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tv   Kick off - Germanys shocking exit  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2018 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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that's shaking families and society to the core. my father would be angry sometimes i think of it that. starts joy. w. . football is a simple game football is a simple game twenty two man she's a ball for ninety minutes and at the end the germans always win brawl brawl brawl. hello i'm coming welcome to at the end the germans always win they obviously don't germany a lost two nil against south korea. the world cup two thousand and eighteen is over for the defending champions i'm more like this and this is this.
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is all the time. tara. germany's out in the first round for the first time since nine hundred thirty eight. unique then yeah hey i'm daniel and i am not surprise started saying that i'm not surprised i'm not german but. emotion in the air from no no i mean it's just football it's again i don't ever take sports that seriously but. i am shocked there is a lot of disbelief silence i was actually inside germany's biggest fan zone and a lot of it was shark sadness what a surprise. this
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country is not the same anymore but you know what those pictures are somewhat also misleading because initially that is how the fence felt but like i promised like ten minutes after you had a lot of germany fans dancing smiling and celebrating for them it was like it's ok and you know we're just have to wait another four years not me have another go at it i'm not smiling you know if you know if you ever shoot emptiness inside sadness well maybe we should look at the tournaments so far. germany we have it here on the stranger many had three points three games they finished a last group alf why. why. i think it was a combination of a lot of things i think number one you know being the reigning champions you know that from the beginning of the tournament everybody's going to come and they're going to gun for you so they're going to mexico unfortunately for germany
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fortunately for mexico they set the precedent very early with you know we don't respect you you are the world champions but we're going to come out you guns blazing with everything we have they beat them they showed the world that germany could be beaten and germany i think they came out flat they came out a little less confident they came out making mistakes that germany normally wouldn't make basic things passing. simple giveaways in the middle of the field leaving spaces in the defense leaving the two center back to expose and i just think overall a lack of hunger a lack of passion and it was a perfect storm that just led to them so how do you of course they made lots of mistakes but did they lose the sternum and. because of their mind mentally ways we have i think i think that's a big factor in sports your mental strength plays a big role especially coming into
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a tournaments like the world cup you have to be ready you have to be able to you know carry the weight of being a champion and then carry the weight of losing your first game having a little bit of time to come back and snap out of it and i just think it was too much for germany it's surprising because usually the german team is very very stable very consistent you would expect to see something like that from them but i think that this time it's shocking really but i don't think mentally they were as ready as they could have been wrong and we had three problems we had no different defense we had no midfield and we had no attack. the signs were always there i don't know like as dana said earlier why are we so surprised like mexico found him out found out and south korea yesterday in the same problem that they had in the friendly's like the most recent friendly against saudi arabia none of this is new and i think teams are starting to figure germany out or have figured germany out and have your healer and the team just couldn't do anything against it even the
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south korea coach he was like you know we studied a few of the games and i told my team was going to have a paternity test we score against it as he said being a world champion is a burden a mental burden and though the players were mentally blocked and then they had this campaign their best cessna and that the rest i mean it was a compelling. car manufacturer and the d. of p. and that put like another pressure on the and of course the rested i didn't see the hunger i mean that he was ok he was very good but. he was resting on the on the pitch we could see that everybody's given a sleeping oath you know that it's not just those whose fault they were flat from the top to the bottom every sub they made no. really different than the venue swishy you have yesterday you know there is not one players fall if i didn't have that. that self confidence as a as a world cup winner you know give me one player where you would say that right down
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the kick off i was like i was like watching my my kids come oh what's took was going on but you know what i think if it's important to say that like germany i think they took everyone too lightly they took the world cup too lately they took their points too likely usually characteristically the german team respects their opponents and they go out and they beat them they respect their opponent they're ruthless that are intelligent. they respect their point this time they greatly underestimated their points they believed ok you know we always make it through so we obviously make it through the door i saw the rabbits on the field and the south koreans were like the big guys but we were like poppies so yeah you know you'll get a live set in the interview off of the match he mentioned the word high handed which perfectly describes what you said. and almost himself came out saying that the last time he actually had a good game was back in the fall of twenty seventeen this is a player himself coming out and saying that we haven't performed well we've been
