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tv   Doc Film - Truth Detectives Part 2  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2018 7:15am-8:01am CEST

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climate change. sustainability. environmental projects. give globalisation. biodiversity species conservation exploitation you know lety. human rights displacement to. the global and current of local action. on global three thousand.
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six. real live streamed and available in all sources of media. but is this propaganda fact or fiction. to look inside the surgeon who killed this young man is now in quotes because of this video has been vilified but now the mother. crisis reporting is no longer a monopoly of the big media those affected report on their everyday lives in war zones on social media networks. the internet carries important information from reputable sources among all the amateur videos and fake news digital data can provide crucial evidence of human rights violations and war crimes worldwide.
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when it comes to human rights and. everyone benefits being able to the. see what goes on in the no go areas is fundamental for for in many cases that you can see time travel and using satellite imagery we can look back in the archives to see what was the situation at the certain point in time maybe and there are at satellite images that showed work was the situation you know ten years ago for example. you know sap analyzes satellite images taken shortly after the kidnapping. they identify important geographical features that could help in the search such as vegetation water sources and networks of parents at the time
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. kid. come enough of it i'm so roads were used by the paramilitary groups to take the people from one place to another the location of the camps were at a certain height. that's why this is important is them in the new and by lot important they. want to be inform us about how long will it take to cover the whole area. is just it's just a little village with a few people who have disadvantages no matter but on the team reality we have to find sixteen thousand people in the country and i.
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took an awful time of that when we thought what about other geophysical mapping methods like geo range or to my face they can be used to search for petrol and minerals but these technologies could also determine disturbances related to graves with these methods. you could cover an area. that i know which. you clipped with just logical surveying technology equity heads off into the backwoods. the first destination is a day's trek away. it's a form of paramilitary camp strategically located on a mountain peak in the middle of the jungle. sea is the time ok during the all i have been demanding for many years we begin to use alternative methodology is to search for missing people and i was got that i see and i.
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think. i came because i really believe in the mission of the task in applying these sorts of technologies to to critical human rights issues i mean there are family members here who've lost loved ones and it really means a lot to me simply on a personal level to be able to help with that. everyone. needs your search area right now i think those letters are going ok don't hurt us at the close combat it out in the middle. of what we're going to do is take a whole bunch of images from the ground to make. sort of a nice overhead map of the area here. which we
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cannot do with satellite imagery because we're under clouds and under tree cover. it's a little experimental in the denser forest is where in but we'll see how it works. is that force us i give you need to know that the grain sub very small around forty to fifty centimeters because thank contact the porters it is quite the saw on the left but so on this means the objective we are searching for is very small and difficult to find that we cover we need to clean all of this because that's where we need to insert the electrons. the scientists intend to pass an electric current through the forest floor almost
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like an x. ray. de lay eighteen electrodes out in a straight line row by row with a chart to subsoil under when we dug out the tree trunk we saw it was but that shows us there was definitely a paramilitary campaign with five hits and searching in a complex area like this at least we know where on a former campsite. the electric current will produce a scan just below the surface similar to an x. ray of a body part. that was hard. we look to see if the ads are certainly deepness we can find a disturbance or an anomaly or. if . i think what we're going to come up with if you want to look at what's.
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in here we have an anomaly. because it's always been red orange or yellow or green where. the premade as we put this is the first time we've seen blue let's cross our fingers yes. it is nothing. that is just to me. so. what's going on here the normal soil show me. there you see its normal size and. it's not just about my father loved ones deserve to be buried it.
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photogrammetry uses the images to remotely survey the earth's surface. the digital processing of the photos creates a three dimensional image of the search area. and when you make the three map it allows the investigator to get an overhead view in a plane parallel to the slope of the surface here at very very high resolution when you get that three d. map you can orient that map or however you like. the researchers can digitally scan the site of the former camp for any irregularities. they will need to do that because the physical search has not paid off. on the last day of the excursion the scientists inspect the area around the school that had been used as a base by the paramilitary. things
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. so it's just so hopefully if. this isn't quite like the jungle yesterday so you could get a satellite image of this place but you certainly couldn't get it at a point eight inches per pixel which is what the strawman is. capturing right. in. this remapping process detect subtle variations in topography right changes in the elevation of the terrain that could be indicative for example of subsidence in areas where bodies may have decomposed.
