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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CEST

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this is due to the news coming to you live from berlin the deal rubios chancellor angela merkel's new agreements to curb migrant flows into germany but is the stricter u.s. thought of policy she secured enough to appease rebels in her government and save her job also on the show. next it will get sacked for a presidential election on sunday but the vote follows one of the deadliest electoral seasons the country has ever seen with counted its targets for assassination. and in school or is called bridges it's crunch phase the knockout
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rounds start later today with hopefuls like yours why you think hazard such an argentina looking to hit their stride it's. good to have you with us and german media are reporting that chancellor angela merkel has secured agreements with fourteen more a you countries for the rockford return of rejected a saw them seekers she also reportedly wants my current process and centers at germany's border as merkel faces h.l.i. first deadline set by hardline coalition partners for an overhaul of the migration approach and merkel told reporters the deal she forged could be enough to avert the collapse of her government. it's awfully if the existing agreements between the twenty eight of us are implemented together with what we've agreed upon today i
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would say it is more than sufficient. to. do critics within merkel's own coalition agree the deadline was imposed by her hardline interior minister horace silver of the bavarian conservative c.s.u. party he's threatened to tighten border controls of bavaria the german state which bore the brunt of migrant entries during the peak of the crisis three years ago say over is set to announce this weekend whether merkel dawn and no off the clash between the two could spell the end of her governing coalition. well to assess all of this now i'm joined in studio by. tons merkel certainly appeared confident when she was speaking to reporters there about this deal that she's bringing home what exactly is on the table. well what the interior minister actually demanded is that germany close its borders on its own to refugees that have registered elsewhere in the european union or apply for asylum elsewhere and merkel said she does not want
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to do such a thing without the agreement with other european union states and that is in fact what she has brought back she's brought back a comprehensive package of measures that all states in the european union jointly are prepared to take. lots and lots more input i mean these include much strength stricter border controls on the external borders of the european union the foundation of camps where refugees are migrants are to be processed both inside the european union and all side its borders and also the agreements that within the european union when we were refugees move around their movement is going to be controlled more strictly and that's the crucial part that the interior minister here has been demanding that it's easier to send refugees back to countries where they have initially applied for asylum so the question is whether
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he's going to agree to take this debate as it were to agree to these measures that america has brought ok well before we talk about reactions from the ca c.s.e. let's have a look at the situation in the c.s. use heartland of bavaria where border controls are already in place. spot checks at the german border with austria. and they could be stepped up if germany's interior minister gets his way. but already police control busy entry points into the country. just politicized so it is no hope for kids who can take the federal police have increased border controls along this mine route. no goal is to ensure an orderly inflow of migrants. to prevent human trafficking and to help legal migrants and to offer them protection and asylum in an orderly fashion god let them be. even. this state
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of bavaria tightened controls at the height of europe's migration crisis in twenty fifteen since then hundreds of people smugglers and irregular migrants have been arrested. germany's interior minister has now gone a step further demanding that people who have sought asylum in another e.u. country be sent back there. is could be a number on the person his register themselves in and now the e.u. country then that country's responsible for the person because then it's reasonable for that person to be turned back at the german border on the grounds that sort of was a demand which has plunged germany's governing coalition into crisis and while the e.u. tries to find a unified migration policy the varia is forging ahead with its own plans a new border police force with five hundred officers will begin patrolling on monday or guard list of what happens in berlin and brussels. so the very is going
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to extend its control as in any case the question is if it's a hope for is in fact going to keep up his demand to send refugees back well at the moment he hasn't actually given any official reactions that we don't know what his thinking is from prominent members of his party there has been some positive response to the deal that moscow has brought home but the crucial thing is this part where he says people have to be sent back at the border in other words he does not want these kind of refugees actually to cross into germany at all and there's quite a big dispute about whether that is even legally possible within european law and within german law he would have to step back from that very strict demand that he's had made so far and accept that these refugees do come into germany but then get processed more quickly and whether he's actually going to accept that is very much open still at the moment there will be meetings of the various committees of the
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conservative parties tomorrow to discuss all this there's been quite a lot of discussion in the background already but at the moment we don't know which way this is going to be decided we might know tomorrow possibly only on monday so a big time down or a political earthquake in five hands fran thank you as always. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. germany's far eyes off position piracy of the alternative for di shunt has begun its conference in bavaria is opening the congress party leader alexandre gallons called on i'm going to market government to gold apartment the party has been gaming at opinion polls of its recent government infighting it's near polling at around the fifteen percent mark. the u.s. is examining options for withdrawing its forces stationed in germany the washington post reports president trump has a porch it leaks pressed interest in the move and tensions with chancellor angela
