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news. news in myanmar. or an opinion. this thursday that we know whose life for berlin to raising this thing is going to bitterly divided europe comes together e.u. leaders arrive in brussels for a summit where political maneuvering on the thorny issue of migration takes center stage on the american urges members to unite mourning the divisive issue could make for great the union also coming up soul searching in kenya as a huge fire claims the lives of fifteen people at a market in nairobi it is the seven siblings to hit the market in less than a decade kenya's president is promising answers. and the world cup there was plenty
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of drama group it should colombia managed to make it through after beating senegal the african side are out of the tournament after japan song home. and the agonizing wait for parents in thailand as the search for their children trapped in a flooded cave enters the sixth night. the a. yacht . i'm leyla good to have you with us everyone. leaders are in brussels for a cringe summit on migration at least says things have to change but the block is different but only divided to stave off a crisis back home a chance on the american love for her part to not return home empty handed from the summit she's facing or vaults from her conservative c.s.u.
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allies over the issue of migration that's threatening the stability of germany's government. under pressure as never before the german chancellor must deliver domestically a concession on repair trading migrants is essential for her political survival but it doesn't look like she's getting there it's a tricky problem in other words you start on the one side of course countries which take in refugees need protection and support at the same time refugees and migrants can choose where they seek asylum. from. the cold. fronts as americans side president in one eye micro is pushing to set aside national differences he's got little to lose politically francis not on the front lines should refugees be sent back. we want national european solutions and cooperation for my part i'm fighting for european solutions and european cooperation. going you'll be in the sun dishing good. as things
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stand that seems a distant prospect the rescue ship lifeline is just the latest illustration of how deeply europe is divided only after days sailing round the mediterranean has the vessel been allowed to dock in malta. italy's prime minister qantas said to confront merkel at the summit he is adamant he will not be talked into letting migrants back and come to once through form the dublin agreement specifically that the country refugee flows the rise should no longer be responsible for them. is crucial we're expecting action not just talk fuck to. within the e.u. hungary takes a hard line on migration its prime minister favors a populist approach why fuel migrants have come to europe in recent years he's sticking to his policy of no tolerance. i think the people request to sing sing
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first is named migrants maureen to stop them in the second is those who are in should bring back so that's what the people we all saw i think we. will do to restore the utopian democracy we have to move to that direction it's easier perhaps to focus on the football but the leaders won't have much time to watch the matches there's simply too much to argue about. well as we just saw there are hungry zur prime minister viktor orban takes an especially hardline stance when it comes to migration at the height of the migration crisis back in two thousand and fifteen he built a razor wire fence along hungary's border with serbia new arrivals have since slowed to a trickle but the high security barrier remains in place is funny for shark reports barbed wire detectors border patrols hungary's answer to the migration crisis since twenty fifteen journalists are not welcome to film at the border of the serbia this
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is just closest we could get so you can see the suspense is one of the most fortified and have a god that in europe it's like a sealed fortress the message is clear keep migrants out what does this fence mean to people on both sides of the border i'm meeting team a private lawyer for migrants on their new hung guinea a law people who help migrants can be prosecuted considers to work essential. these migrants want someone to talk to a few calming words to ensure their asylum claim will be taken care of. our interview is interrupted his team a receives a message to offer clients will receive asylum in hungary they spend ten months in a closed off hungary and transit zone. just because someone's from iraq doesn't
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automatically mean they're a terrorist these are real people with real stories behind their claims. and now at the serbian side of the fence new for gosh and meet a farmer. there are still a few migrants around here but not the masses like in two thousand and fifteen or two thousand and sixteen. so does. your neck it's good for us and i'm sure also for hungary but can you show us where migrants live. if you dare to go there. met me through what should we be afraid of at the truck these young men and their twenties no women i haven't seen any reporters around them. report that. takes me to some nearby shacks home to migrants he tells me.
