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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin mission not yet accomplished authorities in thailand warned it could take months to rescue the twelve boys and their software coach from the cave they've been trapped in meaning their ordeal is far from over. also coming up a new deal on migration reached by chance or until america will enter a hard line interior minister force a home for calls for attempts from migrants at the german border. also coming up he is keeping his job documented will stay on as german national team coach that is despite his side crashing out of the world cup. and belgium's three two win over
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japan came thanks to a last minute goal from nasser chadli the belgians can now afford to meeting brazil in the quarter finals. i'm simply so much come back and to have you with us there is huge relief in thailand today after rescuers found twelve boys and their football coach alive in a flooded cave more than a week after they went missing as the monsoon rain continues rescue efforts now center on preventing water levels from rising authorities say could take months before the boys can be brought out safely. the moment that many are calling a miracle twelve boys and their soccer coach found alive after spending more than
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a week hundreds of meters underground they were trapped when heavy monsoon rain flooded the cave and cut off their exit route in the darkness the group lost track of time. for you to say most of the boys are in good health they've now received medical supplies and food but might have to wait a while before they can return to the surface. side their relatives could not contain their joy. they had been praying for days many had feared the worst. but today is the best day i have been waiting for my son for so many days i thought he only had a fifty percent chance of survival. in. the cave complex stretches some ten
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kilometers into a mountain the boys are located near a chamber known as pattaya beach four kilometers from the caves entrance. rescuers had to dive through a labyrinth of passage ways to reach the group a challenge even for expert divers. but diving could be the only way out for the young boy's rescue teams are now preparing to try out this option. the water level in the cave is still very high so we have to teach the boys how to swim to come out will also give them diving masks but only the rescue teams can decide whether they can be brought out safely this way. and alternative would be to wait for water levels in the cave to recede but the monsoon season has just begun and doesn't end until october. rescuers are doing everything they can to avoid this delay.
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it's unclear how long it'll take before the boys see daylight again more heavy rains are forecast in the coming days. and we can speak to reuters correspondent who is outside the cave where the boys are trapped he joins us on the line is there any indication how long it will take to get the boys out. for the time frame has not been fixed. pyar forty has to be prepared different contingencies and. installing communication lines to escape where the two are boys and their coach are currently reciting to enable him to be able to speak to the family sometime tomorrow however. the thai party also
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stresses that when the conditions are right. that would not wait the process in time periods when the conditions are right and when the size of the navy seals digressive or the international died i think that it is a kind of present state for the boys to come out of the caves then they will certainly go for this and an extraction but if it is too soon we don't know it when exactly that can take place because the water levels relatively high. then to stand atop a ration by a. c.t. and bring him out to a mosque for the boys inside at the possibility of them coming out to the water we have to do some sort of sorting through these very mad ok ok now part of what are the biggest hurdles that authorities are facing in getting the boys out. that well but
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a little bit because of the remain the walks and of course the advocate structure itself in many of the areas away from the yeah which was to clear out the narrow waterway which is very difficult you can put there for it. so that that acute could . hardly be out of that that multiple i thought he looked at me quickly a little bit and but much better than anticipated out of us if the get it off of get off them to really deep dive like the way that many people do die that do pretty overrated natalie was elated little dickie back to remain great in the water or the other playing time building capacity to enable. successful extraction the near future all right borders correspondent. joining us on the line thank you very much for that update german chancellor angela merkel has
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a verdict the collapse of her government by resolving a dispute over migration with her hardline interior minister haas they will fire both hail the deal as a success but already the plans are running into resistance the junior partners in michael's coalition the center left s.p.d. are voicing doubts. on the amount all wanted to look like she was getting back to business taking her seat in the bluntest talking there who lost. the two conservative parties they had had been at odds over immigration government's attitude constructed now there's a show of harmony. it followed a late night compromise merkel c.d.u. agreed to demands from same office c.s.u. for tighter restrictions yet the third coalition partner the center left s.p.d. must also agree the party's leaders said it would be pressured. it's a deal the c.d.u. c.s.u. damaged each other in recent weeks the block damage the trust and confidence in our
