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this is d.w. news live from berlin a can of bitterly divided europe come together e.u. leaders arrive in brussels for a summit set to focus on the thorny issue of migration france and germany are hoping to bridge the deep divide between member states on the americas says the issue has the potential to make or break the union also coming up not welcome here hungary is one of those taking a zero tolerance policy on migration we look at the fate of migrants struggling to
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survive on its borders. plus the soccer world cup goes on and russia germany has come home early just minutes ago coach rocking dove and the rest of team germany touched down at frankfurt airport to face the press and their critics after the reigning world champions crashed out in the group stage we'll have the latest on that. and british and american divers joining the search for twelve school boys and their coach trapped in a flooded cave in thailand they have been missing since saturday of their loved ones are refusing to give up hope. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us european union leaders have arrived in brussels for a crunch summit on the very divisive issue of migration they have two days to hammer out their differences on how to manage the flow. of migrants the block
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remains deeply divided on the issue particularly the question of how to redistribute refugees fairly france and germany are sticking with their call for a common solution but bilateral agreements are now also on the table the leaders are also expected to discuss setting up large refugee centers outside the e.u. where asylum claims could be processed before people make their way to the bloc are brussels bureau chief max hoffman is standing by for us he is covering the summit for us from brussels hi max a lot at stake for the e.u. leaders gathering there of course on the market as well how divided are they going into this summit. well there's a saying in brussels to me that the less they say when they arrive upon arrival a summit the more complicated the summit is going to be and some leaders also stressed the fact that they thought this was going to be a very long night really we haven't seen much movement between one of the fault lines you just mentioned between eastern european countries like hungry like poland who absolutely refused to take in any refugees and then you have another fault line
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which is more complicated with the southern countries like italy and greece where most of the migrants arrive on the mediterranean roots especially in those countries calling for solidarity calling for the redistribution of migrants so the same thing that i'm going to medical has been trying to push for years now since the height of the migration crisis at the end of two thousand and fifteen but at the same time especially italy with this new populous government they have a very tough stance on on migrants themselves it's a very complicated situation and that's why many people think this is going to be maybe even an all nighter it's complicated indeed max you know what is the thorniest issue that you leaders will have to tackle here. the thorniest issue and has been for years is the redistribution or as they call it the relocation of migrants so let's say you have refugees there asylum request has been granted a certain number of them and then the idea was to redistribute them among the
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different e.u. states so that countries like italy or greece or germany where many of those migrants and refugees want to go don't have to to bear the brunt of all that since this is not working we're still stuck with a fairly old regulation the so-called dublin regulation which is perceived as broken by many but we have an explainer to get you up to date how that exactly works. under the so-called dublin rules asylum seekers must be processed in the country where the first arrived as so many migrants are crossing the mediterranean sea greece and italy has seen the biggest influx of people even if a migrant wants to get to another country like germany france and sweden under the dublin rules they can be returned to the fs country of entry not fair say right in athens. italy is made clear it's ready to battle process until all member states have responsibility for migrants waging its rules. you know the dublin
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regulation right there it's still officially there but it's not really working as i said earlier especially not for countries like italy but italy is the chancellor's best hope here because as i said very unlikely that they will finally agree on relocating migrants within the e.u. the chancellor is here to try to hammer out some bilateral agreements first and foremost with italy but that looks like a lost cause as well because the populous government there has already announced why should we do that why should we take back migrants max you mentioned this very crucial sticking point the double regulation is fairly old how did that come about in the first place. well back then we had a different situation we're talking about the ninety's so first of all you had less migration towards the european union it was a different kind of migration especially coming from bosnia where there was trouble with there was a war on the balkans you didn't have that migration we're facing now from africa the amount of migration we have from africa or from the middle east and that's why
