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a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage those who want to marry for love. a clash that's shaking families and society to the core. of. my thought it would be identity sometimes i think that really that. commandos starts july eighth d. w. . what about the. leg. oh and welcome to drive when they need a car show coming up luxury coupe a horse sports car the lexus l c five hundred. inexpensive all rounder for families of the skoda rapid speed spec. and a new hybrid porsche cayenne. the
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electric car tester on the less taxes going aleck trick is a major theme in the auto industry these days and almost all car makers are experimenting with the mobility including abortion i think if you look at its kind and the first impression is big heavy vehicle equals high fuel consumption but whether it's a hybrid porsche wants to prove that theory wrong. it's great to drive and it's fuel efficient porsches says that cayenne uses three point two leaders of gasoline per hundred kilometers a three hundred forty kilowatts of power and torque of up to seven hundred meters will certainly get you where you want to go fast in electric mode acceleration from not to one hundred takes just five seconds and hardly makes a sound all of this comes at a price a plug in s.u.v. consequence to ninety thousand. rose in germany. they eat hybrid looks just like
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the regular cayenne except for some details in passing. the length is the same of four point nine two meters the main differences are in the technology inside. by months of the shuttle with the very term plug in hybrid scares some people away but what about the battery will reduce the space in the trunk the chi and a hybrid offers an elegant solution if the battery is tucked away under the truck and with cargo space of six hundred forty five leaders the truck is larger then in the predecessor model mill by for ya. the interior is pretty much identical to the purely gasoline powered car yet. there are six driving mounts and the switch is integrated into the steering wheel.
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in purely electric mode the range is forty four kilometers and a maximum speed of one hundred thirty five kilometers an hour the one hundred thirty six horsepower electric motor is of course virtually silent the drive mode and level of acceleration determines whether and when the v six turmel gas engine kicks in as with other porsche eep reform as models that cayenne t. hybrid as the same boost strategy as the ninety eight thousand spider and the pan american and it can be used in any driving mode. and syria today kayani hybrid is an s.u.v. with electric drive performance it does well under everyday conditions as a generous amount of trunk space and i can tell you have the three thousand five hundred kilograms and it is not a gas guzzler plus when it has they kind of performance you would expect from
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a porsche. but as with all hybrids unless you set up with a fully charged battery your fuel consumption won't be so great and if you're more of a racing driver your c o two emissions won't be that low either. fifty one made its premium sub brand vs a stand alone brand that focuses entirely on high end cars the d.s. three is the entry level we tested the convertible. they haven't seen a gasoline powered engine any manual she first has carp. it's about ninety six kilowatts or one hundred thirty horsepower and he says it has plenty of pick up when you reach three and a half to four thousand revs it really takes on. the turbo charge three cylinder engine pushes the d.s. three up to two hundred two kilometers per hour the manufacturer eats fuel
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consumption and four point five liters per one hundred kilometers. maybe a human will notice that they use three hugs the pavement nicely especially in the curves so we can round them a bit faster and comfort is not left by the wayside either and that's partly to do with the seats which he finds quite comfortable but. the interior noise level is slightly increased at high speeds which he finds a less pleasant that's probably largely due to the soft top drivers of convertibles have to be willing to make some compromises. outside the d.s. three delivers exactly what you'd expect from the only trim line available it looks fairly smart.
