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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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the at. the back this is g.w. news live from berlin it took more than fourteen hours of talks of the night but the e.u. leaders say they are breached a deal on migration french president emanuel mccoy's hailing the agreement as a victory for european cooperation but will it be enough to defuse the angle america's crisis at home and what will it mean for the migrants also coming up a deadly attack on journalists in the u.s. a gunman killed five people and a maryland newspaper police have the suspect in custody and say the attack was a target. and no more second chances were down to the final sixteen of the soccer
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world cup in russia belgium became let's take the. highlights of that match and talk about all the world cup you would argue to the sports team. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us european leaders say they have reached a deal on migration other crucial summit in brussels after a long night of difficult negotiations leaders agreed to tighten the e.u.'s policy on migrants and asylum seekers the key points of the deal process still processing centers for asylum seekers will be opened within the e.u. external centers in north africa are also planned and there will be tighter controls on the e.u. border now italy which no longer wants to be responsible for all the migrants who land on its shores had threatened to veto an earlier statement now it says it feels
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its demands have been met. let's go right to brussels and bureau chief max hoffman who's been covering this story for us hi max good to feel there was a lot of relief on the faces of e.u. leaders this morning is this agreement a breakthrough. well if you look at a two step process the whole migration issue then on the first step which is my controlling illegal migration knowing who comes to the european union then yes this is a european solution it is you could say it's a success but at the second part what do you do with people who've made it to the european union especially we thought was who've been granted asylum then it is not this has been a very contentious topic as you know sue me for the last years there is just no solution for the redistribution of migrants within the european union and referring again to that first you know controlling the borders maybe setting up sort of some kind of migrant tabs in northern africa and also setting up reception centers in
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the european union for now this agreement consists of political guidelines and that's why for example the austrian chancellor it's a bus and colton says when he came here this morning to the second part of the summit that now it was crucial to actually put this into action max i want to go back to those reception centers you just mentioned are these essentially detention centers within the e.u. . it depends what kind of reception centers we have the french president the manner in my call in fact mentioned that these would be according to him closed reception centers and yes then you might get some ugly images on the other hand one of the problems that the e.u. has at the moment is secondary migration meaning that migrants arrive for example in italy they're registered there they apply for asylum but why the whole process is ongoing they move on to the next country often to germany this problem of course would probably be smaller if you had closed reception centers if that's what you
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want to call them on the other hand many n.g.o.s have already voiced their their concerns with that. max that's especially an important point for the german chancellor angela merkel that migrants should not be able to move between member states and we have a clip from her and what she said on that let's listen and. we realize that we have to stick by the rules and give you a clear direction. no asylum seeker has the right to choose the country in which they will apply for asylum seeing all says it all right next to the chancellor very clear there with what she wanted to get what she wanted. this is lisa something she can take back home that might be useful in her negotiations with her coalition partner c.s.u. and on the other hand this is the basis for her to negotiate bilateral agreements with southern countries to take back or possibly take back migrants that made it to the german border but were previously registered in countries like italy or greece although and i need to add here italy already excluded that the populace government
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one on the promise to be tougher on migration so this probably won't fly with italy but there seems to be a willingness on the side of greece to actually hammer out a bilateral agreement like that with the germans max huffman reporting for us from brussels max thank you. so what could this deal mean for the migrants already in the e.u. since europe began cracking down after the height of the refugee crisis in two thousand and fifteen thousands have been trapped in greece some have been in camps for more than two years on able to move on good obvious focus on who fear their hopes of a new life could be dashed for ever. larger viki is not a place many people in europe know of it's a small village in northern greece eight hundred refugees are housed in a camp here that is twice as many as the camp was conceived for. this is due to more refugees coming to europe via turkey despite the refugee deal between turkey and the e.u.
