last year with colombia back in the spring of her size from planes three years ago because of health and environmental risks the government now says drones pose less of a hazard because they fly at low altitudes. mimo says it will no longer cooperate with the current un special rapporteur who's documenting human rights abuses against the rangers earlier this year the investigator said to be a mouse omnia obvious actions against pathing whole months of genocide some seven hundred thousand range of muslims have fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape the violence. rising incomes in india fueling the appetite for luxury cost benefit to convince your india ready fill out of a total of over three million new registrations last year forty thousand without
4:45 pm
three vehicles and the potential for growth in india is enormous the thing is there is a bit of a mismatch because a premium german car doesn't come with a sleek high speed german autobahn in india. for deepak sharma this shiny roadster is a dream come true. the fashion designer has been a fan of mercedes ever since he was a young boy he graduated from business school a year ago. and that's when his grandfather a farmer gave him the sports scoop that he my grandfather of throwing the thing and this is where their weak and vegetable fields used to be but now it's prime real estate with india's economic growth there's a demand for land and soaring property prices have transformed the outskirts of delhi farming families like de perhaps have become millionaires youngsters like me . think that all of this is the most. it may look good but
4:46 pm
driving a luxury car on india's rough roads is anything but easy. holds down on these guys because they don't need. the billboards the shoes off climbing with me please awards. after a minute carefully today. because those stones coming out from the towards it can only damage or. time deep that can really step on the gas is when he's out on the highway but soon heavy traffic puts the brakes on the joyride. it's an expensive passion day packs car cost about four point five million rupees or about fifty six thousand euro's that's a hefty price tag for a fancy ride showrooms like this one are thriving here the used car sell for about
4:47 pm
forty percent less than when they're bought new it's a big draw for customers. in india very few people can afford new the three cars. that's because they're more expensive here than in most other countries. it's increasingly likely that president donald trump will make good on his promise to impose tariffs on cars built outside the united states he's ordered an investigation into whether car imports pose a threat to national security his reasoning for the punitive judy the washington based the lines of automobile manufacturers has calculated the cost for american consumers if a twenty five percent levy is slapped on all automotive imports well as you'll see in a moment the price per bill to broadwood rise by almost six thousand dollars so you can see why or to make is a concern about this the total annual cost to u.s. consumers would theoretically amount to forty five billion dollars and strengthens
4:48 pm
more tariffs our financial correspondent daniel corp for the european market reaction i can tell you that investors here are very warry if at the end this is really going to hurt their car sales numbers we have to remember that germany is very much dependent on exports and cars just last year they were selling about four million cars a broad many of them went to the united states and yes there is this fear that their car industry with those potential terrorists could be really hurt and as a result i can tell you that the trading day here was still overshadowed with this potential news to happen but it's not only the orders sector that's putting the brakes on the dax today. no it's not actually the big problem child here on the roots of index axis dacha bank today they were actually went to a record low today during the trading day their share which shares were only
4:49 pm
a traded at a level of about eighty euros which is of course and nothing for a lender that wants to play a very important international role as well it seems that the lender is still in the crisis mode many institutions have been recommending for some days already investors you know to sell their daughter bank shares and this is i guess the continue to happen in the next days and weeks you go person frank thinks the you know this is. and it's movie time the jewish film festival. jewish film festival the twenty fourth jewish film festival for the next. two films . short films series will show across.
