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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is g w news live from birth lead shock and soul searching in germany as the national team crash out of the world cup in the group stage how did it all go so wrong for the brain in champions and where do they go from here we'll have analysis from our football experts. also coming up german chancellor angela merkel warns the issue of migration could change the fate of the e.u. could become a major great questions for the new. also at stake her own
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destiny as germany's leader. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us we begin with the world cup and a match that will be etched into germany's football memory for years to come. five. this is the moment when south korean fans realized that their team had beaten the germans by two goals to nail and knocked the world champs out of the tournament the result guaranteed mexico would follow sweden into the knockout phase and we can see here the mexican fans quick to show their gratitude they were celebrating at the south korean embassy in mexico city. of course germany fans distraught there they were
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expecting victory they were stunned a lot of tears not only did their team fail to make it through to the last sixteen they came off the bottom of group. but many said they deserved to lose. well it's the day after the loss but there is plenty to talk about and before we get into the post-mortem let's see how germany's date with destiny tragically unfolded. midway through the first half the became evidently clear it was not to be germany's afternoon even captain manuel neuer looks nervous at the start of the second half the german side managed to mount some pressure on the south korean goal but failed to capitalize on their own chances time and time again nervous at the back and nervous in front of the opponents goal i. in the dying minutes of the game germany's afternoon go even worse no one came took advantage of some inept defending to give south korea the lead by much of the
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disbelief of his own teammates i was in the six minutes of stoppage time domain so i need to germany's misery i. phone six will miss our goal he's a sixty fifth minute we started to get really hectic we lost our tech tickets set up we became why it had a little misplaced passes did run into some incredible counterattacks which i hope i can say we stood defended well but somehow we lost all structure this is a very bitter moment for us and all of germany france very very very big to even think about. the title holders humiliated crashed out of the world cup at the first hurdle. so joining me now to rake over the coals of that painful to fate is tom genoa from sports he's here in the studio for us and jonathan harding is standing by at the germany team camp outside of moscow welcome to you both and
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jonathan i'd like to turn to you first because you traveled back from cazan with the german team last night and i imagine the mood there is not the best. well you know it's the best sorts of put it it's not the best ironic because well considering that seems more like think by most best never rest but there's nothing best about this team the moment the mood last night after the game was well dejection disappointment under the same here this morning the sun might be shining the hotel right behind me that the players are just so so disappointed but rather me talk about it here's what you. think you have spoken about soft plan often enough and knew how tough it would be but we couldn't implement it by me as i am deeply disappointed i was so it's a mistake but now we need time to process and then we'll see where we go from here but if you want to get the nation is deeply disappointed also processing this
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shocking loss we have to say tom and they're doing so i understand you're looking at the papers not to be set here processing the loss is about right and in fact it's in the papers having rather a tough time coming to terms with the catastrophe of yesterday see the sights all of them with this rather. troubling picture i would say of mario gomez and nuts who is looking like they're having a tough time and believe you what just happened the historic exit in the kick with the role of football and of course last looking world cup trophy of the. build have gone with the headline speechless which. is in fact as course of conscious repetition of the headline with which they went off to germany beat brazil seven one in the two thousand and fourteen world cup semifinal so an illustration there of just how far germany have fallen and fulfilled with this was a rather from the one distraught looking us of the fact in their. match report in
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the football bill they haven't given a single player a rating as they usually do to any of the german players because in their own justification no rating can describe this should really ation. it really makes for depressing reading for half they might invent a negative rating in fact. you know jonathan you were actually at that match and if you can just you know go back in time a little bit what was it like to watch this. well it was a very strange feeling but it was the feeling that everybody has had while watching this german it seems right that's one of them they've been bad in every single day and i think that was the case and because i mean yesterday the germany fans remained confident before the game there was a sense of home with germany you know we'll get it done and i think the problem was that the players had the same feeling and that was evident from the way that they played it was a massive problem and that was fear generated in the stadium they were hopeful they were hesitant and being you know watching our house watching unfold was just remarkable it was from just something you can't really describe really to pictures
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don't really justify the experience there's just something that germany will have to get over it it's such a huge painful disappointment for this team i think that's a first comes the pain then comes the autopsy we have to figure out what happened a lot of people already talking about that don right yeah it seems that one of the main kind of feelings about what happened what went wrong is germany is that they arrived at the world cup feeling quite complacent they were they were i mean they were calling themselves the favorites they had performed so brilliantly with basically a b. team at last year's confederations cup but you know you're asking me to made a couple of selection cool's that were perhaps quite a few people hard to justify left leave or sauna out and horse on it was the young player of the year this year in the english premier league and germany at the tournament looked like they were having quite a bit of trouble couldn't really find much creativity going forward some of the old players who were left in got a lot of playing time and didn't really look to be that inspired some of the