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democracy in this respect we still have as you see much need for consultation we will take whatever time is needed for this new to good start name opposition parties criticize the c.d.u. c.s.u. compromise. this was not a question of policy. these discussions were all about power and as we see it merkel went very far toward getting her way with europe was its own doing because it's the two parties agreed to establish transit centers on germany's border with austria where asylum seekers would be evaluated those who already applied for protection in another e.u. country would be sent back but that would require new agreements with those countries the heated asylum debate has yet to cool off and the coalition partners plan to hold even more talks today. austria has also reacted to michael's deal saying that the country's prepared to
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protect its southern border should the agreement be implemented in germany addressing the european parliament and strasburg the austrian chancellor sebastian cortes also vowed to tackle illegal immigration in the block as his country takes over the rotating e.u. presidency he is due to meet with the german interior minister on thursday to discuss berlin of migration agreement in detail. now to sports and germany's national soccer coach joachim low's will stay in his post despite his team's world cup failure the german f.a. made the announcement this afternoon the two thousand and fourteen world champion coach was heavily criticised after germany's early knock out in this year's world cup live had asked for some time to think about his future and he reached an agreement to stay on at a meeting with the f.a. earlier today. let's get the very latest now on that news plus the world cup we have to get news all over moody for us down by in moscow and with us
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here in a studio probably pablo foley ileus from deed of the sport thank you very much both of you for joining us public i will start with you for the first however we saw germany get knocked out of the world cup at the group stage and yet the coach wants to stay on. how does that work well firstly it appears that they sucked and they that would be the german football association and some of them together and they've given them well he's essentially given their backing to stay on this coach now let's bear in mind that we're only talking really about three games of the world cup of course and at the end of the day in the grand scheme of things if we kind of forget about the fact that it was the world cup it's not a huge amount of games that we're talking about but also it was a major shock for germany because it's not just about losing some games or just not performing the way they should it's more about they went into this tournament incredibly incredibly confident and they expected more perhaps they expected they went in overly confident so i think it's a chance for us live really to sit back and analyze things look at what went wrong
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and perhaps for the twenty twenty euros things will go a little bit better what is going to have to do to make things go better well that's the million dollar question there were a lot of issues going into this world cup not going into the world cup at the world cup because there was a lot of talk in the german media in particular that there was a bit of a rift in the squad that could have had an influence on things what i was saying to before as well that perhaps they were a little bit overconfident obviously they were the champions going into this so they went in thinking that they could maybe just sort of breeze through the group stages and they were going to see other teams like teams like south korea which in the end it didn't really go according to plan and it tends to happen at the world cup for big teams that when it happened to spain in twenty fourteen and that was related to very similar actual issues in many ways they went in overly confident two thousand and ten it happened with me as well so perhaps now this is a good time to sit back maybe watch the end of the world cup and then afterwards analyze things properly look at who needs to be in the squad some of the players
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are sort of nearing the end of their careers just plenty of young players coming through perhaps focus more on that element but of course just plenty of time to do that and at the moment i think they're focusing on the fact that they're just going to maintain thing maintain things as they were going into this world cup they're right so plenty of work ahead for you they're only left come to you because of course the world cup goes on and monday was another dramatic day in russia belgium had to battle their way out of a hole to beat the underdogs japan tell us what happened. just another fantastic knockout game at this tournament japan for a moment looked like they were going to spring another huge shock at this tournament after russia managed to do that before against by and they went to no up into the second half and it really looked like this talented belgian team could be the next favorite to drop out but somehow they managed it within the ninety minutes just about within the ninety minutes with the last kick of the game almost to turn it round and win three two this will be a great sort of shot in the arm for the belgian say perhaps
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a good omen for them in this tournament you know they will feel i'm datable now so let's take a look at exactly how they did it with the highlights. all the goals came in a frantic second tough right at the start of it she kept his cool to put the blue samurai in the lead was only minutes later takashi in we added a second for japan was the next big world cup upset appeared to be in the making. but midway through the second half belgium started to exploit their height advantage young fatah and surprise japan's eiji kind of machine with this looping header after sixty nine minutes. belgium were back in the game it took them just five more minutes week rise tomorrow one full eighty i am in the dying seconds of the game deep in ninety eight time belgium launched the most amazing move of the tournament so far twelve seconds from goal to goal and another substitute nasser chadli snatched
