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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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just this is about the two. truths detectives starts june thirtieth w. you're watching a dozen years live from berlin if you leaders struck a deal on migration but is it if you break through germany's on the american hills the agreement as it could step in the right direction but european council president school warns the deal will be difficult to implement we're in brussels also coming up. our fool for
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a sneer warns me when millions of mexicans living in the u.s. are eligible to vote in mexico's upcoming election the w's clear which it's a test the mood among voters. and no more second chances were down to the final sixteen at the soccer world cup in russia belgium beat england to take the top spot in group g. will bring you all the highlights of that match and the other day. on will iraq thank you very much for your company everyone elaters had to pull an all nighter but after a lengthy negotiations they reached a compromise deal on managing migration but it looks as if the devil will be in the details european council president donald to scale the agreement as an important first step but he said it was too early to claim success while the key points of the deal are. processing centers for asylum seekers will be opened within the
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e.u. external centers in north africa are planned and there will be tighter controls on the e.u. border that was an important point for italy which no longer wants to be held responsible for the migrants who land on its shores and have threatened to veto an earlier statement and here we're outlining again some of those details that the e.u. leaders agreed on a last night well now that italy's demands have been met in a separate development of germany of fortune agreements with greece and spain to where turn migrants who previously registered asylum beds in those countries all right we've got a team coverage because lots of reaction to get here in berlin but also in brussels to standing by at the council building in brussels and rupert redeveloped here in our problem entries studios gentlemen a very warm welcome geyer when i give you the first word it came down to the wire
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so is this the fix that will help manage the flow of people and if so why is it so short on specifics. it really depends on what's specifically aspect of migration you're looking at if you're looking at curbing illegal migration it could be the decisive step if implemented and here we are with the with the specifics that are lacking for instance two things here you have these registration centers or disembarkation platforms whatever you call them in african states we don't know which african states would be willing to do that and also we don't know if international organizations will be on board for sure and secondly the equivalent in the european union these registration centers are all hot spots that are to be a step lish what everybody has agreed on now we don't have countries that have come forward and said well we we will have that center german chancellor is that while we are open to having something like that but other than that no member state is
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that ok. we'll have that and when it comes to the relocation of people who have claimed the right of asylum in any of those centers we haven't come a single step forward so it's a mixed result we have right a mixed bag there that you outlined what are some of the concessions that chance on american security. i'd say the key concession is something that the french president also concluded is that this is a european solution it is a step in the direction that in the right direction it is as anglo-american said in a quick acquittal and an adequate answer rather and so it is a european solution where everybody is on board and she said this is the key element that europe needs in order to move forward and that is something that now member states can build on in order to find more viable solution for the more contentious issues a report that brings me to you our chancellor merkel's problems over now i mean is this the summit outcome that will be enough to save her political career. well it's
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all about the spin and we have talked to several in piece especially of conservative bloc of c.d.u. and c.s.u. the bloc about house been fighting so hard in the last two weeks. supporters within the c.d.u. said this is just what we wanted this is the european solution that we were fighting for and that we were looking for so this must be this is just what we were looking for if we talk to the seas you the smaller sister party the party that put so much pressure on glom our cool they say this is job just what we have been looking for because they they see the possibility for bilateral agreements for taking back refugees to other countries so both sides seem to be satisfied so i think at least the pressure for now is off but still the officials have to decide if this really isn't up to repeat of all to reporting from our parliamentary studios and derek marcus at the e.u.
