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tv   Quadriga - German Stability A Thing of the Past  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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changes and most start with small steps global interiors tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate change to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something new for the next generation. one two years the multimedia environment series on t.w. . alone a very well welcome indeed to court regular and it's been a tempestuous week in german politics with the refugee crisis once again topping the agenda and get a makeover faced an open rebellion led by this man her interior minister holsey hold firm he forced the chancellor to shift further away than ever before from her
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open door refugee policy and accept the creation of pro screening camps or transit centers for asylum seekers along germany's southern border disputes that michael's government to the brink of collapse and big questions are now being asked about how her cocoa allision can possibly work together in the weeks and months to come so our question here on quadriga this week is german stability a thing of the past question mark and to discuss that question i'm joined here in the studio by three astute observers of german politics beginning with matthew condon chief european correspondent at politico and matthew argues the german politics is becoming less boring not less stable there's a good name he says for the type of confrontation we've seen in berlin over the past few weeks and that name is democracy also is this is derek scally of the irish times who says germany stability obsession has done more harm than good to democracy. the miracle era more flexibility will bring fresh fresh thinking and
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fresh problem has been to the political game interesting stuff and a very warm welcome to. the head of the w.'s domestic politics to problems nina believes the anti immigrant alternative for germany policy is the only winner in the current government crisis it's bad news for chancellor merkel and bad news for the team you're. looking to let me begin with you we've seen this clash of titans here in german politics these last couple of weeks what's it all been about and where does it leave us it's all been about power it's about been positioning and it's a been vote impatiens america's been in power for almost thirteen years and there's a backlog of young men who some seem to think that they are best placed to replace her and we have young one young man on the throne fifty three down and very moccasin he is going to lecture coming up in october and he thinks on this he gives the american a whack the voters are going to give him a whack in october on the migration quest for three years they've been sort of the
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conservative standard very few they've been kowtow into america and now they need to go back even though the migration cries really isn't a crisis anymore but they feel they need to set a sign so they decided to see said the migration crisis isn't a crisis to everybody outside germany would would would say yes it is it's the big crisis in germany interest in terms of numbers if you if you are worried about five or ten or twenty people coming across and seeking asylum a very every day with an is a crisis around europe it is a crisis but compared to where we were in two thousand and fifteen in terms of pure numbers it isn't a crisis the notion that it just sort of two weeks ago suddenly became a crisis again i think that was an artificial crisis so what we saw was the c.s.u. the summer holidays are coming up this is the last chance to really get people's attention before the autumn and give them the sense that we are tough we have stood up to america so i think what we saw was just politics that it has the is an unresolved migration crisis is true and it has gotten the rest of your talking about or perhaps was an unintended positive outcome the c.s.u. will claim this is what we intended all along it's not about power it's about. we
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are we're just we're worried about europe i doubt very much i wonder what nina has to say about all the regular unseemly and damaging for the whole political culture some of the critics is that you know do direct downplaying it some are saying this is a real challenge to germany's political culture the way this battle is being fought out yeah and the interesting thing is that like we said earlier i'm convinced that the only winner in this. unseemly debate and there's public rao that was unnecessarily harsh is the anti immigrant day and the interesting thing is that they didn't have to do anything they've entered they entered parliament in lost is federal elections with some twelve percent or so of supporting the strongest ok i mean there's nothing parliament exactly and and a vocal force in parliament and of course you can say that democracy is alive yes since they've entered parliament debates alive in the distant thought since they say their support according to latest polls has risen to some sixteen percent and
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this is something where you have to say will they stop that migration or will they not choose different topics in the future now that they've got the conservatives to essentially take on and dumped that topics will they stop that will will they will they go and talk about the euro talk about housing which is a big problem in some big germans you just give off you know it's a sense of the language they have to has been using this past week or so they've been they've been talking about hunting they said that at the very night they enter parliament for the first time we're going to hunt the government i'm going to mount go and hunt and go machall and then at the height of this current government prices they stood there and said look we're hunting. sends a shiver down the spine of the. right through the clash between say who for america has been described as a fossil charade laughable self delusion what do you make of it all. well i think it was probably inevitable given where the c.s.u.
