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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is due to. the unthinkable has happened at soccer's world com. i've been knocked out of the. germany supporters around the world and around the country. to the bitter end and in the last minutes they expected. to deliver and advance to the next games but it was not meant to be.
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home game and now they are going home after the first stage of the tournament it's germany's worst world cup performance in. i'm going to have you with us we start with a world cup shock here in germany the national team reigning world champions have been knocked out of the world cup tournament it is a devastating outcome for a nation that is crazy over soccer i'll be doing a post mortem on germany's loss to south korea with our sports team in just a moment but to put today's loss in a historical context the last time that team germany went out of the world cup tournament this early was in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight. we have this report now on germany's ninety nine minutes of agony on the pitch for.
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midway through the first half it became key it was not to be germany's often one even kept. nervous. at the start of the second half the german side managed to mount some pressure on the south korean goal but failed to capitalize on the chances time and time again nervous at so back and notice in front of the opponents goal. is a dying minutes of the game germany's afternoon became even worse. human form kim suppressed an inept defense to put south korea as. much as the delight of his incredulous team mates was and it's a six minute all stoppage time human song added to the misery of the german side that have already stopped believing in their words cup campaign. when i think somebody saw i don't know the sixty fifth minute we started to get really hectic we lost all attempt to set up when he came in while you take a little misplaced passes did run into some incredible counter text which i hope i
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can say we still defended well but somehow we lost always struck so this is a very big moment for us and all of germany france very very very bitter even and. i mean i'm deeply disappointed as well he fit me at the spot because you know i was optimistic now i will need a couple of months and tomorrow i will talk about how to go on from here. is it time to hold us humiliated to crash out of its last group f. . you know help us dissect this crash now i'm joined here at the big table by. us and it will be round shots from our sports team well i mean i wish we were saying hello under different circumstances i think i speak for a lot of people tonight i know that you thought that team germany had refill nids mojo after their win against sweet that's right i mean they look like
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a kind of are a new team to a degree but let's not forget that for the majority of that match against sweden they really did struggle so in many ways yes they had found a but then it was sort of that touchy we'll say and there's many elements that came against sweden at the end the day of course germany beat them two one but it was the very last minute that they actually paint them on a half time they're actually facing an early exit which now is happens but they're facing an army exit because sweden actually went ahead because of a mistake by tony cross who end. and went on to actually you know scored that last minute winner but there were many issues in the team unit she looked like it was a team that sort of lacked drawing they looked a little bit a little bit lazy at times and it looked like they didn't really want to win it and there's been lots of questions about this team compared to the team in two thousand and fourteen and we actually even heard someone say today that the last good performance that we saw from this team was at the end of two thousand and seven seat i mean was this was it would be almost condemned from the start but i think
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one of the key factors in them crashing out so early was their mentality they didn't look like they were on the pitch to win these games it didn't look like they had much to fight for from the first game onwards against mexico already they looked complacent they looked as if the fact that their reigning world champions would carry them all the way through to the final which is not how football works but he obviously they weren't told that obviously the they couldn't have thought that i mean do you really think that they had that mind game you know taking place that they could sit on their laurels from twenty four g. well it can happen and i mean you know in many respects it's not that uncommon to see something like this happen spain crushed them in twenty air and twenty fourteen of course after they'd won in two thousand and ten italy crushed them twenty ten after they'd won in twenty two three in the same purpose of being a curse and even going a little bit kind of big for your boots you know they went in and like i said before they helped a little bit lazy they they kind of had a lot of issues in the team how much of this can we trace back to the coach well at the end of the day there's always
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a players who are on the field and who have to put in the performance but there are some decisions that you know him of can make to help his team and it doesn't look like he really supported his team in this there were some controversial decisions from before the world cup already like which players he ended up taking he left at home a promising young talent which many heavily criticized he left at home and the goal scorer of two thousand and fourteen of the final. he basically brought them the title with his goal again goal in the last. the final against argentina so there's some controversy about that for sure do you think the last really puts the final nail in the coffin for the error of your live in terms of german so i'm not sure whether i would say it's a nail in the coffin really i think it's time for him to step down yes i think it's time for something new in germany but we can't forget that he did make them world champion i mean under you know he moved right germany experienced a very very big high so i think now it's just a time for something new but will you watch the other games i did indeed i was in i
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was in an odd situation where i had to watch both games at once and i was sort of watching i was watching mexico and sweden of course mexico let's not forget the chairman and sweden were incredibly hungry for this they went out there they really want to win and they ended up you know were performing incredibly well there are where they are they are they that much better than germany do you think or is it the determination to win that is. partly what you do in the pitch as in physically but a lot of what football has to do is what's going to appear on how you you know act out there whether you're hungry for and whether you're as a team work together obviously germany has a fantastic there's a plethora of amazing players so you can say it's that they don't have the talent there the problem is how do you bring those people together how do you drive them how do you make sure that they when they're out there they work together they can understand each other they can read each other and it looked today particular with that match between mexico and sweden that's we've really had all the elements there and that's why they deserved three you know when you will he said you know
