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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin it took more than fourteen hours of talks through the night but leaders say they've reached a deal on migration french president manuel michel is hailing the agreement as a victory for european cooperation but will it be enough to defuse on the americans crisis at home and what polygamy for the migrants. also coming up a deadly attack on journalists in the u.s. a gun then kills five people at a maryland newspaper police have the suspect in custody and say the attack was targeted. and no more second chances were down to the final sixteen of the soccer
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world cup in russia belgium beating england to take the top spot in group g. we'll bring you all the highlights of that match and talk about all the world cup news with our due to the sports team that. i'm swimming so much going to get to have you with us european leaders say they have reached a deal on migration at a crucial summit in brussels after a long night of difficult to go she issues leaders agree to tighten the e.u.'s policy on migrants and asylum seekers of the key points of the deal processing centers for asylum seekers will be opened within the e.u. external centers in north africa are planned and they will also be tighter controls on the e.u. external border now italy which no longer wants to be responsible for all the migrants who land on its shores had threatened to veto one earlier statement. now
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it says it feels its demands have been met. let's go right to dayton has brussels and bureau chief max hoffman who's been covering the story for us hi max good to feel there was a lot of relief on the faces of e.u. leaders this morning is this agreement a breakthrough. well if you look at a two step process the whole migration issue then on the first step which is my controlling illegal migration knowing who comes to the european union then yes this is a european solution it is you could say it's a success but at the second part what do you do with people who've made it to the european union especially with those who've been granted asylum then it is not this has been a very contentious topic as you know sue me for the last years there's just no solution for the redistribution of migrants within the european union and referring again to that first you know controlling the borders maybe setting up sort of some kind of migrant camps in northern africa and also setting up reception centers in the european union for now this agreement consists of political guidelines and
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that's why for example the austrian chancellor said us and courts insisted when he came here this morning to the second part of the summit that now it was crucial to actually put this into action max i want to go back to those reception centers you just mentioned are these essentially detention centers within the e.u. . it depends what kind of reception centers we have the french president in monitoring my call in fact mentioned that these would be according to him closed reception centers and yes then you might get some ugly in the just on the other hand one of the problems that the e.u. has at the moment is secondary migration meaning that migrants arrive for example in italy they're registered there they apply for asylum but why the whole process is ongoing they move on to the next country often to germany this problem of course would probably be smaller if you had closed reception centers if that's what you want to. and on the other hand many n.g.o.s have already voiced their their
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concerns with that i'm max that's especially an important point for the german chancellor angela merkel that migrants should not be able to move between member states and we have a clip from her and what she said on that let's listen in. that we have to stick by the rules and give you a clear direction. no asylum seeker has the right to choose the country in which they will apply for asylum. right next to the chancellor very clear there with what she wanted to achieve get what she wanted. this is lisa something she can take back home that might be useful in her negotiations with her coalition partner c.s.u. and on the other hand this is the basis for her to negotiate bilateral agreements with southern countries to take back or possibly take back migrants that made it to the german border but were previously registered in countries like italy or greece although and i need to add here italy already excluded that the populace government
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won on the promise to be tougher on migration so this probably won't fly with italy's but there seems to be a willingness on the side of greece to actually hammer out a bilateral agreement like that with the germans. hoffman reporting for us from brussels max thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world in thailand heavy rains are complicating the search for twelve boys and their soccer coach missing inside a flooded cave authorities say floodwaters have blocked the route to the area where the team may have retreated the group went missing on saturday after entering the cave complex despite warning signs that it was prone to flooding. a huge fire at a market in the kenyan capital nairobi has killed fifteen people and injured dozens some of the victims were children it is the seventh fire to hit the market in less than a decade kenya's president a hotel kenyatta says there will be a thorough investigation. police in washington d.c.
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have arrested nearly six hundred people demonstrating against the trumpet ministrations hard line immigration policies the protesters mostly women had occupied a government building they were demanding an end to the separation of migrant families more rallies are planned across the u.s. this weekend. and in india a light plane has crashed into a construction site in a busy area of mumbai indian media say four people on board the plane and one pedestrian have been killed the chartered aircraft reportedly crashed as it was preparing to land at mumbai airport a gunman has killed five people and injured two others at newspaper offices in the u.s. state of maryland police say it was a targeted attack and that the shooter walked through the newsroom of the capitol goes out in annapolis looking for his victims. police say officers were on the scene within sixty seconds after the emergency call came in.
