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tv   Arts.21 - Growing Pains The changing face of Berlin  Deutsche Welle  June 30, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am CEST

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travelcard w. . stay up to date don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com hard words. hello and welcome to a new edition of twenty one coming to you from berlin with a special edition about berlin. used to be shabby run down and edgy with low rent and legendary nightlife that attracted creative free spirits from all over the world that the inevitable happened this haven of alternative lifestyles went mainstream pos on the heels of those pioneers and he means came the property speculator as
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a startup entrepreneurs and the tourists buzzing today is a very different place from the grungy anarchic city of the early nine hundred nineteen. twenty one finds out if the city has lost its mojo or just grown up in small towns up. to the n.b.a. now it was founded in the heady days of nine hundred ninety eight now in its tenth edition this year's event is as wilfully contradictory and complex as the city itself. it's happening all over town this year's ballon biala is taking place in five different locations first stop is the academy that can start in western. a ruined incredibly true to life this work is made of popular mâché and is called song susi it's the name of both an imperial palace in haiti and the famous palace of frederick the great in potsdam the word. connects
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history and continents. chief curator gabi kobo is fed up with the white western perspective her team is black and international a statement but not of intent they refused to restrict their focus to post colonial and racial issues. with something which always crops up which we consciously try to resist with our written statements to we make a point of not using words like africa colonialism post-colonialism multiculturalism diversity and so on. but when that have. the art on display is supposed to speak for itself and it does in a gently laid back often cryptic way take the work of tyranny to sue the pin in artist shows archaeological finds and documents an excavation. an allusion to a round between france and been in about the restitution of an ancient. bush who
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had been thrown reconstructed buried and dug up again by archaeology students a new angle on restitution. from the former west berlin to mit or in the former east and the legendary fall spring of. this pavilion is hosting a rather unusual performance. last netters there no no the grand daughters of the grandmother are sisters from puerto rico. with some basic props a knack to the horror of hysterectomy as medical experiments and drug testing in puerto rico women are used as guinea pigs for the u.s. pharmaceutical industry and not just there. we can see the evolution of the you know quality has been because slaves months were use for that research. and so if has been any story of how woman's and. has been used for and
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many calendars are complex. in a slight state of shock we move on to the next exhibition space center for art and urban studies a form of freight that we don't need another hero is the slogan of the be an. egyptian artist i mean shares this opinion in her installation she has different heads of state talking about major geostrategic projects around the mediterranean match oh politics. i mean counteracts this with a highly political vision the mediterranean is being drained under supercontinent is developing europe africa will all be one. it's not just about draining the mediterranean sea but it's about moving it into the african continent so we then take claim of the mediterranean in the way that these kind of colonial proposals did how do we then control the narrative of migration we can then decide who gets to pass the boundary of water and we get to kind of control you know all
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things from the resource the tourism and whatever. a few rooms on tests or masses showing her works the artist from haiti spent two months in berlin on a scholarship. these delicate paper structures and drawings were all created in this studio. images which reveal pain and something of the artist herself. the characters kind of floating in this empty space in this empty space is what i've sometimes felt around me when i was in berlin. i think the color palette is different than what i used usually it is more subdued less colorful but it is also what was around me but i did not find written colorless.
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with laughter ringing in our ears we are off to the heart of the bee and in our style as a matter of balance b. and i was launched twenty years ago here in the queen's to back and now everything looks very elegant but back then it looked more like this. the destroyed world heart wrenching song by nina simone. the joint work by different artists. where do we come from how do we see ourselves and others to what extent are we formed by the culture of our country and which story are we telling. these are the questions pervading this year's beilin b.n. are. beyond sensitive and subtle gently nanjing the visitors towards new perspectives. the tenth beilin be an all or ambiguous and astute. art that lingers
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in the mind. of course but only in a trance not just artists but writers too one of them is ivana psycho winner of the tenth international literature prize international prose translated into german. ivana psycho has known berlin for nearly twenty years she's lived here. twenty sixteen she came on a scholarship and decided to stay. it also helps me in some way too to see things that are happening in creation and maybe to. put the things that i want to do i maybe have that have this ability if i do it here than if i do it there because i have a problem there. so and because of the political political things that are
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happening there i don't have i don't have much space to work. in a van and speaks of the political things happening in croatia she means how society has swung to the right history being whitewashed poverty and corruption minorities and critical intellectuals being marginalized the loss of any solidarity. she talks about it in her latest novel the sarcastic title translates as love story. and unnamed couple somewhere in southeast europe in a country falling apart. he's an unemployed academic who tries and fails to write a love story she's a passable actress who forgoes a career opportunity to care for their unplanned child. if you speak about big history and all this bigger level bigger scale that it doesn't hurt but when you put in this situation inside walls and you see how hard
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it is for people to survive in this kind of condition in constant insecurity in this kind of precarious living then things become serious because we normalized this this kind of living and it's not normal. then ivana shows us what fear and frustration can do with people how it slowly poisons every day life and destroys love. she need change. said that or suspect last approach to my problem not the mic that so spill but the mention in azadi canada chani. bookshops what the dish comes up of a covert. dick though he might have found no border most potent drug a small lake know the h u t h condition emotion pointed to civilian rule. to put him on the scrutiny mission and most importantly. it's the downward spiral
