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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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me. i am. playing. the an. audience. to be a pity to. you watch you do that for years live from berlin leaders struck a deal on migration but is it a break through germany's angela merkel hills the agreement as a step in the right direction for european council president donald tusk warns the deal will be difficult to implement even as they made their announcement libya's coast guard said one hundred more migrants are feared dead after their boat
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capsized in the mediterranean also coming up. the gunman accused of killing five people in a newspaper maryland is charged with first degree murder and denied bail releasing the man had on i had a long held a grudge against the paper and. our powerful voice new rules mean millions of mexicans living in the u.s. are eligible to vote in mexico's upcoming election didn't use a clip richardson gauges the mood among voters. plus no more second chances were down to the final sixteen at the soccer world cup in russia belgium beat england to take the top spot in group g. we'll bring you all the highlights of that match and the group's other game. and as above it prepares for historic elections next month did you ever use christine one talks to farmer still grappling with the legacy of former president rob. mugabe.
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thank you so much for your company everyone. in brussels leaders have agreed a tentative deal designed to curb migration but further south there has been no letup in the flow of migrants risking their very lives to reach european shores the libyan coast guard says it rescued three hundred migrants from several boats that ran into difficulties off the country's coast they were taken to a naval base in tripoli in a separate incident earlier off the same coast about one hundred migrants are believed to have drowned after their boat capsized. alright let's get back to that deal in leaders in brussels worked through the night to pull it off it's an ambitious plan and the devil may well be in the detail european council president
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it was too early to claim success but called it an important first step nonetheless the agreement came as a great relief to many european leaders. at the start of the second round of the brussels summit was delayed by two hours the reason a long night of negotiations at the end of which the leaders managed to reach a compromise on migration people was implicit is that i'm very satisfied with this and it's a great victory for me to the point europe has been able to make a decision even if it sometimes takes time we want to protect our citizens but we also have to stand up for the protection of people in need of help there. the leaders grappled with tightening asylum policy for around twelve hours the new italian prime minister just epic ontario threatened to block the measures until he finally got what he wanted. rescued refugees will in future be taken to closed reception centers with in the e.u. this is meant to relieve countries like italy at the same time camps are to be set
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up in northern african countries so that fewer migrants will make their way across the mediterranean in addition the european union wants to invest more money than before protecting its ex turtle borders we think it's important to implement these measures quickly because they are of course only as valuable as the implementation so it's a. relief to for german chancellor angela merkel at home the pressure was on to bring about a european solution. because the first in us the exists by is the extreme you can probably imagine that the perspectives very extremely varied among the different member states the fact that these interests have been brought together in all areas connected with migration as i believe an adequate response to the current situation for a response which looks quite vague there is still a big question mark over where new reception centers might be set up france austria and belgium all rejected the construction of camps in their countries even before the summit came to a close. so
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a lot to unpack with me in the studio is for local scientist rafael the song he is associate at the german institute for international and security affairs a very warm welcome a so good to have you with us is the sea going with that everybody's been waiting for that will solve the refugee crisis well different people have been waiting for different things and as was just said it's certainly not the one big solution i mean and there isn't going to be one big solutions up but it's all about how different measures work together i think until america is right to say it's a political achievement but at the same time many many questions about implementation open i think it's positive that many leaders also make that point to tuscon course and merkel so they are ready to take on this implementation but it's too early to tell whether it will happen let's talk about one of the things that came out in this agreement at the idea of having a camp sort or these the transit camps in northern africa i wonder is there a single nation north african country that stepped forward and said yeah i'll host
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one of those so far no and this is definitely one of the biggest question marks and even if there was one country then there are still many further questions of how those camps school work in a really legitimate and also effective manner over you know a prolonged period of time so really that's the biggest question mark but at the same time at least in terms of the country hosting it it's not clear yet whether or not one of the other country might be eventually convinced if more is offered by europeans and the signal is certainly in the conclusion that the europeans are of ready to put more on the table all right they're ready to put more on the table. let's go back to the council president mr adonal to ask he came out and said well listen this is a great this is a step in the right direction but it's going to be different difficult to implement why well the one we just discussed me which country is going to host those external reception centers and how they're going to run but also the other one and this is the new element i think which is more decisive to sort of show whether this is