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officials have praised the rapid response saying it may have saved lives. they went immediately into that building without a moment's hesitation and demonstrated incredible courage that we are so deeply appreciative of their great work it could have been a lot worse. more than one hundred seventy people were evacuated from the building and brought to safety one reporter gave a harrowing account of what he experienced. there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while your i do your desk and then hear the gunman reload. the suspect has been identified as a white male in his late thirty's he was taken into custody at the scene police say he targeted the paper reportedly because he had a grudge against it's tough. president donald trump tweeted that his thoughts and prayers were the victims and their families but he later wouldn't answer when
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reporters asked him about the shooting problems. that. have led him to remember. the capital because that has been an institution in maryland for centuries today in annapolis surviving stuff and the capitol worked through their grief to put out the paper. now in just over a month's time zimbabwe faces an historic presidential election the vote on july thirtieth is the first the southern african country in the southern african country since robert mugabe was forced out of office last november but his legacy is far from over decades of violent land seizures have crippled the economy and the two main candidates vying for the top job are pledging to repair the damage one of them
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is incumbent emmerson men and god the men who ousted copy he's already brought it some changes including where versing will gobby his land policy in one high profile case this report now from les berry farm one hundred miles east of the capital harare. royal air force effective very very evening. life is slowly returning to normal for robert smart and his family in june last year they will forcefully evicted from their farm by the government of then president robert mugabe came from fearful of tear gas and bullets and trash to everybody out of people who are compound us in the houses that's at the office here and we're away six or seven months. during the time they were away lucius took equipment and personal belongings the smart family had spent he is the cumulation what had been left behind was destroyed then in november when emerson and what took
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office after ousting mugabe with the help of the military he ordered that the smarts whose story had been widely reported in the media be given the farm back. i think with that covers like this if you go back and say that's true obviously we're quite frightened to come back off to be shot at and they said we will make sure that you're safe which i did the military came out and they cleared everybody off and they they did they made sure that it were not just ourselves but the community and the workers there will say. this is the welcome robin derren received from the community on the day they returned home. owning it and he was a community that was gaining the fullness just might. be over. as soon as they reached the farm the father and son duo got to planting this morning because of the timing of everything they say you missed the maze and
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tobacco season and that meant that they that they could only grow potatoes now they've already brought in some six tons from the patch of land that i'm standing on and they're hoping that by the end of the season after they've ripped everything and that includes the fields behind me will the green that you see that they'll bring in some one hundred and twenty tons to take to market. that may be a considerable amount but it comes no way india to what they could have harvested had they not been forced off their land. even before this whole deal the smarts were downscaled from eight thousand hex his to seven hundred hits his off land during mugabe's controversial land reform policy in the early two thousand but they say leaving zimbabwe has never been an option for them even though the hardships you read through those days we've lived to say that we are afraid of living in zimbabwe actually a lot of people when we were evicted in june they said come across mumbai but they
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think if we come over to u.k. come to america we said no no we stay home we're going to fight for her we're going to make sure we try to get back. now they have their home back and they say they are looking forward to a bright future for zimbabwe. you're watching t w news still to come on the program a change in tone on the streets of moscow as russia ups the game to make world cup visitors feel welcome but what will happen to that festival feeling the fans go home. but first how and i was here in georgia thanks business helena is still looking risky bad news for the lender the lender of course which you'll remember the i.m.f. terms one of the most dangerous banks well deutsche bank's u.s. division has failed the second round of the u.s. federal reserve annual stress tests the fed citing what it called widespread and critical deficiencies in its appraisal of the lender dr was also criticized for
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having weaknesses in its data capabilities revenue and loss forecasts and its internal controls thirty one of the thirty five banks tested past the test although goldman sachs and morgan stanley were only granted conditional passes shareholders continue to question the overall health of germany's top lender and shares have recently tumbled. well we get more from our financial correspondent daniel coupe in frankfurt the home of deutsche bank no less daniella fadia in the second round at the same time deutsche bank saying that it's implementing reforms what's going wrong. a lot of things are going wrong and yes the lender has struggled to get those reforms through that was also the main reason why the former daughter of banksy or john crying had to leave now because the end the evening is an office since a couple of months he has promised big reforms like a complete restructuring process of the investment banking sector for example but still with very little success daughter has
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a lot of problems they have not been back on the winning zone for years they still have many pending losses that could cost the lender billions of euros and now this what i guess you can call really disgraceful by the fed in the united states would like to play a big international role again and it's certainly not good for the image when the fed testifies that they have great doubts that daughter could handle a crisis situation one of the main reason is the very complicated network with dozens of divisions that's why you mention a daughter bank was called in the past the most dangerous bank in the world well disgraced doesn't sound like it would go down well with investors how's the market been reacting. yeah lots of bad news by the bank is actually today in the green at some point cheers were even the top performers here in the dark as well why is that the case first analysts were already prepared their daughter would most likely fail the stress test on the other hand we have had
