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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a showdown over migration throws the german government into crisis mode interior minister hosty who for says his c.s.u. party will meet again with chancellor merkel c.d.u. in an hour's time for a last ditch attempt for the conservative alliance to mend fences silver has threatened to resign over mantles of migration. to the chancellor's christian democrats say they'd back her stance of seeking a european solution to the migration crisis and reject the c.s. use the national approach. in mexico exit polls point to a clear victory for
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a leftist candidate andres manuel lopez obrador in the country's presidential election the former mayor of mexico city as promised to stamp out corruption. and at the world cup the probation booked their spot in the quarter final day squeeze past denmark in a penalty shoot out and now face host rush. limbaugh was comical to have you with us crisis grips germany's government as a feud over migration in dangerous angle america's ruling coalition last ditch talks among the chancellor's conservative bloc are now set for later today on sunday interior minister hostile fire threatened to quit his post over michael's insistence on an e.u. wide migration policy his resignation could lead to the breakup of the decades long conservative alliance sale first describing this evening's talks as a concession. to his coalition partners. or no one here we will talk one more
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time in the interest of our country and the capacity for action of our government which we want to maintain we intend to make a further attempt at reaching agreement on the central question of border controls and turning people back on this question alone. and i hope that this effort succeeds. this is a concession from me now that we're making this attempt. otherwise everything would have already been final today. it is for the. w.'s chief political correspondent melinda crane is following the very latest she's at the berlin headquarters of angle of michael's conservative party hi melinda good to see you so what's a hope for we'll be speaking with chancellor merkel in about an hour's time what can we expect. i wish i knew the answer to that question we thought we
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knew what to expect here yesterday evening we thought we'd basically be here for a couple of hours and then there would be some form of compromise solution that didn't happen that is what both sides will be looking for this evening starting in about an hour from now but whether they are going to reach it is really anybody's guess at this point what's been clear today is that both of the conservative parties that are together in an alliance that's often referred to as a kind of a sisterhood that both of them do see this division as a very grave matter indeed we're told that the mood was quite grim for example among america's christian democrats as they met earlier today we're told that both sides want to preserve that sisterhood going forward but the c.d.u. . part of the conservative bloc is saying that they absolutely are sticking to
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their guns on the core principle which is essentially that migration needs to be solved with a european wide policy approach that a german to go it alone a unilateral attempt to start controlling germany's southern border absolutely is not the way to go forward and say whoa for a sensually the interior minister has made that basically so he has staked his own personal career on that particular stance saying we have to be able to go forward unilaterally and melinda you know last yesterday as a whole for was offering to resign over this migration route what is it that he really wants what is this actually about here. it seems to in his eyes have become a crisis that's all about him i think there is absolutely now a very personal dimension to all of this it's very much about saving face he
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essentially is coming here today you heard that sound bite from him from early this morning he said he was making a concession to the chancellor by not resigning he essentially is coming here looking for her to bend and you know over the past three days since she returned from brussels with an agreement there that many people felt came a good part of the way to meeting the c.s. use demands for a tighter approach to immigration her leadership her party leadership has been saying look the c.s.u. essentially set of a dynamic in motion that has led to some real progress at european union level in other words they offered a face saving form of deescalation the c.s.u. did not take that exit path from this crisis so far it will be interesting to see if course a hope for does that here tonight or whether in fact he says the c.s.u. this is me and if i don't get what i want to then i'm taking them out of the
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coalition and essentially i'm i'm going to let the government fall and just very briefly if you can how of germans been reacting to the ups and downs of this crisis . there was a poll released this morning that shows that two thirds of german say that the interior minister's behavior is absolutely lacking in responsibility that it's completely irresponsible and about the same number sixty nine percent say that they want to see a multilateral european solution to the migration problem our chief political correspondent linda crane reporting from in front of the c.d.u. headquarters here in berlin thank you so much melinda. let's get the economic perspective on all of this with ben. this is a big one for the markets seeing huge movements today but you could tell the jitters there sumi economists are concerned if germany's fragile coalition collapses it will hurt business here and right across the continent experts fear
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the political wrangling will bogged down the development of important factors for germany's economic future like its high speed digital infrastructure and a strong administration in berlin is vital in negotiations trade disputes with united states and china let's see how the prolonged german government crisis is affecting markets boozing is at the frankfurt stock exchange for us first of all tell me a little bit more about what it bases there are saying how confident are they that nickel is going to save the day you know people i talk to here remind me how often has managed to manage a crisis so a majority of people here are convinced us till convinced that she will do it again and find some way out that which doesn't mean that people on the trading floor in frankfurt's financial center would take this. this obviously