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going to be a success in the media in. centers inside the european union were but what's can be disembarked and then migrants might be distributed among a group of european countries not all of them so i think this is the first test if there's going to be this group of five six seven countries and whether this kind of new mechanism is going to actually relieve the burden from italy italy could actually still run the system i mean the numbers are lower but it's the political signal that the new italian government wants and nuts has to happen pretty fast please stick around most of us on because of course that this also has a politically domestic dimension to it as well because germany's angela merkel knew she couldn't come back home empty handed because her bavarian coalition partners the c.s.u. had given her an ultimatum deliver a deal to curb illegal migration or will close the borders to migrants you know actually the disputes threaten to topple our government so is this deal enough to avert the crisis the office of german chancellor angela merkel and as mack has been
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in brussels for the past two days looking for a european solution to the refugee question in the hallways of the german parliament bundestag m.p.'s are discussing the results of the e.u. summit and how much they are worth in particular the agreement concerning asylum reception centers there's a further development of the position that was actually to be announced as the summit result that's why this is a good basis for national discussion here in germany to help us come to our own agreement on the from the parties of conservative bloc c.d.u. and c.s.u. had been it especially the variance e.s.u. message of pressure on the chancellor and its m.p.'s think it paid off. you know in our opinion the pressure we put on our had the desired effect namely a change of migration policy. putting their mutual coalition partner the s.p.d. seesmic his position strengthened the social democrats were opposed to rejecting
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refugees at the german border. because there's the s.p.d. welcomes the fact that we found a european solution to the migration issue we are very glad the solution is with europe and not against it we oppose national unity like tourism. european unity and an end to the dispute fair enough but the opposition in germany is skeptical about the matter. the results of the european council what has been written down there has already been presented in this way or in a comparable form during the last two or three years. after the dangerous dispute in matters conservative c.d.u. and c.s.u. want to get back to business again their leaders want to comment on the outcome of the e.u. summit as early as this weekend. for weeks that he based on migration seemed to escalate and the break up of america's government seemed possible with the results
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from the e.u. summit the chancellor now has something to offer big steps towards a european solution of the refugee question. but still the question remains is this enough to stave off the crisis well from a domestic position i think it's unlikely now that this use you will further escalate but we'll still have to wait that decision and the tempers have been flying high i think the key issue in domestically the secondary migration so people moving inside the european union once they arrive was only a minor part of the european council volution point eleven on some page so reason was the central as the seas you made it and so on that front they could complain on the other hand they you know this other sort of agenda on further exploration whether it's practical or not is something for more control and on that sense they could say we've achieved what we wanted ok so it's a face saving a measure that they could potentially capitalize on what do you think about the
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future of the german center right alliance. well it's i think it has a future certainly if they come through this it's been a very rocky relationship for a long time. but once again i think it would be a mistake to focus everything on this one crisis and talk about solutions i mean i know it's the political discourse that it's at the moment national but you know you don't solve poverty or you don't solve crime you just sort of managed to have constructive kind of approaches but it's not going to go away like this and i hope that sort of also comes back to the fore and then i think there is going to be constructive working relationships are political scientists referee all the song and associate at the german institute for international and security affairs sir thank you for weighing in. and i would like to bring up to speed with some of the other stories now making news around the world. in mali the headquarters of
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a multinational anti-terrorist force has come under attack in the town a severe the building is said to have been besieged following a large explosion six soldiers are reported to have been killed and many more injured. nigeria's facing calls for improved the road and vehicle safety after nine people were killed when an oil tanker crashed and burst into flames in lagos the fire which happened during thursday evenings or rush hour in gulf to more than fifty vehicles it's not immediately clear what caused the crash. in thailand rescue or searching for a soccer team a missing inside a flooded cave have lowered survival kits into an opening in the mountain hoping they might reach them there's been no sign of the twelve boys and their coach since they entered the cave complex on saturday despite warnings it's prone to flooding you're watching need of a news we still have a lot more to tell you about including could these kids be the stars of future
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world cups no grass no rules street football in the russian capital. but first the u.s. is throwing its weight around on trade but now its neighbor is fighting back danielle tell us more as far as what shocked when i heard this but the global trade dispute is halting upper canada joining the fray slapping almost seventeen billion canadian dollars worth of tariffs on u.s. goods foreign minister chrystia freeland says they'll come into effect on july the first their determination to washington's levies on canadian steel and a minium of much the dollar for dollar ottawa is preparing the jews on the west matters whiskey washing machines maple syrup and other goods. and some breaking news now in the past few minutes general motors has released a statement they say they may have to cut jobs in the united states due to the car import tariffs under consideration by the white house as a blow to donald trump's proposals which are intended to boost american jobs by