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back then countries like germany with back then reigning chancellor helmut kohl were able to convince italy greece and the other southerner countries to to agree with that. we mentioned that chance to recollect said this is a make or break issue for europe in your view could this summit decide the fate of the european union. maybe looking back in a couple of years will be able to say that but use the you know the european union moves in baby steps but if there is a topic in the european union that is really able to break it up to blow it up as we know it at least it is migration back a couple of years ago we thought it was the financial crisis maybe the eurozone reform but it is migration this is what is strengthening populous parties around europe in germany also within the coalition even you could argue with the see you soon now trying to copy some of the strategies that the right we populists like the age of fifty have and so if this happens then you will have more and more euro
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skeptical parties at the head of of the different countries also maybe the european election next year and what happens then is anybody's guess all right did have his max hoffman covering the summit for us today thank you so much max. as we said eastern european partners have put up strong opposition to the e.u.'s migration policy hungary's prime minister viktor orban in particular is ferrous lee against any scheme to redistribute asylum seekers across the block at the height of the migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen he built a razor wire fence along hungary's border with serbia new arrivals have since slowed to a trickle but the high security barrier remains in place as funny for char reports . barbed wire detectors border patrols hungary's answer to the migration crisis since twenty fifteen journalists are not welcome to film at the border with serbia this is just closest we could get you can see the suspense is one of the
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most fortified and have any god that in europe it's like a sealed fortress the message is clear keep migrants out. what does this fence mean to people on both sides of the border i'm meeting. a private lawyer for migrants under a new home giving a law people who help migrants can be prosecuted considers to work essential. for these migrants want someone to talk to a few coming words to ensure their asylum claim will be taken care of. our interview is interrupted is steamier receives a message that two opera clients will receive asylum in hungary after they spend ten months in a closed off hungary and transit zone. just because someone's from iraq doesn't automatically mean they're a terrorist these are real people with real stories behind their claims. and now at
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the serbian side of the fence near for gosh and meet a farmer. there are still a few migrants around here but not the masses like in two thousand and fifteen or two thousand and sixteen. so. struck your neck it's good for us and i'm sure also for hungary but can you show us where migrants live. if you dare to go there. met me through what should we be afraid of at the truck he's a young man and their twenty's no women i haven't seen any reporters around them. report that. takes me to some nearby shacks home to migrants he tells me. so. i think the ones who come now are not leaving war torn countries maybe
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a few of them came in two thousand and fifteen well yes but we had a war in serbia too not that many of us left. nearby i find these big barns inside a few migrants this man is from pakistan an engineer he says here he is a cook. aged man in the house i am. posting as it. were you will go to bosnia when i think that's month. for he says he wants to go to spain to join his sister a lot of his companions have already left the barn in search of new routes to and for the year some french volunteers are here today they have broach mobile showers it's important for us to organizations and people to speak of them and let them feel that they're human beings and that we care about them i'm on my way back to
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hungary the capital budapest last week parliament passed an amendment to the constitution that declares alien populations cannot be settled in hungary so what can we expect from hungary and the e.u. summit. its member states operated to decide who steps on the soil of the member state so we're never going to give up that element of our sovereignty to any international body or european bureaucracy but what the bloc needs now is a common migration policy to solve this ongoing crisis. so a common policy is needed but a lot of differences remain as we mentioned chancellor merkel is trying to forge an agreement in brussels while she's facing a government crisis at home the conservative very and c.s.u. has ratcheted up pressure on her to tighten border controls in europe and germany there are growing disputes with merkel is threatening the stability of germany's government this morning chancellor merkel addressed the german parliament on
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migration uncle americal is finding for her chancellorship even though she won't show any signs of pressure in public esto it has ever she defended her government's policies in parliament and when it came to the contentious issue of migration she said germany had made progress but it's a completely different situation now much fewer refugees were arriving compared to last year there were seventy seven percent fewer mine grins crossing the mediterranean merkel says the current situation means that exceptional measures and migration are no longer needed. she's rejected calls from her bavarian coalition partners to turn away refugees at the german border. instead merkel says europe needs a common approach to asylum cases and you know given europe is facing many challenges but migration could become a make or break question for the e.u.