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younger players who perhaps might have been able to bring some new energy into the team really didn't have that much faith placed into them so. it's going to be a while before the dust settles and some tricky questions for you and you know everyone wants to ask who's to blame here really because you know over the past decade we have to mention jonathan i'd like to ask you about this germany has basically been steadily improving and then becoming the world champs now very much at a new low point does yogi loved need to hand in his resignation. well that's the question everybody's asking themselves so i think it's a little bit difficult to answer that fully one day off of the emotional events and cause everybody will be looking towards you who have to make a decision he was obviously hesitant to give a final answer a definitive answer in the aftermath of the game bigger questions for me you know what happens with this court and there are some members of this team some you could do or maybe thomas miller matson was drawn both in my more noir what do they do do
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they carry on are they still going to be a part of the team or the european championships in two years i think you're going to have having extended his contract before the tournament will probably stay on but it is a long time before germany's next game i think my next friendlies in october or something like that so germany do have time to make a decision jonathan harding at the germany team camp outside of moscow where as we mentioned a lot of soul searching at this hour and. joining us from sports getting the reaction from germany and putting it all into perspective for us we thank you so much to both of you. in other news german chancellor angela merkel has been addressing the german parliament on the controversial topic of migration she called it one of the biggest challenges facing the e.u. and she urged the block to take a multilateral approach to overcome division on the issue her comments came ahead of a key e.u. summit in brussels later to take us. well but if you don't homeschool. europe is facing many challenges. but migration could become
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a make or break question for the u. n. if you know the business either we tackle it in such a way you know that people in africa and elsewhere you believe we are guided by our volumes you know the heart and we insist on multilateralism or nobody will believe in the value system that made it so strong for god to modernize and decide to disagree with that. and joining me here in the studio is g.w. political correspondent hans brands and we just heard if there are strong words from the chancellor calling this perhaps perhaps of make or break issue for the european union what did you see as the main takeaways from her speech well this speech was a very impassioned defense of her policy over the last few years starting with the huge number of refugees or migrants that came into europe and germany at the end of two thousand and fifteen and she insisted that she had done everything correctly in the time that she had to respective political parties in europe and have political
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papa's here in germany and she is defending this multilateral approach this european solution to her european problem the problem is that her closest allies in her government the christian social union the bavarian system party have been very inconsiderate of their saying germany needs to go this on its own to some extent it needs to close its borders on its own to certain categories of refugees that start with something merkel is not prepared to do outside a european solution so that's really where the confrontation stands at the moment at the moment there seems to be no movement on that between those two opponent opposing camps but we're talking about a european solution here it's perhaps a european solution light right because she's talking about bilateral trilateral agreements and even with regard to bad she's also managing the expectations so high . how high are the hopes going into this brussels summit that she can really achieve something well she's saying herself
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a comprehensive solution is not likely is that almost impossible in the next couple of days at the summit there has been some indications from some countries such as greece and spain that there might should be prepared to have some sort of agreement on a bilateral basis with germany if that is in fact the case of that happens that might be something she could offer in her negotiations with her coalition partners with the bavarian conservatives this weekend but at the moment the on that side to it as seems to be no preparedness to back dollar the leader of the conservatives from bavaria was in parliament just a couple of minutes ago saying that he insists his party and says that germany needs to take its own line on these things and that national solutions german solutions are necessary so at the moment there seems to be no rapprochement between those two sides still an issue that is sure to have domestic consequences and i'd just like to ask you hans who do you see as having the upper hand when it comes to
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this is it agel americal or is it her sister party pretty difficult to say but i think that the varians have ratchet up to this this whole confrontation one notch to fall and that much too far in my assessment was when the interior minister. from the bavarians as said that he would go to alone that he would impose these border restrictions even if i'm going to marco does not want him to do that but challenging under the marcos or therapy as chancellor i think she cannot accept such a challenge if he does do that she will have to throw him out of his gov out of her government and that might lead to the collapse of the entire government all of this could shake out in the next few days due to his hands brunt has been covering it for us all this week and we thank you so much for putting it into perspective. now let's get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world german turkish journalist denis huge shell has been put on trial in absentia in
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istanbul he spent more than a year in a turkish prison before being freed this february and returning to germany he was accused of pending terrorist propaganda and could face a sentence of up to eighteen years behind bars. joe jackson the father of music legends michael and janet jackson has died in las vegas in the one nine hundred sixty s. joe jackson guided his children to pop stardom with the jackson five the group's success launched the career of his son michael who became one of the most popular entertainers in history but joe jackson's children said that their father was severely abusive. u.s. defense secretary james mattis has assured south korea of washington's ironclad commitment to its security on a trip to seoul he pledged to keep u.s. troop levels in south korea on altered his comments come days after the u.s. suspended several war games with south korea in light of denuclearization talks with the north. you're watching news from berlin and we'll have more coming up at
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the top of the hour my colleague sumi so misconduct will join you then for the very latest so tell you what's going on in the world but in the meantime what you can always hope for to check our web site that's it if you don't use our com you can also follow us on social media we are on facebook twitter and instagram i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great. many countries in germany to learn german. language from the. why not learn with him online on your mobile and free from the w z learning course you can speak. you.


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