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so. i think the ones who come now i'm not leaving war torn countries maybe a few of them those who came in two thousand and fifteen were yes but we had a war in serbia too not that many of us left. nearby i find these big barns inside a few migrants this man is from pakistan an engineer he says here he's a cook. aged man in the house i don't go to for hazards. or you will go to bosnia when i think of all that's meant in shuttle for he says he wants to go to spain to join his sister a lot of his companions have already left the barn in search of new routes to enter the e.u. some french volunteers are here today they have broach mobile showers it's important
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for us to organizations and people to speak of them and let them feel that they're human beings and that we care about them i'm on my way back to hungary the capital budapest last week parliament passed an amendment to the constitution that declares alien populations cannot be settled in hungary so what can we expect from hungary and the e.u. summit. its member states operative to decide who steps on the soil of the member state so we're never going to give up that element of our sovereignty to any international body or european bureaucracy but what the block needs now is a common migration policy to solve this ongoing crisis. and that's also the reason why all eyes are on brussels today and tomorrow and only correspondent garrick marcus is covering at this all important summit for us take us behind the scenes of the e.u. leaders summit what's happening right now. ok love the way the summit works is that
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the leaders are currently staying in the europa building which is which is about one hundred meters from here under the glass dome having intense debate i imagine and what we're left with here is waiting for a number of diplomats or sometimes so-called sherpas to sneak out and give us their impressions of what's going on behind the big last walls if you want and it just just happened in italian diplomats came out and said the italians handed in came to the summit basically with a list of bullet points of requests they have they want to see reflected in the final council conclusions if they're not in there he said then they'd be even ready to block the final conclusions nothing is agreed on told everything is agreed that's the message now is gay or good of course some tough conversations take place in the building next door is there a sense of urgency at this time that wasn't there before there could possibly lead to a member states reaching deals on managing my ground migration. it was just mentioned
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the italians and i think there are a key part of the explanation what has changed there is a populist far right government in italy now and they have made promises they want to see changes in the migration crisis for years italy has pointed to the fact that they have hundreds of thousands of refugees in the countries they want to see them relocated and they're fed up with the lack of solidarity on a european level and then of course last but not least you have german chancellor angela merkel who has come under friendly fire from our own coalition so a number of member states have arrived and they want to see this migration crisis resolved or at least they want to see clear steps. to a resolution of that crisis which they can bring back home and say look we have to move forward in europe that's how some radical warned before going out to brussels where you are right now that the crisis could become the make or break issue for really i mean is the state of the union that precarious. i think what
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she's referring to is the fact not that we are facing a migration crisis if you look at the numbers and compare them to do thousand and fifteen they have trumped by over ninety percent so it is not a real my current crisis europe is facing but it is a political crisis as the french president pointed out upon their own arrival and the key point here is that we have a number of far right wing populist governments in europe now who are pushing things forward to a pushing for national solutions and that is what she's referring to the idea that europe stands for multilateralism it stands for values including the values you claim asylum inside europe that is something that is at risk and a number of leaders have agreed that this is a crucial point something that europe needs to defend now it is some the dirty values that are at play so having said all of that does the chancellor have enough clout still to convince her counterparts and to get them on board to support her plan to european approach. of course german chancellor angela merkel had stronger
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days in brussels without a doubt nevertheless she still has a number of allies and after all this is not about the person the personal bank of america this is about interest of vested interests of twenty eight member states and if you look at the broader picture of other issues that are on the agenda for instance donald trump the potential of a trade war with the united states a difficult situation with russia and of course breaks that all these things come into the equation and that is where a lot of member states want to see a strong germany and a strong german partner on this site are garrick modest reporting from the e.u. summit in the council they are going and brussels thank you so very much. our like to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. in india at least five people are dead after a small plane crashed into a construction site in mumbai rescuers search through the wreckage from the accident that killed all four people on board the plane and at least one person on
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the ground. dozens of people have been evacuated from the area around the volcano on one of the galapagos islands after it started spewing lava and ash two earthquakes triggered fissures in the searing negra volcano on isabel island that collaborative islands are some one thousand kilometers off the coast of ecuador in the pacific ocean. in a major diplomatic fog easy oh yes as prime minister ahmed will soon meet with his counterpart from neighboring eritrea as after every trade officials visit a disavowal for the first time in two decades has offered to hand over territory occupied by ethiopia says the two countries went to war in the late one nine hundred ninety s. . u.s. defense secretary james mattis has assured south korea of washington's iron clad commitment to its security on a trip to seoul he pledged to keep u.s.