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has been on this issue all along i mean if you go back to two thousand and fifteen and remember this is something that started when americal failed to inform sable for that she was going to let in these refugees who had been trapped in in hungary and that were many of them on their way on foot by austria to germany and she failed to inform him as often said the whole city who for took the phone off the hook and went to bed early well whoever knows the details he would have to assume that the chancellor of germany would have ways to get into touch with her coalition partners if you know if you need to and you know you get the sense that this is very personal this dispute between the two of them and i think that's something that came out this week as well as some of the comments that say hold for made such as i'm not going to let you know this this woman fired me i made her chancellor and this this kind of thing which would seem slightly gratuitous because that was said just before they reached this compromise so you can really feel i think also when
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you see the two of them together that there's no love lost between the two of them they've been colleagues in various positions for the past thirty years so i think that at some point this was always going to explode this dynamic between the two of them and it happened this week ok let's just listen in for a moment and hear what the two protagonists have been saying just get a flavor of what they the claims that make this possibly cause. this can all go with this the spirit of partnership in the european union is retained and a decisive step is taken to organize and guide secondary migration this is what has been and is important to me. is. this clear agreement which conforms to my beliefs on all three points and allows me to continue to carry out the office of federal minister of the interior for building and community like a few of you. just picking up on what you were saying matthew to you this past week
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i mean i've written down how the coalition is being characterized feuds backstabbing rebellion infighting i mean most of the i could go on how can they possibly work together in the weeks to come where germany does face really big challenges well i would be surprised if say who leaves at some point in the near future i don't think that the coalition itself will fall apart because they all have too much at stake here and they all fear new elections because they would all suffer if new elections were called so i do i do think that the the c.d.u. miracles party and say over party the sea is you will continue most likely without without say over at some point in the near future also because he alienated a lot of people in his own ranks on sunday by you know and now saying that he was planning to resign which was really caught caught a lot of people off guard i think at the end of this episode the details of this compromise i don't think are are that significant in the long term it's very
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complicated i don't think that you know miracle gave up that much to be honest i mean this is this story about these transit sones that they're setting up this is something that she first proposed in two thousand and fifteen so it's an idea that that she herself came up with at the time it was it was not possible because the social democrats at the time said no they don't want to have these camps on the borders so they found this compromise it sounds you know very very dramatic to people but i think at the end of the day what the what the variance really what it is in this election campaign that erica. i spoke about is to be able to point to their voters to these camps that are going to be set up at the border and say look we've established these refugee camps never mind that the numbers there are actually quite modest i think seven hundred people actually applied for asylum on the german austrian border last year which is which is which is not a lot and they must he says the. alienated a lot of people by the way he's been behaving this past week or two we'll see it in his own party as well isn't possible that was there was you know there was bear
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fury and yes poncy. just a couple of days ago but also i think an awful lot of women were alienated from the way wholesale first being behaving you know you mentioned it matthew talking about you know effectively i made her chancellor and also say from his arms up in the air and saying i can't the power to say and he was reported twice have said i can't work with this woman what do you make of all of it as a woman. or as a citizen i think you know there were lots of people whether or not they voted for medical doesn't really matter who said you just can't talk to a fellow politician like this there is just no way of of dealing with this problem and it's just it was just so transparent that this was a power struggle and this was not like they're trying to sell us now this was not about the details of a deal that would have solved a problem that we have at the moment. sixty nine percent of germans sam my view that this is something where he should have he said if resigned you know you
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because he took it so far because he let it escalate and in view of what he did saying don't care what there's a word in german it's a fascinating one of these big long german words put it in a draw some disenchantment disgruntlement this illusion mint with politics how much do you think that has been stoked in the last couple of weeks and how much will that feed into growing poll think as increasing poll think as they have to the alternative to germany oh i think so well i wouldn't worry too much i mean summers come. things i think most people are on the beaches i don't think they're watching the news and so on so it's pretty much a sort of wake me up when this is over and is it over and did anything change and so on but i do to i think we have been witnessing something the last few years and that's what i said my introductory statement that sort of it's like water is very slowly under on there has been is the journey where it's like it's washing away some of the foundations i don't think the ability this ability we are talking about here i don't really believe it's a stable i'm starting to see. i've always said and i think it was. with them