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of a relationship fraught with misunderstandings told in fierce prose powerful seemingly endless sentences in her german translation a leader became a preserved the fury if you're not able to provide sort of the normal living for your family then you know it becomes sort of like something in your character or something that isn't cooked with you and then you don't believe in yourself again you lose your self esteem and says what society does to man or a woman to two human beings it changes us it sort of tell us that we're not good enough that we got what we deserved and that they don't deserve a lot and this is not fair. given a psycho was still very young when she chose the life of a writer and got a tattoo of a maze on her left hand she's now been writing for a good two decades her body of work includes stage plays journalism prose now she and her translator
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a little play might have perceived the international literature award in berlin for her latest novel. it's a chamber piece that deals with power and powerlessness in the globalized world. the political book through and through. instead of solidarity and sort of living together we became to live you know as in this small family circles taking care on. they're both our wellbeing and not about our neighbors and this could also be seen in the situation that europe is is is that even now. because we always you know we tend to say yeah europe but what does it mean today because we don't agree on their important issues we don't have some opinion because all of the southern europe became just assembly over interests. and there is an also a dark in there. yvonne a psycho
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a writer who emphatically believes we need to hold on to solidarity both personal and political come what may. be the last stories from the world of all time culture visit our facebook page. e.w. dot culture. building is supposedly one of the world's coolest capitals we visit a few of its trendiest menus to see if they live up to the hype. right now on a moped through the city on a balmy summer's day what could be better. in value now as i'm often of course to our summer culture in berlin happens outside and a visit to a rooftop bar is an absolute must and the clock on it is annoyed can landmark a venue for all kinds of art literature and music let's go check it out. on the top
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of a multistory shopping mall parking lot the county has have us views across the city it's a hit playful place and no wonder it's so popular. believe in their midst barry lynn wouldn't be berlin without it she reads nice little shops where you can buy snacks and beverages almost twenty four seventy two. one should be a year and quickly sign has extended the concept and it's also street art exhibition space and a meeting point for street artists but let's main goal of the smoking area. you can watch some of her limbs most talented street artists at work here and get your skates on because the quilt is still a hot insider's tip. on
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the news that our next cultural hotspot is the moment to theatre it's one of the largest off theaters in berlin with one hundred thousand and you will visitors here you can dance under the open sky or watch a place from british shakespeare sheller hazell no. peter up close and personal just like in shakespeare's time. now that i. am right next door or you can dance the night away under the palm trees lining the reversion to the. op did let him the road again for a last stop and open air cinema in a park. these days it's an institution cinema under the stars a staple of summer in berlin. berlin has something to offer for everyone it's just impossible not to fall in love with the city.
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in two thousand and three the marathon and famously described the city as cold hot sexy it's no longer really paul and his it's still sexy. famous architect designing flashy new buildings and luxury lofts and condos sprouting up everywhere vernon's fabled venue's of fast disappearing. culture is losing ground to capital. it's most prominent victim time fellas the subcultural center of the ninety's and early two thousand right in the heart of. the clouds laid it out of balance minister for cultural affairs it's a place with sentimental value as i know one thing tough the list was centrally located this used to be a hot spot it was surrounded by similar venues although it's hard to see it nowadays it was a kind of beacon emitter everything else gravitated towards it the dynamic at the
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time made it the biggest hot spot among many of its kind it had huge symbolic power for the city of berlin and now that's fading it's left a gaping hole in the book office when. after a long battle tackle is finally closed in twenty twelve. ounces workshops are being edged out all over ballin most recently here in paris are. over three hundred fifty studios disappear each year due to rising rents. just keep thank you because no studio space left forward more and more disappear every month is pretty hokey saying i'll see through through the. harlan in the district as vetting is one of the last big studio spaces in the center of the land they have also been sold to an investor so far artists have been paying a renter three to seven euros per square meter they couldn't afford more with
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ninety percent of them living on the breadline as it is doing our jobs living yet artists are fundamental to the city's image is good enough and we don't want to have to put on a dog and pony show fin you investors but what happens is we go somewhere we make the place attractive and then fancy restaurants move in and they start renovating and building big investors come and wear out just like that just one tax and it. almost thirty. creative spirits were the first to take advantage of the historic changes in berlin occupying on unused spaces and open incomes it was then the berlin gained its reputation as a club as paradise party goes from all over the world still come here in droves and that kind remains legendary but many of berlin one hundred forty clubs have had to close down in the great selloff continues with passing and the dying breath of a legendary small berlin club in pencil our back balance nightlife recently lost
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yet another landmark locals are following developments with growing dismay. then you have been instances into sound as noise when they were at least planning to bring in something new and interesting something visionary the good wish to do but if the rumors are true they're planning to put a bavarian style hauffe white house in here does only i'd sooner have my liver ripped out than drink a beer in a huff boy house in berlin i was fine before him here in berlin. first the answer is to move in the name vestas a well known pattern of the trend has been gathering pace in berlin over the last five years everything is up for sale the city has responded to the financial clout of big investors by increasing the arts budget by twenty percent and giving more funding to support clubs and artists studios close later is in fighting spirit. as i think it's imperative that we fight for every square metre for the arts for
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free space in this city that we fight for every club every gallery and every building with studio space the sexiness may be waning a little here and there but i still hope we can do something to prevent berlin from becoming a metropolis of glass and like many other european cities it will pull off that. burden it is becoming like other european cities the arts bandwagon is moving on into the outskirts where rents are cheaper but it hasn't lost its way yet still raw . taining the city's special family has a real challenge. to. change is always a challenge that makes it a festival for architecture and urban alternatives looks at ways belling can evolve with elkton using itself.
