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you're watching t.v. and you're watching t.v. news live from. the strike a deal on migration but is it a breakthrough. as a step in the right direction but european council president. it will be difficult to implement even if they may be announcements of libya's coast guard said one hundred more migrants afia dead after their boat capsized in the mediterranean also on the program. second chances the football world cup in russia is down to the final sixteen. to take the top spot in croup she will bring you the highlights of.
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the group's other. i'm phil gale welcome to the program a huge lead is a celebrating reaching a tentative deal to migration but the signatures have barely dried but more news emerged of migrants risking their lives at sea to reach european shows the libyan coast guard says it rescued three hundred people from several boats and run into difficulties off the country's kunst in a separate incident on the same coast about one hundred people are believed to have drowned after their boat capsized. the e.u. migration plan is ambitious though lacking anything in the way of detail european council president donald tusk admits that it was too early to claim success but said it was an important first step despite this it came as
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a great relief to many european leaders. the start of the second round of the brussels summit was delayed by two hours the reason a long night of negotiations at the end of which the leaders managed to reach a compromise on migration cipel was invalid it's that i'm very satisfied with this and it's a great victory for me europe has been able to make a decision even if it sometimes takes time we want to protect our citizens but we also have to stand up for the protection of people in need of help. the leaders grappled with tightening asylum policy for around twelve hours the new italian prime minister just happy content threatened to block the measures until he finally got what he wanted. rescued refugees will in future be taken to closed reception centers with in the e.u. this is meant to relieve countries like italy at the same time camps are to be set up in northern african countries so that fewer migrants will make their way across the mediterranean in addition the european union wants to invest more money than
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before protecting its ex tunnel borders we think it's important to implement these measures quickly because they are of course only as valuable as the implementation so it's a. relief too for german chancellor angela merkel at home the pressure was on to bring about a european solution. because the first in us to exist via is the extreme you can probably imagine that the perspectives very extremely varied among the different member states the fact that these interests have been brought together in all areas connected with migration as i believe an adequate response to the current situation for a response which looks quite vague there is still a big question mark over where new reception centers might be set up france austria and belgium all rejected the construction of camps in their countries even before the summit came to a close. let's get more from b.w. brussels correspondent go matus welcome let's start with those reception sensors to
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be located inside europe and in north african countries so which european countries are likely to volunteer to house them and what in juice ones will europe have to offer african countries to accept them there. on your first question pretty clearly leaders have not talked about that yet so that's the first step and it's yet to be seen which european country will volunteer everyone agreed it's a good idea the german chancellor if when we put the question to her or said. it could be an option but no full commitment on her part either so that will be an interesting one to see on the other question we'll practically see a carrot and stick approach here to african countries clearly you will have carrots first so you will have more money coming their way in terms of development aid but also in other incentives already on this summit an extra five hundred million have been pledged for an african fund to if you want to cure the disease of what that attracts economic migrants leaving their home countries improve the situations and
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then you have the stick approach which is conditionality for already existing development aid or other programs ok so european leaders get to go home and sleep in their own beds tonight but there is no implementation date on this supposed that agreement so if a migrant rescue ship turns up off the coast of italy tomorrow what will have changed nothing much will have changed for now but what you have is that leaders have at least agreed on a first step and then in a year they have having said that you need to take into respect the kind of deadlock we were seeing when it comes to the relocation and so the approach is now strengthen the external borders which means less people will come into the e.u. less illegal migration will come into the e.u. and that means less people will have to be redistributed or relocated which is that the core of the dispute particularly with countries in the east of europe you talk
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about all they talk about strengthening the external borders again what will that look like when will the money be be put in place and what will we see that is different. we're still we're still lacking the concrete details here but the german chancellor pointed out what this summit has has made as if it basically it's more about what it has prevented and that is you need lateral national action closing down borders destroying the visa free travel zone within the you there's a lot of economic interests of course linked to that and so what we see now is small steps forward something on migration where everybody agrees how these centers will be better build all these details will still have to be hammered out but we have a european solution to a european problem and everybody on the summit agreed everybody will have to work on a solution it's only together that they will solve this crisis which is actually a political crisis rather because the numbers have already dropped but everybody
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wants to be prepared in case there is another crisis coming europe's way. matters in brussels thank you. success some it was crucial for german chancellor and america she needed a viable european solution to the migration issue to head off a revolt in her coalition government the chancellor has been under pressure from interior minister horse they hoffa of the conservative varian c.s.u. he threatened to defy her introduced border controls in germany if she didn't get a deal at the european level the c.s.u. has given chancellor merkel until this weekend to secure a deal. you can move from political correspondent report to a developed welcome rupert's so is this summit enough to save the macro. well at least anglo-american health thinks that she has reason to be optimistic and so far what we have heard from her conservative bloc of c.d.u.
