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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin tonight breaking news from the us a shooting at a maryland newspaper police confirming that five people are dead the targets the offices of the capital gives it a newspaper in the city of annapolis. correspondent also coming off the european leaders meeting to turn the almost impossible into public policy are gathered in brussels trying to find common ground over migration in border security the german chancellor angela merkel's political future is on the line she warns the fate of
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europe is also at stake. and at the world cup in russia it is done and dusted with some exciting matches on thursday belgium made it three out of three by beating england's a top sheet but just one goal was all they need to see off an eager english eleven . it's good to have you with us we have breaking news tonight from the united states there has been a shooting at a newspaper in the state of maryland a man is in police custody after opening fire on the news room of the capital newspaper in the city of annapolis now officials are confirming that several people have been killed police we just heard in the west. in saying that five people have
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died one journalist who was in the news room at the time tweeted that the gunman fired his way through a glass door and then sprayed the room with gunfire there is no indication of the motive behind the shooting at this hour. all right let's take this story now to our correspondent claire richardson is she is in the u.s. capital which is not far from annapolis trying to get the latest on this so clear it's been confirmed that five people have been shot dead what more do we know. hi brant that's right annapolis is about an hour's drive east of here we know five people have been killed officials are also saying that several others have been a gravely injured now we're already getting some reactions to this situation we've seen u.s. president donald trump tweet out his thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the families and he thanked the first responders for their work that of course has
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listed a strong backlash from the proponents of gun control in the united states who say that thoughts and prayers are not enough to stop this kind of incident. the definition of a mass shooting and how you count to here in the united states is quite tricky but by some counts you've seen more than one hundred fifty in the united states in this year alone so this is just the latest development to add to that number now we know the capital because that is a local daily paper it's owned by the baltimore sun we know the shooting took place at the building that houses this newspaper and as you said we know that a reporter who worked there was tweeting out some really graphic descriptions of the actual shooting as it took place describing hiding under his desk hearing the gunmen reload and the horror of being in the room while that all took place include the authorities we understand or are still searching the building to make sure that the suspect to the wall is is this being treated as
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a. or are we looking you know it may be the federal authorities getting involved do we know. well we don't have any specific information on that yet right now we're only seeing this one incident having taken place so as far as as we can make out from sitting here it appears to be an isolated incident we will have to wait and see what the authorities say in terms of what that kind of what the motivation was for the suspect and also any other details about this case whether they think that there's anything else involved and clear with when we heard about this story i mean i can speak for myself the first thing i thought of was that journalist had been targeted by a gunman because of the you know the anti. mainstream media rhetoric that we're hearing in the united states are you hearing that type of suspicion or concern
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there in washington people are wondering are members of the press at risk in the u.s. as they are in many places around the world. well again we don't have any confirmation of the motive behind the shooting whether it was indeed specifically targeting members of the media or whether it was just another instance of mass shootings in the united states we've of course seen these in shopping malls in schools at all kinds of public events so it's not clear that an anti media sentiment was behind it at all perhaps details will become clear in the coming days that being said donald trump the u.s. president has vilified the press repeatedly certainly i think there's a lot of concern about working as a journalist in the united states in these days but again i think it's far too early to point to any kind of motive for what would have made this suspect shoot these people i mean as paper off as the is true the the information is still fluid
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at this moment but for our viewers just joining us now there has been a shooting at a newspaper in the u.s. state of maryland police say five people have been killed or corresponding clear richardson on the story for us tonight in washington clear thank you in other news european union leaders are in brussels tonight for a crunch summit on migration amid deep divisions no diplomats say that italy is blocking some agreements on trade in defense to try to up the pressure on european union leaders to agree to its migration demands a german chancellor angela merkel desperately needs results from this summit to stave off a crisis is right here in berlin she's facing a revolt from her conservative c.s.u. allies over the issue of migration and it is threatening the stability the future of germany's government. under pressure as never before the german chancellor must
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deliver domestically a concession on repair trading migrants is essential for her political survival but it doesn't look like she's getting there it's a tricky problem in other words you start on the one side of course countries which take in refugees need protection and support at the same time refugees and migrants can't choose where they seek asylum. following. the cold. fronts as americans side president in one eye micro is pushing to set aside national differences he's got little to lose politically francis not on the front lines should refugees be sent back he's going to do we want national or european solutions and cooperation for my part i'm fighting for european solutions and european cooperation. going you'll be in the sound of. as things stand that seems
