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change. the famous running of the bulls festival has begun in spain's northern city of pamplona festival this was started by lighting a traditional fireworks thousands of people packed the streets to celebrate stressed white hundred wearing gray festivals right next words i consecutive morning starting on saturday people will base with bowls along an eight hundred fifty meter street course leading to pamplona as a bull run wild. right that sets you up to date have a good. assignment a clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged
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marriage and those who want to marry for love. the clash that's shaking families and society to the core. my father would be angry sometimes i think i'm going to. love commandos starts july eighth d.w. . shift living in the digital age coming up photogenic cities. virtual dissection. and the super mario crush goals but first controversial database the polish government recently launched an online register
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for sex offenders. is it an appropriate precautionary measure or an invasion of privacy in poland the move has widespread public support. the polish government calls the new online register a breakthrough in efforts to protect children against paedophiles the personal data of about eight hundred convicted sex offenders can be viewed on the justice ministry website. it provides information on paedophiles and rapists including their id photographs their crimes and sentencing and their current address. surveys show seventy percent of poll support the move. away because there are certain. ritual i think if everyone visited the page it would certainly reduce the number of such crimes in the future. but. are you good to me if you're to accessible to the public these people committed a crime so why not let it go when your party everyone should know what these people
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look like so they can be on their guard. out of the. crowd of you and i think it's wrong. so very many paedophile priests were not added to this registry your so your strawman in my opinion you're already is are just trying to drive everyone crazy. like yourself as i have over to. say the aim is to protect children but there is debate as to whether the measure is an effective instrument in preventing crime opponents also criticised that the registry includes individuals who have already served their sentences and undergone therapy human rights organizations called it a severe breach of privacy. i think. for. all of those people who have been convicted but who have finished their sentence. who want to live as normal people and start
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a new life. some public sector employers are required to use the database school principals must check that recruits do not have a criminal record if they don't employers face a fine or even prison sentence. move follows an example set by the united states which has published the information of convicted sex offenders since two thousand and five. the public can use an app to check whether a convicted sex offender lives in their neighborhood and offenders address the freedom of information act guarantees access to court records. experts like claudius order call it an invasion of privacy that merely serves to sow public concern. if the state says we're releasing names will warn you about sex offenders it's indirectly calling on the public to take matters into its own. and one hand it's a statement of the all thora teach powerlessness and on the other call on the
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public to act because i don't see it reducing the price they feel it's nor will it reduced a sense of security if they like. germany also has a registry for sex offenders but it's not public access to so-called certificates of good conduct is strictly regulated school and kindergarten teachers need one. they are private german web provide is that of free information by analyzing public police records however the offenders remain anonymous. that's not the case in the us websites and apps provide information on sex offenders and other criminals sometimes foresee the list includes names and pictures but what impact do such digital databases have on society even if instead of integration it leads to marginalize asia and that in turn creates a negative aggressive identification among the rest of society. in the sense of if
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we stand together against the rest of society. this kind of polarization and division is of no use to anyone. in. it. i think. it's a matter of time. the polish ministry of justice would not comment relations between the e.u. and poland are already strained the databank is another point of contention. shifts as everyone has the right to private. and now it's time for rush if ranking the most popular instagram cities in twenty seventy in fifth place is stan bull the turkish megacities bustling with life on and off line the hash tag boasts fifty point two million posts but instead of classic city snapshots they
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mostly show every day life from a visit to the silo to the newest pajamas. in full of places dubai with fifty nine point six million posts in the largest city of the united arab emirates even the moon seems to shine brighter shores are especially popular. in third place paris beautiful people fantastic food and plenty of flair seventy five million photos and videos can attest to that even the floor reserve snow or enchanting in the city of love. at number two new york city with eighty eight point five million posts next to skylines the most popular images are of wacky new yorkers and their pants no wonder the big apple is so ensuring lead popular. drug to only buy this week's winner along than eighty eight point eight million posts
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proves there's plenty of sites to see here and a peek at the royal family is the icing on the cake. the fifth ranking and now. virtual reality in medicine three d. images of the human body rendered from computer tomography data the swiss technology is also useful for educational purposes. if they tool dissection at the university of basel here aspiring doctors can learn all about human anatomy with the headsets. meanwhile their students. follow the visual exploration on the screen. this way students can look at organs blood vessels and bones from all different angles. until the students have a controller to enter and freely explore the body. to
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anatomy professor. this new technology is a valuable asset. see how many you know so while you sit us the minute they put on their headset they realize they're dealing with something that's three dimensional . not just. this three d. technology it's also helpful in the preparation of complicated procedures. is getting ready for a difficult spinal surgery. and sit out all here you can see a fracture in the vertebral artery on the left side of the seven there strictly and how everything is slipped forward now i'll have another look from the front of the freedom of the foreigners. here the surgeon can conduct an exploration from every conceivable angle to get a detailed picture of the patient's condition valuable inside a head of the operation. and here comes. a c.t. images only provide cross sections and i need to picture the three dimensional
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anatomy myself and here i can see everything. where the dangerous structures are but i shouldn't. what is hidden behind the. back at the university the professor and his students are amazed by the new technology. however visual dissections can never fully replace the real thing. that can help us and help until there are other structures in the body such as fatten connective tissue things that are really displayed in these three d. renderings. and there is also a psychological emotional aspect to consider. because no simulation can prepare students for their first encounter with a real. shift says an innovative v. our application. and now short and sweet the shift
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snapshot. russia turkey mexico all around the world journalists activists and off his face persecution and oppression with its new online platform d.w. freedom germany's international broadcaster aims to encourage independent media and freedom of speech. freedom provides international networking opportunities users can draw attention to civil rights violations on the website and social media pages we want you to engage in an open dialogue on the meaning of free speech and the of the free press. support freedom of expression and access to free and independent media as a basic human rights. these rights must be guaranteed worldwide. snapshot that our want to find out more about the digital world then check out our facebook
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page g w digital here you'll find all the latest news and trends as well as interesting apps exciting new gadgets and useful tutorials and don't miss our shift reports lycos post your comments and let us hear what you think here at new digital. and as always we leave shift through the exit internet find of the week this time real pain real life super mario out that really hurts the acrobatic llama is shaking up new york but i'm mike in the video games not every stop here ends well. you chub a crowd catch has transported the figure into the city of grand theft auto just like in the games accidents up by to happen.
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next time on shift many harra glyphs have yet to be deciphered now researches hope to decompose the complex picture grahams with the help of artificial intelligence the idea was born during the development of a computer game tutorial off to ancient egypt next week on shift. australia's fortifying its borders with the reason soldiers are practicing how to repel migrants. but some locals find the drills totally inappropriate so. it's fear mongering and really feeling that's because very few migrants are now crossing into the alperin republic.
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next on t.w. . tasty shoes. the better not put them in your mouth. in a previous incarnation these sneakers were pieces of. shooting. littering the pavements of amsterdam now thanks to a clever recycling scheme the city boasts cleaner streets and sustainable shoot. europe in sixty minutes on t w. first. home to millions of species go home for six. years which is on those are big changes and most start with small steps global
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ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term climate to green energy solutions reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and were determined to build something here for the next generation of global ideas the multimedia environment series on t w. hello and welcome to focus on europe how to deal with refugees and this is a question that nearly tore on the americal german government apart and it's a question dividing europe more and more european states are closing their borders
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and by doing so shouting my rents out. the right wing populist austrian interior mint.


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