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this is the news live from burlesque still stranded a new video was released of the schoolboys trapped in a flooded cave in thailand they appear to be in good health but as we hear from her but doctors reached out it's not clear how cold when they're going to get down. also coming up they're calling it a purge of protesters gather outside poland supreme court has a new law forcing some judges are barely retirement the government says it's an overdue reform of the european union is outraged. also coming up england to break their. power through i am speed colombia and the dramatic
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penalty shootout to claim the last place in the quarter finals it is the first time they are one zero broke come shoot out. and the french president as you say never seen him before a model of a celebrated african culture and i clocked in nigeria. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us one of the divers who found the twelve boys and their coach trapped in a cave in northern thailand has told the w. freeing them will be quote a very very dangerous feat he suggested it would be too treacherous to have the boy swim and dive their way out of the ten kilometer log cave complex the rescuers are exploring a number of options to free the group they are stuck four kilometers from the cave entrance on a dry ledge or that in
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a moment but first this report with some new video of the boy. weak but in good spirits the boys receive medical treatment and food after more than a week underground they are now being cared for by the tiny of the seals the video footage has reassured their loved ones officials are working to install the cable so that parents can talk to their children it is not yet clear how or when the teen will be brought to the surface after their harrowing ordeal authorities aren't taking any risks. we need to be one hundred percent confident in order to get the boys out. and it does not have to happen all at once. it depends on the circumstances. but they don't have to come out of the same time because they're all in a different condition. we are setting the situation now and if there is any risk we
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will not move them out. a rescue operation with little room for error medics and soldiers rehearse bringing the boys and their coach to safety . one option is to wait for the water to recede which could take months another get the team to dive out but many of the boys are unable to swim and they would face zero visibility and confined spaces with the rainy season just beginning the group has enough supplies to survive for months and as officials debate how to free the team the governor has promised they will care for the boys as if they were their own. as a professional diver who took part in the rescue effort he described the scene there to us a little earlier. scene because we were under the false you know it would be a really slow in strong currents and the to be zero visibility but it was
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a bit of that in the rain and we actually moved by thought we would think in terms of the british team playing six lines to the room with the kids were and on the fourth year two days ago we actually found it's. if the system would flood that would mean it would be close from all axis even the there's no way of reaching them so to try and you could talk to the full and to be locked up with a huge supply of of food. to be looked in the tree of four months is a quite a bit of sacrifice of our. diving expert ben raining at speaking to us a little earlier out of poland where there have been angry protests against controversial changes to the judicial system chief justice i guess stuff came to work today at this prison court in defiance of the new early retirement law required her to step down immediately the several thousand supporters also turned
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out to demand judicial independence helen said the right wing government says it is modernizing the justice system that the holdover from the communist era prime minister my tears one of the s.k. has defended the reforms today in the european parliament and strasburg let's go to our correspondent max foster man who's been following the debate for us hi max good to see you what did one of the esky say to defend the polish government's reforms. he has a twofold line of defense first of all he says there really is no problem and i quote he has said that the judiciary system was never as independent as it is now after those reforms of course you have many european parliamentarians that disagree with that assessment here in stroudsburg and the second line of defense is that he says it's none of the business of the european commission this is a question of national sovereignty and we have a sound bite right here for you just so you see how exactly he explained that.
