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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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t w news live from berlin still stranded a new videos released of the schoolboys trapped in a flooded cave in thailand they appear to be in good health but as we hear from one of the divers who reach them it's not clear how or when they're going to get out. also coming up they're calling it a purge protesters gather outside poland supreme court as a new law enforcement some judges into early retirement the government says it's an overdue reform but the european union is outraged. a special report from iraq's mount center where the young people fled at the height of islamic state violence
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four years on we need family struggling to come to terms with what the united nations called genocide. also coming up in england to break their world cup curse. rebellions beat colombia and a dramatic penalty shoot out that claimed the last place in the quarterfinals it's the first time they've won a world cup showdown. i'm seeing so much going to good to have you with us today if the words have vowed to take it no risks in the complex efforts to rescue twelve boys and the football coach from a flooded cave divers found the group nine days after they went missing but rescue workers are torn on how to get them out as monsoon rains bear down on the region as experts try and find a solution officials released new pictures showing the boy boys in seemingly good
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health. weak but in good spirits the boys receive medical treatment and food after more than a week underground they are now being cared for by the tiny the seals the video footage has reassured their loved ones officials are working to install a cable so that parents can talk to their children it is not yet clear how or when the team will be brought to the surface after their harrowing ordeal authorities aren't taking any risks. we need to be one hundred percent confident in order to get the boys out. and it does not have to happen all at once. it depends on the circumstances. but they don't have to come out of the same time because they're all in a different condition. or setting the situation now and if there is any risk we
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will not move them out. a rescue operation with little room for error medics and soldiers rehearse bringing the boys and their coach to safety one option is to wait for the water to recede which could take months another fifteen to dive out but many of the boys are unable to swim and they would face zero visibility and confined spaces. with the rainy season just beginning the group has enough supplies to survive for months and as officials debate how to free the team the governor has promised they will care for the boys as if they were their own. so it is a dangerous mission ahead complicated by the boy's location within the cave complex let's take a look at an approximation of the layout of the tunnel and the boys are trapped here some
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a four kilometers from the caves entrance and as you can see it's completely cut off by a flood water rescuers are now looking at different ways to get them out safely but there are major challenges and dangers as we heard now one option would be to wait until the flood water recedes here so the group can leave on foot but as we've heard monsoon season is setting in and that could take months so teaching the boys to dive is also thought to be the fastest and most realistic option but arguably it's also the most dangerous it is not clear if any of the boys can swim let alone dive and the flooded tunnels as you can see there are very narrow rescuers are also scouring the mountainside they're looking at the prospect of a drilling into the cave to lift the boys out but creating a shaft large enough to extract them would be extremely complicated and could take a long time so in the meantime authorities are desperately trying to a pump some of the floodwater out of the cave to limit the damage of further rainfall but it's a race against time and one factor weighing on rescuers minds is the risk that the
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caves could be completely flooded. or i'm moving on to some other news now and in poland there have been angry protests against controversial changes to the judicial system chief justice moshe guest often today came to work at the supreme court in defiance of a new early retirement law requiring her to step down immediately several thousand supporters also turned out to demand judicial independence poland's right wing government says it's modernizing a justice system that's a holdover from the communist era. prime minister my tears one of the s.k. has defended the reforms today in the european parliament and strasburg let's go to our correspondent who's been following the debate for us hi max good to see you what did what have you say to defend the polish government's reforms he has a two full line of defense first of all he says there really is no problem and i quote here is said that the judiciary system was never as independent as it is now after those reforms of course you have many european parliamentarians that disagree
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with that assessment here in stroudsburg and the second line of defense is that he says it's none of the business of the european commission this is a question of national sovereignty and we have a sound bite right here for you just so you see how exactly he explained that. you must want kondrat building trust and respecting national identities constitutional plumed ism is one of the great values of the e.u. every country has the right to set up its legal system in line with its own traditions scott uses for you me to so max is defending his own country's right to do so there but the e.u. just launched legal action against poland over the supreme court reform has that changed poland's position at all yes you're right sumi the european commission strongly disagrees another infringement procedure on its way this time because the