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a distant prospect the rescue ship lifeline is just the latest illustration of how deeply divided only after days sailing round the mediterranean has the vessel been allowed to dock in malta. italy's prime minister qantas said to confront merkel at the summit he is adamant he will not be talked into letting migrants back and come to once to reform the dublin agreement specifically that the country refugee flows the rise should no longer be responsible for them. may's crucial we're expecting action not just talk fuck to within the e.u. hungary takes a hard line on migration its prime minister favors a populist approach why fuel migrants have come to europe in recent years he's sticking to his policy of no tolerance. i think the people request two things first is no migrants maureen will stop them and the second is those who are in bring back
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so that's what the people we all saw i think we. are in order to restore the european democracy we have to move to that direction it's easier perhaps to focus on the football but the leaders won't have much time to watch the matches there are simply too much to argue about. our correspondent in iraq is covering the summit for us tonight in brussels getting to you georg it's looking like it's going to be one of those long evenings as long. or burning so what's the latest right now. the leaders have finished with their sweet dessert after dinner and what is the your question for which they leave the most contentious issue and that is migration of course on this summit and there are some reports interesting reports here that for instance the austrian chancellor has said there is some good movement on strengthening external borders there are some reports unconfirmed i have to say that there is
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a preliminary agreement between france and italy about setting up refugee centers inside european countries were willing to have these but then the dutch spokesperson came out and said well we wouldn't be part of that so still squad some things to move but but other diplomats said there's positive signs so so it's still a developing situation i would say and italy is blocking some of the agreements and the soffit we heard about that today being the biggest threat to the success of a migration deal what more can you tell us about that. well it's really it seems is hoping that the doctor and regulation in other words that regulation that forces a refugee to stay in the country where you throw a set foot on european soil. is that that tragedy regulation should be reformed but that is at the heart of the does debate whether refugees should be relocated in other words distributed across europe so i don't think we will see
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a much movement on that front today but one diplomat told me of course it's also tactics by by a new italian government that has come in the populist far right party that is driving it and of course they want to set their mark on the summit they want to set their mark and in. begs the question does german chancellor angela merkel she is the veteran leader at this summit does she have the clout and the influence to convince these populist leaders to stand by her on a pan european migration plan. she has of course seen stronger days coming to brussels without a doubt i mean there were days when she was fully aware that the twenty seven other leaders would support the german ideas of german french ideas and that is not the case this time with eastern europeans challenging her idea that refugees should be relocated that solidarity the principle of solidarity should be
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a tear or two but apart from that of course other states are aware of of interest see clearly one diplomat said it is not in the italian interest that there is a european crisis with a german government a crisis what's taking friendly fire from a coalition partner and so some say that she might well get back with some results to show for. a correspondent at that e.u. summit in brussels tonight thank you as we mentioned earlier the pressure on german chancellor angela merkel to deliver the summit is huge here in germany she's facing a revolt from within her own ranks over her domestic migration policies earlier today merkel defended her policy before the german parliament she insisted that the country has made progress since that mass influx of asylum seekers back in two thousand and fifteen chances rejection of calls from her bavarian sister party the
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c.s.u. to turn away refugees at the border could even split up the coalition and topple the government. to move. at the world cup in russia belgium finished the group stages by winning all their matches their latest victims were england in a tight match in kaliningrad after a goal was opening how the belgians finally found the back of the net after fifty one minutes so you see right there none. hammering a stunning goal past england keeper jordan pickford to put belgium in front england pressed hard but the engine forward three smart tends almost made in the dying minutes of the match the game ended one nil. book their place in the round of sixteen at the world cup after beating senegal one day old the cafeteria finished top of group h. colombia's supporters had to wait until the seventy fourth minutes when the very
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meena headed home a corner kick past synagogues goalkeeper colombia needed a win to guarantee their place in the next round there was bad news for the side though with james rodriguez being substituted due to an injury. and in the group's other game poland beat japan one dil to come away with their only one of the tournament fall. for old a free kick in front of the goal and yon bednarik hit the target to secure a big reach for the pole it happened in the sixtieth minute but in spite of the result japan go through to the knockout phase thanks to winning the fair play time breaker over group h. rivals sinegal while poland they get to go home. team germany are back on home soil after their world cup campaign ended for earlier than
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planned they came home to a mixed welcome this was the worst world cup performance ever by a germany team and the players in the coach well they've been subject to some heavy criticism at home. all right you're up to date for the news for all of us here in berlin thanks for the cup of. cocoa. nuts. plate who do you think is going to be low chip low all the matches all the scores. two thousand eighteen soccer world cup on t.w. news.


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