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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2018 12:30am-1:00am CEST

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the continent of africa. stories about motivational change makers taking their destiny you speak to their. d.w. multimedia series food for god. d.w. dot com africa. everyone welcome to our highlights edition with the best picks of the week i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what's coming up. the capital idea discover some of the secret talks in london. like old fashioned these nine a run on find a company hit paris fashion week. and living history visit by
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king site in northern germany. we kick off the show in london no of course tourists want to see the main attractions of the city but there is a whole other side of the british capital worth seeing author bill nash has written a travel book that helps tourists get off the beaten path well we met up with him in london. regents canal watches its way north of central london but it's surprising a tranquil canal runs almost parallel to the river thames. london author bill nash is interested in the more secluded parts of his hometown. in the past ten years. and in particular since the london olympics
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a lot of the canals around london of being revitalized cleaned up. life is being reintroduced and that's a lot of people living on house boats nash describes the lesser known aspects of the city in his book secret london. now daytrippers cruise along regent's canal from little venice to camden. but there are plans to use the canal for transporting freight house in the past. along the banks people can shop for books on a house but all visit the house the venue strange and. one of the rooms is devoted to the passenger seat of telstra in the london underground. so the gallery is based in king's cross london which has undergone this amazing transformation over the past few years and it's now a really exciting area full of galleries and really interesting landscapes.
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to the south is so ho want the horns of many artists and filmmakers. today so who is mainly home to see it as an influx. even so national as a few thousand spots they see. secret t.v. ms about the time. it's home for that typical british creasy skull. served with john. green. three moister to drink tea from troy you know from rather than from sort of paper or plastic bowl or whatever but this is not like a proper a proper cup of tea rather than a in a mug to. come than half a gin things and provides an alternative to shopping in the major department stores . small shops off items like going to clothes and silver. much of the business feeling it's done through mail order. of americans.
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whose try anything bar rely sheet. kansans magic circle museum it's not far from the busy euston station another magical location. this keeps the secrets of all the magicians in the u.k. . it's performing own has reached tradition on display people. talking hand. holds. even the old family interests in matching. trolls wrote the magic circle to ask if you could become a member and they wrote back to me said yes you may bring it to pass the test pass an exam so we know she's from friday she came down and performed the couple's trick
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which you know the cups on the ball on the cups and past and there's now no no remember the magic circle now she lives in brixton district in south london. electric avenue you wish the british capitals first market street to be linked with electricity many people in brixton descended from african and caribbean immigrants . well you know i mean it's coming. there's a lot of work being done here and it's sort of like a regenerate. even if it's in a i don't. know lively environment it's not the richest but it's what. it is the more. it's a victorian combine cannot come well. that she is especially fond of the fox and it
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dates back to eighteen nineteen. this program is one of the few in london where they still have snow on the street from the back of my truck. so you can come in here with anyone you like to just close the door behind you. it's the perfect place to round off an evening one of your expensive naively capital. into a fashion rubble of sorts a dutch designer. makes a name for himself by going against the grain is fashion is recycled his models represent strong women and this last collection was put together by refugees now if anyone stood out from the rest at the shows in paris then it was.
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models with acid strutting their stuff at a luxury hotel next to the paris opera. designer ronald banda kemp is taking part in the paris. for the first time. he chooses his models very carefully. she says to me for me it's very important that the women are very strong i really like to him what newton type of woman because they can be very sexy or maybe even total. make it but they still emanate power the power of. his flamboyant creation sesame serve to underline individual personalities. all these outfits are unique creations first and foremost because they're made of recycled materials. suzuki. i always try to only use materials that already exist so i collect them i buy from people old stock from the big couture houses who no longer need the fabric . from the gone odors couture. to chill with
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a conscience has become ronald then became straight monk. needed to do so but some pieces of fabric said other people didn't want to the beginning needed to do that just gives them the sheer economics but i think what he's doing now is good that's kind of become this is static and away from the gunsmoke is the entire fashion industry is moving in the wrong direction and i want to set a positive example of how things could be done that you can use what's already there to produce something very exciting and so we can smoke on. rather than take him studio is not exactly close to any of the big sent his of international fashion . after working for big name brands like lean and to scott he decided to launch his own label that was in twenty fourteen since then he's lived and worked in else today. if i'm sure and. i like working from amsterdam because there i'm
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not surrounded by all the use fashion experts who want to give me advice tell me what to do i don't feel the competition there either and i can focus on what i believe in. place last show in january of this year some of these other outfits was sewn together by refugees who fled to the netherlands. through the phone is this for the women this is like another world. they have a very tough shit when you hear their stories it's really very very difficult we went there so it was something really positive for to keep staying they worked with great love and dedication and we then used the things they made so it was a win win situation when situations are in. his latest collection is also good for a surprise some of the outfits this time made partly of the paper. he could really change people's minds and i think he's very good at that mystery just for so much