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a dramatic belgium win. heartbreak for japan. belgium face brazil in the quarter finals. and what a match that is going to be ali belgium facing brazil in the quarterfinals they beat mexico in monday's are only match how strong is this brazil team look. yeah brazil did labor a little bit in the first half of that game but eventually they did pull through to get a win that they deserved over mexico to nil again it was neymar their star player to the fore he scored the first goal for brazil and then set up a late second for better for me no. more is sort of slowly coming into for this tournament he did a bit of a slow start but i think he's gradually kind of getting up to speed when he's not rolling around on the floor he is going to be really important for brazil if that to win this tournament but you know belgium in the next game as we as he said they're going to be a very tough opponent for them and then after that a seventy final against a very talented france team or
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a very stubborn and talented uruguay side or white so it's a very difficult route to the final for brazil but it does look like they're starting to build up some momentum what our fans are arriving now as you can see behind me this is a really tough one to call on paper it's a fifty fifty five if i'm allowed on the fence on this one we've got some great players on both sides the likes of striker harry came for england and his opposite number falcao for colombia will be certainly all eyes will be on them. as i say i find this one a really tough one to call so instead of getting my predictions let's see exactly how the players and the fans have been preparing for this one. england have made it to moscow they even brought a few supporters with him. plenty of fans had been kept at bay by the worrying picture that was painted over the dangers of this tournament but the festival of violence has not materialized it's a great thing and i really hope that the brits who do come here will get
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a chance to see what it's really like. the players seem to be enjoying their trip just as much as the fans youngsters like marcus rushford and just feeling god have been handed the chance of a lifetime and so far southgate's faith in them has paid off. the money just come in with a great idea. of the way he wants to play. you know the whole nation says see this is perfectly and you know the team spirit is amazing the moment i was going to go really abundant and you know right side enjoying the we'll call home. but south has faced some criticism inside the u.k. his decision to rest big players like harry kane in the final group match against belgium was seen by some as a mistake against colombia the big guns will no doubt be wheeled out again a win in the round of sixteen would take england further than they've made it in a world cup since two thousand and six but they don't want to stop there they're
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dreaming of returning to moscow on the fifteenth of july the ultimate goal nothing less than a second start on their christe. ok pavel who are your favorites to go all the way i think france are going to go the whole way they're actually one of the teams that i predicted from the very beginning before they even played to go right to the final unfortunately i said they were going to lose against spain but spain are no longer there so i'm going to stick with france now all right we'll have to see if you're right there problem fully us from sports and all over moody reporting for us from moscow thank you both so much. now in case you didn't get enough of it earlier it is time for our world cup play of the day belgium's counterattack in the last moments of their match against japan and the ball came from belgium goalkeeper tivo courtois now let's have a look at these twelve seconds kevin debris no passes you're going to see to thomas when you. there he gets the ball and people ask to nasser child to be. in
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that football have the belts and misery. fantastic come back to help him there sometimes the stock markets are bouncing back tears back. sucks a surgeon germany having put those government jitters to rest as you heard at the start of the show but asian markets were wildly today the trade tensions continuing to intensify and while the world's biggest economies exchange insults it's the consumer who suffer most. a large number of u.s. imported products including nuts cheese meat and whiskey are said to be affected by the tariffs with just days to go before the next round of tariffs kick in customers at an international supermarket chain in beijing are distinctly unimpressed i think it's stupid that no one is getting anything. really stupid. retailers are also concerned about the trade dispute and they say the prospect of
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a hefty a shopping billed will lead to declining sales of american products which they stock. see. if these tariffs are added to then we will definitely have to adjust our prices if customers feel that the price is a very high after the adjustments and sales will go down. he said yeah. most people aren't thinking about the billions of dollars at stake on a national level it's the direct consequence is the trade war will have on the hip pocket that worries them. this i don't think it's a good thing for the politicians shouldn't create trouble for people americans buying chinese products need them to be cheaper likewise the chinese people buying american products also need them to be cheaper that way everyone would be happy right article sure. but it looks like trump's trade war will have chinese customers saying cheerio to american imports. joins us now from
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frankfurt f a national correspondent read the trade anx really rattled stocks again in asia today but how are the europeans managing to keep their cool over all this. well they are cool at the moment sort off i would say because china really seems to be more in focus of the americans the amount of tariffs that the americans have imposed against china is much higher than the amount of terror of supposed against europeans also the rest the rhetoric by the americans against china is more aggressive as china seems to be the economy that is perceived to be the biggest threat to the americans in terms of technology and one more reason why the markets are more cool today here compared to china you know the chinese mainland markets in shanghai and chains both have entered bear market territory after having lost