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retirement age for supreme court judges was lowered which means that a large amount of supreme court judges would have to retire that's one part of it but it really hasn't changed anything in poland i mean the dialogue has gotten better even the european commission acknowledges as much because with this new polish prime minister he's a different kind of person than his predecessor for that but in substance and that's what the commission said here in strasburg today in substance it's just not enough change so far so what is at stake for poland then. well eventually article seven procedure but the groundwork for that is already laid what does that mean article seven eventually could lead to the stripping of the e.u. voting rights of poland although that seems highly unlikely because some countries have already said they would veto something like that especially hungry although you never know how it's really going to turn out in the end but something that could really hurt poland is the money because they're getting a large amount actually the biggest amount of cohesion fund funding from the
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european union and there has been talk and there have been lots of discussions about tying those funds to the state. of the of the country in this in this case of course we're talking about the judicial system in poland if this is really the case and they get less money because of that this could pose a huge problem for poland and its government max holzman reporting for us from strasburg max thank you very much and we recorded that interview with max a little earlier in the day now to some other stories making headlines around the world on the americal has defended her new migration policy in parliament a day after reaching a compromise with her hardline interior minister to limit illegal immigration the german chancellor said europe's future depends on the way it deals with the issue she also said the e.u. will make every effort to avoid a trade war with the u.s. and southwest england to counter terrorism police are now investigating an unknown
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substance that made two people critically ill the incident occurred just a few kilometers from where a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent in march samples of the substance have been sent to a defense research laboratory for testing iran's president hassan rouhani has said the u.s. decision to abandon the nuclear deal was illegal speaking in austria rouhani also said iran would only continue to abide by the terms of the agreement and its benefits were guaranteed. now it was four years ago that the so-called islamic state took over the north of iraq the homeland of the yazidi religious minority but you see these are followers of an ancient religion with more than half a million believers in northern iraq and want fifty thousand are trying to flee from i.a.s. that amounts to singe are their holy mountain but many were caught the un calls what happened genocide thousands were killed and women and girls were kidnapped six
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sex slaves many are still missing and many of those who were displaced still live on the mountain they are afraid to return to their homes even though i-s. has been expelled utopias british oka and signed up a dozen unvisited a family and a camp on mount since are struggling to move on to move on after the brutality they experienced at the hands of i ass. while her daughter is still in bed prepares bread for the day but her mind is far away stuff in the time when she and her children were captives of the i.r.s. held as slaves raped and sold like cattle. three of her children are still missing . either to. their work is not one i can think of anything nice about what you understand not normal and i had in the run. amok i went to the doctor but they said it didn't matter what medicine i took it wouldn't help
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because i just think too much i got on about america. she no longer knows how many people hurt them they were held for the last five months in a cellar her daughter was six then she was eight. you know that they didn't give us anything to eat our peas they were evil they kept on helping themselves to the girls yet i'm good. there's a kind of kindergarten in the mounts and jack kemp. and her sisters spend a couple of hours a day here. it's a chance to play and for a little while to figure out. the i asked men kept taking the children to make them in desperation she tattooed their names on their arms using the nails and the ink. that i am working
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my way and i could run now about what i did after they wouldn't forget their names that i had had my good one i wanted to children away from me the i.r.s. would give them. the leader said if i see a name on a nom i'll cut off that so i stopped. look here. that i only did half and i. was watching could well have been what i was. she still doesn't know where her fifteen year old daughter and her two oldest sons are she doesn't even know if there were life routine helps to distract. and aid organization gave the family twenty sheep money from selling the milk supports them . but even here on the mountain they're afraid that the i.r.s. might return. such as husband mahmoud keeps a gun if they come back he says they won't get his family again because it was.