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his own prose you know what he's doing it he doesn't really care what everybody else is doing or thinking he just is very very. his own man has stayed true a bit of a pioneer over rebel references obviously. the obsession and you know. that's what we're here for. you and. me lol she was just so refreshing because i'm lazy. but his unusual approach the fashion maverick from the netherlands has made it onto the official cause of katrina can and and that was his goal all along. with couture this is the ultimate in fashion and that's where i want to be i want to showcase my designs alongside chanel and valentino because these outfits are really very high quality and i also want to show that even as
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a small designer you can make. this or a no go to a muffin top dislike it different collection has specially brought a little extra fled to the paris fashion world prices the stuff up to chile. one of the best places to see how the vikings lived over a thousand years ago is the head of blue settlement and the down of x. fortress in northern germany between the eighth and the eleven centuries they were centers of trade networks between northern and western europe now both sites for recently listed by unesco and they invite in visitors to experience what life was like back then. vikings life was not for the faint hearted the men hunted for food with bows and arrows. hand-made clothes and cloth kept them warm during the cold winters. built wooden
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ships with the simplest of to. the viking settlement of painted blue once numbered among the foremost in the medieval trading centers in northern europe. died showed visitors how the vikings went about their daily lives over a thousand years ago tough. it was a life in and with nature but had an incredibly sharp power of observation they were very well acquainted with the materials around them and knew how to use them to their advantage to build housing ships and wagons and make rope. they made a great many things that we could hardly even imagine today the ruined fortune current. capabilities in. northern germany. seven faction roof wooden houses have been faithfully reconstructed. the
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settlement was built at the end of the shoreline an inlet on the baltic sea. it was a strategic location for trading precious metals weapons and pelt today it's a treasure trove funky ologists. behind me the eyes here of a viking age settlement in the ninth tenth and eleventh centuries well at first glance it doesn't look like much because it's just a green meadow but as usually in archaeology the real treasures lie underground and here behind us there isn't a square centimeter that doesn't contain archeological finds. we always say hey that was archaeologically contaminated. in the nearby viking museum visitors can inspect many of the original artifacts. it's one of because shine is the most popular museum. over one hundred thousand people come and usually in search of the real vikings. the museum shows the vikings highly developed drugs and still the
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smiths are not for example the pill jewelry things that often surprise visit is. a fortune for the profession pretty unlike the classic image of the vikings as warriors what i find after such an intense examination here is that above all they were internationally trading europeans even somewhat cosmopolitan and it's. very rare for the hof to. be in the hands craft with very highly developed and that indicates they were not just worry is definitely a cultured people they are quick to acquire come on. the down of a canny hate abou is another significant archeological site from the viking age. it consists of earthworks walls and trenches reaching some thirty kilometer. fortifications date back some one thousand years they can best be explored by
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bicycle. down a vehicle was built to protect the jutland peninsula against invaders. the down a very was the longest lasting border of the middle ages and the best preserved in its various phases as we see here the best waldemar small for example was a very innovative construction for the time. they had already gone to build with bricks in the twelfth century with. the site gives us a unique insight into how the vikings lived through everything goes that's an important aspect is that the tens of thousands of visitors that we get each year will know. here with a different awareness and c.b.s. news knowing that this is an archeological monument to stick with global significance from global. change to be proof that the vikings were not just war against but also shrewd strangers and people who lived in harmony with nature.
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singing has been scientifically proven to lift your mood and singing together as a group has been booming for years so in an effort to boost the spirits of moody berliners to musical organizers put together an evening of public singing and it proved to be a great success. here the audience is the star five hundred people belting out a pop classic. week at an open air fish and then it's called sing della sing. the sing is a led by chairman i'm not sousa and accompanied by going to puppets on piano. ha. it's fun and makes me happy expensed you can let your hair down if i need motivation if i want to have my own voice not just speaking but singing to you i
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see it's always i sing at home but otherwise never in public. taking away people's shyness when they sing seasoned culprits have been doing it for going on two years now. and they've had a lot of success no one here can tell if you're singing well no not so everyone does whether it's belting out a popular refrain from austrian bad one joe. or a club hit by swedish house mafia. my. he's a mom howard has one five hundred people sing the same song it's
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a totally different experience than any other because you're communicating with lots of people but not verbal. and you don't have to give each other any science and everyone knows the song the lyrics sings the same thing at the same time there's so much energy in a good. song as an expression of common culture. whether in a church choir. at st festivals like carnival. with the with charity and control. or pulling out all the stops no matter how you do it's all types of singing have one thing in common study said the activity makes you happy and healthy. and like lincoln stein from berlin's institute for music therapy view singing as
