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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 4, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is a w. news life from the wrong road back from what the united nations says was genocide we have a special report from iraq's mound same job hope to hundreds of thousands of people who fled islamic state violence four years ago we made families still too scared to return also on the program. talking to rescue the schoolchildren trapped in a flooded cave system teaching them how to dive in the hope they can get them out before the waters rise. poland's chief justice defies
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a purge of the country's supreme court by turning up for work as protesters and the european union condemning the government's latest attempt to consolidate power. plus angling to break that world cup title take us. through lax with their first ever world cup penalty shoot out between tom lumpia interim matic fashion and climbing the last place in the quarter. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program four years ago the islamic state millicent group took over the north of iraq the homeland the you see it is a religious minority they follow an ancient religion with more than half a million believe us and that's
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a region. around fifty thousand fled i asked persecution to the holy mountain mount st john but many will course of the un has described what happened next as genocide thousands were killed and women and girls are kidnapped as sex slaves many are still missing and many of the people who were displaced still live on the mountain afraid to return home even though i asked has been expelled the w.'s but good to show sandra patterson visited a family in the camp all months into struggling to move on after the brutality they experienced. while her daughter is still in bed. prepares bread for the day but her mind is far away stuff in the time when she and her children were captives of the i asked held as slaves raped and sold like cattle . three if the children are still missing. either to.
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their work is not one i can think of anything else about. what i'm just not normal and i had a new moon about that. i went to the doctor but they said it didn't matter what medicine i took it wouldn't help a bit out because i just think too much hay out there on our back yards. she no longer knows how many people hurt them they were held for the last five months in a cellar her daughter her nine was six then she was eight. they didn't give us anything to eat our peas they were evil they kept on helping themselves to the girls yes i'm with. you. there's a kind of kindergarten in the mts and jack kemp she and her sister spend a couple of hours a day here. it's a chance to play and for a little while to figure out. the
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i asked men kept taking the children to make them in desperation she touched their names on their own using the nails and. i worked my way and i could run navajo i don't know why they wouldn't forget their names why did not get one out i took the children away from me the i.r.s. would give them my house and the leader said if i see a name on a nom i'll cut off that arm so i stopped. look here. that i only did half a name. here's what it could well have been what. she still doesn't know where her fifteen year old daughter and her two oldest sons are she doesn't even know if there were life routine helps to distract. an aid organization gave the family twenty sheep money from selling the milk supports them. but
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even here on the mountain they're afraid that the i.r.s. might return coaches husband mahmoud keeps a gun if they come back he says they won't get his family again because it was. a move. in the past we trusted our neighbors back then they said they were our friends with their children. even more of. a visit to their old home. to read down the mountain is littered with the things people left on their way on as they fled in panic from the i.r.s. four years ago. it was here the coaches family was called. to get to their village we pass through a shingle the capital it lies in ruins. i don't care about the destroyed buildings. what awful is that they gave six seven or
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eight year olds to ten or twelve men. and that an eye is fighting a ten year old girl pregnant that's the worst thing that we think. their home village from boosie has deserted. the house in which they invested all their savings wrecked looted. and there's that i want to go on. many muslims still live in the next village over the road years edis will never be able to live with muslims again after what happened. back on the mountain prepares for the night. they've been here for two years the holy mountain jail is their safe haven but they don't want to stay there what they have got by that i am a big island our children come back will leave iraq will go somewhere else as not
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only had went down with iraq that we suffered too much. as it out of what. they supply to an aid program which would enable them to go to australia. but the hope of seeing their missing children again keeps them on the mountain. or they don't lose us hundred patterson co-produce that reporter just returned from the region welcome sondre this what's your thought that. it's hard for me to understand the purpose of a bit naïve the level of violence that was perpetrated against these people so let's let's see if we can start with a reason if any that one set of people should persecute you such a relentless way or another this was islamic states as muslims quote. taking on people that they regarded as was as if adults as devil worshippers
