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biala gassed at frankfurt airport city managed by from. the to. be a teacher. you're watching do that when he was live from berlin leaders struck a deal on migration but is it a break through germany's anglo-american hills the agree when says quote a step in the right direction but european council presidents dumbell to war is the deal will be difficult to implement and even as they meet their announcements live u.s. coast guard said one hundred more migrants are feared dead after their boat
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capsized in the mediterranean also coming up. the gunman accused of killing five people at a newspaper in maryland is charged with first degree murder and denied bail police say the man had long held a grudge against the paper. and no more chances were down to the final sixteen of the soccer world cup in russia belgium beat england to take the top spot in group g. we'll bring you all the highlights of that match and the other game. immediately. thanks for your company everyone. a new leaders in brussels have agreed a tentative deal designed to curb migration but further south there has been no letup in the flow of migrants risking their very lives to reach european shores the
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libyan coast guard says it rescued three hundred migrants from several boats that ran into difficulties off the country's coast they were taken to a naval base in tripoli in a separate incident earlier off the same coast about one hundred migrants are believed to have drowned after their boat capsized. and let's get back now to that deal in leaders in brussels worked through the night to pull it off it's an ambitious plan and the devil may well be in the detail european council president donald tusk admitted it was too early to claim success but called it an important first step nonetheless the agreement came as a great relief to many european leaders. at the start of the second round of the brussels summit was delayed by two hours the reason a long night of negotiations at the end of which the leaders managed to reach a compromise on migration simple model english it's i'm very satisfied with this and it's a great victory for me europe has been able to make
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a decision even if it sometimes takes time we want to protect our citizens but we also have to stand up for the protection of people in need of help so that they were the leaders grappled with tightening asylum policy for around twelve hours the new italian prime minister just happy content threatened to block the measures until he finally got what he wanted. rescued refugees will in future be taken to closed reception centers with in the e.u. this is meant to relieve countries like italy at the same time camps are to be set up in northern african countries so that fewer migrants will make their way across the mediterranean in addition the european union wants to invest more money than before protecting its ex turtle borders. just mentioned it's only when we ensure that people are brought to nonmember states after their rescue and not brought to european soil that we will smash the smugglers business model and massively reduce the number of people coming to europe it's important to have these measures
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implemented quickly because they are of course only as valuable as their implementation of. relief too for german chancellor angela merkel at home the pressure was on to bring about a european solution. because the force in us the. extreme you can probably imagine that the perspectives were extremely varied among the different member states the fact that these interests have been brought together in all areas connected with migration is i believe an adequate response to the current situation unfold a response which looks quite vague there is still a big question mark over where new reception centers might be set up france austria and belgium all rejected the construction of camps in their countries even before the summit came to a close. now that demands have been met in a separate development germany of fortune agreements with greece and spain so were turned migrants who previously registered asylum in those countries all right we've
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got team coverage because lots of reaction to get here in berlin but also in brussels to standing by at the council building in brussels and rupert if you're in our parliamentary studios gentlemen a very warm welcome day orca want to give you the first word it came down to the wire so is this the fix that will help you manage the. flow of people and if so why is it so short on specifics. it really depends on what specifically aspect of migration you're looking at if you're looking at curbing illegal migration it could be the decisive steps if implemented and here we are with the with the specifics that are lacking for instance two things here you have these registration centers or does them purgation platforms whatever you call them in african states we don't know which african states would be willing to do that and also we don't know if international organizations will be on board for sure and secondly the equivalent
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in the european union these registration centers are hotspots that are to be a step lish what everybody has agreed on now we don't have countries that have come forward and said well we we will have that center german chancellor is that while we are open to having something like that but other than that no member state has said ok we'll have that and when it comes to the relocation of people who have claimed the right of asylum in any of those centers we haven't come a single step forward so it's a mixed result we have right a mixed bag there that you outlined i guess what are some of the concessions that shines on the american security. i'd say the key concession is something that the french president also concluded is that this is the european solution it is a step in the direction it's in the right direction it is as anglo-american said in a quick a committal and an adequate answer rather and so it is a european solution where everybody is on board and she said this is the key element that europe needs in order to move forward and that is something that now
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member states can build on in order to find more viable solution for the more contentious issues a report that brings me to you our chancellor merkel's problems over now i mean is this the summit outcome that will be enough to save her political career. well it's all about the spin and we have talked to several in peace especially. those conservative bloc of c.d.u. and c.s.u. the bloc about house been fighting so hard in the last two weeks. supporters within the c.d.u. said this is just what we wanted this is the european solution that we were fighting for and that we were looking for so this must be this is just what we were looking at all we talk to the see is you the smaller sister party the party that put so much pressure on glom out who they say this is jobs just what we have been looking for because they they see the possibility for bilateral agreements for
