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george joy forty four w. . the union leader. the union to lead the i am curious. to. this is due to be news coming to you live from berlin on the marco's political future hangs in the balance as a key part of their cost stance on a migration deal germany's interior minister for saving for two also had the chance to visit the variance sister party reports agrees that it's about the shaky agreement she struck with the e.u. doesn't go far enough these trends are defined workflows libration policy tension and unravelling the german government. and
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a massive shock at the world called host nation russia knock spain action the tournament russia advance to the floor finally after attending two shooters. i'm out on a welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel faces an uncertain political future as one of her coalition partners say he's on happy about a migration deal she reached with the european union her interior minister horace c. who for house calls for a harder line on migration and says that the e.u. agreement doesn't go far enough to reduce migrants number as they hope for is the leader of merkel's the varian sister party and it was threatened the varia will take border security into its own hands if party leaders meeting today reject the deal many migrants arrive in germany via the states. let's check
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in now with our political team on their studio. in munich the party c.s.u. leadership meeting linda crane is in berlin at the chancellor's party headquarters and here i'll start off first of all with you horst say who for apparently says he doesn't think that the deal is enough and is reportedly to make an announcement pretty soon does that spell out some trouble for the coalition. well it could potentially spell out more trouble for the coalition we have seen over those past ten days how damaging this has been both to the authority of german chancellor but also for the c.e.o.'s you party here in bavaria certainly this hasn't played out in the polls that well the c.s.u. is facing elections and various so the challenge here really is to separate out the implications for the central government and here certainly the c.s.u. is teetering on the brink of going it alone of the interior minister declaring that
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he might want to start rejecting migrants who are preregistered in other e.u. states at the border despite what some within his own party see as a pretty broad success of getting fourteen plus states although we see those visit brothers eastern states retreating from this claim already but certainly more willing to take migrants and they have been before but clearly horsy hopeful wants to be seen to be tough also to be tough germany's borders and this is the big question mark will he take his sea use you cross the sea crossed that red line which could end up shaking up government we are hearing that he is getting a lot of backing from his own party delegates in this building behind me but what he will actually announce in the end there are many question marks on the roof. so we'll be looking at a big climb down or
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a political earthquake linda crane from what you are hearing right now and where you are the q my party members there be getting nervous about what's coming next the party members who entered this building for a meeting of top leadership over the last couple of hours basically weren't saying anything at all they were very tight lipped but certainly since the european union summit this past week we have heard ringing endorsements from a number of. christian democrats saying that she had in fact achieved both in brussels and in her bilateral negotiations with a whole group of e.u. member countries that are on the external borders of the european union and therefore are the countries where migrants are first registered that she had in fact achieved more than they had expected that there was real movement actually
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toward the kind of results that the bavarian c.s.u. has been looking for namely a greater willingness on the part of those countries that first register migrants to make sure that the migrants registered in their countries stay put or at least that they are willing to take them back if in fact they do try to move on to other e.u. member countries so there is movement there same o.c.d. you leaders who have spoken out and they are clearly backing the chancellor at the moment and saying that any attempt at unilateral action by the interior minister by horse a whole for would in fact be unacceptable ok so the c.d.u. is sticking to their guns mckayla if we assume that say whoever is going to step back what would that mean. well that's the interesting thing that even the party critics and there certainly was a moment where there was momentum where it says you critics of anglo-american all
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had quite a few c.d.u. delegates behind them but clearly that seems to have changed they're saying not now and not like this if a horse were to ask to step down that would create a lot of political uncertainty here in bavaria as well and it would still leave open the question how much of this from the c.s.u. side was political drama it's a party that has been known to engage in that and hostile fire certainly known as a politician who keeps the his cards of his political future particularly close to his chest so we certainly can expect a pretty big shake up here but very if you were to take that decision but this could create uncertainty in berlin as well but not the resoundingly break with his see as you party that would be the case if he were to indeed go it alone and start rejecting those migrants attorneys borders. linda do you see any room for
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compromise between chancellor angela merkel and the various c.s.u. at this point. i absolutely do see room for compromise and certainly the leadership in both parties or at least some leaders in both parties have said that they do as well we've heard some of america's c.d.u. members very explicitly commending the c.s. use efforts to get the debate moving in the european union saying there wouldn't have been as much movement in brussels if it hadn't been for their contribution in other words offering the very and conservatives a face saving way to deescalate this and we've also heard members of the varian conservative party saying in fact there is now a greater momentum toward discouraging what's called secondary migration that is to say movement by migrants who have been registered at border countries to move on to
