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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CEST

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well to come here on d w berlin's new airport is scheduled to open in twenty twenty about nine years behind schedule now part of it is going to be used as a parking lot. benefits or not we'll have that story and all of your business headlines coming right up. on. the. earth's odd home. of species. a home worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps but global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. but news that can turn lives loose to solutions and reforestation. to interactive content teaching the next generation about
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environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something new for the next generation the idea is the environment series of global three thousand on d w and all mine. to. make up your minds with a matter of months to go before breaks in german businesses london and brussels to come up with answers to that burning question same to the future relationship between britain and the e.u. . coming up how amazon plans to solve the online shoppers bug bad delay delivery. and we speak to the c.e.o. of western union who tells detail for you the success of the u.s. is built on immigration and that he's worried about trump's america first policy.
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this is your business update on how the home free but lead thanks for joining me with a matter of months to go until briggs it confusion of bounds over what forces departure from the e.u. will mean for business on both sides of the channel as lawmakers continue to engage in a heated debate british companies have issued a stern warning to prime minister theresa may saying that a messy exit could put thousands of jobs at risk industry representatives here in germany have also been voicing concerns calling for both european of british lawmakers to outline their plans by october. so to talk more about how german business is preparing for briggs it i'm joined in the studio now by paolo mesa from the federation all the german industries good to see you thanks for having me nine months to go in theory to breaks it all german businesses worried what are they telling you and all of a getting out of britain very very concerned because we don't know what's going to
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happen after after the exit date it's march twenty ninth you said it's nine months to go i want to talk to companies i hear that the third plans to prepare for what's what's considered the worst case if we crash out without any deal at all what are those plans they set a new facilities they see whether they have other suppliers that are operate within the single market. hire people in order to process customs they think about whether the free flow of data is still possible with the u.k. and the e.u. they set up servers so it's a broad range and it's very individual based from no companies a company can say but it you know potentially a boon for germany we've seen lots of jobs from the city of london already moved back to francs so you know you said that the other side to this debate there's clearly a trend towards that but i wouldn't say that's a positive development because firms are based in the united kingdom for a reason they think it's the best place for at least that part of the value chain
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to do business and you end up with a twofold negative consequence first of all you have you have a moving costs and a risk that's associated with it and on the other hand you end up in a place that is less optimal than the status quo so they currently think with the current status that is the best place to do business in what wall could you imagine the european union still doing business with britain without a deal is that even feasible. certainly is feasible but it comes with a huge to trim mental effect the single market is way more than what's considered a regular free trade agreement as we have it with a lot of external countries. and that's why why we also say as a business community we want to have the closest. the closest ties with the u.k. that a possible but we have to move within a short framework we have to make sure that we don't jeopardize our relationship with our fellow you twenty seven members we have to make sure that we don't jeopardize our relationship with with third countries. and this framework we have
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to we have to end up in a solution that's probably more conventional than the government in london hopes all right well your body has called for clarity from britain and from brussels we will see what comes up from that upcoming summit from the federation all of german industries thank you and enough thanks. oh bricks and mortar stores are losing out to online giants like and as it now the appeal of ordering from the comfort of your home and having purchases delivered straight to your door is obvious that is until they arrive late or even get lost along the way now amazon is trying to get entrepreneurs to set up their own delivery fleets these great bands could help ease his own so called last mile problem the number of online orders is on the rise and customers expect quick delivery to their doorstep that's why the e-commerce giant wants to build its own delivery service says entrepreneurs can lease the vans from
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amazon and set up their own fleet for around ten thousand dollars a year we've got great uniform pricing we've got fuel contracts that people can sign up for we've done negotiations for benefits packages and insurance rates for both vehicles and for their employees amazon claims delivers could see as much as three hundred thousand dollars in profits per year it is unclear precisely how amazon will pay the new careers and there will not be permitted to carry packages from other companies amazon share in the u.s. market is expected to rise to forty one percent this year speeding up at celebrities can only help maintain its leadership. in the united states donald trump's hard line immigration and trade policies of prompting some business leaders to speak out one of them is commit a sick turkish austrian c.e.o. of western union a household household name all around the world when it comes to money transfers
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international banking our correspondent cast in a phenomena caught up with him. western union can look back at a long history founded in eight hundred fifty one as a telegraph company it turned into a global provider of financial services but for c.e.o. he met s like the challenges of today start right at home he's worried about donald trump's america first policies and his crackdown on immigration in particular don't forget this country u.s. is built on immigration and this just forgot that you know that the success of us is immigrants and it's continued to be that and we know that you know from western union and if you move almost three hundred billion dollars a year or globally hundred fifty million customers globally we know how strong immigrants can be migrants re present a large share of western union customers and that is only one of the reasons why he has made refugee and immigration issues one of his key priorities for him it's
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personal and my grandfather came from both me and was an immigrant to turkey my mom is also in my father's turkish i'm a half indian half all stray and i think i do understand the needs of the people there but you know how they move and why they move and why they go look for a port and that is how they create jobs how they really drive the economy that moggi cultural competency is something dealy missed under the current u.s. administration as a member of the so-called business roundtable an association of america's top executives. advisors politicians in washington and hopes that his voice is heard i think the politicians do listen to us i think they take our advice as know how they implemented it or not implemented how long it takes it's different the reality says
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is that globalization is unstoppable driven by mobile technologies. and that a number of emerging markets in africa and asia the actions what we see not only in the u.s. but other parts of the world this kind of a momentum or correction of globalization i believe that globalization is only taking a break but people are connected and that we do is that connecting the people globally we build bridges not walls actually this is the really the feature sending money from mobile to locations sending money from mobile to for almost four billion at cons worldwide and this has been probably one of the or because investment one of our most success stories in fact we're seeing dot com why a mobile dot com is growing the fosses in our business. that was hit that said that the c.e.o. of western union well it looks like he does ok emissions scandal is clogging up folks fog and supply chain here so in for pay the amount of emissions testing
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required to take vast swathes of parking space is new although unfinished at fort. collins new international airport is over budget years behind schedule and still resembles a huge vacant parking lot. and that's exactly what volkswagen is looking for right now a storage space for thousands of unsold all recalled cars it could be a win win deal that's what the locals reckon at least. is and us won't tell if it means berlin taking in more money which can then be used to refinance the airport and i'm in favor of the airport being used as a parking lot for b.w. started you know. it will take a while before the airports ready anyway and there's enough space so why not make use of it was. in the aftermath of the w.'s diesel emissions scandal the carmaker is under intense scrutiny by regulators in germany. but the company is producing
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cars faster than it can test them for approval. as a result it needs lots more room to store the vehicles in the backlog timely deliveries of about a quarter of a million cars are now a threat. of the german automakers are keeping up with their emissions tests. but v.w. central role in the emissions scandal means storage is required for hundreds of thousands of models might be used here in the united states. apple and samsung have settle disputes of apple's design patents off to cost a seven year legal battle a judge in california announced on wednesday that all claims and counterclaims in the case would now be dismissed the dispute later dubbed a small phone was begun in two thousand and eleven when apple sued samsung for allegedly copying the design of its i phone an i pad apple won the first round in
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two thousand and twelve when a court awarded the company one billion dollars in damages the terms of wednesday's settlement have not been disclosed. that's it you're upset with the latest from the wall of business for more head to our website find us on facebook follow us on twitter d w underscore business i'm there as well helen that see humphrey is my handle right now here's a look at the global walk by. life
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