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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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but true if you click on me putting my bill on the head of the way i really became a. part of it find us on facebook and on d. w. dot com. this says you don't use lie for girl in shock resignation british foreign secretary boris johnson calls it quits he's the latest high profile member of prime minister to resign means cabinet to abandon her in the midst of growing grapes of turmoil during the british government into disarray we're in london and brussels also coming up. more boys are we're skewed from the flooded cave in thailand all those
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already evacuated are flown to the hospital all divers in the vast cave complex work to bring out those still stuck inside we'll go live to our correspondent at the scene and present are one of turkey is sworn in for another term this time with enhanced powers under a new constitution but the nation it remains deeply divided will have a special report from istanbul. a very warm welcome i'm a loyal whole rocco we begin this broadcast with breaking developments in the u.k. where the government appears to be in turmoil foreign minister boris johnson has resigned in the last hour he's yet to make a public statement prime minister theresa may has confirmed the development it comes hot on the heels of the resignation of briggs that minister david davis the british. hammett has been bitterly divided on how to move forward on an e.u.
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exit strategy while just on friday the prime minister security hard won agreement from her cabinet and now it appears to be in complete disarray and a prime minister to resign may has a just been addressing the parliament she thanked the two ministers for their work but was repeatedly heckled turned into bricks and mr speaker i want to pay tribute to my right elbow friends. the members. the members the members were whole surprised how to undock speech in south reisner there were. we. do not agree about the best way to differing our shared commitments to one of the results of the referendum but i want to recognize the work of the former secretary of state for accepting the european union for the work he did to establish a new car and steer and steer through parliament some of the most important not
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just nation for generations and some of these who recognize the passion that the former foreign secretary demonstrated in. information seen. in germany know the dog or the litany on seemly atmosphere. i want to hear about these important matches in. a very lively scene there at the u.k. parliament let's get you more on these breaking developments now with my son who is standing by in the british capital london and for the e.u. and go borrow is standing by in brussels a very good evening to you both very good of course want to start off with you what a way to start the week two high profile cabinet ministers jumping ship and it's only monday what does this mean. well it means that for the rest of the week which is actually a really big weekend british diplomacy western balkans i would underway in the us
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and they said summit and then later on president coming that we don't have any top diplomats least not for now because tourism has not announced a new foreign secretary it also means that reason may must be very very nervous at the moment she delivered has statements and she said she had the covenant behind she had a cabinet agreement on friday is that really the case we've seen two high profile resignations also junior ministers and she must be wondering if this is it or if there is more to come so what realistically are teresa mayes options right now. well it's reason may at the moment can somehow pray that maybe nobody else is coming forward and that she can that she can find replacements for these two high profile ministers however this is far from clear of course intense speculation that maybe one of the other great city has for example the secretary of state for international trade could resign the secretary of state for the environment we
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haven't had any indication that this could be the case but if there is a may does not have her cabinet behind her then people will start to question her position and indeed we have seen and pieces of her own party come forward and they have said that they support a leadership challenge which would mean that then a new party leader it would be a vote of confidence into reason may and the question is whether she would survive it or not barbara want to continue the conversation with you because i imagine where you are in brussels all eyes are on downing street to have we heard from the likes of donald tusk the president of the european council. yes we heard in the form of twitter yes taking to alter his opinions on twitter is another person on the international scene does so frequently and doesn't just because developed a certain sort of big quit during the last weeks and months and he has said that he hoped that the whole idea for exit would have left was david davis and boris
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johnson everybody's life then would be so much easier so much is clear because what this means for brussels is that they're thrown back to zero we just completely have to restart that was a certain faint hope last friday that the cabinet in london had finally united on a position at that what one could start into a more detailed. negotiations however that is now completely blown up and what to do wait till the chaos in london has sorted itself out and the government the conservative parties stops negotiating with the self as it has done in the last thirteen of fifteen months and so more or less proselyte thrown back on itself and that we wait and see what will happen a bigger get to in london it can she survive this can prime minister theresa may survive this and if she doesn't what does that mean could we see general elections taking place. well she could in theory survive this if she
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did find a stable cabin that that will push away over. have vision of a much softer wrecks and then many of her hardcore great city colleagues would like if she can if she can push that through but it could also be the case that we that we wouldn't and if there was a leadership election it's really interesting there's been a new poll and then the party members who would decide to a new party leader would favor jacob riis more whose fairy much on the right of the party however a lot of the m.p.'s in parliament. are not agreeing with his vision of it very hard so it can really go either way and yes we could we could see a new elections possibly a second referendum possibly britain crashing out of of the e.u. without a deal any option is on the table at the moment all right bill you must want to give you the last two words are we have twenty seconds left how concerned are you