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because they were not muslims they were not muslims they are a tiny ethno religious minority inside iraq they have been persecuted before but now relentlessly persecuted by so-called islamic state and what they did eventually is unleashing this geno site which. mahmoud's to suffering this fate and we have about half a million of these inside iraq and most of them today live in refugee camps as in turn in the displaced people a lot have left the country and others us still missing because they were in still a phd and enslaved means they are now possibly with other jihadi organizations being sold off from iraq to syria but. i mean these pictures a very telling there was a time maybe a year or so ago where news bulletins were full of the plight of the u.s eaters this is the first time they have their bit on my mind for
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a long time have they been forgotten i think yes because if you take yourself back think of august two thousand and fourteen four years ago it was the plight of the people that brought barack obama then u.s. president to the point of ordering air raids inside iraq to fight the so-called islamic state it was also what brought the german government to deliver weapons and military trainers to kurdish peshmerga forces hoping that they would fight to free the which were you know. slaves which were persecuted really lentulus and if you think now four years later pretty much they are dropping off their headline so they don't really make news anymore it's a sadly familiar story is the disaster continues until you reach such a scale of the world powers moving world powers move in it's sorted quotes but the aftermath and this is what we're talking about the aftermath is still there and listen to that woman talking. mental as well as physical trauma i
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mean that also also kind of a borderline situation for us because you obviously can't go in there asking direct blunt questions as in how often have you been raped tell many maine did you have to surf when you were essentially in so doing a ritual which you know you're con because in the end they have to decide what they want to share with you what they want to tell you and incautious case she was always referring to the fate of other women like i can recall a quote where she said they took women even older than me they exchanged women for a cigarette they gave each other women as presents and also what she said to biology you know young girls at the age of six seven eight being married off to i as fighter is one of these girls a fifteen year old daughter of being there is no sign of life for her she's one of the three kids still missing she was married off forcefully at the age of fifteen
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and you know this mother doesn't know whether this daughter is alive or dead so just imagine what this woman goes through and of course we are no psychologist we don't want to trigger trauma that we cannot do you because they're very vulnerable up there on the mountain was we saw that. old home and it's just a wreck so what is the future that we have hundreds of thousands in these refugee camps what next. if we stick to your mahmoud's family for them i think they are clinging to this hope of getting their three kids back and then leaving immediately hoping that they can reach safety in iraq because if you speak to them and also other use e.d.s. what they tell you is we are full of class citizens and have no future here. well thank you for bringing that to our attention very interesting subjects and thank you. ty all stars have begun to teach
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a young football team trapped in a flooded cave how to dive the twelve children on their football coach are stranded for eleven days but if floodwaters rise they could be stranded for months might even drown i mean escape would be extremely challenging for non-swimmers despite new footage showing them to be in reasonably good health. week but in good spirits the boys receive medical treatment and food after more than a week underground they are now being cared for by the tiny the seals the video footage has reassured their loved ones officials are working to install a cable so that parents can talk to their children it is not yet clear how or when the team will be brought to the surface after their harrowing ordeal authorities aren't taking any risks. we need to be one hundred percent confident
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in order to get the boys out. and it does not have to happen all at once. it depends on the circumstances. but they don't have to come out of the same time because they're all in a different condition. recessing the situation now and if there is any risk we will not move them out. the rescue operation with little room for error medics and soldiers rehearse bringing the boys and their coach to safety . with the rainy season just beginning the group has enough supplies to survive for months and as officials debate how to free the team the governor has promised they will care for the boys as if they were their own. so let's have a look at the options facing those rescuers here is an approximation of the tunnel lie at any moment and we can see we know that the the boys are trapped here about
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four kilometers from the tunnel entrance as you can see it's completely cut off by flood water so one option would be to wait until the water recedes or they can leave on foot but monsoon season the setting here and ask obviously going to bring even more rain so that could take months teaching them to divest is thought to be the fastest and most realistic option and arguably also the most dangerous it's not clear whether any of the boys can swim let alone dive the british cave rescue council is advising the rescue effort their assistance chairman gary mitchell describes the risks any attempt to numb divers out of any length of ortiz is really quite serious undertaking. and we believe that dorothy's are potentially coming up with sort of one or two plans one to take them out by the mountain stages . is a separate pockets along the way the total length of x.