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that we tackle it in such a way that people in africa and elsewhere believe we're guided by our values and that we insist on multi-lateralism or nobody will believe in the value system that is made is so strong that it is seen as that. but the far right alternative for germany is harshly critical they're the biggest opposition party in german parliament and they want to close borders for refugees. migration is hurting us more than we benefit from it with a euro spent in africa we gain more than we spend it here let's close the borders and accept all resettlement programs and. merkel must now get a result of at the european council summit in brussels otherwise there could be a split between her c.d.u. party and their conservative partners the c.s.u. which in turn could lead her government to collapse. now at some other
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stories making news around the world kenyan authorities say at least fifteen people have been killed after a fire swept through a crowded market in nairobi dozens more people were injured in the blaze officials say the fire broke out in a timber yard before spreading to the market and nearby home. in india at least five people are dead after a small plane crashed into a construction site in mumbai rescue teams are searching through the wreckage from the accident that killed all four people on board the plane and at least one person on the ground. and german turkish journalist and as you cho has been put on trial in absentia in istanbul more than a year in a turkish prison before being freed this february and returning to germany he is accused of pending terrorist propaganda and could face a sentence of up to eighteen years behind bars. to the world cup now and team germany are back on home soil after their world cup
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campaign ended far earlier than planned crowds strong the arrival section of frankfurt airport waiting for the germany players and staff are coming home to a mixed welcome this was the worst world cup the foreman ever by a german team and the players and coach have been subject to happy criticism at. all i mean it's hard to say i mean you could have said he will take full responsibility in the past whenever a coach would say as certain as a thing like that that would mean more he would indicate at least that he was able or he was about to step down now that they have to deal with the grindle said that he expects you can live to make a statement very soon they make a decision in the way not clear what that means but it doesn't sound like back to normal max there were a lot of germany fans gathered there earlier as the german team arrive what have they been saying to you.
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well and up until a few minutes ago i was surrounded by hundreds of fans here. you know some came some came to support their team but they were probably the minority here you can see a few flags a few jerseys but most people here actually were were passers by at the airport and some even made time to take took off from work to be here to criticize the team i talked to a man who actually he prepared prepared posters hear them up on the wall right next to be where he would actually criticize the team in a constructive manner and ask them to to get it together for the for the ongoing games and that's probably the sentiments here on the ground the people just more disappointed than happy to see that you know right not necessarily the warmest of welcomes there for the germany team back center for us in frankfurt thanks max alema i want to come to you you because. been tracking the reactions here in germany as well how devastated our fans i was right in the center of it i was inside germany's biggest fan zone yesterday and. the initially it was sadness
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silence and shock i mean the whole nation is mourning even chancellor merkel i heard is very upset about it despite the best efforts of a robot trying to comfort her. by the way i hope you're not too down hearted about tonight's soccer as old after all germany is one of the most successful national teams in international competitions having won a total of four world cups three european championships and one confederations cup so really it is still one of the best teams in the world. yes sophia that's correct if you take a very long view but to be honest tonight we are all very sad. ok the chancellor didn't sound very comforting her lima to st q robot this was definitely this is or was worst world cup performance what went wrong here and there's so many
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things that went wrong for them i can't really pinpoint one but they passing game for example was atrocious they midfield didn't step you just didn't recognize this team i mean they didn't even play as a team and i also think there's a lot of questions about you have so many players like homos who would tang neuer to deal with are all with so many like leadership qualities and none of them at the end could rise to the occasion but i also think that's quite slowly finding them out and i think the move tactic he was unable to adapt. do you think that the pressure was too much on the players i mean they were the favorites going in i mean the pressure is always high at this level is no doubt about it but at least look if you're not going to repeat i know the entire thing how before the world cup they wanted to write history but look now i expect that you even a lot of germany fans that i spoke to no one expect that them to repeat but at least put in a good performance while it's over for germany for now but the tournament is
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continuing in the first of a game just kicked off just briefly tell us what's been going on gasol colombia will take on senegal and poland against japan they actually as you just had playing as we speak and remember all three of them colombia senegal and poland can still go through and this evening we have two new zealand panama that's probably a dead end game and then face england and that would be a very curious showdown all right looking forward to watching about mass indeed talking from the sports center bring us up to date what's shocking for that is the german word but it is a universal emotion there was plenty of it after the world champions were kicked out here are the reactions from two fan groups that have a long rivalry with germany england and brazil. the oil was. worth the. shower at the. time it was. showered them.