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other countries a significant movement to try to limit that we know that europe works slowly but i think there certainly is a feeling here in this party's headquarters that that some wheels have been set in motion that wouldn't have been otherwise so a potential for compromise if there's no grandstanding in munich and then to crane in berlin and devotees mechanic munich thank you both. israel has stepped up its security in the border region between syria and the israeli occupied golan heights as the violence in syria's derive province continues thousands of syrians have set up makeshift camps near the israeli border and israeli government has said it will continue to provide medical treatment to wounded civilians and aid to syrians across the fence posts prime minister benjamin netanyahu stressed that the syrians fleeing war would not be let into the country twelve days ago the regime in damascus box by its ally russia started
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a deadly bombing campaign that has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes. this is syrian t.v. a constant barrage of unending brutal merciless gunfire with no regard for the civilian population. it's the eleventh day of the joint syrian russian offensive in the province southwest of syria's capital damascus president assad's troops and their allies are looking for a quick victory over the rebels by any means necessary. and. has enormous significance for the regime this is where the uprising began and twenty and it will be crushed here. assad is making it clear that the opposition in syria has no future. because there's been barely any news for days and only a few signs of life from rescue workers in rebel held areas. russian air attacks
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have targeted and destroyed numerous hospitals the civil defense appears to be largely eliminated. some cities in the province have surrendered to government troops after russian brokered talks. state t.v. shows the jubilant celebrations of a pro assad public. late saturday evening ceasefire talks with the islamist rebels that would have affected the whole province failed. tens of thousands have been fleeing the violence for days the united nations estimates at least one hundred and sixty thousand people are in need of help but the precarious security situation means international aid organizations cannot reach them. a voting is underway in mexico after the most violent lead up to an election in the country's history at least one hundred and thirty politicians have been murders since campaigning began presidential frontrunner undress manoa lopez obrador arrived early to cast his
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close it's his third bid for the presidency the left wing former mayor of mexico city could as the two parties have girlfriend mexico for nearly a century. well some very surprising sports news for the moment we have the host nation russia has just pulled off a massive shock to the world cup dodi's barbara more now joins us from moscow barbara russia have knocked to spain and out of the world cup how are people reacting to this news in russia. well i can tell you it was quite an experience to be inside that stadium and followed the game inside the atmosphere was electric with the arena almost exploding in the end the crowd was behind the team all the way through and to be fair spain was the better team so it was not
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always going in russia's interest and still the russian fans were so my spine their team and yet russian minutes to hold strong in the defense i think spain must have been very frustrated russia made it through extra time and also into the penalty shoot out and yeah then the big surprise happens and the russian actually won. how many people wrote off rochelle right from the start didn't they barbara i mean they are the lowest ranked team in the tournament but they're in the quarter final how far can they go. well you might if they beat spain they can beat anybody that's at least once a people here think now they might not have the most creative the most quality of style but they are very strong that they know how to run the know how to fight and they have this enormous crowds behind them these fans that have been so skeptical ahead of the tournaments of their very own team and still they do support them all
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the way through and you know with this crowd behind us i actually do think they can go much further because they don't have anything to lose. when they don't let's have a look at some of the highlights of that match between russia and spain we're going to have a look at the pictures right now. when marco asensio swung in a deep free kick on sergio ramos made himself a nuisance sergei ignatiev it was overwhelmed and an unfortunate and also spying front but the hosts pulled themselves back a corner shortly before half time was met with a hand boom from gerard piqué the referee gave a penalty which also in juba smashed to bring russia net. an incredible moment for the hosts in front of and in light speed travel and they continued to grind through the second half and extra time with the favorites ponding really this one was destined to go the distance. it was the russians who held their nerves converting
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four out of four penalties. when ego acking fayad saved for the second time this incredible upset was complete russia continue to write history of their dream world cup campaign marches. the bookies must be set to move no words of warning after the shocker in our russia will say the winner of tonight's game who is that likely to be iraq and barbara. denmark is going to play croatia and i must say that croatia is one of my actually favorites of this term and with both having a very strong defense and also as offense. field players like look on moderates the small midfielder who just knows so wisely how to use a ball position and then also just been strong throughout the whole group stage they have three big trees why denmark only had one and two trials so i would say
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that crazy clearly is the favorites here then again denmark just loves to play the role of the underdog they do have a very strong collective memory of the victory in ninety two when they won the european championship so again anything's possible barbara more in moscow thank you for your insights you're watching you don't you stay with us if you've got. more.


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