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tv   DW News - Live coverage Statement to Parliament by German Chancellor Angela...  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2018 9:00am-9:46am CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin and it is a day of reckoning for anglo-american the german chancellor needs to reach a deal with the e.u. leaders at a summit in brussels to put down a galleon within her own coalition if she fails germany's government could collapse we will take you live to bear close crucial speech so the book just talks .
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program it could be make or break today for germany's chancellor angela merkel she is about to address the german parliament ahead of a key e.u. summit on migration she is under huge pressure at home to change her policy on refugees and for that she needs the help of other european leaders if she fails to get their support her coalition partners in germany as conservative c.s.u. party are threatening to defy her and reimpose controls at the german border we have team analysis of the situation today we have joining us here in the studio very own hans front and we also have mikhail a coup for her who is joining us from the bundestag where as we mentioned that speech will be taking place in just about twenty minutes were informed and hans ahead of that speech you know it's we've been emphasizing how crucial this day is for angle americal her future is really on the line isn't. well yes it is and
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that's curious thing is that it's not really a political opponents driving her into this corner but really her very closest allies christian social union bavarian conservative allies within her government the party with which her con so this is have had a cooperation agreement for decades and these christian social union these conservatives from bavaria are now pushing on going to go to impose controls on germany's borders that according to merkel contravene both german and european law and they have because the interior minister is from bavaria he has threatened that this is within his competence to impose border controls that he's going to do this even if malco does not agree to that so that is a sense of rebellion in a sense a sense of disobeying the prime minister the chancellor if that should happen might well be forced to throw the interior minister out of the government and that could
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well lead to a collapse and only mentioned a bit earlier she's heading to brussels because she needs to come up with a european solution that's what has been demanded and that's what she has promised mckayla cook for however you are joining us from the bundestag where she will make a speech just a few moments from now what is expected in that address because you know in this instance she's very much speaking to a domestic audience is a j. yes it is a somewhat different audience and it's also specifically those rebellious c.s.u. posse members in a very a what everybody's really listening out for is how serious she's going to be about potentially throwing out interior minister and c.s.u. party leader horse. if he decides on monday that whatever she's been able to achieve or not is not enough at this brussels summit c.s.u. would do what it has announced it would do which is to basically pull out of this seven decades old party union which has the potential to blow up the government but
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by no means is if it accompli that is something very interesting indeed if that was to happen so the tone that she strikes here in the message she has for her own supporters from within her own political count will be almost more important than what she has to say on the eurozone on all those issues that have had to take a back seat now that germany usually has its own domestic brough that the whole of europe has to deal with when they sit down at the e.u. summit table later on this afternoon and i want to dig down deeper into this domestic and france i'd like to turn to you for that how far apart are the parties within her own coalition on the issue curious thing is that on far apart at all they have in fact been getting closer and closer the last two or three years in terms of style and policy migration policy marco who was
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a lot more liberal in these issues has become a lot more strict over the past two or three years and really there should not be much of a difference between especially the console to a stronger varia in fact there's only one very small point i'm going to interrupt you for just a moment german chancellor angela merkel is speaking a bit earlier than we expected let's listen in. at least successful adaptation of the airline to change the security situation though the point of departure of this change and it was the annexation of crimea in twenty four you've seen by russia which went again to international law and the ongoing destabilisation and east ukraine but also the threat of terrorism the impact of civil war and failing states meal that the nato summit decision in wales was very necessary the response to an increase in the defense capacity of the
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alliance. and out of the lion allies this guy you would need to look tough despite what they need at the same time which of my lane in a debate with russia and all of our allies montagu our defense spending sure but expenditure as well as efforts that led to a lot of debate pretty good here in germany and perhaps i can just remind you that the agreement made. by then by two thousand and twenty four to reach the two percent goal moyen was one which has been seen as necessary due to the actually hands threat against you have been wales we agreed that this would require a fair and necessary contribution by europe in the alliance and in this basic question i believe it's about no more and no less than the future of preservation of the transatlantic alliance and leicester gentlemen we can now look back to four
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years of successful adaptation to this all of the allies have increased their defense spending considerably germany has done this as well and we owe this to our country to ensure that we needed to have the level of defense that we need and this is reflected in a twenty eight hundred budget which will go. and two it's the second and third reading also next week as well as in our budget for twenty nineteen of the measures to increase our capacity for defense has been implemented the german government has contributed to considerably to this particularly with it the john army the bundeswehr and we see. this as a response to the changing security requirements in germany and in europe and at this time any other. decisions will be made so we need to have a stronger we sponsor capacity there will be two new headquarters at top one in the