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churchill said in germany the trouble germans there are there are your uncles are at your throat and i think what he's trying to say was always a pendulum and this sort of tentative between self self safina self satisfaction and self loathing and we saw this week in the german magazine der spiegel there once was a stable country which is literally ridiculous i mean they're talking just because they left a football on the cars are you know cheating their customers or car companies and now this political crisis and i do wonder that maybe people will over over worry about what's actually going on in a period of transition in germany just like the rest of the world i think germany has been questioned from a lot of what's been going on for the last ten years have been germany didn't have a real financial crisis a period of transition from wall to wall well i think this is this is the big question are we is germany going to become one of the mainstream countries where you've got this battle between you know unilateral is multilateralism is is it is sort of germany first i mean the bavarians that's what i think their long term game is they have so the area first of luck well very germany first and the leaders down
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there and some conservatives up here in berlin are saying this miracle notion of that's all be friends hold our hands and commit to compromise it three in the morning is ridiculous we go in we buying on the table there are young men in german politics who believe that now and they i think the long term what we're seeing here is actually a cultural clash between does germany continue to moderate politics where tries to get as many people on board and try to hear me they just a few people as possible or do you go in and throw your weight around and because they see trump doing it they see other countries do it and they want a bit of the action i think that's the battle we're actually. signal and that's what worries me slightly more on that people whether people are saying that now i worry that people will start reading newspapers as germany is unstable germany is in crisis it isn't just because journalists think i don't really agree with you. well i agree i don't i don't think that it's in crisis i i think though it's worth noting that one of the conclusions one could make from the past couple of weeks is that this little rebellion that we saw from the c.s.u. and from some of the young men as you call them and miracles party really failed
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and i think there is still a consensus in germany and a centrist consensus they don't want to go to the unilateral approach as trump has done and as the varians appeared to be pushing for they you know all the polls suggest that the germans for main committed to the e.u. they may remain committed to all of these multilateral institutions the united nations and so forth so if this was an attempt to kind of push germany a different direction it really failed and you know i think what it what this whole . you know situation has shown to me is that this question of migration which is dominating to see this sort of political landscape for the last couple of years remains unresolved that's what this was about and this was sort of a symbol of that it was a manufactured crisis yes but it was possible to manufacture it because merkel has still not resolved you know this question of migration and i think that this was
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less about the people who were coming than it is about the people who are already here you know the one million plus who have come over the past couple of years and the sort of fears that many germans have about that and that's what the taps into and i so disagree with you on the other issues i don't think that they have any other issues and if you look at other populous parties around europe this is what they have in common with the f.t. is that you know they all kind of hew to this to this question of migration and what can be you know how they can use that. to kind of instill fear in people and when they've tried other issues such as the euro they have actually started as an antihero party did pretty well for a while and then you know fell down into the low single digits and it wasn't until two thousand and fifteen with the refugee crisis that they shot back up and that's where they've been ever since i think until miracle somehow finds a solution to the refugee question in germany this is going to continue i'm sorry but i think we have to talk about the fact that the. when we talk about migration
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we mean refugees and migrants at the same time still here in germany which is something that a and eight a lot of people because when we're talking about the right to asylum this is something that no citizen questions you know people who are indeed off protection they need to be protected here but what's happening at the moment is that all of the problems that have arisen since we've had lots of people come here and claim apply for asylum here simply because there are no other ways into germany there have been problems and we're not dealing with them in a separate way to the asylum issue itself so you know they are beginning to talk about the need for an immigration law now at last you know to decades of they actually being necessary but what is happening is that there are people who are saying ok we can't even talk about the problems that we have with new arrivals here
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because then everybody will accuse us of of being anti immigrant all xenophobia cueva but they're all problems and we just need to talk about ways of integrating those who have a right to stay here and then of giving protection to people who need to be protected but also of keeping people out to just have no way of living here picking up on what you're saying and going back to matthew matthew from politico your publication your outlet says this week the dehumanization of europe is on the march and my my response to that was you know is germany is the american government actually contributing now to the dehumanization of europe well i didn't write that and i. actually disagree with that a lot of voices that. i don't think that she is contributing to what i think you know this is a fairly pragmatic approach and i think a lot of people of you know completely misread what she's done here i don't think this is a an about face at all as i said she's the one who first suggested this solution with these transit zones number one and number two if you look at what's happen.
