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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CEST

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the clash that's shaking families and society to the core. i thought it would be angry sometimes i think him when he did. come and starts joining d w. i we want to welcome to another exciting week of euro max i'm your host meghan li from russia with love to berlin on high we are on the road a lot today here's a look at what's coming up. on the catwalk designer wrong no fun at cannes up cycled fashion. on the volga discover the russian city of new sure enough
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got off to. an true view finder of the fascinating world of photographer force in lights. we start off the show with a fashion rebel of sorts dutch design are wrong a lot of fun that kemp is making a name for himself by going against the grain his fashion is recycled his models represent strong women and his last collection was put together by syrian refugees now if anyone is trying to stand out from the rest of this week's shows in paris then it's find a camp we were on hand at one of his runway shows. models with acid to trusting their staff and it actually had to tell next to the paris opera. designer ronald banda kemp is taking part in the paris art could still show for the third time. he chooses his models very carefully. says
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finish for me it's very important that the women are very strong i really like to him what newton type of woman because they can be very sexy or maybe even totally make it but they still emanate power the power of. his flamboyant creation specially serve to underline individual personalities. all these outfits are unique creations first and foremost because they're made of recycled materials . for suki my new job i always try to only use materials that already exist so i collect them i buy from people who buy up old stock from the big couture houses who no longer need the fabric. from the go to are always in the sometimes i've even used military fabric or it might be an old american flag. so then i look through all the stuff that i have and think about what i can do with it. and so on is that i get to work sort of i mean not going to the market was good to with
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a conscience has become ronald venda kemp's trademark. needed to do so but some pieces of fabric sort other people didn't want to the beginning we needed to do that just because of the shia economics but i think what he's doing now is that that's trying to become as a static in a way in the gunsmoke is the entire fashion industry is moving in the wrong direction and i want to set a positive example of how things could be done that you can use what's already there to produce something very exciting ends of things not. like these patriotic pants. several u.s. superstars immediately ordered a pet. through an emission tuition jeans and they were a mix of jeans and the american flag really like easy rider course and it was a huge success it was at the time of the elections in the us i had been consciously planned out that way but that's how it went. then kendall jenner modeled them for
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american vogue then katy perry war zones and miley cyrus was really a huge success. model and then became studio is not exactly close to any of the big sent his of international fashion. after working for big name brands like celine and discard he decided to launch his own label that was in twenty fourteen since then he's lived and worked in amsterdam if i'm sure in. four months and i like working from amsterdam because there i'm not surrounded by all these fashion experts who want to give me advice and tell me what to do i don't feel the competition there either and i can focus on what i believe in. place last show in january of this year some of these other outfits was sewn together by refugees that fled to the netherlands. is pretty funny so for the women this is like another world they have
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a very tough when you hear their stories it's really very very difficult to want that there so it was something really positive to keep posting and they worked with great love and dedication and we then used the things they made so it was a win win situation win win situations army. his latest collection is also good for a surprise some of the outfits this time i made partly of paper. you could really change people's minds and i think he's very good at that and he's very just for so much is own person you know what he's doing it he doesn't really care what everybody else is doing or thinking he just is very very. these are unmanned i speak truth he would apply and you have a rebel references obviously. loves fashion you know. that's what we're here for. and. was just silly for
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a show because. with his unusual approach the fashion maverick from the netherlands has made it onto the official colors of could your calendar and that was his goal all along. with route two of this is to go to is the ultimate in fashion and that's where i want to be i want to showcase my designs alongside chanel and valentino because these outfits are really very high quality and i also want to show that even as a small designer you can make. this or a no go to a muffin. dislike each different collection has certainly brought a little extra fled to the paris fashion world prices the stuff up to chile. all right time now for a roundup of other cultural news and professional divers were jumping off bridges in spain for the red bull cliff diving world series over the weekend that story
