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tv   Faith Matters - The Monks Legacy - On Reichenau Island  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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downloads to come from super. to be able to. have varied courses kind of into active exercises that are available at d.w. dot com slash documented on facebook in the app store. in german for free with the w. . i . feel this is good no for and five o'clock now we wake up everybody on the island. it's all about also in the tao. of.
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it's the feast of the most precious blood occasion for a grand celebration on the small island in lake constance in southern germany. the second is assisted this morning by his brother and his sister in law on what for him is the busiest day of the year. the celebrations virtually unknown in the rest of germany but it's an important tradition here the monks on the island of horizonal created a unique center of art and culture more than one thousand years ago. and the island's current residents are proud of that legacy. they live the traditional live and that also involves us doing certain sure. in the morning on.
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this issue for opted to kiss. me it's a change from my daily routines. i can put all my cares behind me and take a few minutes for myself to meditate a while for him. the. the. the. not everybody is able to take part in the festivities fisherman stephanie is already out on the lake. he represents another long tradition in the. after a lot of the involved mine customers expect me to supply them with fish and i have to use all the time available with my. own dog. i miss out on the festivities
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it's a pity. the basilicas treasury contains an impressive items including a one thousand two hundred year old illuminated gospel book. and a fifth century suborn. for this special celebration some of the treasures are actually put to use again for instance the gilded reliquaries sacristan munford milla and his brother in their element. in the new army was manhood miller has served as second stanza here for more than sixteen years the job is not very well paid as a self-employed plumber he and considerably more. but looking after the vestments and altar vessels has its own rewards. not just a job it's an honor. it's a good thing out of course one wants to make
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a contribution to the splendor of the liturgy this is let's at this i mean ultimately it's a matter of faith or doesn't it's a rare privilege to get so close to the essential elements of the face of the sin that take a moment to. a few days before the festivities in the basilica of st mary and st mark we were committed to see the relic of the precious blood. it is kept in the precious blood altar behind a large black grille. the ninth century governor of jerusalem named her son presented the relic to the empress charlemagne whom he greatly minded. after charlemagne stead the relic was intrusted to the monks of passion now and is still today the island is most treasured possession.
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in her life this is the precious blood altar. this is the monstrance. you see the plate to which the relic is attached to. on the day on the feast of the precious blantyre plate is removed from the monstrance of the faithful to venerate the relic host common. down here is a fragment of the blood soaked class. hero splinters of christ. so that it doesn't have any material value but it is a religious treasure i might say it's priceless exact. st mary and st mark once the heart of the old man history benedictine monks lived
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here for a thousand years the whole island belong to them some two hundred years ago the priory was closed and the months expelled us on the western shores of high snow island something remarkable is now occurring. monks have returned to the press the terry of st peter and st paul it's not a fully fledged monastery yet but what's called a cell. it was father stephens drene. miners in one thousand nine hundred two when i was studying in a mill i came down here to lake constance with an american trappers friend. we visited right now and were deeply impressed and spiritually drawn to the three
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churches. to the former benedictine monastery the very first monastery ever founded by german monks. but there were no monks living here any longer and that wouldn't let me rest or it stayed with me for years however i had no idea that we could change that situation. father stephan invites laypeople to join the monks will pray three times a day. since last christmas they've been joined by two benedictine nuns from the philippines. father hugo has been his somewhat longer. the entire cell comprises just these benedictines. there are no monastery walls behind which they can only eat no
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cloister. they take their meals together at the press the terry. father stefan is late for dinner at the sisters have cooked. oh what you have if. you have. the. asian noodle soup. order them from. they don't maintain silence during meals benedictines usually do.
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anything to patients friends and. all this just. when will they communicate in a mixture of german and english the nuns have only been here for six months in. the same benedict cell comprises the church of st peter and st paul in the west of the island and just to other buildings. the monks live in the presbytery and the sisters next door. at night yet it is not. the nuns helped out wherever they can with a sewing machine they make curtains vestments and whatever else is needed.