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all right now to business with ben now and then a new use for berlin's new airport which is still under construction exactly the new international airport which has been more of an international embarrassment really this saga has been going on since twenty eleven that's when it was meant to open but another german embarrassment is moving in diesel gates has fallen taking advantage of all that space space. it still looks like an empty parking lot berlin's new international airport is over budget and years behind schedule but it's exactly what volkswagen is looking for right now a huge space to store thousands of cars awaiting emissions tests passengers at the provisional airport nearby think it's a good idea. if it means that takes in more money
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which can then be used to refinance the airport then i'm in favor of the airport being used as a parking lot for v.w. it's doughty you know it would take a while before the airports ready and there's enough space so why not make use of it when the dollar goes up. in the aftermath of e w's diesel emissions scandal the carmaker is under intense scrutiny by regulators in germany but the company is producing cars faster that it can test them for approval. as a result it needs months more room to store the vehicles. timely deliveries of a better quarter of a million cars is now a threat. other german automakers are keeping up with their emissions tests but v.w. central rule in the mission scandal storage is required for hundreds of thousands of recalled or unsold models like these here in the united states.
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it's all about this with our financial correspondent based in frankfurt daniel what's this new emissions testing regime actually costing b w. first and i have to tell you i mean this story i mean i was talking also with investors here is like a lot of people are actually laughing about it i actually had a ticket already at this berlin airport but never got to fly but yes it's going to cost a lot of money of the exact amount we don't know but we're talking here certainly not about a small amount we are also hearing that the work accounts of this very much concern about those latest emission developments in order to meet the requirements volkswagen will need to sell around one million e-cards until the year of twenty twenty five and yes there are quite some doubt that this is going to work for a couple of reasons i want to certainly that this hype among e-commerce really has not arrived here in germany driving in the e-car even the hybrid car is going to other european countries mostly in scandinavia way i had and that's another reason
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why this e-car high it really has not arrived here then you just briefly if you like get a ticket for the next flights when when the airport does actually open. well i think the last ticket i got in was like in two thousand and nine or ten so many years ago then they canceled the took also long time to get the refund bartz i don't i hope they don't want to park their cars that long if the airport is going to finally open because then we might have already old timers there let's see. let's hope it does open by two thousand and twenty daniel cope thanks for joining us. in the race to roll out five g. mobile phone technology china appears to be in the lead based format a fact or a way as announced it will be releasing five g. compatible devices from halfway through next year the main chinese telecom operators are conducting the final round of tests for the commercial use of fifth
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generation networks joint five g. plan is part of the made in china twenty twenty five initiative which aims to turn the country from the world's factory into a global technology leader. online shopping is booming and people expect their purchases as quick as a click often packages a late or don't turn up at all which hurts business for amazon now the e-commerce giant is trying to speed things up by setting up its own fleet of delivery trucks but it's not going to be doing the driving. these gray vans could help ease amazon so-called last mile problem the number of online orders is on the rise and customers expect quick delivery to their door step. that's why the e-commerce giant wants to build its own delivery services contractors can lease the vans from amazon and set up their own fleets for around ten thousand us dollars. we've got great uniform pricing we've got fuel contracts that people can sign up for we've done
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negotiations for benefits packages and insurance rates for both the vehicles and for their employees amazon claims delivers could see as much as three hundred thousand dollars in profits per year it's unclear precisely how amazon will pay the new couriers and they will not be permitted to carry packages from other companies amazon share in the u.s. e-commerce market is expected to rise to forty one percent this year speeding up its deliveries can only help maintain its leadership. to come including c.e.o.'s speaking out against trump's trade and migration policies all right thank you ben you're watching get of your news still to come international experts join the hunt for twelve boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in thailand but rescuers fear time is running out and he's been called one of the world's most expensive living artists a new exhibition of the works of god wished it has opened in pottstown. don't
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morris. is going to make will sometimes get a body star not us. but the vast majority of mexico's two hundred thousand missing persons never found. mexico is in the grip cope drug cartels and corruption. but human rights activists and family members cling to a desperate hope mexicans dying for justice in forty five minutes on to the. team and the system of international management on a scheme to jurors or dealing with a new unit i killed many civilians wishing me national coming coming my father says i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself lactase totally at peace but suddenly life became our kind of
