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this is d.w. news line from banning the deal revealed chancellor angela merkel secures new agreements across europe zuko of my current flows into germany but is these strictly e.u. a sign of policy enough to appease rebels or not governments and safe job boards are coming up the world cup reaches its crunch phase today marks the beginning on the knockout round you're quite funny called if you point to that teams marchand big hitters argentina are hoping to hit as strong as.
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i had on the home free glad you could join me chancellor angela merkel has secured agreements with fourteen more you countries for the rapid return all for jech to the saddam seekers she's also called for migrant processing sent his germany's borders as detailed in a letter sent to coalition leaders macko has faced a sunday deadline from a rebel faction in her government to overhaul the e.u.'s migration approach she told reporters the deal could be enough to end the standoff for his arm and the other stuff it's a us lift the existing agreements between the twenty eight of us are implemented together with what we've agreed upon today is that's what i would say it is more than sufficient. the question now do critics within merkel's own coalition agree the deadline was imposed by hardline interior minister forced to see who for from
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the very conservative c.s.u. party he's threatened to tighten border controls in bavaria the german state which bore the brunt of migrant entries during the peak of the crisis three years ago they will face is set to announce this weekend whether medicals done enough the clash between the two could spell the end of the governing coalition. and with me now in the studio to talk through this all is our political correspondent hans brandt hans i'm going to back a has come back with a deal what's all the details and the winds for her. well what wholesale for the interior minister was demanding or she should do or germany should do is close its borders on it so that migrants who have applied for asylum elsewhere in europe are not allowed into germany at all she said she was not prepared to do that on her own journey on its own she wanted a deal together with all the other european states and that is what she has in fact
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brought back a very comprehensive deal on migration policy in europe which includes very much stricter controls at europe's external borders it includes camps for migrants both outside european borders and inside european borders and crucially for her it includes the possibility of bilateral deals of deals between germany and various other countries on sending back migrants that have applied elsewhere and end up in germany for some reason she has in fact found sixteen countries in the european union who basically prepared to do that so all in all that seems to be a deal that should satisfy her interior minister then you know we haven't had any indication from the c.s.u. whether it is satisfied with this the enough essentially to a collapse of the government if you think about it rationally as i've just said i think that it should be enough yes but also the over the interior minister so far has refused to make any comment he's saying that he wants to wait for the various
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project committees which are meeting tomorrow to discuss this and to make a decision on whether or not they accept this proposal in such a way whether they are satisfied from within his policies they have been some indications that. they feel that this is going in the right direction that it offers them possibilities that could be arranged with in germany or together with other states and so on so they're trying to leave it open they're trying to keep keep the deadline as a deadline sometime tomorrow may view on monday but one has to say that in the past few days i've been a few rather irrational. incidents in this dispute so it's possible that this whole thing will not be decided on a rational basis that there might be some sort of clash in the end that could still be to a crisis point to the fact that there has been some volatility that some things have just come left afield and have been rather unexpected is that nevertheless still the risk of sunday or in the week to come will say who often may say the very
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is going to go ahead and close abouta well that's the whole point he's been minding this closure of borders and the deal that marco has. come back with now does not involve this kind of direct strict closure of the border because in fact legally that's not really possible in terms of european and in terms of german law so if he insists on actually implementing that then there could be a final clash yes all right all political correspondent hans but i want thank you very much for your analysis and look forward to speaking to you either the rest of this weekend as we watch the fallout of this debate within the german government. well part of the e.u. migration over a whole coast for asylum processing centers eventually to be established in north africa and many of the countries seen as potential hosts so far want nothing to do with a proposed sentence aimed at preventing migrants from making the perilous journey across the mediterranean. they have been saved libya's coast
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guard drops people off on land after their boat over this is a daily occurrence off the coast of libya the e.u. wants to place people who have been rescued from the waters of the mediterranean in regional centers in north africa but critics say that is just outsourcing the problem and more importantly those countries where the center should be situated have yet to consent morocco has already said no we do not want to act as police. morocco's position regarding such processing centers is clear we have never supported this method of stopping refugees and we never will. tunisia is not yet a transit country perhaps due to its smaller size but it fears it will become one if the e.u. plans are realized algerian egypt also dismissed that you plan to date egypt has remained on the sidelines of the refugee crisis. there is no isolation nor any
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centers for refugees these kinds of centers in certain regions just don't exist in egypt. libya is the nexus of refugee traffic to the e.u. human smugglers take advantage of the caddick situation due to the civil war observers say it's hard to imagine libya as a reliable partner you think that's what's actually going to happen in reality is if the centers will be in europe now if there are centers in north africa they need to have the agreement of the country they need to have the support of the country they need to have the highest international standards they currently don't so anything that's happening in libya. is excluded for countries to participate the e.u. may need to sweeten its offer egypt for example would welcome money for its flagging economy but numerous rounds of negotiations are likely ahead before anything is decided. oh weeks of infighting over migration of exposed deep rifts in merkel's
