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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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we'll tell you why that story much more coming up at bent his own interests. are not over out and they will not succeed in dividing us about our not succeeding taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made from minds. germany state by state. colorful.
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the liveliest. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. the trade just keep begins to bite again china's currency enjoys its was just a month ever could the raul rattle the world's second largest economy. the head of latvia central bank faces prosecution for bribery corruption plagues the country's financial system. and dodgy bank flanks the fed stress test but share price gains share with vest as prying. i did for one let's do business latvia's central bank governor is taking to the. than today of
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a bribery and anti corruption probe saw him detained in february it must receive it has denied all charges latvia has been beset by banking scandals its finance sector has acted as a regional hub for cash from the former soviet union. a makeshift shrine marks the spot in riga where a lawyer working on the winding down of a bank was shot dead he was killed while driving his car. inspecting the crime scene today r younis veda and antonio correcto who work for an anti corruption agency. the murderers cast an ominous shadow over lotfi as financial sector the killer and their paymasters have yet to be identified the state is in ohio and interior minister said that they will be on assistance other counties to search for the murderers and law and order should be placed again their next stop is the main offices of the a b l v bank which manages
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accounts belonging to citizens of the former soviet union the bank launder dirty money for years illicit funds were transferred to other e.u. banks or to offshore accounts. he flopped and banks did not properly check forward bills money was coming from other banks in the european union or being the international system would accept those morning with all its props laundering them unknowingly. in one case in twenty sixteen one point three billion euros disappeared without a trace from banks in moldavia hundreds of thousands of people lost their money triggering massive protests in the capital kishi no. bank was named as the culprit . they just send it into the bank. for maybe a couple of dollars maybe a day and then the sand if there are more of it spreads around the world the one point three billion euros has yet to be tracked down the line government is now
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amending its legislation in an effort to challenge money laundering among the country's banks and the new generation of bankers also seems eager to end the criminal practice of the banks. thirty thousand customers in the span of one and a half year which for a total customer base of their own two million two point two million is a lot. bank has since been banned from trading in the euro or dollars owns latvia's banking regulator recently approved its liquidation. deutsche bank has failed the second round of the us federal reserve's annual stress test and the criticism is harsh just as a new boss takes over at the helm of the lender to steer it on to car waters or go to frankfurt at a boma to get the latest from our financial correspondent first all the details. george of banks u.s. division had passed the first round of the stress test the quantity of section that
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measures capital levels against a severe recession in the second qualitative round of the test however the fed cited three critical deficiencies for deutscher. weaknesses in its data capabilities revenue and loss forecasts and its internal control systems. the message from the fed the us army suffers from poor management. the report comes one month after the us deposit insurance regulator added the lender to a list of problem banks. germany's flagship lender has seen its image plummet in the wake of the global financial crisis. ga has now posted a loss for three successive years with its share price repeatedly hitting all time lows. the bank stock is down forty percent this year alone. it remains unclear what the future holds for the american division. it's new c.e.o. recently announced the unit will be scaling down some of its operations in the u.s.
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. well strangely enough though just heading north today a financial correspondent daniel cope could tell us why from frankfurt stock exchange value so the u.s. doesn't think germany's biggest lender could stand a recession but it is cashed up enough to survive the present storm of litigation and i really think a storm of litigation and managerial madness. here exactly what i mean it's quite a surprise i mean this is certainly kind of like a slap in the face i mean of total disgrace of deutsche bank when the fed in the united states is saying well you are big bank but you are not able to handle a major financial crisis so i was expecting and many of us this year actually were expecting on the trading floor that we would see maybe even another landslide off the share price we have to remember that already on wednesday shares of georgia bank actually went to a record low they went down to eight euro which is of course nothing for
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a bank then once to play such a big international role so today actually of the share price was up this that this is most likely happening because in general we have quite a good market environment here at the moment i guess you can see it in the background the blue chip index that's right now in the green so that's why investors are telling me that dodger bank is also benefiting by this but yes i can tell you there are so many tasks so many things that needs to be solved currency and saving he was taking over this year because john cryan the former c.e.o. of georgia bank had to leave but still lots of homework lots of work for the c.e.o. exactly just briefly on that point of managerial madness than that i brought up as well it's interesting to see in this criticism from the stress test that management is at fault and the bank has gone through quite a few see i mean doesn't the u.s. see that this new c.e.o. could do the job. far we have to see i mean cousins eating has been
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only a few weeks a few months in office and we really have not heard that much from him he has promised big reforms like for example the total restructure of the investment banking sector but i guess he still needs to prove that he is the right one for the job and maybe a bit of sour grapes there pulling out of the us by the sounds of it daniel corp for us at the frankfurt stock exchange the european union has extended its economic sanctions against russia for another six months the decision was taken during an e.u. summit in brussels the sanctions will now stay in place through january twenty ninth team until then companies in the e.u. will remain subject to restrictions on business dealings with russian banks and energy firms the sanctions are in response to russia's policy on the ukraine conflict in particular moscow's an exaggeration of the crimean peninsula. well stocks are enjoying a relief rally this friday both in europe and asia the currency markets tell
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another story as those trade tensions refuse to go away the specter of a full blown trade war has already frightened the chinese you one but this month was even scarier a three percent drop against the u.s. dollar investors pulling their money from a market likely to suffer from higher barriers to trade had been speculation china could move to devalue its currency to compensate terrify its our analysts today say there were no signs of concerted effort to do so. french cement supplier has been charged with complicity in crimes against humanity as well as financing terrorism that's after investigations into their business practices in bor toward syria has already acknowledged some wrongdoing in the case. la farge is charged with paying almost thirteen million euros to jihad this including
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the so-called islamic state to keep a factory open in war torn syria a plant in july continued running long after other french companies had pulled out of the country investigators say the payments were considered a tax in exchange for which militants allowed free movement of the company's staff and goods inside the war zone the company's complicity in the terror group's activities were uncovered by human rights groups. third on. the far shore is the only company to remain in the region despite the region being controlled by the i.a.s. farce didn't take necessary measures to protect the safety of the employees of its syrian subsidiary people were abducted there were kidnappings there were murders also laforce is suspected of having financed the i.a.s. and thus a terrorist enterprise. accord in paris ordered to
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hand over thirty million euros as a security deposit ahead of the trial it has charged eight former executives with financing a terrorist group and endangering the lives of others far said it would take legal action to get the charges dropped insisting that the company as a whole was not responsible a company statement says that lafarge took firm measures as soon as they were informed and that none of the people charged is part of the company today. and just briefly tata steel and a close to finalizing terms on a budget of the german companies whose income supervisory board is expected to give the go ahead for formal negotiations with its indian prospect of patna the merger will create europe's second biggest. analysts expect the new giant would optimize capacity yet it still works in germany the netherlands and britain that could help cut costs by several hundred million viewers
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a year. of course that is just the topic of tariffs to talk about there something that's hit both india and europe thanks to the u.s. is trade well that's another story that's doing business with you i'll see you again very soon here on the dell for you oh boy.
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