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tv   Doc Film - Truth Detectives Part 1  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2018 7:15am-8:01am CEST

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eh i'm ashamed to say. isn't it time for the good. people at africa people and projects that are changing the lives of our men for the better it's up to us. he could go. along w. fix the. technology. market. more to. meet your business magazine on t.w. .
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as. the c.e.o. of. the war live stream available through every source of media but is this propaganda fact or fiction. and how to have the so just who killed this young man is now in court because of this video the. press is reporting is no longer a monopoly of the media. those affected reports on their every day lives in a war zone on social media. oil but in my opinion i can tell you with absolute certainty there are no russian troops in ukraine. nato claims that these satellite images show. russian tanks on ukrainian soil the internet carries important information
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from reputable sources amongst all the amateur videos and fake news. from satellite images to mobile phone pictures digital data can provide crucial evidence of human rights violations and war crimes worldwide. peace through justice was the guiding principle behind the establishment of the international criminal court. its mandate was jurisdiction across national borders especially in wartime. the crimes that we are investigating and prosecuting the crimes that shock the conscience of humanity and these are war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide and you cannot anybody with these very serious crimes without having the
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evidence that you need to prove the case. examining a crime scene immediately after the events is nearly impossible often years past before investigators arrived but the evolution of digital media is changing the truth seeking process. always try to use technology fingerprints and it was d.n.a. now we have satellite imagery and all the social media is youtube this is just the reality we faced it now as things are unfolding the technology is already there to capture eight. crimean revolution was organized for your social media and almost completely documented online. in response to
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a post thousands and later millions of people look out there don the my don to call for ukraine to join the european union. this. is from it's a bill of divorce no it was incredible we created a page and wrote two posts and suddenly there were hundreds of free posts thank you by telephone didn't stop ringing which really mustn't think you.
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your own mind on s.o.'s began looking for evidence of state crimes online video showed who was responsible for the escalation of violence no matter if it was filmed with a smartphone or a webcam. question asked by joining the first attempt to disperse the people at the my gun people saw it via webcam and started coming here very quickly as. one hundred people died in the mind on riots and a thousand more were injured in order to reconstruct the events here on my town s.o.s. search for witnesses via facebook. sign a measurable with the social media networks with the fastest and most trustworthy way to check for information in the sun you could post a question has anyone seen. and people commented yes i can confirm i live near that
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place oh no it's not true you must look at my children. after the my done demonstrators were dispersed the conflict shifted from kiev to eastern ukraine. the ongoing conflict in the dumbass region was still being live streamed via social media and constantly monitored by your own my don s.o.s. . sure enough it would not. get it off the top of that outlook of a lot of. money. i
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was not. the. propaganda war on the internet generates tons of data. because of the sheer mass of information your own mind on s.o.s. recruited volunteers to search the web for relevant info tweets and posts.
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well the third year of boston we have a database where we save all the information we get from internet sources including facebook pages the feel for what all of this information must be checked the internet is full of fake news unverified information and gossip. the very. best to first thing you do the first group is going to slovyansk on the fast and they'll arrive on the first you can move something on the first earlier in the morning we're going to seventy five cassel in the afternoon we're working with the children's hospital that was shelled we're interviewing the chief doctor i've already been in touch with him.
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here on my time s.o.s. regularly sends its staff into the crisis on they check reports on civilian casualties on the internet and find out the background since the start of the fighting nearly ten thousand people have died including over two thousand civilians . but the bullshit we snuggle it must be all of the international community should understand that we're dealing with war crimes in this conflict and intervening at an international level to stop it he said show shitloads to. the.
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pro russian separatists occupied the city of slovyansk for three months until ukrainian forces took it back in two months of heavy fighting. today the front line runs fifty kilometers east of slovyansk. in the west the divide we hope the information we collect and publish will lead to some. reactions. going up to the doctor. thought there seventy eight september the first twenty sixteen we were in the office of the head doctor of the children's hospital in slovyansk he showing us the fragments he found in his office after the shelling. this.