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is about much more than just a dispute within the german cabinet one trader i talked to reminded me of what's going on in london where the government you know in the united kingdom is deeply divided and obviously quite dysfunctional when it comes to questions how to handle the future or will they go national or will they go the multilateral way will they continue to find solutions with their partners this is what's at stake and this is this discussion is making investors very nervous and briefly the timing couldn't be worse i mean we've got a trade war on our hands and also the voices against globalization that continue to grow as far as the free movement of labor and goods. absolutely and all this is very important especially for our economy here in germany which is one of the most interconnected in europe in a very rare common statement the four major business organizations here in germany
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have helped come out with a call to the government for unity and for more european solutions explicitly the business organizations are warning against arena ashleigh sation of politics rebels and for us in frankfurt taking on a flood of cheap chinese steel a prospective new metals giant is trying to correct the imbalance in world markets germany's to some cope and india's tighter merging the european still making operations regulatory approval is still to come along with job cuts. the joint venture comes in response to the problem of overcapacity on the global steel market as the new firm which will be known as to some proper tata steel will become europe's second largest steelmaker are. prepared if this is really the key issue to move successfully for the global existed visited also cost
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tremendous additional imports into europe imports into europe of all time high level which if only increased the price pressure on that material. to tie up is expected to result in about four thousand job cuts and savings of hundreds of millions of euros each year the marriage firm of employ some forty eight thousand workers in the countries including germany the netherlands and the u.k. and it's expected to generate an annual revenue of around fifteen billion euros. after the press conference my colleague helen humphrey had the chance to speak directly with physical chief executive. is what he had to say. we have a structure overcapacity first deal in europe and as a consequence out of that the utilization rates for all the steel companies were not high enough to really chinoy the directive returns going forward and for our employees they were forced into restructuring programs each and every three to four
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years so we finally want to address that issue so we had four elements in mind one is the industrial logic take over capacity and solve that problem secondly generate significant value for our shareholders which is given by the four to five hundred million synergies but also give a more reliable more promising future for the majority of our employees and the fact that we remain a fifty percent owner is also good for our culture so it's a stain of a peg it's going forward by another name that is the problem not china and overcapacity of steel. i think we have a global excess capacity but one is clear we cannot solve the issue of china with the european merger but we can also not only let's say put the finger on china if we are not ready to do our homework so the civi is really addressing the structural overcapacity problem in europe the chinese problem need to be solved in china as
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you point out there are manifold problems facing the european steel market at the moment one of them is the tariffs the united states slapped on european steel how is this affecting your business. i think we have to distinct between the direct impact in the direct the direct is the volume which we are delivering in to us luckily in our case it's only three to four percent of our sales so we don't like it we can manage it i think be it but also the other european steel companies are more concerned about the indirect risk if all the volume which is not anymore allowed to go into us might be redirected into the european market we have already an all time high of imports into europe if this will you good come in addition then hopefully the european trade commission would find appropriate measures to protect our industry here so the in direct risk is higher for us than the direct one.
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the c.e.o. of to now we were talking sumi about the political uncertainty here in germany there's been a big political shift in mexico that's right banned leftist presidential candidate andres manuel lopez obrador has won sunday's election by a wide margin now official projections put him on track to win more than fifty three percent of the vote lopez obrador made fighting corruption a central campaign pledge and he's vowed to enact policies to help support the former mayor of mexico city was a runner up in two previous presidential elections in two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve has also been a sharp critic of u.s. president donald trump but in his victory speech lopez obrador held out in all of branch to trump here's what he had to say. this news was. we will pursue a relationship or friendship and cooperation with the united states. always rooted in mutual respect and in the defense of our fellow mexicans who live and
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work on ripley in that country. is well off as well but i though it has also vowed to end the drug related violence that has killed more than eighty thousand people in mexico since two thousand and six and he represents as we said a major shift in the country's political leadership more on that now with social media editor jared reed who joins us in our studio hi jared this is a big upset the status quo in mexico that we're looking at how is the conservative political establishment there been reacting well i guess with the shock it was kind of expected but still it is a really big upset as you said we have to keep in mind that the preprocessor the institutional revolutionary party has been in charge of mexico almost continuously since nineteen twenty nine and so this is huge you know this huge dominant force in mexico that suffered defeat not to another conservative party but to the list and that's largely because of the three issues poverty violence and corruption which
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correspondence is mexicans feel are the biggest issues that affect them and i say those problems are only getting worse now the outgoing president and the k. pinion in the ad to his from the. he congratulated the winner lopez obrador on twitter here's what he had to say congratulations i wish you success for the benefit of mexico the government will support you and your team to make an orderly transition the soundness of our institutions in our democracy has been demonstrated and it has because of the i.c. nine million eligible voters those two thirds turned out to virgin newspoll in what has been the largest elections in mexico ever yet and lopez over there was also the first candidate to win with a majority some more than fifty percent how of his supporters been celebrating. because we have to keep in mind the left has been trying to get the presidency in mexico for decades lopez obrador himself this was his third shot at the presidency and i guess we can say third time lucky his supporters have been celebrating