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playing quite shitty excuse my language but excuse me that's an attitude problem because the players it's not their skill went anywhere these are players that perfect their craft every single day so it's not like their skill got worse it's just mentally they were just not there three back performances and it never got any better germany deserved it we have a man in russia jonathan arden our correspondent jonathan how is that the sphere ten k. . looks nice but the atmosphere is no longer existing shall we say that germany team has just left the bus just passed over my left shoulder about five minutes ago the atmosphere was as bad as it was yesterday disappointment dejection disbelief all of the words to describe the way this germany team played there was a much i miss from the stadium that hasn't been much i miss fair from the germany fans throughout this tournament and there hasn't been much of
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a performance from this germany team so all i know about monks if you were at the stadium yesterday was the game as bad as. spoon fed it was worse i think it's safe to say germany looked bad from the first five minutes they never looked like they were in the game inevitably we're going to score they've played this this way the whole way through the tournament i haven't been convinced by them the defeat against mexico ok these things can maybe happen but the way that they performed was unacceptable they got lucky against sweden everybody thought that that win might be the moment that everybody realized in the team now we know we need to do now we know we need to perform nothing absolutely nothing this this is a presumptuous. perhaps even a little our it didn't team that deserved to leave the group stages on the basis of this performance wow out of that and jonathan thank you very much what are you going to do now are you coming home. overfly home on saturday yes i
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couple days after the the defending world champions. oh. yeah. well you know yes the general in the game was really bad the whole tournament was really bad but at least we had one moment of joy or in this world cup. dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dog all right there. the free kick off cause. to be very honest i truly thought that would be the game changer for the tournament why didn't we see any change against south korea why. i think that's exactly what it was we thought it was going
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to be a game changer a moment where it's like ok now everything will be different but i think what it turned out to be was just a moment of pure brilliance from a world class player which is what twenty crosses and it was a great strike we're not taking anything away from that but germany was not able to use that to create the momentum that they needed to go forward and then face south korea with a different attitude but why didn't that happen because you know everyone here in germany thought this would just loosen them up and one thought this is a moment of wonder brawl brawl brawl if you like is being used as a scapegoat because again really he wasn't musical he wasn't the worst play and i think it just so funny at a given model language now that is if he's added to yeah i have a great great sympathy for him and that's a part of my german and even if they don't play well collectively eat there's still a lot of individual talent on this team and you'd expect one to another player to
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step up it didn't happen so there's a. ring with somebody there i alarm i just talk. that's live so we talked already a lot about twenty colts and i really i'm super sad about it about the fact that he didn't show his class except that one free kick why didn't he i think ok everybody knows that cross is a world class player everybody knows that he's the brain of the german team so when you're making a game plan to play against germany you're thinking ok if i close down cross in the middle i take a big chunk of their playmaking ability away because he he can put in fantastic long balls he can start the ball find the spaces he's very dangerous rather teams and if you close that down you take a lot of way from germany so i mean it's no secret that he does twenty. was made to fabulous assists just only to the wrong person. is this is for the swedish goal and
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this is for the first south korean go yeah it was quite remarkable but that's what that's what happens when everyone's trying to close down i was trying to press you and you don't have support around you you're going to make mistakes that's what they want that was their plan forced cross to make mistakes close him down so he can't play the ball and you shut down germany and effectively that's what they did they would still have used to have somebody like oh that's because they are even almost as great at playing the ball from the very bad so you kind of think ok if they do shut down cause you still expect the team to some all of just like they've been here before it's i you have lived in south korea. in expert. to be that strong you need me coming into this i don't think i don't think any of this south korean team it's a very mediocre average team but they are well looked to me as has been playing well but i think what people need to understand is that i spent time in korea and they're very proud people so whenever there's pride on the line and i think for
