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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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this is d w news live from birth lead shock and soul searching in germany as the national team crashed out of the world cup in the group stage how did it all go so wrong for the reigning champions and where do they go from here we will have analysis from our soccer experts. also coming up a day of reckoning for angela merkel's migration policy and europe's open borders the german chancellor needs a deal with e.u. leaders at the summit in brussels to put down a rebellion within her own government if she fails or coalition could collapse and
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after days stranded at sea the german n.g.o.s ship a lifeline has been allowed to dock in malta but it's proof it's legal action and the migrants that it picked up are facing an uncertain fate. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us it is a defeat that few thought possible the title holders germany have been knocked out of the world cup in the group stage they were eliminated by south korea a team with only one star player. their fans expected victory and were just straw and stunned not only did their team fail to make it through to the last sixteen they came up of bottom of the group many said they deserved to lose.
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this was the moment when south korean fans realized that their team had actually beaten germany by two goals so now the result lifted their team to third in the group and guaranteed mexico would follow sweden into the knockout phase and mexican fans were quick to show their gratitude here we see them celebrating at the south korean embassy in mexico city. well it is the day after and last but there is still plenty to talk about before we get into the post-mortem let's see how germany. germany's date with destiny unfold it so tragically. midway through the first half the became evidently clear it was not to be germany's afternoon even captain montoya noire looks nervous at the start of the second half the german side managed to mount some pressure on the south gringo but failed to capitalize on their own chances time and time again nervous at the back and nervous
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in front of the opponent's goal i. know in the dying minutes of the game germany's afternoon even worse one came took advantage of some inept defending to give south korea the lead by much to the disbelief of his own teammates by i was in the six minutes of stoppage time domain so i need to germany's misery the object six limits are going to sixty fifth minute we started to get really hectic we lost our tech tickets set up we became why you took a little misplaced passes did run into some incredible counter attacks which i hope i can say we stood defended well but somehow we lost all structure this is a very big moment for us and all of germany france very very very big to even in the for. the title holders humiliated crashed out of the world cup at the first
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hurdle. fight and for more let's bring in tom tonight who is joining us from dayton he has for us and we also have standing by for us jonathan harding he is at the germany team camp outside of moscow where there is a lot of soul searching to do today welcome to both of you and tom i'd like to begin with you because i see you've been looking at the papers today or have indeed joy that's been this morning outside the apocalyptic in the german newspapers. historic exit in the case. has this really striking picture of the humiliated world champions mario gomez amounts words. it is speechless which is. quite rare actually for the build paper but it's a reference to their own front page off to germany and brazil seven one in the two thousand and fourteen semifinal football build of course of this disastrous looking picture of. people finding it quite hard i think to come to terms with what is
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really an unexpected catastrophe for german football obsolete and correct me if i'm wrong but i read that this is actually never happened never happened journalism has gone out at this stage in the tournament and i'm jonathan and i believe or at least i hope you're still standing by for us because you traveled back from cars and with with the team last night and so i'd like to ask you what was the mood like. oh very similar to the headlines that thomas wrote out after the game you homeless said to be atmosphere in the changing room was deathly silent i think that disappointment is carried its way through to this morning and the team mr spin desperately disappointed yesterday after the game players that spoke to the media you could just see on their faces tony cross is perhaps the best picture of that he was stood on the pitch after the game for an awful long time just looking absolutely dejected i think germany cannot believe that they've let themselves and
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let's make no bones about it they are to blame for this that they've let themselves get into this situation and the disappointment is the word you were actually at the match what was it like to watch this unfold. it was like watching germany every game is sort of and i think that's the biggest problem germany were poor they were hopeful they were hesitant there wasn't much of a game plan about them they didn't look very inspired but that's the way they looked against sweden they got lucky and that's the way they looked against mexico in their opening game so when you look at germany's woke up campaign and you look at the way that they've played it wasn't very surprising but the fact that when it really came down to it after the sweden game you got this feeling that german. he had understood what they were here to do and that they had recognised the occasion they were going to change the way that they played for them not to do that after the sweden game was the biggest surprise their performance on the whole was basically the same as it has been throughout this tournament paul and that's where all the inquests will start well at the very least you know they have always been
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known for their consistency and they were consistently poor in the store an amount . of course now comes the questioning what exactly happened how can you know this be fixed going forward now tom a lot of soul searching as we mentioned what happens that i mean the general tone seems to be that complacency was something which really caused germany a lot of problems there's the obvious comparison with the two thousand and fourteen world cup squad nine players left in a couple of big choice is made to leave players out mario good so wasn't included on clay should it was included. a player who wasn't at the two thousand and fourteen world cup. and also chose to leave out this tournament for which he's still facing a lot of criticism and have been since the decision was made his neighbor sana who's the young player of the year in the english premier league. and you know germany at this tournament lacks a lot of creativity going forward they didn't really look like they were going to cause any teams that many problems sana is