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alongside the president elect we can see him here partying it up in mexico you see the mexican. been posted this video to you instagram but what about the voices themselves we have a tweet here from this young as to funny a hankel she summed up the murdered by saying as a young citizen that suffered the terrible consequences of corruption i can say that hard work and collaboration can bring change change which lots of voters say is long overdue there's lots of questions are surrounding the new president elect because he's made a lot of lofty and vague promises about corruption and promising to clean up the violence has really given much detail yes about how he's going to do it he's also announced a range of social reform programs that he says he'll be able to fund through the billions of dollars he'll save mexico by fighting corruption so these are really
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big promises to mike and we i guess have to wait to see how exactly he goes about it you know there's not just a shift for mexico also for latin america where we've seen rightwing leaders elected like in colombia how are the region's leaders taking this news well it's right now we have a leftist populist in charge of latin america's second largest economy and because he's winning has been surges size of regional leaders have come out largely to congratulate him and his opponents all conceded in what has been the record time we need to point out mexico is enough to partner and it's now is the most important trade relationship that mexico has and one that we know that the u.s. president is threatening to scrap or change so not only does the new president elect have all these issues at home to deal with corruption violence and poverty he's also got a sort of unpredictable neighbor further north all right jared reed our social media editor thank you so much for bringing us that story. now to some other news making headlines around the world the european union has launched legal proceedings
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against poland that could result in the country losing its voting rights in the bloc brussels says reforms to poland supreme court undermine the rule of law and judicial independence a law takes effect tuesday that forces the early retirement of multiple supreme court judges in the united nations says the number of people displaced by fighting in southwestern syria has climbed to two hundred seventy thousand that's after government forces stepped up an offensive against the rebel stronghold of the rock two weeks ago where troops have been gaining ground there with their ally russia negotiated rebel withdrawals from contested villages. supermarkets in australia are reaching out to shoppers following reports of violence over the banning of disposable plastic bags incidents of so-called bad grades have seen irate cuss consumers allegedly assaulting store employees over the back retailers now hope to address customers concerns over the removal of single use plastics as part of
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a national push to reduce waste. and another dramatic day at the world cup in russia with a host pulling off a big shock to beat spain and we have our correspondents covering this for us we have nick mckenzie klein here with us in our studio and we have barbara more for us in russia where she's been covering this hi barbara let's start with you this was a really big surprise going to yesterday's news to see russia knocked out one of the term favorites tell us more. it was a huge surprise i mean i would say most experts agree to a head of the tournament that russia would most likely not make it through the group stage and now they are in the quarter final i can tell you it was quite an experience to be inside that stadium here behind me yesterday packed with russian fans very fat fans i have to say there was lots of cheering little booing cheering even though that was not always the reason for its let's face it i mean spain was clearly the better it soon and i think they have been pretty frustrated that russia
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actually managed to hold strong make it through extra time and into the penalty shoot out it was an amazing atmosphere inside the stadium let's have a look how the team actually made it. when marco s.n.c. are sworn in at the free kick on the on ramos make himself a nuisance ignatiev it was overwhelmed and unfortunate a goal so spain barely front but the hosts pulled themselves back a corner shortly before half time was met with a hand boom from gerard piqué the referee gave a penalty which also in juba smashed to bring russia net. an incredible moment for the hosts in front of in one thousand. i may continue to grind through the second half and extra time with the favorites finding no gritty this one was destined to come the test. and it was the russians who have then converting four out of four penalties while goalkeeper ego i can feel you have made himself
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a hero with two seconds. to show but you must thank you for all the support you know i already said before the tournament we have to believe in ourselves and we did it that way we have an amazing championship and it's not just the russian fans the fans from other countries that have been affected by the atmosphere here and they understand that russia knows how to have fun because we believe that in so far as i see. russia's whole world cup dream lives. barbara just a pandemonium there in the stadium you've been speaking to some fans how they've been reacting to this historic victory. i mean this victory was the young their wildest dreams and the less you expect to win the more enthusiastic your reactions are of course there have been huge celebrations here in moscow there's one special streets. where usually all the fans would go to
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celebrate all the international fans get that and i thought it was packed with russian fans they were just celebrating having an amazing atmosphere amazing time there all together i try to catch some of the very special atmosphere for you. unparalleled joy on the streets of moscow many fans are struggling to comprehend russia's latest win few russians ever expected so much of their national see. a man happy with moving in but i don't believe in policy it's impossible i think so. i think it was incredible and very proud of my contract and so i'm very happy that so many for and there's a raft and they're sharing all we with us with the first majority of fans coming from russia passionate support was surely a factor against spain. but i think it was worrying for the food that we played you more skokie day and over the first two steered you and the france was grid.
