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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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place. to. be a and. this as you can use life for a role in the unthinkable has happened at soccer's world cup and germany supporters around the country and around the world are heartbroken to the bitter end to end in the last dying minutes they expect that they're defending the world champs to deliver an advance to the next stage but it just wasn't meant to be so in germany lost the south korea in
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a win or go home game and now they are going home after the first stage of the tournament as germans are the worst of the world cup performances ever. also coming up a federal judge in the u.s. orders an end to family separations at the mexican border all this as seventeen american states sued the trump administration saying splitting children from their parents is causing quote devastating harm plus a german rescue ship carrying around two hundred thirty migrants is talking in malta after six days of limbo at sea but the montes government has threatened the ship's crew with legal action will hear from a german government's m.p. who was recently on board the lifeline. play. while iraq is great to have you along everyone and we start right away with the world cup. where
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germany have been eliminated a devastating outcome for a football crazy nation i mean during a post-mortem on germany's loss with empty houses from our sports desk well team germany go out of the tournament in the group stage for the first time since nineteen thirty eight all this after they lost to underdogs south korea and here is how it all unfold it. midway through the first half it became key it was not to be germany's often one even kept mumbling noise looked nervous at the start of the second half of the german side managed to moan some pressure on the south korean goal but failed to capitalise on the chances time and time again none of us that's a back and nervous in front of the opponents goal. is a dying minutes of the game jenna nice to know and became even worse humam kim surprised an inept defense to put south korea and heads. to the delight of his
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incredulous team mates and it's a six minute all stoppage time human son added to the misery of the german side that had already stopped believing and that was cup campaign. exactly so many start the sixty fifth minute we started to get really hectic we lost our tech tickets set up we became why you take a little misplaced passes did run into some incredibly counter attacks which i hope i can say with to defend that way but somehow we lost all structure this is a very big moment for us and all of germany france very very very bit to even ing. the time to hold us humiliated to crash out of so what cup is lust in group f. . and there you have it here to dissect it all is pablo foley elyas and the other auschwitz is germany's campaign is over at the first hurdle who could have thought that was even possible before i suggested we look at all the previous games
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i'd like you to set up for us what happened during that first goal that south korea scored in that game everyone froze at this point in the game they were all so scared like much from and said like we just saw they were all so scared of losing of crashing out they froze and watched the ball go into the net i mean they looked like they didn't really have an answer this was already like that earlier in the game they tried very hard you can't you can't talk about their effort they did try but they just want as sharp as we're used to seeing germany you can see here they have lots of shots on goals they had their chances but in the end they missed that last little danger to make it a go all right now let's backtrack let's look at the start of this tournaments a lot of things went wrong how come they weren't really able to perform up to their level it all started off with the mexico game i think they were a little bit complacent going into that game they thought that they were just going to cruise into the final stages of this world cup just on the fact that they are the reigning world champions they looked poor already in the games leading up to
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this tournament they didn't have fantastic results they lost against australia they barely won against saudi arabia who as we remember were smashed by russia in the opening game of the world cup so germany had a poor form and people thought ok there are tournaments they get better with tournaments this is when they really step up but that didn't happen that just didn't happen there was no wake up call they stayed they didn't really play at their best at all they didn't deliver but things were looking kind of up when they played against sweden a little bit because you know at the end of the day they got the result of they wanted him back and of course it finished two one but let's not forget that for a good chunk of that game germany were pretty much on their way back to germany from russia because on half time of course we even had already gone ahead and they'd scored thanks to. well empire's times to tony cross mistake that was all a toivonen from sweden who made who made sure that the swedes went ahead but then after half time of see something happened in the changing room something was said something that really hammered home and marco royce managed to score and equalize
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of course for germany and then let's not forget one thing which is that your own boateng was actually sent all with very few minutes left in my game but also team minutes because you know germany really needed to score of course and the thing about it is of course that made it ten months apart and of course tony cross took that shot which another thing that we really need to discuss is he took it was it was a pretty kind of odd way to take the shot we'll say because it was the kind of normally you can just sort of take a very clear shot and he didn't do that he kind of set the ball up when he got the ball set up for him and then it went in of course nobody really has been talking about the rest so they were really germany they had moments where they looked good they looked strong but overall you know those problems that we're going to be talking about and we had mentioned were still there and so it gave them a little bit of a lifeline it gave people a big boost in germany and they were hoping that against south korea things would go the other way but of course they didn't because once again those problems were still there ok well let's talk about these weaknesses because after that sweden