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nonetheless either way you look at it for the for team germany tonight. thank you very much thank you and the disappointment is clearly being felt among germany supporters we went to the fan mile here in berlin to get their reactions take a look. i meant effect misunderstood just wasn't an assigned we had our chances we had a shot some gold that the german team had to press forward and that was when south korean landed the shots fired and we didn't get a chance in the last minutes of a time so it was just bad luck on your time and i'm missing the. i think the last performance is really awesome against. that so i was a little disappointed today however i still stand behind germany america still stands behind germany we love you guys ok. disappointment. but you can really say we had such high hopes especially here in the fan zone with the mood was so good we have to get in like the last game in the last second and it
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was disappointing. you survived you call your mother and tell her to survive and yet i still have to call about obviously i made it out alive. and how did the fans how did they take this loss ok initially obviously disbelief a lot it was like a long moment of silence and a lot of fans have the headstone and a lot of them also in stoppage time when germany didn't have that a lot of them were hoping for like a moment of magic to happen again and they cried inside the fan mile in or does it in stoppage time you had a lot of fans who basically even had this on top ready to record another magical moment it didn't happen i mean it did happen but it was tough korea that scored ed but i also have to say note here we do see france crying and initially that was the case but i have to say brant at the end we had
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a lot of smiling hands once it sank in this manner which i think is also because you know this tactic in twenty fourteen they won the world cup and if they have won it again this time around it would have been almost like a bonus i think people are always talking about like the players beings are motivated or they didn't quite have the motivation this time they went really hungry enough some of these fans i have to say also went that hungry and a lot of them are basically saying look four years from now we'll be back and you think this really is the psychology here that is that's really most important on the pitch today that if you've tasted victory once then the hunger for a second time may not be as strong well yes and no but then for example if you look at the champions league and we look at real madrid you know like three in a row i mean those guys continued being hungry i think there were a lot of reasons. time around why it didn't happen for germany but at halftime when i was talking to a lot of these friends i mean
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a lot of them were still really confident they were going to turn this around in the second half it's germany they always take a bit of time to get the game going it didn't happen it didn't happen and if you look at the last three propriety performances let's be honest let's be objective as it was never about performance where they were better for answers they were towing the fifty but you just talk about the impact that it's had on society today i mean i when i was driving into the office this afternoon to exist during the game and it was palpable there was a quiet on the street and i knew one thins things are not going to be one thing well yeah and did you sense that too i mean could you can almost feel it in the air or was it almost tangible oh yeah yeah and certainly from the get go there was a nervousness even like inside the the crowd and you sensed that and i think i remember even saying that when i did the frist life hit is that south korea in one way they had nothing to lose that nothing in a way to pay for but they did want to go and south korea policy do want to go back home at least with a point with the goal of conservation when they got it but if you can't win against
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south korea you probably don't deserve to be yeth good for the sake of the crust. that's maybe saying that right talking is always good to have you have the big day but thank you. well as we said germany finished last in group f. and failed to advance in group ybe resilience which will in both moved on to the knockout rounds which won the courtesy of a two two draw against costa rica while five time world champions brazil went through as group leaders thanks to a two no win against serbia only knows skillfull city provided brazil's opener after thirty six minutes defender. scored the second from a corner kick zimbelman mexico in the round of sixteen in the other match dermot she was on target for switzerland second goal and it was in the eighty eight minute eighty two draw against those two week it was enough for switzerland to go through in the face sweet in the knockout round.
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a rescue ship stranded for days in the mediterranean with more than two hundred migrants on board has arrived in malta the ship called lifeline is run by a german charity it's now been allowed to dock after a group of european union countries agreed to accept those migrants who qualify for refugee status the ball he's government has initially refused entry and is now threatening the ship's crew with legal action. arrived but on welcome a week after being rescued from the sea migrants on board the lifeline finally reach a safe harbor. following an international standoff malta allowed the ship to dock but only after several european countries agreed to accept the migrants the ship's crew now face repercussions for their rescue mission the m.v. lifeline will be detained pending the necessary investigations according to
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national and international rules the situation has been caused by a decision of the captain of the said who went against international rules and ignored directions being given by the italian authorities who were coordinating the rescue. maltese authorities allege the ship was improperly registered and that the crew switched off its transponder the lifelines german based charity operator denies any wrongdoing. by sarkar to be honest i'm ashamed and i'm close to tears to see all the people who are treated like everyone is talking about trump in mexico on the wall but i think europe isn't any better as. the crew has been caring for hundreds of migrants many sick across days of uncertainty and rough weather those rescued by the lifeline described harrowing stories of their journey . seen at. the scene he passed through several places that were like prisons.
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prisons prisons like prisons these. they will now be registered and transferred to several european countries or deported if they're found to have no asylum claim the european partners insist this will be a one off solution but it's the second time that a rescue ship has itself had to be rescued so far this month and a long term solution is still out of sight. good. something nice for him as cancer jurors are dealing with anything at all they killed many said.


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