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it is in the region of a kilometer long so it's a six shooter and the taking of anyone that's really experienced by let alone young lads never or so rescuers are also scouring the mountain far side for somewhere where there might be able to drill into the chamber to lift the boy's hours but creating a shaft large enough to do that would be extremely complicated and take a long time in the meantime authorities are pumping floodwater out of the cave to try to limit the damage or further rainfall a significant factor weighing on the rescuers minds is the risk that the case could become completely flooded. on to other news now on the poland's top judge has defied an attempt by the government to purge the country's supreme court and mal girl who cares doth turned up for work as normal demonstrators but calls for an independent judiciary a new law lowers the retirement age for supreme court judges forcing
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a third of them to go before the end of the terms the country's right wing government says it's modernizing our justice system left over from the communist year. european flags flying outside poland's highest court in warsaw once again thousands of poles have gathered to protest the government's judicial reforms the highest profile dissenter is mortgage our target as doff poland's top justice she turned up for work on wednesday in defiance of a new law forcing supremes court judges to retire earlier the government wants the twenty six highest judges to step down at sixty five instead of seventy. the law has seen polish prime minister jet ski come under fire in the european parliament politicians across parties say warsaw is just trying to get rid of opposition judges and is threatening democracy and rule of law in the country it
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very bluntly it's a community of values and i have to tell you very openly that putting the judges on the political control this effect makes no part of the values of warnings to that polish citizens now trust the e.u. more than their own government. here. your government prime minister takes hold and away from the past of democracy we greens fully support the article seven procedure and we very much thank the commission for also starting an infringement procedure in order to stop this supreme court act. parliamentarians also highlighted poland's contributions towards european unity they urged warsaw not to isolate itself from the rest of the bloc of european view boylen. we want poland at the center of europe we want you to contribute but don't destroy
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democracy in your country. or of yet he defended his government's reforms saying they would strengthen not weaken the polish justice system he said poland would not tolerate brussels telling it what to do national there's a lot of our continent has been shaped by its cultural institutions are one hundred five years welsh on the value of respecting national identities is part of the trust that has been built in the e.u. because of the constitutional pluralism in article four of the treaty is one of the great values of the euro and every country has the right to set up its legal system in line but in its own traditions. but the demonstrators in warsaw have made clear their opposition to the reforms along with the e.u. they're set to keep up the pressure on the polish government. christian davis is warsaw correspondent for britain's guardian newspaper he joins us on the line welcome to day to you let's start with the polish prime minister's contention that
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these reforms will strengthen the country's justice system what do you think. it's very easy to assert that it's going to strengthen them but the haven't actually explained how that supposed to happen how it will strengthen judiciary for government for the ruling party to have direct oversight of the appointment discipline promotion and financial incentives of all polish judges how it will strengthen judiciary for. parliament cassano which is blatant violation of the polish constitution. and. how it's changed history for the executive to have total of a size the. executive have control of the side of the judges everything else is a distraction you can talk about traditions will you like but it's not relevant to this case this house plain government says enjoyed broad support in the country how
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are people reacting to these changes. it's definitely leading been leading in the polls in the last year of the opinion polls. if you can make arguments about how popular the government is i mean in terms of its actual that will mandated receives around thirty five thirty thirty five percent of the vote on a very low turnout of fifty percent say the electoral support of about eighteen percent of the country but really the government benefits not from support amongst population but from indifference a large majority i would say as a society is not very strong engage this issue tolan and that's a problem for the democratic opposition more than strong support for the government and the other point to make of course is that when it comes constitutional issues popular opinion really is irrelevant these are legal questions and whether. the collision to pull something or not if something is stated in the constitution in
