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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin the football world cup goes on and russia but germany is going home after crashing out in the group stage how did things go so wrong for the reigning champion and where could they go from here we'll have analysis. also coming up german chancellor angela merkel warns the issue of migration could change the shape of the e.u. may bring on many challenges. but migration could become a make or break questions for the youth. also at stake as the e.u. prepares for high stakes talks on the issue is merkel's own fate as germany's
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leader. and british and american divers joined the search for twelve schoolboys and their coach feared trapped in a flooded cave in northern thailand there have been no signs of life since they went missing on saturday but their loved ones are refusing to give up hope. time sumi so much got a good to have you with us it is a match that will be into germany's football memory for years to come. this is the moment when south korean fans realise their team had beaten the germans two nil and knocked the world champs out of the tournaments the result guaranteed mexico would follow sweden into the knockout phase and mexican fans were quick to show their gratitude here we see them celebrating at the south korean embassy in mexico city. germany fans on the other hand expecting victory they were distraught
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and stunned not only did their team fail to make it through to the last sixteen they ended up at the very bottom of group s. but many said they deserved to lose. for the day after the loss there is plenty to talk about but before we get into the post-mortem let's see how germany's date with destiny unfolded. midway through the first half the became evidently clear it was not to be germany's afternoon even captain mano noir looks nervous at the start of the second half the german side managed to mount some pressure on the south korean goal but failed to capitalize on their own chances time and time again nervous at the back and nervous in front of the opponents goal i. in the dying minutes of the game germany's afternoon got even worse no one came took advantage of some inept defending to give south korea the lead by much of the disbelief of his own teammates. and in the six minutes of stoppage time domain
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so i did see germany's misery i. would say six well minutes are going to sixty fifth minute we started to get really hectic we lost our tech tickets set up we became why it had a little misplaced passes did run into some incredibly talented text which i hope i can say we still defended way but somehow we lost our structure this is a very bitter moment for us and all of germany france very very very bitter even in the heart of the title holders humiliated crash out of the world cup but the first hurdle. we have our correspondents covering every angle of the story for us we have come to know why from d.w. sports and with us here in studio and we also have jonathan harding at the germany team cant that's just outside of moscow jonathan i want to start with you what's
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been happening the team i understand it's on its way back to germany. that's correct the team through straight after the game yesterday from because i'm black so moscow on the bus left but it's unclear whether hotel was towards the airport this morning on the side of the bus it said let's write history together and ironically that's exactly what germany have done just not in the best possible way the kind of history that this germany team doesn't want to write their mood is disappointed everybody is dejected and the shock is still very present in the germany coach tom it's still very present here as well how devastated have germany fans been you've been tracking some of the reaction i have indeed and the german fans are very devastated paul of the reason of course is because this was such an unexpected catastrophe germany had gone into this tournament with such high expectations they were the world champions nine of the players from the winning scored in two thousand and fourteen were present at this tournament just a year ago they impressed the world with a basically a b. team at the confederations cup and took bets wouldn't. you know that is part of the
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reason why today is such a tragedy what people are kind of cross being around for explanations and among them the federal chancellor angela merkel from whom i believe we can hear she summed up the national mood today by the way i hope you're not too down hearted about tonight soccer's ult after all germany is one of the most successful national teams in international competitions having won a total of four world cups three european championships and one confederations cup so really it is still one of the best teams in the world you know as a few yes sofia that's correct if you take a very long view but to be honest tonight we are all very sad. all right so a very disappointed chance so we know she's a big fan of the germany team as well as i'm coming back you know because you've been following this german world cup campaign all the way in russia was there any
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indication that things could go this wrong. or certainly even before russia the way that germany played building up to this tournament was just horrendous germany have often been called the tournament team there was this presumption that they would click into gear when the tournament got started and that never really happened mexico germany were poor and they lost sweden they won but they were lucky and against korea they were completely outdone it all came apart you know so probably says it better than anyone else. i think if you haven't spoken about southland often enough and knew how tough it would be but we couldn't implement it i mean i am deeply disappointed i was so it's a mistake but now we need time to process and then we'll see where we go from here my gosh because you know when we spent a good. all right there certainly is a lot to process tom just to ask you we heard some commentators accusing the germany team of playing in a very anxious fashion even cowardly how do you think the players cope with the