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. played. welcome back you're watching news our top story european union leaders are beginning a two day summit focused on migration amid bitter divisions germany and france say the e.u. must tackle the issue which on the markets has has the potential to make or break the union. of a u.s. military team and british cave experts have joined efforts to rescue twelve boys and their soccer coach thought to be trapped in a flooded cave the coach took the boys exploring after a training session they've been missing since saturday and local authorities in thailand now fear the time as running out to find them. nearly a week trapped in this cavern with water levels rising by the hour these twelve boys and their football coach have become the center of a dramatic rescue operation u.s. military and british cave experts have now joined national forces in the hope to
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speed up the search divers are trying to locate the group from the inside passages of murky water as well as other rescuers are scouring the mountainside in search fro turning to entrances nobody knows if the boys are still alive but there's hope . and. i haven't reached the area in the third. time be much. we'll keep going. to work. we are not going to give up. but the rain is proving pitiless overnight authorities had to switch off power and water pumps used to drain the cave for fear of electrical hazards. outside families have been camping in the rain waiting praying five days and no news is starting to take
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a toll but many don't want to give up hope but for now we are praying for the safety of the children we believe they are still alive. the complex set of caves his situated in a forest park in the northern province of chiang rai it's popular with tourists and locals but people are warned not to visit it during the monsoon season which runs from may to look so. say they're confident but five days after they've gone missing the clock to find these boys is sticking fast. and let's bring in gloria no she's in bangkok now for more florian a bring us up to date on rescue efforts. well as you can see it's dark here in thailand it's nine thirty pm and so i have just spoken to someone who is actually on site who is in front of the cave and he says that all human rescue efforts have been put on hold right now either for lack
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of light or for abundance of water now the only. it's only the machines that are doing their job now is the water pumps that are trying to pump out the water from this cave they have a capacity of about five thousand liters per minute now if you do the math that is not really all that much but the problem is that this inaccessible terrain is just it's just not possible to move in more heavy equipment bigger palms so they have to make do with the small palms but so far they haven't really been able to to get the water level down so now there was a second effort just a second strategy there's they're trying to drill holes into the cave and actually about an hour ago apparently one of those drilling shafts has actually hit the water so now i was just told there is water coming out of one of these drilling shafts so people here take this as a good sign but obviously it's still
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a long way to go to actually get these boys out provided they're still alive is florian is reporting for us from bangkok thank you flora. now a small plane has crashed into a construction site in a busy area of mumbai the country's biggest city in india officials say four people on board the aircraft and two pedestrians were killed when the aircraft crashed into a building under construction fire from the burning wreckage has been brought under control the plane crashed as it was preparing to land at mumbai airport which is just three kilometers away from the site of the accident. let's speak to journalist meghna ponte she joins us from mumbai for the very latest on the story head might not good to see you bring us up to date on what's been happening at half of what he said anything about why this plane crash. you know what we do know right now isn't the done chartered aircraft crash in mumbai is
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cardholder area that an eastern suburb of the city it could actually turn under construction building it ended up killing at least five people and blew into bits to mention as engineers and the destiny who according to eyewitness reports was charged to dead and was dying on the fourth but seven others have been injured and in a sense it's an under construction site laborers may be trapped under rubble that's yet to be to deter them in order to initiate information the charter think last around one pm on thursday the last of the sports they were able to extinguish the blaze by around one forty pm the fire b. team is called to the rescue up we. now are the cause an accident is yet to be determined the black box which is the flight recorder from the plane crash site has been recovered what we do know is that the plane had taken off from joe who is a lesson suburban mambo it was doing that test stores this one a brown reporter's thing and it was due to with turn to do it was given a clearance or landed you went around two miles away from the runway but it crashed
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on one mile from the airport so many see that the plane was on the wrong lived up some sort of small planes are not allowed to fly through and still because of langley is actually meant for bigger aircraft since it's also not to kill the pilot lost control of the aircraft that would be premature to see whether the. partner not the bios may have lost employ because of bad weather conditions at the scene looks like we've been receiving incessant weans especially since this morning so i think the director general instinct on their return with the. caveat story is still developing their mumbai meghna party joining us thank you very much. and we recorded that interview with meg now a little bit earlier in the day now the world's best known and most mysterious graffiti painter banksy has confirmed that some of the graffiti found on walls in paris are his works let's show from our social media team had