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a massive sell off georgia bank shares this week they dropped to a record low and with the general good market environment today the dax is back in the winning zone shares of georgia bank recovering before that we can't. right our financial correspondent daniel cope for us in frankfurt thank you. well the european union has extended its economic sanctions against russia for a further the six months the decision was taken during a u. summit in brussels the sanctions will now stay in place through until january twenty ninth and until then companies in the european union will remain subject to restrictions on business dealings with russian banks and energy firms the sanctions are in response to russia's policy on the ukraine conflict in particular moscow's an exception of the crimean peninsula. well sportswear giant added us is expected to sell some eight million football kits at this year's world cup that is despite germany's early exit from the championship while some outlets have reportedly been
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selling germany shirts for hof price the former champions humiliation is unlikely to have too big an impact on business for us the german companies sponsoring a total of twelve teams eight of which have now secured a place in the knockout round. you heard it there from how another group stage of the world cup is over we have nick mechanic line from sports with us to wrap it all up for us so nick yesterday saw the last matches of the group play there and we saw belgium against england and belgium still looking really good surprising actually because i sent out that between both teams did because there was more there's less to play for they didn't want to go in the group they want to finish second but last night they were very good to the teams and then again as i scored the goal for belgium price of lime goal there was his first for the country and the interesting thing is he used to play the match tonight in england at the time it's about making
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a naturalized citizen so you could play for him one day so that the people at the f.a.a. last night he's from scratch their heads thinking had we had we just done that he would've been scoring for us instead of for belgium but what about in the because we've lost a bit of momentum and they've arrested the starting line up in the last and they did that was two years ago the euros and they went on to lose to iceland in the next round so it doesn't bode well but there's no iceland so it couldn't it was going to happen this time around well there's certainly a lot to play for a group if you look at colombia yesterday looks like they've got things back on track absolutely yeah they start the tournament with a defeat against japan but won the next game against poland last night they want to get the only goal in that game coming from gary nina in the seventy fourth minute and it meant that colombia won the group the tougher thing though is actually for senegal who were the losers in this particular game they were the last african team who could have qualified for the last sixteen and because of the way this game ended they were the messi of the fi fair play rule and of course japan who were playing the same time yeah let's talk about that hang in there some controversy there against poland and so poland won their first game atonement it's
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a good thing but you knew the results went that way they would advance the last sixteen so the situation here is that beginning with the goal for poland young bednarik scoring the only goal in the fifty ninth minute quite a nice header. this was his first goal for the country but after this scene must. being here as they had to me was immense a shot of the head a. play of him just part of the hold on the back and the reason why they were doing that is because they were trying not to lose the ball to concede a goal because they're on the same number of points number of goals scored as. sent a goal but they had to be less yellow cards so this fair play rule means that if everyone's equal then the yellow cards counts because japan had less they went through and that means as you said senegal is going home and that means there's no african teams going to the next stage of the tournament why is that exactly mean that's is there was because the african teams west performance in one nine hundred eighty two and we've seen some decent displays of the last years cameroon one nine hundred ninety senegal two thousand and two ghana in two thousand and ten who has
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made the semifinal the reason why these teams aren't making any further in my opinion just chances they're not given the chance if you put into perspective africa there are fifty five african countries you could in theory qualify for the world cup but only five qualifying spaces the way from the other hand also fifty five countries get thirteen fourteen if you include russia who are the host this time around or the south americans there are ten south american countries who can qualify for the world cup four and a half places going there so it's just there's no equilibrium african teams have a very small chance of actually going to the world cup it's all and then they're in groups against pretty big teams and they just don't have the opportunity to advance the same way as teams from europe to south america to the right they're not the only ones or sixteen teams now going home who you miss the most probably even though they lost six want to get sing than just the way they celebrated scoring a goal being at the world cup it is incredible to see and it was so nice to see the team get to the world cup for the very first time to enjoy what it is right well devaney a lot to look forward to in the knockout stages nic mechanic line from good news for thanks very much well as you heard today is
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a rest day for the remaining world cup teams before the next crucial knockout phase begins on saturday so how is russia handling the world's biggest football festival if the halfway mark so let's take stock. there's everything from russian folk music. to dance a multi-cultural festival to delight the eyes and ears of thirsty football fans no matter which team is winning or losing on the pitch. when to take a look if you want to know what the mood is like at the hall for a point of the gold cup here and also you have to come here to nicole's castrates in the heart of moscow because so much is going on here this is why the party is. owners have issued a drastic warning be supplies could be running low but even after two weeks of the