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twenty percent this year the readiness of investors to sell off more is simply simply more outspoken in china than here in europe and just briefly correct how about the political risk here in germany which i touched on earlier. well there is a certain amount of relief about the fact that germany has not lost its government after only about hundred days but i have to tell you that what's been happening in berlin during the last two weeks or so has left many people in the financial world and in germany's business world pretty upset correct. don't cry. for us all talking with you again later in the day and tomorrow it's even. fizzle vehicles could fall to just five percent of the e.u. car market by twenty thirty that's according to a study by consulting firm alex partners emissions cheating scandal is dented diesels reputation in europe and all the engines now face bans in some german
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cities it all makes the job of a used car salesman tricky is they don't use. used car dealer berghain aslam is inspecting his latest purchase at mini ten years old with nearly one hundred thousand kilometers under its belt and most importantly it has a regular petrol engine asked are no longer buys used diesels he says they barely sell any more and if they do only at a loss this b.m.w. has been sitting on the lot for nearly a year even with a discount. for out months worth of fords or were they used to just get snapped up but now customers are very skeptical and hesitant. now because they still don't know what's what will there be a diesel ban or not for customers that's a big headache. for now. and that's a headache for as land to
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a car that won't sell eats into his profits every day used car sits on the lot cos the money right now he has twenty seven diesel cars on his lot in the south of berlin the longer they sit there the less they're worth. about twenty kilometers northeast lies the cost car dealership you know but trouble is picking up his recently purchased s.u.v. it's new and it's a diesel troubles confident that the latest models meet emission standards and a fuel efficient he says that diesel debate doesn't bother him. as car full the car has power style and it rides a bit higher that's what i wanted and that's all i need. this is the right car for me it's true for most. of the five things. but even new car buyers are turning away from diesels the car dealer thomas cox says he's
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not worried new car sales remain buoyant even if customers preferences are changing . there's an aimless switching from diesel to get lean engines so our overall sales figures are robust we're still seeing growth selling more petrol powered vehicles and that makes up for lower diesel sales among consumers into our combined old place. used car dealers though are facing an uncertain future. aslam says only one thing could help the german government needs to move fast to settle the issue of potential diesel bans only clarity can help restore customer confidence he says and help him move some of these used cars are languishing on his lot. from banning dirty diesels to clamping down on social media so many thank you ben now imagine if it cost money to access your favorite social media websites like facebook and twitter well that is not the case in uganda where the government has introduced
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a social media tax it says will help reduce the national debt and combat gaffe gossip rather online human rights groups call it an attack on free speech and we have or social media editor jared reed with us here in our studio jared what is this tax all about well it's a levy that's been in force since the weekend and to fix the estimated forty percent of ugandans who use social media and basically what they have to do now in order to get on facebook and twitter to get access to it they have to pay this levy now the government says it's trying to look at ways to raise revenue and pay off debt to their estimates it could raise as much as one hundred million dollars this financial year from the levy but people are critics and human rights activists say that the government's using the tax as a way to clamp down on free speech because the government and president yoweri museveni in two thousand and sixteen impose this social media ban during the presidential election which he went on to when the president has taken to twitter to explain why he put this tax into place he says it's to target to criminals he
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says we are going to acquire capacity to quickly locate criminals of using social media the government doesn't want to block these sites but he says will pick out the jiggles all fleas we will not cut the entire force interesting metaphor there but not one that everyone is buying so how does this tax actually work so on top of the fees that ugandans have to pay for the telephone companies they have to pay two hundred shillings that's roughly four euros cents every day to access social media and there's also a tax on the tax we have to pay for it using is my boss and that transaction is itself tax doesn't sound like a lot of money but human rights watch says just over a quarter of your oeuvre ugandans have leave on a euro a day. so this adds up and it might mean that people who are used to putting their opinions online or less able to do so are now ok so it's gone into effect what kind of pushback have we seen people are really upset and you know people who have taken to social media to express their opinions we have to keep in mind have now paid
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money to do sorry lawyers the challenging the tax at the constitutional court and been protests in front of the chief magistrates court in the capital this twitter user solomon king summed up the attitude he has criticized what he says is a principle behind taxing every little thing so a corrupt government can get even more money to steal all right our social media editor jerry greta thank you very much for bringing us that important story. you're watching the news still to come where's the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman well look at a new survey that's on least a fierce debate in india. after five years of testimony on nazi murder trial is drawing to a close in germany we'll talk about a case that's shaken confidence in the german police. because. of those stories and much more coming up in the next thirty minutes.