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with that was twelve with twelve players today i think it's russian the because andrea and all together and when i was famous russia and we were you know. if you can beat spain you can beat anyone that's the mood coming out of this game and some daring to dream of the ultimate price i hope will be a final. no. you if you visit was game. is down deliverable a little. whatever happens next russia's fans we proud of what this team has achieved this is more than they ever dreamed of. barber some of the disbelief there from russian fans you know this is the lowest ranked team in the tournament now they're in the quarter finals how far can they go . i think it's true what we just heard in the report if you beat spain
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you can beat anybody i mean next opponent is croatia one of the favorites we would say ahead of the tournament was that and then they had a very hard time knocking out denmark that day so again anything is possible russia of course is lacking some kind of quality and that could become a challenge with the next opponents but then again they have this crowd behind and know how to run and fight so a predictions anyway extremely difficult in this world cup and i think it's possible to go further for them nick let's come to you know we heard barbara say russia's not going to face croatia denmark yesterday what do you think of this croatia team in this team is missing the razzle dazzle that they had in the first two games when they beat nigeria to newlands argentina quite surprisingly three nil the game against them i guess it wasn't quite the same they didn't quite perform the same way this look and see how they did. denmark got off to the perfect start as mathias nor vincent hoped to side from the top to the second was but croatia struck back just moments later
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to keep firing his side level in the middle was like a penalty miss from luka moderates set its sights on a penalty shoot out event record sealed victory for the way she was setting up the quarter final showdown with russia. this is actually quite interesting because the first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty two games are decided in the penalty shoot out on the same day and overall in the game they prefer perform slightly better than denmark did and i can see them going to the final because they happen to be on the easier side of the bracket and what we saw yesterday is that three big names are really taking a look at modern even rocket environment which players who stop players for their top sides but in the national team are actually working for each other rather than for themselves and i think that's a very good sign going forward is a very tough pill to swallow for cost push michael the denmark keeper he saved three of six penalties all together in this game one in extra time to get it to penalties and to more in the shootout so he actually put down a man of the match performance question of a just that
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a bit better in advance to face russia yeah that being said how do you think they're going to do against russia because as we heard from barbara there you have the home team in their favor a city i mean my gut feeling is that the creators going to win this but i have underestimated russia every single point of this tournament and they kind of remind me of the germany team from two thousand and six they've got they're riding this wave of euphoria they've gone into it's one of them without particularly high expectations and they've already exceeded all sorts of expectations barber said beforehand we want expects them to it was advanced in the group stages now they're in the quarter finals so logic says croatia but with the fan backing russia can do anything yet this isn't the world cup of surprises could anyone when it now actually is french think is it the way it says have those two sides of the bracket as a very easy side the back of the much russian question having to find selves on a on the same side of sweden switzerland colombian england who will play tomorrow as that means they will be unless of course we've been eliminated. the final a new finalist which means we got very good chances of actually winning this or in barber coming back to you in moscow what can we look forward to today. what
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i think the lesson americans showed on of course result mexico and then also that's the two matches we having to say again two favorites we would say brazil and belgium clia favorites and these. again who knows what's going to happen so they are at barbara more for us in russia nick mckenzie. thank you both very much for your analysis. you're watching news still to come a race against time rescuers carry on their desperate search for twelve boys trapped in a cave in thailand even after nine days there is hope the group could still be alive. and a crackdown is a crackdown on indonesia's l g b t community fueling out crisis a new human rights watch report says it it will find out what. will also take a look at what made it on to this year's world heritage list those stories coming up after suffering.
