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tv   Treasures of the World - Belem - Monuments of Former Colonial Power Portugal  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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news on this but it just might see it once a. little so-called shake up lose confidence boost side by. playing. people have put big dreams on the big screen. in the magazine on the w. sent vincent the patron saint of lisbon he drew crowds wherever he went and this
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historical painting by the fifteenth century artist knew no guns and this we see him praying with a congregation in a small chapel on the banks of the river tigris. henry the navigator built the chapel to enable lisbon seafarers to spend a night in prayer before setting off across the vast unknown oceans to discover and conquer the world for portugal.
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in the early sixteenth century the mouth of the tongass was the gateway to the world portugal was at the peak of its power its navigators returned to lisbon from far off lands. vasco da gama who mapped the sea route to india had no other than his scout who discovered brazil. they found new lands and oceans a new sky and new stars. in caravels laden with exotic spices and treasure the explorers sailed into the port of lisbon l.a. where they were awaited by their king the month where the first also known as man with the fortunate. he ordered a large tall beacon to be built a watch tower for the golden spice ships he wanted
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a prestigious landmark for the capital of his empire a fitting monument to welcome home the intrepid captains streaming back to portugal with fabulous cargoes and reports of new conquests for the crown. the tower of their name was erected on a vassal frock which at the time stood around two hundred metres from the right bank of the toggles it was the last thing the explorers saw when they headed off into the unknown and it was the first thing they cited on their return often several years later. but to the pirates lured to the mouth of the toggles by the prospect of rich pickings the task signalled portuguese determination to protect the property of the crown. man well the first was obsessed with fame and glory he ruled over a vast empire and his dream of a portuguese world made him one of the most enthusiastic royal builders in europe
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he sent his best architects and stone masons to distant countries together inspiration and ideas for embellishing the buildings of their king. they adorned the belling tower with exotic architectural elements. by what they'd seen in far off lands they created finely sculpted ornamental details and release with themes drawn from nature and the nautical world. a building of sublime beauty to shape its decoration harmonizing perfectly with the strict military design dictated by the purpose of the town.
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the first gold shipped from east africa was reserved for special purpose the king instructed the goldsmith she to use it to make a monstrance for the ministry he promised in the early days of his reign to dedicate to his patron saint the jeronimus monastery. on the precise spot where henry the navigator had built the small seaman's chapel work started on the monasteries construction. there. manuel wanted the monastery to stand as a unique monumental tribute to his greatness and glory to finance the costly project he declared the most precious incoming spices pepper cloves and cinnamon the property of the crown the shipment of pepper alone which vasco da gama brought
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back from india generated revenue sixty times greater than the cost of the expedition. on the less valuable spices and all the other cargoes arriving in belle lane from india africa and brazil the fortunate monarch levied a five percent tax. and with the returning ships came the artists inspired by the buildings they'd seen in mother about the city side mosque he called to be a mosque in marrakesh and the illustrated books full of motifs from persia ethiopia angola or brazil.
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they cast stone into a seemingly wild profusion of motifs nautical motifs as though ship's ropes were the most natural way to hold stones in place. mythological characters from other cultures and even their own fantasies during their travels. using new craft techniques learned from silversmiths in india or africa the artists created statues on imminence and release with an astonishing wealth of motifs their work gave rise to
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a new style named after their king the man willing style which is found nowhere else in the world. the man when the first not a great king but certainly a fortunate one whose reign just happened to coincide with portugal's greatest hour impatiently pressed ahead with the construction of the ministry at times more than five thousand craftsmen and laborers were employed on the site.
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in the massive name if charged with a powerful owner of the sacred the verve and abandon of the stonemasons seems extinguished. in comparison with the cloisters the wealth of man willing ornamentation he is seems to be of secondary importance. it was thanks to build navigators like vasco da gama whose tomb of the kings artists gratefully decorated that man was able to realize his monumental dream.
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man with zone two min the ministry church shows no trace of man winning ornamentation. at the south door of the ministry church is a statue of henry the navigator father of portuguese navigation and sponsor of the voyages of discovery to which the king owned his wealth. the west door is one of the few statues of man where the fist together with st jerome the king
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stands westward towards the mouth of the tigris as though awaiting the arrival of his ships returning with holes full of treasure. that. sent vincent patron saint of lisbon holding in his hands a caravan a symbol of the ships that made king manuel so fortunate. that when manuel died in fifteen twenty one he left behind a large empire an empire which gradually crumbled during the thirty six year reign of his son and successor john the third an empire which was perhaps too big for a small king and a small country. oh . yes the portuguese writer found nando pes while wrote when the portuguese empire
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declined trophies counted more than victories quotations more than original statements and glorious memories more than the uncertain future.
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sixty minutes d w. crimes against humanity. civilians become witnesses. among. their recorded images travel around the globe yes social media. is fair game to fiction and what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images and they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes. thanks to this video recording of a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between
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bits and bytes. i have the. same thing again. the evidence. is of a chance a because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. i down by an addict while welcome to pop explored the place to be if all things german pop coming up on today's show. the return of indie rock growth in cold months and.


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