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learning is just that the children who have already been the n.i.c.u. and those that were follow are part of a new crisis. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. leads some minds. today don't miss our highlights. programme on line w. dot com highlights. everyone welcome to another edition of the show i'm your host meghan lee from cold feet to kinky music we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. cold as ice riding the waves in iceland freezing water
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. away from visiting an elegant aileen retreat in france. and a touch of class take a luxury train ride through the swiss alps. the soccer world cup is well underway in russia and even though germany the title defenders are out around three and a half a million visitors from all corners of the world are still expected to attend and of course they will want to take home some souvenirs so now is a good time to take stock of how well things are going on the sidelines in terms of merchandising ticket sales or just a small part of the revenue generated from such an event t. shirts whistles and goods with the world cup mascot on them are the real money makers we take a look now at how vendors are fairing at this year's world cup. i. mean the
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world cup's oficial mascot. otherwise known as exactly baka which roughly translates as the one who scores goals it's. about his job is to keep everyone spirits up and to keep the world cup cash registers ringing. his face appears on caps scarves and all sorts of other world cup memorabilia on sale not just in russia but all over the world. thanks. me back i might not be the most original mascot but he's the one that suits russia so we award him three balls. and official world cup anthem is supposed to be catchy and motivational. live it up is performed by eric just refugees from costa rica will smith from the
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u.s. and nikki james. he doesn't have a whole lot to do with the host country russia and it's not exactly storming the charts so from us it's just two balls. i suppose a letter is so two thousand tents in russia the fans have their own way of cheering on the t.v. . they look like salads prunes in fact they're traditional russian instruments known as panache scots and they're the tournaments oakridge really instruments. much they're a lot less annoying than bluesy lies and they're authentic so we give the last goes . i think the world cup lasts a month but the souvenirs were lost on. lifetime and tattoos are the most long lasting
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and then tells of all tattoos studios are getting lots of requests for footballs trophies and flags these days. can already be felt every day all foreigners shows up. so but who doesn't end up regretting the tattoo we're skeptical so world cup tattoos get just some balls from i. just think of russia used to think of. but this bar and it got to remember one of the tournaments host cities serves world cup beer specially brewed for the matches being played there like the peru france game. it's made in the local brewery to a soundtrack of football anthems secure as world cup good from twenty ten for example. shall whatever music is played whether it's classics rock or contemporary r. and b.
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whatever it is that energy is transferred into the water and gives that a certain character so my beer gets the character of whatever music we were play. beer with character and inspired idea fans love it and we do too so we give it four balls i. well one of pop's longest running feuds appears to be over. the front man of the kinks announced that the band would be reuniting for the first time in more than twenty years. now over the years the band chalked up a slight you really got me and lola. there he's also said the group is making a new kinks album. so we'll be keeping our eye out for that meanwhile another music
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legend must now be referred to as sir more on that coming up at the top of today's express it. she's days so the former front man of the bee gees' diary kids receive a knighthood at buckingham palace for his services to music and charity. now seventy one he formed to be teased in nineteen five days with his late brothers maurice and robin and stormed the charts with hits such as how deep is your love and stayin alive. very good received the award from prince charles and i know cool himself. before and after a five hundred year old sculpture of st george and the tone of a start up in northern spain has been ruined by a bunch dressed aeration attempts by a local hard teacher. it's not the first incident over its kind in twenty twelve
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there was a similarly disastrous restoration of the edge show more mural involved joe klein a pensioner who left christ looking disfigured. but the botched restoration has become a tourist magnet so maybe as done there will soon be a popular destination to. the looming titan r m has attracted large numbers of horticultural fans dish the constitution they call god and bill helina this out of them occurrence not took place seven years ago on a tape she was the mantra to tighten our own congress to a height of almost three meter needs is to gather enough energy to fly when just for a few hours. explosions carry a stench which attracts pollinating insects. hagar logan and is iceland's first professional surfer now he has mastered his country's
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fears waves under extreme conditions and by that i mean in. extremely cold water sometimes the surfer can't even feel his feet when he hits the waves but his passion for the sport keeps him going. to change. our lives to. muslims is about as well known for surfing as time and is full skiing and yet the land of fire and ice is a hot tip among surface for those who surfed all the world's best spots this one off is something new it's a home to us iceland's past and only professional surfer pays our loyalty ennius on it's very hard to get started in certain emotions because there's no surf shops and the forecast it's really hard to breathe and the waves that come into our eyes and are usually really big and heavy because there's a lot of open ocean the circumstances might not be ideal for beginners but if you
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really want to start surfing then then you just find your. little game has found just one type of waves of direction in life. as a boy he was trying to active easily distracted in school and in a tourist troublemaker that did not change much over the years talking about it getting into trouble and having having that negative energy outlet you know i started drinking at a young age it's. around thirteen i think and my whole group of friends were drinking a lot child was always partying and it was really starting to take a lot of energy for me and i lost my focus away so. and ending up having to quit so when i was nineteen i quit drinking and that's pretty much when my career started. eventually he wanted to become
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a professional snowboarding but then in spite of the extreme. conditions people drawn to them will say. during winter within a couple minutes or half an hour an hour you're going to loose all the fuel it's a mere toast in your hands and your feet are going to feel like blocks of ice but sometimes if you just divide it into like two ways so you either get out and you get warm or you keep surfing and you're still cold but if if if you'd rather keep surfing and still be cold then get out get warm enough course you just keep surfing so it's just a matter of what you want to you know how how you're how strong your colleagues. the cool of the ways is strong it was fitted and explained to minute to an icelandic surface called vehicle. he and his friends playfully evolves.