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pressure of coming into this as the favorites well i think perhaps part of the problem was that they didn't necessarily feel all of the pressure. perhaps inadvertently powder on themselves i think you know it is true that they came in with a certain degree of complacency there were a lot of people have also said that the teams are they didn't seem to realize how difficult every game a world cup is. coming in is the defending champions they took them selves up as the favorite they came into games with some thirty sluggish tactics i think cowardly is of course very damning a way to distort the way this team appears if it's women but it's also perhaps fair and i think you're here live models are. a fair target for anybody who says the german team behaved in a cowardly manner because some of his choices were questionable at best and he failed to put enough faith i think into the younger players he had a chance really especially after the confederations cup last year to gamble to
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bring some new energy in and that was really missing from the german sets and he's going to have to face some criticism for a lot of questions being asked about his future as well you know jonathan coming to you we do have to move ahead and look at the future of team germany how do you think this football disaster will affect this team going forward. well there are certainly be some changes all eyes will be on whether you're home nervous one of them his future is obviously now in doubt i think he will stay he personally might have the feeling that he wants to go because of the disappointment that he's basically been in charge of this tournament in russia but having extended his contract just before this tournament i think that if b. the german f.a. would perhaps like a little silly if they didn't keep him on but now it himself will probably make that decision the bigger question for me is what happens with this team what happens with these players senior players like matsumoto momo noir or twenty cross thomas masonic today or do they stay is there a huge shift and change in the squad such huge questions that will change the
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landscape of the future of german football all right jonathan harding for us at a team germany's camp outside of moscow and thomson are from the sports thank you both very much for your analysis. now shot and friday is the german word but it's a universal emotion and there was plenty of it of after the world champs were kicked out here the reactions from two fan groups that have a long rivalry with the munch oft england and brazil. over the. foul over the. i leave. you go i shall i leave my. now to some other news tense i'm going michael has addressed the german parliament on the controversial topic of migration she called it one of the biggest challenges
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facing the european union and she urged the block to take a multilateral approach to overcome divisions on the issue her comments came ahead of a key you summit in brussels starting this afternoon. until america is fighting for her chancellorship even though she won't show any sign of pressure in public as stoic as ever she defended her government's policies in parliament and when it came to the contentious issue of migration she said germany had made progress but imo we have a completely different situation now the number of refugees arriving is much smaller since the height of the migration crisis in twenty fifteen the number of migrants crossing to europe has indeed dropped drastically there were seventy seven percent fewer migrants crossing the mediterranean than a year ago michael says the current situation means exceptional measures are no longer needed she has rejected calls from her bavarian coalition partner to unilaterally turn away refugees at the german border saying europe needs a common approach to asylum cases and it is there we do this in such
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a way that people in africa and elsewhere believe that our values are guided by multi-lateralism and not unilaterally as i'm with you know or no one will believe in our value system which has made us so strong that is why there is so much at stake that's one stock market and decide if you disagree with that. but the far right alternative for germany is harshly critical they're the biggest opposition party in german parliament and they want to close borders for refugees completely. shot it and started the migration is hurting us more than we'd benefit from it. with the euros spent in africa we gain more than when we spend it here and in. leasing you know disclose the borders and exit all resettlement programs i mean with a settlement welcome to. america is now heading to brussels where she must bring back results from the summit with the european council otherwise her conservative
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c.d.u. c.s.u. coalition in berlin may face even deeper division. and that you summit is getting underway in brussels let's go to max hoffman there he's covering the story for us hi max good to see you a lot at stake for the e.u. leaders gathering there not just from the america how divided are they going into the south. so far we've listened to in my room my call the president of france and i'm going to. both arrived at the summit basically on the same page which is no surprise they want to european comprehensive solution for the migration crisis if you want to call it that but of course the fault lines are not between france and germany here but they are multiple layered multi layered and very complex that the first one we've talked about a lot in the past is between eastern europe can't be in countries like hungry in poland that just categorically refused to take in any migrants and countries like
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germany and then you have the south with italy for example and that's more complex because the italians one solidarity from the europeans they want to redistribute migrants throughout the european union no surprise there because they bear the brunt of the arrivals but at the same time they're hardliners when it comes to the overall topic of migration ever since the elected a populist government that promised to be much much tougher on that topic max with all of those fault lines you're mentioning what is the biggest issue that you leaders will have to tackle. it's been it's been for many years now the question of whether to redistribute migrants all across the european union refugees in this case so those that have the right for for asylum and that is something that has been attainable due to the well obstruction from countries like hungary so that means right now the european union is stuck with a system that's been around for over twenty years it's called the dublin regulation