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since two thousand and fifteen with merkel's government and the way that it has you know gradually tightened the asylum rules they've been to asylum packages as they call them the rules have become much more stringent than they were in two thousand and fifteen she hasn't been out there you know giving speeches about it hasn't drawn a lot of attention to it but it is today much more difficult as a refugee to get asylum in germany than it was in two thousand and fifteen so i think that this is a another step that you know at least superficially appears to you know tight tighten the rules a bit but in substance it certainly is not a major departure from her previous policies and i don't think that she's dehumanizing europe at all i think that you know there is a practicality issue and i think that you know this is what sort of the mainstream german looks at the situation and thinks well you know yes we we know need to provide people asylum we want to help but there's sort of limits to what we can do
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and this is sort of the tension in this debate and has been from the beginning thank you for those coming to bring you in just a moment there because you were talking earlier about whether that germany is entering a phase of malays or not you were rather skeptical about that a lot of people here in germany not just in the media to believe that you know germany is entering abilities to look. back when the world was still intact september two thousand and thirteen when germany's conservative party's one and almost absolute majority in the elections cd you had under the macula and her c.s.u. counterpart or see through. now disenchantment has set in and not only in politics . the diesel scandal has devastated trust in germany's manufacturing might be w n but also mercedes and other brands have been affected new technologies were ignored by management and instead emissions results were falsified. dr banks image has suffered two bad loans three years of losses it was the only bank to fail the us
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stress. just now it's counting on a leadership change. and what else oh yeah the germans can't even play soccer anymore the current reigning champion crashed out of this year's world cup in the group stage with the worst showing in their group is the team and its leadership to hold on to satisfied to self aggrandizing germany in the summer of twenty eighteen does the country have a problem with its elites. going there it gets here it does the pro country is it mismanaged in soccer business politics is there a crisis with the german elite some of you loose i mean you know when you win the world cup they like you that you want to win the world cup for the euro vision song contest the next time it is quite low and yes they probably could have done better but my god i mean the pressure these people are on the to have to deliver every time you know i would say the carcass of the card crisis was collusion between the car industry and politics they knew the problem the politicians had put them under
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pressure to deliver clean diesel which isn't clearly isn't possible and then they realise we have to work at each other so i do think there's a problem there but i've i've been here for almost twenty years and i've seen these sort of casandra journalists be along saying you know can germany be saved and that always works well in talk shows because the person who says well maybe it'll be ok seems hopelessly naive but what i have learned in twenty years in germany is that germans don't react at the first alarm bell they don't react at the second alarm bell but some are between the second and the third and final alarm bell somebody goes oh jesus we have to do something and something happens i don't want to know if it's marital who's the person who will that be a reaction is known for being able to jump off the diving board and in her swimming lesson or act in politics just at the last moment i'm starting to wonder if you know she's just like lots of people she's had a lot of a long crisis filled run and she's done some good things for extraordinary things in europe in terms of stability that maybe she needs to move whether she realizes that herself but this notion that germany itself is you know one swallow doesn't
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make a summer in three disasters does. make you know tossed your feet you know it's not the apocalypse you know it's always very fashionable to say germany is in crisis and out of all these things and they're speaking to that this week and stirred furiously and a lot of people swallow it and say oh yes it must be true you know a plus b. plus c. equals that whatever yeah. you know i agree that there is a risk that you overestimate the effects of football. but at the same time i would say that lots of people here in germany and probably an increasing amount of feel disenfranchised they feel like the politicians are no longer dealing with the real issues you know we've we've established that there are no big amounts of migrants coming into germany at the moment you know if you don't have it you get exactly become and they don't even have to deliver a solution because everybody else all the other parties are involved in their own middlings the social democrats it will be a perfect opportunity for them to now say ok this is our stance on migration this
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is what we want for the future this is how we're going to solve your problems when it comes to calve for the elderly this is what we're going to do for families etc then not delivering so all the a.f.d. have to do is say we've got a problem with and i disagree with you that migration is the only the only issue that they have you know because they don't have solutions they just need to name the problems that people have. well i would just say i think it's an issue that resonates most in germany and in other countries i mean one of the things that interested me about the german discussion is that the germans are sort of discovering slowly what it means to have a successful populist party a successful far right party and everybody's like really shocked. if you look around the rest of europe it's been going on for quite some time and there wasn't a deep politician last week when when germany lost who posted on facebook or twitter a picture of maybe the german player who has turkish roots and there was
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a bit of a controversy involving some photographs that he had taken together with and a lot of people were very upset about that this is kind of thing that has been going on in france has been going on in austria the netherlands you know for many years so i think that you know if anything the political landscape here is sort of catching catching up a bit too to to to the rest of europe but you know come back to what eric said about you know is this you know the end of german stability. you know i think it's definitely becoming becoming less stable and while it's not a catastrophe i do think that there are signs in the economy in particular that this kind of second economic miracle that germany's been going through over the past few years is coming to an end let's give them a we've got about a minute to go terry before and i want to hear what you have to say about all of that because you were at the beginning of the show said germany has the stability obsession you imply that that should become a thing of the past or they should shake the obsession off and you suggested that
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that would lead to fresh air fresh thinking fresh partners that's intrigued me tell me more and i think i'm going to america is bit like have you heard a lot more parenting this is where a parent moves ahead of the child and clear all obstacles out of the way germans for the last ten or fifteen years haven't had to worry about politics they have not to worry about what's going on in the world america without a. clear very thing called you don't usually i'll tell you when need to wake up well it's time to wake up and i think you are starting to realise that it's time to really engage. politics again and that can only be a good thing because having a surrogate who's a greece to do everything for you that's like a very very soft dictatorship i don't think that's good for any democracy and now for germany ok thank you very much for those comments i really would like to. continue at home some food for thought of this week's german stability a thing of the past enjoy the show come back next week five i should move.
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