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the napping will be useful for i.q. tests in order to plan future searches and also to correlate witness testimony with the situation on the ground without coming up here right they won't have to you know come up here with a yardstick and measure everything out they can do that in their offices in bogota . the legend doesn't matter weighty it's fixed from thirty to eighty there is a clear straight line oh. it's on it's. a. must but. i think it's a faulty. let. me . ask you these are hoops just to use. so you can you guys have a lot of people you're not going up because they mostly are just. a set up that one
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of the more we tried to talk about graft and it showed something about seventy centimeters down the middle is a lot more be found wasn't there was some wasn't and i'm looking. at a look at most one of my. think. with. this there's a point there is that one from a scientific point you highly made a lot of progress some of that are going to but we haven't been able to locate any missing person. still satisfying for me from a scientific perspective because it shows what's possible not that is that we are not on the other hand i'm frustrated because i couldn't live up to the expectations of the relatives. there not for me for them the only thing that counts is to find those who are not just getting what.
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were. really soaring really remorseful and regret all the damage my actions have caused it is the first time and is a quote to having a suspect acknowledging his or or not that out of his generosity. but because the evidence was a recon telling. us to believe the presentation you will see is an interactive platform and in a way it substitutes visiting a location where you can see on the satellite image taken on the eighteenth of june
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that the city mohamed mosul liam was intact. so in the shade but on a satellite image taken on the fifteenth of july a muslim is completely demolished. we show a story to the judges they are not only having to imagine seeing that what we are charging is what we are showing now. i don't want to do the math can see on the right side of the image of the profile of mr ahmadi. at second zero zero zero zero on the top of the muzzling with a pick axe that's mr ahmadi it's a source of evidence that is sometimes less contested ball then for instance the testimony west casino you if we could have not gone to timbuktu we would have done . a case because we were using this technology is there
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a. play degraded. at the last night. it's a sort of honeymoon. on marty in front of the shield justifying the destruction of civil one of the dissident dar she said. there is no chance of saying all this was accidental that this happened this is not what we need to prove we have to prove that it was done knowing that they're doing it he had himself recorded number of interviews. trying to justify what he was doing when you have three four five six similar videos on other sites. and you combine ventoux giver and you should eat clearly what comes out of ear is that there was a plan. let these two children who put it emotionally just resorted to
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looking. fit. to need to. explain. it to. their she was sure it matters. and when you stand up in court and you can in a very compelling way showing that x. has committed this crime you know you have done your work for the international community you know you have done you work for the teams and it's all what it is all about fighting impunity so those who are. taking part in these conflicts should be aware i think it's a very clear message to them that they should be aware that the acts that it dick could become should and could be used against them. mr hardy the crime which you have been convicted of is of significant gravity the
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chamber unanimously. sentences you to nine years of imprisonment. at the edge of the negev desert bedouins have settled for centuries using sophisticated methods to collect rainwater to cultivate their crops well beyond they are at a tea line. but now the israeli government wants to push this line to combat doesn't affect cation by planting trees. at the half or station program is transforming the entire area from traditional farming land and cultural legacy which cut. oh.
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please please. please. please please. just. get there you see how well we used to live. but here the sheep. you know they were this is one flight and here's another one. and that's the kitchen was them yes that's the black one the kitchen. the state claims that the bedouins are known months and moments of no property rights so it becomes necessary to show that there is a continuous permanent bedouin life and to freshen up the desert.
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where to the cemetery is to be a story here or here as it has done there are two wells where the first one will be shown visit this is the well of a flu shot. the wells show that the bedouins had been cultivating the land here for generations. using a technique of storing water deep below dried out river beds they created the conditions for permanent settlements. we basically want to have good imagery of the terrain that we can then turn into three d. models so everything's your reference to you can take measurements of the distances
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between places heights and things so once the terrain is changed we have an actual in the mold of the preexisting three created through this high quality imagery. truth. now. high resolution satellite images of the region are not freely accessible so forensic architecture maps it from the air using a kite. drone flights are not permitted.
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we can't rely on google to provides images of all these things and iris mission it just does not. come up either we're doing visually show the construction of the site as well so far as the state is changing the we're taking away the ability of the buttons to actually return. it's a very clear case of civil inequality and. downright racism basically in many cases or in many ways whatever i can do as artists photographer to to counter that some might die trying to.