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as a consequence of assessing the twenty five year old practices video that the slow moving passive yoga technique helps him find his in the battle. most of all he likes to be out in nature he never gets bored in us that. there's not a lot of people you know compared to how big the land is and. the variety of. nature is it's incredible you know you can you can drive for an hour and you've already seen. ten or fifteen types of landscapes so so it's just there's so many things to explore and so many adventures to do it so it's there's this dance beautiful. camping hiking surfing
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shooting photos and movies and traveling around the world the number and father paid. he and his son is from home the more he wants to return tyson's freezing cold way. too cold for me all right time now for a sneak peek into someone's humble abode and for today's de luxe edition we are heading to brittany in northern france through the island of betty. this is where french architect bruno adik decided to build his summer residence and as you'll see he combines a traditional structure with all the modern amenities possible. a forty five minute boat ride from the west coast of france leads to an island paradise on the atlantic ocean barely. the houses here have to adhere to strict architectural this one is described as new york britannic style
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a natural ventilation system has been built into the granite wall to keep the air circulating. the architect counties. hello welcome to bell. and i own this house and. now. we're here in the living room all the largest room in the house. purposely kept sparse and clean white. i think i've heard it's a bit like being in cotton wool without any. as a contrast to the abstract character of the living room i want to we have something very clear. that you don't perceive as. just like a mirror reflecting the landscape. designs this two
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storey house with his wife and yes also an architect. their main office is in paris. this one hundred twenty square meter house on balliol serves as their second residence. when. we enter the kitchen which is not quite the right word because it's actually part of the living room. so this is where the action is and everyone in the house can take. well the kitchen is completely open and very low key. from the kitchen it's just a few steps to the staircase leading to the master bedroom. now we're in our bedroom. which was conceived in the same way a living room. where the white and sparsely furnished school.
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would try to create a feeling of space. despite the limitations of the house. and the climate and believe it is always mild creating a cozy atmosphere inside the house. bruno has an office on the second floor where he offered the tires to work on his latest projects. one of whom is why do. we always have to work. even when we're here at our vacation home as an architect you always have projects and sometimes you have a bit of distance and can relax look at the job done better than you would under different circumstances would you still through the. skylights or build through out the a frame house giving it not just the feeling of openness but also generating light and heat. this holiday home is located about a kilometer from the atlantic ocean tranquil landscape is great for walks and
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a perfect place to escape the hectic hustle and bustle of life in the french capital. at the back of the house there's a two hundred square meter garden. now where in the garden which is divided along the south side is. a lot of stones here with the old trade as it bears fruit every year and we hope we can soon make our own olive oil. field or you know. what up. thanks for visiting belize. the disease. only man a slice of french paradise. is definitely more my style as well all right for the next part in our series this week on train travel we are heading to the mountain landscapes of switzerland and one of the best ways to enjoy them is by train in both winter and in summer so let's hop on board the glacier pullman
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express for a ride that you'll never forget. at an altitude of some three thousand meters the is the biggest class here in the alps switzerland is packed with sand breathtaking views. express which connects the famous ski resorts of summer it's with sam out provides a window onto this well as well as the standard service passengers can also really have because glory days of luxury rail travel on the classy are pullman express some fifty people are settling in for a journey back to the nine hundred thirty s. the normal grassy express takes eight hours to cover two hundred forty kilometers but this train is fossella it will take two days to pass through ninety one tunnels and cross two hundred ninety one bridges. is
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a new steps in a way. and they. all work for more so what's going on. and a very. diverse state takes them from san maritz to undermine it along a single track narrow gauge railway it's one of only three round roads to be listed as unesco world heritage sites. the so-called crocodile locomotive dates back to the nine hundred thirty is the first driver christophe owner takes allegedly pays for the carbs the tunnels and the viaduct. in the low body to the old would be engine is the more work it requires i have to monitor everything more self listen to noises check the temperature all the modern
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engine that's all done by a computer. little. the train reaches the rhine just in time for lunch the river is calm here and the passengers make their way to the elegant restaurant cops. get. to play. everything on this journey is an example of swiss precision and tradition around travel is something the swiss have mastered. is why we are world champions not in football and fortunately we never will be but we're champions in train travel and we should be proud of this the swiss always find it hard to show their progress there's no of a country where people travel more by rail they also have the longest train tunnel the swiss are allowed to be proud from todd to tell you the most old. passengers
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are certainly having a good time the train continues on its journey through the afternoon and in the evening the guests embark to stay the night in a hotel. the next day begins with plenty of steam and a completely different train. at the fork up past not far from under much the classier pullman express has to go through a tunnel. but the passengers have another treat in store for this book a train is over one hundred years old it climbs up to more than two thousand meters where there is still snow on the ground. steep council works in england as a stoke up on a steam engine. this is the whole lot of this week's. the us open the what.