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troop levels in south korea under an altered his or commons days after the u.s. has been at several war games with south korea in light of denuclearization talks with the north. you're washing it every day is a sign of a lot more to tell you about including. the trial of prominent german turkish journalist dennis opens in istanbul and. he's back in germany and safe but many more journalists remain behind bars in turkey. and now a french firm is charged with financing terrorism yes perhaps one of the more serious charges against a french company in a while cement supply in the fog has been charged with complicity in crimes against humanity that softer investigations into their business practices in war torn syria lafarge is charged with paying almost thirteen million euros to jihad its including
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the so-called islamic state to keep a factory open in war torn syria the plant in july continued running long after other french companies had pulled out of the country investigators say the payments were considered a tax in exchange for which militants allowed free movement of the company's staff and goods inside the war zone the company's complicity in the terror group's activities were uncovered by human rights groups sharp. third also appears. far shores the only company to remain in the region despite the region being controlled by the i.a.s. far she didn't take necessary measures to protect the safety of the employees syrian subsidiary people were abducted there were kidnappings there were murders also law forces suspected of having financed the i.a.s. and thus a terrorist enterprise. according to paris ordered law
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forced to hand over thirty million euros as a security deposit ahead of the trial it has charged eight former executives with financing a terrorist group and endangering the lives of others far said it would take legal action to get the charges dropped insisting that the company as a whole was not responsible a company statement says that lafarge took firm measures as soon as they were informed and that none of the people charged is part of the company today. and has a long shoppers with quick to livery barge with ever more customers wanting their purchases faster than before it's having trouble keeping up at the same time the retail giant is trying to wean itself off the pad it's not just its firms so who's going to fix the problem well you are that is if you fancy yourself as an entrepreneur. these gray vans could help ease amazon's so-called last mile problem
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the number of online orders is on the rise and customers expect quick delivery to their door step. that's why the e-commerce giant wants to build its own delivery services contractors can lease the vans from amazon and set up their own fleets for around ten thousand us dollars. we've got great uniform pricing we've got fuel contracts that people can sign up for we've done negotiations for benefits packages and insurance rates for both the vehicles and for their employees amazon claims delivers could see as much as three hundred thousand dollars in profits per year it's unclear precisely how amazon will pay the new couriers and they will not be permitted to carry packages from other companies amazon share in the u.s. e-commerce market is expected to rise to forty one percent this year speeding up its deliveries can only help maintain its leadership. british oil giant b.p. is buying chargemaster the u.k.'s largest electric charging company is reportedly
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worth around one hundred seventy million dollars and will enable b.p. to expand its charging network across britain it expects the number of electric vehicles in the u.k. to serve to twelve million by twenty forty of the major companies investing in the mobility market include while dutch shell folks log. welcome to cullinan grab a russian on clave slap bang in the middle of the baltic coast right now russia is hosting the world cup and callinan grab is no exception across the board russia has spent more than ten billion euros on the world cup on new airports roads and venues kalin grant has also splashed out at stadium costing hundreds of millions of euros where the england versus belgium matches just kicked off in the past few minutes but when all the forty fans of gone will the expense of being worth. these soccer fans are spending their evenings partying in the polish city of downscale
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and not one hundred fifty kilometers away in kaliningrad where their team's games are taking place there among many world cup tourists who have been priced out of hotels and the host cities in kaliningrad a night the commendation will set you back at least two hundred euros you can see why kaliningrad is keen to bring money back in this city stadium cost two hundred thirty five million euros after the world cup it will become the training ground for baltic kaliningrad a second division russian team. that will kaliningrad has a population of around half a million the biggest employer here is the carmaker after a tour its vice president says the city is a good place for business. work there is no crime pretty tax. no tax on companies streets no tax on land. and there are also the eighty exemptions those incentives may well be the reason
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b.m.w. is reportedly planning to set up operations in kaliningrad but while the city might be good for business for ordinary soccer fans it's simply too expensive talking about expensive sports where john i didn't expect him to sell some eight million football kits at this year's world cup that's despite germany's early exit from the championship outlets have been selling germany shirts at half price the former champions humiliation is unlikely to have too big an impact on business for us the german companies sponsoring a total of twelve teams six of which are already secured a place in the knockout round. i'm not about the clothing of the wearing let's get something on the teams themselves around the players more not world cup action. so very much for that thankfully i have a lemur taki is going to bring us up to speed from the sports we're reaching the