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more. in the past we trusted our neighbors back then as. they said they were our friends with all of their children. even more of. a visit to their old home. the route down the mountain is littered with the things people left on their way on because they fled in panic from the i.r.s. four years ago. it was here the coaches family was cool. to get to their village we passed through a shingle because he capital it lies in ruins. i don't care about the destroyed buildings. what awful is that they gave six seven or eight year olds to ten or twelve men. and that an eye is fighting leaves a ten year old girl pregnant that's the worst thing to rethink. their home village from boosie is deserted. the house in which they invested all
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their savings wrecked looted. knows that i want to go on. they say their muslim neighbors help the i.r.s. there's no way cochon mahmoud whatever returned show i would appear many muslims still live in the next village over the road years evey's will never be able to live with muslims again after what happened. back on the mountain prepares for the night. they've been here for two years the holy mountain in jail is first safe haven but they don't want to stay here what they have got by that i'm a big old willing our children come back will leave iraq will go somewhere else as not only had went down with iraq that we suffered too much here gallup will not as a doubter what. they've applied to an aid program which would enable them to go to
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australia. but the hope of seeing their missing children again keeps them on the mountain. and did every reporter get to szoka is with us in our studio to talk more about the story that she co-wrote ported for get up we just said the years you days have been forgotten . yes we have to say so i mean we all recall the pictures. of the fleeing years e.d.'s when the so-called islamic state attacked them four years ago. the plight of the u. days some eight years it is made headlines over weeks and it was the reason why former president barack obama. decided to conduct as strikes why germany decided to give weapons to the courts and today i mean we barely hear anything anymore about.
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but their plight is not over yet i mean they are most most of them are still living as refugees in their own country three cells are still missing so we have the feeling that it's important to report on that their homes have been destroyed their lives have been destroyed what are their hopes then to return to some sort of normal life i mean let me answer you this question was the quality of culture we saw in the film she said my life is over but i really hope that my children will have a better life will have a life again one day and she and mahmoud are really trying very very hard to to comfort the children they all have nightmares all the time they are afraid. but anyhow i mean to us and slave by herself she was raped she was tortured she saw her fifteen year old daughter being married to a new forced parrot. so she's heavily traumatized by herself and i think they
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really need a logical help but they don't get it on the months injuries so to heal they needed to leave the mountain they needed to if not to leave the country but they're not ready to do this yet in such a brave family especially to talk about their experiences with you what kind of help are they receiving. i mean many many families who we're talking to they feel they feel like fourth class citizens they barely got any help i mean you saw in the film you saw the capital. it's destroyed i mean it's two and a half years ago that it was liberated from from i-s. troubled so nothing has happened and even more importantly there's no security there are several militias operating in the region there's iraqi army there's this shia militias there's iraqi security services and all all they can't give because
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it is the feeling that they are that they are safe so if you ask if they need i mean more or less all they meet security they meet reconstruction they need jobs they need reconciliation is there a chance for reconciliation we heard you touch on that point in that report. it's it will be a long long long way and i think before reconciliation can happen there must be recognition recognition of what has happened to the cd. until today many people many families don't know what's what happened to their left once they know their death but they don't know what exactly happened and there are more or less seventy almost seventy unknown must grace and but there hasn't been any systematic investigation so far so in these days we saw not reconsolidation rather than
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the feeling of i want revenge and i want punishment regard to how difficult was it to find a family who was willing to share their experiences i mean we were very lucky that that we had good context before and they approach already some families but then you have to go there you have to sit down i think it helped that we were two female reporters but still that it was very difficult to pose the questions because you don't want to trigger trauma again so you really have to be careful and give was every question you pose you have to give the space not to answer the question so it was it was tough but we were very happy that they that they opened up to get every british ok thank you so much for sharing that very important reporting with us and you can find out more about her go to and founders reporting in iraq on our website that's a d.-w. dot com slash world link looking at the personal stories behind the headlines.