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popular focus support shouldn't be a factor. we've seen a couple hundred people fifteen hundred people saw us turn out in protest of this op people generally indifferent to usual to what is going on on this issue. it's not the case that everyone is indifferent or that no one has but certainly. enough people engage in order to really shift the government from its position we saw last summer when the government made similar players they were mastery process and they and the government retreated but that was only a temporary retreat and what they did was they waited for the energy to dissipate. and to make an example of that and i suspect the same thing will happen now i think the government ok good talking to you thank you so much for joining us
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a christian davis from the garden in walsall thank you germany's chancellor has been defending her deal on migration in parliament i go back home address comes a day after she reached a deal with a hotline to horse a hoffa to limit illegal immigration chancellor merkel repeated her belief that the fate of europe would be determined by the way it deals with this issue. after a week's long feud on migration policy the general debate became a general reckoning chancellor merkel wasn't on so for german migration policy with hosts head of junior coalition partners the c.s.u. threats of resignation and the break up of the c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc were in the air reasons why migration was the debates key issue. is more all the more order must be brought to all kinds of migration so that people get the impression that law and order will be maintained that's our mission and our concern . and the agreement between the conservative allies is to be implemented here at
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the german austrian border transit centers are to be built here asylum seekers who have previously registered in other countries would initially be housed their status checked and they meet even be deported from here. the center left social democrats the third coalition partner are under pressure to quickly agree to the conservatives compromise but they are also struggling. that there was not be any national unilateral action there must be a due process at every moment and we will not agree to closed camps. so the debate continues within the coalition the opposition believes the dispute over migration policy is a good target. one tough to aspire for those they divide germany and for this they divide europe for this you divide and dismantle your unstable coalition and ultimately your own party are just and this tragedy and please resign and plead guilty up. there as you say to you and c.s.
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you compromise it breaches the coalition agreement it does not comply with the coalition agreement transit sounds were previously rejected by the s.p.d. on the thirtieth before up to leave. the heated asylum debate will continue one thursday in the chancellery well three coalition partners hope to finally reach a compromise. but it's not just internal political struggles the chancellor has to contend with let's talk trade war down with how the alligators thank you very much for my favorite topic what a coincidence well in any case angry merkel indeed is now saying germany has to try to avoid a trade war and you may ask why if this has been going on for quite some time she's saying it now with washington and you imposing each other new tariffs well maybe it's because the next step and from straight strategy could hurt germany's economic backbone the car industry here's what merkel had to say. today if not right now
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we're witnessing something felt which we've always considered a constant namely the role of multilateral organizations we now have terrorists on a limb in yemen still and we have a far more serious issue to levees be raised on cars imported to the us. involved with and ladies and gentlemen this has the traits of a trade conflict i'm not ready to call it anything else just yet. but it is worth putting all our efforts into trying to defuse this conflict before it does become a war that of course both sides have to be involved and that's really why that it's of course not only our domestic issue europe is struggling to find a joint response to the current tariff dispute european commission president drunk lord young car will go to washington later this month for trade talks but analysts
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warn that standing together will not be enough for the block reform is necessary to win big battles. so is the e.u. ineffectual and bogged down a visit to afghans might suggest otherwise after years of financial crisis greece with the e.u. help has turned a corner or so says european commissioner pm must give each. region. until each with its. own with its. city to the new orleans. those european partners now have three other economic headaches to deal with first italy which is sitting on a mountain of debt some two point three trillion euros worth saving italy might prove an even tougher job than greece could this mean and. then there's brics it britain is waving goodbye to the e.u. but what this will ultimately mean is anything but clear how much of
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a handle does brussels have on the situation and its costs. and last but not least donald trump he's threatening tariffs and the e.u. is vowing to strike back with levees on some two hundred fifty billion euros worth of u.s. exports joining forces against trump for the e.u. that could be a show of solidarity and strength. are we back with more business later on i thank you this is david lee news life for the ballot still to come france's president as you've never seen him before emmanuel backcross celebrates african culture and one of nigeria's iconic nightclubs. the latest a fashion show called lagerfeld for the chanel label at paris fashion week we'll look at what's hot in the french capital. on toward world news on the way.