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game i think a lot of people would agree with you we thought team germany got their mojo back what happened well you know i mean there was sort of issues being said in the media particularly in germany and abroad that there was a rift between the players after their defeat to mexico they century disappeared for a few days now what was going on behind closed doors we'll never know but they they came out and they said that they were united on that this team was you know fighting for the same goal but at the end of the day you've got a team that's made up of very experienced players and then younger players they if you know have to work a property that can work very well they can gel together but it didn't seem to work for germany and we saw a small snippets of it in the second match against sweden but in south korea the. i think i mean it will be an agreement it just all fell apart yeah you can tell me what was actually spoke after the mexico game already and he said that there wasn't enough unity in the team he was criticizing that the people playing up front and in midfield they weren't coming back to descend he felt that in that game him and
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jerome but we're kind of left alone and when a player like mots almost speaks out publicly about these kind of things that's already a bad sign are things there were bad let's let's talk a little bit about how this team compares to a team germany from twenty fourteen i think is a completely different team not only mentally but also some of the players on the pitch i mean they didn't have the exact same squad there was some weird stuff going on with your converts because on the one hand he was leaving out people like mario got sick who scored the winning goal in two thousand and fourteen let's not forget that he was missing at this tournament he was not taken he was left at home but he also didn't take exciting young some exciting young players like they were quite a fantastic season for manchester city in the premier league he was voted the best rookie of the season i mean and then he was just left at home he could have given germany that little extra but let's have a look at what really went down. the champions have failed to defend their title germany fell at the first hurdle after three displays that belied their potential
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from the start of their first group match against mexico your team was overwhelmed by the occasion to make chicken's ruthlessly exploited no weaknesses in their opponents with the german players unable to display. the mood is this our courage our self-confidence and our faith in ourselves. it was all done come to me why it happened i can't say for. the problems persisted. experienced players like tony cause in midfield and thomas miller up front could not get a grip on the games germany was wasteful in possession helpless against breaks and uninspired in a time. well that's really most men are going of course there are situations where you have to move the ball let me feel quickly before your opponents can get into position on the other hand if you're too impatient to lose the ball then it can easily backfire. that performance against sweden also left plenty to be desired
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even if a touch of genius from tony calls was enough to save the day the established players seemed complacent and the newcomers like to bite a crisis meeting after the mexico match had brought no results even if the players publicly argued otherwise. i really think we are a team and that we are a unit. i think that we all share the same goal i don't think that there are three players thinking one thing and three another and we all want to defend our world title. of course when we lose it's easy if you're looking from the outside to see certain things if you want to and then come in for the of. germany's hopes of back to back world cup wins dash instead they become just the latest reigning champion to suffer the curse of an early exit from the biggest stage in football. it must be set that this tournament was being played under a cloud a very dark cloud or what's going on with the well there's many issues and we've
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kind of touched on it already i mean starting with the fact that you know well you can even start with if you were to be superstitious you know this whole thing about the fact that big teams after winning the tournament or the winners of the world cup end up crashing out we saw with italy back in two thousand and ten of course they won and in two thousand and six and spain back in two thousand and fourteen but i don't think it's obvious you know superstition but it can often be it's a lot of playing football has got to do with this how they use it how they feel on the pitch have they jail as a team and obviously we saw in that report there that there's many many issues the players seem to lack inspiration but also where does that inspiration come from is it the way the manager is of the manager who's inspiring them or is it something else and do they feel comfortable in the team they didn't seem to be they didn't seem to they just lacked destroy that normally you're kind of used to seeing in the germany squad a lot of the big players like sammy coderre they were they received a lot of criticism they were just not present as it is and of course received a lot of criticism it's it's very hard to pin it down but it looks like it's many
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many there are many many issues combined and that's why we are where we are today yes some of the things that mark germany two thousand and fourteen when they won the world cup was on the one hand their fitness and their availability to the run and on the other hand also they just looked good still confused and and they didn't know what to do which is really weird because germany is known to be this experienced team they've played so many big tournaments gotten so far in so many tournaments and this time they looked to be lacking exactly that mano a noir. i know he came back from injury but he looked he looked really weird when he didn't manage to save the ball and that just kind of builds up from the back of your keeper that you're used to being the best keep you serving the best people in the world he's starting to make little mistakes you start to get a little bit more nervous and there was a huge hole in the field i thought you know exactly what it is that begs the question emery should inspiration come from the top and i'm talking of course about the manager you're the nerve because the german f.a. they're still squarely behind him they're supporting him yeah absolutely they just