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alexander was a heavy weapon. yes definitely the craters were more than one meter in diameter it. did go over how did you hear about the showing how much you put you know about the auto parts of the combatants and my colleagues at the hospital reach me by phone. i fear i saw holes in the wall here as a result of the first salvo or shelling from artillery quarter through stores my. practitioners gear boards through at least half the windows more than one hundred of them were blown out. that's anything that would. go from here you can see the direction of the shelling
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. that the not but it was still it came from that's way yes that way it came from somewhere near the park so spot. it was you thought the to move back so we want to find out why it happened according to international law medical institutions can't be shelled it's a war crime. and we give them a lot. of reasons women to be some of the women once a year my c.c. state parties come together to discuss the challenges facing the court. your oh my donna s.o.s.'s been invited to report on the human rights situation in eastern
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ukraine. says we have been documenting the war crimes for three years in my head i have hundreds of stories from people which really weigh on me for the good of us court we hope to convince the international criminal court to open a case against the perpetrators and give hope to the victims that the criminals will be handed over to international authorities through fortune with you the new commission that had no problem. attorney alison cole at baez's your oh my done and also with us on how to file its complaint before the international criminal court. if you don't have the smiling gun like the border. right. like we've talked about before it's like building up. and alice's affects to show questions like oh this same form of commission will be is happening different
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locations so then we're going to build up this theory of who is at the top. if we're working in a national crime city in usually there is a victim and a direct perpetrator under international criminal law or we're trying to find the most responsible so we have to think of who isn't at the top of the command structure or within a leadership structure that would be ordering or otherwise directing these crimes. the russia continues to deny its involvement in the armed conflict in their own bus and use the term civil war a common practice of what the transportations through the russian ukrainian border for military equipment which was later described in there was sudeep or says equipment is always marking and license plates. position on the border are regular a shelter from russia multiply launch rocket system which was recorded to
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a menu. the type of perpetrator that we're looking for they're the most powerful individuals and that given the context so there is a lot of pressures on anyone who's seeking to follow the evidence chain leading up to these months most powerful individuals and they have an interest to make sure that we are not successful in documenting that chain leading to the end. looked as if someone gets hold of my gadgets it shouldn't put all the people we've interviewed at risk. but it would be a key moment of all in for much. during
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the occupation pro russian separatists captured a number of activists and journalists. they detained them illegally for several weeks to restrict independent media coverage. it's up to this team you were shooting from here. what any other journalists they have assigned to you was yes you can see them here. sir he left or filmed the occupation of the city hall by the separatists when he uploaded the video to you tube they picked him up. is a pool the human the people on the you very twisted my hands behind my back like that
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. you know and then forced my head down. the whole time or so. when we go to places where people were illegally detained we talk human the conditions their access to indoor lighting or daylight and their access to water toilets food or medical help. we get this information from the witnesses and we look for any evidence we can find. the protégé of the show went toward its most locals my thing with surtax on the. award this week of how long we hold seventeen days. holding on. to a four year. old you can even think about was was was. it work and
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this church people. put it on the bone on. this is more of a check people on social networks they look at their profiles or do they force them to reveal their password out of it to that. person the most effective way they beat them. one of them grabbed me by my hair and smashed my head against the wall for tillotson our daughter for for all. we get there a testimony of one hundred sixty five people who were illegally kept from the beginning of the armed conflict is it illegal are through racially used terror against him you know it's for home to control over the region forty four percent of people which we interviewed told there during interrogation between who are in very
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high level of management of this illegal places of detention where in both russian citizens we can see their russia a state with ex sure they're cute bodies and control sought in parts of donetsk and lugansk or blessed and consequently is responsible for all human rights violation is there. the right way it should be. just be devised. and i hope that someday i will come back here when those who are guilty will be sentenced for starting a hybrid war in donbass only those who are responsible for the tens of thousands of people have been killed and two million people have been forced to leave their homes and thousands had to change their mindset this is putin this is showing who and his supporters i really hope it happens. get this in the thick of us.
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with. we want transparency and responsibility from the russian military and the kremlin the hiding the activities of russian soldiers in countries like syria and ukraine. creating a. but he lives in exile in kenya he went underground because he was investigating the kremlin on the net. in the stone column of russian tanks like venus was spotted in the donbass region as early as july. with ukraine.