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a mounting cannot. keep temperature on splenda and a dream vacation school. menu. and he said it is a balanced smiling ocean liner style high real estate prices desperate to local resident . can this kind of development you start. to set a new scheme out and speak. in forty eight minutes.
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we make up over three quarters of a fix that under budget cuts this summer services. being one to shape the continent's future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seven seven percent platform for africa in charge of. climate change. sustainability. environmental. give globalization effect biodiversity species nontraditional exploitation the quality. human rights displacement soon. to global income to a local action. three thousand. a clash of cultures in. a clash between those who believe in
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a range that orange. want to. cut that shrinking families and society to the core. charge joy if. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin coming up in the next fifteen minutes a deadly bombing in afghanistan this time the country's minority sikhs are in the crosshairs and the view of inequality from the air and artistic captures revealing images of india's financial capital. but first to indonesia human rights watch alleges the government is undermining the fight against hiv through its crackdown on the l g b t community the report states that since two thousand
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and sixteen there's been a sharp increase in rhetoric from officials of politicians against members of the lesbian gay bisexual and transgender community last year alone police detained at least a three hundred people because of their presumed sexual orientation activists say fear within the community is impacting already rising rates of h i v infection now in two thousand and seven if you look at the numbers the hiv rate among gay men was around five percent in two thousand and fifteen that figure shot appear to twenty five percent homosexuality isn't illegal in muslim majority indonesia but that hasn't stopped police from ratcheting up the pressure on the community detained and publicly shamed these men are paying the price for allegedly being gay. crackdowns on gatherings like this by police have become common supported by and the law human rights watch says this is fuelling and hiv epidemic these clubs or
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sauna others or even some of the private parties were places where each of your outreach workers would conduct education about the virus would convince people to undergo voluntary tests and teach people about prevention. police sometimes not to social media accounts to discover events locations many have been shut down the closing down of such places frequented by the community has made it even more difficult for health workers to reach them it's also affecting their work. lower enforcement raids anyone they think is involved in homosexual conduct so that scares me i feel afraid in my current line of work. and it will non-governmental organizations play a crucial role in reaching a vulnerable groups in indonesia but the climate of fear and panic is only making it harder for one of the country's most marginalized communities.
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let's bring in correspondent critique of articles from the indonesian capital jakarta hi kritika good to see you in its report human rights watch says there is a moral panic against indonesia's community why is there such a panic what has brought this on. you do community is a very cheap target for both sides because there's not any great popular uprising against it so as this report says in the past two years everyone from the top political leadership including the vice president on down have been able to attack the us e.g. community and not really pay a political price because according to a recent poll seventy nine percent of indonesians are not comfortable in a general sense of the t.v. people so does this mean that there is essentially implicit support from the government for this type of moral panic. you could say that many topics issues of this that since twenty sixteen how does locally denounce the
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l g b t community so the situation deteriorated very fast because it came from the top down and moreover they haven't taken any steps to curb police sprigs of games galveston's especially in jakarta and the island of java critic it's important to note that homosexuality is not illegal in indonesia so why are we seeing this campaign against the people. what isn't there to target in the freezer g.t.t. only came to prominence of course as an english phrase and in a country that doesn't majority speak english the phrase has become kind of a straw man distilling a lot of fears of change and a lot of conservative and religious elements against this straw man argument so you know that's why we're seeing this situation continue to present. correspondent chris think about a girl on the challenges facing the l g b t community in indonesia thank you very much. for having me. now in afghanistan at least nineteen
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people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the eastern city of jalalabad the suicide bomber struck a vehicle carrying members of the minority sikh community they were headed to meet president asha ghani who just hours earlier opened a hospital in the city the so-called islamic state claimed the attack the blast is the latest in renewed violence since june when a government ceasefire and a peace march by ordinary afghans offered some hope of a return to normality. they marched for almost seven hundred kilometers across afghanistan during the month of ramadan no less these eighty men made their way across the country south to reach the capital kabul many of them bearing the scars of war they've had enough and wanted to set an example and that's why they struck out they passed through taliban areas and contested zones before finally reaching kabul after four weeks. from the first moment when we left helmand people were
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really friendly to us. both from the taliban and the afghan army. even if they were women or people who were injured and just everybody. for a moment in mid june the unthinkable seemed possible first the afghan government proclaimed a unilateral ceasefire to honor the end of the month of muslim fasting the taliban match their troops it came to touching scenes of taliban fighters and afghan government soldiers who otherwise fought bitterly shook hands the president seized the opportunity to call on the taliban to work towards lasting peace. what. has surprised the world want peace. we should solve our problems together. i say together i mean what government the taliban and the people say we should stop fighting for religion and political differences because there is no justification