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starts joining in to w. you're watching news live from berlin coming up in the next fifteen minutes with polls and potus down just three weeks away we'll look at what role religious parties could play in the upcoming vote. but first a survey that has generated fierce debate across india an international poll has claimed the country is the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman thomson reuters foundation contacted five hundred forty eight experts in women's issues working around the world and their collective view was that women are most in danger in india because of the high risk of sexual violence and harassment they also said there's danger from a cultural and tribal traditional practices but also danger from human trafficking including forced labor sex slavery and domestic servitude now the report actually ranked india as worse than afghanistan and syria which are both rapid by war as
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well as somalia and to saudi arabia since the survey came out women in india have been speaking about their daily life experiences in the cities they live in. there are so many instances where you know a guy would just come up behind you on a bus in a crowded bus use that as an excuse to wrap himself against you that's i think happened so many times that i'm going to make me come if this. update being i know you're not even to be making coleman to come out of the house and i mean people are you know just talking to take g.w. going on here and you know i mean back to the way the look that goes the way to check out you know we. follow you it's kind of disgusting that is the norm in boys or men regarding this this is only because i don't know if the second floor would drop what was said by the family. now a number of reactions are from across india but not everyone agrees with the
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findings of that survey we have him from our social media team to tell us more that's right sumi a lot of discussion among people but also among policy makers even the indian government has rejected the survey calling it an effort to malign the nation so we carried out our own poll on facebook to see what our followers thought we asked our viewers as a woman in india do you feel safe now over four days two thousand people participated in the poll so let's look at what they had to say twenty four percent said they felt saves and the majority at around seventy six percent said they were not safe now this is also generated quite a discussion in the comments section on our page so let's look at some of the comments that the survey has generated one user said women here are safer than in any other countries but there are some incidences some other users of course does it read like this one who said. totally not safe for women
4:33 pm
india is worse than syria which would definitely be in line with the survey itself some of our viewers also completely rejected the idea of the survey like this user who said it is a perception poll done on some experts based on perception and not statistics there sample size was very low compared to the size of women in india thomson reuters has not provided any statistics to back their claim. now it is worth mentioning sumi that indians make up the largest group of followers on our page but of course this our poll that we conducted on our facebook page is by no means scientific we just wanted to engage our viewers in the conversation and remember you can also always join the conversation at our face facebook page facebook dot com. and you can see that it's below our day of righty a view is there not just on the thomson reuters foundation poll but ours as well
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thank you for him from our social media team we do want to get another perspective we have our india correspondent sonia found a car who is with us here in berlin and with us in our studio to tell us more about her views on the subject sonia good to have you with us now the indian government and a number of people as we just heard from have criticized this report is that surprising to you when so many i frankly don't can that is very surprising and that's because the main criticism is that the so people india ahead of war torn countries like of guns ton and syria which going to women fall off the what rights. that i think is really rankled in. combat isn't many women in india despite the challenges do face tremendous rights do have tremendous rights and freedoms so many critics in india of really slammed the portrayal of india as the world's most dangerous country for women they say that's absurd they say there can be no comparison with countries like saudi arabia where you know until recently women could be jaded simply for
4:35 pm
driving so i think beyond the outrage there is recognition that the soviet does raise that issues in some fortress so a lot of the attention that we've seen on women's rights in india have stemmed since that gang rape the horrific gang rape of a student in delhi in two thousand and twelve would you say that there's been a perceptible change in attitude of people there towards women safety well since that gang rape in two thousand and twelve in delhi was certainly talking much more about. safety you know the indian media also carries daily reports of sex crimes over the past couple of days they've been reporting extensively on the brutal. rape of the seven year old girl in the state of when they were there which has prompted really angry protests there but i would say it's the gang rape of two thousand and seven i mean that has led to a massive tightening of laws it's led to statistical penalties against rapists it's really seen as a turning point but i don't really think that as a showed in kind of really progressive attitudes towards women you know just to give you an example women who do call
4:36 pm
