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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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public policy e.u. leaders are in brussels trying to find common ground over migration and border security. is warning that the future of europe is also. soul searching in kenya as a huge fund. to hit the market and.
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president is promising answers. out of the tournament after. saul home. it's good to have you with us european union leaders are in brussels tonight for a crunch summit. italy's prime minister says that things have to change but the e.u. is bitterly divided over which way. for her part desperately needs results from this summit to stave off a crisis back home here in berlin she's facing a revolt from her conservative allies over the issue of migration that's threatening the stability of germany's government. under pressure as never before
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the german chancellor must deliver domestically a concession on repatriating migrants is essential for her political survival but it doesn't look like she's getting there it's a tricky problem so in other words you start on the one side of course countries which take in refugees need protection and support at the same time refugees and migrants can choose where they seek asylum. following. the. france as america's side president in one eye micro is pushing to set aside national differences he's got little to lose politically francis not on the front lines should refugees be sent back. do we want national or european solutions and cooperation for my part i'm fighting for european solutions and european cooperation. going you'll be in the sun dishing good. as things stand that seems
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a distant prospect the rescue ship lifeline is just the latest illustration of how deeply divided only after days sailing round the mediterranean has the vessel been allowed to dock in malta. italy's prime minister qantas said to confront merkel at the summit he is adamant he will not be talked into letting migrants back and come to one through form the dublin agreement specifically that the country where refugees first the rise should no longer be responsible for them. is crucial we're expecting action not just talk to you within the e.u. hungary takes a hard line on migration its prime minister favors a populist approach why fuel migrants have come to europe in recent years he's sticking to his policy of no tolerance. i think the people request to sing so first is no migrants maureen was told them and the second is those who are in should
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bring back so that's what the people we all saw i think we. will do to restore the utopian democracy we have to move to that direction it's easier perhaps to focus on the football but the leaders won't have much time to watch the matches there's simply too much to argue about oh as we saw there hungary's prime minister viktor orban takes an especially hard line stance when it comes to migration at the height of the migration crisis back in twenty fifteen he builds a razor wire fence along the hungary's border with serbia new arrivals have since slowed to a trickle but the high security barrier remains in place funny for char reports. barbed wire detectors border patrols hungary's answer to the migration crisis since twenty fifty journalists are not welcome to film at the border of serbia this is just closest we could get and you can see this fence is one of the most fortified
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and have a god that in europe it's like a sealed fortress the message is clear keep migrants out what does this fence mean to people on both sides of the border i'm meeting t.v. i could watch a private lawyer for migrants on their new home giving out all people who help migrants can be prosecuted considers to work essential. these migrants want someone to talk to a few calming words to ensure their asylum claim will be taken care of. our interview is interrupted is to me i received a message that two of for clients will receive asylum in hungary that they spend ten months in a closed off hungary and transit zone. just because someone's from iraq doesn't automatically mean they're a terrorist these are real people with real stories behind their claims. and now at
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the serbian side of the fence near for gosh and meet a farmer. there are still a few migrants around here but not the masses like in two thousand and fifteen or two thousand and sixteen. so. struck your neck it's good for us and i'm sure also for hungary but can you show us where migrants live. joy if you dare to go there. met me through what should we be afraid of at the truck these young men and their twenties no women i haven't seen any reporters around them. report that. takes me to some nearby shacks home to migrants he tells me. so i think that. i think the ones who come now i'm not leaving war torn countries
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be a few of them those who came in two thousand and fifteen were yes but we had a war in serbia too not that many of us left. nearby i find these big barns inside a few migrants this man is from pakistan an engineer he says here he is a cook. aged man in the house i am. posting as it. were you will go to bosnia when i think that's meant. for he says he wants to go to spain to join his sister a lot of his companions have already left the barn in search of new routes to enter the e.u. some french volunteers are here today they have broach mobile showers it's important for us to organizations and people to speak of them and let them feel that they're human beings and that we care about them i'm on my way back to hungary the capital