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england fans celebrating in the english capital yesterday after their team's big win against colombia with renditions of football's coming home after a dramatic day at the world cup that saw their side progress to the quarterfinals for the first time since two thousand and six. and let's talk through all the action and reaction from england when last night we have our social media editor gerard reed with us and also young expat from debbie's fourth good to have you both and i want to start with you because england went into this game as the favorite take us through how this happened yes so this was a match between two fairly evenly matched but england did go in as light favorites as you said partly because colonial missing mistah man his road ragers who was out to injury and the game to be honest wasn't the best i think both sides to send it
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in a bit of dirty tactics yellow cards handed out. but it was always going to be a top one and i think the pictures tell a better story than i can so let's have a look at the match report. harry came penalty after fifty seven minutes putting linda in the lead against an ultra defensive colombia's side without the services of their injured star high miss rodrigues. in injury time england keeper jordan pickford had to produce his best save but was powerless on the ensuing corner when yet he mean up pounded the ball into the net for the last ditch colombia equaliser i mean is third goal at this world cup sent the match into extra time when england was only two minutes away from advancing to the quarterfinals. after a goalless extra time england had to go through the dreaded penalty shootout jordan pickford saved carlos packers' attempt and then up stepped eric dyer and finally england not only won a penalty shoot out but made it through to the quarterfinals to. make it
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through on penalties and put this in perspective for us what does this mean to the fans this is a pretty big deal to be honest my family are english so i know exactly what it's all about they were going up so the mental after the on a whistle here it's put in perspective england have never won a penalty shootout at a world cup match and so this really shook a monkey off their back they've gone through so much like my family for example of been through decades of i've never seen him win a penalty shoot out of the world cup so it was a huge deal and i think the fans really have belief in that say now it's very lucky they have a really lucky will coach as well is doing a great job and i think we've saw that in the saints around the world not only in russia but in england and down under in australia as well it was crazy the fans were going mental tell us more about this because this is endless football history
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what if you've been seeing on social media people have been going crazy so not just your family people and social media as well as we. say in the team it's been sort of multiuse for their inability to. win big matches on penalties sky and use even tweeted these while the match was still going on why do you and old ways lose that penalties will they clearly could be too soon as these fan from leeds pointed out excitedly not anymore across social media there are hundreds of videos like this one here capturing basically. just the well still. here and. erupting in celebration fans of manchester united almost more excited about how england won and they fact that they actually won i don't care what happens now we won on penalties is what the twitter account man u. twitter account tweeted ok so if the fans are excited i'm sure the players the team
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as well yeah well they're delighted but this is pretty special for them and gareth southgate because he filed a dependency keegan the nine hundred ninety six euros which cost in the semifinal match against germany he we can see you side by side pictures of that not twenty two years ago and last night the sportswriters summing it up here turning your personal life personal trauma into a life lesson and a victory so a pretty sweet victory indeed graduations to england they weren't the only ones playing on it there was another match yesterday tell us about what happened there yes weighed in on switzerland played off for earlier in the day to have the right to play england in the quarter final this was always going to be a threat of a top match i don't think too many people expected it to be an exciting one it was going to always go down to paps one solitary goal and that was the case i think both teams were quite defensive but we'll have a look at the highlights and see who came out all told. in a match mouse by sloppiness it was paps fitting and no four specks decisive gold
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came by or deflection manuela kanji the unlucky man the ball canning wickedly into the far corner of the nets. not that the noisy swedish fans were for that about that. threw caution to the wind in the hope of getting an equaliser which never came gaps a page in their defense martin down by michael. lang given his marching orders sweden every given a free kick it was the last action of the game sweden are through to their first world cup quarter final in twenty four years. i read just talking about that if they're young and how do you think sweden is going to fare against india huge amounts yeah it's massive and i think swathe of have been on fancied throughout the whole tournament and they've surprised a lot of people and i think not enough people giving them credit here i think a lot of england fans are getting the head of themselves i think they're already into the semifinals but we have to remember that sweden finished ahead of
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netherlands to get into the world cup as well as them beating italy in the qualification match and then of course they defeated mexico three nil which was huge and i think the biggest problem for england here is that they have scored seven of the gnawing goals from set pieces and sweden are extremely strong defensively so they're not going to give england perhaps those chances from set pieces other teams have provided them with so i think it's going to be close and i can honestly say this game going to penalties as well all right another chance for england to impress what other teams do you think have a good chance to make it all the way i think brazil is probably the favorites of the tournament now they haven't particularly clicked that well but i have they stop players like naima and continue who haven't really played as best as they can but they put in stop a forms as they've turned up when it matters and i think that easily the favorites to go through the final but we'll have to say there's also croatia who are quite
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strong and of course perhaps england all right plenty of football action still to look forward to at the world cup yannick state from the sports and jared reed our social media editor thank you both very much. still to come on day w. former malaysian prime minister najib razak pleads not guilty to corruption charges look at the case that key calls political vengeance. and the french president as you've never seen him before manuel mccall celebrates african culture at an iconic nightclub in nigeria. and don't forget you can always get out of your news on the go download route from global player from the op store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the data you have to send us your photos and your videos. do you have you'll be coming back in two minutes time will.