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tournament there's still plenty of russian hospitality left. sitting out earlier than normal and try to close on time we don't always manage it because the fans just want to go home if it's fantastic fun for us it would like to have world cup fans here every summer. the stadiums are naturally a top priority during the world cup and experts say all eleven venues a tried and tested some a brand new others have been completely refurbished. well the couple is a matter of great prestige for russia the team cheaters it's an opportunity for us to show our country in a new large way different from our image in the west everything in russia has been meticulously prepared. for. fifteen thousand volunteers have been recruited to help the friends from all around the world extra
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english lessons have been laid on to counter the cliché that russians can't speak any other languages and kill. them i did a mess out of most important thing is smile. so this actually this is a feels welcome. when we aren't you and we keep smiling. i think about. it all feels very positive but many are asking what will happen in russia after the final whistle blows. afterwards russia will be what it has always been or thora tarion state reactionary and listless football will be quickly forgotten through internationally putin may not be seen as so isolated for that but that doesn't take anything away from the importance of the world cup. over the next two weeks the world will be watching as
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the fans party on in celebration of the world's biggest sporting extrude. let's bring in our moscow correspondent yury rich shadow for more on this hi yuriy so the world cup has brought a positive atmosphere to russia will it also bring lasting change well i think this world cup is definitely changing russia at least temporarily and this is the more the most important part for four weeks it even goes further than that it's turning the country completely upside to down things that seemed impossible forbidden to be suddenly allowed you can walk in the evening with a beer through the city you can celebrate the loudly you can be free in your feelings and even the russian policeman who usually look at you green we seem to be more approachable and than usual and of course that's all thanks to the thousands of fans from other countries who voted traveling in russia and celebrating together with the russian fans of this world cup so you're
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a from what you've seen what has surprised you the most with the country hosting this event. well moscow where i live has always been a very special city where people off friendly are more tolerant and three years and in the rest of the country and of course i know that the most russians are very fond of meeting for in the us and welcoming other cultures as well but i never thought suit me that spark over delight if you want to pass on to the russians so quickly from times mexicans brazilians and others and in fact everyone with a joy it would also surprise me it was an enormous wave of sympathy towards of the german team and i have lost count of the number of times i was asked in the last few days what's up with the german footballers germany is still very popular here in russia and the german team used to be also very liked to bet as they are now not here anymore too bad indeed you're a so that's in moscow eleven cities though are hosting these games has a world cup paper had them as well well i think you can feel the very special very
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festive mood all over the country even though russia isn't a football nation compared to spain for example as studies say that only twenty percent of russians are football fans in the spain this if you go is eighty five percent of the population so much higher but this world cup is more than football first the enthusiasm rises and falls everywhere with the performance of the national team and eve they blame surprisingly well the joy become boundless the russian team has been sensational a beautiful russia so far that to makes people happy here everywhere and the second is that the russians are of course very happy with that this well it's got hasn't to be and ignore it and that they are not isolated in this country it's not just president putin and the state leadership but the millions of ordinary people who are happy when guests come come from all over the veldt as you said it's gone off really well and russian's forces also all politics there were calls even to boycott
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this event before it started tell us what this is now and then for vladimir putin the russian president. well looks to me of course this is also a huge success for a lot of new putin because he can show that a firstly he is not isolated and secondly that he can master big challenges like the world cup but that to must obscure the fact that any criticism for example is completely restricted to during the tournament. then de facto prohibit an off protests applies in all eleven cities of the world cup and many are wondering how long this summer dress twenty eight thousand will go in russia what comes after the able to come do the smiles disappear from the faces of the police dust of the exeter and to move of the streets disappear and who will russia be again what it was before from many critics and no thought of terry and state that doesn't tolerate critical thinking people and state that it has to close its hospitals because there are no drugs and stayed in the region many elderly people hardly
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survive because their pensions are so small in the state finally that the surprise is more and more with increasing increasingly aggressive foreign policy which is supported by state propaganda directed at me as your ear shadow for us from moscow thank you yuri. reminder now of our top stories here in d.-w. e.u. leaders say they've reached a deal on migration after marathon talks in brussels the french president says european cooperation has prevailed over nationalism german chancellor angela merkel has welcomed the deal but says much work still needs to be done to overcome the division. thank you for watching it on your.
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football and simple game posters are trying to man she's a ball for ninety minutes and at the end the germans always win for all ball brawl . good. luck for german song going to go for the national team has to take a long hard look. audience sixty minutes on d w. a clash of cultures in india. the clash between those who believe in arranged marriage those who want to marry for love.
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