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say. it's. just. you need to learn how to read and skate and how to tell the. yes various traces of it if you can zoom into here. and see all the destruction. the state is in harry now to plant forest over those ruins to erase every bit of evidence so it's almost like emergency archaeology to locate to write
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the history the proof of continuous inhabitation because the states as well we don't see anything here hold on no look here surely this is what it is i was photographing with me want to put this as far as i can. in fact turning it around to get over. all the edges of the of the walls as it goes down. really gets. my goods. presentation of the insides. we use architecture as an analytical device as an optics for which to interrogate to present so we would tell you various kinds of stories stories about what happened to civilian stories about what happened in a particular battlefield what happened in particular forced by actually looking at the material evidence left behind. to
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investigate the bloodiest days of the last gaza conflict forensic architecture built a three d. model of the town of rough and. locating thousands of photos and videos posted by citizens online it aims to provide a detailed reconstruction of the events from the first until the fourth of august twenty fourth. the research details of it and of possible war crimes and crimes against humanity. forensic architecture published the results of its research in the black friday report in. collaboration with amnesty international. there was supposed to be
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a some of the two hour ceasefire it was announced by. the un and the us of the tiny and a ceasefire was supposed to start that it is am in the morning i thought on the time israeli soldier got captured. by hamas fighters and he was taken into a tunnel and. that they were not in the betting. i haven't heard about. that every. day. there was artillery shelling immediately and then the tanks moved into the areas and the same time the flight was like it was it was all actually carried out together. and a massive bombings were undertaken person i seen on the route of the tunnel and at
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a time the israelis knew debt and israeli officer was under the ground so what do they try to do why do they bomb the tunnel when they know that they are captive is in their. now we're going to be injured we are very close to the israeli border mr is about five hundred meters from here and i must move there.
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this is the house where the kidnapping of the israeli soldier took place. here was the entrance to the tunnel. one think this is where the war crimes in rafah began. when her brother. on august first the israeli army fired more than two thousand shells and rockets at roughly one thousand alone and first three hours after the soldier was abducted. it's mainly when you come to war crimes it's two things it's when. you talk at civilians ok. or it's what's called like indiscriminate use of force or you're you're attacking an area and you don't care if there are civilians or maybe you know and use your attack at any.
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given the muslim in just about everything that when i arrived on gaza bridge the tanks were in the east of the gaza strike carry on their side. again of the cover these missiles were not accurate they were striking houses and cars on the road. sometimes i saw burnt cars. based on the satellite images that we have acquired which are of three different dates july thirtieth august first on august fourteenth. we were able to do a remote sensing analysis that basically compared the image of july thirtieth to august fourteenth and what it does is a very simple calculation of which pixel has changed from one day to the other. it produces an image that shows what has changed and looking at this image we were
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able to see the tracks of the times. ten minutes after the israeli search party left the tunnels the ground operation started. tanks entered gaza followed by bulldozers excavating the tunnel system. vehicles moved north toward sala didn't street. and save the file got out of i was maybe a hundred meters away where i saw the explosion. when they'd been a going to be were able to escape but one daughter fell down in europe and i still was here and i think kind of exactly. now that this isn't a god none the shelling began before we sat down to drink coffee. in the for then we will do that when the shelling started i looked at my watch three shells in ten
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seconds i swear so i decided to leave the house we went through the iron door downstairs. both of them before you arrived at the intersection of about the yes about the i looked to my right and saw four tanks with israeli soldiers talent around the things that. i said are my family let's run a film i want to cross the mushroom roundabout it was the right of the how about it's around fifty meters across and we moved west and i thought there won't be any soldiers there to see us and that there were some holes in sandy blocks and i was yelling says my sil my little girl. will raise your hand where are you by the financial the clinton thing he was fleeing with his daughters and there was a tank that fired exactly a dish you know where they were running away from there was an attack on them no
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that was welcome so that in itself is a war crime when you have somebody specific who's responsible their old. one of these tanks is the tank. that could've killed a sealable most and so team does the same story as a testimonial for bill moss and we see all the elements that i will most and describes the tanks the burning truck the tillery on the road i'm infected piece it kind of photographic representation of this testimony. you're reminding me. is bringing up these memories.
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love on the show see him for sure jump is not easy i'm sure not everyone can do it . but one of them i walk is hot but we have to continue documenting to show the truth to the world and to do something to help those who live here. thanks this is where the missile fell here it is a long. while before. it was over i know i'm up to date not one kind of history of course which has shrapnel people inside the school there was a group of street vendors in front of the door all of them were killed. on the
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interstates had. him or his mother was carrying him in her arms about being about fifty pieces of shrapnel hit his mother killing her instantly with that i'm in good times you know some akin to theo you wish to share the time with us. when witness testimony comes from gaza. people in israel do not believe. and in a sense words and images need to work together to create a case to show what has happened.