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located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers trialling services. biala gassed trunk food. managed by from. you're watching news live from berlin coming up in the next fifteen minutes a crowded out for blood we look at what's triggered a wave of deadly mob attacks across india. but first we start in malaysia where former prime minister najib razak has been charged with corruption over his alleged role and profiting from state funds in court today razak pleaded not guilty to three counts of criminal breach of trust and one count of abuse of power who was prime minister until only two months back
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is that implicated in the one the m.d.c. scandal it's a fund that he set up as prime minister in two thousand and nine to encourage investment in the economy. to turn the capital kuala lumpur into a financial hub now lation prosecutors allege that he funneled ten million dollars said to his own accounts in return for approving government loans the us singapore and switzerland are also investigating allege and money laundering in the case now let's get the very latest on this very important case from kuala lumpur we have correspondent florence louis who is standing by for us hi florence good to see you so for us that's been released on bail but he's facing up to twenty years in prison how confident are prosecutors in the case that they have or other cases relating to declare to the ten million dollars that led to the trial s.r.c international. unit off the stage on time when m.t.v. is not just going to back out now i thought that malaysian investigators chose to
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focus on s.r.c international initially because this is fish transactions went through malaysian entity so in a sense making it easier to trace to other one m.t.v. related terms actions which i thought you know crawling through foreign banks and foreign companies are rather more convoluted now having said that prosecutors didn't want to discuss the f.r.c. case the merits of the case are strong i think that cases especially now that the courts has granted a temporary gag order it's a gag order that was. that the defense lawyers not if lawyers had to buy apple because they say they want to prevent child by media they want to bend prejudicial reporting of the case but it's one hundred membrane that this case represents only a small fraction of the four and a half billion dollars that not just in his senate seats i mentioned and some from the stage on fire one and and investigations into the bigger question scanner us
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still on governor so this case really is just the stock mufflers not just says this is nothing to do with corruption it's about political vengeance and he's pointing the finger at the new prime minister there mohamed why is that. well not good it's always good he's innocent and that huge sums of money transferred into bank account and with nothing more than a donation that was not used and the money for personal gain and he's painted in cell as the picture of a political vendetta and you imagine he's accused the current prime minister. who was a mental tent and its case against if you remember i had a different time and it is my auntie's do set up an opposition party because he thought it was and by the fraction scandal surrounding russia but not refused and said mahathir had returned to power to secure a legacy it's children so they're scared. to have said that malaysia is not the
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only country investigating as you mentioned that used you mentioned three countries that there is six countries that are investigating this find one and to be on suspicion of money laundering and malaysian cases themselves started looking into this several years ago but that stalls we still find it gets attention general and then the tell you generals with names and yet not to go wrong doing so there are allegations that there has been a cover of the scandal while not just mr. all right correspondent florence lou we thank you so much for joining us turning now to india or social media rumors have been fueling deadly mob attacks over the past three months false messages and videos about child kidnappers on the loose have triggered lynchings across the country the rumors are circulating on what's app which is widely used in india where a people are being fooled by
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a video it's like one you're about to see that to look like c.c.t.v. now if we can pull up that video you can see it here you two men on a motorcycle snatch a child from the street but this is not a real kidnapping it's actually a traffic a safety ad from karate. and the fake messages are convincing people across the country to take justice into their own hands. let's get more on the story with a halter who's standing by for us in delhi with the latest good to see you do we know who is behind these fake messages. both me that's really the problem with whatsapp you know it's an encrypted nesting service. unlike twitter and facebook and platforms like that people are able to anonymously push out messages without really being traced and that's why it's so difficult to really trace back you know who originally sent out this this video in particular that you showed without the second part of the video which which you