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like many open source researchers curial publishes his investigative work on the felling cat blog a network that became famous for tracking this military convoy. killing cows proved that just two days before the downing of passenger flight m h seventeen it had headed to the suspected launch site with a russian v u k three thirty two mobile missile system. and you could say that my hobby computer games has prepared me for this it was during investigations the process is very similar you put the pieces of the puzzle together at the gerrish. all the details might want. general picture and then you walk from that. you know in here. and everything you know everything. they have
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and i mean. there's a lot of but. a lot of the never even i don't know when russia became directly involved in the war in syria curial expanded his investigation to the middle east. but. here. here it is. about cluster bombs eject sub munitions just before impact to effect maximum damage they're prohibited according to international law. there's a ton more in a city you can hit a house with terrorists with a cruise missile with precision. but you cannot have a precise attack with a cluster bomb as it can destroy entire residential areas. russia
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is suspected of using cluster bombs curial searches russian state television you tube videos to try to find clues. that the news business is that essentially once intentionally filming the cost of bombs to show what russia is doing that they just didn't know what they were filming. and using their phones they met. carol used google's picture search to identify what sort of cluster bombs the russian fighter jets are equipped with.
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carol compares pictures of a russian cluster bomb and the bomb in the video to see whether they match. at least for some activist scientists the measurements of the shout at them is made up. in the roof they're going to i measured them on this model as well but the diameter of the bomb is forty six sentiment is another after the impact it's diameter became a bit to foam that's normal but it means that we're still talking about the same type of bomb.
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thank. you. one who spits off my wook and change of strategy that i have to meet in the office of the prosecutor is to lend importance to attorney three forms of evidence. in august two thousand and twelve bensouda brought molly an islamist and all fucking almighty to trial on charges of war crimes. they have brought against. involves the most serious crimes.
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they're about the destruction of the place of all historic monuments and they're about assault on the dignity identity of entire populations and their religion and historical. the islamist group and sardine associated with al qaeda occupied timbuktu in the summer of two thousand and twelve. what they used to make propaganda is evidence each image it's video comes to. communicate some we have hidden about something. that just destroyed many holy shrines part of mali's cultural heritage. a specialty over videos we could find on the internet show the picture it was.
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of course you have to make sure that the evidence is full proof that it is authentic and that it is evidence that judges can actually rely on so all of these things of course is a challenge. each. friend sixteen thinking. and we could be free sixty degree. from each site enabling us to say ok video was recorded in the stories. and interactive visualization tool was specifically developed for this case it allowed investigators to identify crime scenes by combining various pieces of digital evidence in the background of this video we recognize the exact same fence.
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and we also. but this one and this one which i respect the previous one and this one. the evidence against mr. adie is overwhelming he was proactive and determined leader of this attack he also physically participated in the attack and destruction the destruction of property that is dedicated to history to culture is clearly defined in the statute. as a war crime you are killing people is beliefs like killing people or they dentity you are killing people is passed into history so that is really not something to be dissociated from attacking someone being so such because it is a part of what people are therefore it is important to send
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a message that these crimes will not go unpunished and that we will investigate it whenever they occur and we have jurisdiction. if we hadn't seen it with the war live your lives and looking. back do you think paul and i have been. in twenty sixteen colombian president juan manuel santos signed a peace accord with the fark rebel group after half a century of civil war. meaning a long. line of. long party agreement met with widespread public opposition.
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anything like the rate of impunity is around ninety eight percent this means that almost all the human rights violations that were committed joined thirty to forty years of conflict law still without a conviction that. nearly a quarter of a million people have been killed tens of thousands are still missing. in the midst of the sometimes he'll no. you know. one other thing i would say you. are going to the my belief we can't build a sustainable and durable peace if we can't even answer the question when all the forty five thousand people who disappeared. but.
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in two thousand and two a paramilitary group seized control of the region around the village of maize up. during the following two years over one hundred fifty pillagers disappear. the remains of less than twenty of those missing have been identified to date that it. wasn't gathered up. to the organisation equity us it is looking for more missing person. that's. an interdisciplinary research team that follows up on tips from local residents. would.