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you must want kondrat building trust and respecting national identities constitutional plumed ism is one of the great family is of the e.u. every country has the right to set up its legal system in line with its own traditions. so max is defending its own country's right to do so there but the e.u. just launched legal action against poland over the supreme court reform has that changed poland's position at all yes you're right sumi the european commission strongly disagrees another infringement procedure on its way this time because the retirement age for supreme court judges was lowered which means that a large amount of supreme court judges would have to retire that's one part of it but it really hasn't changed anything in poland i mean the dialogue has gotten better even the european commission acknowledges as much because with this new polish prime minister he's a different kind of person than his predecessor for that but in substance and
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that's what the commission said here in strasburg today in substance it's just not enough change so far so what is at stake for poland then. well eventually the article seven procedure with the groundwork for that is already laid what does that mean article seven eventually could lead to the stripping of the e.u. voting rights of poland although that seems highly unlikely because some countries have already said they would veto something like that especially hungry although you never know how it's really going to turn out in the end but something that could really hurt poland is the money because they're getting a large amount actually the biggest amount of the cohesion fund funding from the european union and there has been talk and there have been lots of discussions about tying those funds to the state. of the of the country in this in this case of course we're talking about the judicial system in poland if this is really the case and they get less money because of that this could pose
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a huge problem for poland and its government max holzman reporting for us from strasburg max thank you very much now to some other stories making headlines around the world on the american has defended her new migration policy in parliament the day after reaching a compromise with her hardline interior minister to limit illegal my immigration the german chancellor said europe's future depends on the way it deals with the issue she also said the e.u. will make every effort to avoid a trade war with the u.s. . iran's president has and romney has that the u.s. decision to abandon the nuclear deal was illegal speaking in austria also said iran would only continue to abide by the terms of the agreement if it benefits benefits were guaranteed british police have declared a major incident after two people were left in critical condition from exposure to an unknown substance a man and a woman were found unconscious in a house
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a few kilometers from where a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent in march. and rescue teams are searching for dozens of missing passengers one day after a car ferry ran aground in indonesia at least twenty nine people died after the vessel filled with water maritime accidents are common in indonesia where boats are often overcrowded. oh thank you and fans celebrating in the english capital yesterday after their teams win against colombia with renditions of football's coming home that's after dramatic day at the world cup that saw their side progress to the quarter finals for the first time since two thousand six it was a nail biting match that went to penalties leaving even the most optimistic and one fan worried the three lions have one of the worst records in the sport when it comes to spot kicks but they finally turn the tables and found
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a way to win. i carry came penalty after fifty seven minutes put england in the lead against an ultra defensive colombia side without the services of their injured star hi mr rodriguez. in injury time england keeper jordan pickford had to produce his best save but was powerless on the ensuing corner when yet he mean up pounded the ball into the net for the last ditch colombia equaliser i mean is third goal at this world cup sent the match into extra time when england was only two minutes away from advancing to the quarterfinals. after a goalless extra time england had to go through the dreaded penalty shootout jordan pickford saved carlos back as attempt and then up stepped eric dyer and finally england not only won a penalty shoot out but made it through to the quarterfinals too. and england will now face sweden on saturday basic you're at their place in the quarter
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finals after a narrow one no victory over switzerland in st petersburg in a forsberg scored the game's only goal a single look in a match marks by sloppiness it was paps fitting into four specs decisive goal came by a deflection man where the kanji the unlucky man the ball canning wickedly into the far corner of the net was. not that the noisy swedish fans were for the devout that . threw caution to the wind in the hope of getting an equaliser which never came gaps appeared in their defense martyn all sin brought down by my collapse. lang given his marching orders sweden only given a free kick it was the last action of the game sweden or through to their first world cup quarter final in twenty four years. our french president in monaco has been holding talks in a buddha with his nigerian counterpart. among the topics discussed was the fight
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against boko haram and regional security but also high in mccall's agenda was african culture his first stop was at the iconic nightclub and music venue the shrine it was here that mccaw said the world's image of africa has to change. a warm welcome for a minute i'm a kong. people queued up for a glimpse of him in my courtroom yeah africa. people i'm not sure of all we have the best. music. to the. musical legacy even though. the cards are good for the hour and they weren't disappointed but it's the french president isn't just here on business after the african union summit and the meeting with president hu harry this is the place to which president michel has come it's a new africa shrine
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a place dedicated to philip could be the king of afrobeat and it's called the kremlin of lagos to this place. calm came here as a student he said at the time he spent here made a lasting impression. paula. and lisa's reminder. that the place. was the. place. where the slow what. i call a night's the launch of a season of african culture that will bring the work of african artists to france in twenty twenty. i think i have to create that creative in nigeria but i know one thing over the last decade it's been incredible about the exhibit i think it's a good sign. president my grandchildren in lagos and i did same
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time to try because for me the president that relates all wants to relate more to feel and the feeling that the young generation. that the image of africa in the world had to change in the future. yes to build a good her. a new culture. and you are to be on what for your her. first. love i remember the whole. mall cultural diplomacy is on the agenda on wednesday the inauguration of a french cultural center and meeting young nigerian entrepreneurs. have you sell a nickel reporting there for us from nigeria still to come on the program brags that trade attentions and sovereign debt the e.u. faces some major economic counselors is that up to the challenge. that stories
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coming up in business with ana humphrey but i'll still be covering we'll be taking a look at the russian pension reform a lot of people in the country don't like all the attention is fixated on the wall cup all of that coming up in around one minute's time x. washington. so this is the view from my seat in the horn section. sarah with knows her stuff. think this is going to be the most incredible. musicians and conductors. and she shows just how diverse classical music can be there.


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