a cattle segment great still have to face humiliation the face of use the phrase doubt and blame the question about that their model character their lifestyle probably skews the and these questions come from the police they come from the cold nick of complicity right are india correspondent sonia filmmaker joining us and sharing her perspective with us thank you so much sonia that india's neighbor pakistan heads to the polls on july twenty fifth and the outcome could mark only the second time in history that the country would see a democratic transition of power but ahead of the vote an assassination attempt on a senior minister has raised questions over the impact extremist religious groups could have on the process if you don't use it so that amir reports. being a politician in pakistan can be a dangerous job just as yes in the country's former interior minister a member of the ruling party p in the end he narrowly survived an assassination attempt after he was shot in nome he didn't change the nation to call by religious
4:37 pm
parties the attack has raised fears of sunni insurgents as a country holds each an election. concerning our party members are concerned for their safety and of course these kind of incidents can cause harm going to be. bought out people understand that we are being targeted and this is in our favor our party members are unhappy but they aren't scared either. and we will keep their security in mind in these kinds of situations. that many in pakistan believe the only truly does party in the back pakistan for raising tensions the t.m.p. has a limited support but the widespread attention when he spoke he did the capital nasty its leader the same reason he excused the government of committing blasphemy an explosive issue with some calls punishable by death but the party has distanced
4:38 pm
itself from the shooting. he has nothing to do with the attack. and the attacker does not belong to. us and. we have strongly condemned the shooting and continue to do so or. we want to come to power and reach the national assembly through the legitimate political process. we don't have any manifesto or ambition like the taliban had we went through your most of the pakistan taliban were behind several of the bombings that marred the twenty thirteen election but some analysts warn that vigilante attacks could be far more unpredictable and difficult to combat this time around. but even though the t.l.p. are not expected to win big they could skew the results in favor of more marginal and extreme religious groups. elections elections are going to be held soon but i just can't see anyone with voting for school. and not read about any extremist
4:39 pm
party overcoming all you know always willing i demurred existing because. some some people can you know hijack our emotional emotions but they can't hijack what pakistan is truly about and i guess those days are over most of you do much as a pakistani i would like to be to you just barges in their country because their planning. process and. where to look are disappointed and i don't think you had a trip with them even though pakistan has answered the longest interrupted period of the elected civilian in its history democracy remains front and looking for tax money to be eaten by issues such as blasphemy remain a real threat in the run up to the upcoming election. and michelle stockman is with us she's following the elections for us as well michele thanks for joining us you have lived and reported in pakistan how important are religious
4:40 pm
issues like a blasphemy well in this election it can be a lightning rod issue last i mean in pakistan carries the death penalty if a person is convicted of it perceived insults to the prophet mohammed or desecration of the crime can really ignite public anger and we saw in that report islamabad the capital the government section bush shut down for days because of a perceived change in the oath of office that was seen as blasphemous by this group so we can see that this is an issue that can mobilize people it makes for great t.v. and people watching that could see look at the way they were able to shut down. the capital and because the government at the time could not shut down that protest and so it was seen as making the government weak so if you look at the role it could play in this election it could be a way of chip away support from the ruling party the pm l.n. and people who maybe saw
4:41 pm
a soft conservative voters someone who doesn't necessarily embrace violence like the taliban but someone who wants to see a government that takes a hard line and bust me might bring their support elsewhere away from the ruling party so given that atmosphere given that background how free and fair of an election do you think this is going to be well again this is going to be just one part of many efforts to influence the outcome of this election we're seeing that possibly violence violent threats as happened to the interior minister could so-called suppress the vote could be used for so-called book rigging but also the larger picture is that the military is one of the strongest powers in pakistan and they have been allegedly behind a campaign to censor the media so any media outlet that scene is sympathetic to the ruling party piano len. that was that is the party the former ousted prime minister
4:42 pm
nawaz sharif they had been censored geo t.v. one of the biggest t.v. outlets was forced off the air for months don one of the english language newspapers has been blocked from circulation so again there's going to be a lot of players trying to influence what comes out of it but at the end the day we're probably going to look at a leader who is willing to be part of play a democracy that will adhere to what the military wants our idea of use michelle stockman covering those upcoming elections in pakistan on july twenty fifth for us thank you michelle very much. some news here in germany and the main defendant in a neo nazi murder trial has delivered her final address as the five year trial comes to a close to chief denied involvement in a serious of racially motivated killings by the nationalist national socialist underground rather between two thousand and two thousand and seven tape also said she has abandoned her right wing beliefs the court in munich is set to deliver its verdict next week if convicted faces life in prison. during the mammoth