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end of the group stage group h. they just finished off what happened so colombia through to the last sixteen this after beating senegal one nil and colombia supporters of course had to wait until the seventy fourth minute when yairi nina the defender headed home a corner kick past senegal's goalkeeper and he did all of that without hummus rodrigues who had to come off because of a muscle injury they you go what a header. and any other match poland beach upin that's poland's first win of the tournaments thanks to yan bet now a coup volleyed it in for the poles at the one hour mark but in spite of the result japan go through to the knockout phase thanks to winning the they tiebreaker over us and ago and the new one is that if you got to cut interest senegal what would
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what does that mean i mean why were they eliminated and topanga series were really good questions senegal and japan basically the weight ended was both of them with the same number of points they have the same goal difference they have the same number of gold squads so the next tiebreaker is trip play fair play of course you know how many yellow cards how many red cards and because senegal had two more yellow cards than japan japan a through and that and solve a lot of i know you have been unlucky tournaments because we don't have any african team need no need and some of them really like i also feel the same about morocco they were really hard done by some of their performances went bad at all and. now let's talk about the. seedlings game belgium england. i heard that potentially it would be in both teams interest if they lost how does that work i know it doesn't make any sense because both in england and belgium they basically want to end up on the easiest side of the knockout bracket and to do that they have
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to finish run because if you finish on the in the lightest side of the bracket you will avoid facing four form a world cup champions like france brazil argentina and uruguay you only have to face spain as a form a world cup winner all respect. i say but it could be for a better one in the. quarters now let's talk about to germany i mean we're all sat here in the newsroom there back home what kind of receptions reception that they get makes next emotions mixed receptions this some fence of course you know who have welcomed them with open arms and others of course not afraid to criticize them there's also fans that at the airport have shown up with signs basically criticizing this team but let's you know what your you know the man himself have to say upon his return to germany. it's an expletive he said pretty funny very upset and still haven't completely processed the pain and disappointment that makes it
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seem that's one of it's it's probably it's going to take some time to come to terms with it you know we have to be honest with ourselves that we have failed at the world cup started. where we live incredibly upset that we didn't deliver through our fans possible so the team didn't perform the way they want to do and the kind of bunch of advice this gets like much you know modifieds. as a coach i'm responsible for that and i must ask myself why we didn't deliver the speech we need to take some time now and soon will be held it up and take it over. what does that mean where does that leave him i mean all of this it's very confusing because right before the world cup he signed an extension and now of course because of the crash you know but he has come out as you heard in the in the otoh on that he in the sound bite he has taken responsibility so does that mean by him taking the blame will he step down is he trying to hint at something is he
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indirectly trying to tell us i will step down and all we know at this moment is that the d.f.t. president i had kendall he also had a very long talk with you off and he said that next week we'll come out and basically speak about his future i'm thinking that this could be a chance maybe if he's trying to say look instead of us hiring you you know this could be a chance for you to step down on your own own terms but then again what's the alternative if you're a is a very briefly we're almost in a knockout stage so who impressed you the most. i'm going to go with him then and russia those two yeah ok well we'll see if they still impress you after this if they are asked to sit here i think it's not worth. thank you so much anymore talking from you go use for us. and we're going to transition to something completely different now the trial of prominent german a turkish journalist began in istanbul today tennessee
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a child is being tried in absentia he was allowed to return to germany last february after spending a year in a turkish jail without charge his attentions or relations between berlin and each new low point a correspondent for the german daily develops is now on trial for engaging in terrorist propaganda and sedition charges that he denies. denis you chose trial started or to stand bull central courthouse on thursday without him. the proceedings were over in half an hour the judges rejected an application for acquittal they ruled that the evidence would have to be assessed. that if this trial should have been stopped straightaway newspaper articles cannot be a crime and should not be used as proof. you tell a correspondent for the german daily paper developed was held in a high security jail for
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a year there was no indictment charges were only brought just before he was released in february terrorist propaganda and incitement based on articles written by the journalist arbitrary and obscene profit procedure against local national or international journalists i think the profession would not be safe on wednesday the prominent journalist met met out was temporarily released off to d.d. two years in custody the constitutional court ordered him to be freed in january but this did not happen he's still facing life in prison and dennis you jones case is set to proceed in december but he will not have to go back to turkey his case can be made in writing. now watching the w.'s we have still a lot more coming up of a deadly fire sweeps there were nairobi market and not for the first time will go
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live to the city for the latest and he's been called one of the world's most expensive living artists a new exhibit of the works of the art of the stars opens pottstown. we'll have those stories and a whole lot more coming up after these messages. with a veil. oh so. the women of saudi arabia are going places for. an exclusive look into the lives of saudi women. and see how they move how they work and what they dream of. female power in saudi arabia in forty five minutes from now on the. stand for.