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taking back refugees to other countries so both sides seem to be satisfied so i think at least the pressure for now is off but still the officials have to decide if this really is enough there were probably developed a reporting out from a parliamentary studios and a marcus at the e.u. summit in brussels gentlemen thank you for your coverage your. let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. in mali the headquarters of a multinational antiterrorist force that's come under attack in the town of severe the building is said to have been besieged following a large explosion six people are reported to have been killed and many more injured . nigeria is facing calls for improved road and vehicle safety after nine people were killed when an oil tanker crashed and burst into flames in lagos the fire which happened during thursday evening rush hour in
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gulf more than fifty vehicles it's not yet clear what cost the crash. in thailand rescuers searching for a soccer team member missing inside a flooded cave of lower survival packages into an opening in the mountain hoping they might reach them there's been no sign of the twelve boys and their coach since they entered the cave complex on saturday night warnings prone to flooding. german authorities have confirmed that a body found at a spanish gas station a week ago was that of a missing german hitchhiker the twenty eight year old female student went missing two weeks ago in northern germany a truck driver has been arrested suspected of having murdered her. to the u.s. now where the gunman who shot and killed five people at a newspaper office in the state of maryland has appeared in court via video link
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from prison he's been charged with five counts of murder in order to remain in detention police say the man had long held a grudge against the capital because that's an apple s. he blasted his way into the paper killing five members of staff. the front page of maryland's capital because that newspaper a newspaper whose office was on thursday the scene of a grisly shooting leaving five journalists dead. with define spirit the paper published its friday edition including photographs and a bit yuri's of the journalists and staff who were killed. and a somebody new piece beginning we all speechless. the alleged perpetrator jared ramos has been charged with five counts of murder the thirty eight year old had a long standing feud with the newspaper reported a case in which he'd been challenged stalking
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a woman he sued the paper for defamation but lost and set up a twitter account threatening the newspaper officials appraised the rapid response of the police saying it may have saved lives they went immediately into that building without a moment's hesitation and demonstrated incredible courage and we are so deeply appreciative of their great work it could have been a lot worse president donald trump tweeted that his thoughts and prayers will with the victims and their families although he later didn't answer questions about the shooting. that. had. the community of annapolis mourning and in shock as a fallen feud sinks in. at the world cup in russia belgium finished the group stages by winning all their
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matches there of the latest their latest victims were england in a tight game in kaliningrad after a goal with opening opening half the belgians finally found the back of the nets after fifty one minutes of non. hammered a standing goal past england keeper jordan pick for to put belgium in front when pressed hard the belgian forward the samaritans own most made it to in the dying to match the game and it was. a great save their own right the two teams that had already been eliminated from the same group also faced off. on thursday with tunisia beating panama two one playing for pride there panama struck first with this rocket from the facilities are the biggest in the thirty second minute the selection of a tunisian defender helped end but when you sit equalized for tunisia early in the
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second half and ten minutes later why be because the net it tunisia's tickler that. are your great face portugal in arguably the standout game in the world cup last sixteen it's a big clash of course because of the two opposing forwards your grays luis suarez and portugal's christian or another one of them could end up being player of the tournament while the other will be heading home after saturday night. christiane all ronaldo. and luis suarez two of the best forwards in world football go head to head on the biggest stage. it's been a gold will cook for both so far portugal's ronaldo has four goals while year ago i strike a suarez has netted twice. they are the clear talisman of the teams but all the players say the last sixteen clash is not just about the jew oh. i don't
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believe the match is between ronaldo and suarez it's between portugal and europe why two teams and portugal will give everything to win to. put it into controversy has never been far from suarez at the world cup in two thousand and ten handball on the line prevented a gonna win in two thousand and fourteen he beat italy's georgia o'keeffe leading he wants to hit the headlines for the right reasons this time and who knows suarez might get an airport named after him like ronaldo but he probably doesn't want the same sculptor. such as black sea playground is the setting for an epic battle. time to get their shooting boots on. the over. a volcano now on the in the nation island of bali has been wreaking havoc for vacationers more than three hundred flights to and from the popular addressed holiday destination had to be canceled after amount to
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a groomer erupted on thursday will flights have now resumed but the volcano continues to shoot ash over two and a half kilometers into the sky mount a goanna has erupted periodically since last year in one thousand nine hundred sixty three a major eruption killed over one thousand people all right you're watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about here is what's coming up germany's top lender in the doghouse in the united states we'll tell you why coming up with band stick around for that nasty at the top of the hour. today don't miss our highlights. new program. w dot com our large.


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