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chance because justice is about to truth. truth detectives starched thirty s. w. . this is your news live from berlin raising the stakes kind of bitterly divided europe come together leaders arrive in brussels for summits where political maneuvering on a thorny issue of migrations takes center stage on the american who are just members tonight's warning the divisive issue could make for great the union also coming up they've won over the soccer world cup goes on russia over germany is
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already back home. and the rest of the scene of team germany touched down in france frankfurt to face the press and their critics after the reigning world champions crashed out in the group stage. thank you so much for your company everyone reports are coming in that france is willing to enter into a bilateral deal with germany over the secondary movement of migrants arriving in europe well that would apparently be subject to a request from berlin the news announced by the elites a palace would be the first tangible outcome of a crunch summit in brussels european union leaders are discussing the divisive issue of migration they have two days to hammer out a solution for managing the flow of migrants a block or. rains divided on the issue of how to distribute refugees fairly france
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and germany are sticking with their call for a common solution less leaders are expected to discuss setting up large refugee centers outside the e.u. where asylum claims could be processed before people make their way into the block well italy's a new hardline prime minister has come to this summit with a clear agenda just epic and says europe's rules on my immigration have got to change he specifically takes issue with the dublin agreement under the so-called dublin rules asylum seekers must be processed in the country where they first arrive as so many migrants are crossing the mediterranean sea greece and italy has seen the biggest influx of people even if the migrant wants to get to another country like germany france and sweden under the dublin rules they can be returned to their first country of entry not fair so you go in athens. italy is
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made clear it's ready to battle brussels until all member states share responsibility for migrants three ching its rules. while german chancellor american me meanwhile is desperately needs to get some results at this summit to take the pressure off her back home she's facing a row a revolt from her conservative c.s.u. allies including her own interior minister over the issue of migration there are growing dispute with america is threatening the stability of germany's government and this morning chancellor angela merkel addressed the german parliament anglo-american release finding for her chancellorship even though she won't show any signs of pressure in public. esto it as ever she defended her government's policies in parliament and when it came to the contentious issue of migration she said germany had made progress it's a completely different situation now much fewer refugees were arriving compared to
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last year there were seventy seven percent fewer migrants crossing the mediterranean merkel says the current situation means that exceptional measures of migration are no longer needed she's rejected calls from her bavarian coalition partners to turn away refugees at the german border. instead merkel says europe needs a common approach to asylum cases and you know given europe is facing many challenges but migration could become a make or break question for the e.u. that we tackle it in such a way that people in africa and elsewhere believe we guided by our values and that we insist on multi-lateralism on nobody will believe in the value system that has made us so strong that it is needed. but the far right alternative for germany is harshly critical they're the biggest opposition party in german parliament and they want to close borders for refugees. migration is hurting us more than we
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benefit from it with the euro spent in africa we gain more than we spend it here let's close the borders and accept all resettlement programs and. medical must now get results at the european council summit in brussels otherwise there could be a split between her c.d.u. party and their conservative partners the c.s.u. which in turn could lead her government to collapse. all eyes are on brussels today and tomorrow and the brussels virtue for max hofmann is with us to talk some more about what's at stake good to see you and max chancellor merkel before heading to brussels characterize this summit as potentially a make or break issue for the e.u. is that a little overblown do you think and give us a sense of how deep the fault lines run in europe. there's the classic fault line
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we've been talking about for some time now which ones you know around the visa grant states so in eastern europe countries are hungry in poland that just refused to take in any refugees and that has not changed the tone or bond in these people so the prime minister of hungary made that very clear before and at the arrival of this summit here so that is not going to change then we have more complicated fault lines with the south with italy for example because italy is biggest on the one side they want to tough stance on migration just like hungary on the other hand they have they bear the brunt of all the arrivals of migration through the mediterranean sea so they're also calling for european solidarity they're calling for the relocation of migrants so that's something that i'm going to medical wants as well nevertheless if there is a topic in the european union at the moment that has the potential to blow the european union up as you could say then it is migration because the longer this topic is on the agenda the more it feeds populists and euro skeptic parties this is a very emotive issue and we can get the gist from your reporting as well max but
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but talk to us about facts there's the in your face and actual immigration crisis at this time. it depends where you draw the threshold where you draw the limit if you look at the numbers from the end of two thousand and fifteen and compare them with now there really isn't that much of a deal here because a let's just take the arrivals from libya on the italian shore that went down seventy seven percent in the first months of this year compared to the same period last year so you could say listen there is no problem and that's exactly what a man whom i called the french president is saying he's talking about not actual factual migration crisis but a political migration crisis in a political crisis in some country including in germany but of course if people have the sense that this is a problem and they continue voting for the populous parties that promise a harsher stance on migration then this is continued to be to be a thing in the european union no question about it so is it time that max for the