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for that. but while some celebrated others continued to bomb the terrorist militia the so-called islamic state stepped up its suicide attacks in june there were dozens of victims like here in. the hopes of the war torn country lasted a mere three short days after even marking the end of the month of fasting the taliban resumed fighting the people of afghanistan are war weary but even the peace marc. tears of helmand doubt that their action will bring about lasting change. because the taliban have already warned people about taking part in the parliamentary elections in the autumn anyone who chooses to vote will have their fingers cut off after a threat like this and considering the security situation at the moment i don't think many people will vote. underdone. the exhausted activists are left with nothing but a mentor of their dream for a peaceful homeland as of
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a few days ago the afghan army made plans to resume battling the taliban and once more the notion of peace in afghanistan seems reachable. now by is india's financial capital and also the second most densely populated city in the world at thirty one thousand seven hundred people per square kilometer space comes at a premium it also comes with widespread inequality and this is what it looked like the fact tackler images provide an aerial view of what it means to live cheek by jowl in a city that is one of the drivers of india's economy images like these are part of a global project by cape town based artist johnny miller has drones to capture global inequality and he spoke to the artist about this project called an equal sea . well you know the man behind the pictures the artist himself johnny miller rather the man behind the drone that ultimately ended up being in these pictures johnny
4:39 pm
thanks so much speaking to doit's of why use drones for these pictures. well you know drones have this amazing ability to give you a new perspective on things i mean you're literally flying above the earth and you can see it from a perspective that you can't any other way and set of perhaps from an airplane or renting a really expensive helicopter so the idea with an equal scenes originally and was that this empowering technology that i had access to because drones at that point two years ago had become cheap enough for me to be able to buy one. could give the viewer a completely new understanding of inequality you also took this project its day began in south africa over than you wanted to get across to tanzania kenya mumbai was one of the places that you feel and in surely each place must have had its own peculiarities in terms of the inequality that you encountered what was it about moon by that jumped out at you. mumbai is an amazing city it's one of my favorite
4:40 pm
cities in the world there is so much going on there it's incredible it's. a peninsula that's incredibly dense and i think because of that density you know the images that i gotz just in their scale was different than any other city that i photographed around the world i mean the the number of. i don't want to call them slums but of small houses compared to the richer side of the streets which is generally high rise apartment buildings is almost overwhelming it almost doesn't even seem real when you look at some of those photos in terms of population density and the real the world is expanding in the quality seem to be diaby in hand in hand with that what were some of the interesting insights you go through this entire project rooted to other countries as well. well i mean that it's a world problem honestly so that inequality is not confined to one area of the world it's not a south african problem it's not a even a particular theme problem it's not about gender or race or housing or
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crime inequality cuts across all of those and involves each one of those as well so in the case of india for example you've got issues of. ethnicity you've got issues of gender you've got issues of opportunity and of social mobility and then obviously just of the economic system in general and i think that that is really relevant to viewers who reside anywhere like for example the photos that i took in america even though they might not look the same as the photos in mumbai the issues that people are dealing with in detroit for example are exactly the same and that that makes the project really relevant i think to a wider population or a wider audience and my hope is that when people see that relevance and they want to talk about it they actually want to figure out how to solve the problem of inequality as well so there is there's a leading process that goes towards action that i'm hoping people will take.
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you're watching news or reminder now of our top stories at this hour a last ditch effort is underway to appease germany's interior minister who. has threatened to resign over chancellor angela merkel's migration policy the conservative leadership is due to meet shortly to see if they can agree on a compromise the rift between the c.d.u. c.s.u. alliance has the potential to topple merkel's coalition government and andres manuel lopez obrador has won mexico's presidential election by a wide margin in his victory speech the veteran leftist pledge to work for the country's poor he also said he would seek friendly relations with the u.s. . now a nation's hopes are pinned on a team of rescue divers in thailand they're trying to reach a group of boys and their soccer coach have been trapped inside a flooded cave complex for more than a week it's believed they could be sheltering in an air pocket but reaching it has been slow going. with the search for the twelve missing boys and their coach
4:43 pm
entering its ninth day everyone involved in the rescue mission is uncomfortably aware that time is running out multinational teams including time navy seal divers have so far found only belongings left at the mouth of the cave system which runs under mountainous territory in the northern chiang right province. we all have our targets today the seals have the distance they want to advance the army and teams on the mountain aim to move further forward and extend the distance they're drilling it everyone has the target of saving thirteen lives. the divers have squeezed through narrow tunnels to within five hundred metres of a chamber containing an elevated rock mound known as protégé a beach after one of thailand's most popular tourist attractions rescuers hope the holo might have provided a refuge for the boys when rains flooded the cave and blocked the way out.