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summit in brussels gentlemen thank you for your coverage. and in other news we had to the u.s. now where a gunman has killed five people and injured two others a newspaper offices in the state of maryland police say it was a targeted attack and that the shooter walked through the newsroom of the capitol because that in annapolis looking for his victims. police say officers were on the scene within sixty seconds after the emergency call came in officials have praised the rapid response saying it may have saved lives. they went immediately into that building without a moment's hesitation and demonstrated incredible courage and we are so deeply appreciative of their great work it could have been a lot worse. more than one hundred seventy people were evacuated from the building and approach to safety one reporter gave
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a harrowing account of what he experienced. there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're on your desk and then he the gunman reload. the suspect has been identified as a white male in his late thirty's he was taken into custody at the scene police say he talked to the paper reportedly because he has a grudge against its tough president donald trump tweeted that his thoughts and prayers were the victims and their families but he later wouldn't answer when reporters asked him about the shooting he was probably. going to. have. the capital because that has been an institution in maryland for centuries today in
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annapolis surviving stuff at the capitol worked through their grief to put out the paper. and in neighboring mexico the people there head to the polls this sunday to pick the next president orders will be casting their ballots across the country and beyond thanks to recent reforms members of the mexican diaspora will vote in this election more than ever before and that gives the large number of u.s. based mexicans a powerful voice to the washington correspondent play which it's been reports. with the world cup to win and in election coming up it's been a big week for mexico. while mexicans everywhere cheer on their national team and those living in the united states will have more power than ever before at the ballot box. almost ten percent of the country's population makes here. close to twelve million mexicans live in the united states and for the first time
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in mexico is allowing them to register to vote from here without having to return home but are people taking advantage of the new rules is a vote this in your package here and i in my understanding see and they send me their papers and had to like fill it up and then send them like it's my fault i didn't do it and i am going to feel very bad about it share my friends tell me like you can't do you more. razor but i never did it because i have a lot of things to do so i could and they could share these and they were they both like one month ago so. even though they make up a small fraction of all registered voters the number of mexicans casting their ballots from abroad is expected to hit a record high this year thanks in part to the lifted restrictions a poll released last month by the firm latino decisions showed most years a fortnight has come under and as manuel lopez obrador and with his commanding lead in the polls and many of their ballots already then there's likely just one thing
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to worry about. and there's been another stark reminder today of the dangers facing try people. to reach europe from north africa because around one hundred migrants are feared to have died after their boat capsized off the coast of libya authorities say the incident happened east of the capital tripoli it's not yet clear how many people were on board the vessel some fourteen people are understood to have been rescued. in mali the headquarters of the g five joint forces under attack in the town a survey where the building is said to be under siege following a large explosion french back to security alliance was created to support you and forces in the region. at the world cup in russia belgium finished the group stages by winning all their matches their latest victims were england in a tight game in kaliningrad after
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a goal as opening half the belgians finally found the back of the net after fifty one minutes of nona generously camera to a stunning go past england keeper jordan pickford to put belgium in front in what pressed star hard but belgian a forward three samaritans almost made it through in the dying minutes of the match the game however ended. and in group h. colombia booked their place in the round of sixteen at the world cup after beating senegal one male the cafeteria was the finish top of the group colombia supporters had to wait until the seventy fourth minute when jerry mina headed home a corner kick senegal's goalkeeper colombia needed a win to guarantee their place in the next round there was some bad news for the side though with. the biggest being substituted due to injury. while in the group's other game colin beecher panned one meal to come away with
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their only win of the tournament and a fellow kurds out a free kick in front of their goal and young but nerika. hit the target to secure victory for the polls in the sixtieth minute but in spite of the result japan go through to the knockout phase thanks to winning the fair play tiebreaker over group h. rivals senegal while poland get to go. and for russians this year's world cup has put the spotlight on the sport that usually play second fiddle to ice hockey all the spite that there are more than two point five million registered footballers in the country many of them play on the streets in the courtyard cage is called core well or it's literally translates as the box the year is a place where players can break rules and dream of football stardom. i wish i will be here ever optional. with the player.
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and. i wish i will win the champions league. amal has been playing on concrete pitches like this since beta five now fifteen he's honed his pool skills here it's claustrophobic or shark cage known as a corrupt forcing players to think quickly on their feet it's an environment free of rules but ruled by freedom is more than just the you can do everything you want to hear when you play with a team and start you only thing the cultural shouts at you right away and also what you're doing if you do it here everyone applaud you and say wow you played well. he did away between apartment blocks these kind of pitches can be found all over russia but what was once a soviet era pastime has spawned its own subculture where anyone from any backgrounds can come and play. eve on is one of the people who runs the street
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collective he says the corrupt should be a breeding ground for more new talents in russia. well being a weak spirit here on the streets having a weak personality want to get a young person anywhere street hard and that's why players have to come through the corrupt there's no place for tears here. you know but getting out of the cage and into the big time isn't easy a model. trains it's a football academy he's used to taking on older and bigger players here he says russian clubs don't cost their necks white enough. and russian. and physique are really important. but technically it doesn't matter. as. there is a more systemic problem. the movement of. nature you need and more leagues and teams need to be created
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a free and accessible for everyone so that everyone gets a chance. needs to be looking for talent robin a big. but in a country where connections are key often the best don't make it but this world cup has given russians a small taste of football success to keep that going they need look no further than the corrupt. thanks so much for watching. the. language courses. videos. any time anyway.


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