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dublin agreement to be ditched i mean is that the key change needed in the e.u.'s approach when it comes to refugees and migrants make one where one applies matter instead of where one entry. i don't know a single country in the european union that thinks that the dublin agreement of regulation is working everybody know it's broken it's from a different time when the problems were different but the the thing is that nobody has come up with a solution everybody can agree can it can agree to which would include you know common asylum policy common standards for asylum requests and especially what to do with the people that have been granted asylum status so refugees where to put them and the only solution that has been proposed here and really seems sensible if you ask most people is to rid redistribute them according to some kind of quota within the european union and that's where we get back to the beginning that's something
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which is blocked by a number of states like hungary brussels a bird chief max hoffman reporting from the summit thank you so much. to the worst cup now in team germany are back on home soil after their world cup campaign ended far earlier than planned crouse thronged the year rival section of frankfurt airport waiting for the german players and staff they're coming home to a mixed welcome this was the worst world cup of foreman's ever by a germany team and their players and coach have been subject to have you criticism at home all i'm mindful of that criticism coach show your him move came straight out with the statements this is what he had to say to us. it's an exploit had a pretty for a very upset and still haven't completely processed the pain and disappointment and exhausting that's one of its it's probably because it's going to take some time to
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come to terms with it. we have to be honest with ourselves that we failed at the world cup. we're all of incredibly upset that we didn't deliver for our fans some of the team didn't perform the way they want to do and can munch on a bus it's like much you know modifieds but i as a coach i'm responsible for that and i must ask myself why we didn't deliver all of us which we need to take some time now and soon will be held it doesn't say that. and to max out there is at frankfurt airport where team germany arrived a short while ago good to see you max the manager you're him have said he takes responsibility for germany's poor performance did he give the impression that he could actually be stepping down in the immediate future.
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what i mean you just said it you'll have said he would take full responsibility for this historic loss and whenever a football coach or a head coach of the national team says he would take full responsibility it's an indication that something is definitely going to happen now in addition to that to the head of the d.s.p. i know kendall said he expects to make a statement within the next few days and whatever that means it does not sound like everything's going to go back to normal anytime soon all right and that's a very briefly if you can what have fast been telling you. well a few hundred fans showed up today and some in support but mostly many to see the just star players from up close it seems but also may. people took time off came here to show their anger show their disappointment i talked to many fans they all said this did not come as a surprise more show we knew it was all coming the team deserved it and the overall
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atmosphere here in frankfurt today at the airports but the homecoming is a disappointment all right max and the reporting from frankfurt airport thank you. like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. kenyan authorities have say at least fifteen people have been killed after a fire swept through a crowded market in nairobi dozens more people were injured in the blaze officials say the fire broke out in a timber yard before spreading through the markets and nearby homes. and in india at least five people are dead after a small plane crashed into a construction site in the by rescue rescue and rescue search and searching through the wreckage from the accident that killed all four people on board the plane and at least one person on the ground. dozens of people have been evacuated from the area around
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a volcano on one of the galapagos islands after it started spewing lava and ash two earthquakes triggered fissures in the sierra negra volcano on isabella island the galapagos islands are some one thousand kilometers off ecuador in the pacific ocean . a u.s. military team and british cave experts have joined efforts to rescue twelve boys and their soccer coach thought to be trapped in a flooded cave the coach took the boys exploring after a training session they've been missing since saturday and local authorities now fear that time is running out for them. nearly a week trapped in this cavern with water levels rising by the hour these twelve boys and their football coach have become the center of a dramatic rescue operation u.s. military and british cave experts have now joined national forces in the hope to speed up the search divers are trying to locate the group from the inside swimming through tight passages of murky waters what other rescuers are scouring the
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mountainside in search for alternative entrances nobody knows if the boys are still alive but there's hope. and. i haven't reached the. third. time. we'll keep going. we are not going to give up. but the rain is proving pitiless overnight authorities had to switch off power and water pumps used to drain the cave for fear of electrical hazards. outside families have been camping in the rain waiting praying five days and no news is starting to take a toll but many don't want to give up hope. but for now we are praying for the safety of the children that we believe they are still alive. the complex set of
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caves his situated in a forest park in the northern province of chiang rai it's popular with tourists and locals but people are warned not to visit it's during the monsoon season which runs from may to look so. both henri to say they're confident but five days after they've gone missing the clock to find these boys is ticking fast. thanks so much for watching. the people of the world go for information. opinions they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch and follow us.


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