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extended his contract before this tournament they said he's going to stay no matter what but that all seems not so sure anymore because now he did say after the game this is not the time to be speaking about my employment status but he also didn't rule out that he might step down that he might leave the way for a new coach for a new era in german football for someone to take over bring in fresh ideas maybe bring in younger players because that's another thing that was heavily criticised the kind of team that he brought to russia if you think about it last summer germany won the confederations cup with a very young team they won the under twenty one european championships they have so many talented players adding on top to the experienced ones that they already have in their ranks so surely there must be more in that team in the group phase of world cup and so you think the f.a. will just stick by your finger for now i think it's really difficult to say there were some mixed signals but let's have a look at what really went down. the shine has come up you can love image as a monster coach. it's a brutal fall from grace for
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a man who led germany to world cup glory in twenty fourteen. before this tournament i love seeing the winner of the size of the challenge. in have to say there are quite a few things we simply must improve over the next fourteen days so i will of course do that with. your kim love first took up a coaching position at the germany two thousand and four as you can klinsmann's assistant after a surprisingly successful two thousand and six campaign on home soil love took over the helm of the match shaft to call in a new playing style gone with a roughness and physicality it became skill and dynamism. emerged revolution first ball through twenty germany took third place at the twenty ten world cup with a new generation of players like mesut ozil sammy could deraa and thomas muller. and he did so to see how a bus fare i do if i look at the enormous wealth of these players have developed to stay in this tournament to progress even against the big nations you can take to
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the pitch without respect to this but that is what champions are made up of all. lives project peaked at the twenty fourteen world cup in brazil germany's triumph was the result of years of preparation and reached the top of the german f.a. are happy to keep him there. you have to learn from your him live is the best coach the board of the german f.a. could imagine for our national teams when the tsunami and so forth. the world title an amazing coaching record look became a marketing star in his own right he seems have everything going his way maybe he felt that he had nothing left to prove. in any case there was little sign since then of the foreign innovative techniques that led to the twenty four team success . despite a young germany squad storming. success in the twenty seven scene concept comes love still for the old guard for the campaign this summer yet having many world cup
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veterans in the squad does not help the patterns and leadership. you can lose contracts with the german f.a. runs until twenty twenty two it would be no surprise that he didn't stay the distance. you know hindsight is twenty twenty produce think that your kind of took the wrong team to this tournament this is always easier to say that afterwards when we know that they've crashed out but in reality there's two decisions that a coach can make on the one hand they can rely on experience and players of trust in the past to show good performances and who know how to handle these really stressful situations because let's not forget that the world cup is a huge stage i mean these players must be so nervous and on the other hand you can give new young players a chance to show their abilities to kind of break the defenses of the your opponents and to come up with new ideas and fresh incentives and you have seemed to have gone like a middle path he gave some new players
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a chance he brought in nicholas suited for example from bion who gave his world cup debut but then and at the same time he left some of them at home like we were suddenly like we already mentioned earlier the manchester city star who's had a fantastic season and then left home my view gazza scored the winning goal for the two thousand and fourteen world cup so it's a bit of mixed signals that you your kind of has given here he also rotated through his players a lot in the course of the tournament he made a lot of substitutions between lineups from the first to the second to the third game so there was no continuity in his decisions will i mean i didn't really decisively back one way or xander right wanted to have it both ways guys stick around because we got so much more to discuss because of course fans across the world have been discussing this match online alicia show from our social media desk there has been a tracking that angle of the story alyssa what have people been saying on mine. well of course the german fans they are devastated they are shocked they could not
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believe that their team has been kicked out at the stage of course they knew that they hadn't started out very well they were not very impressive in the last two matches but they were hoping for a miracle this time but the miracle unfortunately did not happen so let's see what people are saying a line we can start out with the team of course they were alive tweeting the magic hoping that they would take away a win but then in the end this is all they said as they say they are speechless they don't know what to say about this of course they still need to digest this shocking results. americal she doesn't have a twitter account but she has a spokesperson the spokesperson has tweeted this he's looking for and he's being optimistic say ok this was not our world cup that's sad but we'll be more tournament where we will rejoice and in fact that is almost the same thing that is being said by and of people he used to be on the german national team as well he
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says it's easy to be proud of our team and contrie if they win titles but right now we should come together learn from our mistakes and look ahead not everybody wants to look ahead people wants to have somebody they can put the blame on some of them have chosen not i am saying he was really bad is goalkeeping skills were not up to par not the way. we are used to seeing him maybe it was because he was injured but they are sort of mocking him online and saying he's the reason why germany lost today all right they're ruthless out there on twitter oh what about people outside germany and what have they been saying. of course millions of people have been following this match across the world and there i've seen the two camps basically people who want to germany to advance say ok they are the final they are the former champions we want them to at least get to far and then there were those people whose countries are also in the world cup there were hoping for germany to be