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such. utter. play a mystery of the stone a. giant artworks that still captivated the today place. thousands of years ago. but why the book and what do they reveal about the people who make the. most up to deliver. the baby who do you think is going to be bullshitted.
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all the measures of a scores. to close an eighteen soccer world cup on t w news. how's the view. where i come from oh that's good to go it's just like with chinese fluids doesn't matter where i am it's always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most taking a step back i see things differently now. many of the words first as you know to go nation that exists to other part of the wall haven't been and to mention it in china that's not to china it's people wondering if they're going to take it but if you don't have the right to another that is this is their job just under the law
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how i see it and why my job because i tried to do exactly that every day my name. and i work for you. this is the new star from. top story at this. is in iraq of told too scared to return to their homes for years after the islamic state medicine group met a campaign of violence against them described at the time by the un as genocide. the french president. has been holding talks in with his nigerian counterpart muhammadu buhari the fight against. regional security were months of topics discussed with african culture also high on the agenda. first stop was the shrine during a speech at the iconic nightclub music venue he set the world's image of africa has
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to change. a warm welcome for. people queue up proclaims the fed. to my courtroom yeah it is africa yeah they're real people i'm not sure of all we have the best. music. to the. musical legacy even though. the cards are good for you. and they were disappointed but the french president isn't just here on business. after the african union summit and the meeting with president hu harry this is the place to which president michel has come it's a new africa shrine a place dedicated to philip could be the king of afrobeat and it's brought the kremlin of lagos to this place. not come came here is a student and he was clearly got to be back for work. before was.
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and this is a reminder that this is really. the. latest. thing. that this. macron announced the launch of a season of african culture that will bring the work of african artists to france in twenty twenty. i think but every artist creates that creative in nigeria that will one thing over the past decades and this is an incredible valleys and i think is a good sign. president my grandchildren in lagos and i did see him time to try because for me the president that relates all was to relate more to feeling and the feeling that the young generation. that the image of africa in the
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world had to change. yes to. if. you are to be on the move for your heard. this. would want to remember that all. that must surely include music dancing and a good party. and that report was produced by sort of an echo who had tried to suffer from lagos so welcome. what is it about this french president that makes people want to queue around the block to see him. but i think it's mainly the fascination of having somebody important of an important figure like the french president coming to a neighborhood in lagos and that was mainly what brought people out but i think
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it's also about the venue itself so the fact that that present mcconnachie chose this venue instead of basically choosing a luxury hotel or an official state venue which other presidents or heads of state would would normally visit so it's tell us more than that about the shrine and why president macron chose that. well the shrine is basically the it was built up by the families of the son of fela kuti who is basically the. african who's basically nigerian music legend the king of afrobeat so it's something that many nigerians are very proud of so i think that was basically part of the reason why my column chose this venue because he basically wanted to relate be relatable to young nigerians to the arts community to the business community practically people who he sees as possible partners for france now president macro didn't go well where he just to show his respect for african
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culture what does he want. what he started out to visit to africa by going to the african union summit and also meeting with president hu hari yesterday and there the top of the agenda was basically security so we must remember that france basically has four thousand troops in the south whole region in the south hold zone. in the fight against terrorism there and so they have a lot at stake in terms of military involvement and on the other hand it was also it was also something that basically today my comment business people from the business community young entrepreneurs so it's probably also something about getting a foothold in africa's biggest economy. which is nigeria and how successful has it been do you think what's going to be taking back hopes of france.