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the soft top is printed with a typical d.s. pattern. out of the monologue demonstrates that one push of a button puts down the top and when he looks back he notices right off that this is more of a semi convertible than a bonafied comfortable all the pillars stay up against. the everyday amount to like a stylish interior and especially the steering wheel conceived for the driver's comfort he also appreciates the attention to detail that's precisely what d.s. has said its emphasis would be for example of the half of the case on the dashboard though he thinks the gray here doles the overall impression a bit but otherwise he thing. it's very stylish about their chic. fortunately buyers have their choice of color schemes for the interior. humana was tesco has
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a center console arm rest he thinks it be nice to be able to lay his arm on it and when he does he discovers. cannot creaks continuously and finds that pretty annoying especially when he's driving. the stuff they can run while points out the soft top as to positions leaving only the roof open and position to which it's in now as you can see it hangs down partly over the trunk lid which can't be open with the top down of the other not all the manual needs to do is present when i thought i had nothing to hear of them so i thought. and for the top moves up to position one. and then you can open the trunk of. the model seize the trunk itself isn't small the opening is not a lot will fit through there he says a water bottles and things will be hard to fit. apparently looks
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took priority over practicality. i don't think i'm on a well sums up saying all in all the d.s. three has its witnesses and its strengths it's apparent how much love went into the details it's the design that impresses him but at the end of the day design it is always a matter of taste that's just how it is. just in time for summer cd says rolled out a new version of his c. class convertible the alterations to the exterior are somewhat modest but under the hood the new four cylinder gasoline and diesel powered engines strut their stuff the one and a half liter versions are made partly electric by a belt driven alternator. audi has presented the second generation a one the sporty supermini is coming to showrooms with an aggressive exterior
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design more space inside and jim performance ranging from seventy to one hundred forty seven kilowatts for its market launch this fall only gasoline powered engines are available a reversing camera is standard on the new a one prices in germany started just under twenty thousand euros. and a lexus m c five hundred can be compared to the mercedes as. class co-pay and the porsche nine eleven by two doors five with two close two seats with about a hundred thousand euro price tags and your writing of it while the other two are tamer is just right for a respectable banker alexis is more expressive and flashy or that it's not for anybody who does not want to be noticed when it's nice for lots of things cost and fuck and mystified what. l.c. stands for luxury coupe a the two door flagship model comes with a hybrid drive or
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a five liter v eight which offers both performance and a great sound. different from a to fabio c a five hundred five liter v eight has been around the track on many times literally i got the engine was tested and optimized in twenty four hour races on the number agreeing that when you floor it off it's voice let you know it was born to race that's coming up gotta start at your own come on might of this dish out also cost if.
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lexus is well known for its distinctive design this model is its own a very particular interpretation of a coupe a the spindle radiator grille an aero shape daytime running lights are typical lexus the headlight units contain three ultra compact l.e.d.s. along close now to a relatively short rear focus attention on the rear wheel drive concept well. the engine in front of the architecture common to all lexus models makes for a very low center of gravity. the door panels flowing contours establish an ascetic link between the interior and exterior the driver's seat is low designed to be close to the center of gravity.
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in the home to see five hundred chapman is truly grand the materials are top notch and the craftsmanship is actual and it is a pleasure just to be in this space that the design almost deserves to be in an art museum if it speaks to your cultivated sashed on the quality of it's a side of him i am i'm i didn't by contrast the engine is designed to appeal to your animal in stakes its ruler is simply fantastic when you accelerate it i love me as i fall. and when you shift down with the automatic dual clutch. or doubt in my right up to the engine speed limiter. that's about it just speaks to the animal in you. the three hundred fifty one kilowatt v.a. reaches a maximum speed of two hundred seventy kilometers an hour despite the ten speed automatic transmission fuel consumption is just eleven point six liters per one
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hundred kilometers even with its light weight construction the car still weighs in at close to two tons. as a for mission b.o.c. five hundred is not the kind of car under you would want to push to its limits one reason is all that weight the other is the brakes the braking system uses drive by wire technology drive that means there is no direct mechanical make between the cattle and the brakes instead of by pressing the pedal triggers an electrical signal which in turn triggered. mechanical action at the start stepping on the brakes on a gentle curve at high street on he didn't like his not being able to feel exactly when the brakes kicked in something as he's used to with purely mechanical brakes to come to some companies always give him a brief scary moment on sharper beds like the corner of any book itself and of course him so becomes the. most manufactures only use drive by wire for the gas