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budapest last week parliament passed an amendment to the constitution that declares alien populations cannot be settled in hungary so what can we expect from hungary and the e.u. summit. its member states operative to decide who steps on the soil of the member state so we're never going to give up that element of our sovereignty to any international body or european bureaucracy but what the block needs now is a common migration policy to solve this ongoing crisis. with the day before she departed for this make or break summit german chancellor angela merkel warned that the issue of migration could decide europe's future earlier we asked our brussels correspondent viewer matis if unity in the european union is in danger. i think what she's referring to is the fact not that we are
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facing their migration crisis if you look at the numbers and compare them to two thousand and fifteen they have trumped by over ninety percent so it is not a real my current crisis europe is facing but it is a political crisis as the french president pointed out upon their own arrival and the key point here is that we have a number of far right wing populist governments in europe now who are pushing things forward to a pushing for national solutions and that is what she is referring to the idea that europe stands for a multilateral is and it stands for values including the values you claim asylum inside europe that is something that is at risk and a number of leaders have agreed that this is a crucial point something that europe needs to defend now it is such a dirty values that are at play there was government is reporting from brussels here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in india and white plane has crashed into a construction so on in a busy area of mumbai india media say four people on board the plane and one
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pedestrian have been killed the chartered aircraft reportedly crashed as it was preparing to land and moon by an airport in northern thailand the effort to rescue twelve boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded cave has been strengthened by more time military british cave experts and a u.s. military team have also joined the search the group have been missing since saturday afternoon rescuers said that the water level in the cave had risen again because of overnight rain. a huge fire at a market in the kenyan capital nairobi has killed fifteen people and injured dozens others it's the seventh fire to hit the market in less than a decade kenya's president kenyatta is pledging a thorough investigation but it comes too late for the victims of this latest blaze some of whom were just young children. to file lasted just ninety minutes burning fast and ferociously it tore through they could calm
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the markets in the early hours traders who lived amongst the stalls struggled to wake their families and flee. in the light of day the scale of the tragedy became clear. about fifteen and fifteen moves. in addition we. can go from about seven casualties when it seemed up enough the national hospital up to its immense. officials have declared the area a crime scene as they investigate the cause it's believed the blaze may have started in a timber yard. some watchman a workman three through cause it was. born fire and the fire started maybe a small made them sleep on it thought and called than any of. the funny.
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the sprawling good kumba market is located in nairobi's densely crowded downtown area it provides thousands with livelihoods bus in precarious conditions. the market has already been devastated by several fires the last less than a year ago. when. a colombian have booked their place in the round of sixteen at the world cup after beating senegal one nil the coveted oh finished top of their group colombia supporters had to wait until the seventy fourth minute when gary mina headed home a corner kick pasts into goals to go to libya needed to win to guarantee their place in the next round there was some bad news for this side though with james rodriguez being substituted due to injury. in the group's other game poland beat japan one deal to come away with their only win of the tournament. curled
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a free kick in front of the goal and yon bed now to hit the target to secure victory for the pole in the sixty eighth minute but in spite of the result japan go through to the knockout phase thanks to winning the fair play tiebreaker over group a tribal cynical poland go home. to the world cup as stay with the world cup team germany they're back on home soil after their world cup campaign ended far earlier than planned they came home to a mixed welcome this was the worst world cup performance ever by a germany team and the players and coach have been subject to heavy criticism at home and mindful of the criticism coach joachim love it came straight out with a statement and this is what he had to say. today you should really try we have very upset and still haven't completely processed the pain and disappointment the exciting bits want to mint this problem because it's going to take some time to
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come to terms with it. we have to be honest with ourselves that we have failed at the world cup. we're all incredibly upset that we didn't deliver for our fans much of the team didn't perform the way they want to do and can bunch of misfits like much. but. as a coach i am responsible for that and i must ask myself why we didn't deliver all of us and we need to take some time now and soon the talks will be held it doesn't make the. york a lot speak. some good news now for consumers of modern art the german paint known as the world's most expensive living artist is being in a new exhibition close to the show in the city of traces the development of. abstract paintings they're considered to be some of the world's most influential and valuable. works. by museums all over the globe including new york's
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moma and the tate. you're watching back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see the. piece in germany to learn german. village beneath. with him online a. free for.


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