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us and one in germany. and this will be an important german contribution i thought about it at the same time the level of readiness of all of our troops will be increasing at the summit we'll also have a training mission to set up for actioning defense troops for iraq and this response to your request of the iraq. the government we are also interested in the long term stabilize the nation of iraq not least to give potential refugees over to the in. iraq. a sense of being able to stay as well as those who are likely left iraq to return and we're taking a two pronged approach towards russia and we need to strengthen our capabilities but at the same time i wish to continue our offer to have a dialogue with russia we very much of the cooperation between nato and the e.u. will be reinforced we strengthened through lighthouse projects for example cross
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border realty as well as structure of military work been enhanced by a european intervention and shit if you want to be europe has consolidated its defense efforts far more and in this medium and long term will therefore be a better partner to the transom. antic alliance is the efforts being made around defense and also strengthen the european pillar of nato and if we europeans want to get stronger this will be helpful for everyone ladies and gentlemen it's hardly a secret that the transatlantic alliance is suffering from tension at the moment but we believe that this alliance will ensure our thanks security moving forward thanks to. the credibility of article
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five. is something we owe our security to this always depends on the reliability of our allies and depends on our own efforts to win and we owe this to our soldiers. but all of these men and women should have the equipment they need it's a matter of faith and trust in political leadership thank you this is a look august and it's a matter of faith and trust for our allies as well that we have the capability to the defense and this is in our national interest and this is why until twenty twenty four we want to increase our spending for defense on what one point five g.p.a. i did twenty four ladies and gentlemen nato and the e.u. fundamental pillars of international cooperation they give us something to hold on
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to in a changing world and they ensure that we commit to. acting lessons in a way that is based on the side there are two joint forces and if you look at the european council today and i will but then let me repeat once again what i've said afterwards within these walls germany will only do well if you're a. thanks well thank you to even including colleagues. that perhaps if we look at germany as the basic law the founding fathers and mothers if you like i say in the preamble believe that we want to be and equal in member in a unified europe so having a piece of the world and the german peoples gives itself this basic thought to this and we see that that is where this tradition began and we want to continue this
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tradition thank you to. colleagues at the european council. has their odd agenda in the future in a. single you might economic market the come to. a financial framework from the theme of twenty one onwards the question of security and defense and our relations with foreign countries and finally also migration that these are issues that impact on all of our national they are global challenges facing us and in response to these global challenges we need to speak with one voice as the european union thank you at the moment but it's tough a coordination with finances judicially it's always been important and this is why i want to thank everyone who has helped in the run up to date on germany i think
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the french council of ministers last week it was a very good with german french agenda which is can only be helpful for the e.u. summit in this i want to particularly thank the german finance minister who spent many hours contributing to negotiations there are so many talking when it comes down to just about. strong monetary union and you will be you who have been discussing the program for greece this has been a very challenging program as have other bailout programs in hurrian member states but i think we can say that it's the e.u. the euro rather is stable and the member states are competitive and this is been really a good example of european solidarity and very much in germany's interest to thank god that we can but there is still a great deal of need for reform for our economic and monetary union which is why we
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have agreed with france on working on three points moving forward we have to dismantle the remaining risks in the banking sector and make progress a banking union we want to have a common security network. in order to deal with bank transactions and finally and we agreed this is when the coalition agreement the european debility mechanism must become a kind of european monetary fund if you like it's about and depending on rogering programs so that we can assess the economic situation in member states so that we can have a sort of early recognition system of crises and as a result this will give us greater independence from the international monetary fund and the right to respond for the german government remained untouched i'm a great this and the coalition again thank goodness that today the three of them
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and then thirdly a papist most difficult aspect as campaign against the euro countries are actually stable because if we don't have competitiveness and if the differences are usually great on one member state to another then it is incredibly hard to maintain this in the long term this is why we have agreed within the framework of. the european union that. i have an additional euro zone budget we called it in the best comment by jet for the e.u. from one to twenty one parallel to the medium term financial forecasts of the next step. and that means that convergence and stability are will be strengthened this is why in this way and this is why. we mustn't go down into sort of lowest common denominator but look at the level of performance of our high flyers you get these are keep parameters of the coalition up i noticed while to really and you