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restricting foreign firms access to the u.s. market g.m. warns a proposed levies would lead to a smaller g.m. and reduced presence at home and abroad and staying in similar territory now u.s. treasury secretary steve moore new chin says his country is not to going to leave the world trade organization the comment is response to media reports that donald trump is planning to withdraw from the global trading body image and says the united states has concerns about the institution and considers aspects of it unfair but that it would be an exaggeration to say the u.s. intends to pull out trump is described the w.t. zero as a disaster. and to another blow to deutsche bank's confidence the troubled lender failing the u.s. federal reserve stress test essentially american authorities think that deutsche as customers would be at risk if another financial crisis came along. georgia banks
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u.s. division had passed the first round of the stress test the quantity of section that measures capital levels against a severe recession in the second qualitative round of the test however the fed cited three critical deficiencies for deutscher. weaknesses in its data capabilities revenue and loss forecasts and its internal control systems. the message from the fed the us armed suffers from poor management. the report comes one month after the us deposit insurance regulator added the lender to a list of problem banks. germany's flagship lender has seen its image plummet in the wake of the global financial crisis. ga has now posted a loss for three successive years with its share price repeatedly hitting all time lows. the bank stock is down forty percent this year alone. it remains unclear what the future holds for the american division its new c.e.o.
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recently announced the unit will be scaling down some of its operations in the u.s. . as a more on germany's biggest lender here's our markets man in frankfurt done a call. daughter bank is a bank that has been struggling for a long time they have not been for many years in the winning zone pending lawsuits could cost millions possibly even billions of euros many investors here call it a shame that a bank that would like to play an international role has a share price that dropped this week to a record low one investor even questioned of daughter bank is even still worth to be listed in the blue chip index stocks and now the news that the fed in the united states is not even sure if door she would be able to handle another big financial crisis it is clear concerns even this see all of the daughter westin just for a few months in office has a lot of work to do but some good news before the weekend today dachas share price did not perform as bad as some feared was even for some part of the day the top
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performer here at the ducks investors were already prepared that daughter would most likely fail the second stress trade off the fed and at the same time the market environment she and frank for was more friendly again the roots of index taxes back in the winning zone or business later including lantry central bank chief charged with corruption but now that's good old old world cup action. the group stage of the world cup is over so i got to get the latest now from time tonight from to give me a sports who's here with me on the set what are we going to do tonight when no games are on let's talk about belgium because they continued to impress yesterday they did they did look very good they made nine changes from the starting line up from the previous game against tunisia. and everybody who you know you came in looked very impressive and yet as i especially you came as good a brilliant goal that was his first woke up experience i had of done his chances of getting a bit more playing time as it's one of the progress is
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a big favor. and on the other hand looked less impressive going forward never really seemed to be that dangerous. quite good i thought his cheek go a bit more playing experience which is positive but other than that not perhaps the best performance from england they have had made changes. the game last night something had the feel of a friendly a little bit because each side knew that in fact if they'd qualify second they had both guarantee they would have occasion already before kick off. then they would land on what was generally regarded as an easy a solid of the draw and both just used as a bit of a chance to knock the ball about basically to chill through city history and separate i'm just going to go on the record and say that and they weren't the only ones taking it easy no that's right in a game earlier on in the afternoon japan had caused quite a bit of controversy by basically spending the final twenty minutes knocking the ball around in the back they won new down they could have gone forward because they
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knew the senegal who were playing in the power the game against colombia had more yellow cards than they did they didn't need to draw but they didn't need to win so they just basically wasted time. they you know the games are played some were tending to try and eliminate stuff like that but it's very hard to get it out of the game completely when the group stage reaches a close you know these things do tend to happen it's not much fun for the fans who are just going to say it's such a shame especially if you're traveled all the way you bought tickets for you know that particular game and just passing around the ball ok let's look forward now because we've got a massive recant coming up here we do have a huge weekend on sunday spain a playing against russia. croatia will take on denmark but tomorrow is really the big day we've got france and argentina two massive heavyweight teams i mean the fixture list of really makes for exciting watching the other game the late game tomorrow is perhaps the biggest of the round of sixteen games as europe why against
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portugal now two big players in this game suarez and christiane have been out of of course know each other from the league and i believe we're going to hear a little bit more about their coming. christiane all ronaldo. and luis suarez two of the best forwards in world football go head to head on the big stage. it's been a good will for both so far portugal's ronaldo has four goals i know you're a guy striker suarez has netted twice. the other clear talisman of that teams but all the players say the last sixteen clash is not just about the jew oh. i don't believe the match is between ronaldo and suarez it's between portugal the euro why teams and portugal will give everything to win to. put it in syria. controversy has never been far from suarez at the world cup in two