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and we have a little explainer here that shows you what that actually means for the different countries. under the cycle of dublin rules asylum seekers must be processed in the country whether festa arrive and send the migrants like crossing the mediterranean sea greece and italy has seen the biggest influx of people even if the migrant wants to get to another country like germany france and sweden. under the dublin rules they can be returned to the fs country of entry not chad say right and then athens. italy is named kenya it's ready to battle process until all member states have responsibility for my gran's featuring its stores. so that's the theory behind all of that of course everybody knows that the dublin regulation isn't really work and it's called broken many times but the redistribution of migrants unattainable at the moment so the best second best thing that the chancellor could come up with here is
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a bilateral agreement with italy where most migrants come towards germany and have that bilateral agreement so that germany would be able to return the migrants that have have already applied for asylum in italy di i mention that populist government and they have repeatedly said before the summit they're not going to do that. max with so much controversy surrounding the doppler regulation how did this agreement come about in the first place. well back then you know in one thousand nine hundred the decided the dublin convention it was called i believe at the time and it was just a different decade in the ninety's you had fewer migration towards the european union a lot less from from africa back then you had a lot of people coming from from the balkans because there was but the bosnia war for example and. you know the it wasn't so hard to convince countries like italy and greece to participate in this in this regulation back then especially with him
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who called was the german chancellor back then who had a tendency of trying to fix things with a lot of money so that's how it works now we're in a different situation but the european countries are still stuck with this regulation that's why many people say it's broken. covering the summit for us in brussels max good to talk to you. now to some other stories making news around the world in india at least five people are dead after a small plane crashed into a construction site in mumbai rescue crews are searching through the wreckage from the accident that killed all four people on board the plane and at least one person on the ground. kenyan authorities say at least fifteen people have been killed after a fire swept through a crowded market in nairobi dozens more people were injured in the blaze officials say the fire broke out in a timber yard before spreading to the market and nearby home. and a german turkish journalist as you cho has been put on trial in absentia in istanbul your child spent more than a year in a turkish prison before being freed this february and returning to germany he is
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accused of pending terrorist propaganda he chose lawyer demanded an immediate acquittal the judge has set the next hearing for december. now with nine months to go until brags that businesses are sounding the alarm helena there's just so much confusion still about what britain's departure from the european union will mean for business and as lawmakers continue to engage in what is really heated debate about the case future outside of the e.u. british companies have warned the british prime minister to resign may that a messy exit could put thousands of jobs at risk industry representatives here in germany have also been voicing concerns calling for both europeans and british lawmakers to outline their plans by october it's. time to check in with our financial correspondent daniel cole visit a frankfurt stock exchange for us daniel we heard from chance in america today
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speaking at the german parliament calling the e.u. monetary reform is that something that goes down where you all well in frankfurt the financial hub. well and i guess investors here they all share the same opinion that there have to be certain reforms in the eurozone but the question is always to what kind of extent when you talk for example about the bailout plan that friends president manuel in my kong is very much in favor they don't like this idea at all investors are telling me that they don't want to be again in the situation that we have seen for example during the financial crisis where in germany had to step in and true or rescue bangs in other countries that were really suffering during this crisis and let me also tell you that america is also very much on the minds of investors today i guess this is also a reason why we are again today not in the winning zone they are getting more and more concerns was going to be happen during this week and in her in her coalition
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in her coalition issue to gether with you so that's a big topic here on the trading floor as well don't you let me ask you about the latest german consume index because it's out of course consumption important driver for the economy the index a good bellwether of the economy so with that in mind how is our consumption doing . well the result that we got from the g s k that's the insitute it's actually not that bad the german consumer confidence index remained steady at ten point seven points but just steady if we have to say and maybe this was the same also when we talk about soccer that we were just too spoiled lately with a good numbers here from the blue chip index from the g.d.p. growth i think one thing is very clear and that's also what investors are telling me that the big boom is over and it's going to take some time until this and you will have this speech once again right resting when all orals a lesson to be taken from the world cup daniel koch for us there in frankfurt thank
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you. well bricks and mortar stores are losing out to online giants like amazon the appeal of ordering from the comfort of your home having approach says delivered straight to your door is obvious that is so until they arrive late or get lost along the way now as it is trying to get entrepreneurs to set up their own delivery services these great bands could help ease amazon so called last mile problem the number of online orders is on the rise and customers expect quick delivery to their doorstop that's why the e-commerce giant wants to build its own delivery services entrepreneurs can lease divans from amazon and set up their own fleet far on ten thousand dollars. we've got great uniform pricing we've got fuel contracts that people can sign up for we've done negotiations for benefits packages and insurance rates for both the vehicles and for their employees amazon claims the liver's could see as much as three hundred thousand dollars in