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actually ask yourselves it has to be the case that everyone agrees with the rules of play in every member states tonsil for their own budgets a kind of liability and starting a lies with each of the member states growth and stability go hand in hand and this is while it is not one of friday that is tomorrow at the within council meeting in the format and the nineteen member states of the eurozone as well as anyone else who wants to take part in this meeting we'll be deliberating these proposals put forward by germany france colleagues in the above and beyond the economic i'm unsure union that we need strategic concepts moving forward for europe it's about our economic strength for our germany and france proposed in the area of innovation to do far more than just far i want to be able to go into too much detail here but we all know that digitize ational and artificial intelligence are challenges where
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europe is not where it ought to be and we can get by in can't just catch up. in individual member states but rather we need to join forces to work forwards become inevitable thank you. in the us in politics and in terms of our foreign policy we need to be more coherent we need to be more effective. germany as. a permanent member of the security council is going to look at how it can be involved in coordinating matters mr france and we'll be debating trade issues and indeed we must european union in response to. tariffs put on the steel and aluminum which we did not accept have. also probably but certainly tariffs in place for the united states on trade but you don't want to leave it that way we want to enter into a debate continue the debate with us in order to look at how it can avoid
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a trade war and take steps to ensure that this doesn't happen this can only be in the interest of the u.s. . and many other countries in the world besides thank you but we're going to lead with colleagues and us is perhaps why my address today is so important is he will also be discussing the issue of migration this evening no less than. perhaps i can just say very openly that we are not yet where we want. the common era of pay and asylum system c.a.'s which we wanted to bring in july we will not be able to approve even at this you down so meeting you. there are. five of five seven or eight points that we have agreed on but there are
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a couple left that we still need to do today one is that the. life. procedure wrecked where we are looking at ensuring that we have the same standards in all european member states when it comes to the asylum. and the other is the dublin for writing the regulation. moving forward with. three regulation that we have which also looks at solidarity based distribution of migrants and refugees across the european union because of this now many say in this edition isn't going to come that doesn't happen we've been waiting for three years for this but let me use today as an opportunity to say that of course that is not the case everyone in europe agree it's illegal about reducing illegal migration. to dry it out of people smugglers and if we're talking about an exchange between
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countries of origin and the european member states then this is going to be a legal agreement between all countries the. european continent we've had good experience for such things when it for example we declared the countries of the west involved and also missing from a country for people to be returned to the egos through to get asylum and we also made it possible for people from these countries to work in our countries that is working very well this is one of the agreements that we have managed to. do when it's good thank you for that the reality and secondly and twenty four. there were about two hundred thousand refugees who came to. twenty fifth dean four hundred thousand till august and then we had forecast to the end of the year that would be eight hundred thousand it turned out to be eight hundred ninety thousand all by let me just say the fourth of september that many debates.
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was not as tall as you know lateral action there were four hundred thousand refugees already there many were in hungary and hungary and prime minister asked the our stream prime minister to help who agreed rang me and all of the foreign ministries coordinating that we had a foreign ministry council happening at the time and we said it's an exceptional situation we will help and. i must say even looking back you kind side have to say this was the right decision thank you thought it was a good. this exceptional situation watch this one that has led germany to do with out its right according to dublin to us and refugees back. in twenty seventeen there was a ruling by the constitutional court that this was politically acceptable and therefore not g.u.v.'s legally so very very clear that a european court of justice ruled on this is that it was ok and then there was
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a very high number of refugees and there is the question of it turning people away at the german border and minister of the interior the time said no because it was an exceptional situation to have. eight thousand nine thousand refugees coming every day european treaties also saying that the option of unilateral measures taken by germany we did not actually accused of this unilateral action but we no longer have an exceptional situation where the number of refugees coming to our borders is considerably lower and this is why we are once again in the legal situation that i read before september twenty fifth in the name of european law trumps all german with the exception. of the me as having a situation they didn't have in twenty states namely if we have a long borders at certain points. before to contrast and now we can see there's
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been a shift in the situation where the client of people coming by sea is gone down. ninety seven percent and the number of landings in the mediterranean has gone down by separatists and decided by today so this shows two things and we are seeing the european efforts and the efficacy of the turkey and i remember. at the moment. many see this as a model agreements and there's been a nato operation. as well and then there's been looking at the situation in libya where various steps in taken one was helping. the army and the next step was to say we are going to train up the libyan coast. and it is now in a situation where it can rescue the people and really be an artist which is why i think it's worth saying that we have a commitment to let the libyan coast guard and do their job and there is no right