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showed that it came from pakistan and was actually trying to raise awareness about about kidnappings it's hard to track down but you know this is nothing new in india this has been happening for quite a few years now with what blowing up in the country it's by far the biggest market for whatsapp in the world with over two hundred million users and because of that it's just even that much more difficult to trace these kinds of things and we've had violence and and killings over rumors spread on whatsapp for quite a while now and in the last couple weeks there's been a lot of them linked to this this kidnapping rumor but you know it's really nothing new in terms of this is been building up over quite some time by ship that's a case of this is nothing new what are authorities doing to make sure that the stops. well authorities you know this week has kind of stepped up their rhetoric the indian government writing to whatsapp and
4:37 pm
asking them to do more to curb the spread of fake news on whatsapp and that's something new that you haven't necessarily seen them do in this formal kind of way but you know what sap is also been very clear you know they've responded pretty quickly and they've said they're more than willing to help but at the same time they they they say that you know it's not just on them you know there's the government has to work with them on this and society at large has to has to work on this and become more aware of what's fake what's not fake because because as as this gets spread stuff gets spread on what's up here and there's so many users not everyone is as news literate as as people might like and so you're getting things especially from your from your grandmother from your sister from your aunt your favorite your best friend whatever and you you you trust them you know you trust what they send you and so people are a little sort of reticent to believe that things are real when they get these
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messages but even if that's the case i should get a message from your grandmother and you believe it why wouldn't you go to the police rather than take this into your own hands. well i mean it's a good question i think there is a sense of community in certain areas where this is happening where the they feel ownership you know over over their kids for instance in the community if they're hearing that there is kidnappers and they just decide to take things into their own hands there is of course a lot of trust issues with with police in india in terms of their effectiveness in terms of their ability to deal with things like this and perhaps that's why you see this kind of mob justice that we. are reporting for us from delhi a she's got to talk to. her time for business with ben now in germany are ready to make concessions to washington's trade demands that's
4:39 pm
what it sounds like sumi that's what it sounds like german leader i'm glad merkel says it's time for germany to try to burt a trade war with the united states the south tower likes washington and by e.u. levies of its own the next in the firing line is germany's treasured or is the chance. that they get it right now we're witnessing something fault which we've always considered a constant namely the role of multilateral organizations we now have tariffs on a limb in yemen steel and we have a far more serious issue to should levies be raised on cars imported to the u.s. . with all and ladies and gentlemen this has the traits of a trade conflict i'm not ready to call it anything else just yet. but it is worth putting all our efforts into trying to defuse this conflict before it does become a war that of course both sides have to be involved in order to go and that's
4:40 pm
really why that. speech came as european commission president heads to the u.s. for talks with washington the e.u. has a lot to lose in the trade conflicts on compelling reason to stand together but analysts also say without reform the block is too weak to win big battles so is the e.u. ineffectual and bogged down a visit to athens might suggest otherwise after years of financial crisis greece with the e.u.'s help has turned a corner or so says european commissioner pm must give each. receive. two feet. but if. you're. sitting in. those european partners now have three other economic headaches to deal with first italy which is sitting on a mountain of debt some two point three trillion euros worth saving italy might
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prove an even tougher job than greece could this mean and atallah exit. then there's brics it britain is waving goodbye to the e.u. but what this will ultimately mean is anything but clear how much of a handle does brussels have on the situation and its costs. and last but not least donald trump he's threatening tariffs and the e.u. use value to strike back with levies on some two hundred fifty billion euros worth of u.s. exports joining forces against trump for the e.u. that could be a show of solidarity and strength. my colleague helen humphries spoke to michael director of the think tank open your berlin about the biggest challenges for yours or for. one of the biggest wrists and it also all
4:42 pm
pertains to italy is doomed to between banks. and government budgets so if there if these banks whole lots of government debt to seven dead of their own country then once you have a banking crises and there's many non-performing loans in the talian banking system then this could lead to a national crisis that. we would have another bailout program perhaps for italy and italy might be too big to fail the point see the potential for a new bailout program one of the ideas actually put forward by the french president and either way back on and that matters in favor of is this european monetary fund to help countries in crisis could you imagine there a fund whereby it was the funds automatically release are we going to go through something arduous what each national parliament needs to say yes this country can have this money it is a big question also of national sovereignty and you know no taxation without