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thousand and ten and ball on the line prevented a gonna win in two thousand and fourteen he beat italy's giorgio levy he wants to hit the headlines for the right reasons this time and who knows suarez might get an airport named after him like ronaldo but he probably doesn't want the same school. so she's black sea playground is the setting for an epic battle time to get their shooting boots on. all right tom who is going to come out on top suarez or one although it's very difficult to discount a side with either of those players wearing the care and moaning about on the pitch i think probably though on current form the world cup i'm going to give this one to portugal you require scraped through a couple of big games i think tomorrow we're going to see another small like that one christiane of an outer space for us for exposure to it. this is no time to greatly appreciate how fun tomorrow. and as you heard today is a rest day for the remaining world cup teams before the next crucial knockout phase
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begins on saturday so how is russia handling the world's biggest football festival is the halfway mark so let's take stock. there's everything from russian folk music. and dance a multi-cultural festival to delight the eyes and ears of thirsty football fans no matter which team is winning or losing on the pitch. is yury rachet oh when to take a look if you want to know what the mood is like the halfway point of the gold cup here in russia you have to come here to nicole's castrates in the heart of moscow because so much is going on here this is why the party is. owners have issued a drastic warning be surprised could be running low but even after two weeks of the tournament there's still plenty of russian hospitality left.
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earlier than normal and try to close on time we don't always manage it because the fans just want to go home if it's fantastic fun for us you would like to have world cup fans here every summer. the stadiums are naturally a top priority join the world cup and experts say all eleven venues a tried and tested some brand new others have been completely refurbished. it is well the couple is a matter of great prestige for russia as a team cheaters it's an opportunity for us to show our country in a new large way different from our image in the west everything in russia has been meticulously prepared. for. fifteen thousand volunteers have been recruited to help the friends from all round the world extra english lessons have been laid on to counter the cliché that russians can't speak
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any other languages to think you'll build a dam might get us out of the most important thing is to smile. so this every visitor feels welcome. when we aren't you and we keep smiling to see chance i've grown landed on the limping at the. stake here who might yet it all feels very positive but many are asking what will happen in russia after the final whistle blows. russia will be what it has always been an all star a tarion state reactionary and listless football will be quickly forgotten and sold through internationally putin may not be seen as so isolated for that but that doesn't take anything away from the importance of the world cup. so for the next two weeks the world will be watching as the fans party on in celebration of the world's biggest sporting extrude began zax. off
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russians this year's world cup is what the spotlight on a sport that usually play second fiddle to ice hockey all despite that there are more than two point five million registered for bowlers in the country many of them play on the streets in courtyard just called corrupt but she literally means box while the crocker is a place where players can break rules and drink a football start up. i wish i will be here every single. football player. and. i wish i will win the champions league. i'm all has been playing on concrete pitches like this since b.h.u. five now fifteen he's honed his pool skills here it's claustrophobic court shark cage known as the corrupt forcing players to think quickly on their feet it's an environment free of rules but ruled by freedom is more than just the you can do
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everything you want to hear when you play with a team and start your only thing the coach will shout. right away and ask what you're doing if you do it here everyone applaud you and say wow you played well. he did away between apartment blocks these kind of pitches can be found all over russia but what was once a soviet era past time has spawned its own subculture where anyone from any backgrounds can come and play. even is one of the people who runs the street collective he says the corrupt should be a breeding ground for more new talents in russia. being a weak spirit here on the streets having a weak personality want to get a young person anywhere the street hardens you that's why players have to come through the corrupt there's no place for tears here. but getting out of the cage and into the big time isn't easy also trains it's a mosque
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a football academy so he's used to taking on older and bigger players here he says russian clubs don't cost their necks wide enough. in russian football heights and physique a really important if you are small but technical you won't get picked. for eve on there's a more systemic problem. you need and more leagues and teams need to be creative to make football free and accessible for everyone so that everyone gets a chance professional football needs to be looking for talent rather the big one hits both because. in a country where connection is a key often the best don't make it but this world cup has given russians a small taste of football success to keep that going they need look no further than the corrupt. you're watching the news we solve a lot more to tell you about here's what's coming up the european union has agreed
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on a new migration deal but what does it mean for migrants already living in the european union we have to greece where some. i have spent more than two years in makeshift camps and a new era for zimbabwe's far worse the country's president has promised to return land to some white farmers the w's christian one block talks to one family who are back in a life. those stories and a whole lot more coming up right after the. exotic pet of the them. in stores deliver rousing performances. being having a lot of fun playing the scamp i'm not going to be in the nineteen seventies being on the british band.