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eliminated soon so that they do not have to face them and you'll remember in twenty fourteen when germany kicked out brazil in the semifinals with that seven two one victory and now take a look at this this is from media house sports media house in brazil this is all they had to say about germany's loss today of course a lot of sad and floyd it going on for germany's opponents there a lot of puns also people think all of this must be an all time for germany very funny people also in the german official german efficiency no more a lot of people seem to be happy about the laws by germany as you says that he's got to see a fancy team go out because they have been so many close calls for the big sides and of course many people talking about the alleged curse that is on the winner of
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the world cup it is it italy spain and now as we see germany are also out although they won in twenty four eighteen and such football thank you so very much liz show greatly appreciate it all right joining us for more on the fallout for germany's exit from the world cup is the front still he is the head international relations and scouting for were in this league side hoffenheim and of course the resident. show so sorry to be talking to you under these circumstances mr from still you've been following germany throughout this tournaments of course so how do you rate this absolutely devastating performance. i think today you know it's just it's wrong and up to all tournaments or a german team to start against mexico or stories i think it was a very poor performance so he got the feeling that think out into the moment to
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millions he didn't store in it that late but today it was thanks to mexico i think the team chopped enough was just simply a better game of football in germany to make sure the fallout from the world cup because the performances for simply not good enough. so we've been discussing here on the set whether you're talking of took the wrong team to the tournaments what is your feeling on that. well it's always easy you know to win things not going to look what could have been different i think it was quite a tough decision to leave only told because he was the young player of the english premier league last season one of the biggest tell it. in recent years and it was a big surprise in a think a player like him could it make a difference especially against teams like mexico mike smith and like sos korea we try to defend very tough but he made his choice in the year two he was to get along
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so i think it's not pretty to actually shoot that you know he goes to great manager . and sometimes things are not just on the right way he was not the middle of the field there was eleven players fifteen players in total on the field they didn't do the job and i think the team is to blame for not necessarily coach. what was germany missing what was the missing ingredient what was it that the other teams did have but germany was not able to deliver. well somebody i personally thought the question was missing the players looked quite satisfied many of them on the up and i think when they came out to the field it started with the mexican game that you saw they were not as hungry as their opponent and i think it was quite the latar cheek way of playing not the speed the forcing the ice to get used to in recent years it was completely different this time and looking back at
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the preparation losing to austria just beating so when you read in the last moment you know it's all showed already clear signs that the german t.v. is not in the best. state of mind physically as well as mentally you know i think that was for me the main reason that the team didn't really prove their told they really could have done and now i don't want to take away from the accomplishments of a germany veteran stars but you know of course after a quite disappointing result of team germany do you feel it's time for the veterans to make way for the upcoming talent. yes i'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of changes. from that twenty four to go to being team some guys go to. the exponential form often that will come to think that he so much talent in the jersey on this league as well as in the the east teams there are twenty missions the military formation of lots of exciting german players and i think it's no the right
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step off didn't wake up call oh well maybe you can call it in. to make a change to use the opportunity to really put some fresh blood into team and i'm pretty sure there will be lots of changes for the first competitive games in a few months and my final question i mean this is germany's worst ever finish at a world cup where does germany go from here. well i think you just don't really need to try to analyze vocally watch went wrong i think there's mention of the question before try to get new believers in to young please and jane's and looking at the conversations go into any trouble recent bt if they want it there are lots of young players which will not know the team so i think there is nothing really to glory that isn't lost lee is there in germany you can do that you will but i think it's not the right time to really make the changes and try to read you. are i tell
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us a final deal ahead of international relations and scouting thank you so much for weighing and greatly appreciate it. and guys back to you here in the studio like to pick up on where the fun still ended on i mean is there silver lining to this to this loss that it provides an opportunity for team germany to reinvigorate itself again absolutely i mean they can now start with a clean slate they can bring in some new ideas a new coach just like you said some new players as well and that might be the start of a new german era of football definitely and this is the time for you know people now have to really the team and the country to lick their wounds now for a while and then in a few days time or in a few weeks few months look where things went wrong and make sure that doesn't happen in two thousand and twenty two and injects some new blood into when you should say the euro exactly thank you guys so much and before we go we want to remind you of the emotional roller coaster of the germany match against south korea was not reserved for those on the pitch fans across germany and around the world
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felt it was it felt as well here's a taste of germany fan reaction in the wake of a two nil loss that sense the defending world champs home after the group stage will be right back. i. loosely sentence me of something. nice. i.