4:43 pm
representation and should the buddhist type for example the german government still have a say over tax payers money which is a constitutional issue and so it so that it really depends on whether how this european monetary fund would then look like legally also in terms of volume and we now agreed on something like a euro zone budget right which could also help but the german government things you know in the area of thirty billion dollars thinking more in bigger terms of three hundred or four hundred billion as volume for special like you say a constitutional question that certainly countries like germany. the u.s. commerce department has temporarily lifted part of a sales ban on the major chinese text. the ban all but shut down the company in april this year when washington accused it of continuing to contravene sanctions
4:44 pm
against iran and north korea now restrictions have been lifted at least for the meantime. the temporary reprieve is only until the end of july and conditions under which that t.-e. will be allowed to resume business are strict the chinese tech giant will be able to maintain existing telecom networks and mobile phones in the usa and to carry out security patches to continue operating the company must pay a one billion dollar fine replace its executive team and hire u.s. compliance officers it was only in april that the company suspended most operations after the commerce department imposed a seven year ban from buying u.s. components and technology said g.e. relies on u.s. companies for nearly one part in every four that go into its networking hardware and smartphones. t.-e. pleaded guilty in march twenty seventh teen to having shipped equipment to iran and
4:45 pm
north korea in violation of u.s. sanctions after they were slapped with a fine the company promised to discipline employees involved in the scheme but the commerce department said this week that those employees were paid bonuses instead. just briefly china is pumping more money into venezuela the venezuelans continue to pump crude a rock bottom prices to power the globe second biggest economy the south american nations oil slick is ailing and desperately needs a cash injection china development bank is best into the two hundred fifty million dollars billion small could be on its way is the country's discussed a special low prices for commit us where there is don't buy corruption mismanagement and stolen in basements and there is little foreign currency around beijing is now its main foreign investor over the last decade it's led to caracas a total of sixty billion dollars which the government is repaying in oil supplies. back to sydney thank you ben we're going to take
4:46 pm
a look now at some of the stories making headlines around the world rescue teams are searching for dozens of missing passengers one day after a car ferry ran aground in indonesia at least twenty nine people died after the vessel filled with water maritime accidents are common in indonesia where boats are often overcrowded. and french authorities have appealed for calm after the killing of a young man by police sparked violence in known writers torched a building and cars after a twenty two year old was shot dead by police during a traffic stop on tuesday an official says the man was shot after hitting an officer with his car. a court in ecuador has ordered that former president off and put a on be jailed he's violated the judge's request to regularly appear in court as part of an investigation into his role in the kidnapping of an opponent who governed ecuador for a decade and now lives in belgium denies his involvement. french
4:47 pm
president in one one mark hall has been holding talks in abuja with his nigerian counterpart. among the topics discussed was the fight against boko rahman regional security but also high on my calls agenda was african culture his first stop was at the iconic nightclub and music venue does shrine it was here that mccall said the world's image of africa has to change. a warm welcome for emanuel kong. people queued up for a glimpse of him in my courtroom yeah africa yeah they're real people we're not sure how we have the best. music we did come back to the. musical legacy even though. the cards are good for the hour and they weren't disappointed but it's the french president isn't just here on business after the
4:48 pm
african union summit and the meeting with president hu harry this is the place to which president michel has come it's a new africa shrine a place dedicated to philip could be the king of afrobeat and it's brought the kremlin of lagos to this place. not content here as a student she said the time he spent here made a lasting impression. was. and this is a reminder. that this place is. the. place. that is the. mcallen nights the launch of a season of african culture that will bring the work of african artists to france in twenty twenty. i think but every artist creates that creative in nigeria as well you know over the positive decades and this is an incredible balinese that i think is a good sign that. president bronchos lagos and i did same
4:49 pm
time to try because for me the president that relates all was to relate more with the future and the future of the young generation. concept the image of africa in the world had to change in the future. yes to give her. a new. you. know the. move for. her. that's. what. we're going to go there will be. more cultural diplomacy is on the agenda on wednesday the inauguration of a french cultural center and meeting young nigerian entrepreneur as.