4:43 pm
trial biasa cheaper kept turning her back on the events as if the charges weren't directed towards her conspiracy in a neo nazi terrorist organization ten murders arson bomb attacks and robberies but cheapen knows that after more than four hundred days of trial she faces life imprisonment. she and her friends close and of a bernhardt lived underground for fourteen years in november twentieth loven the two right wing terrorists were found dead in this burnt out motor home only then did the dimensions become clear right wing terrorism in the middle of germany cheap a set fire to the house where the trio lived apparently to destroy evidence today the attorney general's office considers the arson an attempted murder the fact that a right wing terrorist group existed in germany undiscovered for years shocked the country security authorities responded to their failure shot before to auschwitz i
4:44 pm
have brought charges before the state security senate of the munich higher regional court against the accused. and for alleged supporters and assistance of the terrorist group national socialist underground called and su. between two thousand and two thousand and seven nine people with turkish greek roots and one policewoman were allegedly murdered by the n.s.u. . a special commission investigated there was quick talk of murdering the dinner gang who were supposedly involved in inhumane drug trafficking and clan fighting relatives and friends of the murdered victims were targeted but not right wing terrorists when it became increasingly clear that the security authorities had failed politicians were also alarmed several committees of inquiry trying to clarify the matter how could right wing terrorists go undetected throughout germany for years and murder ten people the victims' families had to wait a long time for politicians to apologize to them for
4:45 pm
a failure of the state. i knew to undo some relatives have themselves been wrongly suspected for years this is particularly depressing. i sincerely apologize for this. but relatives were bitter the daughter of a murdered man spoke at a memorial service of how for years germans with a sense of conscience would not even consider her a victim here today i stand here mourning not only for my father i myself am also tortured by the question am i at home in germany chancellor merkel promised that the murders would be thoroughly investigated but after five years many questions remain unanswered even if now the sentences against cipa and for co-defendants in the n.s.u. terrorist trial will finally be issued. frank hoffman has been covering the trial for us and he joins us for more on this story hi frank good to
4:46 pm
see you what is the victim's family said about the outcome of this trial there's a lot of disappointment special because the backgrounds are not really revealed when it comes to near nazi networks in germany but i would like just come back to this report of just saying this one individual. she's the daughter of the first victim of this is neo nazi terror group and she answers the question whether she still belongs to germany or not on her own should be she moved to turkey and started to have a new life there and created a family and i think this this individual case shows a lot about the psychological and also emotional problems many people have and that were brought up here during the murder. cases about ten altogether done by this neo nazi group another example of the ship check families for example that the brother in law until today has psychological problems because he was under investigation accused for most ten years that he was part of that murder off. which
4:47 pm
was not the case obviously as later we found out that it was this neo nazi terror group now one of the criticisms of this entire process has been that five years later we still know so little is that true and why is that it is true and it's specially about this neo nazi network behind all these murders to give you one two examples in nurnberg we had three cases three people being killed by the by the terror group on spots that are very unknown to people not coming from the back these three individuals they came from you nine eastern germany about two hundred kilometers away it's not explainable why they went there and killed especially on these three spots in nurnberg people there must have been people in the background and again in turn back there's not the evidence there was video been sends to the local newspaper and that was not. by the by the post it was used to brought the who brought the video there is
4:48 pm
a lot of questions still to answer there now the main accused who we heard in court today she said that she's distancing herself from neo nazi ism is that credible i mean what's the evidence actually show well that's from a individual a very hard to believe first of all if she really has distanced herself she could have done a lot and open up and give all that information during the course of the trial and this is what again the families of the victims and the plaintiffs are highly criticized and she came out and spoke only twice during six years which you know personally she on set all the questions through her lawyer why didn't she come up with more information to ease the pain of the victims' families. all right our correspondent frank kaufman covering what has been a landmark trial of for germany frank thank you very much thanks again for having me now to some other stories that are making headlines around the world the white house says a u.s. secretary of state my pump ale will visit north korea for further talks on
4:49 pm