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but. cut. me to some. fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women like me you have fake hair sometimes that hairstyle takes up to two days it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at this a long talk about what's happening in their lives so i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spend at the salon i feel good quality here when i see ads and it's been a good story when i hear it's my name is elizabeth chong and i work at steve bell and. the.
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clash of cultures in india. the clash between those who believe in the arranged marriage those. before long. the claim that she keep families and society to the core. of my father will be angry sometimes i think the weekend. starts joining w. great to have you back with us you're watching every news on the rock and roll in this is our main headline this hour. the leaders have reached a deal on migration after marathon talks in brussels german chancellor angela merkel called the agreement a step in the right direction but european council president donald kind of a note of caution so you would be difficult to implement. well what could this deal
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mean for the migrants already in the european union while since your began cracking down after the height of the refugee crisis back in twenty fifteen thousands have been trapped in greece some have been in camps for more than two years unable to move on we spoke to some of them who fear their hopes for a new life could be dashed forever. laga viki is not a place many people in europe know of it's a small village in northern greece eight hundred refugees are housed in a camp here that is twice as many as the camp was conceived for this is due to more refugees coming to europe via turkey despite the refugee deal between turkey and the e.u. eight thousand people crossed into europe in the first half of twenty seventeen in the first half of this year that number has risen to twelve thousand and the current discourse in europe regarding refugees is unsettling for those sheltered here like being in greece for two years before i came here i was in last boss our
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future is being stolen from us with all this going on in europe. that i couldn't greece for one and a half years but what's going to happen with all this no one knows. just down from the refugee camp is the village of lot of e.q. with only six hundred citizens it is smaller than the camp many residents can relate to the situation facing refugees they are the descendants of people who were forced to leave pontus in what is now the eastern black sea region of turkey. nevertheless there's a lot of sympathy for the rise of right wing parties in modern europe. i understand why people would look to right wing parties francis they want fewer refugees that's just the real issues. but it have a problem with right wing extremist parties getting elected elsewhere i'm just concerned about what happens in greece officially. and what about their neighbors the refugees. as the weeks in the camp turn into months or even years are they
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where the political developments in the e.u. are making it harder for them to leave here. at home. we definitely do not want to travel a legally into another country like we did in iran and then to get to greece i was hoping at some point the borders would open for us but now it's looking like just the opposite to me. because after crossing deserts and oceans the refugees in law could end up getting stuck here if the political winds in europe continue to blow in their current direction. to the us now where the gunman who shot and killed five people at a newspaper office in the state of maryland has appeared in court via video link from prison he's been charged with five counts of murder and order to remain in detention for he say the man had long held a grudge against the capital because that in annapolis glasses his way into the
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papers office killing four journalists and one sales and for. the front page of maryland's capital because that newspaper. a newspaper whose office was on thursday the scene of a grizzly shooting leaving five members of staff dead. with defined spirit the paper published its friday edition including photographs and a picture ease of the journalists and sales assistant who were killed. and a somber opinion piece beginning we are speechless. the alleged perpetrator jared ramos has been charged with five counts of murder the thirty eight year old had a long standing feud with the newspaper after it reported a case in which he'd been charged with stalking a woman he sued the paper for defamation but lost and set up a twitter account threatening the newspaper officials have praised the rapid response of the police saying it may have saved lives they went immediately into that building without