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language course in. video audio. anytime anywhere. w. . crimes against humanity. civilians become witness six. of. their recorded edges travel around the globe just social media. but what is propaganda fiction what is from. digital investigators combed through the flood of images they combine sources. what happened and substantiate claims of christ thanks to this video recording of the soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and bytes.
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you. believe. anything get. to be chance because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. great to have you back with us you're watching me that we need is a rock and roll and this is our main headline right now. european union leaders are holding a two day summit focusing on migration amid bitter divisions germany and france say the e.u. must tackle the issue which angela merkel says has the potential to make or break the union and the latest development diplomats say italy is blocking summit agreements on trade and defense to try to up the pressure on leaders to agree to its migration demands. a huge fire at
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a market in the kenyan capital nairobi has killed fifteen people and injured dozens as the seventh fire to hit the market in less than a decade kenya's president who are kenyatta is pledging a thorough investigation and it comes too late for the victims of this latest blaze some of whom were just young children. to file last did just ninety minutes burning fost in ferociously it tore through they could come by markers in the early hours traders who lived amongst the stalls struggled to wake their families and flee. in the lies of the day the scale of the tragedy became clear. about fifteen and fifteen mm lens. in addition we have gone from about seventy casualties. been deceived up enough to national hospital they are not to mention. officials have declared the area
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a crime scene as they investigate the cause it's believed the blaze may have started in a timber yard. room some watchman must i work from entry through because it was you know blown fire and the fire started. small made them steer and it started and called than any of. the sprawling get called the market is located in nairobi's densely crowded downtown area it provides thousands with livelihoods bus in precarious conditions. the market has already been devastated by several fires the last less than a year ago. when the. last burgundy w's catherine one though she is in the kenyan capital nairobi catherine it's quite baffling because it wasn't the first deadly fire at the. market what do we know about the cost this time round.
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well we still have investigators on the ground criminal investigations on the ground so far as much as we are told that the fire did start in the timber traders who claim that there was several by is that it was started spontaneously and they claim that it could have been us an attack but that's not yet confirmed the reason why the fire spread so quickly is that a majority of the stalls in get called a made of wood and so the fire spread really foster to to determine the cause of the of the fire still is still to be done. but somehow this place seems to be very very vulnerable to fire why does it happen over and over again well there are claims of business rivalries between the traders who work at the combine markets but they're also cames of the land issue the original owner of the
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land is currently you know has presented the case to the national land council apparently the land was allocated to two prominent businessman and given a title irregularly so this is one of the reasons why we see this reoccurring all the time. there's a possibility and the traders who say that they want to clean out the market for better development tool for development of other buildings now of course the sad part of all of this is the loss of lives but also the loss of businesses talk to us about that. well yes hundreds of traders have lost millions of shillings this is what they depend on this is how they feed their families you heard that some of them actually live in the market so devalued one ruble at this particular stage but over the last couple of months we've been seeing a lot of markets being brought down this one market that is an uptown in the more
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suburbia in nairobi that was brought down last month to give way for a new building and there's another second hand market that is also being threatened to be brought down for the same so this is it leaves these trade with nothing basically now presidents who are can you had a vow to end these fires i mean about the question why he hasn't done something before what does he want to do now well he did make the same proclaim mission in the last fire last year he did call for investigations but all the investigations that have taken place have been have not been conclusive so would have to wait and see what the austin experts who are on the ground currently come up with in their preliminary investigations or even just the you know final report but also when you look at key combo markets you feel that the stalls