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just. love. listening experience. i list. sometimes to get the bodies turn up. but the vast majority of mexico's two hundred thousand missing persons are never found. mexico is in the grip of drug cartels and politicians. but human rights activists and family members
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cling to a desperate hope mexicans dying for justice implement on w. o. climate change. sustainability. environmental projects. give globalisation a face biodiversity species runs a decent exploitation of egoity. human rights displacement to. the global and current of local action. three thousand. number out of may will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of the stick treasurership. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made from mines.
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frank food. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from. great to see you again you're watching the go in years away are rock n roll and this is our main headline right now. germany are out of the world cup after losing their final group game against south korea to nil germany's early exit is their worst performance out there tournament since nineteen thirty eight and it's the third consecutive time that title holders that's italy spain now germany have been
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knocked out of the group stages. the government of south sudan has agreed a permanent ceasefire with rebels the deal is. set to take effect in three days and could bring an end to more than four years of civil war the country's president salva kiir signed the peace agreement after two days of talks with rebels in khartoum the capital of neighboring saddam a top rebel leader hailed the deal as a quote new page for south sudan tens of thousands of people have been killed since the civil war broke out in twenty thirteen. all right let's bring in our east africa correspondent catherine wando who is in the kenyan capital nairobi catherine this isn't the first peace deal that these are two parties have agreed to people think this one is any more likely to stick. well the international community is cautiously optimistic about this recent agreement
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but you have to look at the fact that this is the tenth agreement since august two thousand and fifteen when the first agreement was made between the two leaders present silva q. and r. so it's basically observing to see what happens if you look at the wider picture just last week the south sudanese government wanted react mashallah out of the peace talks that these recent peace talks and then a couple of days later you have them signing an agreement but then we also did see members of the s.p.l. him earlier complaining about aspects of the framework of the agreement including the exploration of oil by the sudanese government you know under the supervision of juba so but then there's still going to be talks going on for the next two weeks before a comprehensive agreement is made so it will be interesting to see how the body does react in coming days refresh our minds if you will our recollection of what
8:33 pm
is this conflict about. well it started in as you know south sudan got its independence in two thousand and eleven in two thousand and thirteen december those a clash between president salva kiir and machar over power sharing that was the main issue react michaud was saying that he was being edged out of those not peace or excuse me those new level playing field but then the troops clashed in this conflict took a very ethnic tone we have you know clash between the new wears which is. react musharrif ethnic group and the dinka which is presence of the curious ethnic group so you have these two ethnic groups that have been fighting for the past five years and if this peace deal last one of the main challenger south sudan will face . one of them made issues that they did highlighted this ceasefire with the access to humanitarian aid that is the biggest issue right now
8:34 pm
in south sudan according to aid agencies they need about three billion dollars to provide humanitarian aid to various people who have been displaced or affected by the conflict as we know seven million south sudanese do not have or need food aid and we have twelve two million who have been displaced in two million who have fled the country so that would be the major issue to start with but also forming a transitional government that would lead south sudan into an election that can you know it can give some sort of normalcy to the country but also a major issue that people have raised especially mediated is the aspect of reconciliation and justice and where the there will be reconciliation between the two groups that will warring. catherine wanderer reporting on the south sudanese peace agreement thank you so very much. and next up i'm going to hand you over
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to danielle with a story on a volkswagen which is boosting its presence in east africa that's right it's a relatively small investment but i significant one folks fogging has opened a new factory in rwanda that's the sole v.w. facility on the continent following in the tire tracks of south africa nigeria and kenya but the german comic came to rwanda not simply to make cars but to try out a new strategy in cautionary and wide heading services as well. as some finishing touches just before president paul could gammy arrive to launch the first ever car made in rwanda or at least assembled here with parts from south africa. creating to me to industry is something that we want to be and this shows that a global brand like you can actually find the right conditions to be able to assemble k.m.'s it's very historic for us and i'm very excited about that for expansion
8:36 pm
plans to build up to five thousand cars annually in rwanda creating a brand new jobs the twenty million dollar investment as part of the german carmakers expansion into the sub-saharan markets each of you won't only be selling cars but mobility to. africa the total population is what probably about one point two billion people at the moment of the one point two billion billion people you have maybe one hundred million who can afford a new car if that number twenty thousand dollars plus minus to buy a vehicle however there are millions and millions of people who have a few dollars in the pocket and need to go from a to b. . rwanda is a business focused country with a tech savvy youthful population so rwandans will soon be able to book and pay for car sharing and write hailing options via their mobile phones the op was developed by an international tech giant but by everyone didn't start up.