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korea they really played for their pride it was almost like saving face i'm going back home to south korea at least need a consolation when a consolation point and it was funny because my good friend to south korean in canada she messaged me right after and she was like yeah that's how koreans are basically if there's pride on the line we get the results yeah. i actually wonder do we have any reactions from the german team is there any twitter would anything actually. not not really actually the there were bombing us on twitter on instagram every day day and now silence totally silence i mean it's healthy it's nice but there's just like a sort of a sorry small sorry that's ok but no pictures anymore but what about gary. ok ok we have you know more gary gary says now football is
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a simple game twenty two men chase a ball for ninety minutes and at the end the germans no longer always win previous versions is confined to history this is the fourth time he's changed this quote. times is he changes oh no it's going to happen for years for yeah oh yeah it's like ok germany wins again yeah that's right and we're back yeah very you another he lost the penalty shooting saw so let's talk about the future maybe you let's dare a look into the future. the future yeah which are a difficult whose future well. honestly. when i see the german performance well maybe it's polite to ask after a game like that. was the two nil defeat against south korea the last game
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off you'll be loose i could be i think i'm i won't be surprised if he does step down and if you do think about his legacy it's probably now would be a good time because if he goes into another tournaments and germany still don't get the results people are most likely going to remember him for that and sort of the twelve years of everything that he's done for german football you know so making it is about is it the semifinals two three times what is it winning finally the world cup and but of course the question is do you blame the coach or is also the team partly to blame and you see the responsibility but of course that's what do they take it takes on civility it is i mean the pile whole piece is because. i like yogi and whether he says oh i'm leaving now or i'm staying i hope he stays he's he's the vibe man he can he can build up a con young team like the concept team they won they won the contract cub and you
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know maybe he's not like the other three back i remember two thousand we had the situation when germany played the worst football ever we had no talents but and then in two thousand the b. said ok now we need youth academy s. and they spent one billion in two youth academies that was the starting point and now we're have so many talents and he was a very important factor too to build a television that's what he can do and if he goes down now. not that naive but at the same time like they're certain things that have to go the lawyer like his loyalty to certain players the favoritism certain conditions that has to say look does it matter if i like militarism and i like. to learn something to get rid of his loyalty you know you could also you could also argue that you know this is a cycle and the cycle might be over it might be time to after change there's no
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doubt about it i mean his legacy and what he did for german football is always going to be there there's a great generation of youth coming up as we can see even players like sunday who didn't even go to this world cup ok but i think after ten plus years in charge of germany high class tim guess years but he has implemented his system the possession of a system which everybody now knows everybody is trying to get simple everybody has learned from it everybody's taking notes we've seen people can defend it nations like south korea can defend it and counter it and beat it so if he does stay he needs to make some drastic changes but i think personally that he should step down and let somebody else start fresh with the great potential players who could be who could have high hopes that that's the question what a turn it is out there right now for us to know that in your opinion i mean you you look you're playing again as i mean my interview up and he wouldn't look at every
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great you know my opinion i knew a fan of you and i will be my entire life of course but i think it's the it's the best moment to step down here but is that your last all of german football not only one game but also much of what we've built in the last few years. don't cry i think i know you well i don't mind isn't that a little exaggerating here. that's the thing though is he we still have great players yeah he just chose the wrong ones it's not a lot of just who he chose are just the players it's a matter of everything maybe he did use the wrong players maybe he did make their own changes and also the players didn't perform it was everything it's not just. because he can put the players out there but he can't get on the field and make them play if they don't perform ok it's all his fault but it's all there is one
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thing he left one of the best players in germany at home. sonny which is now a huge talking point yeah but really thinks and i would've made yeah yeah i don't i think that maybe hypothetically i know that should. also the curs all of the defending champions i mean the world cup great lives it goes on he lives on yeah i believe even though. yesterday you told me one thing. we had a defending champion defend the world champion defending the title in the thirty's italy and you said something yesterday about the total thoughts on he is the only coach actually who managed to win the world cup two times in a row and my opinion is he managed to do bad because he just took three. champions to the next. tournaments and your you live didn't i mean half of the team was super old super established so you can see that some were not doing well