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to. the people that suffer the consequence of that violence instead of running away their recording things you know so i'm risking their own lives to do their deposit on time we went to all the arab language. social media website and took all the images that we could but if you just look at them you can understand nothing in order to compose a narrative you need to look at the relationship between the images in space and time. each us all the elements of the story are there. little witnesses are telling the truth. of the. way looking at the shape of the people who were able to say that this trotta crafts are describing the same event and by creating those connections we're
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able to trace back or give a time stamp to photograph that might not have any indications of time then you can look at what does it show in how what it shows or relate to dozens or hundreds of other images taken a different time a different spaces around the same city. this is their old musty tower where the smart piano was located many for talk of first in this top floor taking all of those pictures all of those areas burning. what do you call the five this woman and look at our photo journalists were on site in just a few minutes. with i took pictures and documented the crimes including images of
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bodies and the injured buried under the rubble so i let them thump them for recent to photos to the media and upload them online immediately. for the how it was that we're trying to show the truth of what was really happening the killings that took place every day these are real images here you go international community here you go human rights watch and here's the truth. good. luck. in the war of twenty fourteen i started working as
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a journalist for the first time normally i am a paramedic and i have a nursing diploma but during the conflict time i would work as nurse and journalist at the same time. to come out and help and we were always the first on the scene any bombing no matter where you live in the first on the scene itself. your management and black friday we were heading to work to the emergency center for our shift at eight o'clock. because i missed the ambulance i drive a motorcycle to get to the hospital. but we were surprised that people were fleeing towards. forensic architecture analyze the shadows in this video taken by the ambulance driver and establish the time the video was taken. when you look at the bone clouds they're not only
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a physical clock you can also triangulate them and find out exactly occasion where every bomb fell then you look at the surface and try to locate the craters. so then we started to analyze the distribution off bombs and craters on the battlefield and the time did they were created and we try to compare them to the past the tunnel as we thought it to be and we saw it perfect overlap off the path of the tunnels and the path of the bombing. thanks. we had a very clear footage of the bomb strike on the ultimo neighborhood. and because it was framed exactly where the strike happened we were able to see the bombs dropping and so we were able to see their shape first of all. by capturing the bombs in
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midair we were able to really measure the size of the bombs and we were able to find that the bomb that fits most with those characteristics was a one ton bomb which is one of the heaviest and firepower they use and this is something that's they through the center for is eventually area. the secret israeli army procedure what is called the hand of a directive and as we understand the procedure allows israeli army to use. whatever amount of force necessary to form the culture of the soldier along. that can translate basically of that you know the head of a procedure allows the army to kill its own soldier so he wouldn't become. basically a bargaining chip. the smoke plumes indicate that the strikes are like those in the
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town or district which are known to come from one ton bombs. these releases would bomb being in places they suspected the tunnel to be they knew their soldier is under the ground in our analysis of time space and that this reconstruction of that day showed very clearly that they shot the biggest bombs in their arsenal one ton bombs those bombs that could enter into the subsoil and blast underground precisely where and when they thought their soldier has been their. chemistry international estimates that between one hundred thirty and two hundred palestinians were killed during the hunt for the missing soldier. most of them were civilians. let's assume there was a military target in the neighborhood let's maybe hamas fighters or maybe the soldier was there regardless what is. dropping food on bombs that is
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disproportionate according to international material no this is a war crime. the international criminal court has opened a preliminary investigation and is looking into the allegations state file and so on the battlefield is a violence against people and things and it's also of violence against a truth that that event has taken place. israel has already completed its own investigation it says the military operation did not violate international law. denial is part of the logic of states taking away their possibility to deny it's not only about settling so. not only about telling the correct history of her situation he's taking away their ability to exercise violence. surveillance from below is the most powerful weapon against
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those who abuse their power equipped with just a cell phone camera civilians today can record the incidents and upload them to social media networks and so make the whole world a witness including a witness to war crimes. it's a big chance it's a big chance because justice is about the truth. it's about ensuring that the facts what has happened is being captured and i think this is a huge advancement that justice can have in the future. oh.
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come. on the street is fortifying it's going to split the lease and soldiers are practicing how to repel migrants. but some locals find the drills totally inappropriate so. it's fear mongering and really feeling that's because very few migrants are now crossing into the public. in thirty minutes on d w.
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the best. case you think is going to be. all the matches all the scores. two thousand a team soccer world cup on the w. news. in the wake of devastation. one year after its liberation from the islamic state. of your forties beauty she was on the change to see what life's like now in the war torn city. it was jettisoned bombs and explosions to frequent it just didn't stop it was when she. did it on t.w. . after. playing
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. the odds. to believe. this is v.w. news live from berlin and brags it chaos in the u.k. as the government's top official for to go shopping britain's divorce from the e.u. resigns david davis steps down after a scathing attack on the prime minister in a serious blow to the beleaguered theresa may davis says that the government's bragg's it policy leaves the u.k. in ads best and negotiating position we will ask what his departure means for a broad set and for the british government just nine months before britain leaves the e.u. .


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