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a moment's hesitation and demonstrated incredible courage and we are so deeply appreciative of their great work it could have been a lot worse donald trump responded to the shooting on friday. this is. the conscious and filled our hearts with grief journalists like all americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their. tight knit community annapolis in mourning and in shock as a violent feud sinks in. well on social media many users have been expressing their shock over what happened in maryland some have also criticized president donald trump for repeatedly attacking the media and accusing them of spreading quote fake news these people say trump created a climate that could have caused this shooting now this lawyer from england directly addresses the u.s. a president tweeting you create a hostile environment and someone else pays the price. and meanwhile robert
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francis or who is a democrat candidate for the senate from texas says thinking of the families of those killed in maryland in the news and the news team at the capitol does it remind is that reporters across the country i'm not the enemy of the people he and many others are referring to donald trump who repeatedly claimed that the fake news media is the enemy of the american people while others are accusing trump the capital because that maryland is honoring its dead colleagues by telling their story saying gerald fishman's personality was so quiet and withdrawn that it hit the brilliant ma and why wits and wicked pen that his colleagues were treasure and many of the papers readers are showing their support like this user keep fighting the good fight our community is forever in your debts for your courage and your passion for what you guys do we say in north america mexico has to the
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polls this sunday to pick the next president voters will be casting their ballots across the country and beyond well thanks to recent reforms members of the mexican diaspora will vote in this election more than ever before and that gives the large number of u.s. based mexicans a powerful voice washing correspondent car which isn't reports. with the world cup to win and an election coming up it's been a big week for mexico. while mexicans everywhere cheer on their national team those living in the united states will have more power than ever before at the ballot box . almost ten percent of the country's population live here. close to twelve million mexicans live in the united states and for the first time in mexico is allowing them to register to vote from here without having to return home but are people taking advantage of the new rules is
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a vote on your faggots here in my in my understanding seat and this and me that paper is and how to write it up and send them like it's my fault i didn't do it and i got to feel very bad about it my friends don't like you can't you. razor but i never did it because i have a lot of things to do so i couldn't make sure they send they by they vote like one month ago so. even though they make up a small fraction of all registered voters the number of mexicans casting their ballots remember aud is expected to hit a record high this year thanks in part to the lifted restrictions a poll released last month by the firm with keno just didn't show the most here's a fortnight to scranton or contest manuel lopez obrador and with his commanding lead in the polls and many of their ballots already then there's likely just one thing to worry about. that all important all right i'm going to hand you over and
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now to as we're talking about the baltics corruption latvia has acted as a money laundering hub with banks shuffling assets a dodgy transactions out of the likes of russia of north korea massive corruption was a regular occurrence well now that fuse public prosecutor has charged central bank chief. with accepting the offer of a huff a million euro brock it paves the way for the trial of one of europe's most influential economic policy makers. a makeshift shrine marks the spot in riga where a lawyer working on the winding down of a bank was shot dead he was killed while driving his car. inspecting the crime scene today r younis veda and antonio crego who work for an anti corruption agency. the murderers cast an ominous shadow over lockerbie as financial sector the killer and their paymasters have yet to be identified the state is in
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a high alert and interior minister said that they will be going to see spends all their contribution to the search for that murderers and law and order should not be a place to get their next stop is the main offices of the bank which manages accounts belonging to citizens of the former soviet union the bank launder dirty money for years illicit funds were transferred to other e.u. banks or to offshore accounts. he flopped and banks did not properly check where does money was coming from other banks in the european union or being the national system would accept those money with all of. them unknowingly in one case in twenty sixteen one point three billion euros disappeared without a trace from banks in moldova hundreds of thousands of people lost their money triggering massive protests in the capital casino. bank was named as the culprit.