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plus germany has just added two new locations to its a long list of cultural heritage sites that are more coming up in today's express. germany has to unesco world heritage sites because people made it onto the list after years of waiting and numerous attempts at the biking settlements have faded blue and the medieval fortification of jayna vaca have also gains unesco status. see if you guys pick but an important aspect is that the tens of thousands of visitors that we get each year will now. you know with a different awareness. is knowing that this is an archeological monument with global significance and. germany now has forty four world heritage sites elsewhere in europe spains form a caliphate city medina has a harbor which is a thousand years old was also angry along with
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a former industrial and residential complex of the olympics you company in france northern italy. that this song and dance celebration is underway in the capsule riga it's one of the largest festivals in europe tens of thousands of performing artists from across the country all taken plus around half a million visits his are expected to attend that's a quarter of last year's population they also sixty five different events for the festival and it takes place once every five years so this year it's moving cause a festival taste to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of let fan independence the festival in this july ninth. the world's best cliff divers gathered in the spanish city of goodbye with the weekend it was the first european event in the twenty eighteen red bowl cliff diving board series competitors jumped from the twenty seven meter high left side of a bridge against
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a backdrop of twenty five thousand spectators and the famous guggenheim museum europe is set to host the remaining five events including the final in september. the next stop will be so me getting in the portuguese azores. time now to take a trip thanks to a viewer request from mexico done nice radius for hails from victoria would like to know more about russia which is currently hosting the world cup soccer tournament so we thought we would take this occasion to. for the city of me off thought this is located right in the middle of the country and is also one of the venues where the matches are currently being played now. enough got off not just known for its new soccer stadium it's also where glass christmas ornaments are made so without
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further ado let's rush off to russia. a hefty storm passes of the nizhny novgorod not the time to go for a stroll. and even after the rain stops getting around isn't easy. time to dry off in one of the city's a luxury hotels and to be pampered a little by head chefs or unveil of h. he's won many international awards for his work today he's cooking salmon bagus. according to commission you know after all it is located right on the river volga. so there simon santow pike and car property. and they're very popular with our guests. the weather has improved the time to tour the city it's located at the point where the rivers flow and ok i mean history teacher education make nizhny
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novgorod the ideal trading hub in centuries past merchants used the rivers to transport their goods to the baltic black and caspian sea the foundations of the city's historic fortress take back to the thirteenth century it long served to guard the city from attack these days it's home to the regional government. the new silk arena now stands directly at the confluence of the two rivers it seats forty five thousand people and was built especially for the world cup it cost two hundred fifty million euros the city's soccer club plays for one of the knowing they're likely to struggle to fill the stadium after the tournament in its. right next door is the city's most important church named after alexander nevsky a russian orthodox saint and former military here at. the cathedral is known for its magnificent transpose and wall of icons.
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the icon of the holy mother is particularly famous. right now we're getting a lot of visitors from abroad. understand that this is an orthodox church and secret place. they all behave in a way that's appropriate. during the soviet era the city was off limits to foreigners it was a key manufacturing site for military equipment back then nizhny novgorod was named corky after the right. today many locals were delighted to well. the world soccer fans who want to do you can see for yourself how many people have come here and it used to be very different but other than more you're right we're happy to have so many people visiting the city the good although it's great to have to talk to the me of just this new me as for the fans they're making the most of their time here. i am local busker sings of the beauty of nizhny novgorod with all its traditions he
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composed the song himself did you think it was. think of. traditional craftsmanship has long played an important role in nizhny novgorod for more than a century artists working on the edge of the city have been creating russia's most famous souvenir symmetry of her dolls. the first russian muchly oscar was created in the late nineteenth century today hardly any tourist visiting nizhny novgorod would think of leaving without buying one of the dolls the company here employs seven hundred people they've been working flat out to keep the shops well stocked for the tourists and that is the magic symbolizes feminine beauty motherhood and family you. know my very beautiful children love to play with