denuclearization this week the president would be up on post first trip since a june summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders at that summit pyongyang about to work towards ridding the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. former malaysian prime minister najib razak has been arrested following an investigation into how billions of dollars went missing from a sovereign wealth fund he founded a decade ago a probe into malaysia's one and t.v. corruption scandal set up by successor has engulfed him since a spectacular defeat no elections in may and a massive wildfire in rural northern california is forcing evacuations and sending smoke and ash to san francisco investigators say it was started by an illegal campfire more than one hundred homes have been destroyed by the fire and thousands more are threatened. and. the price is considered to be the most important german language literature prize
4:50 pm
and this year's winner was announced this morning and it is the hung garion for an author to read more of the writes about migration loss of homeland subjects that are very topical at the moment so what are the actual ations tutoring him or receive the award in a ceremony later this year. and moving on now to the munich film festival which started last week and we have robin merrill from our culture desk to tell us more about this hi robin good to have you with us the film that open the festival is about back told press three penny opera tell us more it is it's called marquee which is in english. the famous song from the thread can help for some but he's. written by betto brett and co via the movie is that she braced himself trying to make a movie about his stance of peace which he actually did back in the early nineteenth thirty's which he failed to do this if he fails to do this film as well anyway it's an interesting subject so the film but he failed to do this because the produces
4:51 pm
wanted to make money whereas he wanted to make all it's very interesting because of course trust the offer is a sort of capitalistic. so it's anyway this is a much awaited film because lots of big german stars in it including. who plays breast feed. the world demi monde abortion was a everybody doing business with everyone according to brett's famous motto first comes a full stomach then comes ethics a society on the brink direct your can lange tells the story with a new sense of urgency the parallels to germany today are striking. brecht couldn't prevent the things he predicted about national socialism. and today
4:52 pm
although we see some connections between capitalism and fascism we are powerless to do anything about it. and that makes me sad this might be. his bio pic musical and theater adaptation. esthetically lang spans a white are unusual but very much in the spirit of told correct it is perhaps over a long and somewhat complicated lang tells the story of brecht's attempts to bring his opera to the big screen which failed due to disputes with the producers. of. this activity just to be commissioned friedlander for most of the words spoken by are taken from letters he wrote at the time putting the convoluted subplot aside there is of course plenty of song and dance together with the often opulent pictures and
4:53 pm
a truly star cast this will perhaps prevent cinema goes from becoming too alienated . from and also at the film festival one of both of our favorites the english actress emma thompson yeah yeah full title she is now a dame dame emma thompson in the green zone as this just a couple weeks ago and she's now received another as you said at the munich film festival and she was there to get it is the. talk about her brand new film the children act this is she plays a judge who has to decide whether a teenager's life should be saved by a blood transfusion which is just a witness and parents don't want to have a cause it's a fantastic performance by tom anyway we talked at the festival and asked her how she felt about receiving the prize. many questions for you.
4:54 pm
think it suits my faith almost my first lifetime achievement it's made me think about my life. and i've been thinking about my connections with germany and my admiration for germany actually in this extraordinary. welcome that you gave to so many refugees here say much because my son's a refugee so i feel a really intimate connection with the generosity of spirit i found here incidentally was actually a rwandan child soldier who escaped to england age of sixteen was adopted by thomson what a story and it probably should say the film festival put premiers on some big new t.v. series as well yeah quickly does two big t.v. series you should be looking out for this is a t.v. series based on puffy and if you remember the film ten years ago patrick siskins novel it's set in the present day this time though that's being bought by netflix
4:55 pm
to look out for and a scar i have a series based on the very famous german film das bolt things we'll be talking about at future cultus lots more on the website of data dot com slash culture our culture editor robin merrill thank you robin. all right and we just have time for a minder of our top stories here on d.w. rescuers in thailand have found twelve boys in their football coach alive in a flooded cave more than a week after they went missing but the military warns it could take months to get them out of the caves and the german chancellor angela merkel and her interior minister haas a whole for have resulted dispute over migration that threatened to topple the government or had said he was ready to resign over the issue but he will now stay in office but merkel's junior coalition partners the s.p.d. still have to sign off on the deal. thank you for watching he does he'll still get one hat we'll have an update on your headlines in just a few minutes. even
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d w as live from the ordeal is far from over his entire life warn it could take months to rescue the twelve boys and their football coach from the flooded cave system they've been trapped in for ten weeks also on the program to germany's political power struggle for a makeover of hardline interior minister wholesale reach a deal to establish microcaps of the german border. also ahead he's keeping his job you are human love will stay on as coach of the german national football team despite his side.


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