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government and germany's far right opposition now wants to capitalize on the division as he opened his party's conference this weekend i examine the gala of the leader of the aisle tentative affair dodge land has said merkel has left the country isolated on the international stage. is the answer. right now germany is enemies with russia again because of putin and with the americans because of trump its enemies with britain because of breck's said our relationship with poland hungary italy and even austria terrible ladies and gentleman i think back to the last german leader who made that many enemies. of good luck to. be. in heaven but you know i don't want to make that comparison. chief political editor me had a carefulness covering the far right parties conference she joins us now good to see mckayla clearly
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a very provocative comparison there why do you think galland chose to make that statement. well first of all he was saying that germany is isolated when really what we're seeing happening is the exact opposite certainly the german chancellor didn't look that terribly isolated now being able to claim that fourteen countries will stick together take migrants back also with britain and germany having agreed that even after brics that they would still work together on defense and security policy clearly going and was alluding to out of there but he didn't want to say that each word and also i got the chance to talk to him afterwards and asked him about who said what everybody knows who was meant so he wouldn't use that name as such she certainly is no stranger of commons eluding to germany's nazi past and making it seem more harmless in the past so clearly this was an attempt to attack angela merkel who's so much part of the political campaign that the f.t.
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is after all it's an anti migration but also anti german chancellor angela merkel party and he certainly research that here clearly not backing away from those comments even reconfirming. later mikaela so put those remarks in context for us how isolated is germany now internationally. well certainly germany was isolated over trying to see a pan european e.u. wide solution to the migration issue it's interesting that i who heard the exact same sentence from alexander downer and from german chancellor angela merkel which basically is that the issue of migration defines the fate and the future of the european union both said that but they just both see very different partners that they want to work with whereas here clearly the if do you would rather go along the lines of a victor over and in hungary. the german approach is moving much closer well to the french one now but it certainly has been restricted now through what looks to be
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a compromise at the european union level what we heard from the back door meetings going on is that on issues certainly germany did given in brussels but when it comes to german chancellor angela merkel is still seen as a beacon of stability in the european union she has more friends at that summit than she thought she had before and that certainly vocally would say they support the german chancellor. chief political editor. thank you and now some of the other stories making news around the world the syrian army has made further gains against opposition forces in southern province state television cast residents in the town of de groot at least celebrating after the only entity rebels in the region say peace talks with government ally russia failed. that the u.s. is examining options for withdrawing its forces stationed in germany that's
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according to the washington post president champ as reportedly expressed interest in the move amid tensions with chancellor angela merkel according to the reports some or all thirty five thousand u.s. troops could be transferred to the u.s. or poland. a three day old ceasefire in south sudan has been broken now as after it took effect the government and opposition troops have accused each other of violating the pact president salva kiir had signed a peace deal with rebels to end the country's civil war. l friday was a not day for football fans the first in two weeks with no world cup matches today there the tournament continues with the round of sixteen half of the teams have already gone home now it is knockout stage france are in action right now so let's take a look at all this weekend's action. though jim croatia you require all
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still have perfect records at this tournament three games three wins croatia go into their game against denmark as favorites coaches that code has given his side a solid structure in which stars like luka moderates and even rockets which are no bigger than the. belgium have already got no in world cup goals against japan they know what they need to do. the respect generations will call them respect individual names. well couple of respect winning teams europe wide to the delight of their fans still haven't even conceded a goal but they only really looked impressive in their final group match they'll have to build on that against portugal. argentina finalist in two thousand and fourteen only just made it out of the group this time around their opponents france have also been anything but convincing so far one of these world cup heavyweights is going to be going home. baby blue and yellow will be the colors of the
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tournament the swedes are delirious because the swedes with their solid grafting football who have been the biggest surprise so far winning group ahead of mexico south korea and world champions germany sweden go into their clash with suits and. and full of optimism. of course stalls too making their mark on this world cup how far can christiane over now though carry his team he scored four out of portugal's five goals maybe his rival leno messi will take his final chance to get some international souffle carry canes england side can also go far this year can he scored more against colombia his performance so far five goals already has anyone royal favor england's new slogan god save the k. . and after thirty minutes we should say it is one nil to france
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versus anjan tina that's what you're up to date morning is coming up at the top of the hour i'm heading on friday and that n z save. all the matches for all the scores. two thousand eight hundred soccer world cup d w news. time for an upgrade. our furniture grows all by. post.


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