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berlin the middle district home to grand old buildings and right in the middle the gleaming glass palaces of the super rich investors made in front of the building but all is not as it seems this is actually a subversive performance part of a festival a push back against the raging real estate rush the investor is an actor and his giant plans are all of performance let's see if indeed it is totally going here is to build the whole building is that it will be as it would look like this isn't a particle with this whole complex here or the key thing being that would have a roof terrace with a whole new view of the berlin on somebody's theater and so on. the land remakes thing that's the slogan of the architecture festival make city it's an aim is to explore solutions for a city whose diversity is in jeopardy particularly in the city center the festival organizers reject monocultures and seek alternatives they want to rethink this
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space and be involved in shaping it. affordable land left nonetheless it's a moment where one can go the next step and negotiate with the city to participate in the development of certain spaces. what will happen to the unclaimed space in the city who gets to decide investors or citizens. which options are not dictated by commercial interests. and what about social housing. we're in an age where this notion of social responsibility is disappearing so it's about encouraging some form of social agenda or rethinking whether there can be such a thing as a coalition of interests that will preserve our research resources. financial interests which drive the city forward
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a new usage concepts which benefit everyone some past pioneers have shown how it can be done like the team behind the legendary bar twenty five and a tourist location in the two thousand the club was one of the berlin institutions which cemented the city's international reputation as the twenty first century's party capital and twenty twelve the attractive plot by the spray river was auctioned off the bar twenty five thousand got lucky a swiss pension fund stepped up as a patron. does an order when i first got to know the spot when it was still bought twenty five and i never wanted to leave. a lot of people felt that way who had a really special moment sometimes hand. in some really special relationships foment here. so we decided to get together to get informed and organized and to find a way to implement an alternative. so. he went to. the not for profit pension fund that bought the land freed up space for
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a bold experiment the clubbers formed a collective like minded friends pitched in and the city's creative invested in the project to finance and usage plans were drawn up using the money from their own successful club. this will tip this and the concept essentially to bring the village to the city with us the village is a place where you know everyone where all sorts of different people develop different things one. you know the bacon and you know the. you know all of the artists and everybody is working together creating synergies and new things. you know. this isn't berlin's only flagship project increasingly the city doesn't just accept offers from the highest bidders but goes for the most promising proposals. for his twenty three a creative center in the city writers musicians and painters are in charge and
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contract at thirty five different construction companies. the idea is rooted in the tradition of the building society. that's probably going to find us i said the first time in germany that a group like this has developed a new building for a cultural space and we have a wide mix of participants to pain involved in the planning process right from the start which means that we'll end up with something very novel. the initiators have worked on the project for seven years debating every detail of the new homes offices and studios only those with equity to get involved. in good ones and so the offers to close to the financing of this project are extremely high which clearly means it's not a project that just anyone can join where aware of that but we wanted to build our own little contribution to our make shift light on both stunned by talking to the good listener stuck. trendsetting project in
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a city that is finally close to being after nearly three decades of becoming. is a guy's friend is just to the spirit of these times can still be found everywhere but it's more established it has settled down to go to war there's not as much chaos there's less free space for creativity just starting something now is different to the situation twenty years ago. the land has become more staid and grownup. but many creators from those years of upheaval are now themselves investors they want berlin to retain its status as an exciting livable city. it continues to chart new waters and its creatives are still on board the boat. that was on twenty one but special next time will be turning the count back fifty
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years in celebration the spirit of nine hundred sixty eight a year of protest a year that changed the world i guarantee experimentation. and is a. bit of good news should assume she loved the. song. drop out with us next week until then good bye and our feet is and.
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you're all this. weeks highlighting. art in northern england a festival that's loud and proud about its home. in luxury on rails a train ride back to the time of the russian czar's. and a clash of the kings to virtual souls collide in a musical battle. hero. thirty minutes douglas.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin hundreds of thousands rally a nationwide protest against u.s. immigration policies they want the trumpet ministration to quickly reunite families that have been detained and separated at the country's border is. also coming up. german chancellor angela merkel secures a new agreements across europe to.


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