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to simply replace the libyan coast guard and do things that they can perfectly well do to protect their own costs thank you we'll tell you that by the way i would like to see thank god it's early and not for training up and him coast guard since then we've set. ourselves frontex not yet set up to the level it needs to be. a proper european border about at least that has more so it's a bit of the asylum figures in germany have gone down we are not yet content with the level of say that i very emphatically but by the end of may they were less this year than last year and to make this perfectly clear we do not want to take time to fifteen and there are all manner of measures that we've agreed in the coalition agreement and we've also got off the theme of the orientation level of how many
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refugees we want to hand in order to integrate properly and the we've regulated family regulus relations measures allowing families to unite refugees case in germany we've made agreements on that and we also said to increase efficiency because nationally they must go national measures in place that we wanted to set up perception decision and deportations. anderson i would like to ask everyone to support what has information just as quickly as possible because this is something we agreed and go shaded within the coalition agreement thank you and let me say most emphatically that the german minister of the interior having looked at the situation closely in his new mission in office was quite right in focusing on the intercooler issues where there is a need. for it if such a tragic event shocking. like when you get those
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murders that i hadn't really thought and yet for a very long time we don't have the courts doing what they need to do that we cannot . settle for a situation like that we cannot have bodyguards have been law living in germany for years of the time thank you then said give the family and so there's clearly a need for further action away and it's always about order management definitely sustainability is about i must security in germany and the security of the tire european union for this we need national measures but we also need your pin measures in place and if it isn't gentleman young person this is why it's so important to set up these migrant sections and just because the moment before those who do not have the right to stay in europe we're going to have
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a situation when it's about. it's going to be harder and harder to deport people this is why we have to get better at analogy in the situation of undocumented migrants for example and this came out of the last meeting that this all of the heads of state government in europe said first and foremost it's about the external and i mention it. the question of how we can stop people smugglers of doing business and essentially the following their intellect has to stand if we want most awfully from. the goofy adamkus eyed indeed that's fallen for the risk of losing their lives mentioning a lot of money to be smuggled to europe and we don't want people who do not look for logics and have a chance of getting asylum of staying in germany then we have to speak with mediator like african member states about. how we can stop people travelling
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at risk to their lives through the desert do but we cannot simply order countries to do things we have to speak on an equal footing with them as we did with turkey to try to reach agreements on that benefit african status through our example of arming them but also the legal options turned out didn't work entirely but you know not forcing it top down that's never going to work. but in love it and no matter what we do the will of it we will do this working together with the u.n. h.c.r. and with the international migration i think then church ladies and gentlemen we will strengthen our external borders i have already talked about that further to mention that you. naturally secondary migration. is going to have to be strengthened so i better structured i meant better structured good lord people
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thank. you for. this recent fighting it because two things have to the case one is kind. of a silent seekers or migrants who become a hero creation when you and cannot pick and choose which. member states in europe they wish to apply for asylum and that cannot be the case i mean about right so we tell you that spirit secondly in the encounter case that. those countries that have very high levels of thanks i see your rivals cannot be left alone as well which is why we have to make progress and we cannot leave them alone afterwards and just as long as there are if we can't at least twenty eight member states we have to go away and think about how we can find the
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coalition of the willing member states my enemies to reach a better regulations but mine was not unilaterally not coordinated and not at the expense of others but speaking with our partners on equal footing that's when i'm doing for the last few days and that is what i did i will see us doing our best as we want to find a perfect solution this way but at least we will find a way of combating secondary movements of asylum seekers and migrants a good country to country thank. you know and that's the way we've always done things. turkey agreements and wasn't a unilateral measure it was according to one and i hope at the opening council that we had a second child for the three billion so that once again we can say we are helping turkey in overcoming my challenges of having over three million syrian refugees whatever you may say about turkey that is
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a fantastic achievement that turkey has done here thank you know that italian and italy also has a right for the trust fund to be set up for northern europe and for it to have more funds saying and there's not enough money in that fund yet that must be improved and that's ladies and gentleman. and it is necessary for us to to continue. work on this i shall certainly continue to do this in the next few hours in brussels and i will be reporting on this when i get back to work with you can colleagues but europe is facing many challenges but migration could really be an acid test for the new. either we overcome a challenge such that in africa and in other countries the people believe that we are not value driven we care about values and that we're not interested in unilateralism but multilateralism or want to see that no one will believe our value