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well it's difficult to say whether french citizens are actually interested in the fact that in military involvement. of france in africa and in the region but definitely it shows that he shows that france is doing something in the fight against terrorism so that will probably appeal to people back home and it's also and and it's all and he also once in a while dropped the word of migration so basically keeping africans in africa. through business opportunities through. through african leaders he said that african leaders are basically responsible for providing opportunities market access and so on to young africans so i think that was also part of part of the message that he wanted to bring across we're talking to thank you seller sell america like us. to have it all go to the world edges towards a fully fledged trade war and it's one that is developing on several fronts still
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we talk about the transatlantic trade dispute or earlier but china us tensions are at play here too a fresh round of import tariffs are going into effect between china and the u.s. on friday experts say we can then we'll talk about a full blown trade war while one side punishes the other the consequences could chip away at both economies and at the paychecks of chinese and american consumers . these car enthusiasts in beijing regularly meet up to take their jeeps for a spin the vehicles were imported from the united states. paid to france seventy five thousand u.s. dollars for his that's around thirty thousand dollars more than it would cost in the u.s. but the price tag could rise further when the next set of u.s. tariffs comes into effect. this year ten chilled buyers made change their minds due to the price hike.
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this restaurant in beijing will also feel the effect of fresh tyrants it serves pork ribs imported from the us there especially popular among americans living in the chinese capital. manager charles to pilot fears that higher prices could drive customers away of course he could start buying ports from chinese farmers but for now that appears to be at the question domestic calls it just doesn't taste. really the simple fact that the american feel better. as fears that the full out trade for growth china's foreign ministry striking a defiant tone to. china has a regular made preparations. as long as the united states issues a so-called tariff list china will take necessary measures to firmly protests. it just meant interests him being though we don't fall for this
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a lot of money. those who are already own jeeps in china will probably be doing their best to keep their vehicles in top shape to spare parts will also be taxed tired from friday. and of course will cover all of that right here at u.w. politicians are notorious for saving disappointing announcements for a busy news day and the world cup is one perfect event for that during the event the russian government said it's pushing up the official retirement age world cup or not the reform is facing resistance sort of each reports. it's been a long day and olga played minge of a needs a cup of tea after thirty years of working as a hospital doctor she was planning to retire next spring and just a bit on the site but now the fifty four year old feels there's little chance of that the russian government wants to gradually raise the age of retirement from sixty to sixty five for men from fifty five to sixty three for women. russia has
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an aging population and too few people paying into its pension pot the retirement system needs an overhaul. the government wants to modernize the country but needs to invest more in health and education as communication choices can seem a little in that get up to to announce the retirement reform at the start of the world cup hoping perhaps that the football tournament would distract people from its intentions these two. the kremlin has otherwise kept quiet on the issue president putin appears keen to distance himself from the reform. roger we have a few but trade unions and opposition politicians believe he's the one behind it all you know they've organized demonstrations and collected millions of signatures in protest of the what's more there you walk us. ordered the pension reform and that's a way of stealing our money. zelig who do so called reform is making citizens poorer
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we will do everything to prevent these measures from being implemented on the most which is the it's a. column and has to give its approval before the reform can go ahead and not all members are in favor of independent analysts also skeptical. speaking as an economist such reforms are only necessary when you have strong economic growth youth or not enough work because. neither of which is the case russia's economy is sluggish and the country has a huge workforce and few businesses actively high older people so. the end up having to work a few more years you. used to because of everything my generation has seen but that was i really don't hold out much hope for good new homes.