4:50 pm
across parts of. the most are vicious festival is provocative to say the least no by jews. i've seen a poster. i did what i wanted. to for my culture department and tell us will what is it that well this is really a gem of a festival fellow i have to say even though it's not that small anymore it started out telling me twenty four years ago is just one cinema showing about films and the idea is to make the connection between sort of the history of germany's jewish community of course the darkest chapters of which are very well known but also with the reality of jewish life today which is something that many people here in germany are still much less familiar with and you want to know about this. obviously it's i think it's totally brilliant because it's binding up a very serious political reference obviously with a good dose of jewish humor at its best very in your face i mean your reaction to
4:51 pm
those posters shows what it was trying to get out the message is of course that they're not. dealing in alternative facts they want to present an authentic picture of jewish life and culture and an authentic picture of israel and israeli reality now that reality of course is many fold as the ever growing community of israeli ex-pats here in berlin will confirm so it's it's very much about learning about inclusiveness and making a positive statement in a time obviously when we're seeing unfortunately a ruckus in and to jewish attacks here in the capital now. it's very hard to define what is typically jewish today but i would say that the opening film really fit the bill that was the european premiere of a documentary called it's sick and it's a portrait of the israeli american violinist and conductor it's. i think the contract of polio at age four and poured his energy into learning the violin which he claims seated. still football stadiums for
4:52 pm
concerts and a lot of great and very funny quotes from the maestro so it was a great start. to the season we have a lot ok so there's an awful lot of really good film so in this you're full but i think the standout for me is definitely foxtrot by israeli director samuel may i won the silver lion grand jury prize in venice just last year and was also shortlisted for the oscar for best foreign language film is very heavy stuff mix of sort of the personal and the political to create a portrait of israel as a traumatized society let's have a quick look. foxtrot
4:53 pm
begins with bad news for the parents of a young man serving in the israeli army. in the film and now again a big gun. there is a surreal twist in store for the parents but the movie also shows the daily life of the son at a military checkpoint. across the. where no. one had been with some other woman before mom what i mean how much of an effort to fix. this allegory of israeli society made the director a few high profile enemies for the film was released or work or work i mean is that a tactic. and she did it in exactly the same way that feeling talks about folks thought is destroying the country as if the feeling was you know when you clearly
4:54 pm
were burned that we are a source from them up. the movie is a cleverly constructed tour de force dealing with grief and what the director calls the bleeding soul of israeli society. that. looks. at the missing blood on google earth and. it's a profound and personal story told with plenty of incidental humor. humor obviously one of the light word to use of this of this festival. wonderful elements of the absurd in. you have the story and samuel mayo's you know who fought in lebanon and knows what it is to be a child soldier actually received death threats after this film so it's definitely a controversial one there's one other highlight that i want to bring you before we close disobedience is the name of the film by the oscar willing to lay in director
4:55 pm
of the bus to. go and that premiered last year last fall at the toronto film festival and it's starring rachel wise and rachel mcadams in a story of a bit in love the same sex love between two women within the orthodox jewish community in north london so some great performances there give me my freedom and pretty provoking look at same sex relationships in the confines of religion i could go on forever but i know we have to stop. and go to the website absolutely more a. certain kind of helps with the pleasure of the fact the sort of social. more hours than iraq but the be. the best. gigs.
4:56 pm
the be. the be. the be. the be. the be. the but . the be. the be. the be. going to
4:57 pm
a loud germany sixty eight the buran like noah young people with. their parents and establish. these opposing forces the breaks. sixty eight the bush team. oh. could the asylum dispute spell the end for chance in america the government of german chancellor angela merkel could fall apart but not because the enemies are getting stronger can she resolve the conflict the sister party c.s.u. and the discord within the e.u. hectic consultations are taking place in berlin on thursday nakul explain herself
4:58 pm
to parliament a deadline has been set for sunday. end game this week until a new news. kate who do you think is going to be world champion. all the matches all the scores. for two thousand and eighteen soccer world cup on d w news. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known but when donald trump five him last year it boosted his foot to the measure again this week he's my guest here in by the way he's promoting a book even as he faces new challenges says insubordination so what's the truth of conflicts on confronting the powerful on t.w. .
4:59 pm
i am. i an idiot. this is you know we news live from berlin searing criticism
5:00 pm
a federal judge in the u.s. orders a nationwide and the family separations at the mexican border all this as seventeen americans to sue the trumpet ministration over the treatment of children saying supporting them from their parents is causing quote devastating harm also coming up the syrian army opens a new front in its war against rebels causing tens of thousands to flee the violence but when borders close to them well are these children and others like them suppose.


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