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a very tightly packed so if there is a fire you context yes the source of the fire so it leaves. very helpless so he's looking to see better disaster management in the area by a thirty's and wander over porting from nairobi kenya thank you and the lead story u.s. military team members experts have joined efforts to rescue twelve boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave complex the coach took the boys exploring after a training session and they've been missing since saturday and local authorities now say your time is running out to find them. nearly a week trapped in this cavern with water levels rising by the hour these twelve boys and their football coach have become the center of a dramatic rescue operation u.s. military and british cave experts have now joined national forces in the hope to
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speed up the search divers are trying to locate the group from the inside to me through tight passages of murky waters what other rescuers are scouring the mountainside in search for alternative entrances nobody knows if the boys are still alive but there's hope and. we still haven't reached the chalk at area in the third. time. we'll keep going. we are not going to give up. but the rain is proving pitiless overnight authorities had to switch off power and water pumps used to drain the cave for fear of electrical hazards. outside families have been camping in the rain waiting praying five days and no
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news is starting to take a toll but many don't want to give up hope. but for now we are praying for the safety of the children now we believe they are still alive. the complex set of caves he's situated in a forest park in the northern province of chiang rai it's popular with tourists and locals but people are warned not to visit it during the monsoon season which runs from may to look so. thory to say they're confident but five days after they've gone missing the clock to find these boys is ticking fast. now u.s. president donald trump's trade and immigration policies are prompting some ceo's to speak out daniel tell us what's right and they rely on free trade and the free movement of financial services and labor to make their businesses thrive one of those c.e.o.'s is he met he's the boss of western union a household name for money transfers our correspondent costs involve naaman caught up with him. western union can look back at
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a long history founded in eight hundred fifty one as a telegraph company it turned into a global provider of financial services but for c.e.o. he met s like the challenges of today start right at home he's worried about donald trump's america first policies and his crackdown on immigration in particular don't forget that this country u.s. is built on immigration and this just forgot that you know that the success of us is immigrants and it's continued to be that and we know that we know from western union and if you move almost three hundred billion dollars a year really globally hundred fifty million customers globally we know how strong immigrants can be migrants re present a large share of western union's customers and that is only one of the reasons why he has made refugee and immigration issues one of his key priorities for him it's personal and my grandfather came from both me and was an immigrant to turkey
8:40 pm
my mom is also in my father's turkish i'm married to a half indian half also three and i think i do understand the needs of the people there about you know how they move and why they move and why they go look for a port and that is how they create jobs how they really drive the economy that multicultural competency to something dealy missed under the current u.s. administration as a member of the so-called business roundtable an association of america's top executives. advisors politicians in washington and hopes that his voice is heard i think the politicians do listen to us i think they take our advice as know how they implemented it or not implemented how long it takes it's different the reality says is that globalization is unstoppable driven by mobile technologies. at the dynamics
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of emerging markets in africa and asia the actions what we see not only in the u.s. but other parts of the world is kind of a momentum correction of globalization i believe that globalization is only taking a break but people are connected and that we do is that connecting the people globally rebuild bridges not voles actually this is the really the future of sending money from mobile to look ations sending money from mobile to for almost four billion a concert worldwide and this has been probably one of the or because investment one of the most success stories in fact brazilian dot com why a mobile soon dot com is growing the fosses in our business. to french brothers had the lightbulb moment deciding to set up the first local production of solar lamps and became the fast so in west africa they want to give cheap chinese imports run for that money but what they thought was
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a bright idea is turning out to be easy. to reports. drives into town nearly every day the sales rep is trying to market so lamps to shop owners competition is stiff on the solar market and the city of de dugu is no exception the lamps he sells go for around thirty euros that's a lot of money for most people in bikini a fast so pretty bring him. his lamps top quality. we have chinese products here which are less expensive although they're cheap but the quality is the same. the company's production site is located on the outskirts of. made a conscious decision to produce its lamps locally this means the company can also offer fast repairs if needed there are over twenty people working here to do most of the components are imported from france as they're not available in bikini. so