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we we go all these roadways all over the place and this is a fun test a god but the switzerland throw ice and for the heritage movement. up and down through switzerland from the full capacity trying to takes a steep downward trip into the valley. it's not fox that sam out now so the journey is drawing to an end but the passengers still have one more pleasure in store the. fish they clamber off the train only to board another type of vehicle a modern cable car. biggest and longest class in the alps is also a unesco world heritage site. in the valley the classy has disappeared behind the clones while the classier pullman express continues on towards the matter on the passengers probably won't see the mountain at its best but they won't let the
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cloudy weather get them down. there it's very comfortable. that you can really get away from our hectic everyday life and enjoy the landscape. no stress very comfortable we also had good food definitely do it again. the nostalgic journey is coming to an end the passengers arriving happy and relaxed after a trip on the world's slowest express train. when i was growing up mickey and minnie mouse were all the rage but over here in germany fix and fox they were the competition now they were twin fox brothers who were a hit with the public hair now a new exhibition takes a look back at these classic comic characters and what made them so special. a new exhibition in the city of oberhausen in western germany germany's most famous
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folks in fiction foxy. they were created by hall of. disney the exhibition spans three floors and includes over five hundred exhibits including original sketches and comic books. the last artist to work on the fix and folksy comics it was a job that meant a lot to him personally. over decades it's grown up with them so i really knew them inside out i know where every building in their universe was located that lupo's tower was on a hill and everything. to do an equivalent of mickey mouse was born in one nine hundred fifty three. popularity soon saw the two dungaree wearing folks is live in a self-contained universe off folks called other inhabitants including the raven knox an absent minded professor i'm sweet little new pynchon. grow especially fond
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of the wolf a bit of a slacker and a greedy good for nothing. he was everyone's favorite quote i think he's really cool if you look at the early comics he was a bit more of a big bad wolf but by the end he had this big fat shiny nose and he was actually very cute as a ruse. that it's twenty forty characters a state is being managed by austrian media. most of the exhibits on display are on loan from the collection and. i'm very happy to be able to make all this material available to the public. you know allows us to explore a piece of cultural history to be just a piece of our personal history but it's really very special seeds every single visitor is immediately drawn to. its funding team of them started first into. existence to the exhibition. get to a movie selves in the fix and folks the universe complete with a veteran action deicing from bullets games to toilet paper. an exhibition that
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sounds of many on a trip down memory lane. and with that we've come to the end of the show but before we go i want to let you in on this week's draw for an exclusive goodie bag of souvenirs now your remarks will soon be fifteen years old and for this occasion we would like to know how you watch the program on t.v. or on your mobile device we've received a lot so photos from our viewers so far so keep the photos comic just go to our website for all the details on how to take part and by doing so you qualify to win our exciting prices and with that we're out of time so as always thanks for tuning in we're seeing and tomorrow. next time on your own max we check out a new german documentary which follows astro photographers who travel to remote corners of the planet and brave freezing temperatures in search of the most
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spectacular night skies star hunters next time on your own max.
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muslimah cases and. her weapons are a guitar complex and should. she's fighting against braces for a second car for him. about half of all u.k. residents want britain to stay in the e.u. so my playmate is not about to quit she believes in miracles and superpowers.
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because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on g.w. . player. playing. this is deja vu news like from the football world cup goes on in russia but germany is going home after crashing out in the group stage how did things go so wrong for the reigning champion and where did they go from here we'll have analysis. also coming up. german chancellor angela merkel warns the issue of migration could change the fate of the e.u. . the european space in many challenges. but migration could become
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a make or break question for the new. also at stake her own fate.


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