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they just send it into the bank. for maybe a couple of dollars maybe a day and then the sand if there are more of it spreads around the world the one point three billion euros has yet to be tracked down the line government is now amending its legislation in an effort to challenge money laundering among the country's banks and the new generation of bankers also seems eager to end the criminal practice of the banks. thirty thousand customers in the span of one and a half year which for a total customer base of their own two million two point two million is a lot a.b.l. the bank has since been banned from trading in the euro or dollars owns latvia's banking regulator recently approved its liquidation. well it's like things up a little bit now american brands used to have a certain cool factor in china customers would line up to get their hands on the
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latest apple smartphone or starbucks skinny lot but as more homegrown companies appear on the market and trade ties between the two countries come under strain those days peer to be numbered. tea with foam made of cream cheese just one of the specialty drinks customers in shanghai have been lining up for this summer. hey t e the company behind the popular beverage is a chinese chain with and that's all over the country. it's just one example of a homegrown company giving us competitors like starbucks everyone for their money. while american brands have long enjoyed an elevated status in china research that yes their dominance is now beginning to wane. this is becoming a very big concern and therefore because it's. just you have to do with
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the way. the way. people seem to be what the market with for. companies. u.s. tech companies like apple are also coming under pressure from domestic firms i phones account for only ten percent of the chinese smartphone market with local companies like chua way offering lower prices and gaining ever more crammed as a result with the in your of american brands appearing to fade u.s. companies may soon find themselves playing catch up. as countries around the world scrap it out of a free trade africa is wondering or even fearing for because in the middle leaders of the african union are meeting in mauritania this weekend to talk trade but the big theme dominating the summit is corruption. more trade is urgently needed in africa the fifty five nations only conduct about sixteen percent of their
8:44 pm
business with each other the smallest amount of intra regional trade compared to latin america asia or europe but change is coming. we talk he may know his forty african states have signed the agreement to create a continental free trade area but we expect this to have a positive impact on africa as it will contribute to the strengthening of trade and the free movement of people and goods for the benefit of african citizens. it took two years to negotiate the african continental free trade area but it left a few countries out including economic heavyweights south africa and nigeria once they signed on the agreement will cover one point two billion people with a cumulative g.d.p. of two trillion euros it will be a boost for the entire continent but africa faces other problems too like
8:45 pm
corruption. among africa loses at least fifty billion dollars a year to illicit cash flows it is clear that retaining these resources on the continent would greatly help finance its development we must go beyond words to demonstrate our commitment to fighting corruption with a leap towards concrete action. transparency international puts african countries at the top of its corruption perception index a powerful deterrent for investors however the watchdog group has recently pointed to botswana rwanda namibia and some others who are making progress in fighting corruption and creating a better business climate. it's vital now and it's about a month until a historic election in zimbabwe you can say that again a lot of people are watching this election the country is facing in stuart presidential election the vote on july thirty thirtieth is the first and the
8:46 pm
southern african country since robert mugabe was forced out of office last november but his legacy is far from over decades of violent land seizures have crippled the economy now the two main candidates vying for the top job are pledging to or pair the damage one of them is of course incumbent emmerson gaga the man who ousted mugabe he's already brought in some changes including reversing mugabe's land policy in one high profile case to be as christian without reports from us every farm around four hundred miles east of the capital harare. loyal they call it destructive very very beginning. life is slowly returning to normal for robert smart and his family in june last year they will forcefully evicted from their farm by the government of then president robert mugabe came from people. tear gas and bullets and practive your body off the people in the compound us in the houses
8:47 pm
that's at the office here and we were away six or seven months. during the time they were away lucius took equipment and personal belongings the smart family had spent he is accumulating what had been left behind was destroyed and then in november when emmett's in the douglas took office often ousting mugabe with the help of the military he ordered that the smarts whose story had been widely reported in the media be given the farm back. i think it would remove that cover so i can say you go back and say that's true obviously we're quite frightened to come back off to be shot at and they said we will make sure that you're safe which i did the minute she came out and they cleared everybody told me they did they made sure that it would not just ourselves but the community and i would because they will say. this is the welcome robin derren received from the community on the day they returned home. leave only
8:48 pm
hate me because the community was good enough to me is just not you know. as soon as they reached the farm the father and son duo got to ponting rosewarne you know because of the timing of everything they century missed the maize and tobacco season and that meant that they that they could only grow potatoes now they've already brought in some six tons from the patch of land that i'm standing on and they're hoping that by the end of the season ought to they've ripped everything and that includes the fields behind me with the green that you see that they'll bring in some one hundred and twenty tons to take to markets. that may be a considerable amount but it comes no win yet to what they could have harvested had they not been forced off their land. even before this ordeal the smarts were downscaled from eight thousand hits his to seven hundred hits his of land during
8:49 pm
mugabe's controversial land reform policy in the early two thousand but they say leaving zimbabwe has never been an option for them even though the hardships through in through those days we've never said that we are afraid of living in zimbabwe actually a lot of people with jude they say come across will buy but they think if we come over to you kate come to america we said no no we stay home we're going to fight for her we're going to make sure we try to get back. now they have their home back and they say they are looking forward to a bright future for zimbabwe. their
8:50 pm
fame however special concert that took place at the prototype this is theater and santiago to chile last night a memorial concert for the venezuelan conductor haase antonio the founder of a rural famous musical education program yeah unfortunately died last march at the age of seventy eight the concert was conducted by the most famous protege was mel and karen house that is here to talk more about this give us the the back story to this concert well it's very complex and it's of course highly emotional because this was really good stuff to do to mil's opportunity to honor his mentor and to bid him farewell so he started to conducting under of the you and he's very much become sort of the public face of as he stayed in recent years and you will notice that this was a concert by venezuelan for a venezuelan but taking place in chile so the reason for that is because dudamel has been at odds with the venezuelan government ever since he openly criticized
8:51 pm
president maduro violent repression of the mass protests that we saw taking place over several months at the beginning of last year those protests left at least one hundred twenty people dead one of whom actually was an eighteen year old member musician from the venezuelan national youth orchestra also that caused dudamel to become vocal at that point so after his criticisms he did not return to venezuela to attend a but he was official funeral. and it's actually believed that he might even face arrest if he were to return home so this was really a very. a very important chance and occasion for him to pay his respects. a very special rehearsal would start direct. mail. young musicians from chile and venezuela play together with professionals from vienna and los angeles.