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lamps are exempt from tax here but for every delivery like those l. has to fight to get the import tax reimbursed because the law is not geared towards local production it only foresees the import of ready made solar lamps. company co-founder are no shab and from france is still fighting two years after he started the company also has problems exporting its lamps. there are no reliable communication systems no reliable transport companies and no rules of administration finish neighboring countries. where they do exist the rules are not supplied. knows that it takes time to convince retailers to pay a little more to get a quality product to him it's more than just a job. if i meet people sell them the lamps and then they're satisfied that makes
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me really really happy. he began in production and is now a salesman with a good job that allows him to support his family and because he knows that like success lies in good sales and distribution he's on his way again on the hunt for new customers. will stay on the continent with more news thank you so very much the united nations estimates that one in ten girls in sub-saharan africa this is school well menstruating because they have no proper sanitary products many girls drop out of school altogether ugandan artists do europe has come up with a unique solution as a man is breaking all the to blues in uganda but he says something just had to be done. school's out for students. but these gals aren't ready to head home just yet can you guess what they're making there transforming some old growth into reusable eco friendly. lots of ugandan girls can't afford ordinary parts so
8:45 pm
they stay home from school during their period to avoid being teased when you intervene in the field. so you really want to show you. and him may not come back to school and never ended. because pat's a so expensive most young girls have no choice but to use towels or even leaves which aren't reliable and just to hear he's helping create all of the usable pods so they too can do it during their few years without having to worry do your i have three sisters so he understands how hard it can be. if you want to do the simple. stuff really. give my sister gives her probably. talking about anything to do with
8:46 pm
sexuality is still considered taboo in uganda and is even thought to be an african but not all ugandans are staying silent not least of all the famously outspoken minister and academic style announcing bodily functions or. cleaning for example. that are not to be discussed in the presence of men not to be discussed outside one's group. and so i think the first thing. is to empower. stella i was recently arrested and spent a few months in prison but she's determined to continue to fight for women. right just like that thanks to these project the gals not only get to go to school every day but can't even and some money by selling the pods to other women.
8:47 pm
in their communities. but it's another way of teaching how to make their own job many people in uganda are against saddam's project but he doesn't care as long as he's helping the dow's break down. good luck to that the world's best known and most mysterious graffiti painter banksy now has confirmed that some of the graffiti found on walls in the french capital paris are his works on the show from our social media team had a look at his instagram account let's get to see what kind of coffee does banksy say he's behind. well banksy has confirmed that five pieces of graffiti that have popped up in the recent days in paris are actually by him and how did he confirm that he hadn't signed his name on the works of art so nobody knew whether he really was the artist behind them but right now what he has done is he has taken photos of the graffiti and posted those photos to his inside
8:48 pm
them account that's telling us that that work is actually done by him so what's latest from bank second show you some of his latest work we have this one here it shows a woman or a girl riding on a horse with her head covered in a veil you would believe that he was actually inspired by this very famous a painting often of poleon showing him also on a horse with that red veil in one thousand nine hundred crossing the alps getting into italy and some believe that it might be a reference to the ban of wearing neat cabs for muslim women in france and this kind of social commentary is something that we are also seeing in this new role right here it's also in you also by banks see you see of this girl spraying over and swastika using the pink color there to hide that nazi symbol there and in fact
8:49 pm
this one was discovered on world refugee day it is on a wall that is close to a refugee center that was shut down despite protests by the public and banks actually on his account tells us that this place as you see there they are still refugees a gathering and migrants gathering and that doesn't now become a soup kitchen and this is actually not the first time that we're seeing banksy use his art to really take a stance for refugees and to also criticize anti immigrant policies in france and also in other parts of the world is very political of banksy is probably the most famous graffiti artist in the world but nobody knows who he really is. yes. that's the thing so we know that he's british but we don't know how all the is what he looks like we don't know his real name and i think part of his success really is because of that whole mystery surrounding him and there's also you know like a lot of excitement a lot of buzz when people discover a new graffiti and they ask themselves is it a banksy is it not