4:36 pm
a look at his instagram account has more for us now hi liz what kind of graffiti does banksy say he's behind well sumi if banksy has confirmed that five graffiti works of art that appeared in paris over the weekend are by him and in fact he confirmed that now by giving an interview we know that he doesn't give any interviews but by posting photos of the graffiti to his instagram account and we can take a look at some of that artwork first of all there is this one here so you see a girl or a woman riding a horse she has a red veil on and people believe that he was inspired by this very famous painting often a pole and also riding a horse you also see that red veiled there he is riding across the alps a getting into italy there in one thousand nine hundred and it is believed that maybe this was a banksy here is referring to the need that was passed as law in france and this
4:37 pm
kind of biting social commentary that we're seeing here is something that we also see in another mural this one here you see a girl painting over. with this floral pattern and this one actually appeared at a wall that is close to a refugee shelter that was shut down in paris despite lots of protests from of the public so we're once again seeing banksy using his art to stand up for refugees and also criticizing the anti migration policy that we've seen in france and also in other parts of the world was how is it that banksy is probably the most famous graffiti artist in the world but no one really knows who he is. yeah there's a lot of mystery surrounding him ride we don't know what he looks like we don't even know exactly who he is what his real name is and that is probably part of his success the whole mystery surrounding him he is actually like a ghost but very successful some of his artwork sell for more than
4:38 pm
a million dollars at auction but he always manages to really point out what is wrong with the society with his art there is one very famous graffiti that really moved a lot of people it is this one here where people are not very sure whether it is by him it is believed that it is by him i mean go back there it is believed that it is by him though he hasn't confirmed it personally this one can be found outside the emergency exit at the claw club that is where about ninety people where murdered by tourists in paris back in twenty a fifteen so every time there is a painting like this one here people online of course are talking about is this a banksy is a not a bank see if they start sharing photos his pictures all of his image is and that is also part of his fame all we do know is that he's british is probably from bristol but that is where it ends maybe he will reveal himself to us sometime in the future all right let's show from d.w.
4:39 pm
social media thank you. ben is back now and u.s. president donald trump's trade and immigration policies are a problem think some c.e.o.'s to speak out ben these business leaders rely of course on free trade in the free movement of financial services and labor to make their businesses thrive one of them is he met the boss of western union household name for money transfers a corresponding custom phenomena caught up with him. western union can look back at a long history founded in eight hundred fifty one as a telegraph company it turned into a global provider of financial services but for c.e.o. he met s like the challenges of today start right at home he's worried about donald trump's america first policies and his crackdown on immigration in particular don't forget this country u.s. is built on immigration and this just forgot that the success of us is
4:40 pm
immigrants and it's continued to be that and we know that we know from question union and if you move almost three hundred billion dollars a year really globally hundred fifty million customers globally we know how strong immigrants can be migrants re present a large share of western union's customers and that is only one of the reasons why he has made refugee and immigration issues one of his key priorities for him it's personal and my grandfather came from both me and was an immigrant to turkey my mom is also in my father's turkish i marriott indian have also three and i think i do understand the needs of the people there about you know how they move and why they move and why they go look for a port and that is how they create jobs how they really drive the economy that multicultural competency to something dealy missed under the current u.s.
4:41 pm
administration as a member of the so-called business roundtable an association of america's top executives advisors politicians in washington and hopes that his voice is heard i think the politicians do listen to us i think they take our advice as know how they implemented it or not implemented how long it takes it's different the reality says is that globalization is unstoppable driven by mobile technologies. and the dynamics of emerging markets in africa and asia the actions what we see not only in the u.s. but other parts of the world is kind of a momentum correction of globalization i believe that globalization is only taking a break but people are connected and that we do is that connecting to people globally we build bridges not voters actually this is the really the future of sending money from mobile to look ations sending money from mobile to for almost
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four billion a concert worldwide and this has been probably one of our because investment one of the most success stories in fact dot com why a mobile. dot com is growing the fosses in our business to french brothers are the first to set up local production of solar lamps and became a fast so in west africa they want to give cheap chinese imports a run for their money what they thought was a bright idea isn't turning out to be easy. to reports. drives into town nearly every day the sales rep is trying to market so lamps to shop owners competition is stiff on the market and the city of de dugu is no exception the lamps he sells go for around thirty euros that's a lot of money for most people in bikini fast so bring him. his lamps top quality.