8:52 pm
in memory of judah mel's great mentor the conductor jose antonio braille who died in march. one that will remember. for a fairy full of life. is just for ever because he's seen every child that has the chance to play an instrument. in two thousand and nine a bro also received the influential music prize founded the music project el sistema in venezuela the plan was to let socially disadvantaged children experience and play classical music. gustavo dudamel was inspired by a prose vision and often conductors young people all around the world.
8:53 pm
keep all of these are on their wall because this is a system. was born in beslan that and east spread around the world. bro gone it's up to the now grown up children to keep the music alive. karen talk to us about the legacy and see stammer what is it literally means the system of course and it's really one of venezuela's most famous exports certainly its most famous educational initiative it's a state finance program that works under the motto music for social change so i believe you interesting enough was not only a pianist and a conductor he was also an economist and he basically founded it back in one thousand nine hundred five with the idea of giving children off the street and
8:54 pm
another alternative by teaching music so meanwhile sistema really does have hundreds of centers all over the world and it's spreading to countries like the u.s. the u.k. canada portugal. and there are hundreds of imitation programs and hundreds of thousands of children have gone through it and one of its most famous and best known offshoots is obviously the simon will of our. symphony orchestra which is one of the one of the things that obviously did and i got got so well known with i mean he's now a principal conductor of the los angeles philharmonic but he rose to fame at the helm of the simon boulevard and basically took that orchestra all over the world they played at the b.b.c. problems so it's a very sad irony that his popularity is so high at a time when his own country is really in the grips of such a long ongoing crisis it's made it very difficult for him as a conductor as a public figure to stay out of the politics when actually all he really wants to do is let the music speak for itself so let's let's listen to
8:55 pm
a little bit more of the concert from. africa. should've you know did a well says that his mice told taught him that art is a universal right so it's certainly something that i think he feels very very deeply engaged in you know as jim has had of its detractors but it's certainly brought a lot of good to a lot of kids and transformed a lot of lives and humor is me a lot a certain show would start in the yard and jungle was taken is then the inspiration
8:56 pm
for that was definitely the story of course i will go to mel thank you so much going to have a fantastic return was great spending the week with you because you're losing you i think for a borough len more coming up at the top of the hour actually in a couple of minutes which fail leg arrow i asked this is your week and i wish you a fantastic or weekend speech of profound.
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i'm going to. go. in stores deliver rousing performance of some. female not so fine my name is stamped on a good thing the nineteen seventies me mob the british found me. odd . dumb dumb dumb dumb
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a. good concert now fifteen minutes from. my. home or. on freedom and the whole. world i come from their region is rich in history style and talent but so cool or any of the trinity and freedom this makes it specially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising journalists who are now making a name for themselves all over the. song by get along the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom and sense is like the fenians of day u.k. and visits but your call comes back from. my ministers in florida and i work as you
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know. please be. sure he's from spain. from close in. recent. years. to. follow the beach. to school shook. look at least some. clothes a long long long history. long long long
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long long. long. long. respect. such. good news good. to. be watching t.v. and you're watching david with the news live from. the strike a deal on migration but is it a break through germany's i'm going to is a step in the right direction but european council president. it will be difficult to implement the infamous they may be announcements of libya's coast guard said a hundred more migrants a field day after their boat capsized in the mediterranean also on the program and
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the most second chances the football world cup in russia is down to the final sixteen belgium beat england to take the top.


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