8:37 pm
with test six months working night before december and today it's it's really we're really grateful very happy very proud of the product we've been able to deliver on here very proud of the feedback to have got so far the mobility concept aims to address some of rwanda's transportation and congestion problems as he grows traffic johnson become commonplace to get around the city people often hop on the back of a motor taxi. it was still a little time with traffic it actually affects their productivity as a business or individuals and so this solution of sharing. cars is a very important component of has enough money and what we're trying here is not just an experiment for one but it's something. we believe could be the key for for many countries in africa to create. industrialization with that as a small country rwanda doesn't present too great a risk for. that the investments could mark the beginning of a new journey. answers on
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a cross is reporting from kigali in rwanda just five thousand planned for this first phase as we heard at all of the parts are important is it still worth getting excited over. yes you are right the car scam as so-called completely knocked down kits from south africa to rhonda and they have to be assembled in the country to then become the new car that will be sold here in the country but you have to consider that this is the. folks wagon has to begin from scratch here and rana there's now automotive industry and so now and that is how folks work and also started over twenty years ago in china so they have to get started at one point that's what thomas schaeffer told us today at the event if you want to believe in the future you have to start at one point and they consider the sub-saharan african market and merchant importing important market so yes it was an important day for
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folks wagon it was also an important day for one which was shown by an incredible media coverage but also the president come to came to attend the opening and to give us at the new facility the first steps on a much longer journey but what to get out of the venture why i go to rwanda what are they getting out. for fuck's wagon run as a test run for a new mobility solutions so folks wagon knows they want to do things differently on the african market they also have to do them differently the objective is not to build cars for everyone but to find and provide mobility solutions so folks we're going to now the first car maker on the continent to implement such a strategy right hailing and car sharing concept in africa and maybe kigali is just the right spot for it kigali is a one point two million in heaven inhabitants capital city and they decided to
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experiment here with for the first time one hundred and fifty cars that they will use for right healing in let us in nigeria if you would try the same experiment you would maybe need two thousand cars and that would be a much higher risk. is the first open a car factory but it isn't the only big company looking to gain a foothold in rwanda why is the country looking so attractive to foreign firms we've heard that it's a good place to do business in africa why is that you know when folks like and came up with the idea they were looking into different african countries also to a few opiah and tanzania but then they chose who and why because they were very impressed by the economic growth of about seven per cent that is pretty stable over the past years but also the no corruption strategy that run their shows and a very business minded government. under development board is very investor
8:41 pm
friendly and looks. best. and for example offers tax holidays over seven years or then more than fifty million dollars all right some wonder is quite interesting to foreign across thank you very much for that thank you. how do you back of late on that when we started off in malta we are we are some developments there a german rescue ship that has been stranded at sea for days is now docked in malta as capital valetta a grant of the ship for permission to dock there after it leaves new populist government refused entry to its ports around two hundred thirty migrants on board the ship can now disembark after six days in limbo at sea while disagreement came only after a number of european union countries agreed to take the migrants in is what mata's prime minister joseph muscat said earlier today. six european union member
8:42 pm
states most of france ireland it's in the luxembourg and portugal have decided to team up together to offer another look europe is so huge and to an impending humanitarian crisis on board and the lifeline i'm now joined by a german m.p. money about sarrazin he is with the green party and was part of a group of lawmakers who were on board the life flying thank you so much sir for joining us here on the set you were able to see for yourself what the conditions are on life line please share that experience with us i mean what you have to imagine is that when you enter the boat you're not only stepping on the boat actually stepping on human beings there so it's so crowded the sonia to each other the sitting since days having body to body being really close to it together really of kind of move and then i was dead was good weather conditions the waves were perhaps half a metre high of mach's but now we have spring does have braved the waters coming
8:43 pm
over that they called a time on the outside on the back done up inside the boat so it was really not acceptable situation already on monday it's even worse today in very dire conditions that you described there and now the lifeline is not the only vessel out there there are several boats that are trying to help rescue some of those people who are making that para. journey across a to make it to the european shore italy and malta as well are saying these organizations these ships are facilitating human trafficking do they have a point no i don't think so because actually what they do is a rescue and emergency such a rescue which is a job everybody is doing also official patrol boats are doing this also like the mask boats the big vessel of the mess the company is doing it so if you really want to stop this you would have to stop all traffic of boats and ships and the whole with the rainy and so on from hamburg as you are also from a region near to the water if you don't save people who are actually droning i mean