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negotiators by the turmoil that's unfolding right now in the u.k. . they are of course concerned because i do have or i have said hard so. you could go down very briefly twenty seconds. go ahead go you know barbara. ok in brussels of course everybody is really concerned because the e.u. also fears of heartbreaks and but they are already preparing for this because they have seen for a while things are not going well and there is no certainty when the queues in london will sort itself out in time in order to get an agreement in the fall and if necessary to december time is running out time is running out as well barrie get you think that there's lots of worries in the u.k. as well. i think there are lots of worries the country is really divided we are seeing so we've seen also demonstrations pro european demonstrations we've seen how great city is we're really fearing that that vision
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of office of a hog brecht's it is not going to happen so the there people are really at both ends of the spectrum very very concerned and and it's just a huge uncertainty at the moment in the u.k. huge uncertainty doobies very good mass reporting from london and bob are they still in brussels thank you both for your reporting. all right i want to bring you up to date now with our other lead story because in thailand the head of the rescue mission working to free a soccer team and their coach from a flooded cave has confirmed that four more boys have been freed that brings the total number of those rescued to eight the children have all been taken to the hospital after spending more than two weeks trapped underground officials say the rescue operation has now ended for the night the boys are being kept away from their families to avoid infection for more boys and their coach are still stranded inside the cave complex. and our correspondent flora is near the cave complex in
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northern thailand where this lifesaving mission is underway florian a former boils boys pulled out of the cave what can you tell us about this. well just a few minutes ago there was the official press conference that everyone had been waiting for and so it is really officially confirmed that those eight boys are not just out of the cave but in the hospital the last boy was taken there about an hour ago. it was confirmed that today's mission only took nine hours as opposed to last the yesterday's which took eleven hours so in this quite lengthy press conference the officials praised the rescuers for having learned from experience from yesterday's experience so that everything went more smoove leigh.
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and at the very end they were asked about the conditions of the health conditions of the four boys that were taken out today and unlike yesterday when those same officials didn't hesitate to say that they were all in overall good health today the same official said don't ask me i'm not a doctor so this was something quite remarkable it might be an indication that the health condition of these poor boys are not as stable but we don't know anything official i mean this is such a treacherous risk you mission how confident are the dive teams that they will be able to save the remaining boys. well i mean those officials exuded a lot of confidence and they raised the international corporations so especially those british and american rescue divers they played in essential part in the rescue and everyone there were at least five officials on the panel everyone thank
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those international efforts praised said it was working very smoothly this was a prime example of what can be achieved when international work together so they seem very. that and that we will actually see the end of this daunting rescue mission by the end of tomorrow so we still have to wait for the four other boys and the coach so five in total that are still trapped inside the cave are really hoping and praying that movie them out by tomorrow encouraging signs indeed to the use of florian were porting on the cave rescue operation in northern thailand thank you. well to turkey now rich of tayyip erdogan has been sworn in again as president comes after his sweeping victory in the last in last month's election but in the last few days thousands of civil servants have been sacked for allegedly links to terror groups critics accuse the want of using the state of emergency imposed after
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the failed coup attempt to two years ago to target opponents turkey remains deeply divided over his policies and his intentions as do you leon reports from istanbul. the president's likeness is everywhere across turkey ledger typed out one thing. thank you for his reelection which had made him almost all powerful head of state out on is now president party leader and head of government rolled into one he can hire or fire ministers and some senior judges to solve parliament and rule by decree is powers of virtually unchecked but one thing hasn't changed he's running a bitterly divided country and that is particularly evident here in istanbul. the district of s. and for example is an album stronghold most of those living here are pious and conservative almost seventy percent voted in favor of the president and people are
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happy that he remains in charge. he's a source of pride for us that he represents us well on the world stage he's our leader because you're. going to miss our president has done what needs to be done so far and i'm sure he knows what the path forward is. it's about so much we've been so happy since the elections that our country is going to make huge progress and god willing a future is going to be bright. buz in the cutty k district of very different many young people live here students artists most of them opposed to. the prospect of him ruling for at least another term scares them. a whole generation grew up in the air one it's going to be another five years and i'm sure after that another five years he's imposing his education system is idiology on us
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that's not good and this is. doable she's not my president i see a dark future we don't know what to do we have no hot jobs we have. i'm too tired of talking about democracy. we still know what it is but we're like children you know on behalf of all of us here thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour and hope you can join us then. germany state by state. colorful. life with. the most traditional. minded all at any time. check in with a web schedule. take a tour of germany by state. d. w. dot com.


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