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system that made us so strong so it's about everything you think of. you have been watching german chancellor angela merkel speaking before the german parliament ahead of a key e.u. summit on migration the chancellor acknowledged the challenges posed by migration she acknowledged that germany and the european union are not yet where they want to be in terms of policy. she passionately defended her policy said it was right to do what she did and that she did not do it alone back in twenty two thousand and fifteen. of migration no. and for some more analysis let's bring in our political correspondent brunch was joining us here in the studio and joining us from the bundestag is michela cook dinner and michelle the kicker for i'd like to begin with you because we very much
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saw chancellor here defying her critics this was very much a passionate speech what did you make of it. yes by her standards it certainly was and particular was the end she a stress that the very issue of migration that she saved right until the very end could be a decisive moment for the european union she warns that she said we manage this and a tear to european values all nobody in the world will believe in our values anymore so that was very much an appeal to all her supporters but also her critics that a lot more is say than simply political point scoring and that can also be read as a message particularly to those c.e.o.'s you delegates from her own political camp in bavaria who face regional elections this october been very very vocal who went on the offensive who basically accepted that deadline until monday for her to
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deliver or else potentially the interior minister imposing rejection of the board of registered migrants who are preregistered within the european union basically defying the very or thora t. of the german chancellor so her appeal here is this should not be about political point scoring here back home this is about the very european project something french president monitor mccoy has never been shy of stressing that this could potentially it has the potential to really tear the european union apart now we're hearing much more dramatic language from the german chancellor herself here and it could not only tear the european apart it could in fact tear the german chancellor's government apart are the stakes very high do you think. we saw chancer today fighting for her political life yes indeed i think the way she's told she took off script quite a lot of the time she talked very passionately she acknowledged some of the
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protests that came from the parliamentary parliamentarians that was sitting there all that around her it was much more of a kind of debating mode in which she was then a simple declaration of apology political intent as she normally has such as she normally has as speeches before a european summit but today it was a very different way of presenting all that stuff i think it is she was defending her own policy she was defending her stance her stance of looking for a european solution of not going into alone in germany of not following the example of countries such as hungary or other countries in eastern europe that have just simply closed down their borders and have in some sense withdrawn from the european solution for the migration question so she's very much trying to say this is what we need this is how we really the only solution to keep europe together to keep germany within the european fold and in fact to solve the crisis rather than just
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to push it away from our borders and that was perhaps the overall message we cannot to go it alone and of course she will be working to build consensus within the e.u. as she heads to brussels a little bit later today we thank you so much for giving us the european and the domestic few hands on terror in the studio making that call for joining us from the bundestag thank you so much to both of you. well now we're going to head to the world cup and a match that will be etched into germany's football memory for years to come this is the moment when south korean fans realized their team had beaten the germans up . was. that it was south koreans beat the germans by two goes it was two goals to nil in
9:37 am
fact and it knocked the world champs out of the tournament meantime the results guaranteed that mexico would follow sweden into the knockout phase in what you're looking at here is mexican fans quick to show their gratitude they are celebrating at the south korean embassy in mexico city. germany fans expecting victory were distraught and stunned not only did their team fail to make it through to the last sixteen they came bottom of group after many said they deserved to lose. also a day after that loss but there is plenty to talk about before we get into the post-mortem let's see how germany's date with destiny unfolded. i midway through the first half it became evidently clear it was not to be germany's afternoon even captain mano noire looks nervous at the start of the second half the german side managed to mount some pressure on the south korean goal but failed to capitalize on their own chances time and time again nervous in the back and nervous in front of
9:38 am
the opponents goal i. in the dying minutes of the game germany's afternoon even worse no one came took advantage of some inept defending to give south korea the lead by much of the disbelief of his own teammates i was in the six minutes of stoppage time domain so i need to germany's misery i. know exactly what minutes are going to the sixty fifth minute we started to get really hectic we lost our tech ticket set up we became why it had a little misplaced passes did run into some incredible counter text which i hope i can say we still defended way but somehow we lost our structure this is a very bitter moment for us and all of germany sensed a very very very big to even think about. the title holders
9:39 am