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a therapeutic measure. of a spectator thing many of the aspects that singing awakens could also be awakened by joking at the neuron a physiological level it's the same things happening here but one thing is special about singing it when you do it for longer periods after about twenty minutes you begin to produce more oxy tucks in also called the bonding hormone but you don't get that from jogging you get it from nursing and from sex and from six. no wonder so many people have to say. but not many of us today have the time or chance to sing in regular groups so quiet . so that's what single sing provides an opportunity to lift up your voice in song with hundreds of like minded people. the bench is always booked out weeks in
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advance. for. its appearance here's the innkeeper i used to sing a lot of gospel choirs and spent a lot of time in churches where we sang a lot of pop music but often my worldview changed and i just wasn't able to get behind it anymore i kept looking for something that would give me that experience just without the religious aspect and i'm starting to think that with single acing i found that before. i was. full most of the people here it wasn't about how they sang but about being process of the experience. this year's host for the soccer world cup is russia so we thought we'd take this
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occasion to explore the city of nice enough gosh it's one of the venues for the tournament and besides boasting a brand new soccer stadium for some call unary delights as well. a hefty storm passes of the nizhny novgorod not the time to go for a stroll. and even after the rain stops getting around isn't easy. time to dry off in one of the city's luxury hotels and to be pampered a little by head chef zoran very coverage he's won many international awards for his work today he's cooking salmon burgers. for the chords and you know after all it is located right on the river volga. so the simon santow pie can car property. and they're very popular with our guests if the weather
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has improved the time to tour the city it's located at the point where the rivers voyager and ok are meet this strategic location make nizhny novgorod the ideal trading hub in centuries past merchants use the rivers to transport their goods to the baltic black and caspian sea the foundations of the city's historic fortress date back to the thirteenth century it long served to guard the city from attack these days it's home to the regional government. the new submariner now stands directly at the confluence of the two rivers it seems forty five thousand people and was built especially for the world cup it cost two hundred fifty million euros the city's soccer club plays for one of the lower leagues they're likely to struggle to fill the stadium after the tournament ends. right next door is the city's most important church named after alexander and you have ski a russian orthodox saint and former military here at. the cathedral is known for
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its magnificent frescoes and wall of icons. the icon of the holy mother is particularly famous sources to share more right. now we're getting a lot of visitors from abroad. they understand that this is an orthodox church and secret place and so they all behave in a way that's appropriate. during the soviet era the city was off limits to foreigners it was a key manufacturing site for military equipment back then nizhny novgorod was named corky after the writer maxine gorky today many locals are delighted to welcome the world soccer fans who want to you can see for yourself how many people have come here and it used to be very different rather than more you know we're happy to have so many people visiting the city the good although it's great to be able to talk to them me a chance to see me as for the fans they're making the most of their time here.
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on the phone busker sings of the beauty of nizhny novgorod with all its traditions he composed the song himself. he was was. the. traditional craftsmanship has long played an important role in nizhny novgorod for more than a century artists working on the edge of the city have been creating russia's most famous souvenir symmetry of dolls. the first russian muchly oscar was created in the late nineteenth century today hardly any tourist visiting nizhny novgorod would think of leaving without buying one of the dolls the company here employs seven hundred people they've been working flat out to keep the shops well stocked for the tourists and that. symbolizes feminine beauty motherhood
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and family. but there may very few shuttles you that have your children love to play with them to take them a possum put them back together again it was the right decision that way they can also learn to count which to should guide and this certainly no shortage of emotions among the soccer fans how many it's a dream come true to watch their team at the stadium or even here in the city's fan zone the people of nizhny novgorod have done only can to ensure their guests feel at home and take away happy memories of the city and the summit. and that wraps up another week of euro max now and don't forget to keep up with the show on social media so for me and the rest of the crew here max as always thanks for joining us and we'll see you again.
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and surely in a constant the monastic island of the nation. it was once an important religious center until the monks left the island. their legacy was preserved and now they're filling each was nice again. the benedictines have returned. the monks legacy. thirty minutes.
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home for. the by. the big fun betokened. his works in the goddess for to know. the maestro and treatment of. the children first bomb twenty two. a man down over one hundred follow us on facebook and experience what nelson mandela means for young africans today call me the man of people who are the middle beautiful no other means to fight with you for monday given the. how did the show to influence the loss of some money malcolm a lot better than a pinball mug going to be yes because. i live maybe for much of it because it
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almost looks like it was going to head up the area which means part of it. find us on facebook and on t w dot com. birth place home to moods of species plays a home worth saving. good luck good luck those are big changes and most start with small steps but the ideas tell stories of could induce people and innovative projects around the world block to use the term good to lose to manage solutions and resources should play interactive content teaching the next generation doesn't want to touch him. play music channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation the engine is the environment series of global three thousand on d w and online.
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and lock the audio. this is it every news live from but it rushes world cup the fairy tale comes to an end the host nation crashes out of the tournament often musing to croatia on penalties and getting through russia joyce or croatia who now advance to the semifinals. said they'll face in.


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