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profits per year it is unclear precisely how amazon will pay the new careers and they will not be permitted to carry packages from other companies amazon's share in the u.s. market is expected to rise to forty one percent this year speeding up its to liberate can only help maintain its leadership. in the race to roll out five g. mobile phone technology china appears to be leading the way shans and based a phone manufacturer huawei announced on wednesday it would be releasing five g. compatible devices as early as may twenty nineteen meanwhile major chinese telecom operators are conducting the final round of tests for the commercial use of fifth generation networks the joint a five g. plan is part of the made in china twenty twenty five initiative which aims to turn the country from the world's factory into a global technology leader. apple and samsung have settled
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a dispute over apple's design peyton's off to a costly seven year legal battle a judge in california announced on wednesday that all claims and counterclaims in the case would now be dismissed the dispute later dubbed the smartphone wars begun in it twenty eleven when apple sued samsung for allegedly copying the design of its i phone an i pad apple won the first round in two thousand and twelve when a quarter awarded the company one billion dollars in damages the terms of wednesday settlement have not been disclosed. and it's like the diesel gate emissions scandal is clocking up folks fog and supply chain the company agreed to recall eleven million vehicles around the world when it was caught manipulating them to cheat on emissions tests three years ago so when he put all of those costs well he could make use of the space from another program unfinished at port. berlin's new international airport is over budget years behind schedule and still resembles
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a huge vacant parking lot. that's exactly what volkswagen is looking for right now a storage space for thousands of unsold all recalled cars it could be a win win deal. that's what the locals reckon at least. it means bolin taking in more money which can then be used to refinance the airport and i'm in favor of the airport being used as a parking lot for b.w. it's thought that you know. it will take a while before the airports ready anyway and there's enough space so why not make use of it. in the aftermath of the w.'s diesel emissions scandal the carmaker is under intense scrutiny by regulators in germany but the company is producing cars faster than it can test them for approval. as a result it needs lots more room to store the vehicles in the backlog tommy deliveries of about a quarter of a million cars are now in threat. other german automakers are keeping up with their
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emissions tests. but v.w. central role in the emissions scandal means storage is required for hundreds of thousands of models like these here in the united states. and back of see we now with ongoing rescue efforts in northern thailand thank you helena well a u.s. military team and british cave experts have joined efforts to rescue twelve boys and their soccer coach thought to be trapped in a flooded cave now the coach took the boys exploring after a training session they've been missing since saturday local authorities now fear that time is running out to find them. nearly a week trapped in this cavern with water levels rising by the hour these twelve boys and their football coach have become the center of a dramatic rescue operation u.s. military and british cave experts have now joined the national forces in the hope
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to speed up the search. divers are trying to locate the group from the inside swimming through tight passages of murky waters while other rescuers carrying the mountainside in search for alternative entrances nobody knows if the boys are still alive but there's hope. we still haven't reached the target area in the caves third hole that everyone calls. will keep going by rotating work force we are not going to stop. but the rain is proving pitiless overnight both or it has had to switch off power as well as the water pumps used to drain the cave for fear of electrical hazards
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outside families have been camping in the rain waiting praying five days and no news is starting to take a toll. but many don't want to give up hope. but for now we pray for the safety of the children because we believe they're still alive agreed the complex set of caves his situated in a forest park in the northern province of shion right it's popular with tourists and locals but people are ruined not to visit it's during the monsoon season which runs from me to look sober. to say they're confident but five days after they've gone missing the clock to find these boys his ticking fast. her we just have time for a minder of our top stories here and each of you defending champions germany crashed out of the world cup after losing to south korea to know the shocker early
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exit is germany's worst ever performance at the tournament coach giacchino says the team deserved to be sent packing. and german chancellor angela merkel has called migration the biggest challenge facing the e.u. and urged the block to take a multilateral approach to the issue her comments came during an address to the bundestag ahead of a key e.u. summit in brussels later today. coming right up there indeed have you conflicts on our interview with former f.b.i. director james comey stay tuned for that.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful. as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known so when donald trump five year last year he hosted his forefoot to measure of me this week he's my guest here and by the way he's promoting a book even as he faces new child abuse is going subordination so what's the truth conflict so for me.
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god. very close friend of into active exercises are talking about i d w dot com slash donation and i'm on facebook and they are still. jam and for free when d.w. . as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known but when donald trump fired him last year it boosted his footprint to measure opinion this week he's my guest here in berlin where he's promoting a book even as he faces new challenging sort of insubordination and violating procedures in the run up to the twenty sixteen presidential election so what's the truth.


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