4:44 pm
above ground the pitch where the football team train has been turned into a makeshift tele pad as long as the search continues there's hope near the entrance to the cave local villages of conducted religious ceremonies calling for the safe return of the boys aged between eleven and sixteen and at school a specialist's embley held by their classmates. of course i'm worried about my friends who are trapped inside the cave and i miss them i just want them to come back so we can play football together again. doctors say the boys and their coach can survive for days without food but much will depend on whether they have enough clean drinking water. turning now to china and a new social credit system under development that ranks everyone based on their behavior too much time on the wrong websites not using proper birth control or
4:45 pm
speaking out against the government are examples of how to lose points the program is currently being tested out in several locations and should span all of china by two thousand and twenty. outside this town hall building in china as a bulletin board displaying photos of exemplary citizens one of whom happens to be passing by shanghai is such a good role model that she first test to talk to the party secretary before she can answer a few questions. it takes a moment. but she's given the green light. we have all of this in here this is may and this makes you proud. that you can see i was respectful and to be dealing with my parents i have a hollowness family and have helped other people all over the people here i
4:46 pm
considered role models on the table let's hope he inshallah. shing says of course she's proud to have been chosen and to have been given so many points for exemplary behavior why it's worth it all to get a credit a good school for the kids or a trip everything is easy when you have a lot of points in the village where sharing lives is part of a pilot project a gigantic social experiment that could change china this bulletin board shows the rules of the game and you don't just get points for good behavior but you're also ranked. people who get into fights or surf on foreign websites too often lose points those who don't have enough points are not allowed to join the political party or unable to get loans or social welfare however those who do tow the line are rewarded. then chan hong is in charge of giving out the all important points in
4:47 pm
the village the social credit account and no one knows more about the people living here than she does and perhaps no one is as feared as she is. give a shit when i go out with the points we go to every family and ask them questions and collect information and everyone should tell his his or her opinion of everyone else then we have a discussion in the village community and choose the role model. timber had so far to get to see into this that buckshot when says everything in the village has improved since the project began it's much cleaner and more peaceful many people help each other out voluntarily or do they do it just to get points but at the water my party says we should create a homogeneous society. that's why we have the social credit system the way you are now everyone pays close attention to their behavior and what they say but i want to take a look at cell phone it's simple it's that almost no negative or pole because now
4:48 pm
everyone is very careful the same into that they had to go that there is a get out killed. a few kilometers away in wrong chong there is an integrity square and it's here inside a large glass palace that the bureau of social credit is located at some point everyone needs a certificate detailing their score. that so they can buy a house or register a child at school in fact without a certificate nothing's possible in the model city of wrong chung in other countries laws and constitutions to find how people should co-exist within their society but china's leaders appear to want even more control. the regime here is not very trusting. they always think that there are people in society who want to bring down those in power. they're very afraid of losing the power as they have. no leader since mouth say don't has been as powerful as
4:49 pm
chinese president and party leader xi jinping he wants to build a social credit and surveillance state in china like never seen before a type of digital dictatorship. one that shows no mercy even for those who have done nothing wrong lee when sue for example wants to know where her husband is a human rights lawyer he was arrested and has been missing for over a thousand days lead has been calling attention to his disappearance is under house arrest her children are no longer allowed to go to kindergarten during neighbors gather in front of her home to sling verbal abuse at her and her family. in the harbor of the model city wrong chong no one dares speak out openly against the social credit system the mandatory scheme will soon encompass all of china with everyone divided into good and bad citizens who to vote for you there must be a reason to do this i can't explain it i just think that it's rational you just have to do it you're going to do the social credit system is set to encompass the
4:50 pm
entire country starting in two thousand and twenty from then on the people of china will be all too aware that their every action could have consequences. for more than a week now the un's cultural organization unesco has been meeting in bahrain to decide which landmark sites around the world should get the status of unesco world heritage site and we have robin merrill from our culture desk with us robin what has made it onto the list this year well is quite a great mix as always we can have a look at a couple of international examples first of all this great looking temple i'm hoping we're going to see any second now that there is yeah this is in the mountains of korea one of four in that region buddhist monasteries actually that are being given world heritage site status and then there's the medina in coto
4:51 pm