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and if the reform is implemented it will hardly bolster people's trust in the russian government. we say in russia where quarter finals are just around the corner at the world cup and fans have been seeing some surprising results companies are taking note to miss specially the teams outfitters for them the tournament is the biggest marketing event of the year now let's take a look at how that tournaments as unfolded because it is quite interesting german sports giant adidas went in with twelfth teams that were sporting their logo well nike competitor from the u.s. had ten new balance had two teams and last was puma or rather not last but we also saw puma with four teams now of course that has all changed as many teams are out the field has narrowed down with eight teams in the quarter finals among the corporate sponsors nike has now taken the lead with come some teams like brazil denmark england or croatia while adidas has lost some favorites like germany spain
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and argentina and is now only banking on belgium sweden and host country russia euro why is running up the field wearing off or sponsors outfitters the success of their teams is massively important translating into billions of dollars in revenue mostly through sales of jerseys of course. now that's all. those anger and found sort of racing every british capital yesterday after their teams were going to come out there and issues of football's coming home topped off a dramatic day of the world cup sort of three miles before the quarterfinals for the first time since two thousand and six. d w social media editor jennifer dreda add to an expat from water here to talk us through the actual problem both and start with you yannick so good when there's a game is marginal favorites how did that play out here so the game was fairly
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evenly matched there were two evenly matched england did go in as thought i would as you mentioned manager the fact that columbia are missing their best player their star man has riggers due to injury so england were the better team over the ninety minutes you would say but it was a very scrappy match there a lot of fellows quite a bit of play acting from both sides and. most of them to the colombian players but as is the case a lot of the time was with football even when the spectacle is not great on the field there's always plenty of drama as we'll say in the highlights coming up. harry came penalty after fifty seven minutes put in the wind in the lead against an ultra defensive columbia's side without the services of their injured star i miss rodrigues. in injury time england keeper jordan pickford had to produce his best save but was powerless on the ensuing corner when yeti mean up pounded the ball into the net for the last ditch colombia equaliser i mean is third goal at this
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world cup sent that match into extra time when england was only two minutes away from advancing to the quarterfinals. after a goalless extra time england had to go through the dreaded penalty shootout jordan pickford saved carlos buckers attempt and then up stepped eric dyer and finally england not only won a penalty shoot out but made it through to the quarterfinals too. so you have. a lot of places that clearly base this victory means a lot for england fans yeah hundred percent i think most england fans have been through years any joy and for me i mean half my family is english so i know firsthand how ecstatic they were when the last one in i was having numerous messages coming through my phone of my family just absolutely ecstatic. but the reason this main so much to england fans is firstly this is the first time they've
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won a world cup match since two thousand and six but most importantly the win came on penalties england have a very very bad history with penalty shoot outs they've never won a world cup penalty shoot out until now they've tried and failed on switches and on wanted woke up record and so to win on penalties i think was a beautiful thing for england fans most of them hate penalties they don't want to see them they don't even hear about them so for them to win i think it really does . you know give them a big confidence boost it shakes a big monkey off their back and i think in. and fans are starting to believe that they might actually win it as we saw in the jubilant scenes across the world. so i'm guessing that social media exploded so your carry people are absolutely going crazy because. when it comes to penalties in the end has a somewhat complicated history with them news even tweeted these as the game was underway i might add why do you always lose that penalties clearly speaking too
8:47 pm
soon because one fan rebutted from leeds and came back with is not anymore across social media there are hundreds of videos like this one here capturing the moment i see the anti and they just lost to. bristol roxy and celebration and plenty of fans are almost more excited about how england won rather than i actually won i don't care what happens now we won on penalties the person wrote on treatise huge deal so even if england doesn't win we have the moral victory. we have won the world cup it's all over now about the sharks and they'll be plenty of that what about the team itself chairs of course delighted but this is pretty big for their manager gareth southgate because he's known for at the nine hundred ninety six euros he missed a penalty kick which cost england this semifinal match against germany here we can see side by side images of that night twenty two years ago and compared to
8:48 pm
last night. summing it up to your personal trauma into a life lesson and a victory a very very sweet victory so you have experience where sees a big teams crush this year and the world's best two players leo messi and cristiano ronaldo tucked their backs i've got oh so they were the fountains turning so you know yeah i mean it's been an unpredictable world cup and i think no one really knows who will be the next superstar but it's not let's say it's kind of lost that messi and ronaldo have gone because now it is a chance for another playoff to step up and correspondence in russia actually went to the fans exactly who they thought might be the star this well let's check out what they said. obviously neymar is coming but then he doesn't need to die for all the time he's
8:49 pm
too much of a star not that much of a player right now it's not the world cup of. this period off when. it's off most obviously losing big stars is it's tough you expect them to win a world cup but they do have the teams that back them up. i think he's. very sure but maybe the last word kaffir game you go to compete for is the best goalkeeper in the war and it was great they saved huge to put on the cakes he was good. for course. i believe he was very good cast british michael was a very good goalkeeper. are
8:50 pm
you an experienced neighbor seems to be something of a fan favorite who do you think is going to steal the show yeah i mean neymar is undoubtedly a superstar and he's produced some magical moments already in this world cup he hasn't played the best but he's he's he's really stood out in some ways but kim and buffet is the one from may that i think really has the potential to show the world what he's made of the france forward is only nineteen years old and he has this this rule pay some power that can really just turn a game on its head as i said he's only nineteen and if he can lead friends to the final and then win the world cup he'll go into the history books amongst. pele. dawna and the brazilian are not zero and that's something messi and cristiano ronaldo have never managed so i think the one from a to look out for or good thank you for that.