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them to take them apart and put them back together again it was the right this a bit that way they can also learn to count which to should guide. nizhny novgorod is also famous for its christmas morals made of glass that produced throughout the year if you want to buy one you need to walk away in advance. because i am with that we're keeping up the traditions of our forefathers and we poor our entire heart and soul into the work it's quite an emotional thing. thank you so for you and this certainly no shortage of emotions among the soccer fans so many it's a dream come true to watch their team at the stadium or even here in the city's fan zone the people of nizhny novgorod have done only can to ensure their guests feel at home and take away happy memories of the city and the summer. at first glance the pictures of german french harder for boris lie seem like test
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shots for a horror movie for his shoots he dresses his subjects like zombies or other characters in some cases and then they take part in live action role playing now here both the actors and the photographer get involved in elaborately stage seems to get an idea of what i'm talking about we take a closer look now at burra slice at work. yan's action. this might look like the shooting of a fantasy film but in fact it's a group of live action role players or purse the machines are deploying right in front of photographer boris nice sled and he's right in the thick of things. he said which it was really difficult to get class excited about the idea of being in a photo i'm not in every situation. it's like a muscle i always had to be careful not to interrupt the game when
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a player was completely immersed in the game then he wanted to stay that way. that's all forgets all about i didn't. learn enter a fantasy world where they can be someone else for a few days they live the life they've invented for themselves this i t expert from castle is playing a machine man in a post-apocalyptic scenario. where playing the end of the world it's oriented on mad max fallout computer games film sentiment time after a big apocalypse we find a setting really cool we can really count loose. this time the scenario is being played out on the field of a former russian military base near mt a book several hundred lurkers from across germany are here what do they do for a living where you ask. them a caregiver. a civil engineer const the
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teacher. student office block. the moment she does i'm right now i'm saying a mutant rats have my face is mutated and i have a rat's tail as part of the genetic experiment. oh well that fits well without background as we said about well we had a biological department a technical department and they reconnect all of these aspects through experiments at him and he wanted to show the several of us doing our classical reports hard on this but right from the start or just wanted to concentrate on the characters which for me are the essence of the whole fame care to focus on all the details which show these people's imaginations. different as if i decided that from the start and was glad about it in the end because it let me concentrate on the characters you start off there's always more to discover about the feel. to it and then for tim.
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russert maybe for the cop aside from the photographic work it was exciting to discover the people behind the personas over the course of three and a half years i got to know very very different people. in my only thing they had in common was that they were very open a very open creative community to mine the coffins of us. lurkers often spend months developing their costumes and characters then once a year the fiction becomes reality not in virtual reality but in the real world is not the invincible introduced you know i was never drawn to computer games or console's i like to do things myself as keep pressing a button and making a little man run somewhere doesn't do much for me much as i want to live the adventure myself. this parallel universe even has a first lady and she too plays a role in boris license portrait project. to
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be a book someone had always had the idea of making a book there was a dream of mine for the medium of photography is still something printed work this . now will bore a slice this work provides a glimpse into another world. for this week's series we're taking a look at europe's major cities but from a different perspective and for the first edition we're starting right here in the german capital now berlin has so much to offer that as a tourist it's hard to know where to start so we're going to tag along with a singer and songwriter as she shows us which corner she likes best starting off in the trendy district of quites back. then has plenty of famous tourist sites but if you want something different head to
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the great spanish songwriter doctor can find it a great place to switch off in the heart of the city. the hills down sixty six meters above sea level lends its name to the surrounding districts. to quote back the carts back is a place to relax. it's a beautiful park offering a great feel of a city it's a nice place to meet with friends to an alternative to dalton and started out as if she's lived in balance quite a bank district for many years she knows all the small shops here like the silver disk the record store. is a thing for me this shop is particularly important for me so my albums were in fact the first shop to do so. well to cannot produce these videos to go with her songs