8:50 pm
a banksy he sometimes just you know leaves us in the dark also with his recent paintings that we saw in paris there is this one here that people believe might be by him but we don't know because he didn't really say he hasn't posted that one too is in some accounts this one up here at the emergency exit door all of the but a claw you remember that is where that's terrible terrorist attack happened back in twenty fifteen i'm with dozens of people being gunned down there during a concert so this is the kind of artwork that we have seen pop up in paris and he is really very successful with this sometimes as art sells for more than one million dollars and i'm sure that he's happy and he enjoys just you know leaving us in the dark and keeping us guessing about who he is and where he will appear next. thank you so very much. and his work has been honored in museums all over the world from the moma in new york to the tate modern in london i'm not
8:51 pm
talking about banksy germany's gary hart director has been called the world's most expensive living artist on now there's a new exhibit in potsdam a crucial theme in his work abstraction and care how start from our culture department is here to tell us what it's so i have a yellow day. so an exhibit a of course all eyes in the art world are focused on him what kind of prices are we talking about when we say the most expensive his most expensive painting was called abstract picture that he did in one thousand nine hundred six very similar to what we've got here behind us on the wall a look at seoul for forty one million back in two thousand and fifteen made him the world's most expensive art is now that's only been topped once by the american artist jeff koons and his balloon dog sold for about fifty million the following year so you know they're definitely out of our range these works but you know get mr is really is really special and interesting because of his history. because he
8:52 pm
simply rejects the notion that an artist house that's quite to one or stay with one particular style he was trained in socialist real ism back in the early days of communist east germany and but he fled to the west and very soon adopted and became very attracted to a lot of these abstract techniques and he also has a very very interesting body of photo photo realistic work so this new exhibition at the museum barberini was inspired by one of the works in the museum's collection and let's have a look now to see if the show is all about. outside it's classical baroque. inside it's quite abstract the museum is the perfect setting for five decades of. this painting as the title details. the artist's works make demands on the viewer's imagination you might just see a flower somewhere in here on. this
8:53 pm
is that. it's very important to be able to recognise that landscapes that behind the abstract images there are sometimes realistic motifs that in these spaces which are also created in an abstract way there is always this potential for association and a reference to our reality. the exhibition brings together more than ninety paintings from international museums and private collections. abstract painting offers the opportunity to leave conventional ways of thinking behind. them was a bit of a liberation from the constraints and was a bit polemical against the constructivists who said that only particular colors go together and that i'm a bit crazy to do it this way but what i want to say with this is that any color
8:54 pm
can go with any other color it's always right it's good the main criteria is the artist likes it but this is rarely the case. there's always the feeling this is nothing because the best stuff. but then on the other hand it's better than the others or something like. this modesty that makes. so likable guy. abstract works can be of mind in. twenty four. really great to hear him speaking there he speaks that are typically elusive and convoluted but staunchly defending his creative choices you know you also said that he was actually surprised at some of the pieces that surfaced for this show he'd forgotten they even existed so there you go inside a body of work the size of france so to talk to us about the bible really museum best hosting this exhibit dead relatively new to the museum landscape that's right
8:55 pm
it's just opened last year so it's utterly unique because of course it was created from the ground up by. who's of course the billionaire co-founder of the german software giant a.p. he's been a passionate art collector for years and literally ran out of wall space for his own collection and so he had the palate barberini reconstructed now they would you know building from the eighteenth century was once upon a time the cultural center of potsdam and after its destruction in the second world war the slightly neglected and he has built it back up the reconstruction costs an estimated one hundred million euros and it has really revitalized the area around their new lands and the opening of course people at the beginning of last year people have been queuing up this is an utter cuckoo for potsdam a really fabulous place and i highly recommend a visit and i just saw the thinker thinker so there are so many. things.
8:56 pm
and a really good has been open for a long but a fantastic lineup of exhibitions already ah so he's got a vast collection he's got yeah well he's really. hard thank you so much karen greatly appreciate it as a and on behalf of karen and myself thank you so much for spending this part of your day with this great golfer is up next.
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