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sister or a silly has a doctorate in theology and was primaries and her previous community but she and sister rachele are not too proud to tackle the simplest tasks that need to be done including sewing and. my mother taught me how to do this. i think i was i was thinking it's not going to be used in a convent but we be doing. this simple balance very very useful the entire convention and then we do it with choi it's not it's not by some. sister rachele keeps in touch with her former convent by smartphone this wife i hear the two filipino nuns are optimistic about their future in germany we need to learn the language because because they're angry yeah the court you're. here so when they're. very close but reserve why are.
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there. strictly speaking is no longer an island. it is connected to the mainland by a down with a statue of pillman at the entrance of him and was the itinerant bishop who founded the benedictine abbey on haifa now in seven hundred and twenty four. first the monks had to clear the island of dense forest and snakes according to the legend. but the temperate climate the fertile soil and the fish from lake constance provided them with plenty of food. the benedictine motto aura its love bora pray and work is still painted on many of the houses traditions are held here. stefan leader and his son are no strangers to hard work they're out fishing every morning before anybody else is away.
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begin i thought through side i don't know how many generations have been fisherman here all of our great grandfathers were fishermen but i really don't know when it started with the way. in the old days the lake provided the monks with food today it's the tourists who eat the fish. the catch today includes white fish a speciality of lake constance. tradition countryside and faith are united here. not every day is as beautiful as this while some days are really bad storms wind and everything they go it doesn't make the lake karma but it's a help. and i also think it's important in the family. when it is me.
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the whole island of hyson out together with its three churches was declared a unesco world heritage site in two thousand. in the carolingian era keisel abbey was one of the most important and influential monasteries in europe average modern advise the empress charlemagne. charlemagne's great grandson charles the third is buried in the abbey church. this source of the monks power was simple in those days only monks were able to read and write this and it's often the this is the way to the form of script torreon where the monks compliment and illustrated their manuscripts the same gallon plant shows it was down here with the monasteries library above.
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a cold vault with not much light today it's a depositary full stone sculpture. one thousand years ago this was where the monks created their precious manuscripts but there are no manuscripts here now. and here's in. the manuscripts created here were commissioned by bishops by kings by emperors. and. as you might order a car today choosing options on configuring it the manuscripts were made to order if. they were handed over to the patrons and that's why they're no longer on the island they are scattered all over the world. and. however copies exist of the original manuscripts today these treasures are stored in the parish archives the head of high snow is tourist office verla takes us down to the
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cellar the depositary contains a five hundred year old copy of one of the most famous books ever produced on the island de cota her toward him written by albert valid. in the year eight hundred and forty five. this is to be the oldest book on horticulture that we have in europe where the author describes plants and it's very interestingly how to garden or why it's the first book attesting to methods of horticulture in europe and describes twenty four plants medicinal herbs herbs for cooking and flowering plants of the land so valid for it gave us the first gardening tips here in europe in or performed by life will become an. upstairs is the tourist office and right in the center
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a model of the monastery. the monks of haifa now evolved the famous same gun plan instructions for building a monastery in eight hundred and thirty the prototype was their own abbey i hear and then nog here on the northeast corner in the same gallon monastery model you see the location of the herb garden. that was where violence flared must have planted his herbs will reinforce the immigrant will buy a life with time in court the government thanks to carvel and there is once again to have god in on the side of the former monastery in exactly the location indicated by the old plan and precisely following the old abbott's instructions. hands on approach to history more accessible than a precious manuscript locked away in a safe. you can also see examples of painting for which the monks of hives are now with famous especially for the illuminated books here in st george's church when
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you first arrive on the line and. this monumental display of miracles of christ was only rediscovered in eighteen seventy nine. it had been painted over now restored to their original splendor the scenes speak for themselves. the coming of the storm on the sea of galilee. the the healing of to resist dorset. the parish office as housed in one of the former monastery buildings. father stephan acts as parish priest that's the deal the benedictines have made with the local bishop they may revive monastic life here if they also provide for the spiritual needs of the island.