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pedal lexus and its parent toyota have been using it for a long time to optimize fuel consumption even in their hybrid model. taught steam despite the recent study a wench in the lexus ls c five hundred is more of a grand touring vehicle you really feel how closely lexus a luxury or time this model is competition for the mercedes s. class coupe a classic rather than the porsche nine eleven but to be fair the power and the sound will give you lots of pleasure on country roads data mining what's on offer. we'll see five hundred may be packed with high performance technology such as a limited slip differential and a naturally aspirated five liter engine but it was not designed for racing as a green touring car it would be a lot of fun on long trips. dr jekyll and mr hyde they are using car engine in the
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embrace of a luxury cooper and even if you are not interested in all the leather intellectually inside and out on the comfortable right the engine is not going to leave anybody cold fusion of the two is the stock of debate. skoda the first watch the rampage in two thousand and twelve is since between the fabia and the octavia and the skoda lineup and is designed specifically for young families today we're testing the space back hatchback version that is said to be spacious and practical we want to know if it lives up to that claim and what else it has to offer. place near the rapid underwent a facelift included in the make over our new headlights and it transform from fetii with a new grill to bring it into line with others codice. in
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germany the space back is especially popular around ninety seven percent of germans buying a rapid opt for this hatchback version. of something like canada rear window has grown in size now stretching further down the back adding another design accent. metaphor for the card to start in this country says the face lift right into the new one leader three cylinder engines available in two versions and seventy kilowatts and eighty one kilowatts she's testing the more powerful version. for the top trim line style the starting price in germany is just over twenty one thousand euros this space backaches only reads from not to one hundred kilometers an hour and nine point eight seconds and has
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a top speed of just under two hundred where the engine we're testing skoda puts fuel consumption of four point six liters per one hundred kilometers. i know that is says you can't expect top sporting performance with just eighty one killer wants or power to be engines does have enough juice for one to have a little fun while out and about in this version the car has a six speed manual transmission i mean is finds the shifting very smooth she also likes the optional sward steering wheel which is flatter at the bottom and can have had on it and given to swap this up the fact. enos is satisfied with the handling of the vehicle now she wants to test whether the space back lives up to its name. that people if the image says because the rabbit is particularly good drivers with young families she wants to see how much space the trunk has to walk
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for. the most important criterion for the trunk well a baby buggy fit with the seat still up fortunately most baby buggies today can be taken apart and folded together in just a few easy steps in the standard configuration the space back operates four hundred fifteen meters of space which used chestnut. if you leave the baby buggy behind the family dog could come along for the ride instead with an appropriate guard. and this version the trunk space can be increased with the optional dual high floor. and as you'd expect from a family car the rear seat has two brackets for fixing child seats so would safe to say the ramp in space back fulfills all the basic space requirements than
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a young family might have. an alfred molina says adults travelling in the back are also comfortable there's plenty of money room and space overhead just like in the standard wrap. in germany prices for the basic version of the space back started less than sixteen thousand euros if you go for the top trim you can step up the interior with optional piano black design elements this piece back on offers a range of connectivity options fracases systems or stand there's also an optional front assist radar with emergency braking which could be helpful when driving in city traffic and the top trim. well that we tested we found the seats comfortable enough and they have a smart sporty look to boot. but
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as a car for everyday use this space back also needs to be able to move fast so we're going for a spin on a german autobahn of doubt about my abs cannot really feel the benefit of a six year because our state is relatively quiet when check celebrates while driving at one hundred fifty kilometers an hour the engine isn't only three thousand revs per minute. so to conclude. what i penis appreciates a number of things about the space back firstly by the design from the smart headlights to the attractive hatchback then it's very spacious both the front and rear seats and the trunk and finally there's the price which certainly makes this car an option for a young family that. everybody
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was here to see or receive industry reps and amateur customizers alike came to the thrilling world bowden's a two thousand and eighteen and three weeks off and to show off their vehicles and discover the latest trends in tuning. as human beings as the name implies are supposed to be both sporty and utilitarian and twenty seventeen over eight hundred twenty thousand s.u.v.s were registered in germany that's a quarter of all new cars here there were plenty of s.u.v.s at this event to push accessories all kinds of vehicles can be customized hot so i give you. and try and show up six ways that vehicles like the v.w. to go on and audi q five and you three words top sellers and now many are coming back to dealers has called leasing returns or sickness to injuries in particular like to buy used cars not everyone can afford new ones but if you get all these used cars on the market people are saying wow an issue v.