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in iowa no not in the sense of order your point your hand blaming i mean if you i mean it's you can't blame and it looks like that's the kind of the blame game you know all i'm saying is that in hindsight it's so easy now to sit here and say he should have done this he should have done this whether or not that would have worked out we don't know but going into this he didn't have a bad idea he said i'm going to take a few young players and i'm also going to have a few experienced players you would think that would be the perfect combination and unfortunately you know a lot about. performances but friends necessarily with the fabulous. continue going to the out of germany artists yeah as believe it or not we live music over this is the future all round off last sixteen and we got to make it very quickly. brazil is playing against mexico was resilin with the name on the gold. coast but you know it was. no no no yes yes yes here we go on
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a twitter comment i mean funny look at this. that. he said yesterday how he was like falling and all that fall like a table. songs that autism falling and this is one of those yeah still or mexico who will win. mexico. ok you know what i don't want to underestimate mexico but you know what they're for but light has been really starting to gel and continuous i'm going to go with brazil the last attempt was very nice yeah yeah it's true but the man in the shadows continue quizzing you and against sweden in i know it's switzerland shock i like but i you know you guys well i don't mind so many of his league players yeah
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yeah our neighbors if and when i say. yeah organization the swiss knives ok here you go as alain against russia is the next game though i want it or you know i shot russia i mean to chuck ass off come on guys be down average they were on you know beaten by morocco and iran is such a foot i'm going to go what pressure as i now see on. you to believe that he still believes in tiki taka he talked about. that that time of technique i'm sorry about on hold on we saw russia win two games yes against two against two and then when they played a team that was ok they got spanked. it's a good point how are they going to play against spain do they have what it takes to beat spain no all see it next i know you know it my word is that i don't think right ok i'm going to come on spain don't let me do that i'll again since you're
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a why i wouldn't want but that's a very hard that's really hard that is difficult all man especially mad like the the we've had one are doing are i hope you will mention he will win the world cup and after that he's going to watch what you know what it is human show against the one man show a one man show but you know what you are christ defense that let it cool madrid right there well this step up the naldo has been such a game changer i know it's going for ports i don't know if you're right i was right or but i know you're going to do this one will have by yeah yeah good but even if i'm a liar yeah he was and it. is going to be a lot of biting the next game is croatia again ste denmark and this is. i'm looking at it from the start you guys i hope they could come over that is that is the better than messy right now is my thing i want to invite my my purse i just savor it at the moment they're playing really well as
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a team in asia ranked number one in the world aren't they right now right after yeah i think i think they are and i got to do i've been down i know on the recent rankings would you like your rankings and i think it was or is it going to be the star of this work oh yeah yeah more than i'd like you did to get in here is switches getting very well meant. you know come up my original yeah i did come out . as a country of four million people and they have so many world class players and you know this is also a country of passion they it's a crime and passion for that this is a treasure i'm drawn to playing for the jury playing for the jersey there's a really good article about racketeers and why he chose to play for croatia for croatians it's a lot about pride about you know this is our nation we're young this mess and as in we have yeah but you have that in general also and i think that helps you when there are numerous you know really all ok not like food that many of the jerseys seem to be like made of lead that's one more game we have to predict argentina
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against fry said battle of underwhelming but. you're still the go to know you. just better more quality other good team the greatest of all time well. still you still great but argentina does not deserve it no but i don't like france so i want i want to argentina also because i really wonder if he will make it until. and wow he could be ok he can't go on like that you can a missing what is right his him how many home any substance abuse what is he going to drink the next time what white wine or white wine mixed with cocaine no question you know what you can complain because germany needs exactly offend like that what . have you seen him we have. oh yeah he has problems at the moment well anyways i would say thank you very much for watching and stay teal nd by.
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football is a simple game football is a simple game twenty two man she's a ball for ninety minutes and at the end the germans always win brawl brawl brawl. thank god.
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truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on g.w. . talks on migration have gone into the night with leaders meeting in brussels deeply divided italy has reportedly said it will block an overall deal a loss there are changes to asylum rules and more burden sharing. german chancellor angela merkel is under heavy pressure to reach an agreement in order to stave off a political crisis at home in berlin her conservative bloc is facing a split over the issue threatening the stability of merkel's guy.


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