cordoba in spain the ruins of a huge morris city by the way that was rigidly built in the tenth century by the callous of cordoba to show how powerful he was also as a horrible way it was named after his favorite concubine so good to have a city named after isn't that enough now there were two of german sites that were also nominated were they successful they yes both of them were one is the thirteenth century cathedral near laci was quite a surprise that it was accepted we'll have a look at that in a bit minute but first a there's a viking site that was originally discovered at the end of the nineteenth century rice up in the north of germany actually on the border with denmark it's called high tabu or. in danish and instead it is a great example of cross border co-operation between the two countries things a still being discovered on the side we see on the video will behind as actually but meanwhile a viking settlement is being reconstructed there and there's
4:52 pm
a museum so let's have a look at it. vikings life was not one for softies they hunted for food with bows and arrows. made their own clothes to keep them warm in winter. and built wooden ships with the simplest of tools. it was a life within and in harmony with nature they had an incredibly sharp power of observation they were well acquainted with all the materials around them and knew how to use them to their advantage to build houses ships wagons and make rope. they made a great many things that we could hardly even imagine today. in northern germany seven touched roof wooden houses have been faithfully
4:53 pm
reconstructed the settlement was built at the end of the shoreline and in lent on the baltic sea it was a strategic location for trading precious metals weapons and. behind me a viking age settlements at first glance it doesn't look like much because it's just green fields but in archaeology of course the real treasures are underground and here there's hardly a square centimeter that doesn't contain logical findings and. is archaeologically contaminated. in the nearby viking museum visitors can inspect many of those original artifacts the vikings often get a bad rap as fierce warriors and marauders the museum also shows the softer side the vikings highly developed bronze and silver smith craft for example and jewelry . the donna vert nearby consists of earthworks walls and
4:54 pm
trenches. some thirty kilometers of the original fortifications date back one thousand years and also included in this new unesco world heritage sites. for the other german site that successfully got on to the list was a number cathedral tell us more about there. is a small town just west of leipzig kind of in the middle of germany really and it's quite a unique example because it's a mixture of architecture romanesque and gothic architecture built in the thirteenth century it dominates the town there with its four spires or towers and it's also famous for the stone figures inside the cathedral which was sculpted by an anonymous stone mason who simply known as the noun borg mosque they've never actually find out who he was but he was obviously a master of his craft anyway that is actual my bucket is because i'm a bit of
4:55 pm
a fad of cathedrals so what does it mean to be on the world heritage site less why is this important protection basically i would say there are one hundred ninety three states in the un that's practically the whole. and being listed as a unesco world heritage site gives the site legal protection under international treaties set up by the un so the sites can't be knocked down from zero to zero something that preserved as they are and actually get a bit of a high status and they get a lot of media attention like that and the be more visitors which is a good thing for the cathedral and for all the other sites all right well more on the us go world heritage sites on our website indeed it did dot coms last culture lots more pictures of other sites that will be named the ship all right robin now from our culture desk thank you robin. just a reminder now of our top story that we're following for you here on a last ditch effort is underway to appease germany's ensure your minister sequel for his threatened to resign over chancellor angela merkel's migration policy the
4:56 pm
conservative leadership is meeting to see if they can agree on a compromise the rift between the alliance has the potential to topple merkel's coalition government. thanks for watching to stay with us so.
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we're going to. take. a few textural splenda a dream vacation spunked. many. times so is this palace smelling an ocean liner sky high real estate prices desperate to president. in this kind of development we start. to set a new scheme out and speak to the system isn't supposed to go.
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climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good new eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire shut. people when it comes to the environment magazine come. on d w. a museum was committed she cannot see the unsub. is a call to change hands out the buddhist concept boosts ahead but first. place. people put big dreams on the big screen.
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movie magazines on the dummy in. their lives to surf the. danger lurks in the water we were there for you long surfing waste and polluted water. basically the station well as long as a backup a little bit of a bit of. israeli peace it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more and more broadly shoeshine it seems to me everything the way most of the women have to give something back so i feel obliged to assume. white waves. searchers fighting against unseen pollution in the city torch july fourteenth on g.w. .
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this is day doubly news live from berlin a showdown over migration starts germany's governments to crisis interior minister jose hoffa c.s.u. posses due to meet with chancellor merkel seem to you in this as the conservative alliance of tribes to mend fences it's a whole thing has threatened to resign of the chance was migration policy. out of the world cup croatia book that sponsored the quarter finals for.


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