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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2018 1:02am-1:15am CEST

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very happy that the see do you and the c. s. you have reached a compromise with regard to controlling and introducing order in the question of the prevention of the second migration of the european council a few days ago we agreed that we have to deal with the secondary migration because otherwise the freedoms of the schengen area and the freedom of movement will be put in jeopardy. we agreed to take steps. at a national entering a level but also to work in partnership with the countries of origin and with other countries. and that's exactly what we're going to do here in germany when they set up transit centers and after talking to the countries that asylum seekers come from . the and the countries that they are registered in. we will start sending people back. that ensures the spirit of cooperation in the european union but at
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the same time it takes an important step towards controlling secondary migration that's exactly what was important to me. and so i believe that after some hard bargaining and tough days we've arrived at a really good compromise. it was originally their joy to hear the big table is the w.g. political editor mackellar co-founder so you know i said you know at the beginning of the show we've got a crisis averted because the german chancellor gave in some want gave the interior minister the heart of what he wanted but there's another party we're not talking about this the social democrats they're a part of this governing coalition they're going to talk about all of this tomorrow what happens if they say no not with us well there are several layers to this crisis and once this actually goes to the forum where the social democrats start talking about it we're already out of the territory where this is have the
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potential of being an acute government crisis after all this was the conservative camp really fighting with these had a lot of infighting which also to the democrats by surprise they really didn't expect this to happen is unusual for german politics is even easier for german politics and such it says the democrats who really took the plunge once again against better knowledge that will list say against what this attend was and went back into this grand coalition to then suddenly find the conservative tom infighting is quite something now the sense of democrats happened against these sentence in the past this is something they went on the record with but at the same time we have opinion polls here in germany setting there's a book majority for more restriction on who comes in it's all about better control both in terms of you use external borders but specifically also germany's borders now we had to hit talk about this spirit of cooperation in the european union well
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she's really fighting to maintain schengen the saying in agreement borderless europe she doesn't really want to see that challenge and yet she's given ground for two horse they will fuss saying on his border in bavaria that's the german austrian border yes he's very important that that there would be more infrastructure in play . is that the potential the sentence on that potential migrants who have registered elsewhere in the european union could be sent back now this is not going to go down well with the social democrats but this is the democrats themselves are really fighting for their political survival as one of the major policies here and any and they've seen those opinion polls too they've spoken to their own members and they simply is no appetite to have a big fight is so down on that specific issue of migration where we are seeing a new consensus towards being much tougher on migration both here in germany but
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certainly at the european level that's what we certainly don't with it sometimes and bustle of sort about that what this agreement what what it's going to mean we've got these these transit centers on the austrian german border but very in border we're talking about border controls being reinstituted so the sharing agreement the free movement is going to be impacted here so is it the end of this showing in free movement reality that we've known now for decades the big concern certainly of the germans hans has still has i'm sure. is that it could be the beginning of the end of saying and you know once you have small cracks in this system this can be something that spreads to other countries that aren't really travel the world on the freeways and things are i mean is that going to be impacted do we know could potentially be they haven't spelled out how will work exactly right now there are three points checkpoints at this point that well that's not really
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a lot these are these are spot checks basically and that border police are doing this sounds a lot more hands on a lot tighter psychologically that's important to hosty for a seal fantasies you've lost your contesting rejections in october but at the same time this could have potential implications on sang and but also on other states where the german. that is really the one who from day one of pushed the idea of having a soylent asylum system in the european union so there would be no need for exactly how these kinds of such as she is just agree to set up at least for the very a and migration has a tendency to go round these obstacles our chief political editor. and what has been a very bizarre day in german politics let me give you thanking him walk with a knife they are safe and they are alive after days of intensive searching the twelve school boys and their football coach missing in a flooded cave complex in northern thailand have been found now this video has