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eight thousand people crossed into europe in the first half of twenty seventeen in the first half of this year that number has risen to twelve thousand and the current discourse in europe regarding refugees is unsettling for those sheltered here much like being in greece for two years before i came here i was in last boss our future is being stolen from us with all this going on in europe. that i couldn't greece for one and a half years but what's going to happen with all this no one knows. just down from the refugee camp is the village of lager v.q. with only six hundred citizens it is smaller than the camp many residents can relate to the situation facing refugees they are the descendants of people who were forced to leave pantos in what is now the eastern black sea region of turkey. nevertheless there is a lot of sympathy for the rise of right wing parties in modern europe. i understand why people would look to right wing parties francis' they want fewer refugees that is the real issues. but it have
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a problem with right wing extremist parties getting elected elsewhere i'm just concerned about what happens in greece or facilities. and what about their neighbors the refugees. as the weeks in the camp turn into months or even years are they where the political developments in the e.u. are making it harder for them to leave here. at home. we definitely do not want to travel illegally into another country like we did in iran and then get to greece i was hoping at some point the borders would open for us but now it's looking like just the opposite to me from the thing just a lot of it would look good after crossing deserts and oceans of the refugees a lot of e.q. could end up getting stuck here if the political winds in europe continue to blow in their current direction. now to some other stories making headlines around the world in thailand heavy rains are complicating the search for twelve boys in their
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soccer coach missing inside a flooded case authorities say floodwaters have blocked the route to the area where the team may have retreated the group went missing on saturday after entering the cave complex despite warning signs that it was prone to flooding. a huge fire at a market in the kenyan capital nairobi has killed fifteen people and injured dozens some of the victims were children it is a seventh fire to hit the market in less than a decade kenya's president says there will be a thorough investigation. police in washington d.c. have arrested nearly six hundred people demonstrating against the trump administration's hardline immigration policies the protesters mostly women had occupied a government building they were demanding an end to the separation of migrant families more rallies are planned across the u.s. this weekend. now a volcano on the indonesian island of bali is wreaking havoc for vacationers more than three hundred flights to and from the popular holiday destination had to be
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canceled after mount agong started to erupt on thursday of flights have now been resumed but the volcano continues to shoot actual for two and a half kilometers into the sky mt are going has been erupting periodically since last year and in one thousand nine hundred sixty three a major eruption there killed more than one thousand people. to the u.s. now where a gunman has killed five people and injured two others that newspaper offices in the state of maryland police say it was a targeted attack and that the shooter walked through the news room of the capital goods act in annapolis looking for his victims. police say officers were on the scene within sixty seconds after the emergency call came in officials have praised the drop in response saying it may have saved lives. they went immediately into that building without a moment's hesitation and demonstrated incredible courage we are so deeply
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appreciative of their great work it could have been a lot worse. more than one hundred seventy people were evacuated from the building and brought to safety one reporter gave a harrowing account of what he experienced. there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're on your desk and then hear the gunman reload. the suspect has been identified as a white male in his late thirty's he was taken into custody at the scene police say he talked to the paper reportedly because he had a grudge against it's tough president donald trump tweeted that his thoughts and prayers were the victims and their families but he later wouldn't answer when reporters asked him about the shooting was probably.
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have. the capital because that has been an institution in maryland for centuries today in annapolis surviving stuff at the capitol worked through their grief to put out the paper. the group stage of the world cup is over we have nic mechanic line from sports with us to wrap it all up for us so nick yesterday saw the last matches of the group play there and we saw belgium against england and belgium still looking really good surprising actually because i sent out there between both teams did because there was more there's less to play for they didn't want to go in the group they wanted to finish second last night they were to do very good to the teams and then you go for price of lime go there it was first for the country and the interesting thing is he used to play for manchester united in england at the time it was about making
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a naturalized citizen so he could play for england one day so they'll be people at the f.a.a. last night he's from scratch their heads thinking had we had we just done that he would've been scoring for us instead of belgium but what about in the because they've lost a bit of momentum and the rest of the starting line up in the last time they did that was two years ago the euros and they went on to lose to iceland in the next round so it doesn't bode well but there's no islands' it couldn't it was going to happen this time around well there's certainly a lot to play for a group if you look at colombia yesterday looks like they've got things back on track absolutely yeah they started with a defeat against japan but won the next game against poland last night they want to get the only goal in that game coming from gary mina in the seventy fourth minute and it meant that colombia won the group the tougher thing though is actually for senegal who are the losers in this particular game they were the last african team who could have qualified for the last sixteen and because of the way this game ended they were the messi of the fi fair play rule and of course japan who claim same time yeah let's talk about that just hanging there some controversy there against poland and so poland won their first game a ton of that's
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a good thing but you knew that if results went away they would advance the last sixteen so the situation here is that beginning with the goal for poland young bednarik scoring the only goal in the fifty ninth minute quite a nice header. this was his first goal for the country but afterward this scene we're seeing here as they had a min. it was meant to sort of the head of the japan players here just part of the whole rounded back and the reason why they were doing that is because they were trying not to lose the ball to concede a goal because they were on the same number of points number of goals scored as. sent a goal but they had to be less yellow cards so this fair play rule means that if everyone's equal then the yellow cards counts because japan had less they went through and that means as you said senegal is going home and that means there's no african teams going to the next stage of the tournament why is that exactly i mean that's the west because the african teams west performance in one hundred eighty two and we've seen some decent displays of the last years cameroon one thousand nine hundred ninety gold two thousand and two ghana in two thousand and ten you
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almost made it the semifinal in the reason why these teams aren't making any further in my opinion just chances they're not given the chance if you put into perspective africa their fifty five african countries you could in theory qualify for the world cup but only five qualifying spaces the way from the hand also fifty five countries get thirteen fourteen if you include russia who are the host this time around or the south americans or ten south american countries who can qualify for the world cup for the half places going there so it's just there's no equilibrium african teams have a very small chance of actually going to the world cup at all and then they're in groups against pretty big teams and they just don't have the opportunity to advance the same way as teams from europe or south america do all right they're not the only ones or sixteen teams now going home who you miss the most probably. even though they lost six want to get sing than just the way they celebrated scoring a goal being at the world cup it is incredible to see and it was so nice to see a team gets the world cup for the very first time just enjoy what it is right well definitely a lot to look forward to in the knockout stages nick mechanic line from good news
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for thanks very much. you're watching t w news still to come and germany's top lender in the doghouse in the u.s. will tell you what. has that story in all your business headlines coming right up. and i think one day this will be considered cruel and unjust war but you know certainly all citizens will crain every man woman and child the only friend their homeland is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here don't need to new questions it's.


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