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a player who can do that and he wasn't nervous definitely going to have to face a lot of tough questions as you think his future is on the line and that's a question that i'm actually going to turn to jonathan now because jonathan i mean we've basically seen over the past decade germany steadily improving to become world champs now they're at a new low point does yogi love need to hand in his resignation. letter now it's a question everybody's asking themselves i don't know whether it's the time to talk about it necessarily a day after the incident it's still quite an emotional situation is still very raw i think it's very easy to say that is the one that needs to take responsibility and there is a certain degree of blame. that needs to be on his shoulders he didn't get things right tactically and as tom just mentioned there will be questions about his selection choices but that doesn't mean the players are not responsible and i think to say the lurve should go means that the players and not responsible for their poor performance that doesn't add up to me well i don't know what he will do he
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looked a very dejected figure yesterday and obviously he's got a lot of soul searching to do for himself but i think he won't stay because personally i think you look at it be so disappointed with the way that he's he's let out this team jonathan how do you think that this disaster will affect the team long term. ok it seems that jonathan perhaps can't hear me there he's not answering at least so tom i'll ask you that question how do you think it's going to impact the team long term well i mean like we said this is the first time in history the german team has gone out in the group phase of the world cup so it has to be something i mean it's a massive moment the last massive moment kind of in recent memory in german football was dreadful campaign of the two thousand european championships and that really you know following that tournament germany. demanded a lot more development work from their clubs invested a lot in training young players really built up a football infrastructure that has become the envy of the world and it's hard not
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to see yesterday's game this tournament result as the closing of that era so it's going to be interesting to see if something so radical can follow and at some point it is going to have to. at the latest here in the studio their reaction from germany where it is a sad day indeed and jonathan harding who. watched it all unfold there in russia we thank you so much to both of you for your analysis. well we're going to turn to some other news now because a high stakes summit is set to kick off in brussels today at the main topic is migration the block is deeply divided over the issue and here's a huge there's been a huge drop in the number of migrants trying to get into the e.u. but still many countries are calling for changes to the box policies on refugees angela merkel in particular is under pressure at home to stem the number of arrivals the issue is threatening to bring down her government. fast diplomacy
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e.u. commission chief. spanish prime minister people sanchez french president eman when marco. needs her european allies now. however you look at it migration is a european challenge at the moment perhaps the greatest challenge and the cohesion of this european union is at stake. merkel is backed by french president shimon we might call in her search for a european solution there to reprise in the hard core of a multilateral you wrote. following the same line other bene look states also spain portugal and greece the mediterranean countries especially do not want to have to cope with the refugee problem alone. metals method gets clear when it comes to spain. germany promises to help out at the
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spanish border and in return the spanish prime minister will support me actually. there's a lot of course we will work with chancellor merkel and to the german government on a common solution to the migration issue i have a rage this with the chancellor and i can gladly confirm this here. but the tone coming from austria and italy is less kind to america. austrian chancellor is a bust and chords is chief you create a gulf america's asylum policy he sympathizes with countries wanting to seal off their national borders his fuse align with those of america still mystic opponents a very unstable premier marcus suit of the c.s.u. and his supporters. of me i am grateful that i have always received supportive of area for my stance and i believe that we had a very similar position in twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen when many refugees reproached us. so you try to put. greatest
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light to the east poland hungary the czech republic and slovakia. group. they refused to accept migrants. prime minister viktor orban demands better border control and refugee camps outside the e.u. . at least all e.u. leaders agree on securing the european union's perry mentor and strengthening the border protection agency fronting. once more search for solutions continues but time is running out. today. a european solution to the migration crisis how real is the threat to her
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government domestically if she does not well the strange thing is in fact that the threat to her government is from domestic pressure rather from these rather than from these tensions on the european level. in the government system party in bavaria that is putting this amount of pressure on. the pressure really to find a. solution that exists. coming from the scene. is very very difficult and it's going to make it very hard for two reasons for pushing ahead on the european. government to threaten to so it's a very difficult position. that government because the bavarians of a variance are allies have been saying if she doesn't deliver on what they are demanding they're going to try and do it on that she cannot accept that as head of