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appeared online showing the moment that navy seal divers located the boys in the cave complex the group with missing in the cave in chong right province last saturday after heavy flooding left them trapped inside divers have been trying desperately to find them ever since we understand all thirteen are in safe and in good condition tonight because one of florian there she joins us now from the thai capital bangkok he is on the story for us this evening for ian hello to you the boys we understand they have been found and we understand they're all alive but they haven't been rescued yet what more do we know. exactly and i think it's very important to note that despite all the jubilation and elation and you know everyone is happy right now that they found the boys that. a
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very big part of work still lies ahead of the rescue teams and because the boys are still a few kilometers inside that huge cave and large parts of the cave are still flooded by water so now the rescue teams have to come up with the plan how to extricate the boys and so now there are different options one is to just wait until the water subsides by itself and also with the pumps the water pumps that are still trying to get the water out but that might take a few days and so that is probably not an option one option that i've just read about online is that they're actually debating whether or not to teach the boys how to navigate with diving equipment now on a scuba dive in myself and i know how you can easily freak out when it's dark around you even if you're in a big ocean let alone in a constricted narrow cave so i don't see any way of you know getting those boys out
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with their own diving gear so you talk to be able to because of course you said that they will now assess the situation what about the condition of the boys and the search for clue about the condition of the boys and because well the yeah so apparently apparently the medical the first medical doctors are with the team they're assessing the situation we haven't heard any official results yet but i mean you have seen the video i thought of those boys looked surprisingly well they were asking questions they were some of them were even able to stand up so i was surprised to see that they were actually they actually looked quite fit now that has to be assessed by the medical teams there supplied with power gel apparently to regain strength. so we'll have to wait a few more hours to wait for the to hear from the authorities how they want actually to go forward and it's also interesting if they're talking about scuba diving as a as
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a way to get out of the cave in the boys must be in good physical condition for them to even consider that what about the boy's families they've been waiting outside the cave for days this must be van testing news for them. yes definitely we have seen pictures online where they were just having each other they were praying they were just so happy to actually receive that information that their voice after nine days were actually found relatively safe and they have been most of them have been camping outside the cave despite incessant rain so they wouldn't budge they wouldn't move away and so now their prayers were heard and the boys are apparently safe at a correspondent on the story for us tonight in bangkok thank you very much. for some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the united nations says the number of people displaced by fighting in southwestern
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syria has risen to two hundred seventy thousand this follows the escalation two weeks ago of a government offensive against the rebels stronghold are regime troops have been gaining ground with their ally russia negotiating rebel withdrawals from contested villages iran's president hassan rouhani has arrived in switzerland for talks on the future of the iran nuclear deal between iran and international powers the u.k. france china russia and germany are trying to salvage the agreement after the united states pulled out in may under the deal iran promised to curtail sensitive nuclear activities in return for an easing of economic sanctions. at the world cup on monday belgium staged a remarkable comeback to be japan three to advance to the turn of its quarter finals the red devils scored a dramatic injury time winner becoming the first team in forty eight years to
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overturn a two goal deficit in a world cup knockout game. a frantic second half saw all the goals and right at the start of it thinking how did she kept his cool to put the blue samurai in the lead. and then minutes later to kashi in we added a second for japan. and the next big world cup upset appeared to be in the making on the now midway through the second half belgium started to exploit their height advantage young for tongue in surprise japan's age. with this looping header after sixty nine minutes belgium were back in the game and it took them just five more minutes to equalised him out one final and then in the very dying seconds of the game deep in injury time another substitute search oddly the dramatic l.g. thank you for japan and china will play brazil in the quarterfinals. and belgium will have to be at their best to stuff neymar in that match he started
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brazil's two no victory over mexico the forward scored one and set up another as his country made it through to the last eight or the seventh target in iraq. this was a move started and finished by name leon picking up the slack in between his like ross leaving brazil stop man with a simple finish soon after house tying they dream it was name more than brazil deserve to after a sustained spell of pressure. and they made sure of that victory with two minutes to go i may mock this time to provide f. a substitute repaired say for me. to nail it finished neymar in brazil that cranking into gear it just the right time this is the seventh straight tournament mexico is world cup has ended in tears at the last sixteen states was europe today with a w. news more on our website at the w dot com and we'll be back at the top of the hour
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