humiliated crashed out of the world cup at the first hurdle. so joining me now to rake over the coals of that painful to fate is tom genoa from sports he's here in the studio for us and jonathan harding is standing by at the germany team camp outside of moscow welcome to you both and jonathan i'd like to turn to you first because you traveled back from cazan with the german team last night and i imagine the mood there is not the best. well you know it's the best when it's a proto you know it's not the best ironic because well considering that seems a lot of thinking by most best never rest but there's nothing best about this team the moment the mood last night after the game was well just rejection disappointment under the same here this morning the sun might be shining the hotel right behind me to play is just so so disappointed but rather me talk about it here's what you. think of it we've spoken about off plan often enough and knew how
9:40 am
tough it would be but we couldn't implement it by me as i am deeply disappointed i was so it's a mistake but now we need time to process and then we'll see where we go from here if you want to be spent to get the nation is deeply disappointed also processing this shocking loss we have to say tom and they're doing so i understand you're looking at the papers not to be set here processing the loss is about right and in fact it's in the papers having rather a tough time coming to terms with the catastrophe of yesterday see the zoo tortured sites all of them with this rather. troubling picture i would say of mario gomez who is looking like they're having a tough time believing what just happened the historic exit in the kicker with a rather familiar and of course last looking world cup trophy of the jewel in the. build have gone with the headline speechless which. is in fact as course of conscious repetition of the headline with which they went off to germany beat
9:41 am
brazil seven one in the two thousand and fourteen world cup semi final so an illustration there of just how far germany have fallen and fulfilled with this was a rather familiar and distraught looking your effect in the facts reported the football build they haven't given a single player a rating as they usually do to any of the german players because in their own justification no rating can describe this and. it really makes for depressing reading for hopes they might invent a negative rating in fact. you know jonathan you were actually at that match and if you can just you know go back in time a little bit what was it like to watch this. well it was a very strange feeling but it was the feeling that everybody has had while watching this germany seems rather its own and they've been bad in every single day and i think that was the case in prison yesterday to germany france remain confident before the game there was a sense of always germany you know we'll get it done and i think the problem is
9:42 am
that the players have the same feeling and that was evident from the way that they played it was a massive problem and that was fear generated in the stadium they were hopeful they were hesitant and being there watching it on house watching unfold was just remarkable it was fun just something you can't really describe really the pictures don't really justify the experience there's just something that germany will have to get over it it's such a huge painful disappointment for this team i think that's a first comes the pain then comes the autopsy we have to figure out what happened and a lot of people already talking about that don right yeah it seems that one of the main kind of feelings about what happened what went wrong is germany team is that they arrived at the world cup feeling quite complacent they were they were i mean they were calling themselves the favorites they had performed so brilliantly with basically a b. team at last year's confederations cup but you know you actually live made a couple of selection cool's that were perhaps quite a few people hard to justify he left leave or sauna out and he was on it was the
9:43 am
young player of the year this year in the english premier league and germany of the tournament looked like they were having quite a bit of trouble couldn't really find much creativity going forward some of the old players who were left in got a lot of playing time and didn't really look to be that inspired some of the younger players who perhaps might have been able to bring some new energy into the team really didn't have that much faith placed into them so. it's going to be a while before the dust settles and some tricky questions for you and you know everyone wants to ask who's to blame here really because you know over the past decade we have to mention jonathan i'd like to ask you about this germany has basically been steadily improving and then becoming the world champs now very much at a new low point does yogi love need to hand in his resignation. well that's the question everybody's asking themselves so i think it's a little bit difficult to answer that fully one day after the emotional events in
9:44 am
everybody will be looking towards you who have to make a decision it was obviously hesitant to give a final answer a definitive answer in the aftermath of the game bigger questions for me are what happens with this court and there are some members of this team some acadia or maybe thomas miller matson was thrown both in my more noir what do they do do they carry on are they still going to be a part of the team or the european championships in two years i think you're going to have having extended his contract before the tournament will probably stay on but it is a long time before germany's next game and the men next friendlies in october or something like that so germany do have time to make a decision jonathan harding at the germany team camp outside of moscow where as we mentioned a lot of soul searching at this hour and. joining us from sports getting the reaction from germany and putting it all into perspective for us we thank you so much to both of you. it's. now the top story that we have been following for you here at g.w. german chancellor angela merkel has called migration the biggest challenge facing the e.u. and urged the block to take
9:45 am
a multilateral approach to overcome divisions on the issue her comments come during an address to the bundestag ahead of a key e.u. summit in brussels later today. and with that you're up to date now on d w news i'm sarah kelly and berlin thank you so much for your company have a great day. for to. shift living in the digital age today. our favorite footballers on instagram innovative robot art. and spectacular photoshop by drone but first exposing fake news news verifier software is designed to allow every user to identify manipulated photos with just a few clicks it's a whole new way of detecting.


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