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take. place i talked about is just beyond this hill there. no nobody was there already are they are going to know just rocks. on. the other side of the problem with chang's one of the we know graves are about eighty centimeters deep sources stickers are only twenty centimeters we know for
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sure with no grateful. it was at the river yes it was the route we took when the paramilitary group kidnapped us they sent us through here to the chapel. gave. the paramilitaries accuse the villagers of cooperating with the guerrillas. took them off to their camps. that's what happened to lose belly alfonso.
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in more uganda sleeve this was the last place they brought us my husband and me. and. i were handcuffed and blindfolded so that we wouldn't recognize anyone. who might be. in the end they said all of the prisoners free except for the two of us finally they'd let me go to but not him. and we haven't heard from him since. then but i am going to this uncertainty not knowing where he is what happened and what they did to him that's why you don't stop searching for the truth it's the why
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why did they make him disappear. the un considers enforced disappearance as psychological torture for the families of the victims and says they have the right to know what happened and receive compensation. but in colombia any entitlement to a widow's pension rests on the identification of the victim's mortal remains. so much of you know this person on the spot most of the missing disappeared gradually and were buried or left in inaccessible areas this is why i quit has says we cannot continue using just from the mention of the search techniques. we have to utilize
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advanced scientific techniques. and we must involve off the fields of expertise you could out of all the us expect the c.s. . is that all of this. we were developing a model to examine the potential spread of spiders in colombia as a result of climate change in the community might be. in those events when we realized that our model to track the spread of
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a biological species. if we. could also be used to identify patterns that could help locate clandestine burial sites. i mean to. blend these things. the coordinates of the burial sites already found create the basis of a statistical model an algorithm is used to predict additional areas of activity. that algorithm compares the different conditions where the points are located in this take i was almost in this case burials and it compares them and generates a statistical patent. and then determines which zones in the area under investigation a similar to the burial points and which are not wanted in the sake of. inquiry is known.
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for them for example as you can see that we're going to a spot where somebody has been exuma. if they're coming from what it could be for going there to retrieve the data out of them i'm about. to be look here. for your d.s. . it was like coming home again now you can see it because it wasn't filled up with earth. so are you going to come in second in the s.p.l. you like you know the t. shirt was serious you were dentures and or the denture should have been there was a japanese t. . that's when i knew it was my brother and i thought about how you can take notes. we need to verify them.
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over a dozen graves have been discovered so far. all the sites share similar environmental markers such as altitude vegetation or access to water. looking good enough and think over the coordinates are five degrees ten minutes they mentioned a cable used to handcuff the victims. a map and us under. all of the exhumation locations share similar environmental markers like geology and vegetation by adding these factors the investigators can improve the algorithm and
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calculate more precise locations. the resulting heat map shows where the graves are most likely to be. the us and for. all of the information began to show patterns it started to sound logical. this meant that the armed groups didn't move through the region randomly that they had behavioral patterns that we can now follow to help looking to the victims but the misfit and. us. i know it's ninety meters. no. nineteen eaters from here to the school. of them but it's yellow and the earth seems loose. but. as far as the shapes concerned this could be it. and yes it's. you know. it's an early.
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oh yes that's it that's the smell. as you point after taking samples with a sensor we carried out an exhumation. and the samples we took had hair and smells rotten we took pictures and the location has now been asked by the attorney general for further investigation. just one of the paramilitary groups expelled the population and took over the infrastructure that's why we usually find graves around schoolyards.
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first we receive. requests from there was of the high commissioner for human rights in colombia and to support to support it with us in the investigation. what they wanted mainly was something i demetri it up to a certain time frames in the last fifteen years to know how the landscape look on those states to be able to implement their predictive model and with information in the past that. that
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. floodlight mackay isn't supergirl her weapons are a guitar pamphlets and passion that. she's fighting against braces for a second referendum. about half of all u.k. residents want britain to stay in the e.u. so much lana is not about to quit she believes in miracles and superpowers. thirteen it.
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news. eh eh eh. eh to g.-d. . this is v.w. news live from her away the german government in crisis mode interior minister of course and they have called her says that his e.s.u. party go cold another meeting with chancellor angela merkel's c.d.u. later today in a last ditch attempt for the conservative alliance to mend fences today all her has been boys to resign after a rift with merkel over migration policy. but there is no sign of compromise from america's christian democrats who say that they in fact are policy and seeking in european solution.


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