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blume wants to have her child baptized father stefan explains the significance of this ritual. without water your son will be baptized with water so that his love may flow and he may mature as a person. it is not always easy to combine the duties of a parish priest with a monastic for cation st benedict taught that prayer should be the first duty of his monks not pastoral concerns. this isn't a frog it's a question of planning and discipline and for this when you derive joy from both of them and you perform both with love you can combine the two very easily by the farm . this evening acquired from athlon is singing the divine office for once
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vestas are not held in the small sign chapel but in the basilica of st peter and same pool. therefore we are very pleased to have come to sing best first with us in this very beautiful location and so i'm not sure welcome here and. everyone is welcome to attend fest this island us and tourists alike and take pass in the benedictine legacy.
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still with us make much of the sign think that you really experience the benedictine tradition here in the fields and or at least the few times that i've been here the way that i perceive it people are celebrating and appreciating that and sign with the tiles fuchsia full here in the old building i'm here on haifa now a regional grigori and chance the size of a big enough for instance which came from here we can't imagine anything lovely on . the island is spellbinding. the next day sacristan madonna has to climb the bell tell it. tomorrow is the feast of the precious blood all the island s. have flag their houses and of course the bells must ring out from the steeple.
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the island flag with the image of a monk is visible from a great distance. the church choir holds a final rehearsal only she get into the mood for a celebration the precious blood him first verse. the carvel is sings in the choir . the. the. the demands legacy can be felt everywhere.
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even in prayer in the basilica sister s.l.e. addresses the congregation for many german catholics this is unusual a foreign woman with an unfamiliar accent preaching. but the nun from the philippines is not intimidated. don't be afraid of holiness. and be afraid to strive for the high go to be loved and purified by god. don't be afraid to be led by the holy spirit. the next morning the great day dawns. father stefan awaits the arrival of the auxiliary bishop. meanwhile has his hands full in the sacristy. the celebration on the high snow is
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a big attraction. priests have come from all over germany. the axillary arrives at the basilica. the archdiocese of my book subsidizes the monks. so i am very grateful that we have benedictine monks on once again and i am also very grateful that sense quite recently just a few months but we also have nuns who have established a small branch here in a climate. meanwhile there are no men or the sector stands brother has smoked his vacuum cleaner for tuba he is a member of the civil guard these days it's just a society that marches on holidays like this one in times past however the civil guard was made up of serfs attached to the. they were the only ones permitted to carry weapons on the island. vandeman as wife is also wearing
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a traditional costume. then the high mass begins. a month at mina follows the mass from the sacristy. his brother barrow is seated on the side in one of the transepts he can enjoy the service better from this position. some of his comrades have their own ideas about how to enjoy a church service two of them have been detailed off to god the weapons in front of the church. however the others are in the old sexists the across from the basilica.
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and now the highlights of the celebration the exposition of the precious blood relic. the congregation leaves the church and proceeds across the island. is especially proud to be one of the canopy barris. mixing freely with the islanders assisting michelle and sister our s.l.e. . for the rest of germany this is a normal working day bus on the high chanel it's the highlight of the year. yeah basically up to.
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the islanders are determined to keep the monk's legacy alive. bolo the. be the.
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great. jimmy smits against obsolete social. and evoke spirits. because i am hearing this film punch of the. arse. special.
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musings on beethoven. his works and the goddess fortuna. the maestro entries in. the bombing twenty teams. in the wake of devastation. one year after its liberation from the islamic state. d.w. reports he's been eating she was on medication to see what life's like now in the war torn city. it was jettisoned bombs and explosions to frequent it just didn't stop it was last seen. on the d.w.t. . how's it feel of the world.
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where i come from but all of that glitters is gold it's just like this chinese food doesn't matter where i am it's always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the things i miss the most but better taking a step back i see things i need to differentiate now. many of ford's first as an articulation that exists the other part of the war which haven't been implemented in china that's why you are not a chinese people wondering if their foot is safe to move but if you have a ride to learn all that is this is the job of journalism on how i see it and deficit why i love my job because i tried to do it exactly the hour a day. name of the name tune and i was added that you.
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play. in. the news live from berlin out safely after a grueling and dangerous rescue in thailand the first boys have been brought out of a flooded cave alive after more than two weeks trapped inside a team of divers worked for hours to extract them and their mission is not over yet . also on the program russia's world cup very.


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