8:51 pm
service paris fashion week at the moment when you're looking at the macy's creations from colorado out for sure now this could to a show premiered at bagram i lay last night right in the center of the french capital. metal culture this is here to talk us through the fashion stuff frocks that dilemma how goofy all of this all of this stuff so this the whole of this week it's all about the high end yeah i mean. literally translated as high so she's quite funny but it's fashion at its most elaborate its most exclusive and has said it it's most expensive only fourteen designers are allowed to use the couture for the special decided by the ministry for industry in the french ministry for industry one of them is claire waite calla
8:52 pm
artistic director she and she did this stunning show actually the other day in the gods of the national archives in paris it was a great film star audrey hepburn you can see in the designs lots of black and white all very elegant and surprising if i could so most of them wearable the one we see in the picture right now. this is quite rare without the you know the the desired is considered this for that so fair enough but the name white color might be familiar to you because she is as she possibly more famous for designing. dresses or i should say the touches of sussex of course you should say the duchess is saying that. but that was nothing like that that was like a toilet roll just. i'm quite surprised that so because you know this is controlled by the french government it's a fourteen design this is about to change well it's changing over
8:53 pm
a period of time and they've started inviting guests designers to also show this week every year and they've invited a guy not for the first time who's a bit of a sort of renegade this is dutch designer ronald fund the kemp he's shaking up a fashion as a bit of a pop pioneer of what they're calling demi couture so why promote couteau and also in other ways too. models with attitude strutting their stuff at a hotel near the paris opera dutch designer find the camp is taking part in the paris boat called tours shows for the third time. funding camps flamboyant creations came to express the wearer's personality. all these outfits are unique creations first and foremost because they're made of recycled materials.
8:54 pm
for suki so i always try to only use materials that already exist so i collect them i buy from people who buy up old stock from the big couture houses who no longer need the fabric. from the go to work sometimes i've even used military fabric or it might be an old american flag or a modern art so then i look through all the stuff that i have and i think about what i can do with it and then i get to work in the market. couture with a conscience has become grown out founder kemp's trademark. needed to use its pieces of fabric said other people wanted the beginning we needed to do that just sheer economics but i think what he's doing now is trying to come as a static and a way. some of the outfits in the latest collection are made partly from paid car.
8:55 pm
on the loves fashion and you know. that's what we're here for. the last was to say we for sale because i'm lazy. find a kemp's slightly different collection has certainly brought a little extra flair to the paris fashion world. so is even using recycling old american flags as made jeans with american flags we've got a few celebrities hero wearing them those. katy perry miley cyrus as well and also the model cal kendall jenner star causing quite a stir in the fashion world a smile i remain unstirred as you can see rob and meryl have that feature of today more of a our friends go have yourself a wonderful the for. the
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