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filmed on the streets of berlin and. then he kept. trying to but it is extremely popular with artists you find exhibitions in all sorts of places like here and side to form a church or some type of news. the. gallery shows contemporary art here targeting the younger generation. as if we currently have thirty eight artists on our books all of them making contemporary art many of them come from abroad but now live in berlin. these playful wooden sculptures were made by swiss artist cloudy accompt. not far away in the district of shiner back we find one of the lens more bizarre exhibitions a lipstick museum run by makeup artist and writer of an a car here he divulges the make up secrets of former film divas and other
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celebrities many of them left the lips to kiss instead of an autograph. it was when i got to know hildegard naif that i became a serious collector i did her makeup for over thirty years and advised her on fashion and style. one day she said to me that she'd done an advert for lipstick before i was even born it was for the folks left unchecked meaning people slipstick or v.l. for short the headline in the popular build tabloid was a v.w. so now the women have video. and this is it here it cost one mark fifty back that. district of china back also has a few color a curiosity is like a sardine and bark here sardines and other fish and seafood are served directly from the tin. there are more than seventy different types which thomas fetter is very proud of. as i got the idea for
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a sardine bar while on holiday in lisbon portugal. there aren't many tables so if you're interested you best book in advance. so now to the district of freedom it's time things here are a little more colorful often in many other parts of the city. pose an opportunity for artists to rip their shops selling handmade clothes and accessories and then there's this place the textile shop called. crafts if it has ever been i'm a vegetarian so it was quite a humorous thing to do and does seem to have captured people's imaginations it also fits in with the site because things that appear to be one thing are in fact quite another place garnishment doesn't. lend is still a good address for artists and all other creative types because there's still some free space left but many wonder how long it can last.
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that is what makes the city special is that it's so relaxed but that's under threat when prices are rising rapidly and the politicians aren't doing enough to change that but that's what gives the city of quality of life another good place to relax is in the district of our turn show on housing. many would no doubt be to live in them spangler it's at least open for public viewing it was the last place a bounce house architect meets found a hole designed in germany. the houses l. shaped and the living quarters open out onto a terrace and the. sodium gush of the jew wings of the house basically embrace the garden it's like an active gesture. against. the neighboring district of vice since it is also not short on natural beauty spots it takes its name from a length that's popular for by using it's
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a world away from city life though actually not that far from the city center. and i want that we wrap up today show but before we go we would like to let you in on this week's draw we'd like to know which city you would like to discover just go to our website and take part in our survey and by doing so you qualify to win a euro max watch and now it is time to say goodbye for me and the rest of us here on max as always thanks for watching by from berlin. next time on your american carrots is one of europe's top tourist destinations but away from the famous sights and granville about there is a true chance just waiting to be discovered on in the guidebooks a whole new take on paris next time you're in that.
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car. a few blocks. from. the boat. coming from.
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the. mob the moment. i'm locked. in a snowman he's already been stomped on by dems who was the youngest to put it to ever make it here pierce national team. last few months more for you james of plenty of fish in jimmy's fund is the be accompanied him on this is first class in your above. thirty minutes.
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form or more or. lot more little meaning to something nice for our entire screen jurors are dealing with an image that i killed many some. millions. coming including my father was selfish and i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself not these totally sudden my life became alledge took on a sob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. a museum was mostly just what's going on some. place in the so-called chokes up the food is consumed. by. playing. the play put
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big dreams on the big screen play. plenty magazine on the w. . they live to surf. danger lurks in the mall we were there all year long surfing waste ng and polluted water. basically this is live for as long as a backup of the a field goal. is really nice it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more and more provocation china under the seems to me everything the players the wind have to give something back or i feel obliged to observe. the light waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea starts july fourteenth on the w. . player
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. playing. this is d w news live from berlin camps for migrants at germany's border that is part of the new deal on migration which by chance wrong lamar will enter a hard line interior minister must think will suck but will the rest of the government accept the incarceration of south would be refugees. also coming up a mission not to get accomplished authorities in thailand warn it could take months to rescue the.


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