8:44 pm
this is part of being the nations was accessed to the sea that if somebody is in need because he's drowning that you save him you don't ask for color of skin or exception permission this is shrine and maritime law in other words so many europe now are making the case for establishing entry points on the other side of the mediterranean in north africa and maybe also in albania do you think that that is the way to go to prevent people from making their perilous journey you know the guys on boards if you talk to them they tell you a better on the sea than stay in libya if you think that you can facilitate camp security is human conditions which ok and was ok legal service. on the show in libya you know i don't know how to do that holds show disappear or
8:45 pm
to be guaranteed. so i don't think that is realistic and if you make an operation the libyan authorities first the people will try to go away because they are actually escaping not only from the original country of the come from but they also try to escape from the situation in libya where they are in slavery with a touch of misused and. so i don't see this as an option really right. the european refugee policy immigration debate is very contentious it continues to be very divisive people are conflicted about what is the right way to go about this we're going to have another you summit as of governments again going to try and resolve this issue do you think that this time around the pressure is such that they will come up with the solution i think there will be some kind of solution that will not be of course a severe solution to solve it through the end but what we have to learn is that we
8:46 pm
don't have to agree on everything we should try to focus on things we can agree on to not have this divisive situation not only amongst member states but also inside our societies german m.p. man who said as in from the green party he was onboard the lifeline a few days ago thank you for sharing what you think lately appreciate it thanks and let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. twin bombs have killed nine people in africa in northern syria according to improve monitoring the violence in the country the syrian observatory for human rights says at least four of those killed were rebel fighters backed by turkey turkish forces and their rebel allies seized aphelion in march from the kurdish why p.g. militia. poland's parliament has amended a controversial law that made it illegal to suggest poles were complicit in nazi war crimes the country will no longer impose jail terms for using phrases like
8:47 pm
polish death camps poland's prime minister said he hoped the change would improve relations with israel after the last sparked a diplomatic row. a turkish court has ordered the release of jailed journalist mehmet. he was sentenced to life in prison four months ago on charges of aiding the failed coup attempt back in twenty sixteen well over fifty thousand people meanwhile have been arrested in the crackdown since the coup including over one hundred and twenty journalists in the united states after weeks of public outcry and intense media scrutiny a federal judge has ordered that children separated from their parents at the us mexico border must be reunited with their families within a month the ruling follows weeks of outrage that last week forced president trump to walk back his administration's policy of splitting up migrant families who cross
8:48 pm
into the u.s. illegally. un-american it's immoral and it's evil the fire late constitutional rights are americans another legal blow dealt to trump zero tolerance policy separated families must be reunited within thirty days children under five fourteen days and a nationwide injunction against any future family break ups there were protests clashes and even arrests in l.a. outside the hotel where attorney general jeff sessions the man behind one of washington's most controversial policies defended the hardline stance in the name of public safety. all of us that are here for not meeting. him agreeing to sell by word to sell embarrassing. parts of our history meeting in. washington under pressure to abolish the immigration protocol the cooled ruling was printed off to seventeen states filed suit against the policy
8:49 pm
isn't constitutional denying immigrants due process and the right to seek asylum stay say they've been forced to do a huge increase in child custody cos they call for transparency the public must know the true price of the sinful separation. would have a lot of happy people this comes just one week after trump signed an executive order that would keep families who illegally cross the us mexico border together as they await immigration proceedings as border officials struggle to reunite families more than two thousand children made in camps some hundreds of miles away from their parents who claimed that when they roamed the number given to reach their children they were met with adult turn or no answer to. that. there were a lawn rise down the street a pos down on tuesday night for the opening of. that's what he or she should wish
8:50 pm
film festival for the next nine days forty two films including documentaries short films and series will show in theaters across props them and for a length of this year's festival is sort of vocative to say the least you know the jews i don't want to even go. there go there and have to go there care how start for our culture that's what is here to talk a lot more about this what is this festival of ours carol this is really a gem of a festival a lot has to be said even though it's not that small anymore it started off really tiny twenty four years ago with about one cinema showing eight films and it's really burgeoned over that time and the idea is to make a connection between sort of the history of germany's jewish community the darkest chapters of course of which where world very well aware but also with the reality of jewish life here in germany today and that's something that a lot of people in germany are much less familiar with i'm familiar with indeed