4:50 pm
it is paris fashion week in the french capital you're looking at the latest fashions from karl lagerfeld or who else should now the show premiered at the last night right in the center of town. and we have robin merrill from our culture desk with more on this story robin so this entire week is a dedicated to the higher end of fashion yeah i mean it is. literally translated would be hard. actually literally translated because it's the most elaborate it's the most exclusive and of course it's the most expensive fashion we're talking about and actually only fourteen. designers only fourteen people in the world who are allowed to use the label as decided by the french ministry of industry but one of them is clear right autistic director of juvenile she who did this stunning show
4:51 pm
a couple of days back actually in the guns of the national guard towers it was an all march to great film star or dream happen i think you can see this in the design of life from wind over the elegant and surprising new for the jewel not this one but most of them aware of this one perhaps not. to be very well. but the argument is that. this is what the design is the. sort of who says really and i think that's fair enough the name claire waite kelly might be recognizable to you until a lot of other people around the world because she was the one who designed meghan marco's wedding dress or i should say of course the duchess of sussex as she is now is ok but this is such an exclusive club of a fourteen design designers it is that opening up it is a big i mean they do invite the designer to gas in paris fashion week every year
4:52 pm
and this year not for the first time they've invited a dutch designer cold war on the kemp now he's a bit of a renegade gade he's shaking out fashion quite a bit as a pioneer of what he's sort of cold i think demi couture as a sort of one down perhaps slightly affordable and he's also a pioneer in other ways too. models with attitude strutting their stuff at a hotel near the paris opera the dutch designer find that kim is taking part in the paris boat called tours shows for the third time. funding camps flamboyant creations came to express the wearer's personality. all of these outfits are unique creations first foremost because they're made of recycled materials.
4:53 pm
for suki so i always try to only use materials that already exist so i collect them i buy from people who buy up old stock from the big couture houses who no longer need the fabric. from the gone. sometimes i've even used military fabric or it might be an old american flag it's going off and so then i look through all the stuff that i have and i think about what i can do with it and then i get to work going to the market. couture with a conscience has become grown out fund trademark. needed to use some pieces of fabric said other people get into the beginning we needed to do that just gives economics but i think what he's doing now is trying to come this is eric in a way. some of the l fits in the latest collection are made partly from pipe car.
4:54 pm
love session and you know. that's what we're here for. the last was to say we first show the colors and we see. found a camp slightly different collection has certainly brought a little extra flair to the paris fashion world. slightly different a need you have a top designer using recycled materials old american flags and yeah i mean we didn't see the old american flag but yes he was american flags into jeans around the time of the american election actually and it got quite a bit of celebrity following for instance his pop star katy perry wearing them as miley cyrus as well and also the mobile t.v. cousin i suppose you could call a candle jet so causing quite a stir with that also she doesn't work in paris and he works. at his home
4:55 pm
in amsterdam keeping away if you like from the so-called fashion experts and all those people who want to give them advice and the like he keeps away from them he also uses it has employed a number of refugees in the netherlands to a skilled garment micah's from where they've come from he's gives them what he gives them a purpose he gives the money i mean the soul sounds a bit sort of holier than thou actually i don't think it's a publicist flaw i think because he has been doing it for about four years now and as the guy said in the report when he started out he was using recycled clothes in of the money to buy the right stuff you know all right well more on this design around paris fashion week on our website indeed dot com slash culture robin merrill our culture editor thank you. and we just have time for a minder of our top stories here on
4:56 pm
a new video was released of the schoolboys trapped in a flooded cave in thailand they appear to be in good health but rescuers say they still don't know how or when they will be able to bring the group to safety. thanks for watching that have you. been.
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a dream for investors. to say. she money is flooding the markets. lax regulation gives gamblers. loses ordinary citizens. the money. how the rich get richer. fifteen minutes.
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of fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of war here's what's coming up. this talk on w. co they did the still super hero on a mission to change attitudes smart women spot smart drugs smarts to a legend is it by no means missed out on a brain creasing lean dangerous stuff. to make the mind. of a news analyst believe she gets to learn some new sounds so called shaken up the food is kind to one side but. people have put big dreams on the big screen.
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movie magazine on the dummy if. they live to surf the. danger lurks in the water we were there all year long surfing waste and polluted water. basically the station was mostly back up over the asia will cause people to jump. easily pleased it's saturday or somewhere every day and see more and more probably shoeshine and the seems to me everything the way most of the winds probably have to give something back so i feel obliged to assume. white waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution of the sea starts july. fourteen on double.
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duty. this is data from violent just released a new video of the schoolboys trapped in a flooded cave system and they appear to be in good rescue divers are still not clear how old when they are going to get out also on the program. protesters gather outside poland supremum cold as a new low forces some judges into early retirement the government says it's an overdue reform of the european union is outraged. plus england to break their world cup penalty.


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