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the government that very an interior. and us that does things on his own against her will that would mean that she would have to throw him out of a government it would be mutiny so to speak obsolete for so let's compare the two because you talked about the european level we saw there in that in that piece the divisions within europe are so wide how far apart of the parties within her own coalition government would just say well that's a strange thing there aren't that far apart in fact it's really on one very small point that this whole crisis is pivoted at the moment here in germany and that is the demand of the bavarians that people who have sought for a sort applied for asylum elsewhere in europe should be thrown out of germany should not be allowed into germany should be rejected f. the border that in fact contravenes european and german rule but they're insisting on having on wanting to do that and it's this small point on which the whole thing pivots which might actually cause this to collapse on the european level there is a chance that there might be some kind of agreement between germany and other
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countries in europe but it's unlikely that this is going to happen today or tomorrow and speaking of today she's actually giving a speech within about forty five minutes before the german parliament you and i are going to be back then and so we encourage our viewers if you're interested in this story do join us in about forty five minutes time. because as we mentioned we'll bringing you live coverage of that address in just a short while in the meantime we'd like to bring you some other stories making news around the world days of continuous downpours in china and provinces have forced thousands of people to be evacuated to safety flash flooding destroyed the soul road out of a village in gunk pseuds. county firefighters there created a makeshift wire crossing over a river bed to rescue more than twenty residents. in northern thailand the effort to rescue twelve boys and their football coach trapped in
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a flooded cave has been strengthened by more tie and military british cave experts and a u.s. military team have also joined the search the group have been missing since saturday afternoon rescuers say that the water level in the cave has risen again because of overnight frame. joe jackson the father of music legends michael and janet jackson has died in las vegas in the one nine hundred sixty s. joe jackson guided his children to pop stardom with the jackson five groups excess launched the career of his son michael who became one of the most popular entertainers in history but joe jackson's children say that their father severely abused them. a rescue ship stranded for days in the mediterranean with more than two hundred migrants on board has arrived in malta the ship called the lifeline is run by a german charity it was allowed to dock after a group of the e.u. states agreed to accept those migrants who qualify for refugee status the maltese
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government had initially refused entry and is now threatening the ship's crew with legal action. arrived but unwelcome a week after being rescued from the sea migrants on board the lifeline finally reach a safe harbor. following an international standoff malta allowed the ship to dock but only after several european countries agreed to accept the migrants the ship's crew now face repercussions for their rescue mission the m.v. lifeline will be detained pending the necessary investigations according to national and international rules the situation has been caused by a decision of the captain of the said there so who went against international rules and ignored directions being given by the italian authorities who were coordinating the rescue. maltese authorities allege the ship was improperly registered and that the crew switched off its transponder the lifelines german based charity operator
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denies any wrongdoing. by sarkar to be honest i'm ashamed and i'm close to tears to see how the people here are treated everyone is talking about trump in mexico on the wall but i think europe isn't any better and that's not. the crew has been caring for hundreds of migrants many sick across days of uncertainty and rough weather those rescued by the lifeline describe harrowing stories of their journey seen. the scene he passed through several places that were like prisons in prisons prisons like prisons is. they will now be registered and transferred to several european countries or deported if they're found to have no asylum claim the european partners insist this will be a one off solution but it's the second time that a rescue ship has itself had to be rescued so far this month and a long term solution is still out of sight. well there is nine months to go
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until bags it is a going to be a birth while. misses are sounding the alarm and helen humphrey has the story there there's still an awful lot of confusion right now about what briggs it will mean for businesses new makers continue to engage in a heated debates about the u.k.'s future outside of the european union british companies have warned prime minister theresa may that a messy exit could put thousands of jobs at risk industry representatives here in germany have also been voicing concerns calling for both european and british lawmakers to outline their plans by october. so to talk more about how german business is preparing for briggs it i'm joined in the studio now by power mesa from the federation all the german industries good to see you thanks for having me nine months to go in theory to bragg's it all gemma
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business is worried what are they telling you and all of a getting out of britain very very concerned because we don't know what's going to happen after after the exit date it's march twenty ninth you said it's now it's nine months to go and talk to companies here that they're doing plans to prepare for what's what's considered the worst case that we crash out without any deal at all one of those plans they set a new facilities they see whether they have other suppliers that are operate within the single market they hire people in order to process customs they think about whether the free flow of data is still possible with the u.k. in the e.u. they set up servers so it's a broad range and it's very individual based from company to company can say that it is you know potentially a boon for germany we've seen lots of jobs from the city of london already moved back to francs you know isn't that the other side to this debate there's clearly