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is just the ticket for me to take one really rocks public wanted to buy the new q five's in it's as a q five spots like that's why there's a market for them and the sellers are having suspensions built with rim and tire combinations designed especially for them that's really up and coming certain it will find a fuel and every single. findus when you know. that your decisions. another trend of the trade fair was low riders sending cars as low as they can go there was hardly room for a sheet of paper between the wheel and the fender. when shows points out that in twenty eighteen it's all about the rims fitting a perfectly end of the wheel well so the body and the wheels have to harmonize and fit as tightly together as possible which is how often. that's a cheap was specially made multi-piece room six just met with and the offset have to fit individual solutions for the suspension or things like going to the oil
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overs and air suspension adjusting to the individual needs and regulations for clearance i do so it looks as perfect as possible. one hundred fifty five clubs from around germany austria switzerland in italy were at the tuning world mood music and there were plenty of unique would be a cause on display and two of the halls. among them was this honda s two thousand used in the cold t.v. series the fast and the furious in two thousand and one the little bundle of horsepower with its peace exemption is the pride and joy of tuning enthusiastic damon paul. confident that all the actors except paul walker who's no longer living love this car he sees the evidence on instagram as well in some. diesel for
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instance of blank his pictures and he's getting a lot of positive feedback in messages six on faced and. i'm one hundred fifty six me that we'll be told took the field against a two thousand and four new sun three fifty's eat piece two and sixty two other cars from fourteen countries face tough and one on one competitions at the european tuning showdown. a panel of jurors evaluated each duelist. the audience had something to say and the decision is well. the victor in this showdown was the good old beadle showing the youngsters how it's done like a boss. right. john p.r. kramer alias j.p. performance is another tuning expert this season the. driving in the cittie masters with his own jeep. is fun see as it was for he's well aware of how demanding the
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race can be it's a hard fought and hard driving race he wouldn't compare it with the other racing caps is an important learning phase for him up to the first year is all about learning to understand the car and the tires and to get the muscles of again the guy from you know i feel fifteen. a new feature on the program this year was a rally action simulator it creates the sensation in driving an actual race car but here the experience was augmented by a virtual reality headset the driver could use the simulator to take on sherman rally champion fabian time and try to beat his best time. out behind the hall's the drift area was filled with the roller eventually the screech of tires and the smell of burnt rubber hear the siren drifting through audiences with spectacular stunts. s.m.c.
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tional program of the tuning world building to say on lake constance had something for everyone. next time on drive that scandinavian design the new world will be sixty wake. up and budget s.u.v. we test the new dutchy a duster. i'm
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going to. be. going to school in a cave. for children and bomb me on afghanistan it's a great opportunity. their teacher is just eighteen years old and founded the cave school herself. this courageous young woman has a vision. to improve cost guns lives through education. three thousand
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and thirty minutes on d w. bursts odd home to news of species. a home worth saving. move given those are big changes and must start with small steps. dio's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. like news of the country the good news to bring images of new shots and reforestation. community interactive content teaching the next generation of abundant took a chance. channels available for people to change.
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and more determined to do something here for the next generation along with the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. colbert real early on you to a good. deal going to. include become your fairy book live in both my home state fair go to sleep. in the bomb doors a cool a little too cold an. old loose told me sure to be bold business with your gold respond to the little problem. i think this is the three couples of mine from really focus who cares let's repeat with the author of the book with who.
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decided to get the news coming to you live from berlin the deal at rubio's chancellor angela merkel's new agreements to curb migrant flows into germany but is the stricter us thought of policy she secured enough to appease rebels in her government and save her job also on the show. next it will get saps for a presidential election on sunday but the vote follows.


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