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we have chinese products here which are less expensive although they're cheap but the quality is the same. the company's production site is located on the outskirts . made a conscious decision to produce its lamps locally this means the company can also offer fast repairs if needed there are over twenty people working here in. most of the components are imported from france as they're not available in bikinis. so lamps are exempt from tax here but for every delivery has to fight to get the import tax reimbursed because the law is not geared towards local production it only foresees the import of the ready made lamps. company co-founder and from france is still fighting two years after he started his located on the outskirts. made a conscious decision to produce its lamps locally this means the company can also offer fast repairs if needed there are over twenty people working here in to do
4:44 pm
most of the components are imported from france as they're not available in bikini . so lamps are exempt from tax here but for every delivery has to fight to get the import tax reimbursed because the law is not geared towards local production it only foresees the import of the ready made lamps. company co-founder and from france is still fighting two years after he started the company also has problems. but there are no reliable communication systems no reliable transport companies and no rules of administration finish neighboring countries. where they do exist the rules are not supplied. by. the british him knows that it takes time to convince retailers to pay a little more to get a quality product to him it's more than just
4:45 pm
a job. if i meet people sell them the lamps and then they're satisfied that makes me really really happy. he began in production and is now a salesman a good job that allows him to support his family because he knows that success lies in good sales and distribution he's on his way again on the hunt for new customers . and to an important story about education in africa no thank you ben the united nations estimates that one in ten girls in sub-saharan africa misses school while menstruating because they have no proper sanitary products many girls drop out of school together ugandan artista said i know he has come up with a unique solution as a man he is breaking all the taboos in uganda but he says something had to be done . school's out for students. but these girls aren't ready to head home just yet can you guess what they're making there transforming some old growth
4:46 pm
into usable eco friendly. lots of ugandan girls can't afford ordinary parts so they stay home from school during their period to avoid being teased when you intervene in the field. so you really want to show you. and you may not come back to school and never ending. because pads so expensive most young girls have no choice but to use towels or even leaves which aren't reliable and just such a hero he's helping these girls create their own to be usable so they too can just do it during their period without having to worry do your i have three sisters so he understands how hard it can be for these. one and them do the simple. stuff really. give my sister gives her proclaim. a response one way or another
4:47 pm
talking about anything to do with sexuality is still considered taboo in uganda and is even thought to be an african but not all ugandans are staying silent not least of all the famously outspoken minister and academic thing bodily functions are on. the dormitory i'm cleaning for my dream but that's not to be discussed in the presence of men not to be discussed outside one's group. and so i think the first thing is to empower girls. in which they're interested to talk to. tell i was recently arrested and spent a few months in prison but she's determined to continue to fight for women. right just like that that thanks to his project the girls not only get to go to school every day but can't even and some money by selling the parts to the women.
4:48 pm
in their communities. to. buy their own. many people in uganda are against sadat project but he doesn't care as long as he's helping the dow's break down. now at some other stories making news around the world days of continuous downpour in china sichuan and provinces have forced thousands of people to be evacuated to safety flash flooding destroyed the soul road out of a village incomes whose change to a county firefighters there created a makeshift wire crossing over a river bed to rescue more than twenty presidents. and u.s. defense secretary james mattis has assured that south korea of washington's ironclad commitment to its security on a trip to soley pledge to keep u.s. troop levels in south korea on altered his comments came a days after the u.s.