8:51 pm
what's the scene so this motto no fake jews i think it's totally brilliant because it really binds up a very serious political reference with a very good dose of jewish at its best i mean you've seen the posters very very in your phrase you have the i could have played your attention well the message is that they're not dealing in alternative facts they want to present an authentic picture of jewish life of jewish culture also of israeli life and and israeli reality not reality as you can well imagine is manyfold growing burgeoning community of israeli ex-pats here in berlin will confirm that. so it's very much about learning about inclusiveness and making a positive statement on jewish culture in times when unfortunately of course we're seeing a rise in education tax now. how do you define what's a typically jewish film that's very hard to do but the opening film i would have to say fit the bill because it was a documentary about. you know this is. european premiere of the
8:52 pm
second portrait of the israeli american violinist and conductor christian contract of polio at the age of four and his energy into learning that my only. has ever played. brilliantly. and so full. of himself. like a very fitting opening definitely music coal and and and of course with the arts in the in the foreground and the other highlights there absolutely and there's so many good films i don't know i almost don't know where to start but i think the stand out for me is foxtrot which is by the israeli director samuel mouse it won the silver lion grand jury prize in venice just last year and was also shortlisted for the oscar for best foreign language film it's very heavy stuff which one can imagine from his previous film lebannon it's sort of
8:53 pm
a mix of the personal and the political to create a portrait of israel as a traumatized society a crook. foxtrot begins with bad news for the parents of a young man serving in the israeli army. in the film and now going a bit of cannot. there is a surreal twist in store for the parents but the movie also shows the daily life of their son at a military checkpoint this was a recluse that. it's creeping where no one homeowner. has been remarkably for months on what i mean how
8:54 pm
much of an effort of. this allegory of israeli society made the director a few high profile enemies for the film was released or work or work or was there a. and she did it in exactly the same way the feeling talks about folks thought is the strong the compass of the feeling was you know or nuclear weapon that we learn from them up. the movie is a cleverly constructed tour de force dealing with grief and what the director calls the bleeding soul of israeli society. the missing death and. it's a profound and personal story told with plenty of incidental humor.
8:55 pm
need i tell you that there are just some absolutely wonderfully observed moments in that film now there's one more highlight that i want to tell you about later because disobedience is another film that's on the list in some in berlin by the oscar winning director and lady oh so premiered at the toronto film festival last year and stars the wonderful rachel wise and rachel mcadams the two rachel's in a story of forbidden love in the orthodox jewish community in north london so that's another really hope until of course we have a clip but we don't have time to show it brady would have missed the pictures when we both have a girl crush on rachel he's definitely a dude we definitely do. something for you now before we go we remind you that unfortunately you have all the emotional rollercoaster of the germany match against south korea was not reserved for those on the pitch found across germany and around the world felt it as well and here's a taste of germany fan reaction from a two nil loss that sends the defending world champions.
8:56 pm
right that i am simply means i am. i am. i am.
8:57 pm
glad sometimes to get the bodies turned out. but the vast majority of mexico's two hundred thousand missing persons never found. mexico is in the grip of drug cartel some function. but human rights activists and family
8:58 pm
members cling to this for company. mexicans dying for justice in fifteen minutes on t.w. . up . ok who do you think is going to be bullshitting. all the matches all the scores. two thousand eighteen soccer world cup on g.w. news. could the asylum dispute spell the end for chance in america the government of german chancellor angela merkel could fall apart but not because the enemies are getting stronger can she resolve the conflict the sister party c.s.u. and the discord within the e.u. hectic consultations are taking place in berlin on the first day not fully explain
8:59 pm
herself to parliament a deadline has been set for sunday. end game this week until a new news. crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses for. their record which is travel around the globe just social media. but what is for the gambling addiction and what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of crimes first thanks to this video recording of the soldier who shot the young man is on trial napster forensics between bits and parts. i. believe i. may think yes. it's a big chance because justice is about the truth. truth
9:00 pm
detectives starts june thirtieth on w. . this is the w. news law from berlin tonight the unthinkable has happened at soccer's world cup the reigning champions germany have been knocked out of the germany supporters around the country and around the world are heartbroken tonight to the bitter end and in the last dying minutes they expected. to deliver in advance to the next day but it just wasn't meant to be team germany losing to south korea in
9:01 pm
a win or go home game and now they are going home after the first stage of the tournament.


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