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a trend towards that but i wouldn't say that's a positive development because firms are based in the united kingdom for a reason they think it's the best place for at least that part of the value chain to do business and you're end up with a two fold negative consequence first of all you have you have moving costs and a risk that's associated with it and on the other hand you end up in a place that is less optimal than the status quo so they currently think with the current state is that is the best place to do business in what while could you imagine the european union still doing business with britain without a deal is that even feasible it certainly is feasible but it comes with a huge detrimental effect the single market is way more than what's considered. a regular free trade agreement as we have it with a lot of external countries. and that's why why we also say as a business community we want to have the closest. of the closest ties with the u.k. that a possible but we have to move within
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a certain framework we have to make sure that we don't jeopardize our relationship with our fellow e.u. twenty seven members we have to make sure that we don't jeopardize our relationship with with third countries. and in this framework we have to we have to end up in a solution that's probably more conventional than the government in london and hope all right well your body has called for clarity from britain and from brussels we will see what comes up from that upcoming summit from the federation all the german industries thank you and enough thanks. when it looks like the diesel gate admission scandal is clogging up folks logons supply chain of e.w. is so unprepared for the amount of emissions testing required renting a vast swathes of parking space is new or unfinished at fort. a much delayed airport losing money by the day and bottled car giant in desperate need of storage space two national embarrassments that have however implausibly
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come to a mutually beneficial arrangement berlin's future airport has to store thousands of fog stuck in cars as they await a new emissions tests so how is the idea going down. if it means that berlin takes in more money which can then be used to refinance the airport then i'm in favor of it being used as a parking lot for v.w. . it will take a while before the airport's ready and there's enough space so why not make use of us. on. the diesel emissions scandal forms the backdrop to the story from september first vehicles that haven't passed tough new emissions tests won't be allowed on the road b.w. has been busy money factor in cars designed to pass the tests but since so many of them have been given the green light yes it's now facing the problem of where to store them in the interim delivery of some two hundred fifty thousand vehicles could be delayed as a result. my bills dime learned b.m.w. are ahead of b.w.
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with several models are already approved for expense at the delays are partly due to complications of writing from the emissions scandal has put the air force authorities now hope it will open in twenty twenty nine years behind schedule. well what disney has been given the go ahead to bid for us it's going to twenty first century fox antitrust regulators did lay down some conditions there were during this need to sell its regional sports networks within ninety days the bit worse more than seventy billion dollars in assets f.x. network and the studio that houses the x. men franchise. sara thank you so much halloa. and you know watching t.v. in is we want to give you a short tease here we have something coming up after this program conflict zones interview with former f.b.i.
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director james comey he talks with tim sebastian about his controversial firing and about u.s. president donald trump's vehement denials of colluding with russia we knew the russians were resolutely knew the russians were wrestling with our election the separate question was were any americans helping them and we didn't know that at the time and by the way that you had swallowed trump was not a we had reason to investigate we knew the russians were doing something we had wisps of information that some americans might be working with them didn't know that and again this is what people sometimes confuse hillary clinton was the subject of that investigation that opened began publicly and closed publicly in two thousand and sixteen donald trump was not the subject of any investigation during that election it was an investigation into his campaign in the foot by association that was in to him as well well in a sense it wasn't an investigation of his campaign it was an investigation on discrete americans to try to see if there's any connection between the russian
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effort and these people. and you can watch that interview in this week's conflict zone with tim sebastian it's coming up right after this bulletin or you can watch it on demand online it's on our website w dot com slash conflicts. and with that you are up to date now on d.w. news i'm sorry kelly and berlin thank you so much for joining us we will leave you now with the reaction of germany fans in the wake of that devastating loss at the world cup join us for more news again at the top of the hour. just.
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entered the conflict zone come from the powerful. as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known for window charm five year last year to speak his fourth trip to measure of me this week he's my guest here in berlin way he's promoting a book tour even as he faces new charge usage in sudan nation so what's the truth conflict so. you go blind.
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oh. but the asylum dispute spell the end for chancellor merkel the government of german chancellor angela merkel could fall apart but not because the enemies are getting stronger can she resolve the conflict by sister party c.s.u. and the discord within the e.u. hectic consultations are taking place in berlin on the first day not only explain herself to parliament a deadline has been set for sunday may actually end game this week until the new news. a. clash of cultures in india. you know clash between those who believe in arranged marriage and those who want to marry for love to. see.
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a clash that's taking families and society to the cool. more to my father would be angry and sometimes i think i'm only getting a little love commandos starts july eighth on g.w. . shoot my. i was an f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known donald trump fired me last year it boosted his footprint to measure a pick this week he's my guest here in berlin where he's promoting a book even as he writes challenging suit and supporting nation and violating procedures in the run up to the twenty sixth presidential election so what's the truth.


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