4:49 pm
suspended several war games with south korea in light of denuclearization talks with the north. art is work has been honored in museums all over the world from the moment new york to the tate modern in london germany's gappers to has even been called the world's most expensive living artist now there is a new exhibition and potsdam on a crucial theme in his work abstraction and we have karen hopes that from our culture desk with us to tell us more about this karen an exhibition by your head records that this is always a big event in the art world of course definitely the prices that we're talking about. his most expensive painting is called abstract painting and it's actually very similar to the one on the back here it's the one that he did it's one that he did in one thousand nine hundred six that sold for forty one million euros back in twenty fifteen zero that made him the most expensive it's only been topped once by the american artist jeff koons who had to work go for fifty one year later so it's
4:50 pm
definitely out of our range of but you know get hard to share is also special just because of his history and also very much because he's one of these artists who completely rejects the notion that he has to stick to one particular style he was trained in socialist realism in the early days back in the early days of communist east germany but he fled to the west and very soon he became interested in these abstract techniques and he also has quite a body of photorealistic work now this new exhibition at the museum barberin was inspired by a work in the museum's collection and it follows his development from the black and white photo phase through the color charts through to his detail painting and all the way to the abstract paintings as he often titled his works from the late one nine hundred seventy s. onward that brings together over ninety artworks from international museums but also from private collections some of which have never ever been shown to me and. the artist himself was present at
4:51 pm
a press conference earlier today and this is what he had to say about his transition into abstraction. for hong. bit of a liberation from the constraints and would be a bit polemical against the constructivists who say that only particular colors go together and that i'm a bit crazy to do it this way but what i want to say with this is that any color can go with any other color it's always right. as artists are beings kind of typically elusive and convoluted there but basically staunchly defending his his creative choices and his phase like our great work much like what picasso did and he also actually said that he was surprised at some of the things that showed up at this exhibition even existed so i guess that's what it's like when you've got. your most body at work right tell us about the museum of barbara barbara the museum sorry it's pretty new in the museum landscape definitely it's just opened last year
4:52 pm
you're right and it's utterly unique because it was created completely created from the ground up by hustle plattner who is of course the german billionaire co-founder of the german software giant s.e.p. he's been a passionate art collector for years and he quite literally ran out of wall space for his own. for his own favorite pieces so let's have a look at this. he gave the museum to the city of potsdam as a present. one of the wealthiest men in germany made his money with computer software and with that board a lot of art he doesn't say how many pieces but too many for his walls a ton. i collect things that i like so much that i would hang them in my own living room or in another room and though i own more than one house the walls on our full . suggests. and either you stop collecting or you find another place where the
4:53 pm
paintings you know even. get. had. reconstructed for many years the magnificent eighteenth century building was the cultural center of pottstown after its destruction in the second world war to society in disrepair reconstruction started in twenty thirteen and cost an estimated one hundred million euros. since museum opening at the beginning of last year people have been queuing up to get. so as you can see there's only a huge coup for the city of potsdam and that exhibition is on until october twenty first so if you haven't been there yet highly highly recommended it's worth the trip now another piece of news that i have less uplifting because joe jackson the father of the late pop star michael jackson has passed away yesterday at the age of eighty nine now the former boxer and failed musician was
4:54 pm
a key figure in music history i guess you could call him because without it of course we would never have had bands like the jackson five and of course the musical legacy of superstars michael jackson and his sister janet jackson joe jackson has been called one of the most monstrous fathers in pop apparently a cruel and despotic abuser who made his children's lives a living hell and. unfortunately apparently he reserve the worst of his bullying for his son michael which very possibly answers a number of the questions as to why michael was such a tortured individual saw a very complicated legacy that he's left there and obviously the reactions to his death are understandably very mixed in a difficult story all right karen holmes that from our culture of death thank you for bringing us up to date. you're watching do have new news from berlin we'll have more for you at the top of the hour. just for.
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the beauty. of. the above. the most of. the some of. the most of. the be. before.
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mubarak. subliminal sometimes. the body star not us. but the boss majority of mexico's two hundred thousand missing persons never found. mexico is in the
4:57 pm
grip of drug cartels and corruption. but human rights activists family members cling to a desperate hope mexicans dying for justice in fifteen years on d. w. . my first vice was a sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by this ocean for even something as simple as learning how to write a bicep those isn't and. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me as the business is. finally in the game bob invented by me and i said this and returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing about who i was now i want to
4:58 pm
reach out to those women back home who are bones by their duties and social norms and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the about of people homes and i work at some of them. crimes against humanity. civilians three come witness six are. on their record which is travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda fiction and what is fact digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources and try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of christ thanks to this video recording this. somebody who shall be young man is on trial now it's true forensics between bits and parts.
4:59 pm
of it. believe. anything get. to be chance because justice is about to truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. this is your news live from berlin raising the stakes kind of bitterly divided europe come together leaders arrive in brussels for summits where political maneuvering on a thorny issue of migrations takes center stage on the american urges members
5:00 pm
tonight's warning the divisive issue could make for great the union also coming up they want.


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