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and sees you these two parties which have been so much at odds during the last two weeks she's quite rightly to do so. both parties seem to have chosen to pick whatever they need to most of the sees you the strong critics of anglo markel say that only the pressure that they have applied to the chancellor and to the government has made this outcome possible that this change of migration policy in the end is a result of their pressure and supporters especially within the c.d.u. say this is a victory of multilateralism that this this would be the european solution until america how promised and that she delivered but in the end both party boards have to decide this is going to take place this sunday ok i have said that i was going to go get some sleep this weekend doesn't like anyone's going to get any sleep at the c.s.u. what also tighten the c.s.a.
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wanted to tighten germany's migration policy because of the electoral success of the far right alternative to germany here is the party leader alexander gallant speaking today. the fact that many in the c.d.u. oppose these demands from the bed varian c.s.u. is strengthening us because people say yes if something like this is going to get in acted then obviously only with the a.f.d. because there are plenty in the c.d.u. who don't know whether they want to continue with the refugee policy from twenty fifteen will drop it's. sort of a bit of elvis alexander galland right will they strengthen the. well like it or not he definitely has a point there because what we have seen in the last two weeks is that the sea is you this small bavarian party within the conservative bloc of angela merkel threatened with open rebellion they have set up the refugee issue back on the agenda that in the way and in a tone that we normally have only heard from the a of d.
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party now with this conclusion with this with this result of the european summit some of the sees you followers could think well this is not enough this is not what we have wanted they could in the end turned our backs on the seas go on and go to the a if they and that would be an outcome they see as you never intended. about thank you you're welcome as take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in mali the headquarters of a multinational antiterrorist force has come under attack in the town savoring the building is said to been besieged following a large explosion six soldiers are reported to have been killed and many more injured. portuguese politician. has been elected director general of the international organization for migration of voters rejected america's nominee. a christian charity executive who's been accused of anti muslim bigotry move
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decades of u.s. leadership the un agency. nigeria is facing calls for improved vehicle safety after nine people killed when a crash and burst into flames in lagos the. evening. of fifty vehicles its course is being investigators. searching for a football team missing inside a flooded cave survival into an opening in the mountainside in the hope that they might reach the there's been no sign of the twelve boys in. the cave complex on saturday despite warnings that it's prone to flooding. the world cup in russia belgium finished the group stages by winning. england in a tight game in callinan grat after opening. of the fifty.
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three. and the dying minutes of the game. one. the two teams that had already been eliminated from the same group also faced off on thursday with tunisia of beating two one part of our struck first with this rocket from the force a regas in the thirty second minute they flexion opportunity and defend to. a bad youssef equalize for two news here early in the second half ten minutes later because god caused three and netted to next year's. order why face portugal in arguably the standout game in the world cup last sixteen it's a big clash of course because the two opposing forwards or of luis suarez are
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portugal's christianity right now although one of them could end up being named player of the tournament while the other we heading home after saturday night. christiane no ronaldo. and luis suarez two of the best forwards in world football go head to head on the biggest stage. it's been a gold will cook for both so far portugal's ronaldo has four goals. while you require striker suarez has netted twice. the other clear talisman of their teams but other players say the last sixteen clash is not just about the jew oh. more cuckoo i don't believe the match between ronaldo and suarez is between portugal and europe why two teams and portugal will give everything to win. but provincial controversy has never been far from suarez at the world cup in two thousand and ten a handball on the line prevented
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a gonna win in two thousand and fourteen he beat italy's giorgio levy he wants to hit the headlines for the right reasons this time and who knows suarez might get an airport named after him like ronaldo but he probably doesn't want the same sculptor . so she's black sea playground is the setting for an epic battle. time to get the song. on the indonesian island of bali has been wreaking havoc for holiday makers a more than three hundred flights to and from the popular holiday destination have had to be counseled have to mount erupted on thursday flights have not resumed about the volcano continues to shoot over two and a half comes into the sky. up to periodically since last year in one hundred sixty three a major eruption killed more than a thousand people. this is the reminder of our top stories at this hour leaders have reached a deal on migration after martin talks in brussels german chancellor i'm going back
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to pull their grievances in the right direction european council president sounded a note of caution saying it would be difficult to implement. at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the website that's. out of the. language courses. video. anytime anywhere. w.p.s. .


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