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merkel according to the reports so much or all thirty five thousand u.s. troops could be transferred to the u.s. or poland. and folgers and mexico head to the polls this sunday to elect a new president the lead candidate leftist undress money has over door who has vowed to take on mexico's and demick corruption and drug related violence. millions of ballots going out across mexico for what will be the country's largest election to date it could be a total rewrite for mexican politics but first candidates have to survive to election day. the influence of organized crime plays a role in many election rices in recent years are lot of politicians associated with organized crime have had to go that's forced to openly intervene at times and they intervene not by backing candidates but by assassinating candidates they don't like. the influence of crime from both within and without has been
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a major concern for decades and that at least doesn't look to be changing the front runner by a big margin is and the race when you are lopez obrador from the left wing morena party he's campaigned on a strong anti corruption platform but he's also come under attack about his own conduct as the former mayor of mexico city. over those closest rival ricardo and accuses him of improperly awarding government contracts and i head a right left coalition and thirty nine he's the youngest candidate to ever run for president he's banking on undecided voters to close the twenty point gap. mexico's national electoral institute has said it doesn't want quote differences in the election to affect the fabric of society. but given the estimated eighteen thousand government posts up for grabs on sunday society's fabric is likely to at least wrinkle. a fight it was an
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on day for football fans the first in two weeks with no well cut fixtures to watch today go tournament continues but the round of sixteen at take a look at they may have aligned ahead of this weekend's games. belgium croatia as you require all still have perfect records at this tournament three games three wins croatia go into their game against denmark as favorites coaches that coach has given his side a solid structure in which stars like moderate and even wreckage are no bigger than the. belgian have already got nine world cup goals against japan they know what they need to do. don't respect generations will call them perspective individual names. woke up on a respect winning team europe wide to the delight of their fans still haven't even conceded a goal but they only really looked impressive in their final group match they'll have to build on that against portugal. argentina finalist in two thousand and
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fourteen only just made it out of the group this time around their opponents france have anything but convincing so far one of these world cup heavyweights is going to be going home. baby blue and yellow will be the colors of the tournament the swedes are delirious because the swedes with their solid grafting football have been the biggest surprise so far winning group ahead of mexico south korea and world champions germany sweden go into their clash with switzerland full of optimism. of course stars too are making their mark on this world cup how far can christiane over now though carry his team he scored four out of portugal's five goals. maybe his rival leo messi will take his final chance to get some international sue. england side can also go far this year. against colombia his performance so far.
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already to me one rule favor england's new slogan god save the kaye. joins me now from moscow and he's standing in front of the stadium where some of the big games are being played and only half of the team their eyes have the fans gone home as well at this stage no certainly not they're certainly packing out moscow anyway right here where i am in the city center last night another huge party going with people from all around the world a lot of mexicans there a lot of brazilians of course by the team still at the tournament a lot of belgians too not so many europeans as americans but a great atmosphere between all the people from different countries of course the hosts enjoying themselves as well with the party helps of course that we have two games in the round of sixteen phase here in moscow including the host russia taking on spain in the stadium right behind me. of course if the hosts go out in the game
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we could perhaps see a bit of a change in the atmosphere but i think really the football first of all is definitely still going on for the time being. they're being special anyway you know we've had to go our whole day with a full. the knock a phase begins and there are two fantastic forward to talk to me about them. well that's right i mean what a great game to kickoff the knockout phase france against argentina two footballing giants to form a world champions as well of course although it's also two teams that haven't really hit form at this tournament so far especially argentina they really struggled in the group phase and they needed a late goal in their last group much to just make it through to the round of sixteen they'll be hoping that they can get themselves together and of course that messi the absolute star can pull some magic out of the bag again like he did against nigeria france were a bit more comes when the group stage they they made it through ok but they also
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for the team that is possibly the best in the world on paper didn't really sparkle just a few goals scored and they of course played in the only nil nil the tournament so far so i think will be hoping for a bit more from both teams on that one but it could be a real cracker. and the other match as well is a real highlight. yeah absolutely portugal uruguay of course the european champions reliant heavily on their big star christiane iron algo school hattrick in the opening game and another one in the game after that but he will be coming up against the most stubborn defense of the tournament so far as we heard in the report there. yet to concede that the only team yet to concede at the tournament so it will be a tough nut to crack for christiane or and his opposite number should we say luis suarez and the euro guy team has scored a couple of goals already at the tournament he'll definitely be a danger for the portuguese defense i think is to stubborn teams in this one but i
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think it will still be a good one to watch for new for the portuguese and fans alike a great one to watch all over moody in moscow thank you. to join us again at the top of the hour or you can always check out our web site that's detail dot com you're watching to diminish. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history starring on talents what's so cool or image of creation of trinity and freedom this makes it special difficult for can become the germans i see many of the younger promising germans who are now.


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